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  1. Favourite Notts Captain

    Don Masson & Phil Turner for me too.
  2. World Cup predictions Saturday to Monday

    S.Korea 1 v Mexico 2 Germany 2 v Sweden 1 Belgium 2 v Tunisia 1 England 2 v Panama 0 Japan 1 v Senegal 2 Poland 2 v Columbia 1 Saudia Arabia 1 v Egypt 2 Uruguay 1 v Russia 2 Iran 1 Portugal 2 Spain 3 v Morocco 1
  3. England v Tunisia

    Yes, that ref on Monday night deffo had white eyes. Lol
  4. Happy Father's Day

    Thank @super_ram and @granny pie.
  5. What's your display picture on PON?

    Mine's myself and my daughter at the Bottle Kiln in West Hallam.
  6. Who and where are you watching England.?

    We've got a few of the neighbours and friends coming to watch in the mancave down the garden.
  7. Plaque at The Mercure

    I do believe it is, yes. Uncle Colin looking very frail, isn't he.
  8. Plaque at The Mercure

  9. Forgive me for I have sinned

    Oh no @Fan of Big ToneWell confession time actually, our first car was a red vauxhall cavalier. Took us to Wembley with black n white scarves flying out of the window though, for the Tranmere game. Not had a red one since that, though.
  10. Germany vs Mexico

    I watched bit of it, was round the garden planting some new plants i bought yesterday.
  11. Happy Father's Day

    Aww bless.
  12. YouTube: Do you watch it?

    i have crochet notifications on you tube, and i like @ARLukomski vlogs too. I was highlights from Notts games on there too in the footy season, and i watch video's from other stuff too. But mostly i watch tv too.
  13. Plaque at The Mercure

    i didn't realise it was going to be done today.
  14. Plaque at The Mercure

    Did anyone on here go to the unveiling of the Plaque on the wall of The Mercure Hotel, commemorating Notts County F C being founded there. Was organised by Andy Black. Saw it on the local news BBC news earlier.
  15. Happy Father's Day

    i got a lovely pink Begonia from my daugher to cheer me up and we went out for lunch to The Newdigate at West Hallam, had a lovely carvery, then had to spend half an hour or so at the Minor Injuries Unit at Ilkeston hospital, as Harvey fell from a hedge he was climbing and got a thorn in his arm. Its out now thank goodness and he's recovering nicely.

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