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  1. Adam Collin

    I've recently been watching what's happened on Twitter; and from this, I've made a few observations:- 1. Vitriol - simple, pure and (quite often) disgusting - has been aimed at ANYONE involved with the club, whom folk appear to think are 'fair game', this season! As well as Collins, I've also witnessed some pretty cold, unfair and downright hurtful comment's specifically aimed at Hollis; Virtue; Noble; Grant; Stead; Bennett (before he even kicked a ball); Dickinson; Duffy; Yates (for moving on!); Hunt; Smith; Forte, and not to leave out, Nolan and Hardy! 2. Mostly, the mis-spellings, bad grammer, foul, threatening and/or poor use of the English language, usually say a lot about how much 'weight' one should give to said threats/insults; with additional info available beside a tag, (e.g. IHEARTnffc4ever), giving much insight into how much the insulting hater has little clue about football, about a (proper) club's history or indeed, much beyond European Cups won many, many, years before they were (actually and mostly,) born! Even those who do bare the hallowed insignia/support for our beloved club, like the one I saw recently (actually) "calling Jorge Grant out" - and then (actually) taking 'credit' that his hatred was solely responsible for Grant's subsequent goal - gives much insight too, into the 'mentality' of such keyboard warriors! 3. I do admit to 'joining-in' - in comments about said goalkeeper. However, I believe I've been careful NOT to 'tag' him in (not because I don't believe that what I'm saying is true; but because I believe that tagging him in to comments that are critical of his work, are neither 'productive' or 'instructive' and would appear, (mostly) cruel. Additionally, I also witnessed a disgusting/continuous tirade of foul language he used to a supporter who suggested he wasn't, currently at his best, which was followed by his 'clean sheet' comments, that riled so many fans. 4. I don't think he does himself any favours; particularly not after the 8-1 trouncing by Swansea and all of the subsequent goals he's let in, after that. BUT I still stand by what I've said before and that is that whilst I appreciate he came back into the side under very extraneous circumstances, I still don't think he's fully match fit; I still don't think he's our safest pair of hands; I DO think he's under orders to 'slow' games down and nor do I prefer him in goal, to Fitzsimons. 5. For as long as I've followed my team (48 years-ish!) 'supporters' have ALWAYS felt able to pass comment (firstly through terrace banter/insults) and now - quicker/more direct - through many forms of Social Media. Truth is, that to be 'able to communicate' with our idols was what fans have longed to do, for years. And also to 'be able to communicate' with fans, from a proud, local (saviour) owner - like Alan Hardy - for a club/sport that he's clearly passionate about; means that everyone has what they wanted. EXCEPT when it's broken down to insults/threats and downright nickable stuff that no one should have to put up with or take. Okay, so Alan Hardy makes mistakes ("isn't, 'to err, human'?) but I think for the most part, the (sometimes annoying) 'heads-up' tweets are all part of his boyish enthusiasm for a club he's not only 'saved' but one for which he continually put his hand in his pocket! For this, and this alone, I'll wait up til midnight on transfer deadline day, to see who's walked through the door! I'll forgive him for retweeting a certain well-known racists post about a subject that - black, white, green or indifferent - should seriously concern us all! And I'll continue to 'follow' his account because I believe, that as a lifelong Notts. County F.C. supporter, what he's done for this club - and continues to do; simply, merits my attention.
  2. Jorge Grant has haters - really?

    For what it's worth, I think the lad must have wondered what he was 'doing wrong' when he saw how his club (not US) decided, at a most inappropriate time, (for US); to move on/up his mate, Ryan Yates. I can't imagine what it must have felt like - after scoring lots of goals here - to then see someone, younger, newly Contracted and getting the chance/opportunity to go 'on loan' and in the direction, he clearly hoped his own career, would go! I believe, he had a bit of a crisis with that realisation and it clearly showed in his form. He's young, impressionable (and yes, sometimes, a bit 'lazy'); but when he truly turns it on, he can be fast, slippery and magic for the opposition to 'read'. Sadly, I attended a pre-Christmas fuction where it was voiced, very clearly, that 'they' thought one of our on-loan players would go far and that the other 'wasn't likely to make 'their grade''! However, what can't be taken away from Jorge is that he's just one goal away from scoring the same number of goals Cristiano Ronaldo has scored for his club, this season! And before anyone screams "totally different class", I'd question where exactly the screamer thinks we'd be this season... without Jorge's efforts for us? (Scarey, eh?!*) In truth, I'd be more than happy for Jorge to stay on. I think he's not been helped by NOT having a 'club' of his own (with all the signs from them, he doesn't have a place there); and irrelevant of how much he's learning/gaining experience at ML, surely it can't be the same as donning a shirt for a club, you're signed to, whose signing of you, lets you know, they WANT you to play for them?
  3. Joe Jones: Adam Collin should be wary of getting too cocky

    I actually watched KN 'clap' him many times last Saturday for hanging on to the ball, so I believe you're correct that he's 'following management directions'. When the Pavis crowd got annoyed at his delay, KN turned and held his arms aloft as if to say 'what's wrong with that', before turning his back on them, so one can assume AC is merely doing his bidding to slow things down. On the 'cocky' side: a fan on Twitter (Neil?) criticized him on his 'clean sheet' stuff this week, and AC effed and jeffed at him (lots of times) in a truly vile way! Unfortunately, I don't think he's yet 'mature' enough to have learned that a little humility goes a very very long way, particularly when you've let in so many, fumbled a lot, appear to have a huge problem holding on to the ball and your kick looks like youre sporting a broken ankle! On Fitzsimons... He's 23 years old, worked as a Builder a year ago and has gained confidence taking over and (imho) making a difference, when it mattered. He made a (23 year old's) mistake. (One I might have made too, had opposition players grabbed my nuts/elbowed me, at every single opportunity!) And, I for one, believe he's learned from his mistake and it'll never happen again. However, I'm concerned that there seems to be a 'churlish' management attitude towards anyone seen as a 'wrongdoer', i.e. JF not "knocking on his door wanting to play" so teaching a 31 year old professional footballer 'a lesson', by continually benching him when he's often the fastest player we have against opposition and RF, sitting on the bench, watching AC make mistake after mistake, but still not being given another chance, etc., etc., I also don't know how, as a Manager, you show your 'displeasure' at mistakes some make, but blatently ignore the stupidness of others, i.e. Stead having to travel half-way up the pitch to remove Duffy from the face of the Referee a few weeks ago, but still didn't get benched...or the constant dives that most opposition and officials have come to expect whenever he's on the pitch?!* Suppose it's a bit like a parent who has lots of kids? Not wanting to favour one, when there's twenty-odd others in the family. I know I try to be fair with my foslings, and I think I'm doing alright. But I DO think that sometimes, just sometimes, there's a definite and palpable 'favouritism' in team selection and if I can sense it, I doubt it's being missed in the Dressing Room...and therein might lay all the talk of late, of 'back chat' and dissatisfaction, there? Who knows, eh? I just hope it's not too late to get us where we all thought we might be at Christmas. Let's hope so, eh? COYP!
  4. Do you enjoy cooking?

    Got loads of lovely recipes...from Jamaican Curried Goat (Mutton, actually - from Asda), Rice, Peas; Sweet/Sour Chicken; Jerk Chicken; Paella - all for home cooking, if anyone would like them x
  5. The beast from the east

    I H-A-T-E the stuff with a vengeance! My pal (visiting from London) laughed as I dropped her off at the station today, when I said, "I know you love this snow stuff; but as we're not a country that relies on selling Skiing holidays and the likes, just WHAT IS IT'S PURPOSE, HERE?" Not looking good for the weekend's sport either and wondering if our away match at Cheltenham might be snowed off? Forecast: Thursday - light snow/breezy; Friday - light snow/breezy; Saturday - sleet/breezy - so doesn't look good! However, I'm thinking a 'snow-day' might just give us a bit of 'breathing space' to let others catch-up... and see how they fare?
  6. I'm defo with the 'bring RF back' brigade! In truth, I've not seen any signs that AC is (yet) 'match fit'. Additionally, I'd imagine, his past few games have been a huge knock to his confidence; so think he needs some time to get fit, rest and watch videos of his performance/s. I've watched 'that' incident with RF, again and again and I was also there to witness just how much 'stick' he took from their players - everytime theygot nearhim - before it all happened. My 'take' - for what it's worth - is that he's 23 years old. A year ago, he was working on a building site and still 'waiting for the call'. He got the call and got his chance when AC got injured. His hard work took us to the FA Cup...He saved (unsavable) penalties/would-be screamers AND, in truth, just look what's happened to us, since he's been out! I'm positive that he KNOWS what he did in professional football is unacceptable...and that he'll never find himself in this position again! But I defy ANYONE to stand up, hand-on-heart, and say that they don't remember the one mistake in their own lives, that changed the way they did things...forever! RF has apologised. It must also have played very heavy on him to have been unable to complete what he started in both the Cup and the League; and I'm sure he's not been sitting on his tush, whilst he's been out. I suspect he'll be chomping at the bit to show he's learned his lesson; and I'd hate to think that he won't be given his chance again...on Tuesday. Truth is, WE NEED HIM/HIS SKILLS, right now; and I, for one, look forward to wlecoming him back to the team he helped to the top of the League: with a little prayer too, that he can keep a clean sheet against Carlisle!
  7. Have we bottled it?

    I've voiced the opinion since pre-Christmas - and been shouted down as a 'moaner/not a true supporter' - that I feared we had some real defensive problems and said that we had (on occasions) been VERY LUCKY (rather than SKILLFUL) to come out with wins/draw through the skin of our teeth, this Season. This, then. left me 'wondering/fearful', if hopes of promotion-talk, would see us going up to League 1 - ONLY to be flounced right back down again because (quite frankly, atm) WE'RE JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH? FORTY EIGHT YEARS of this Notts County 'support' has left me, NOT ungrateful/happy/ecstatic/overjoyed/gutted/disappointed with the 'up's/down's' but (I'm afraid) super-weary when it comes to (early) 'promotion' talk and high-riding in League 2: when it's quite clear to me from witnessing each week, there are REAL ON-PITCH 'problems'! I don't believe either, that it's (as yet) any time (as has been suggested tonight) to be talking about Management change! On the contrary, when KN has clearly been constantly bolstering the players egos after DIRE performances we've ALL seen - with what I believe, too, have been 'matey' picks for Team Selection (rather than WHAT'S NEEDED/NECESSARY); I'm over-the-moon to see that today - after an unfunny 'joke' performance - he's FINALLY called them all out! NOW, it's time to see who DOESN'T make the cut for Tuesday... Grant (45 minutes "in" a match just isn't 'working' for me!); Collins (clearly NOT match fit and goals against him this week alone, MUST be killing any confidence he previously had!); Duffy (have you actually heard his 'on-pitch "inspirational chat to younger players?" ((DISGUSTING - particlarly when he's NOT 'all that', hissen!)) and I'd make one of the Senior players - Stead or Shola - (temporary) Captain for the remainder of the season! (They 'guide' younger players on the pitch, week-in, week-out, anyway!) Forte NEEDS to be given full matches. He's either 'in' and working hard for a win; but how do we know if he's continually given (only) the last 4 minutes of every game? His pace could actually 'make a difference' to us, I believe, when we have such a lot of donkeys who (clearly) aren't running for shiz. I truly hope KN MEANS what he says. If not, I believe it's continue in League 2 UNTIL this Team gets back to basics and EARNS a place for pronotion, with confidence, consistency and woop-ass play!
  8. Kevin Noble...for the first HONEST post-match presser of the Season!
  9. Embarrasing

  10. Embarrasing

    1. We EARNED the rights to that replay: with a side that loooked like they WANTED TO WIN, at ML. 2. AH said before the match, the next round "could be worth SEVEN-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTY-THOUSAND-POUNDS to the club!" 2a. A TV pundit (shamefully) described it as "looking like a Testamonial Match"! 2b. It WAS (see 2/2a above) but...did anyone tell the team that it was THEIR Testamonial Match... 2c. and/or... that they should (perhaps) ACTUALLY TURN UP, FOR IT? 3. It's difficult to single-out one bad player...because they were ALL abysmally woeful! 4. The fans (as usual) continued to sing
  11. THIS...from fellow pie, Wayne Turton, on the NCFC Supporters page:- "I know I'm flogging a dead horse here but I thought I'd chip in with my opinions: what if Kevin Nolan is a visionary? What if he realises the standard 442 system is predictable and one dimensional? True it has served us well so far, but how many top level teams still use it? There is a reason for that, football is a tactical game: I think Nolan has one eye on the future & knows he has to get us using a system that will allow us to compete at a level he wants to get us to,. Yes it's not been too successful in the 2 matches he's tried it out but you can't make an omlete without breaking a few eggs! We've come a long way in the last year, but there's still a long way to go too, we simply can't not move with the times, that would be suicide. Nolan is playing the long game because he knows it will pay off in the long run, even at the expense of short term pseudo success. Guys think about it, Nolan can be the next Jimmy for us. Aare we going to hound him out of the Lane for a couple of dodgy results? All he needs is time, please be patient my fellow pies!" Please discuss...
  12. Why move a 'winner' who's making some cracking saves?
  13. Kevin Nolan for England?

    It's fantastic that Alan Hardy has such faith in his (new-at-the-game) Manager. Equally, Noble's been part of a metamorphic change in the fortunes of NCFC since joining us. HOWEVER, there's still - as he constantly says - 'a long way to go before the end of the current season' and I'm far more interested in watching his 'rise' at Meadow Lane and seeing what he can do to get us promotion, at the moment.! Irrelevant of how well we're doing on a weekly basis, I remain a little concerned that:- a) our defence looks shambolic at times - and I'm seeing little change from the beginning of the season til now - to alter that fact b) many opposition wingers still run rings around our players - and I'm seeing little change from the beginning of the season til now - to alter that fact c) this ball-heading - that actually goes nowhere/to no one in particular - takes up about ten minutes of each game - and I'm seeing little change from the beginning of the season til now - to alter that fact d) Forte, extremely fast and giving 100% each time he's 'allowed' to play (imho) is sidelined, time and again. Alessandro s 'the chosen one' and apart from some 'magic' at Exeter, has little or no impact. I'm concerned that Forte will 'choose' first-team football and leave us in January - but can we, honestly, 'afford' to lose him? My point is, we're Second in the league two. We're playing some good, exciting football. We're winning games and there's a determination in this side that's matching - for me - the Sirrel Years. However - and irrelevant of our current position - we're missing' the likes of a Bradd, Stubbs, Hateley or Masson; and I just don't know if Kevin Noble is aware of this and/or intends to change things in January. Or maybe he thinks he already has this and I'm missing something? England Manager? Yes! But he sure has to 'serve' a lot more years sorting-out his 'inheritance' at Meadow Lane, first. For, only when he's made it a 'legacy' worth someone else taking over, will he have done what is absolutely necessary. Then - and only then - should he even contemplate, moving on...to anywhere else.
  14. Match Discussion: Game 22 - The Mariners (H)

    4 - 2 Notts; and I don't think it'll be a particularly 'clean' game! COYP!
  15. Kevin Nolan: 'Jorge Grant is a special kind of player'

    I think it's true to say that we might have been a little 'lost' without him this Season...and when he (chooses to) turn it on, he can be magic. I'd like to see the Gaffer say nice stuff about Forte too, one time this season! The guy - as far as I'm concerned - 'dogs' for us every time he gets on the pitch but rarely/never gets a good word said about him. He must feel VERY 'unappreciated' at the club and I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't ship out in January...for opportunity of the full-time football place, I think he's worth!

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