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  1. Sorry you're not happy in your work, Liampie! There's actually nothing worse (imho) than just turning up at work - when it takes up so much of your life/energy - when you're not happy in what you're doing: but still need to earn a crust to survive. What work are you looking for? Maybe some of us could keep a look-out for new opportunities, for you? x
  2. Welcome to PoN. Always great to hear what other pies, think.
  3. Thanks, Liam. However, I've just seen a 'new' flyer for the event, where ex-Director, Jon Enever is 'Hosting' the evening. Under THAT circumstance, I'm not too sure how many (honest) questions are going to be allowed to be answered, or, indeed, if the questions will be 'staged' (pre-written) to avoid any legal problems. Still, I think it'll be an 'interesting' evening. COYP!
  4. GR8 Questions! Tbh, this is probably the thing that most upsets me about his tenure, here...Fitz. Last season and post his 'lapse', Fitz could/did change games..i.e. saved penalty, Brentford, etc., HOWEVER, I truly believe that his 'punishment' went on for far too long and his confidence loss came entirely from watching our (then) No.1 (!!!) let 8 + + + + + + + in - from some truly stupid, basic, lacking-in-fitness/thought, mistakes without ever regaining his place and spending weeks/months wondering just what AC had to do to be considered 'inadequate' and for him to be brought back! This probably wasn't helped further when AC posted on social media (post sacking) that it was "a Board decision" that got rid of him and not KN. So, from this, RF (possibly) knew he still wasn't the Gaffers first choice! I WILL ask too, if KN feels 'responsible' for the lads total lack of confidence now, because someone needs to take the blame for this AND I don't think it should be RF, alone! One of our earlier opponents had a 22yo Keeper, playing only his 2nd EFL League 2 match. His Defenders ENSURED our scorers got nowhere near him. As with all of life, whether regular work (or football): if you're in a "Team" and you know there's a 'weakness there, you do all you can to cover for it, plug it and help it along! Because there is no defence, few people seem to have his back, here!!!
  5. Foslings homework/school things/bathed... done/all ready for tomorrow! Made Spanish Chicken/Rice for dinner (bored of roasts this week as made Belly Pork Roast, Friday night, so, too soon, again!) Twitter, here, fb - for a bit. Early night then, ready for my 5:30am start in the morning. Hope everyone has a fabby week x
  6. Okay, so I'm attending this on Thursday evening with Chris and Mark. Due to Contractual reasons, I'm not quite sure what he'll be able to say or be barred from saying? However, I DO intend to ask questions! In this regard, are there any questions you'd like me to ask him on your behalf? (Answers on a postcard please! NO! Only joking...)
  7. Pre-season, Jon Stead ran out at Roys Rolls looking fitter than I'd seen him before and clearly, 'ready, willing and able' for work. It disgusts me to see the many Notts 'supporters' who continue to denigrate him, his efforts, his work-horse mentality and his professionalism, week-in, week-out, on social media; simply because, for me and mostly, he appears to be one of the few, actually 'trying'! If half of our players learn anything from him, it will and should be, his work ethic. I never feel he isn't proud to wear that shirt, that he not intent on putting us ahead nor that he just can't be arsed! Viva el Stead!
  8. Spot on, Chris! HOWEVER, I don't know how much of a difference Paul Hart will make to Kewell being able to 'just Coach' the side, rather than getting into all of the other intricacies of the job; nor indeed, what help Hart might be to the Coach/Team. I remain extremely concerned at the number of injuries the players are getting in training which in turn, brings with it, the Gaffer being incapable of choosing the best team possible to get us out of our current predicament. Additionally, I remain equally concerned that the players may now have a 'losing mindset' as confidence is clearly, so low, and that they may be in need of psychological help to get them over this! I know we used to have a full team of people to deal with all of this, but am unsure if they are still retained by the club?
  9. I, personally, don't think AH can do right for doing wrong with this. If he keeps quiet, there's an endless stream of folk BEGGING him for info about...well, everything! And, if he shares his enthusiasm for (say,) potential new signings and they then don't come off, he's accused of making 'false promises'. I understand too, that he had a clear wish to be up-front and personal, so Twitter would seem an ideal place. He doesn't (yet) have the 'presence' of an Andy Holt or Darragh MacAnthony, but now, (for me) there's the worry that his NON-PRESENCE on Twitter, may signals unknown/untold PROBLEMS. (See how he just can't win?) To be fair, I read he's about £6.5m 'in' to Notts at present; and I'm sure I also read he said continual/continued investment was/ is beyond his means where he'd need to look for others to help, financially. It may be that he's now come to that point! Perhaps too, with so much of his time taken-up protecting what he's invested here at Notts, his other businesses may suffer due to his being unable to pay them as much attention? Let's face it, recent events and investments, had him admitting to not sleeping for 3 nights, straight; and also that had he have known what it'd be like, he'd never have bought the club! I don't know a) how sustainable that is with (11) other businesses to run; b) whether I'd be prepared to do it or for how much longer, he is; c) with so much dependent on 'results by others' (not MY own personal endeavours) d) when 'bonds' with Nolan, Fletcher and Enever (and who knows, who else) appear clearly shot/gone and e) with little/no/not much 'appreciation' from most on Twitter, who only appear to wish to insult, take the piss, moan, beg information or generally rant at him, when as a fan himself, he just clearly wanted to mix a bit of business with his pleasure of being a Notts fan himself, in buying the club. Like someone else offered, Alan Hardy and his efforts, have restored my faith in a club I've supported for so long and in gifting eight others, ST's these past two years, I wanted this 'feel good factor' to last oh so much longer. On the football side, I'm still not calling it quits! This club, it's history, it's fight and it's tenacity, I believe, is worthy of my not just 'giving-up on it'! So, irrelevant of current 'form' (or, even, in spite of the lack of it) I'll still be there...waiting for the next 'drama' and wishing for this team to finally gel and live-up to what we all want them to be. COYP!
  10. It would be interesting to get marks out of 10 for the first 20 minutes or so ! BRILLIANT comment! In those first 20 minutes, I didn't recognise A-N-Y-O-N-E as a Notts player and with the full-on Kop support, I thought KN had (finally) got the TEAM to come together as one! THIS is what we want! THIS looked like a 'promotion-winning' side! THIS was don't-stop, up-and-at-em football, at it's best! HOWEVER, we had four or five chances to score in that time and just...couldn't finish the job off! What followed was un disastra! Idk if... a) there are too many 'individual styles' to make a team? b) there are problems in the dressing room? c) we've over-bought players (from the play-off side)? d) KN's too rigid a Gaffer to change thoughts/style/choices? e) He said afterwards, "they're not listening!". What made them 'listen' last Season, and not this? f) Duffy's no different now, than last Season (imho). Barks orders to others, for moves he's incapable of making himself; and falls like a snowflake at every opportunity! Am I the only who's watched that, continually? f) Oooooooooooo, too many questions today and not coming-up with answers that'll change last night's shambolic result, I'm afraid! From heroes to zero's in the space of ninety-odd minutes! COYP!
  11. @samwatto2008 - it was interesting to read of this investigation by BBC Sport. It would appear that our club's ONLY claim's on He would have been to seek Academy costs in any 'sale' (of a non--Contracted player) who'd given his written intention to leave NCFC - or face a Tribunal 'valuation' of him. AH was obviously so shocked at our club's 'options' in this that he took the trouble to write to the EFL CEO. "Run and controlled by PL" is what he was told, and THAT, unfortunately, is how it would appear to be. This may, of course, be the exact reason why Hudderfield (and maybe others soon) don't feel the 'worth' of an Academy. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41839083
  12. Like everyone else, when I read of He's departure, I was gutted at first that I wouldn't be seeing this young man play in a Notts shirt. I'd been EXCITED at that prospect since watching him at Roy's Rolls and Basford and so looked forward to seeing him play 1st Team football for US. HOWEVER, having now seen AH's posts and done a bit of research, it very much appears that WE WERE LEFT WITH LITTLE AND NO OPTION BUT TO LET HIM GO. I hadn't realised that under EPPP Compensation Rules, had we not let him go once he'd notified the club he wished to leave, we'd have been subject to relying on a Tribunal valuation - for a 17-year old lad who's not in the first team. That would obviously have affected any va£uation placed on him by that Tribunal and it appears the club took (what they consider to be a decent fee) rather than let a (negative valuation) happen. That, appears to have been the ONLY way forward, under those very difficult circumstances. In addition, at only 17 years old, I understand there's NO Contract between him and the club that could have been upheld, so chances for us to 'capitalise' - apart from this 'deal' with his new club (that may/may not involve 'clauses') - was ALL there is. It's clear AH was unaware of the EPPP Compensation Rules too, when he wrote admonishing the Trews and also only recently became aware of interest in He and he justifies his shock at what was 'available' to be done by writing to the EFL Chief, only he says, to discover the rules are PL run/controlled! I also understand that WWFC were one of THREE PL clubs who came after him, so don't believe - once he'd got his 'PL head' and 'PL ambition on' - there's much that could have been done, by anyone, to persuade him he'd be better off staying at a L2 club. (However much I believe he'd have made our 1st Team this Season so could/should have gained valuable experience here before making such big decisions about what, should be, a long future). It can't go unnoticed too, that WWFC are Chinese-owned (Fosun International) with the club having done a deal in 2017 with a Chinese TV company, to live-stream, via pay-per-view, their games to millions of Chinese nationals. In light of all of this, I'm not at all surprised that Dongda He had his head turned and has seen his future, elsewhere. Good Luck to the lad. BUT also 'good business' for NCFC, however thoroughly disappointed this has left me, (and loads of others) personally, feeling!
  13. "You put your left leg in...your left leg out..."
  14. FYI... I spoke with both Alan Hardy and Darren Fletcher at the breakfast last week. I've put to them the idea that Sir Les should be put forward, by Notts, for an 'award' in the Queen's Birthday Honours; in recognition and appreciation of the stonking good work he's done, both as a Footballer (of note) and on behalf of both Nottingham/shire clubs! Both were very happy to put it to the Board at the next meeting! January might bring with it...a LOVELY and WELL-EARNED surprise for one of our own! Fingers crossed... Oh, and keep it quiet. He doesn't know what I've suggested. Lol.

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