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  1. This past month has seen some changes made to PoN, although quieter than it's been previously. We have seen some great dedication to our site, I'm very grateful as we need activity in order to attract more. With this in mind, I'd like to thank @weymouthPIE and congratulate him on winning June's Member of the Month! He's continued posting his insightful responses, aswell as sharing his interesting blogs and engaging with members. It's nice to see! This will be Weymouth's second time, as he was awarded Member of the Month for January 2013 (a whole six months ago). Well Done buddy, Thank you very much! I won't say keep it up, there seems to be a curse with winning this award as of recently. LOL Here's a list of previous winners. Many thanks to all active members who've also helped us over this quiet spell
  2. I've seen a couple of messages regarding who our new captain is or will be, it seems everyone is saying Dean Leacock is our new captain. I haven't checked the official site, neither have I checked facebook or twitter. It's not who I would give it too. Yet, now with those who remain in our squad. I am not sure who aside from Dean and Gary Liddle, who would make a good captain. Mahon would have been a good call, if he was younger and likely to play more often. I don't like when keepers become captain, so this rules out Bart. Zoko, too quiet.. I feel like I'm missing someone obvious!
  3. Well Done SUPER RAM! Not only does Super Ram frequently visit, post and help out. He's been writing an excellent addition with his 'History of Football' articles and his dedicated is only rightly acknowledged. He's been in the running, just like others and narrowly missed out at times. I'd like everyone who reads this to spread a bit of community spirit, which is one thing I really enjoy about doing web sites and take the time to congratulate Super Ram. It's always nice to see, especially previously. Myself and Cheeky were discussing a little while back about who deserved it and it's very hard. Though I am sure those who know how much work Super Ram puts in, will know he deserves this and I hope he carries the touch onto the next in good fashion.
  4. It's starting to be a little harder to choose the 'Member of the Month', as we've got a very nice little community. Everyone plays a vital role, I realize I go on about this but I hope it's seen for the right reasons. I struggled at first, I wasn't sure who to give it to and then I encountered some personal problems ending up forgetting to set the nominated member. Myself and Cheeky greatly appreciate the support of all the members, so praising one member seems awkward for us both. We've decided that a consistent member deserves the praise, so we have awarded @2piesonmyshirt March's Member of the Month. Dave's contributions have seen him nominated and considered the past 2 months, narrowly pipped both times. This Month we've noticed he's been the ideal candidate with his regular posting of topics, friendliness and interacting with others. Along side at least 4 other members, however I read everything posted (very nosey says Kate) so I realize the efforts of many. It's nice to praise members in this way, 2pies does a great job. Please take time to congratulate him,.As a community it is nice to see members acknowledging each other and this is something I am very proud of all our members for doing. Thank you!
  5. I promised I would share our stats every 3 months, well here is the update. Please remember we could be doing much better, as some people choose to block the cookies sadly. It's vital for sites like ours, it gives me a good indication as to what I'm doing right or wrong as the case may be. You'll see the efforts of the members have helped no end! I encourage all members to continue as we can only go strength to strength with your contributions! Our Monthly Visits (March) People Visits (Detailed) Territory (How well we are doing within our real community) Page Views (Detailed) As you can see we've greatly improved since December, this wouldn't be possible if members like you didn't help by contributing. I dislike taking credit, its a community and the site is 'ours'. I say this on all of the sites I run because I honestly believe if you run a site it belongs to the people who lay down the foundations. Thank you very much! Compare December Here, Thoughts?
  6. I asked on FB which got so many responses, I hadn't expected it but made my day when I noticed that people kept adding the people they thought/like most. Why consider adding yours? Jimmy (no doubt) but if I went by people I've seen/met. Michale Johnson, Lee Hughes. So many players prior I wished I had witness them grace the field, although any list I did make does have the potential to go on. (which I do enough) Who would your top 3 be?
  7. There's a few which I personally would like to add that are missing, if however you feel there's something missing or should be added please do let me know. I eventually get around to things "Have fun and express yourself!!" Don't forget to pass on your suggestions, if you feel we could be doing something, want something adding or come across any concerns just post it or pm me. Just let me know, I do listen! Thank for your continued support..
  8. Dear Community, Over the period of our opening I had received suggestions regarding the community layout and the number of forums. (This had been raised by two members previously as-well) Yesterday I merged some together and removed some. I personally feel it gives our community a more polished look, although I didn't want to discard some of the forums and so I merged a fair few into sub forums. This looks much neater to me, what do you think? I also was reluctant to remove "Match Tickets & Travel Plans" and although it's not really in use, I believe this will be a key area in our future as we gain more active members. I've also removed the gallery image slider from the main index, this was something I really liked but it didn't really work as to how I intended it. It's now been replaced with a stats block and I feel it's pretty useful (hopefully we will see this improved in the near future). Two further additions have been made in the form of a 'award system' and best reply feature. There's also some very nifty features which I don't think our current members have picked up on such as their profile stats. Award System; Members pick up little awards which show next to their posting field (user info) and inside their profiles. This is aimed to praise members and hopefully will be a different, fun, aspect of the community. Best Reply: Much like the award system, this will be used to praise members for their time and input (neeed inputttt more inputtttt) hopefully someone will get that reference! It's a way of saying Thank You, Well Done and showing the community we appreciate each members interaction. If you start a thread you will then see a new button 'Best Reply', just click it after awhile of the threads opening and choose the member you feel most deserves it. Nothing majorly exciting, just a bit of community news but I want to take the time to Thank Everyone! once more for your support. ~Joe
  9. So, I sat writing a blog because I weren't tired.. I then stumbled onto to Facebook and decided to play a game (Pop Intros) I used to be addicted to when it first went on their, although very few people I knew actually used it and well.. I grew tired of beating most people, I'd play family and only Kate would really win (yes I am shocked - I'm also a dead man!!) but I whilst I played I found my mind wondering, I then had a light-bulb moment or a crazy idea, I was inspired to do this!! >http://youtu.be/Chlxb2w303A I'm laughing, makes me chuckle! I can't wait to share it with Dan too. (wonder what he made of me giving him a pretend cheque) lol
  10. Why did you join Pride of Nottingham? I've been thinking a lot lately, as I spend time analyzing the site. I asked on Facebook how people found us, although the page doesn't really draw or catch peoples attentions enough to get a fair report back. I was, as I always am chuffed with the responses as they gave a good insight and I am always excited when someone share their opinion (it's the whole reason for the page). I'm now planning our content range and things I'd like in place, sadly I don't have all the time to do the things I'd like so for now I will rotate but the balance being right is the most important thing about running a site. If you wouldn't mind sharing, I'd like you to answer the above question. It will help me, it might also attract the attention of readers who may join or members who are still lurking into taking part. To summaries your opinions, I can enhance my plan and make sure it fits around the people who matter. Thanks for your support,
  11. Having much spare time, being bored and a lack of promoting the site, I find my mind wandering. Here's something which will hopefully kill two birds with one stone and I hope you enjoy the video. Please do leave your thoughts http://youtu.be/mH19CuIZOBU
  12. Please vote for the member whom you feel deserves the prize, it's very tough and even I struggled to determine a fair list which is why we have increased the amount of candidates to 8. Note; I don't expect anybody will but please don't vote for yourself. (This would forfeit the contestant from the main prize and the raffles) Happy voting and good luck!
  13. Every 3 months I'll post a thread update exactly like this, so the community and visitors can see exactly how we are doing in terms of progressing. We're a very small fish, in a great big pond and the site will no doubt have to win over people as they visit but this comes with becoming established. I'm very happy with how it's going Our Monthly Visits (December) People Visits (Detailed) Territory (How well we are doing within our real community) Page Views (Detailed) I find these pretty interesting myself, within communities I have been apart this is something I look forward to seeing. (Very rarely done however) Thoughts?

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