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  1. The crowd was quite lively, it was bursting with life once it got closer to kick off. Spoke to many fans yesterday, again I spoke Joshua and his grandmother. I am pleased to see young fans like Joshua enjoying Notts, as they're our future and it sort of reminds me of when my Grandfather got me involved. Family club! It makes me PROUD. >https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153596559010961.1073741862.158954730960&type=1 Visit the Gallery.
  2. I've tried to achieve something different, anything can be changed. What do you think @magpiejue Does Jimmy get the nod?
  3. I've written my thoughts about the F.A Cup exit and the disappointment behind it, yet for me it's not the end of the world. I would just like to see if we can generate a worthwhile discussion about it, so we can see how each person feels about it. Please have a read - Article Here Discuss below folks - You Pies!
  4. Derry hails Carroll commitment Notts County boss Shaun Derry watched his side eke out a win at Coventry and then singled out goalkeeper Roy Carroll for praise. The veteran County goalkeeper, like his opposite number in the Coventry goal, had little to do throughout the 90 minutes, but Derry said the fact it was his second game in less than 24 hours underlined the team spirit at the club. Carroll had turned out for Northern Ireland in a 2-0 defeat in Romania the night before, but caught the first flight home and then drove to Coventry to play in the match that was settled by Garry Thompson's 72nd-minute winner. "It was a case of planes, trains and automobiles for Roy getting to the ground, but I just think that typifies us as a football club," said Derry. "We are very selfless people and Roy wanted to play and do a job for us." City had just been getting on top when the visitors scored and should also have had the chance to draw level in the 87th minute when Notts defender Hayden Hollis bundled Gary Madine over in the box. But Derry felt his side had earned that chunk of luck. He said: "I'm delighted with that - we changed our system after I saw Coventry play on Wednesday night and I thought we did well. "It was a really tight game. I said to the boys at half-time that this was going to be a one-goal game and we managed to get that with a fantastic finish. "We've had those decisions given against us at times this season, but they do even themselves out. "I am happy that it wasn't given this time and I am sure Steven will tell you a different story. I can understand that. "Over the course of the 90 minutes, I felt the best team won." Coventry manager Steven Pressley said one defensive lapse and one poor decision cost his team at least a share of the spoils. He said: "I was disappointed because these are games that we have to win. There is no doubt about that. "It was fiercely-contested. Our attitude was terrific and our work ethic was terrific. "There was a real will to win but one mistake cost us the game, especially when we were the dominant team in the second half. "These are games we can't afford to lose, there is no doubt about it. "It's a lesson to us as one bit of naive defending cost us and, also, a moment where the referee refuses to give the penalty. "I've seen it again and I'm not here to make excuses but it's an absolute stonewall penalty. "I think it was a big call and he failed to make it. I spoke to him afterwards and told him I was disappointed because it was undoubtedly a penalty kick." Thoughts?
  5. "Notts County will be without three key players for Coventry City clash". So, Roy Carroll, Michael Petrasso and Mustapha Dumbuya will be on international duty. Coventry is a pretty big game, so there's a chance for some fringe players to shine here. Personally I don't really understand why Petrasso doesn't count, however I am fine to see us play. However I would have preferred to see it called off due to the nature of the tie. Yet I do think it presents some of the fringe players the perfect chance to get into our squad, our young keeper being one who needs game time (concerned about his confidence) but he should be able to step in. Petrasso isn't a major concern for me but would have been nice to have in this game. Dumbuya will be a miss for me, he's done very well recently and I am unsure about his cover. How do you feel about the missing players? Is it a big thing? Do you think we will cope? Is it the perfect chance for fringe players to get a chance? Let's discuss the points here.
  6. Drissa Traoré - Should he be tried? Garry Thompson played upfront, he did well. It was a surprising tactic change which worked. Another was the addition of Drissa Traoré in the Scunthorpe game and he did well from all accounts I have heard from. He looked to have a decent debut and the pass of the season was made! Now I think he should be given a go or at least somewhat a run. We are missing that quality which a decent passer could do, he might have more quality in the bank. The french side he previously played for, their fans felt he was too good for a league one team. Why isn't he getting into the side? I don't think any of our midfield are irreplaceable. How do you view this lad?
  7. Do you like them? Does it feel different (minus the cold)? Lets discuss it. #winteriscoming People should know what the #tag refers to, not only night games that is!
  8. Anyone interested in joining this? It will be a great laugh...
  9. Okay, so it's been a very close and fought contest between quite a few members. We had 23 members vote which is fantastic to see, plus we have seen many other members contribute in various different ways and at the end of the day each persons contribution is greatly appreciated. Poor old @themightymagpies was left in the cold. @magpiejue and @BromPie didn't really take off but still, thank you to the three previous members. @weymouthPIE at one stage was doing fantastically well and was in with a shout at being named. @the_dan1 lead for a short time and seemed a major front runner, whilst @liampie came quickly in pursuit and @Cobby stormed into joint second. Well done to the three who finished with four votes each! However the winner of the Member of the Month no doubt goes to - @PTID1862 His return really stole the show, it is fantastic to see such an open and closely ran contest (which is a bit of fun). No selling your MotM gold member PTID! Dan, Liam and Cobby - Enjoy being named each our Silver MotM! With Weymouth taking the bronze medal. Thank you for all votes, contributions and keep at it! You might not have won this time, you never know about the future. You Pies!
  10. Please vote for October's Member of the Month! This month I have gone back to basics and compiled the list myself, this is no easy job and I promise you. One Vote - Please choose who you feel is the most deserving, if you're in the running please vote for someone else and hopefully this will be fun for all involved! Voting ends on the 30th at 7:30pm, not long after the winner will be announced. Special mentions for @Blackville @MuddyPatchPie and @tonyhateley, I appreciate your contributes and you narrowly missed the cut. Thanks to everyone who is helping keep PoN ticking. Yes you too @hissingdwarf! Keep it up folks! Please do vote as normal, let's get this going. You Pies!
  11. >https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153525419310961.1073741857.158954730960&type=1 Link Enjoy the chats I had at half time, brilliant feedback and discussions. Please do see if I snapped you, feel free to tag anyone you know.
  12. I haven't posted the stats for awhile, here's from last December to January. I usually focus on a complete month, however with our growth I thought it would be interesting show from this period. Last time I spoke about how we could be doing so much better, I am very focused and dedicated to this site (as many of the people who visit are - I am very grateful for the support and those who contribute. Just to Note) and we've taken a huge step forward since many of those who joined us in December. This type of post will be new for some, although I think it's important to show the community things like this. This is where you see how you impact a site like PoN, it wouldn't work without your interactions. All contributions greatly help the site, so I actively encourage and hope all members will continue to enjoy the site because we will improve a lot more with support and reflect everything for NCFC fans to be proud about. Thank you! Our Monthly Visits (March) People Visits (Detailed) Territory (How well we are doing within our real community) Page Views (Detailed) Page Stats If you click the link below, you will see the massive step forward and although the last time was March 2013. Pride of Nottingham is growing by leaps and bounds, this community is somewhere I am very proud of and it's not about me or my family. It's about us as a group of fans representing our football club! I'll follow up on this within 3 months if the community are interested. Compare March Here, Thoughts?
  13. Pride of Nottinghams - Player of the Month (October 2014) Roy Carroll! Would he have gotten your vote? Does he deserve it? Thoughts and Opinions? Please congratulate our No. 1! ------------Information--------------- We'll do this each month and if I get time, I will do the "Man of the Match" after games. Around the 5th of each month a poll will go up, we will count each vote (or comment if members use mobiles) and include the votes from our social pages. Then we'll name the "Pride of Nottingham - Player of the Month". I would love to see members joining in with voting and commenting, also would be fantastic to see different people starting the poll.
  14. When I've been asked, I say "Walsall". I would like them to be drawn, I am not so bothered about it being at home or away as I like their ground and the two times I have visited have been something to remember. Plus to would be nice to catch up with @sadlad and perhaps get our own back on Walsall for last season. Northern Section Bury Doncaster Rovers Notts County Oldham Athletic Preston North End Sheffield United Tranmere Rovers Walsall What about you? #phantommantom
  15. Derry and Abbot have got a lot of things right, the current formation is impressive away from home (in terms of results) and it does suit our players. However, at home I don't think it does anything more than set us up for drawing. I am not a fan of a lone striker, so naturally if we use this I'd prefer to see support from the wide man. Yet Notts seem to slow down when we play teams who are either more dynamic, talented or faster. Orient for example pulled of the strings. So what formation do you think would suite better? Which players would you choose? Is anyone concerned that Cassidy isn't getting the service? Surely having Murray playing more closely would suit boths games?? Let's discuss this, naturally Derry will know better but this could be interesting to see opinions. I'd also give Jones a rest! He looked very tired the other night, however it didn't effect his game in my opinion.
  16. A young footballer has been signed by Notts County youth academy. Jenson Gracie has been signed by Notts County's youth academy Jenson Gracie, 10, of Newark, impressed with his performances in the Magpies shadow squad. The midfielder was invited to join the squad after Notts County saw him playing for Fernwood Foxes Whites, where he twice won the league and cup double. His father, Jason Gracie, said: “His attitude is great. He gets his head down and he responds well to every challenge that is thrown at him. “Notts County’s Academy keeps going until the under-17s so hopefully he has a good few years ahead of him.” Fernwood Foxes coaches Simon Haywood and Martin Chapman said they wished Jenson all the best for the future. Jenson joined RHP Colts under-11s Sunday team at the start of the season before signing for Notts County. Garry Attwood, the coach at RHP, said he was thrilled to see Jenson rewarded for his hard work. “For a player so young he’s got an excellent attitude to football and life in general,” he said Jenson has played three games for the academy side, scoring his first goal in a 6-2 win over Lincoln City. It's a nice piece of news here, it would be something to look back on say in 10 years time and say "this is where it began". Hope he goes far, certainly sounds promising.
  17. If you read this, please do leave me your thoughts. It'll take two seconds and I will appreciate the time in which it takes. You might have noticed the new logo, well here's a new sig to replace my last one. Thanks in advance!
  18. I haven't had time to create the graphics and I almost forgot again, so please forgive me. I always like to praise all the members who visit and contribute, it really does help. Many felt when I mentioned this place (before I put it up) that it wouldn't be worthwhile but I believe that we have something special here and I wouldn't take credit for that. For me it's the people who brighten my day up! That's why it is so important to me to thank you all. Member of the Month - September 2014 @Northants Pie You've been a big help, not only with your cheerful comments but the help you've given me. I really do appreciate your help this month and I really hope you have time to continue. 2nd - Member of the Month - Silver @anonypie Richly deserved for all the effort she puts into managing the chat room for me, when I added it - I know I wondered how I would get people in and thankfully I didn't have too because Anony did! Each game you're there and keeping the conversation going, I really couldn't picture anyone else running the show in the chat room. 3rd - Member of the Month - Bronze @hissingdwarf Sickness - You're always the backbone of the site. I enjoy reading the banter you have with Super (both of them) but I especially enjoy reading your comments to our games. Keep it up buddy! Special mentions - @Pies4u - You're the fan who knows his game! Always pleased to see you contribute. @super_ram and @GrannyPie - My Chuckle Parents! Would be missed without your support, always there to help remind me and get me back on track when I am a little down. Keep up the good work! (this might seem biased but I think they honestly deserve it) @MuddyPatchPie - I miss you around the community, though I am delighted with your contributions recently. You're also someone I look forward to reading comments from, especially your opinion on how we play. Also - Keep up the great work @Canadian you somehow manage to balance your work and PoN (Thank God). Congrats to you all and many thanks!
  19. Interesting interview, it covered all the things fans would like to know. Bart was released for free (released from his contract). Gary Liddle left on good terms (his Wife didn't want to move and they were about to become parents). He mentioned rogue players. How he thinks this season will be better than the last. Alan Sheehan wanted 1k more and was offered it, however he left (as we know). He mentioned how he was disappointed with CK. What did you guys make of it?
  20. Well it's crept upon us ever so quickly, really - I almost forgot. I think I owe @cheeky~k8 a Thank You! (she reminded me). Now we're approaching the new season, so it's time PoN get's back to the golden age and I will make sure I put the right amount of time in from here on. It's good to see members coming on and mixing, especially with it being quiet. I have to admit I usually would worry, though I've been spending a lot of time with my family and within another area that's kept me very busy. Thank you to everyone who reads, posts and puts up with certain people who ramble on! (sorry). Each contribution really is part of our foundation and without your support, especially within the past few months I doubt there would be such a community. Hopefully others will come back and join in again, if not I'll have to get the PoN Team onto them! Who needs the A-Team! I pity the fool who messes with Granny! Okay, this month @hissingdwarf decided who deserves the award. He gives special mention to she I dare not say (basically it's not for me to say she didn't get awarded). It's hissingdwarf @GrannyPie! Honest @Canadian - This feels very much like deja vu, however you're back and rightly so. You deserve the award for your dedication to PoN and although it's bronze, knowing you next time you'll be only back once again. Thank you for all your effort mate! @Dana Shoup - The star on Facebook and Twitter, finally you've got the spotlight within the community. Really glad you joined us here mate, you talk sense and your views are always interesting. Plus we need to keep mixing where our overseas fans are from! Well Done buddy. Keep it up! @Dripsey3 - No detention for you pal! You've done your homework, kept us updated with the World Cup and even entertained us with the prediction league for the WC! You've been busy and spotted by HissingDwarf. On a personal note, quite a few months now you deserved to be mentioned and somehow it hasn't happened but your contributions are vital (so keep posting). Good stuff! Onwards and Upwards Well Done to all the Members of the Month! Please take the time to spread the community spirit and congratulate all 3 members. YOU PIES!
  21. Firstly I'd like to thank all the community members who kindly voted, your votes greatly help and we reached 24! So, that's 1 away from the previous record. Great stuff! It's the time of the month I really enjoyed and although I haven't done much today (wow it's been busy). I like seeing the community come together and acknowledge each others contributions! Each one really does make a difference but combined with dedication, determination and many fantastic posts - Well it makes a community a 'home'. @Canadian - Our previous Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist (how do you cope with them all?) nominated the six candidates. I'd like to thank him for doing so - Cheers! Here we go folks..... @Dripsey3 - Our very own Irish star! What great contributions you make, not only to the NCFC related topics but also your general football knowledge. On a personal level, I enjoy seeing your posts about European and International football but this month I have noticed you diving into many of the area here. Please do keep it up and thank you! @4everapie - Here's a man on a mission, topic starter and general debater. It's great to see you joining in and mixing things up! Your topics help us on the slow days and when you post to other discussions, it greatly helps with lifting 'em off the ground. Plus your humour goes far, even if we do hand you your coat! Finally, @super_pie - Our youngest poster, a very well done to you! Not all will realize how much this helper does, however he puts a lot of effort into his blogs and his contributions. There is one thing the majority will see, how much PoN and NCFC means to you and it makes me very proud. Please take the time to spread the community spirit and congratulate all 3 members. YOU PIES!
  22. It's been quiet around here, although it's nice to see things ticking away. I haven't had the time to put in the level of work I would like but as our community is growing, it's fantastic to see new people getting involved and members contributing to our future. So, once again I would like to thank everyone for the effort and time that you put into Pride of Nottingham. You're all very much appreciated. @super_pie and myself have been discussing this the past week, we decided that voting perhaps wasn't the best time and I asked Super Pie to nominate his own Bronze, Silver and Gold Member of the Month. After a couple of days, we narrowed his shortlist down and finally I am able to post the Member of the Month thread. @lewisncfc - It's good to see you getting involved and joining in, you're standing out and Supers noticed your effort (as I have myself). We need members such as yourself to share your views open and it's good that you're not put off from sharing your reasonable opinions, especially in the productive manner you do so. Well Done! @Pies4u - One of the first names mentioned by Super, I think you have a fan. It's good to have someone such as yourself, you're not afraid to disagree but you add knowledge to your posts which I find to be very interesting. I know Super tends to laugh or giggle at some of your comments on previous/ex players of ours. You're deserving of the Silver, no doubt! Kudos Finally, @hissingdwarf - Here again I see! Detention for you if you don't keep it up. Super Pie and myself will make sure @GrannyPie gets you with those sticks of hers if you don't. Over this past month you have easily stood out and I am glad that a little fella was sure to add you to his list. Congratulations on being named Pride of Nottingham's Gold Member of the Month! How will you cope with the fame? Please take the time to spread the community spirit and congratulate all 3 members. YOU PIES!
  23. Here's some pictures that I took whilst on a walk with my family, we ended up walking to Bramcote and it was one of the best days out for us. Really nice and the amount of miles we covered... Speechless lol Thanks for looking, please do leave a comment - even if it's just to point out your favourite picture. It's all appreciated! You Pies!

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