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Found 5 results

  1. I had a wheelbarrow We love you county Judge will tear you apart Always s*it on the red side of the trent Forever and ever Sirrel, Sirrel, Sirrel There's only one Jimmy Sirrel Please help us to add this, I hope we can try to help people learn the chants to make us more vocal! (worth the try)
  2. Hi all, As you will no doubt have seen, things have changed recently around the Pride of Nottingham website. Although in appearance the difference is quite subtle, the site has actually had a fairly big upgrade. This means that over the next few days, maybe even weeks, there might be the odd issue with regards to how the site operates. Whilst I oversee the changes and ensure that the site continues to run at a satisfactory level, I would like to ask members and visitors to be please be patient and to help by reporting things directly to me. I advise all members who use their mobiles or tablets to browse PON, that Tapatalk is awaiting release for the upgrade and that no timescale by them has been given. Please use your mobile browser to use the site in the meantime. I think you will find that it’s actually a very good alternative, but if you have any concerns or problems – please bring them to my attention. Regards, Chris
  3. Dear Community and Visitors, I'm really happy with how things are coming along, it's very impressive and it's the support which makes the foundations of Pride of Nottingham so solid. We're regularly writing content now, with the help of Joe and some of our other writers. I have arranged travel (I just need to book) for the Doncaster game, I need to know who's going and so if anyone is interested please let me know for sure here. £12.50 is a great deal and this can go along way for our community, it's something I have many hopes on and I can't wait. Super Ram plans to write up some articles based on football history, this will be very popular in my opinion and some of our audience on Facebook agrees. Come on Super Ram! You will not believe the amount of time I spend on trying to interact with people, it's worth it believe me because I greatly enjoy it. I plan to hold a Quiz Night, I also aim if popular to bring back the Raffle System and have some fun community days. We just need people regularly visiting, contributing and having a good time. I hope the majority of people who do visit leave feeling they've been given some sort quality, running a Fan Site is a learning curve for myself. It's much different from any other of the sites I do but it's also the one I am most proud of. This site is ours, it's for the people who support our club and residents of opposition teams who wish us well. If you would like to see Quiz Nights and so on, please let me know below. Suggestions are very important! A post a day keeps Notts Joe away! Seriously, Thanks ~Joe
  4. Why did you join Pride of Nottingham? I've been thinking a lot lately, as I spend time analyzing the site. I asked on Facebook how people found us, although the page doesn't really draw or catch peoples attentions enough to get a fair report back. I was, as I always am chuffed with the responses as they gave a good insight and I am always excited when someone share their opinion (it's the whole reason for the page). I'm now planning our content range and things I'd like in place, sadly I don't have all the time to do the things I'd like so for now I will rotate but the balance being right is the most important thing about running a site. If you wouldn't mind sharing, I'd like you to answer the above question. It will help me, it might also attract the attention of readers who may join or members who are still lurking into taking part. To summaries your opinions, I can enhance my plan and make sure it fits around the people who matter. Thanks for your support,
  5. I keep noticing comments on Facebook, a twitter follow also mentioned something regarding Craig Short and Ray trew. He's apologized about sacking him or something, listening to it now. Match Talk Thoughts?

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