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  1. I haven't been to Panto for years and years, last time was when my lad was little and we saw Keith Harris and Orville.
  2. Its like something from outer space, isn't it. Don't like it at all.
  3. If I didn't have Notts to go to, guess it would be Ilkeston F C for me managed by former Notts player, Kevin Wilson.
  4. Hopefully we won't slip back in the smelly stuff eh! Just hope they keep playing like we know they can, and the opposition they just have to turn up, cos its Notts.
  5. It'd be a waste if Callum was to go to Derby and end up on the bench. I hope its just a rumour with no truth in it.
  6. We need Callum McGregor back at Notts County. Callum needs to be back at Notts County too. Else Fother's says he'll cry. But joking apart, he'd be better off coming back to Notts County, and getting first team football. If say, he was sold off to a Championship club, he'd probably be on the bench a lot, and this wouldn't do his career any good. Hopefully this week, it will be sorted out and we'll see him back in the Black n White stripes. Fingers crossed.
  7. I've seen that rumour somewhere, can't remember where though. Was it Sky Sports News....
  8. He'll need UGG Boots up there, not football boots. Hope he can get some to match his gloves.
  9. I like to read (Dean Koontz) at the moment, but like all different authors, like chatting to my friends all over the world on Facebook chat. Going to Football, of course, at Meadow Lane. Just thinking I might go back into making my own greeting cards again. Did it once a while back, and gave it up.
  10. Oh and if Sheff United fans thought that ref was poor, roll on when they get Charles Breaksphere or whatever his name was, Bristol City. Give em something to moan about he would, What!
  11. In the Nav yesterday, one of the doors was closed and they weren't letting away fans in, and also had extra security on the door, apparently after we'd left on New Years Day, there was some bother with Bradford fans.
  12. I was pleased to see Fotheringham score yesterday, but I don't think he's been as big a let down as Haynes, who we were supposed to be "pleasantly surprised by".
  13. Sometimes is it better the devil you know!? Don't know what to think.
  14. Can I request a siggy with Alan Sheehan on please, in black n white of course.
  15. Hope this is true, too. About time we heard something positive about it.
  16. Yeah, if he's refusing to play for the club paying his wages, in the "Real World" he'd be sacked! And it aint so easy out there in the jobs market!
  17. Yeah Martin Allen was funny, used to make me laugh how he'd shout to the players "Help him, help him" as another player was running downfield with the ball.
  18. Yeah deffo Cunningham should have walked for that foul on Lidds. Notts players been sent off for doing less! Hope too, he never gets to referee another game. In years gone by back in the 70's maybe, had a to do with George Courtenay (if anyone remembers him) we were standing on the Kop calling him a cheat, and he blew his whistle at us, if he could have got over the fence and booked us, I'm sure he would have done. Lol.
  19. Mark, who sits in front of us missed it too, Tony. Told him on facebook chat we'd win on Tuesday night, when he told me he wouldn't be there cos he was going to Wales, maybe he needs to keep away too.
  20. He needs Kim on his back, Joe!
  21. An excellent read, Weymouth. So let's hope we can get our first win of the season. COYP!

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