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  1. Coronavirus do you think it will spread further into the UK? Every 5-10 years, something like this happens but it's the first thing the media here has me concerned about.

  2. Seeming as I'm the rabid dog politician on here, seems the good ship Tory Brexit really is on the rocks with ministers quitting right left and centre so far today!

    When Davis went this morning most main stream media forgot to mention his whole team went with him!

    Now with that fool Johnson leaving by the back door the current state of play for the Tories is not great. We have a leader propped up by the DUP votes, who, if it carries on the way it has so far today, will neutralise the majority of the DUP in the space of 72 hours?

    Can't see how this car crash can be repaired now from a Tory side of things. Unless they go full on Victorian and bring in an idiot like Mogg and his top hat. 

    Looks like another General Election sooner than most thought!

  3. Quote


    We have confirmed our retained list following the conclusion of our 2019-20 Vanarama National League season.

    Ten players remain under contract for the forthcoming campaign, while seven others have been offered the opportunity to extend their stay at Meadow Lane.

    Sadly, however, five players have been released following the expiration of their contracts and our manager Neal Ardley has praised the contributions they have made towards the club’s resurgence.

    “This is always the toughest day in a manager’s calendar, but it’s especially difficult this year as we are saying goodbye to great lads who have given their absolute all to the cause,” said Ardley.

    “The relationship I have with these boys goes beyond that of a typical manager and player. They have all bought into mine and the club’s philosophy and helped take us to a play-off final and an FA Trophy semi, achievements we could only have dreamed of at this stage last year.

    “Unfortunately football is a cruel sport and disappointing news is par for the course in any player’s career. All I can do is publicly thank each of them for their efforts and wish them all the very best for the future.”

    Under contract

    Tiernan Brooks

    Enzio Boldewijn

    Damien McCrory

    Jim O’Brien

    Connell Rawlinson

    Callum Roberts

    Sam Slocombe

    Wes Thomas

    Ben Turner

    Kyle Wootton

    Out of contract, offered new deal

    Richard Brindley

    Kristian Dennis

    Michael Doyle

    Dion Kelly-Evans

    Alex Lacey

    Joe McDonnell

    Sam Osborne

    Out of contract, released

    Zoumana Bakayogo

    Regan Booty

    Tom Crawford

    Mitch Rose

    Scott Wilson



    Really surprised that Crawford has been released. Last season, I would have understood it. He came on so much as a player this season though. Rose released so no surprise to me there. Hope Doyle and JoB are there as experienced heads occasionally when needed (more so Doyle tbf.)

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    2. Fozzy


      Only disappointed in Booty going to be honest, but the bloke is injury prone so can fully understand why.

      Looking at who has been offered contracts, it will all come down to who offers them the most money.

    3. ARLukomski


      Disappointed in Booty and Crawford being released. Both young, creative and can still develop. Booty showed that when he played, he could create chances and that he had a good pass on him. Crawford was forming a good partnership with Doyle in some games last season and he would have only improved with his experience 

    4. Feral Fox

      Feral Fox

      I think most can see Booty was skilled, but a serious injury worry going forwards. With cash tight, a player with “no end in sight for his back injury” you can understand why they’ve released him. Maybe he gets himself sorted six months down the line then comes on trial? Either way, understandable decision.

      Crawford. A better approach this year, but let’s not forget the past few years of obvious lack of application, open accusations of laziness and not training at acceptable level, been referred to as the quietest of all the players. Maybe Ardley thinks we need a hard trainer with a gob, that does have creative talent. Unlike Doyle, who obviously trains superbly, is vocal, but is on his way out.

    1. Chris


      I'm awaiting news on our return to Meadow Lane, it won't be right if the season starts without fans in attendance.

  4. With Fulham joining Leeds United and West Brom in the Premier League, here's my league table prediction.. 

    1. Manchester City
    2. Chelsea
    3. Liverpool
    4. Manchester United
    5. Arsenal
    6. Tottenham
    7. Wolves
    8. Leicester City
    9. Everton
    10. Sheffield United
    11. Southampton
    12. Leeds United
    13. Newcastle United
    14. Aston Villa
    15. Burnley
    16. Crystal Palace
    17. Brighton 
    18. West Ham United 
    19. West Brom
    20. Fulham

    1. Chris


      Here's my guess...

      1. Chelsea
      2. Liverpool
      3. Manchester City
      4. Arsenal
      5. Manchester United
      6 Leicester City
      7. Tottenham
      8. Wolves
      9. Sheffield United
      10. West Ham
      11. Newcastle
      12. Everton
      13. Leeds United
      14. Southampton
      15. Crystal Palace
      16. West Brom
      17. Burnley
      18. Aston Villa
      19. Brighton
      20. Fulham

  5. I hate the play-offs. I wasn't there for either of the Warnock finals, but I definitely was for the debacle in 1996. And now this. I never expected us to get this far, but there's still somethig galling about having the prospect of an instant return dangled in front of you tantalisingly, only to have it snatched away again. This was our first go. Hopefully next season we can get the 90+ points we'll need to avoid them.

    On a personal note I have a special relationship with promotion play-offs. My adopted team, Waldhof Mannheim, qualified for, and failed in, the play-offs three years running (once after finishing as champions). The first time getting that far was an unexpected delight, only to come a cropper against a much stronger team (sound familiar?) in front of a full house of 26,000. The manager resigned afterwards. The second time they lost on penalties (the player who missed the crucial one turned his back on football afterwards) and the third was abandoned due to crowd trouble with Waldhof trailing 3-1. They finally made it on the fourth attempt as champions after automatic promotion was reintroduced.

    So I'm not keen and I'm not sure I could cope with us finishing in the play-offs next season too. But you've got to show the mental strength to go again and be up there year after year, and that's what Notts have to do now. If we bully this league and bang on the door enough, eventually we'll make it. What we can't allow ourselves to do is to sink into mediocrity like Wrexham have done.

    Next seson is going to be a difficult one psychologically, the expectations will be higher and the pressure much greater if we don't get off to a good start. But we've got a good team to have got us this far despite everything, and touch wood we'll have a better one next time round if NA and the owners have done their homework. Here's hoping!

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    2. Chris


      5 hours ago, Dripsey3 said:

      The playoff programme should arrive at my home some time this week. Happy to have it as it is unique but....................

      I wasn't that impressed with the programme, it comes across cheaply produced and made me miss the Football League even more. I wished clubs could produce their own programme or be involved with what goes inside it more. Compare it to the Barnet programme, the quality speaks volumes.

      @Magic magpie always tells me the playoffs better, he was right about us making it.

      I'd rather not gamble, hopefully next season we can forge a team good enough to chase for the title. I know, some will bang on about pressure and expectations, yet, for me I think getting out of the National League is of great importance. I wouldn't be disappointed if we missed out of the playoffs having given 100%, I just would like to see the club continue to move forward. I think the club has every chance to be stronger from the start next season.

    3. thommo


      I agree, the club should try to claim the National League title.

      The worst case scenario would be to fall into the playoffs, but if Ardley builds a strong enough squad, Notts should be able to get out of the league sooner rather than later.

    4. Dripsey3


      19 hours ago, Chris said:

      I wasn't that impressed with the programme, it comes across cheaply produced and made me miss the Football League even more. I wished clubs could produce their own programme or be involved with what goes inside it more. Compare it to the Barnet programme, the quality speaks volumes.

      @Magic magpie always tells me the playoffs better, he was right about us making it.

      I'd rather not gamble, hopefully next season we can forge a team good enough to chase for the title. I know, some will bang on about pressure and expectations, yet, for me I think getting out of the National League is of great importance. I wouldn't be disappointed if we missed out of the playoffs having given 100%, I just would like to see the club continue to move forward. I think the club has every chance to be stronger from the start next season.

      I'm flicking through it now. I see Enzio made the team of the year. It's not as good as the Barnet one, but there's enough content to keep me going. Looking forward to reading Neil Yardley's piece. 

  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53637169

    There should be stricter regulations, if their ground isn't ready to meet EFL regulations, they shouldn't be promoted


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    2. KB1862


      Stevenage were denied promotion to the EFL due to inadequate stadium facilities so same should apply here.

      We shouldn't be granted promotion either as we didn't earn it.

      Harrogate deserve the promotion so the EFL should be doing more to help clubs like this. Ground sharing shouldn't be an option and to say it's only for a few months is abit more surprising as I'm sure there was a big fuss between Coventry and Spurs playing home matches at 2 seperate stadiums in the same season.

    3. Chris


      1 hour ago, KB1862 said:

      We shouldn't be granted promotion either as we didn't earn it.

      It's a clutching at straws situation, it won't happen.

      I hope they manage to invest further into their own stadium, my focus is on us getting back to the EFL. Only reason a club should be refused promotion is if their ground is dangerous or they have nowhere suitable to play.

    4. KB1862


      @Chris tbf I don't want it to happen, like I say we didn't earn it. We need to earn it. 

      If the stadium doesn't meet stadium regulations than it's down to the club if they don't do anything but if they need help in meeting the standards, the EFL should step in and help as like I've said, they earned promotion. 


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    2. Chris


      Didn't he play for Boston before? I'm not sure, I always felt Pierce Bird and Alex Lacey would be our future partnership.

      I'm not overly bothered, provided we can find another upcoming CB that has pace and can pass. I don't want Notts to be a side that hoofs it all the time, someone with the right frame of mind could do wonders along side Lacey and Connell Rawlinson.

    3. liampie


      good luck to him, supposedly he had an attitude with training but that could just be a rumour or how a manager sees him. i thought he looked a good player.

    4. thommo


      Good player Pierce Bird, too good for Boston but I wish him well.


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    2. upthepies


      If he goes, he goes but I am not sure how much it would effect Neal Ardley if any at all.

    3. themightymagpies


      I don't see him in the retained list, he must be going!! 😂

    4. thommo


      Provided Neal Ardley stays, I wouldn't be so bothered because an assistant manager can be found. A good manager that can deliver promotion or even get near to it isn't often found by Notts.


    1. Chris


      Usually, it's something shared by us but I didn't due to being busy.

      It's nice to see someone overseas picking up on this link, it's actually a good story about how we played them. Back then, Notts would have been considered the bigger team. It's hard to imagine that now!

    2. Joshua


      To win Barcelona even if they had not long formed. 😍

  10. Let's assume that Covid isn't an issue, budget isn't an issue and all the players would sign if requested. Also ignoring any current contract lengths etc

    Sam Slocombe - Keep
    Joe McDonnell - Unsure - Looked flappy when he came in. Think we won a lot of games despite him, rather than because of him. Depends how far along Brooks is, but could keep for another season I guess?

    Damien McCrory - Unsure - I'm not his biggest fan, but can we find better?
    Ben Turner - Let go - He's too slow and will get exposed so many times. The benefit he adds (height) is outweighed by the negatives, I'm afraid. Probably on a wedge too.
    Connell Rawlinson - Keep - Starting CB
    Dion Kelly-Evans - Keep - Still young and offers a lot of energy and pace. 
    Zoumana Bakayogo - Let go - Always seemed like a space filler. Not his biggest fan. Injured a lot
    Richard Brindley - Keep - Bad game today, but a good player at this level.
    Alex Lacey - Keep - Starting CB. Class act.

    Mitch Rose - Keep - Can still offer a lot at this level. I'd rather him be squad player than an important starter, like he is now
    Jim O'Brien - Let go - He is too leggy. Good passing and crossing ability, but lack of pace means it's difficult to justify him being on the wing. Defensively he's terrible, too.
    Doyle - Keep - Still has it. Perhaps not every game. 
    Regan Booty - Keep - Showed a lot of promise. Shame about the injuries.
    Tom Crawford - Keep - Showed in the final parts of the regular season how good he can be. Still young.
    Sam Osbourne - Keep - Shows promise. Young.

    Wes Thomas - Keep - Offers pace and something in behind. Goal scoring is a bit hit and miss.
    Kristian Dennis - Keep - Fox in the box.
    Enzio - Let go - He's too much of a luxury. You never know what Enzio is gonna turn up, the Enzio curling worldies into top corners from 35 yards out, or the Enzio that floats around the pitch doing not a lot.
    Kyle Wootton - Keep - Very good at holding up the play and bringing others in. Needs to work on his ability to beat a man. Still young.
    Scott Wilson - Unsure - Not seen much of him
    Cal Roberts - Keep - A step above this level. 

    That's a total of 14 'Keep's, 4 'Let Go's and 3 'Unsure's. 

    What does our starting 11 look like then?

    - Kelly-Evans---Lacey---Rawlinson---???--

    For me, our starting 11 needs a new LB, centre mid and left back. 

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    2. Chris


      Sam Slocombe - Keep
      Joe McDonnell - For now keep

      Damien McCrory - Keep - if 100% he's quite good.
      Ben Turner - Let go - I thank him for his contributions and I think he's a decent player, just not what we need right now.
      Connell Rawlinson - Keep 
      Dion Kelly-Evans - Keep 
      Zoumana Bakayogo - Let go - find someone younger like Joel Bagan.
      Richard Brindley - Keep
      Alex Lacey - Keep 

      Mitch Rose - Let go - he's inconsistent and average, looked good in the relegated side but nothing special in a promotion chasing team. 
      Jim O'Brien - Keep - he's a good player, one of whom would do better with younger legs around him. Potential captain for me, if he would take it on.
      Doyle - Let go - he's 39-years-old, he does well but slows down and doesn't always defend when he should. I'd prefer younger legs.
      Regan Booty - Keep
      Tom Crawford - Keep - he should be starting more, next season he needs to be pushed into the first team more regularly.
      Sam Osbourne - Keep

      Wes Thomas - Keep - he's a quick player that gives everything.
      Kristian Dennis - Keep
      Enzio - Keep - unless we can cash in on him.
      Kyle Wootton - Keep
      Scott Wilson - Possibly - it depends on if the club can get him. He looks a useful player at this level.
      Cal Roberts - Keep

    3. liampie



      sam slocombe, damien mccrory, connell rawlinson, dion kelly evans, richard brindley, alex lacey, jim o brien, regan booty, tom crawford, sam osbourne, wes thomas, kristian dennis, kyle wootton, cal roberts

      let go

      zoumana bakayogo, mitch rose, michael doyle, scott wilson


      joe mcdonnell, ben turner, enzio


      i would like to see more pace injected into the squad with a focus on attacking and defending. some players can defend well at times but others they dont do enough. we need players who always want to win the ball back and can take it forward creatively.

      i am unsure about mcdonnell, i dont rate him as a keeper to be honest. not as a shot stopper. ben turner is too injury prone but would be a good backup. enzio depends on if he can give us a proper season.

    4. allardyces tash

      allardyces tash

      This has been answered by Neal Ardley now.


  11. Template

    Slocombe * -
    Brindley * - 
    Lacey * -
    Turner * - 
    Bagan * - 
    Roberts * 
    Rose * -
    Doyle * -
    O'Brien * - 
    Wootton - * - 
    Dennis * - 

    Enzio * - 
    Thomas * - 

    Kelly Evans


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    2. menzinho


      I'm going to go with @Piethagoram @Elite_pie on this one, I too thought Rose was better then Doyle and O'Brien. It simply just didn't work with O'Brien on the wing this time and I thought the game just passed Doyle by too much. Rose covered more ground and at least tried to have a more positive influence on the game.

      I agree with pretty much your ratings as well, I thought Wootton did well, especially when most the time the service we were giving him was all over the place. He was having to sprint to win headers and bring balls down with a CB always right on him, shame we couldn't get a bit closer to profit from him.

    3. Elite_pie


      I think Rose tends to be underrated because his main attribute is doing the 'dirty work' in midfield.  By that I mean winning tackles and headers and stopping the opposition playing.  It won't get you on the edge of your seat, but it's something all teams need and I thought he fulfilled his role adequately yesterday, which few others managed to do.  His passing can be poor and he is sometimes indecisive when on the ball, but if he leaves us I predict it will be to go to a higher rather than lower level.

    4. Piethagoram
  12. Playoff final - Sulphurites

    Team: Harrogate

    Date: 02/08/2020

    Where: Wembley

    What line-up should Neal Ardley opt for? What will be the key areas for the Magpies to get a victory? What do you think the final score will be?

    Have your say below, join in with the Pride of Nottingham match discussion.

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    2. Feral Fox

      Feral Fox

      I don’t think we need to meltdown. Losing is always difficult, even more so at Wembley after this season, but strangely, I’m upset, but ok with it. I suppose not being there today makes it even more surreal. 

      I do think fresh blood and younger blood is now needed though. As you said above, Crawford in the middle with a workhorse maybe?

      Turner was all over the place, but we have Rawlinson. 
      I’m not a fan of Brindley and today did nothing to help that opinion..

      I think Doyle and Rose as a pairing are finished now.

      I expect Wes Thomas to be done too.


      I see all of that as an opportunity for us to build securely. The lads have done superbly and credit goes to the owners and Ardley for throwing a squad together as short notice this time last year.

      Now we need to implement more of the sensible plans such as the Cal Roberts signing etc...Ardley knows what he’s doing and I’ve got faith in him bringing us back stronger.

    3. DangerousSausage


      Well that was galling. I'd convinced myself that this was a free shot at promotion - I never expected the play-offs to take place, and I didn't really think we'd reach them after last summer. In a way we've been underdogs all season, with extremely low expectations for a club our size. But that doesn't make it hurt any less. In the first half we froze like a rabbit in the headlights just like in 1996 and we gave ourselves a mountain to climb. Only NA knows what he was thinking changing our regular defensive pairing, but it's not as if Turner was the only one to struggle.

    4. menzinho


      Absolutely gutted. Harrogate did to us what we did to Barnet. Harrogate won pretty much every second ball and just did not let us get our passing game going.

      Everyone can criticise and pick the team after the game, but yeah in hindsight I think to combat the pressing we needed another man in middle to help us get more control of the game. The second half team was better, aside from no Rawlinson for Turner, Thomas and Enzio offered more threat. The 3rd goal absolutely killed us (and me) though. 

      I agree we've got to take the positives from it, we'd have all absolutely taken a Wembley final if we were offered it back in September. Here's to hoping we can go one better next season...

  13. Received a reminder of this, this morning. Had totally forgotten about it to be fair and, for a millisecond, considered cashing in now, but no. Hope springs eternal.



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    2. Chris


      @DangerousSausage I swear you're the devil's advocate at times.

      Of course he can't bet on Harrogate to win, that would of course come true and null the bet worth more money. I mean, betting on Notts should be a sin as it is.

    3. CliftonMagpie


      Let's hope you get your reward and full payment when Notts returns to the FL.

    4. Piethagoram


      Is the cash out option still available?:frantics: sorry....

  14. Hi Pies,
    Sheffield United fan just popping in to wish you good luck. Been keeping an eye out for you all season and am so glad you've got to the playoff final (even though it's behind closed doors... bloody corona).
    I didn't think you'd have the potential to bounce back so quickly and I hope you win and go on to "do a Luton". Pretty much every other Blade is wanting Harrogate to win because of Jon Stead- will you have any hard feelings against him if he scores the winner?

    1. super_ram


      @GrannyPie and myself are watching the build up on BT.Once again I'd like to wish my second team all the best .Come on Notts,one last push,You can do it.THE Pride pf Nottingam!

    2. Chris


      I think we need all the luck possible right now, thanks for the support @MC Gold Rick,

  15. After having no kit and no players, Notts County have a shot at redemption

    Gregor Robertson talks to manager Neal Ardley about an extraordinary couple of years before their big clash with Harrogate

    Saturday August 01 2020, 12.00am, The Times
    Ardley was in charge when the club dropped out of the Football League last season but has turned them around in just over 12 months
    Ardley was in charge when the club dropped out of the Football League last season but has turned them around in just over 12 months

    Just over a year ago, Notts County could not even afford to pay for a new set of strips. England’s oldest Football League club had just lost that famous status after suffering a painful relegation from League Two.

    Funding had dried up and the club was on the brink. Players and staff had not been paid for two months. A fourth hearing in as many months at the High Court over unpaid tax was approaching. The club’s plight was raised in parliament by MP for Nottingham South, Lilian Greenwood. Greenwood was even moved to ask Juventus, who County furnished with those famous black-and-white striped shirts in 1903, if they would consider returning the favour. Oh, and the new season was little more than a week away.

    Fast-forward 12 months and victory in tomorrow’s National League play-off final at Wembley, where Notts meet Harrogate Town for a place in the Football League, would complete a remarkable turnaround.

    “From where we were last year, how broken we felt the place was, my message to the players has been how proud I am of them to have come so far in a short space of time,” Neal Ardley, the manager, says. “They’ve brought the club together, back to feeling like a proper football club again. If they can put the cherry on top on Sunday, then great.”

    Ardley has more than played his part in dissipating the cloud which had engulfed the 158-year-old club. Green shoots of hope finally appeared on July 26, 2019, when Danish brothers Christoffer and Alexander Reedtz — owners of Football Radar, a football analysis company — bought the club and their calm, discreet and professional approach has been most welcome after the tragicomedy that unfurled towards the end of Alan Hardy’s tenure.

    Hardy, the former owner, was never far from front and centre when the cameras were rolling, and a prominent voice on Twitter until, you may recall, he accidentally uploaded a rather intimate picture in January 2019 when Notts were staring at the abyss.

    Hardy had boldly claimed that Notts would be challenging Nottingham Forest, their neighbours across the River Trent, in the Championship within five years and labelled manager Kevin Nolan, who led County to the 2017-18 League Two play-offs, a “future England manager”. Nolan was sacked five games into the following season and his successor, Harry Kewell, was hired and fired within 74 days. When Ardley arrived, in November 2018, he found a club saddled with a squad of 38 players, filled with passengers, and a £3 million wage bill.

    “I’m quite an honest guy, quite a proud guy,” Ardley says, reflecting on relegation at Swindon Town on the final day of last season. “I want to go into a club and make it better. So when I came in to do a job — albeit a tough job with loads of different things I was firefighting — and you don’t achieve that, you feel like you’ve failed. To stand in front of people in tears in the crowd, crying because it’s the first time they’ve experienced [relegation from the Football League], you feel like a failure.

    “It took me a while to get over it. And I did think I might not get the opportunity to [continue]: 25 managers in 20 years at Notts — you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know the likely outcome. But here we are now, and hopefully there’s a story there.”

    The Reedtz brothers paid staff within days, cleared debts and, once a transfer embargo was lifted, helped Ardley sign 13 players in the space of a “mad” two weeks. “We had to act quickly,” Ardley, the former AFC Wimbledon player and manager, says. “I think we had 14 games in the first 54 days of the season. And any players we were bringing in hadn’t had a pre-season. We were literally trying to get them fit as the season was going on, and trying to bring a group of players together.”

    The Reedtz company, which has offices in London, Liverpool and Bulgaria, provides analysis to betting companies and has access to in-depth data from leagues around the world. “They’re very knowledgeable,” Ardley says. “We’ve put together a recruitment structure, which I’ve never had before. I’ve always had to do the recruitment myself. But between us we funnel through a pool of players to see who would improve us, and how.

    “I could see a player I like, we go through it, we analyse it, and if it’s not one the owners feel is going to improve us after looking at the data and the stats, then we don’t do it,” Ardley says. “On the flip side, they’ll put forward some that look strong, but if I don’t like them, we move on and find another one. When everybody is part of that process and everyone says, ‘Yes, this is someone who can improve us’, then it’s great, because we’re all in it together.”

    Ardley cites Kyle Wootton and Callum Roberts as two examples of the success of their approach. Wootton, 23, joined from Scunthorpe United and is the club’s leading scorer with 13 goals, while Roberts, also 23, scored a wonderfully nimble-footed goal in County’s 2-0 win against Barnet in the semi-final last week. The former Newcastle United winger, plucked from Blyth Spartans in January, has been a revelation.

    Ardley is also quick to praise the value of experienced pros such as Michael Doyle, Ben Turner and Jim O’Brien who drove standards relentlessly after a start in which County won only two of their opening ten games.

    O'Brien has provided experience, which has been key for County
    O'Brien has provided experience, which has been key for County

    “The club’s come so far in a short period of time,” O’Brien, the former Barnsley and Coventry City midfielder, says. “I was out of contract, the club weren’t in a position to offer anything, but I came back for pre-season, because I wanted to be at the club. It was tough. We were having meetings with the staff, the office staff, the chefs, the ground staff, everybody — and we got to know what people were going through. I think having that togetherness, in the long run, has helped us.

    “Then when the owners came in we had a get-together, a barbecue. They made a speech, very brief, thanking us for sticking with it through some tough times, talking about how they want to move the club forward. You could see the relief on people’s faces. Everyone could finally take a deep breath, and get on with their jobs.

    “There’s definitely a feeling of ‘let’s right the wrongs of last season and get us back up’, and hopefully all will be forgotten with the supporters. The club have really engaged with the fans this season though and it’s been a great atmosphere. I really hope we can get it over the line for them.”

    Harrogate, who finished second, a place and three points ahead of Notts when the season was curtailed, stand between Notts and an immediate return but have their own bit of history to create. “There are two really good stories here,” Ardley admits. “Harrogate have never played a League game, and are trying to get there for the first time; and Notts County, as the oldest football league club previously, are trying to get [that status] back at the first attempt.

    “For us to get that [status], which means so much to the club, back would be fantastic. To give the owners the success they deserve in their first year at the club would be fantastic. And after all the adversity we’ve had to overcome in the last 18 months, a celebration would be fantastic.”

    ● Harrogate Town v Notts County. Tomorrow, 3pm, BT Sport

    1. Chris


      Very good article, it makes a change to read something positive in the papers for a change. it shows that Neal Ardley must be doing something right.

    2. liampie


      i hope this season is the first of many good ones, good article. it does make a change to see something positive.

    1. Chris


      I think what Cal Roberts has done so far is a testament to his character, signing for a Non-League club isn't what most highly tipped Premier Academy players would do. Most feel League Two is beneath them, yet Roberts has gotten one of the most important things in the game at an early stage in his career.

      Experience and game time.

    2. liampie


      i hope things like this stop, as nice as it is to read and for callum roberts. it just broadcasts that we have a special player in our ranks and bigger clubs might have him on their radar. would rather see him shine quietly.


    1. Chris


      Hopefully, the headlines what stop with this. I think there's a host of people who want to undo what happened last season. It's time to fuel the fire, and get back our Football League place.

      Or give everything just to try.

    2. liampie


      the club has been revived under the reedtz brothers, it shows that our staff can do well and confidence will be breed into the squad.

  17. Welcome to the site @Joshbenzah!

    I hope join in our community.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. themightymagpies
    3. Joshua


      Welcome to PON @Joshbenzah, whats your background story?

    4. magpiejue


      Welcome to PON @Joshbenzahhope you enjoy posting. 

  18. Tomorrow's game could be a decisive point in our history. It's certainly far too important to leave to chance. Will any of you be deploying lucky rituals before the match? Will lucky underpants or shirts be worn? Will pets or children be sacrificed to the Football Gods? Let us know!

    I don't have any lucky items of clothing myself, but I sincerely hope the players aren't forced to wear white shorts tomorrow as there lies doom and certain defeat. Two magpies live opposite my house. I hope that both of them will pay me a visit - and if only one shows up, it will be greeted. Better safe than sorry!


    1. Chris


      At times, especially in the past I have but I'm more in a routine these days so things like this go out of the window. My youngest daughter hasn't seen Notts lose at Meadow Lane though, we won some big games in our relegation season with her and when watching under no hope managers.

      I know people who will wear certain shirts for good luck too.

    2. liampie


      no, not really. not anymore.

      i used to wear my first adult shirt to games but i think its more of a mindset than actual luck.

  19. This is a discussion a little out of the ball park a little, however, it's always good to learn something about the community, and its members.

    Are you duel footed when it comes to playing football? (can you control/kick/pass/score with both feet) 

    Which foot is your primary side?


    When I was younger, I used to find it difficult to hold my pen in my right hand so I would switch to my left hand. My writing was pretty weak with both hands, yet dramatically worse in my left. With time, I managed to improve it enough to get by, and I took this new learning into playing football. I started playing dominantly with my weaker foot. I forced myself to train, shoot, tackle, pass and run using my left foot.

    It's virtually natural now, I can do everything I can with my right foot but with my left.

    On the pitch, I believe it gives players an advantage when it comes to using the weaker side. It's not something which gets taught, which I feel it should as it's the only way to improve. I've been involved, and see multiple youth setups including Notts and no focus was put on using the weaker foot.

    Having a primary preference is great, especially if you can excel above other stands but duel footed is something special.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. liampie


      im right footed too, but i am not that good at football tbh.

      my left foot would be useless.

    3. DangerousSausage


      I was a talentless, very right-footed, defensive right back. I sometimes played as centre half until everyone realised that I couldn't head the ball!

      I'm also very right-handed - I even hold my fork in my right hand when I eat. The other way round just seems unnatural.

    4. TheSkipper


      I'm right footed, but I can do some things with my left foot.

      Passing short distance and getting the ball on target is fine, crossing or long passes I would probably fall over. I do have the ability to turn sharply and bring the ball back onto my preferred foot.

      I cannot write with my left hand and I wouldn't even bother trying.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. thommo


      Two great game changing moments, when this happens to Notts you know lady luck is on their side.

    3. liampie


      i thought callum roberts free kick was going in, if it was hit a little further to the bottom right corner it would not have been saved. good goals.

    4. TheSkipper


      It's a thing of beauty, Kristian Dennis's header and Cal Roberts goal. Those types of goals are proof when its going to be your season. 🤞🏻

  21. Well, Hissing Dwarf has been well and truly retired! Long live the Feral Fox!.

    Hissing D had been around a long time, but I was ready for a change!

    And when I saw this beauty, I knew he was fit to be my new avatar!


    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. DangerousSausage


      RIP the dwarf, long live the fox!

    3. super_ram


      Bye Hissy,hello foxy.A rose/Magpie by any other name Chris!


    4. TheSkipper


      @Feral Fox I haven't seen any foxes like this before, I can see why you like them.

  22. Pick your all time Notts Starting 11

    Rules are -

    They have to have played a minimum of 5 games for both Notts County and in the Premier League. Can also include loan players, as long as they have 5+ games while on loan. 

    Here's mine.. 

    Kasper Schmeichel (GK) 

    Steve Finnan (RB) 

    Dean Leacock (CB) 

    Matt Richie (LB) 

    Hayden Mullins (DM) 

    Shaun Derry (CM) 

    Alan Smith (CM) 

    Jack Grealish (AM) 

    Shola Ameobi (ST) 

    Lee Hughes (ST) 

    Jon Stead (ST) 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. KB1862


      @DangerousSausage I've rectified it now 😂 

    3. Chris


      Colin Calderwood could also go into the defence @DangerousSausage @KB1862

      Luckily, he did make 5 appearances whilst on loan.

    4. KB1862


      @Chris good shout that! 

  23. I haven't felt nervous until recently, I suppose it's natural.

    I do feel our form can be picked up from where we left, provided we focus and apply pressure from the off when it comes to playing. I haven't let the friendly impact my thoughts, yet I still feel splitting our squad into two would have made more sense. I'm just pleased nobody got injured, as I do feel we will miss Regan Booty who had been ruled out before.

    We have the depth in the squad, it's all down to the fight and, making sure we are a tight unit on the pitch.

    I fancy our chances of getting to the final.

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Dripsey3


      I watched Harrogate vs Boreham Wood. I see comments saying Boreham Wood were poor, true, but that's because Harrogate made them look bad. Harrogate are no mugs, if Notts let up, they will take advantage. 


    3. DangerousSausage


      According to oddschecker, Notts are 15/13 to win while Harrogate are 12/5. I appreciate that this means absolutely nothing and many bets have simply been placed because of our name and larger fan base. It interested me though :)

      For me it's 50/50 now, I really have no idea how it'll pan out. Harrogate's recent results have been fantastic, but so have ours, and our most recent match against them was in September so can hardly be taken as the yardstick.

    4. Chris


      I don't want to come across as belittling Harrogate, or to have this comment come back to haunt me. It is my opinion, and how I feel currently. So far, no nerves have crept in and, I would have feared Barnet more than Harrogate or Boreham Wood.

      I know underdogs can lift their performances and it's really a matter of who wants it more.

      Yet if things go right [which usually doesn't happen in football] - Notts will come out to Wembley not star struck or hindered by the glamour of playing at such a big stadium. If they come out determined to do well, remain focused and treat the game exactly as they did against Barnet I would be happy. Obviously, the only concern is Jon Stead has former players have an habit of spoiling our day.

      I am quietly confident, and eagerly awaiting the final.

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