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  1. Here's the chance for Notts to settle folks nerves by putting together a decent display on home soil, if Ricardo Moniz can get the defence to steady themselves, I think optimism will be back on the increase. The result as such isn't important, however I hope we avoid a defeat like Grimsby because Scunthorpe have a decent squad. I also hope the players are excited about playing in-front of home fans, so we shall see. Is anyone going? What do you think the score will be? I think it will be end to end, with Notts taking the lead. The final score? Possibly 2-2. I would be happy with that, yet I hope for a home win.
  2. I can't wait, I don't want to do a @Joe Jones but it's fantastic news that Carly Telford is confident about playing. It's just a shame we don't have a backup for the bench, however if you need something to spur you on - Surely this will be one of them reasons? How unfair is by the FA to not permit us to enter a second keeper??? Well, my Chelsea friend is going and I hope we can show him just what being a Notts fan is like by making a lot of racket. The score possibly could favour Chelsea, on paper they have the strongest squad but not by much. COME ON NOTTS LADIES, BRING THE CUP BACK TO NOTTINGHAM. You Pies!
  3. I've been weighing up I would be attending this, yet I have a fair few things which require being done and so I have sat this one out. I'm hoping to hear further good news about the style of play, not that we should gauge the squad based on the standard of opposition but more to see who's doing well within the early stages. Anyone going? Are you there? Keep us updated with your views on this.
  4. Here we are, it's the final game and I really can't believe how quickly time has flown by. The start of the season was brilliant, even now I am pleased it wasn't 'dull' despite hoping that next year we just focus on improving from here. If we stay up great! If we go down, let's really get behind the club and attempt to move forward together. Gillingham are the team I felt we had a good chance winning (under Derry). I felt Yeovil and Crawley would also be games we picked up the maxium amount of points. However, I think Moniz will instil some spirit into the lads to go out and perform well. I want to see us win convincingly, I can't handle another Oldham game like we had last season. They will be up for it no doubt but it's up for us to turn that around and end the season on a positive. Hopefully thanks @DangerousSausage they will be reminded about how nice Nottingham and Skegness is! Compared to Crawley and Brighton. Haha! I think we will narrowly win 0-1. What do you think? Possible score prediction? #Discuss
  5. Alrighty, another sixpointer and for once it literally is if we can beat Doncaster and Gillingham. I hate saying it, as every games been labelled this but these two games really are and to be openly honest I am not confident about either. You all know how much I love Notts, unless your fairly new and there's no change in my level of support but I have accepted relegation, as many other fans have. Doncaster are very unpredictable, decent side on paper but they struggle with consistency. On a good day, I can see Notts actually winning and I hope we can but I don't see it happening. I would have this labelled as a draw personally but I honestly think they will sink us and for that reason I won't predict the same. I will say, I think it will be almost like Preston but without the positive. Survival is pinned to the hopes that we can win both, it's not exactly unrealistic but hard to see. I hope I'm wrong! What about you? Thoughts on our opposition? Score predictions?
  6. Well, listening to the Chairman's interview with Colin Slater yesterday, it highlighted a possible fact that if we win we may relegate Yeovil Town. It's a tough season for them, they reached a good height by making the Championship and it just shows how concerning it is to rush promotion without having the right things in place. That said, I don't see them being any sort of a push over but I don't believe that us being able to relegate them will make them play any better either. I think it's probably going to be a dull game, so for us it will be about us taking our chances. Let's hope Moniz can hit the ground running and we show him the support required to move on, so we can move a way from relegation or at least have a proper crack at it. COYP! 1-2 Notts is my prediction... Score Predictions? Thoughts?
  7. It's revision time for the Magpies, also to some degree a grudge type match which we have to win. A draw simply wouldn't be good enough here and we must battle like Trojan's and not just defend like them. If we can keep the ball on the ground, playing direct and focus on creating chances of a mixed variety I can see us winning. Scunthorpe United is the ideal game for a fit Jimmy Spencer, however I still think we should buyed our time with him. I'm hearing JCR will be fit for Saturday, with me spending the past two days feeling unwell - I haven't really paid this game as much attention but if it's true, we will benefit from his direct approach, provided he releases the ball at the right moment within time. They're not a bad side, good front pair, some decent midfielders but towards the back is where they're most iffy for me. Fingers crossed a steady performance will lead to a 2-0 home win, goals coming from Bajner and Hollis. What are your thoughts on the game? Score predictions? Is this a must win game, i.e can we afford to draw it? Discuss folks.
  8. We desperately need to win this, I thought the draw against Bradford would have kept the gap more favourable towards us but we are only four points from off the drop zone. It must be on the minds of the players, we didn't even get a shot on target against Bradford City in the first half but we did play okay until it came to the important stage. Rochdale are ours for the taking and we must. Please, please, please stick with two upfront and don't let one of them drift back. For me I'd give Lita and Bajner the positions upfront. 2-0 win is my prediction, part hope and part madness. WE CAN DO IT THOUGH! WE MUST BELIEVE. What about you? Score predictions folks?
  9. It's a interesting game, how will we respond to the defeat against Rochdale? We never really get anything from these games and Garry Birtles is hoping that Notts can keep a sense of prospective. Yeah, it's like we all suddenly think we are good enough to outclass and out score one of the most dangerous sides in this division. MK Dons are sort of in a bubble, yet I don't deny their class because I expected them to fade earlier on and the do their business well. I mean they lost a vital player and replaced him like it was nothing! I don't see us passing through MK Dons, I sadly think we will opt to hoofing it because it stands more chance of being 'workable' direct but certainly not pretty to watch. With regards to ourselves, I just hope we don't crumble. We need to prevent them scoring, if we can hold them until half time - If I was a player that would give me a lot of confidence but if we avoid going down by 2-0 goals, perhaps we can keep within the game. It's one I think we will lose and I hate writing off games before the balls even been kicked. Prediction 2-0 to them. What do you think? Possible line-ups? Score predictions?
  10. Well I am not holding much hopes to a win, I think it's going to be difficult as they're in form and will most likely be prepared for whatever we decide to throw at them. I mean, we could do well - as always it depends on who turns up and how each player performs. I think with Carroll in form (which I don't think he has been 100% recenlty - Though I don't blame him) things might sway towards our favour especially being at home. Yet I do feel Chesterfield will want to prove themselves, especially to show there's 'life after Doyle' who was one of the most average players I have seen live. Chesterfield fans said at the away game he had been performing quite iffy (polite words chosen) and I felt it was to sort of mock us but he didn't, he played quite averagely. Which for me highlights the type of squad they have, though I do expect them to burn out - it's a testament and shows their strengths that they're still doing very well. If they run at us, gain confidence and we don't defend, I can see them scoring quite a few (at the most 3). I certainly hope not. I'll take a draw but it would be fantastic to get the win, though I do think 1-1 will be the full time score. What about you? What do you think of our opposition? Score Prediction?
  11. Another tough game for us magpies, it's one where I'd like us to get something out of just to build confidence and a lot of this depends on how we play, what Bradford's setup is and if we can actually get going quite steadily. I don't think they will play a weaker side myself, I fully expect them to come at us in a stubborn manner. I hope we can start brightly, if we can then there's everything chance we can get something out of the game. My guts telling me that we won't play well, it will be depressing to watch but you know what? I plan to be positive on the day regardless, I win sing and try to silence any negativity no matter how the people around me think. We need to get something from the game, we really do. My score prediction is 1-1. What do you think? Score predictions?
  12. So, we'll either go into this game expecting them to slaughter us (which I honestly don't think will happen myself) or we will give them a semi decent game, if we played well here and got a decent result I think it should send a much more positive message. I expect the game to actually be much closer than what it was at Meadow Lane - I am confident having more creativity in midfield and fire power upfront will actually aid us in getting anything from the game. As always it will probably depend on whoever scores first, I just hope if we do - We don't push for a second or sit back, as either way it's likely to lead to us encountering problems. Whilst, I hope the players re-watch the home highlights - I sort of think they'll end up shouting at the screen. We just need to block, win back the ball and do whatever we can (bar fouling them) in order to stop them running at us. By far the better team I have seen all season, so there is that chance we could be in for a repeat but I think we will have learned from that. I'm going to be brave and say I think we'll actually lead this game, though that doesn't mean I think we will win. My heart and head tells me that this one may finish 2-2, so I'm going for that. I wonder what @medievalmickey thinks. What about you? What do think the score will be? What are your concerns and how do you think the game will go?
  13. I had my concerns about Fleetwood, though I am confused and unsure how we will do against Port Vale. It's a tough game to call because both sides are unpredictable, however on paper and form it would obviously sway in favour of the away team and of course we do ourselves no favours when we play at Meadow Lane. Some fans might see this as an easy game to write off, however I hope people turn up. Despite the mistakes Derry is and has made, he's human and I do feel we should keep in mind that he is still inexperienced when it comes to him as a manager. I just hope he's learned that a lone striker is negative and that it doesn't work, I hope Garry Thompson plays upfront because that would make me think we have some chance of scoring. My brothers predicted a narrow 1-0, I certainly hope so. I think the game will be quite tight, so mistakes have to be avoidable and concentration levels kept high. My gut feeling is that the game will see goals, yet I do feel Notts can respond here. My score prediction will be 2-1, I don't have much hopes on the new winger being a shinning light but if he scores it would make me happy. What do you think about the game? Score predictions?
  14. Despite them doing better than us, having probably a stronger unit and confidence to match. I think we can go there and win provided we play smooth passing forward which actually supports whoever is on the ball, this of course includes Bajner. I fail to see how he will score when he gets 3 defenders quickly on top of him. I mean he does well but his chances will always be limited and we can't rely on set pieces. Fleetwood do have many cracks within their play, as do we but the good signs are for us we are improving. The defence looked better against Sheffield United (Not good enough still) but we actually marked and put in challenges. If we prevent Fleetwood from running at us (same can be said for any side) we could easily go back to drawing games. I just wonder where the fire power comes from and for me, we need to be calling upon these players who have go A.W.O.L or unheard of. Either stick Bajner upfront with Murray or G Thompson. I think the game will be a draw myself, I fear us losing but confidence is our play would prevent that. 1-1 from me... What are your thoughts?
  15. Majority of fans who have spoken to me don't see where we will score, though I hate to lift expectations as I do think we shouldn't inflate players, yet I do hold hopes that perhaps Bajner could score his second goal for us. We do have some players who do look likely to score even when the chips are down, however I do agree that it is hard to see us doing so at the current rate of play but knowing Notts we are extremely unpredictable. Also, most see this as a game whereby we will punished by a considerable amount of goals. I think it will be tighter than that, I think it's possible they could score several goals but I have 1-2 in my mind. For me it's about how defend and how set ourselves up, if we play to limit them - It will limit us. If we setup to be attacking minded or defensive - this will leave us wide open in my opinion. I think we should be more content with building slowly, until we get into positions where can step on the gas. It's more about being caught out with possession and then being outnumbered within their attacks which concerns me. Will we see Hollis return? I think so, I hope he will put a stand-out performance in and do everything right. So yeah, I hope for a draw - If we can score early and prevent ourselves from conceding we will grown in confidence. Prediction - 1-2 to them. What about you? Score prediction and thoughts?
  16. Rooted bottom of the league it's not where Orient will want to be and they're good enough in my opinion to move a way from there, so this should be a warning for us. They aren't any push overs, just a side which are struggling and quite desperate to find some sort of form within League One. I do think we have the quality to beat them, however I am nervous as to how we will respond after Saturday. If we end up losing, it would be a concern but I still won't be thinking 'relegation' as this is typical football but what Derry needs to do is settle the squad and tactics, allowing the players to actually play the way he wants. I don't blame SD but I do think he's starting to panic, you can see this watching him in games. At the start of the season he barely argued with the officials, now it's almost every decision and I actually miss him being composed and cool. Notts really need to make sure they can get crosses in with our strikers in the box, we need to gamble at every situation because it will pay off. The defence will hopefully do a sound job on Tuesday, with the midfield helping them out. I think we will lose 2-1 though, I hate to say that. Thoughts?
  17. Much different compared to the last time we went there, the game wasn't that entertaining if it wasn't for surviving the League One drop - It would be nice to see a good attendance but several fans have already highlighted the weather concern. I don't think it will be a problem, the snow can hold off until at least Sunday. Notts need to regain their form here, it's time the squad pulled together and had a go. If we can put in a solid performance, I could see us winning this one but Oldham can be a team who we struggle against. Still I quite fancy Bajner to score, If only he could blow them off the park! Personally I don't think much of them as a unit. I think we could win this one, I'll say 2-0. What about you? Thoughts?
  18. I don't think Peterborough are a side which many sides should fear, especially compared to previous season. They do play some good football, however they are largely inconsistent and they haven't filled in the gaps left behind by losing key players. They invested quite heavily on raw, upcoming talent and it shows when watching them play. Their defence also looks pretty poor in my opinion. This doesn't mean I am writing them off on Saturday, I'm not but don't impress me like they have done. I know full well they have the quality to take the game to teams, however I see this as being another prime game where Notts can show just how much they have progressed themselves. I think provided we don't allow them to dictate the tempo or to come at us as directly as Bristol City, Swindon Town or MK Dons did. I think we will be able to get the ball into places whereby they struggle and I see us being able to create those chances. It's just about both sides taking the chances presented. Score prediction? I'm going to say 1-0 Notts. What about you? Thoughts?
  19. It can't be said that this game will be any easy, in fact if we defend as we did against Crewe Alexandra - Doncaster Rovers will mostly punish us because they're a quality side. That said having see Santos (first time), Hayhurst, Thomas and Daniels. I think we have narrowed down that gap within the lack of creativity and ability to get the ball forward. Once things settle a bit, I think the attacking will start to connected. Thomas could have introduced more into the game, however this is no negative comment to the Derby lad he covered some ground and his effort was top notice. I would like to see more from Santos, especially with his running. Doncaster Rovers isn't really a team I expect anyone to dismiss, after all we have played them a lot this season. I can see the game going in either direction, my heart says win but my head thinks we could lose or draw. I'll keep it safe and predict another 1-1, hoping that Daniels or someone steals it again. Thoughts?
  20. Easy game right? Let's not go there. Crewe Alexandra have put together some decent results which in turn have lifted them up from the dreaded drop zone. Key results include winning those who never lose 'Bristol City' but they have also draw to sides in contention for promotion. In truth they can play some good football, although they do have an inexperienced squad. Some very good players are within their team (albeit unknown/underrated). Also, if anyone made use of their academy it's them. Several players have made the grade, part of the struggle for them from what I recall being mentioned when I last spoke to the Railwaymen's fans. We need to use this game to find our feet and get back some consistency, if the squad train hard I see no reason why the loan players cannot offer us something but if we are disjointed in the game I can this being used against us. I would love to write the game off and predict an easy win, yet I think they'll make it extremely difficult for us (either that or we will). My heart tells me we can win, though my mind says this will either end up 1-1 or 2-2. I'll go with 1-1. I just hope to see some direct play whereby hard work shines and we see a glimpse that we are together. Chin up, heads high... C'mon YOU PIES!! Thoughts?
  21. Prepare for the best here, which I think would be safe to say making sure we don't concede many. I'd hope we could leave with a draw, yet I don't see us winning. This said, Bristol have lost to some sides you would have expected to be slaughtered themselves and other teams similar to us have gotten draws. I don't have that feeling, I think they will win but it wouldn't be the end of the world or requiring 'Derry' out comments. With the lack of wingers (quality) I think our chances will be largely limited. I see the game ending 2-0 in their favour. Thoughts?
  22. Bradford City are one of them teams I strongly dislike, I'll openly admit that. It could be their fans or something else, I don't know but I just do. For this reason I want Notts to crush them and their glory supporting fans (they're a big club don't you know). I do respect them, what they achieved in the League Cup was special and how they made it to the Premiership ALL THOSE YEARS ago. Also I liked Neil Redfearn as a player, so back then they had a few which I did but I've never really liked the club. It's another tough game, one which Jones and Thompson will have to be wanting to win against surely? I see us being able to beat them provided we stick at what we do and attack them, chances will come but my only concern is surrounding the backlash of missing good chances. I'd dream of 5-0 (never going to happen), I'll take 1-0 to us. Thoughts?
  23. Another tough game, one which Alan Smith's knowledge of MK Dons will be vital. I'd be tempted to give Smith the nod, rough them up and use him as someone to kill the game. No doubt they're a seriously decent side at this level, however I don't fancy them for promotion despite currently being second. I think Notts will have to match their intensity to get anything from here, they must not be allowed to get into their flow. Otherwise this could be Bristol City again, which I am hoping isn't the case. Notts need to get a solid grip on their defending, I don't expect us to be beating Bristol City, MK Dons etc but I do expect to see us stand tall and mark exactly how we know we can do. The amount of goals we are conceding is a concern for me, I have to be honest. Naturally this will have an effect on morale, goal scored and performances. I'm hoping for a draw, which if so I'd say would end at 1-1 but I have a feeling MK Dons will sneak a winner. My prediction is 1-2 to them. Thoughts?
  24. Another good test coming up Saturday, although it's not one we should be fearful. If we go into the game prepared and structured, I'd fancy us to win this game but it's never so straight forward. Having lost two games, we could do with responding now and I would take a draw. Rochdale aren't impressive to me, rather standard side in this league and are exactly the types of teams we need to be doing well against. They're a good side don't get me wrong, however considering our recent histories it should be treated like a local derby and one of them we do not want to lose. I think the score will 2-0, supposedly it's pay on the day only? That might impact attendances. Thoughts?
  25. So, is Carrol suspended or not? This will make a huge difference because if he is, although I think Pilks can do a job. I would be concerned about pop shots from distance, then again wasn't it against Preston last season he proved his worth? I'm sure he will cope but I am fearful this will be the end of the road for Wembley. A lot depends on how we respond and set ourselves up. I have to be honest, I thought we would lose this before Swindon. Then I felt 1-2 to them, so keep to that and hope for the best. Thoughts?

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