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  1. Lozzle1

    Name the magpie

    Kane Hemmings x
  2. Lozzle1

    Les Bradd

    FYI... I spoke with both Alan Hardy and Darren Fletcher at the breakfast last week. I've put to them the idea that Sir Les should be put forward, by Notts, for an 'award' in the Queen's Birthday Honours; in recognition and appreciation of the stonking good work he's done, both as a Footballer (of note) and on behalf of both Nottingham/shire clubs! Both were very happy to put it to the Board at the next meeting! January might bring with it...a LOVELY and WELL-EARNED surprise for one of our own! Fingers crossed... Oh, and keep it quiet. He doesn't know what I've suggested. Lol.
  3. Lozzle1

    Les Bradd

    "I wished we had a player like Les Bradd in the squad today..." @lambleypie In truth, whilst watching some of our (most) lacklustre 'performances' we gave last season, I was absolutely convinced that Sir Les - N-O-W - would have given some of the opposition M-O-R-E problems than the (fielded, Notts) team, did! Lol.
  4. Lozzle1

    Tony Hateley

    Tony Hateley was an absolute dream to watch...and know! Make no mistake; he was a hard man and people rarely messed with him - or came off (very) badly, if they did - but I just remember EXPECTING something to happen when his foot (or head) touched the ball; and was rarely disappointed when it did. He was a true gent; never too busy or too famous to stop and sign an autograph or have a chat; and when I think about how lucky I was to have watched him play for a number of years, I'm extremely grateful to NCFC for all of the talent, in all of the places, over all of the years (50 years, next year), that I've been extremely lucky enough to have watched. COYP!
  5. Lozzle1

    Les Bradd

    "Sir Les" - as he is affectionately known - has been a stalwart of both Notts and those across the River Trent, for many a year. I am fortunate enough to have watched him play (on many occasions too numerous to mention here) and can tell anyone who didn't get that pleasure: he was absolute 'magic'! You never knew where/how Les was going to nip in and grab a goal: off his feet, from a (proper, intentional, aimed-at-the-goal) header or a screamer that he made look so (bloody) easy; but HE DID IT! Young Ben Hall reminds me of Les's physique and stance! But I've yet to witness the same 'nippiness' that got Les's name on so many winners for us, in those days. A beautiful person, too, Les remains an Ambassador for all that's good at our Club and it's clear to anyone/everyone who meets him that he remains a total 'Pie' at heart. If you've not read his book, "Far Post", I'd recommend you buy a copy from the club shop. It gives great insight into the Sirrel Years at Meadow Lane, from one of our Top players of the time. Long Live, Sir Les.
  6. Lozzle1

    Caption the magpies

    Winner; winner; chicken dinner!
  7. Lozzle1

    Favourite away ground and game.?

    Must admit, 1 - 0 (losing) away at Colchester and I was ready to come home at half time! Gave myself a big shake up though (remembering I was watching Notts) and how glad I was! Don't know what the half-time talk was from KN (and/or what was put in their drinks): B-U-T they came out F-I-G-H-T-I-N-G and T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R and the rest...as they say...is history! Beautifully, sunny day! Fantastic 2nd-half, away win! Banging!
  8. Lozzle1

    Caption this

    Sings..."You put your right leg in: you're right leg out..."
  9. Wow... the media has spring forth a rumour that Michael O'Connor won't be renewing his contract with Notts County, and all hell breaks loose on social media! There's a few 'camps' on this, from the "he's an ungrateful, disloyal, past-it, broken player, so let him go!" to the (I think, much more sensible), "he's a family man who is entitled to look after the best interests of his family!" I truly can't understand the former point of view; particularly since any player, under contract, (as he was) is fully entitled to receive treatment from his club (free-of-charge) and recuperation - however long it takes - is 'paid for', too! So, scarily, 'fans' saying he's being 'disloyal' by taking the money/moving on after his injury, are under a (legal) delusion, I'm afraid. I don't (and wouldn't) 'blame' anyone for a) looking for more wages being unhappy at offer of a pay-cut Contract or c) missing out on opportunity to work closer to my family home. I personally can wish him nothing but the best and a speedy "Bon Voyage", if nothing more than to stop all of the comments; fair or otherwise! Share your thoughts about this feature article on Football Manics by signing up for FREE to the website, visiting the forum and joining the chat with fellow football fans.
  10. Lozzle1

    Season and match tickets price frozen.

    I've renewed our seven ST's simply because...I'm LOVING the Hardy/Nolan Meadow Lane! The atmosphere is just like 'the olden days' (of Jimmy and Jack) and I actually B-E-L-I-E-V-E we may be looking at future League Two Champions, this season. (No bias intended...lol)! From the toxic, bile-ridden Meadow Lane of a trew (!) years ago, I'm more than happy at the forward-thinking manner in which the Board/Team's 'taking us', so NO MOANING FROM ME, thank you!
  11. Big Sam’s a “ coulda/woulda/shoulda” type of bloke, isn’t he? im sure he’s LOTS of regrets about the way he’s conducted himself. Sadly, I’m not going to be waving any flags for him to be bought back, anytime soon. Besides, doesn’t he have a proper job to be looking for?
  12. Had family members in the Brentford end who “couldn’t believe the vile language and disgusting instructions” the team received from Duffy in the area at that game! Season ticket holders elsewhere AND NCFC, these footy fans are NOT prudish (by any means) but thought he ‘talked down’ to his players rather than cajole them into doing as he wanted. I fear this may cause some upcoming derision with newer/older/more experienced players this season if he keeps the Captaincy. (What am I saying “if” - of course he will!)
  13. Lozzle1

    Will Fitzsons be County’s number one next season.?

    Certainly hope so! Until his ‘moment’ - which he’s now said he’s learned from (and still never mentioned the “tackle” assaults he’d been subjected to throughout the match!) - I thought he looked a confident No.1. He made some pretty decent saves - including a penalty - and was very aware of the field of play, from his posts. He’s also very quick, commands his spot well AND never ‘twerks’ in the net when the ball’s coming towards him from the halfway line! Roll on start of the Season, that’s what I say. Bring it on! COYP X
  14. Agreed! Saw that TH says he 'wants to be part of a promotion-chasing team next season and WON'T be moving back to Lincoln" so look forward to seeing the 'non-signers' putting pen to paper. Whatever happens, I think 'big-tings-a-comin' back to Meadow Lane'! BRING IT OONNNNNNNNNNN!
  15. Lozzle1


    4. Is the 'answer' for each Club to offer to pay for training/continuous 'education'/wages of officials (obvs not to officiates at their 'home clubs' games)? i dont think fans can officiate games that they may have a connection to but i dont really understand the question. Liampie... By this, I meant, should Clubs take responsibility to pay for, the training (i.e. fitness standards)/continuous education and wages, of (say) three Officials each season to allow them to become full-time Professionals? Obviously, they would't be able to officiate at any of the clubs that 'sponsor' them, but it would ensure a) they get the training/education they need b) they'd be full-time and able to fully concentrate on being 'at their best' and c) I believe there'd be less room for 'costly error'. Like I said, with the current opportunity for use of technology (VAR/Monitors for 4th Official/s) I really don't expect to see the poor decision-making I watched this past Season and/or experience the 'costs' to us, again. I don't expect, either, to 'move on' when decisions have actually 'cost' us points...which no one attending matches (home AND away, as I have this past Season) can deny that they HAVE!!!

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