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  1. Hello. Not been on here for a while, been busy, on hols etc - what's happened to the chatroom? I can't seem to locate it, might be me but I can't find it! Cheers.
  2. This is just a dreadful squad! Moniz assembled this pile of tripe on top of the assorted rubbish, like Hollis, Adams & Smith, who were already here. A few of us recognised this was a bottom 3rd squad from the word go. Best of luck Cooperman.
  3. Sadly, we do, he was an idiot. The fact that he will never manage in this country again should convince you. He has assembled a bunch of misfits and talentless cr@p. If he had stayed much longer we would have been relegation fodder, yes, even this season. Quite why people think tripe like Adams and Bennett are actually going to improve our fortunes amazes me tbh. They are both weak as water. The amount of tripe that Moniz signed and should never play above pub level is frightening, it may make those 2 appear ok, but they are both duff. If I ever have to see Swerts, Jenner or De Silva again it will be too soon. Snijders, Sprockel & Smith aren't much better. There's another 6 you could get rid if and not miss. I am a big fan of Thompson, he should be starting ahead of most of the others, but I recognise that he is hugely limited, a defensive liability and not much better than Conference standard. It is also painfully obvious that Aborah, despite his neat ball skills, is OK dancing around in his own half but he goes missing when the chips are down and doesn't pose any threat in the final third. They are the best we've got and they wouldn't get in any of the top 6 teams in the division. The list goes on.....and on. Some of our fans think these blokes are world class, it is quite scary at times. This is a bottom third squad & that is where we will end up unless Fullarton turns out to be a genius and he acquires 3 or 4 quality players in the next 2 weeks or so. I'm not holding my breath. Moniz was utterly useless.
  4. Fantastic news! A major distraction from the circus that has become Notts County. Sirrel & Wheeler - the likes of Moniz, Kiwomya, Ince and the rest of the recent pretenders just pale into insignificance alongside them. We are in a bad state at the moment, any glimmer of success and achievement should be cherished, even if it isn't contemporary. Still incredulous at the decision to appoint Fullarton & the thought processes that went with it. Thank goodness for Jimmy & Jack.
  5. Incredible! Simply unbelievable appointment. I wish him well & I support the Club, not temporary owners/managers - but his is a breathtakingly disturbing appointment.
  6. As others have mentioned, Sheridan is a top class prat, not sure I actually want a berk like him anywhere near our club. He has had some success and a pedigree, of sorts. His record is not so good when it comes to man management and he wouldn't be my choice as a leader of men. All sorts of names have entered the fray, most are unlikely to be considered - so, if it isn't going to be Wilder, Powell or Bowyer - Hurst would be my preferred option. Sheridan would appease most fans & it is hard, apart from his style, to dispute such an appointment for the majority. Cooper - I just don't get all the fuss about hi, hope it is not him. Alexander came from nowhere, he's another - why? No, thanks.
  7. Wilder was the only candidate that looked good to me, if Powell was never really in the frame. Why some of the alleged "shortlist" are so popular amazes me, Cooper - really? No, thanks. He's been fairly cr@p with pots of money available and a team full of higher League loan players. I just don't think he's good enough tbh. Sheridan - decent enough record, maybe. However, he is an absolute tosser, of enormous proportions, several of his colleagues & players have had major disputes, usually resulting in some fracas or other. The bloke is an absolute idiot, full stop. I'd tolerate him because he has some pedigree & success on his cv but he wouldn't be my choice as a leader of men. Ask Stuart Pearce, Lee Hughes et al what they really think about him! Hurst is the only one being mentioned that might actually spark some enthusiasm tbh. Would be happy enough if he's given a chance - far better credentials than Kiwomya and more suitable than Moniz for example. If we end up with this nonentity from the Scum then gates will fall even further and we can start looking forward to another relegation battle, despite the bottom 3 looking like they are cut adrift already.
  8. Please, not Baraclough! He's awful, full stop. Of the others, can't get excited by many tbh. Gary Bowyer would be my choice, particularly if we aren't getting Sheridan - and I'm not that enthusiastic about Sheridan - I guess Bowyer would be first choice anyway. Cooper is nothing special, not sure why he's in the frame, at all. The rest are absolute wasters and no hopers. The lunatic Holloway has been mentioned, the mind boggles. His track record is desperately poor, all mouth, no substance.
  9. I can't believe people can even consider Dryden! Do people never learn? Apart from Bowyer & Sherwood, the bulk of that original list are absolute tripe, utter dross the lot. Wouldn't wan't any of them tbh, I'd take Cotterill any day of the week if he was available. Not sure what the fuss about Cooper is, at all, nothing to get excited about there. If we end up with him, fine,I'd have to go with it but my expectations would be limited.
  10. Sadly, you have to play away from home too! Northampton don't gift goals away for fun, play like they couldn't care less in the opening quarter or have tripe like Swerts, Jenner, Smith, De Silva and a host of other pub players on their books! Our home form can't mask the inadequacies - we've been cr@p in most home games too, careless, clumsy and ineffective far too often - but too many Nots fans are easily satisfied by tripe it would seem. There are thousands staying away because we are cr@p.
  11. There's some dross on that list! Gary Bowyer is the most competent & he's a decent bloke. Not many others offer anything inspiring. Spare us the nutcase Holloway, he's probably the most over rated if the lot. Hopefully, somebody will emerge from beyond that list of no hopers, never wil be's and pure jokers.
  12. It is mind boggling that anybody still tries to defend Moniz! The clues have been there since his arrival - he was hopeless. Some of his signings aren't even pub standard players and his inability to organise the team, get basic tactics and selections right or galvanise the players to give their all from the outset mark him out as one of the poorest managers we have had in the 50+ years I have been supporting Notts. Playing decent for 10 - 20 minutes in a match doesn't cut the mustard, nor does it warrant the "best football seen in years" tag. Admittedly, we've been cr@p for most of the last 20 odd seasons, bar 2 notable exceptions but Moniz was a very poor manager and is unlikely to ever undertake such a role in this country again. Good riddance. Now let's move forwards - for a change!
  13. Fortunately, Moniz has gone - at least 3 months too late IMO. We were diabolical in the first half against Morecsmbe, absolutely dire. There were glimpses of better quality in the second half, a few decent moves & some slick passing - but don't believe, for 1 minute, that it was sustained. We fizzled out and the game could have gone either way in the end. It is just a relief that Moniz and the others have gone, we were going backwards under his regime, the bloke is clueless, utterly clueless. Good riddance.
  14. I have to say, I find it hard to believe that Moniz is still employed. Add Kevan, Yates and the rest of the back room support team to that! It was painfully obvious bout 3 months ago that the bloke is clueless, makes ridiculous team selections & substitutions plush signed a bagful of dross in the summer. The fact that some people want to see tripe like Adams & Bennett back sums up how bad the rest if them actually are. Got fed up of watching and commenting on how cr@p we are a few weeks back, despite the ludicrous claim in some quarters that this is a "good squad" & that we'll soon be in the play off positions! Keep Moniz in charge and we will be close to relegation than the play offs. It's a good job there is so much garbage in this division that we should, repeat should, be ok.
  15. The answer to the OP's question is, "No". Moniz is more likely to get us relegated then promoted IMO. He has shown no ability to produce consistency or to positively change tactics or influence the outcome of a game. Relying on old men and young hopefuls is not really a proven formula for success. I suspect that the next 4 or 5 games will determine if we are to spend the rest of the season staving off the drop or clawing our way into the top half.

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