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    The Pride of Nottingham Donation Drive

    We at Pride of Nottingham enjoy nothing more than to provide Notts County fans with engaging, entertaining and informative content related to our beloved Magpies.

    Over the years we have celebrated when you celebrated, we suffered when you suffered, and we expressed our anger when you expressed our anger. We have been there through thick and thin like the rest of the Notts fanbase.

    Now, for the first time in years, there is a sense that things at Meadow Lane are finally on the up, thanks to Alan Hardy's leadership of the club and Kevin Nolan's leadership of the first team.

    It is a new era for Notts County, and we want it to be a new era for Pride of Nottingham too.

    In 2017/18, we want to be able to provide you all with the greatest possible content. We want to be able to devote all our time, effort and resources to this cause.

    This is why we are launching the Pride of Nottingham Donation Drive.

    Now, PON prides itself on being a site which is completely free to enjoy. And we plan to keep it that way. We want Notts fans to have free access to content and freedom of being able to share their opinions on our forum and on social media pages.

    However, we believe that with more resources, we can do even more. Alongside the general running costs for the server and software, we are hoping to invest in a number of things that will enable us to deliver more high-quality content on a more regular basis.

    We are running this on a Pay As You Feel concept. Our content will continue to be free, but if you feel we are doing a good job and you feel like chipping in for us to provide even better content for everyone, we would be extremely grateful. The choice is entirely yours!

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