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Found 3 results

  1. If Notts County get into the playoffs, should we give the opposition team less tickets for the Meadow Lane leg? Mark Beal on Twitter has put the question to Alan Hardy, who replied by saying it would be a "commercially naive and suicidal" decision. Thoughts?
  2. Well, what a superb year 2017 has been. From a one-way ticket to relegation from the Football League and on the verge of liquidation, Notts County have enjoyed the greatest resurrection since Lazarus over the past 12 months. Since Alan Hardy took over the club and installed Kevin Nolan as manager, things have been steadily on the up. League Two survival was guaranteed with several games to spare and, as of the New Year, the Magpies sit in the automatic promotion places. We at Pride of Nottingham are over the moon to see our beloved Notts doing so well, especially given the preceding few years, and we're enjoying every second of the New Era! As we all know, however, football doesn't operate on calendar years - there's still just under half a season to go, and we're hopeful that Notts will get the job done! Because of this, we have created a special offer for you to get your 2018 off to a great start while making the most of the current campaign - 18 for 2018! For the remainder of January, you can become a Pride of Nottingham sponsor for the remainder of the 2017-18 season AND the entirety of the 2018-19 season for just £300! As the biggest and best Notts County fan site on the internet, PON's site and social media pages are seen by thousands of people each day - this would enable your brand to be given exposure across not only the county, but the whole nation! Here is how PON can promote your business: - Putting up a universal banner link promoting your company just above the site's footer (visible across the website) - Adding your company to our partners page with details about the business, your logo and a clickable link to your website in addition to a 'find out more' link (if services warrant such page) to a dedicated page which talks about the company in further detail and provides contact/location information - Including your company logo in video content published on PON’s YouTube channel named as sponsor/partner (Meet the Fans, Opposition View, Aftermath, Match Preview, Tactics and Specials) - Mentioning your company within the PONcast upon rotation - Publishing an exclusive article on the PON website about your company/services, along with video and potential interview for our site - Including you in our newsletters as a sponsor/partner - Two exclusive promotional adverts placed across our popular social media channels (we will also share news/offers for free from our own personal accounts, and may share additional information across PON) BettaBytz Computers and Notts Driving School are already part of the Pride of Nottingham family - take advantage of this great offer and you can join us in supporting the Magpies for the rest of this season and the next! But this offer only lasts until the end of January, so don't hesitate to get in touch today! COME ON BOARD YOU PIES!!! For more information, check out our designated advertising page, contact webmaster@prideofnottingham.co.uk or drop us a message on the site or on social media today!
  3. Since its creation in 2013, Pride of Nottingham has gone from strength to strength, and with us now in our fifth full season covering Notts County, we're delighted and perhaps even a bit surprised at how far we've come. We boast a thriving forum which is not far off breaking the four-figure mark in terms of members, with more than 5,000 topics and more than 70,000 posts and counting. Our website gets thousands of unique views per day and it's well past the million mark for article views. And our social media presence is close to 5,000 followers across the big three platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Of course, we wouldn't be where we are now if it wasn't for you reading this now, and all you amazing people who read the articles, engage with the social media posts, chat on the forums, and contributed to our donation drive. A massive thank you for being part of this journey. Sure, there have been some tough times. The off-field problems at Notts over the last few years and poor form on the pitch were hard to take as fans, and just as difficult to report on as part of the site. Doing a match report on the club's 10th consecutive defeat in League Two is not easy, believe me. But we have never shirked from what we see as our duty in covering what needs to be covered, allowing people to give their opinions and, when possible, try to instil some optimism where it can be instilled. But with the club now on an upwards trajectory, with Alan Hardy at the helm, Kevin Nolan in charge of the first team, and a group of players that are giving the fans good football and positive results, it really makes it worthwhile to know that we've been there through thick and thin. Just as the club is looking up, so are we. At PON, we're always looking for improvement. We're not happy just treading water, we want to step up our game, produce even better and more regular content, and give you, the followers, an even better experience on the site and on social media. You may have seen the news recently of our partnership with Bettabytz Computers of Mapperley, which is truly a fantastic opportunity for us, and we will also ensure that it is a fantastic opportunity for Kevin. This is exactly what we mean in terms of us stepping up our game. If you read the news and, as a business owner, thought that you would like to come on board with PON like Bettabytz Computers has, we are delighted to announce that we are looking to work with additional partners and sponsors. If you would like your company to be exposed to thousands of people of all ages and walks of life but who are all united through a love for Notts, and not just in Nottinghamshire but across England and even worldwide, then PON presents a fantastic opportunity for you to do so. We have a designated advertising page for you to check out, which goes into further detail as to what makes working with PON such a great opportunity, and also what we will do for you, so don't hesitate to have a look. At PON, our duty is to provide the best possible experience for our followers and associates, and so far, it's been an incredible journey, so why not join us on this journey and grow and prosper together? For more information, check out our designated advertising page, contact webmaster@prideofnottingham.co.uk or drop us a message on the site or on social media today!

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Pride of Nottingham is an independent fansite devoted to Notts County, the world’s oldest professional football club. Created in 2013, it has served as a source of Magpie news, features, match previews, reports, analysis and interviews for more than three years.

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