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  1. pencil pleat or rings, window dressing Decoration
  2. Welcome to PON @ExiledPieenjoy posting on here.
  3. Plane Would you rather mushy peas or garden peas
  4. Hope Jake had a lovely day, yesterday.
  5. Learn Would you rather read first or go straight to sleep (something i can't do tonight)
  6. First ground Meadow Lane Last ground Meadow Lane Best ground Meadow Lane Worst ground: Blundell Park
  7. Hello and Welcome to PON @Pvfc fans, enjoy your time on our friendly community page
  8. Welcome to PON @Hide_The_Elephants, enjoy your time on here.
  9. I'm having doubts that there is anyone, specially with Hardy saying they want him to remain as Chairman. Do they know the Fans DONT want Hardy to remain as Chairman. I think we will see the end of Notts County Football Club now. :(
  10. Never gave this a thought but hey ho, i'll just put Sundays predictions if thats ok. Hull City 1 v Bristol City 2 Rotherham United 1 v Middlesborough 2 Stoke City 1 v Sheffield United 3 joker
  11. famous Would you rather have a meal or party for a celebration
  12. Thank you @CUFC2019sing loud and proud for your lads. As the Notts fans will be doing for Notts at Swindon.

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