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  1. Who do you think deserves to be named our next Member of the Month? Please, also included one additional member. @4everapie, @AmericanPie, @asylum, @Canadian, @Captain Sticky, @captain-ncfc, @CliftonMagpie, @Cobby, @cotton13, @Dan-Pie, @Dana Shoup, @DangerousSausage, @Dripsey3, @GrannyPie, @hissingdwarf, @ivansneck, @jsrjay, @lambleypie, @lewisncfc, @magpie c, @magpiejue, @medievalmickey, @MuddyPatchPie, @nightOWL, @Northants Pie, @notts-joe, @Pete T, @Pies4u, @pokerpie, @PTID1862, @SouthwestPIE, @Super_Danny_Allsopp, @super_ram, @tonyhateley, @waldorf, @weymouthPIE, @william1984
  2. I read a article on Curtis Thompson a moment ago, which I will link to the Nottingham Post - Here. Shaun Derry speaks about how he's asked of certain things from Curtis Thompson and how he is pleased by the performances. He really does look a solid prospect in midfield but how long have we fans been saying? I'm not knocking Thompson, where ever he plays he gives 100% and he did have some okay games at right back but in his true position he's a joy to watch when he does run with the ball or out skills his opponents. What do you think has seen Curtis Thompson develop more over the 2014/2015 season? What do you make of his performances and how far do you think he can go if he keeps it up? Keep it up folks...
  3. Our Club, Our Passion>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSrV2JqhLeE Re-released and remastered, this includes pictures I have taken throughout the 2014/2015 season. Please also have a read of my article based on the future of Shaun Derry and how I see things. - Here Thoughts?
  4. Should the club allow for the fixture against Bradford City, this Saturday to be rearranged to this Friday instead? Article Link - Here
  5. Care to share a picture of your Notts County memorabilia or your most prized possession? What is yours? I'm rather proud of quite a few things which I will show once this takes off, at my parents I have flags from our Wembley days and I have a large collection of programmes, signed shirts (even @super_pie does). What about you?
  6. Here we go folks, here's a special 'Meet the Fans' as this time it's 'Meet Pride of Nottingham', a forum special. Many thanks to @Cobby @hissingdwarf @tonyhateley @PTID1862 @cotton13 and @super_ram who's birthday was also yesterday! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYT-23NjqFo
  7. Brilliant day for all involved in the PoN Gathering, plus I am pleased I managed to continue the 'fans' picture. Soon to hashtagged 'It doesn't take two to tango'. No, that's just a bad sarcastic joke. >https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153844499725961.1073741869.158954730960&type=1 Link Here @tonyhateley, @hissingdwarf, @PTID1862, @Cobby, @ivansneck, @Blackville, @cotton13 and @super_ram. You Pies!
  8. COMING SOON to Meadow Lane 'Shaun of the Derry', last season it was all about the great escape, this year it's survival! Let's get the job done and push back up! C'mon You Pies!
  9. Ok put your ear plugs in, Tony is going to have a rant. This makes makes me really angry, I got my house insurance renewal and just as a matter of interest I thought I'd get some quotes online from compare the market, my existing insurance company was one of the quotes and it was £40 cheaper for exactly the same cover that they had sent a renewal for. So in other words new customers are treated better and get cheaper quotes than existing customers, how bleddy annoying.
  10. Have a watch folks, leave a comment - it would be appreciated. You Pies! >http://youtu.be/ThUHewoVT_c
  11. Okay, with the signing of Bajner Notts have en-counted a modern day international sensation but who's been the biggest since you've been supporting Notts and what do you remember about it? Mine would be Sol Campbell. I was working when he arrived at Harts to hold contract discussions, I won't go into that but I do remember seeing people from Meadow Lane at work eventually every day, especially Fridays and the weekend! There was no bigger than that. I learned from sharing things like this, hence why I don't get involved in rumours. I only report of third party ones! Too much hassle... What about you? #NoBajnerNoParty PS. I've been busy keeping control of this outbreak!
  12. Today was superb from the fans I see on match day, I love the banter and laugh (it really cheers me up). >https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153671592045961.1073741864.158954730960&type=1 Link to Gallery - Here @jimmy magpie @2piesonmyshirt @jsrjay @joshua king @steve negus @notts-joe You Pies!
  13. Well Done @liampie for being named the Member of the Week. The team here voted for you, along with @Dripsey3 and @PTID1862 being mentioned. Keep up the fantastic work buddy! You certainly do a lot for us here on PoN and via our social pages. Keep an eye out for next weeks! Oh, yeah. Please congratulate Liam. YOU PIES!!
  14. Roy Carroll: Earned himself a needless booking for disputing a foul on Liam Noble, but made a series of excellent saves to keep the score down. 7 Curtis Thompson: The right-back was solid if unspectacular. Tried to be creative going forward but found it tough going. 6 Louis Laing: The Forest defender will be kicking himself at being on the losing side for the first time since he arrived from the City Ground on loan. 6 Haydn Hollis: Went close with a header in the first half and made a couple of excellent tackles when Swindon created great opportunities. 6 Blair Adams: Final ball just lacked that bit of quality at times, but no faulting his effort both defensively and offensively. 6 Garry Thompson: Toiled away, but found himself well marshalled by the Robins whenever he found himself in possession. 6 Gary Jones: Tough afternoon for the experienced midfielder against a midfield of pace and creativity. 6 Liam Noble: The midfielder saw a free-kick saved, but was targeted by Swindon off the ball perhaps trying to exploit his fiery temperament. Sent off in the second half. 6 Drissa Traore: Very comfortable on the ball, but just lacked a little creative vision in trying to open up the Swindon defence. 6 Stephen McLaughlin: Was always going to be a threat from delivering set-pieces and had a great duel with Nathan Byrne. 6 Jake Cassidy: Tried desperately to get into the game, but the lack of service was a problem for the on-loan Wolves forward. 6 Subs: Michael Petrasso (for Cassidy 46), Shaun Harrad (for Curtis Thompson 62), Ryan Hall (for Jones 69); not used: Smith, McKenzie, Cranston, Pilkington I'll post mine below (I realize this is all opinionated but giving 6's seems a little idol to me) They're having a laugh right? Thoughts?
  15. It's been awhile since I last offered, we have a few more regulars and well I thought I'd have a stab at designing some. Of course - I hope people don't mind, I'm not trying to force a unique image but I am trying to be helpful. These do not have to be used, however I am more than happy to upload them via the ACP (Admin Control Panel) for members who are unsure how. @Pies4u - Do you like this? @Northants Pie @wacky Any ideas if there's anything you would like @lambleypie, @heraldmagpie, @themightymagpies, @CliftonMagpie, @pie_in_shanghai, @the_dan_1, @tucsonan, @Blathers67, @Piety, @magpie c, @Norwellpie, @Mitya, @CoventryMagpie, @pokerpie, @ScaffPie, @Dibblerpie, @uPies.
  16. Having witnessed a number of poor officials last season and again this campaign, I have been trying to understand why this is exactly and I do think I might have a valid point. Darren Deadman and Stuart Attwell in my opinion are prime example of this, I don't think they're just "poor" officials. I believe a lot of it stems from how they officiate games. Both avoided stamping their authority in the games. They did issue cards, yet neither really "voiced" themselves. I think Referees in this league need to get a little smarter, they need to make the players respect them and avoid giving unnecessary cards when a simple warning could be given instead. A player would respond in my opinion better, it would cut out players who flop to the ground and I honestly feel that there's a lot absent respect for referees in the modern game, yet I do think a lot of it they're to blame for. No doubt it's tough, though it's not exactly rocket science. I think both Darren and Stuart lost the games early, neither was really in control and I don't think it's right to say it was because they were "big" games. I think it all boils down to how they conduct themselves and make themselves known. Thoughts?
  17. We have a squad full of players who give their all, some perhaps not the best in ability and others have age against them but this hasn't stopped them from chipping in. At the start of the season we wanted a keeper, either a backup or starter. Enter Roy Carroll who's no doubt became icon, in defence we have Haydn Hollis and from there we vastly have squad full of contenders for the "hero" title. Gary Jones, Alan Smith, Garry Thompson and Liam Noble to name a few. However, who are the unsung heroes of our squad? Who for you gives 100% and gets over looked? Who makes a difference, commits to the cause and provides that underestimated, undervalued piece of the jigsaw? I'd like you to name that player, tell us who it for you.
  18. Paul Dickov "I am a little bit angry because it's a game we should have won, We've had a goal chalked off for what, I don't know. I've heard conflicting reports and I haven't even been to see the referee. If the goal is given, which it should have been, then we go on and win the game". If he doesn't know why it was disallowed and he hasn't spoken to any of the officials perhaps he should reserve judgement? Swings and roundabouts Paul, swing and roundabouts! If the goal had have been awarded, Noble still might have scored. Is Paul also a fortune teller? For those who haven't seen the highlights - Here we go What do you make his these comments? Would Doncaster have won? Was the goal rightfully disallowed? Thoughts?
  19. This past month we asked several team and general members to add nominations for our motm. After collecting opinions and the nominations, we open the floor to voting which 16 members joined in and cast their votes. We're at the stage where we name the members who are runners up, plus the overall winner. Thank you to the community members who took the time to vote and add their nominations. 61 posts have been by the winner, he joined us on November the 10th and claims the Member of the Month award for his first actual month on PoN. @Northants Pie will hold back the press! Please take time to congratulate @DangerousSausage Well Done buddy! You will have to take the floor at some point after preparing your speech! Richly deserved. Silver/2nd place goes to @super_ram who's been around ever since the dinosaurs - Well Done! Bronze/3rd place goes to @Northants Pie - Well Done NP! Your youth team reports and posts are greatly appreciated. Well Done to all the members who was nominated and to all those who have joined in, don't forget it's taking part that counts. Each and every visit makes a difference, as does your contributions. This upcoming month should be more trickier to name, so I hope you folks will make it even harder by continuing as you have been. YOU PIES!!
  20. Okay, so @grannypies phone's been playing up, it's at the stage she isn't really using it much. Myself and @cheeky~k8 have a chat, we both agree that buying her a new one for her birthday/Christmas present would be a nice idea. Since both myself and Cheeky regularly chat to her within the day, we felt a new handset would allow us to do this better whilst being easier for granny. BIG MISTAKE. The phone arrived the other day, being technically minded I decided to remove all the unwanted apps from the device. However, once the phone restarted they reappeared! Now this annoyed me!! I decided to look up, a suggestion for the handset was perform a factory reset. DEAR GOD NO!!!! Something so ***dy straight forward, just a simple factory reset and the phone goes pear shaped!! I tell myself it's not that bad, I can fix it. I'm also the sort of person who doesn't quit, so I know after some time I will have succeeded. TODAY IS THAT DAY!! The past x days I tried various ways to fix the system and the IMEI of the handset which had become corrupted, yet finally it's all over. Literally I've tried various flashing methods, apps, PC programs, restoring. My laptops full of these things now! Haha! Though all this was worth it, especially when I hand over the phone knowing Granny will not have any problems. A word to warn people, don't factory reset smartphones without backing up the handset before hand! (even though I did) make sure that the phone doesn't corrupt them. So, what are you getting your loved one for Christmas? A new mobile?
  21. Please vote for November's Member of the Month! One Vote - Please choose who you feel is the most deserving, if you're in the running please vote for someone else and hopefully this will be fun! Voting ends on the 30th and 7:00, not long after the winner(s) will be announced. Help share this, so we can get more votes and lets let the community decide! Special mentions! @Canadian says "I'd like to Give a Special Mention to @DangerousSausage, Seemed to have grasped the goings here on PON. He brings some good Perspective to the Table". @tonyhateley also gave a special mention to DS - "DangerousSausage (great newcomer)". I praise @magpiejue - You always engage with us on FB, you help make a difference on the site and promotes our articles. A true all round member who's help only rightly deserves to be highlighted. @liampie says "@PTID1862, hes introduced a lot of wit, fun and discussions to the community. hes someone i think shines the good things about pon and what we are trying to achieve as a community". @PTID1862 says "@pie_in_shanghai because I really love the Magnets threads". @GrannyPie says "@Blackville - It's nice to see another young member contributing". Thank you to everyone for your contributions! Good Luck! Please do vote and leave a comment to let us know you have done. You Pies!
  22. Dear Community/Visitors, We have recently renewed our methods in contacting members of our site and community, we're aiming to send a weekly content newsletter which all members have been subscribed to. Please do give it a chance before you unsubscribe, I expect this but it would be nice to be given a chance. Did you receive it? What did you think? Please be as open as you'd like, I am new to it but I want to reach out to those who saw PoN as somewhere they would like to be and it will get better. There will be a lot of understanding which will come over time, such as what items to pick and how to engage with fans. From a personal point of view I just enthusiastic to try something different. You can subscribe to the newsletter by visiting our home page. However this will only be useful for those who haven't already joined. Please do let me know your thoughts. Kind Regards, Notts-Joe
  23. So, at six we are still looking good right? I'd say so. The Table; A run down of our fixtures; Sheffield United (A), Swindon Town (H), Rochdale (A), MK Dons (H) and Bradford (A). Big fixtures huh? Questions is where do you see Notts being in the table after this run? Ignoring Yeovil, in my article "Is all really lost?" I predicted 9-11 points (which would mean 3 wins and 2 draws at the most) however realistically I said 7. Simply that would be 2 wins and 1 draw from the 5 fixtures. I think we will be 5th, I think we'll drop out of the play offs after playing Sheffield United and Swindon Town but come back against Rochdale and the others. What about you? Thoughts?

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