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  1. So Easter Monday brought good and bad news. Grimsby's win against KL means they leapfrog us in the table having played a game more, while Halifax's win over Chesterfield means we're now ten points adrift of third place, which will be a really tall order, especially with the Shaymen in fine form. Realistically, I think it's gone - if Halifax win three of their last five, we can't catch them whatever we do. On the other hand, a win in our game in hand (against Dover) would put us in fifth place above Chesterfield, and a finish in fifth or fourth would at least get us a home quarter final in the play-offs. But looking at their fixtures, Grimsby may well push us to the wire for that.

    Looking downwards, Dagenham are only a couple of points behind us and have won three on the bounce, but they have to play Solihull and Wrexham still. On the other hand, those teams might well have their play-off spots booked by the time the Daggers play them ans be resting players. How do you think it'll turn out?

    Remaining fixtures:

    Halifax: Southend (a), Yeovil (h), Eastleigh (a), Aldershot (h), Stockport (a)

    Solihull: Aldershot (h), Weymouth (a), Bromley (h), Dagenham (h), Boreham Wood (a)

    Chesterfield: Dover (h), Bromley (a), Stockport (h), Torquay (a), Woking (h)

    Grimsby: Torquay (h), Barnet (a), Maidenhead (h), Boreham Wood (h), Eastleigh (a)

    Dagenham: King's Lynn (h), Wealdstone (a), Torquay (h), Solihull (a), Wrexham (h)




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    2. Fozzy


      It will  all come down to our ability to escape the press that will be employed against us. We are more than capable of beating all the clubs put in front of us, but we are also capable of buckling under the pressure in games.

      I can't predict the winner of these playoffs but if I had to, I would back Solihull. Mainly because they have finished the season very strongly and played some tough opposition in that run in.

    3. DangerousSausage


      On 16/05/2022 at 13:27, Dripsey3 said:

      So the first round of the playoffs are: 

      Notts County vs Grimsby Town 

      FC Halifax vs Chesterfield

      The NL will be delighted with Notts vs Grimsby. The attendance should be over 10K. Halifax could be a sell out as Chesterfield don't have far to travel. These could be the best playoffs in NL history. You have 4 decent sides in the first round. Any of those 4 are capable of winning promotion if things go their way. Then you have Wrexham and Solihull waiting in the wings. Obviously we hope Notts go up but I'd hate to be the one trying to predict the winners of these playoffs. 

      Seconded! I'm expecting a crowd of 15,000 at least for ours (considering the amount of time Grimsby fans spend on social media bragging about how many fans they've got, they'd better bring a good following!).

      But predicting play-offs is a waste of time, the games are so tightly contested and so many things come into play. Wrexham last badly on the final day and you have to wonder whether missing out on the final day has interrupted their momentum somewhat. But on the other hand, it could have the opposite effect. Obviously I want us to go up, but if we don't, I'd prefer to have Wrexham out of the way for next season. I don't want to attempt to win the NL title against a club that are splashing out millions.

    4. Fozzy


      @DangerousSausageGrimsby have been allocated 2000 tickets and they have sold them all. Nott have said that they aren't going to be allocated any more. The crowd will be around the 12K mark I think because of this. If we get 10K home fans for the match, we have done well.

    1. Dripsey3


      That's a pity. I thought Leigh did a good job. I understand why Leigh couldn't turn down the opportunity. It's career progression. 

    2. Fozzy


      Our luck might start improving now as it's not been the best seven years whilst he has been covering us.

      In all fairness, I used to enjoy his articles, but haven't really read anything in the Post for a couple of years now. The website is horrendous to negotiate in order to find any Notts news, constant popups,  and I can't remember the last time I actually bought an Evening Post from a newsagents.

      Will wait to see if we get a full time replacement for him, or whether we will be reduced to snippets.



  2. Seeming as I'm the rabid dog politician on here, seems the good ship Tory Brexit really is on the rocks with ministers quitting right left and centre so far today!

    When Davis went this morning most main stream media forgot to mention his whole team went with him!

    Now with that fool Johnson leaving by the back door the current state of play for the Tories is not great. We have a leader propped up by the DUP votes, who, if it carries on the way it has so far today, will neutralise the majority of the DUP in the space of 72 hours?

    Can't see how this car crash can be repaired now from a Tory side of things. Unless they go full on Victorian and bring in an idiot like Mogg and his top hat. 

    Looks like another General Election sooner than most thought!

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    2. Piethagoram


      a simple explanation of the crisis... Single Market an Customs Union solves a lot of problems

    3. Piethagoram
    4. Piethagoram
  3. Game 44 - The Magpies (A)

    Team: Maidenhead United

    Date: 15/05/2022

    Where: York Road

    What line-up should Ian Burchnall opt for? What will be the key areas for the Magpies to get a victory? What do you think the final score will be?

    Have your say below, join in with the Pride of Nottingham match discussion.

    1. Fozzy


      Might as  well start Brindley and Cameron as they both need minutes in their legs, ready for the playoffs. IB should go with his strongest team, but don't think her will.

    2. Piethagoram


      Maidenhead under lined their current good form. Charlie Adam was a good dead ball specialist but our defence handled it well, with some good headed clearances

      Some theatrical performances by the home side to emphasise fouls, left a sour taste

      A well controlled performance from Notts


  4. Slocombe 6.5 another clean sheet

    Brindley 7 Assured performance, carries the ball well when he cuts inside, on that trademark diagonal run

    Lacey 7 Defensive and ball at feet, comfortable

    Cameron 7 One particular defensive header was a stand out

    Richardson 6.5 If only the final ball could be delivered...

    DKE 6.5 Busy performance as you would come to expect

    Palmer 6.5 Does what it says on the tin

    JOB 6 A couple of good opportunities to shoot went begging

    Ruben 7 Well marked, protected the ball well when receiving

    Roberts 7.5 Won penalty, scored penalty MoTM

    Wootton 7 Again well marked in a good defensive Maidenhead performance

  5. Coronavirus do you think it will spread further into the UK? Every 5-10 years, something like this happens but it's the first thing the media here has me concerned about.

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    2. Super_Danny_Allsopp


      I'm not sure who that is but a lot of these accounts seem to have 'Greta Thunberg syndrome'; that is, they complain, moan and squeal about everything - but offer 0 solutions on anything. 

    3. Fozzy


      15 minutes ago, Super_Danny_Allsopp said:

      I'm not sure who that is but a lot of these accounts seem to have 'Greta Thunberg syndrome'; that is, they complain, moan and squeal about everything - but offer 0 solutions on anything. 

      He is a barrister who hated the Brexit result so launched several legal objections against it and the vote leave campaign whilst championing the Peoples Vote. He has been an anti government campaigner since and launched several more court cases against them over the pandemic.

      He is renowned for admitting that he killed a fox in his back garden with a baseball bat.

    4. Piethagoram
  6. It’s the month where the big decisions fall, whether in pointless competitions like the Premier League, or in incredibly important, era-defining contests like the Vanarama National League or the PON prediction league. Who will make history? Who will finish fifth? And will anybody notice if I give myself an extra 100 points? These matches take place on Saturday, with the two Championship games kicking off at 12.30 and all the others at 3pm. And remember those jokers. Good luck!


    AFC Bournemouth v Millwall

    Sheffield United v Fulham

    Exeter City v Port Vale

    Leyton Orient v Tranmere Rovers

    Mansfield Town v Forest Green Rovers

    Solihull Moors v Dagenham & Redbridge

    Wealdstone v King’s Lynn

    Yeovil Town v Boreham Wood

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    2. Dan


      Thanks @DangerousSausagefor all your hard work this season it's been a lot of fun. Well done to @Dripsey3 a well deserved winner. Lets hope Notts and Stags can do the same in the play offs!

    3. nottsnutter


      Congratulations to those who took Top 3 places and everybody else for taking part, hopefully next season I wont miss any predictions🙈 and with luck improve my score (not banking on it)


    4. magpiejue


      Well done to @Dripsey3. See ya all next season. 

    1. Fozzy


      .Really good article. I've always thought he would  be good enough for the Premier League, but I suppose there aren't many clubs bigger than Celtic.

    2. super_ram


      Another brilliant post ,thanks once more @Piethagoram

    1. Dripsey3


      Arbroath are a fantastic story. I keep an eye on Scottish football and I thought they'd fade away but no, they have kept going. They were unlucky not to go up automatically. They are up against Inverness Caledonian Thistle in the semi final. The winners will most likely play St. Johnstone for a place in the Premiership. It would be one of the greatest achievements in British football if Arbroath make it to the Premiership. 

    2. super_ram


      A very nice read.Dick Campbell seems to be a real character.Thanks for posting @Piethagoram

  7. George has been made available by Peterborough!!!! Worth a look????? 

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    2. gtownjohnno


      Apologies... My bad.. 

    3. Fozzy


      Doesn't time fly, didn't realise he was 28 years old now!


    4. Dripsey3


      Jorge would be a decent addition. He'd be one of the best players in the NL or L2. I think he'll have a few offers from L1 clubs. I wouldn't be surprised to see him return to Lincoln. 

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    2. super_ram


      I don't really mind, @allardyces tash just as long as we survive.Nothing against the yanks but they would be my third choice.Ashley would probably be my first choice in spite of what the geordie fans think of him.Whoever does get the nod needs to make sure recruitment is better than it was in Morris's early days and they don't splash silly cash on ordinary players and also  keep wages realistic.

    3. Piethagoram
    4. Piethagoram
    1. gtownjohnno


      Liked the look of the Altringham number 7... although I was amazed how useful Pringle was.... He seems to have been around for donkeys years... 

    2. menzinho


      Dan Mooney was their number 7, a young attacking midfielder and with 11 goals for them this season will he be on the 'radar'? I've noticed his name pop up in the NL team of the week a few times too.

    1. DangerousSausage


      I can't see this personally - if the roles were reversed, I wouldn't be wild about bringing in a manager who only has National League experience in the UK. But you never know. I wonder if he'll be asked about it during his next interview?

    2. menzinho


      I also didn't think too much of it when the news first came out but as of now he's the favourite with the bookies!

      Interesting that nothing was asked in the post match interview, is this because it's a complete non-story or were they told they can't? 🤔

  8. In summary, Bristol Rovers needed to beat Scunthorpe by 7 goals to clinch promotion on Saturday. They won 7-0 and pipped Northampton on goals scored. Northampton have to settle for a playoff place. This is where it gets interesting. In January, Ryan Loft moved from Scunthorpe to Bristol Rovers for an undisclosed fee. Loft didn't play against Scunthorpe. He was an unused sub. It's being reported that as part of the deal, Scunthorpe would get an extra 50K if Bristol Rovers achieved promotion. Scunthorpe have been awful all season, but last Saturday they were absolutely awful. They rolled over and played dead. The circumstances around the game will certainly raise questions about why Keith Hill felt he shouldn't play his strongest side. 

    1. Fozzy


      I love conspiracy theories!

      Would like to see if this gets investigated by the authorities, but seriously doubt it.

    2. menzinho


      50K will be little consolation to the 10 years of Vanarama they are likely to serve!

      That is interesting though, Scunthorpe have been so bad all season that I wasn't surprised when I first saw the result. Apparently Northampton have made a complaint so maybe it will be looked into but I can't see anything happening.

  9. Slocombe 6 A quiet afternoon, well protected. One shot by Altrincham whistled by his post

    Brindley 8 Always confident moving forward to create space

    Lacey 7.5. Motored through the game

    Chicksen 7 Again too many times cutting inside

    DKE 7 Missed a great headed chance. Busy.

    Palmer 7 Ticks the team over but when had an opportunity to shoot, just hasn't got it in front of goal

    JOB 6 Missed 2 golden chances in the first half, 2nd set up by Cal

    Richardson 7.5 So important the speed on the right flank. Crossed for Ruben's goal

    Ruben 7.5 Great headed goal and ran over to the bench to thank analysis guy

    Roberts 7.5 Calmly taken penalty

    Wootton 7.5 Took his goal brilliantly


    Sam 7 That ball to Richardson set up his 3rd goal, purring

    Francis 6 


  10. It's the penultimate week of this season's prediction league - we say goodbye to League One (no idea why they're finishing a week early) and any mathematical chance most of us have of winning it. But there's pride and honour to fight for. Kick-off is 3pm on Saturday - except for the two League One fixtures, which start at 12.30pm. And don't forget your jokers!


    Blackburn Rovers v AFC Bournemouth

    Cardiff City v Birmingham City

    Cambridge United v Cheltenham Town

    Gillingham v Rotherham United

    Crawley Town v Leyton Orient

    Northampton Town v Exeter City

    Bromley v Chesterfield

    King's Lynn v Eastleigh

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    2. 4everapie


      3 hours ago, jimbob said:

      Blackburn  Rovers 2- 2 AFC Bournmouth

      Cardiff City 2- 1 Birmingham City

      Cambridge United 1- 1 Cheltenham Town

      Gillingham 0- 3 Rotherham

      Crawley Town 1-  2 Leyton  Orient

      Northampton Town 2- 2  Exeter City

      Bromley 2- 2 Chesterfield

      Kings Lynn 3- 2 Eastleigh Joker

      A bit late aren't  you

    3. DangerousSausage
    4. jimbob


      Hi Dangerous Sausage Sorry about that I missed the date, It is an age thing I am getting old now.

  11. Game 43 - The Robins (H)

    Team: Altrincham

    Date: 07/05/2022

    Where: Meadow Lane

    What line-up should Ian Burchnall opt for? What will be the key areas for the Magpies to get a victory? What do you think the final score will be?

    Have your say below, join in with the Pride of Nottingham match discussion.

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    2. Fozzy


      I can only see Vincent playing in a 352 @gtownjohnno. At the moment, IB seems to be leaning towards a 4231, which means he will pick Francis over him. Vincent would only play in that formation if Ruben gets injured, or in place of JOB. The issue with 4231 is that although it makes us a better attacking side, our defence is even more suspect against a physical side without 3 CBs playing.

      Arter was disappointing after his first game for us, and I would not be surprised to find out that he was carrying an injury, if that was the case.

      I would be sending Brunt back as well to be honest as he has also been disappointing. I'm assuming that we have kept him to cover several positions.



    3. Dripsey3


      One point seals a place in the playoffs for Notts. We are hanging on to the home playoff spot at the moment. Ideally we need to win this game by a couple of goals. Our home form is the 3rd best in the division. We haven't been at our best in the last 2 games. A defeat at Aldershot and a 1-0 win over a poor Dover side doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Altrincham aren't great away from home but they are dangerous opponents. It will be interesting to see how they approach the game. If they try to play, Notts will win I think. If they sit back, it will be a whole different ball game. I think it will be another 1-0 win and immediately checking how Grimsby have gotten on at home to Maidenhead. It may well come down to goal difference to see who gets the home tie. 

    4. DangerousSausage


      That's the play-offs sorted then, and very nice listening it was too from my garden in Germany! And we're nearly certain to start the play-offs with a home tie, which will probably be against Grimsby. That'll be a very different game though!

  12. despite 76% possession stats

    1. DangerousSausage


      Yikes, can we put some kind of trigger warning on these? Some awful defending there. Our penalty wasn't a penalty either, there was little to no contact (not that it made a difference). Their third was a great finish. Cool ground.

  13. and the most ridiculous offside ever by a linesman

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