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  1. My mum and dad met through supporting Notts County and went to away games on Bill Reynolds No.1 bus, so its in my DNA i think. There's only me and mum left now, for a while my brother and sister both went to Notts, then my sister married a fword fan, and she started going over the river. My brother moved to Sheffield so he claims he's a Blade now. So now only me and mum going to Notts. I have a cousin who lives in London, who comes up to Nottingham to see Forest another cousin who lives in Beeston.
  2. Welcome to PON @Bennybigbearenjoy your time on here, and please join in the games etc.
  3. How many words can you make from ENCYCLOPEDIA? Keep it swear free please Cycle
  4. Time (not sure if its already been put on)
  5. Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Notts County! (I was singing this, and my grandson Harvey pipes up "No Nana, thats the Gala Bingo song"
  6. I like what i've seen of Tom so far, he's a hard worker. Shame the season has had to end.
  7. No rude words or swearing folks! Family entertainment on here don't forget. I'll start us off! Mice
  8. Welcome to Pride of Nottingham @Rio Doherty, hope you enjoy posting here in our lovely, friendly Notts County community. When the season starts again be sure to join in on Prediction League.
  9. 1. Clifton 2. Notts got promoted from the old fourth division the year i started going as a regular (1970). Not looked back since. 3. Had an evening babysitting job, at 15, then when i left school, worked as a Telephonist Receptionist Typist. 4. Probably over 20 years now. 5. Home sweet home, is where i am right now.

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