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    4. Is the 'answer' for each Club to offer to pay for training/continuous 'education'/wages of officials (obvs not to officiates at their 'home clubs' games)? i dont think fans can officiate games that they may have a connection to but i dont really understand the question. Liampie... By this, I meant, should Clubs take responsibility to pay for, the training (i.e. fitness standards)/continuous education and wages, of (say) three Officials each season to allow them to become full-time Professionals? Obviously, they would't be able to officiate at any of the clubs that 'sponsor' them, but it would ensure a) they get the training/education they need b) they'd be full-time and able to fully concentrate on being 'at their best' and c) I believe there'd be less room for 'costly error'. Like I said, with the current opportunity for use of technology (VAR/Monitors for 4th Official/s) I really don't expect to see the poor decision-making I watched this past Season and/or experience the 'costs' to us, again. I don't expect, either, to 'move on' when decisions have actually 'cost' us points...which no one attending matches (home AND away, as I have this past Season) can deny that they HAVE!!!

    Ok...so (for my sins, maybe!) I'm a 48-year Supporter of this club. I go 'way back' to a time when you could stand on the Kop terraces and have a convo with your mates in the Lane, end, during play! We attended 'pea soup' night matches and (understandably) if you were close enough to see/recognise a lino/Ref's 'mistake'; then you excused them/it, simply because of the 'conditions' at the time. This past Season, however, we've all watched what I consider to be some VERY UNFAIR and proper DOOZIES - from both linesmen and Ref's - that I'd go as far as to say, have a) cost us a Top Three/automatic place/promotion; in addition to (guesstimate) an additional 10 - 15 points that wrongful, abysmal, dire and not-fit-for-purpose calls, have robbed us of! (Not least (as beautifully explained in another article here, by Joe) the recently televised play-off's against CCFC, have demonstrated just how (many) wrong decisions, over two matches, turn EVERYTHING around! I've heard the 'moans' - mostly from opponents and those who wish us ill-will - that KN, AH, all of us, who witness it and complain, weekly, should "just get over it, that's football"; but my questions now, in 2018 (not the 70's) are:- 1. Should we expect less-than totally professional and CORRECT decisions from officials - part-time or otherwise? 2. Should the FA and EFL be doing 'more' to ensure 'fairness' in football? 3. With NO/NOT ONE/NONE of the Officials at the World Cup from the UK, is this downturn something we should be accepting of? 4. Is the 'answer' for each Club to offer to pay for training/continuous 'education'/wages of officials (obvs not to officiates at their 'home clubs' games)? 5. Are you happy to pay to watch 'more of the same' in the coming Season? 6. What do you think should be done to change the situation?
  3. Adams released ..! Fitzsimons the new number 1

    Apart from his 'whoops-i-daisy' moment, I was/am, more than happy to see Ross as No.1 for us n the coming Season. It was a hard lesson for him to learn - on his first professional Contract - and I don't see he'll ever let us/himself down, like that again. Think we're in for a banging Season...and so looking forward to seeing what the Management Team have, by way of signings/loanees, in store for us? BRING ON YOU C-H-A-M-P-I-O-N PIES!
  4. Stability under Kevin Nolan

    I believe KN has 'learned' this Season! As has AH! I believe he (and AH) "took people at their word" during the Transfer Window; and further that, they were badly 'let down' on potential signings for the Club. I don't believe they'll chance doing THAT again! I believe he/they have a 'vision' for what they want Notts County to 'become' (hence the 5-year plan) but I don't believe there's a 'bottomless pit' of money for the purchase of players nor that AH will be 'foolhardy' with his cash. This is because AH's already said he'd "need to look elsewhere for funding in the event of promotion". I believe that they've PROVEN their intent on 'going places' with the Club; and I believe they've opened doors (with the past Season/results) that were previously 'closed' to them. (There was talk of folk not 'calling them back' but I don't think that'll happen now!) I believe they've given us - with little help from 'loan' players - a Season of great HOPE for the future. I believe (and hope) that the obvs 'use of mates' will cease in the coming Season and that we might/should see a more 'ruthless' Gaffer with his choices. I sincerely HOPE the choice of 'mates' (for places) is done with; and that a first-year '*****-fest', i.e. asking a black professional of Forte's stature to 'knock on his door' (i.e. wants him to beg to play) is O-V-E-R! I believe (and PRAY) for a successful, football (not "hoofball") ridden Season, with attractive, striking, winning, football that I can hold my head up and actually be PROUD of. I BELIEVE (now) in Notts County F.C. - for the first time - probably since the Sirrel years!
  5. Wow! Spot on! Your words are truly indicative of our "coulda/woulda/shoulda" Season, with MOST things that went 'against' us, down to incompetent officials that have left us - and (now) wide-TV-audiences - absolutely astounded and shouting that we've been 'robbed'! HOWEVER, would the FA or EFL actually LISTEN to any one of us? HOW can we make them DO SOMETHING about this dire state of affairs? WHAT will make them TAKE NOTICE and ACT? WHAT will affect their POCKETS, the most? (For I feel, this is the ONLY way to MAKE them to DO something?) Ideas, anyone?
  6. Can't fault MOST of what you've said here, Joe! HOWEVER, Stead's Contract Option to stay was done/dustecd about a month ago, so he's here for another year. Forte needs to be 'respected/accepted' (by KN) as a First Team starter; and I'm hopeful that KN's 'learned' (after his comments of last year about wanting JF to 'knock on his door to play'?!*) that you don't treat 30-year old professionals like that, Moreover, I truly believe that had JF had more starts (since I watched him at Yeovil last winter), we'd have been Top 3 this year and gone through automatics. It was painful to see him being brought on 'last knocking's' - like he could actually DO anything from the 87th minutes and I believe this tactic deliberately set him up to 'fail'. KN/JF need a proper 'chat' about the future next Season, or I DO see JF looking for pastures new, where he WILL be respected! Was impressed with Hawkridge around Christmas time-ish but every other appearance since, he's looked like a 'rabbit in headlights'. Confidence loss maybe since the Lincoln game? Can only remember TWO games where Noble looked confident/in charge OR was 'immense' since January. Too many face-palm moments for me with the 'quick-hoof-to-anyone' (usually OPPOSITION PLAYERS) tactics and tbh, he SCARES me by not appearing to take time with the ball, read the game and/or, EVER get it where it needs to go! Ross - had his 'moment of madness' (not sure I'd have done any different with a player who grabbed my nuts EVERY SINGLE TIME he came near me, but - of course - unseen by abysmal officials)! However, I think he's now 'served his time!' and I'd like to see him 'brought out' as the First Team Keeper and recognised as such. He's very young, on his first professional Contract but can only see his confidence soar with more games under his belt. Whilst I've seen/read all the stats on AC, for me, he just never looks like he's match fit yet or even that he has any confidence between the sticks! I don't want to spend all of next Season, fearful/terrified each time the ball goes over the halfway line, watching him shuffle about in goal, waiting for the opposition to come towards him, and then see him (rarely) anywhere near any part of HIS goal, that they choose to shoot into! For me, he's like a Cricketer who has no eye on the ball...and we know what happens to them! Don't think his 'cocky' attitude with fans helps him, either. Alessandra's quick - when he wants to be - and HAS shown SOME good football over the Season. However, he IS inconsistent and I don't believe he's likely to change/improve next season. Jones has surprised me over the Coventry games. Must admit, I've not 'noticed' him too much before; but now, I'm IMPRESSED. A keeper for next Season...please! Toots...what can I say? LOVED by players/fans alike, the lad's gone through some shiz but CONSISTENTLY a 'fighter' for the team. Hope he's going nowhere. Hope next Season brings us all the speed, results and Team we deserve. I'd like to see much less 'hoofing-it' and some ball-by-ball, attacking/defensive play that I can actually be PROUD of: whoever's in our Team! COYP!
  7. Happy Birthday Gaffer


    Came across this today...from Footballs Finest. How S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G is this? Hope the lads see it!!!
  9. In view of the HUUUUGE crowd expected at Meadow Lane tomorrow, I thought I'd post some of the songs we've come to know and love over the years in hopes of as MAH-HOO-SIVE Singalong to see the lads all the way to Wem-bl-ey...and League One.. I'll admit, I'm a bit 'rusty' on some of them...and a bit confused, too. You see, last week at the Coventry game, I heard "All Notts, aren't we?" being sung, then read it's (apparently), "Oh, Notts, are we..." Then someone kindly posted this on fb today, so I've got approximately 24 hours to catch-up. Enjoy! https://www.fanchants.com/football-team/notts-county/#all-chants
  10. Special mention here to the Coventry groundsman who, despite the forecast for pouring rain, thought it a good idea to water the pitch for a couple of hours, yesterday afternoon. Unsportsmanlike oiks who made for atrocious and dangerous playing conditions with more luck than judgement that no one was seriously hurt! Special mention also the the Ref... Sir, you missed a few doozies last night... gave a penalty that wasn't, yellow's that weren't and avoided defo reds, that were. The only thing missing from your kit, was the Sky Blue shirt you obviously wore underneath your official gear. in your position as their 12th man. We go again on Friday and if my (immense) team turns up - like they did yesterday - WE'VE GOT THIS. COYP!
  11. Who do you want in the play-offs?

    I've thought R-E-A-L-L-Y seriously about these play-off's... the 'damage' these 90-odd minutes finishes have done to my health over these past few months; and I've made the magnanimous decision that I think it best I book a holiday that brings me home when it's all over! I L-O-V-E my team, but with four, extremely 'difficult' foslings (foster children) to look after, alone, 24 - 7 - 365, my 'support' Carers have decided I need a break... and I'm not arguing with them! So, instead of the 'worry' of 4th/5th/home/away/win/lose/up/down, I'm taking the coward's way out and heading for the sun until it's all over! Now, how o I sign-up to Ifollow?!* Lol.
  12. Not in our Fortress, Mr Way! 3-2 - Notts. COYP!
  13. Yeovil match

    I find it best to iron a Florist shirt on... HOT! Then, so as not to upset any grands...replace it with an (already bought/in the bag) PROPER one!
  14. Ready to leave at half-time with Notts looking like they just didn't care. Lots of hoof-ball; a goalie that kicked straight to the opposition - every single time; Noble (apparently) 'forgetting' which side he was on and a 'defence' that...well, didn't exist. Don't know what 'wise words' KN had to say at half-time but it did the trick. Phenomenal difference, second-half, with our pre-Christmas FIGHTERS back on the field. Virtue, hardworking, unrelenting and unlucky not to get three; Duffy, playing like I've rarely seen this year and getting a superb goal; Toots, a total Warrior, who WANTED the win; Shola (PLEASE D-O-N-O-T-R-E-T-I-R-E UNTIL THE OPPOSITION STOP FEARING YOU!) doggedly got stuck in; Forte, (we'd-be-in-Top-3-if-he'd-started-all-season) worked hard for his goal, with a determination that'll see him move in the Summer with a fantastic track record for us (just a shame he's not been 'allowed' to start more games...and well, EVERYONE, showing what they CAN do, when it matters. Even Collins (I think I'm, perhaps, his biggest critic!) made some great saves and ended-up looking like a proper goalie- with a mind of his own! Just wish Grant could find the form that earned him early season goals...the lad still has some magic touches but looks 'lost' a lot of the time, now. Exciting times these are...Statins at the ready for a (please, God) truly magical finish to a bumpy Season.

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