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  1. Why move a 'winner' who's making some cracking saves?
  2. Kevin Nolan for England?

    It's fantastic that Alan Hardy has such faith in his (new-at-the-game) Manager. Equally, Noble's been part of a metamorphic change in the fortunes of NCFC since joining us. HOWEVER, there's still - as he constantly says - 'a long way to go before the end of the current season' and I'm far more interested in watching his 'rise' at Meadow Lane and seeing what he can do to get us promotion, at the moment.! Irrelevant of how well we're doing on a weekly basis, I remain a little concerned that:- a) our defence looks shambolic at times - and I'm seeing little change from the beginning of the season til now - to alter that fact b) many opposition wingers still run rings around our players - and I'm seeing little change from the beginning of the season til now - to alter that fact c) this ball-heading - that actually goes nowhere/to no one in particular - takes up about ten minutes of each game - and I'm seeing little change from the beginning of the season til now - to alter that fact d) Forte, extremely fast and giving 100% each time he's 'allowed' to play (imho) is sidelined, time and again. Alessandro s 'the chosen one' and apart from some 'magic' at Exeter, has little or no impact. I'm concerned that Forte will 'choose' first-team football and leave us in January - but can we, honestly, 'afford' to lose him? My point is, we're Second in the league two. We're playing some good, exciting football. We're winning games and there's a determination in this side that's matching - for me - the Sirrel Years. However - and irrelevant of our current position - we're missing' the likes of a Bradd, Stubbs, Hateley or Masson; and I just don't know if Kevin Noble is aware of this and/or intends to change things in January. Or maybe he thinks he already has this and I'm missing something? England Manager? Yes! But he sure has to 'serve' a lot more years sorting-out his 'inheritance' at Meadow Lane, first. For, only when he's made it a 'legacy' worth someone else taking over, will he have done what is absolutely necessary. Then - and only then - should he even contemplate, moving on...to anywhere else.
  3. Match Discussion: Game 22 - The Mariners (H)

    4 - 2 Notts; and I don't think it'll be a particularly 'clean' game! COYP!
  4. Kevin Nolan: 'Jorge Grant is a special kind of player'

    I think it's true to say that we might have been a little 'lost' without him this Season...and when he (chooses to) turn it on, he can be magic. I'd like to see the Gaffer say nice stuff about Forte too, one time this season! The guy - as far as I'm concerned - 'dogs' for us every time he gets on the pitch but rarely/never gets a good word said about him. He must feel VERY 'unappreciated' at the club and I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't ship out in January...for opportunity of the full-time football place, I think he's worth!
  5. The changes at ML this Season are absolutely palpable under this Chairman...and long may he reign! From his clearly chosen words, it's clear that he's thought about his commitment to the Club and it's future. I have not a doubt in the World that he's already working on plans for the future. I LOVE that we're, yet again, (and for me) experiencing times like "The Sirrel Years" - both on and off the pitch; with a degree of 'honesty' from everyone concerned - that makes it feel like we're a part of 'something special'. I think there are 'lost' revenue opportunities too, at the Club. For example, I've looked for a night out for my family/friends close to Christmas: at least 10 of us. We're all 'young at heart', like good Dance music; probably a meal and (obvs) drinks. We'd have paid up to £50 a ticket for it but I'm afraid a 'Michael Buble' tribute night just didn't cut it for us; yet there are no alternatives offered at ML. (I'm ignoring the Casino night too, cos it ain't our thing either!) Also wondering where Santa is for the kids... Tickets sold and shop 'present' could see more revenue in; and how about a Christmas Disco (ticket only) for the kids too, with maybe a few players attending? How about more 'variety' in available food, too? (Although Bovril to be left alone...and always available!) Read too about 'flats' being built/sold opposite. Having lived a lot of years close to Twickenham Stadium and watched the humongous changes that happened there over the years, I can tell you that they've now made an absolute killing by making everything around it, being 'Rugby-led'. That derelict ground needs some investment in it that will ENHANCE what's trying to be achieved at Meadow Lane. A Hotel would be excellent - especially if we're looking at playing host to sides with a good following. But I'm a little ahead of myself here...maybe?
  6. They played their hearts out...and he couldn't have asked for 'more' from them than they gave. Needs to concentrate on getting them out of their current situation now, though, as it appears they're not showing the same spirit in their league. I said Jorge's new boots had goals (I predicted two) in them on Saturday... and for the sixth week running, correctly predicted a 3 - 2 win for us. Need to work out how to have a little bet on my iphone now! Lol!
  7. Kevin Nolan on Sky Sports Soccer Special

    Thought he looked/sounded extremely nervous: but who knows...with a bit of practice?!*
  8. On Saturday, I watched Colchester player, Mandron, punch Shola Ameobi full on in the face as he lay on the ground, after a tackle. I have no doubt that Mandron INTENDED to punch Shola - because he'd 'dared' to tackle the ball from him - or that Mandron, had one of his team not moved him away. wouldn't have carried-on the 'fight'! That punch was an 'assault'! I, and many other watching the Match that day, witnessed it. The Ref/linesman missed it as, clearly, Mandron should have been immediately sent off. My question is: how seriously would the Police take a Report (or reports - if any other witnesses would like to come forward) of this assault? And, might this be a way forward - if it continues to happen - to force the EFL into getting a grip on the useless/less than poor 'officials' they continually roll-out, each week? I believe we'd only have to 'report' these incidents a few times, before the ensuing 'publicity' would make someone take note! P.S. "It's 'expected' at this level, is NOT a good enough reason, imho, NOT to do it!
  9. Ryan Jackson: 'Colchester outplayed and outbattled Notts'

    Would the 'out-battling' he speaks of, be Mandron punching Ameobi full-on in the face as he lay on the ground (that the Ref 'didn't see'); which caused Shola to retaliate (that the Ref DID see) and then book him? Mandron was (eventually) booked but should have been sent off! I'm sorry I didn't report what I saw to police - as an assault - and have him nicked! Maybe that's the way we need to go with these 'dirty' sides; working on the theory that what ref's don't/refuse to see, spectators won't stand for?!*
  10. Can't remember where I've seen it, but understand Warburton "has no plans" for Grant in his squad. They'd both obvs be better off staying where they can get first team play, experience and goals because once back over the River, I don't see opportunity for much of any of that. We'd have been stuffed without them this Season, tbf. Wonder if AH has any plans to bring them here, full-time? Would they 'want' it?
  11. After today's shoddy Refereeing/linesman's decisions, together with the debacle I witnessed at Yeovil on Tuesday: I return home see that AH has called for 12 full-time Referees in League Two. I'm guess I'm 'for' the idea, in principle. However, what if the 'chosen' one's turn out to be just like today's...or Tuesday's? I tire - week-in, week-out - of witnessing things that continually go unpunished. Shola was actually punched full in the face today...and although when he retaliated and was punished with a card; the player who punched him, wasn't sent off - as he should have been...simply because the ref...and linesman... both 'missed' Shola being violently assaulted! Even when opponents 'climb' our players backs; 'dig/nudge' them in the ribs; claim penalties that aren't or when opposing player's blatantly hit out, Referees and linesman appear to 'miss' it all. I know KN's been ribbed for his continual 'moan' about Officials and it was even suggested today that he's (likely) bringing his grievances to the Dressing Room/Team. However, I don't know that he can 'pretend' these decisions aren't having a knock-on effect to the players in what are, mostly, extremely emotive matches and particularly when, so much depends on these Officials, 'getting it right'! I don't think it's helpful, either, when people just say, "League Two officials are notoriously bad! I'm not sure that 'full time Referees' are the answer or if it should simply be a case of the EFL ensuring their officials are 'good enough' to carry-out the job in the first place. What does everyone else think?
  12. KN's on 'a learning curve' as a Manager and he'd be foolish to think of taking a job with a 'top flight' club before he's even actually achieved anything. Even when we get promoted, (see what I did there?), he'd be better off staying-put for a while to ensure any legacy is preserved by keeping us there! Bit of a no-brainer for me, this, I'm afraid!
  13. Player ratings v Cheltenham

    Don't agree on Stead, I'm afraid! Watched him work extremely hard for us this season; and think he gets a lot of (unnecessary) stick; particularly in games where I've also watched much younger players neither put in as much effort nor work as hard as he does...to win! He clearly L-O-V-E-S wearing that shirt, too (which I believe, is relevant) and I've not seen him 'give up', once, this season. He's not afraid to take chances and has been (more than) 'generous' to put others in goal-scoring positions. Nothing negative from me on Stead and I think he was 'up' in the 7's yesterday.
  14. Colin Slater named honorary vice president of Notts County

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer person! Seems like NCFC is returning (at last) to the proper 'family' club I remember from eons ago: fingers crossed!
  15. I've just read this on another page and hope everyone will join in this coming Saturday... Paul Topley is feeling heartbroken. 7 hrs Hi fellow pies I have a big favour to ask, sadly my dad passed away at the age of 81 last Sunday so I'm contacting Notts to see what they can do for this Saturday, (in the 81st minute maybe put a photo up of him on the scoreboard, ashes etc), he's been a Notts fan for 70 odd years & of course as am I so would so appreciate a minutes applause in the 81st minute .please pass this on as it would of meant the world to him & myself, really hope this works as well as 3 points on Saturday. COYP

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