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    I know I'm not the only Notts County fan who feels deflated following the last couple of months at Meadow Lane, seeing a side that, following full time in the New Year's Day win over Port Vale, was second in League Two - four points behind then leaders Luton Town and seven clear of fourth - now in fifth, seven adrift of the top three and just four above eighth. We've seen Notts put in superb performances this season and also grind out results, and it was superb to see - and obviously expectations rose as the prospect of automatic promotion, or perhaps the title, was a real possibility, and so having such hopes dashed is painful. However, this is where perspective and hindsight come into play. The bulk of the team this season is the same as that of last season - in 2016-17 Notts were punching below their weight for the first half, before Alan Hardy and Kevin Nolan arrived and lifted each of the players to punch above their weight, and indeed safety was ensured before the final day. This time round, the players got off to a flying start in the league (aside from the Coventry opener) and soon enough we were topping the table, and as the weeks went on, the Magpies continued to impress - still very much punching above their weight. But an EFL campaign is very much a marathon, and as it turned out, Notts might have led the pack early on, but the rigours of the 46-game season, plus all the other cup competitions, will take their toll on the players physically and mentally. From a transfer perspective, January didn't go to plan - losing Ryan Yates was a huge blow and I don't feel we've fully recovered from it; Mason Bennett was good but injury prone and unfortunately he got sidelined in his first full game; Matty Virtue has been sub-par, while Liam Noble and Noor Husin have been decent but not superb - and certainly not . I think only Ben Hall has been a legitimately great signing. Alongside losing Yates, the Bennett loan was also a massive blow, given how Shola Ameobi and Jon Stead could now not get their rest, and indeed they have completely run out of steam. But calling for Kevin Nolan to be sacked, as some people have been doing, is very much a joke, except for the fact they seem to be serious. Yes, Notts have all but fluffed automatic promotion; yes, Notts are in poor form and face a battle just to stay in the playoffs; yes, I'm not especially confident that they could succeed if they do finish in the playoffs. But would I have taken worrying in the top seven of the table rather than the bottom two? Absolutely. Do I think Nolan and Hardy will be wiser come the end of the season, whether we get promoted or not? Yes. And do I think both of them, plus the better players in the squad, would remain at ML and a summer of good recruitment could see Notts build on and have a team that could genuinely fight for promotion next season? Yes, I do. Pep Guardiola didn't meet expectations last season at Manchester City, finishing without a trophy. Sir Alex Ferguson wasn't much cop in his first few seasons at Manchester United. But they were afforded time, in spite of some braying fans calling for them to be sacked, and they went on to greatness. Nolan is a young manager and has a lot to learn - same as Hardy in terms of owning a football club. And it's not like we're fighting for our EFL life, like we were last season - worst comes to worst, we spend next season in League Two, we can add a few more pieces to the jigsaw, and we go again. All I know is, anyone calling for Nolan to be sacked is outright deluded - remember what happened with Keith Curle a few seasons ago? Gunning for promotion into the Championship, yet even that didn't seem good enough for some, and now what most of us wouldn't give to be there now. So be careful what you wish for, because as disappointing as things may seem now, they could be much, much worse. Share your thoughts about this feature article on Football Manics by signing up for FREE to the website, visiting the forum and joining the chat with fellow football fans.
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    Matt Virtue has praised his teammates at Notts County for helping him out during his loan spell from Liverpool and is especially happy about Kevin Nolan's characteristics and man-management skills. Since arriving in Nottingham, the 20-year-old took a while to find his feet but is now fully integrated in the squad, making 12 appearances so far, and he is enjoying the dressing-room atmosphere. “All of them really (have taken him under their wing), I can’t fault any of them. All of them have been class," Virtue told the Nottingham Post. “Obviously it’s my first loan spell, they’ve all helped. Shola’s (Ameobi) an experienced head and he’s been a massive help, but all of them have been a massive help. I couldn’t really single any of them out. “What I’ve noticed about (Nolan), his man-management skills are really good. He gets the most out of his players like that second half performance at Colchester, he really got the best out of us and I’m really enjoying being underneath him, and learning quite a lot from him. “Hopefully, being on the end of a successful promotion run with Notts into League One and then see where it takes me in pre-season. I’ll go back to Liverpool in pre-season, work as hard as I can and see what happens from there.” Share your thoughts about this news story on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    That was one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed at a football match Take a bow Tom James, that was something special Has anyone seen anything quite as amazing as that in terms of own goals at Notts
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    I think they should leave it as it is, I’m fed up with the messing about with football, things like changing kick off times etc., you can be sure these changes aren’t for the benefit of fans or for the lower league clubs.
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    My view is that you are not being insensitive in the slightest Tone. I think the club were wrong to arrange a tribute to Ray Wilkins (was it an EFL directive?) for the reason you state - he had no connection whatsoever with Notts County or Coventry City. I half-heartedly joined in because I have nothing against Ray Wilkins. He was a classy player and apparently a good bloke, but he had nothing to do with our club. Your other very valid point is where do you draw the line? If we're talking ex-England players do you draw the line at a certain number of caps? Would Gary Lineker get it and John Barnes not, or would it be the other way round? This sort of thing is done so often these days that the effect is diluted for the truly deserving cases. The other thing that I absolutely hate is a minute's applause rather than a minute's silence. I felt cheated when Jimmy Sirrel died and the decision was for applause. There are few more meaningful and emotive occasions than a football ground in complete silence. If that had happened after Jimmy's passing I'm pretty sure I would have shed a tear. Instead we had the banal applause, which is what we hear at every game anyway. We applauded a good tackle a few minutes later. Keep it special and it means what it should. Make it commonplace and it means very little.
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    Why wait until Ian Richardson is dead, let’s make him a guest of honour and have a minutes applause to show our appreciation while he is still around. That in my opinion would be much better.
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    Haven't done this for a while, but here are my thoughts: Collin 6 - Had surprisingly little to do in the way of saves, but generally looked assured. Tootle 6.5 - Most of their attacks were on the other side, but played his part in a sound defence. Duffy 8.5* - Excellent, led like a captain should and didn't put a foot wrong. Held us together at the back. Brisley 7 - As usual kept things simple, good in our box and good in theirs. Jones 5.5 - The one weak link in the side. Far too hesitant and struggled to contain the threat they offered on our left. Virtue 7 - Nothing spectacular, but worked hard and got into some excellent forward positions that we didn't really utilise. Hewitt 7 - Did what he's there to do, gave us that crucial physical presence in midfield. Noble 6 - Not a lot worked for him today but got stuck in. Grant 6 - Poor in the first half, but stuck at it and played his part even though his best bits were defensively. Forte 7.5 - The Forte we want to see. Looked up for it and made the most of his chances. Just keep it going. Ameobi 6.5 - Made sure their defenders didn't have an easy afternoon, should have done better with the chance he had. O'Connor - no rating, but great to see him back. No time to make a big impression, but a really good bit of keeping possession late on just when we needed it. It's a big ask, but I think he might still play a part this season. Hall n/a, but a good substitution when they were throwing high balls into the box. Absolutely buzzing tonight. This was the sort of game that could have gone either way but we were back to the Notts we saw in the first half of the season where guts, effort and desire (a massive plus in a tight League 2) meant that we won more games of this type than we lost. Just keep it going lads, if we make the playoffs you will have done yourselves credit as a team.
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    We’ve spent the last few days in the peaks of Derbyshire in our campervan, isn’t it great to see a bit of sunshine and warm weather? It seems like the winter has lasted forever. We’ve just followed a path from the campsite alongside a lovely stream to the village and had a fabulous meal in the pub, life doesn’t get better than this. How have you been enjoying this lovely weather?
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    Yes, I had Jonny F and Matty as neck and neck for the man of the match on Saturday, so pretty much agree with your ratings @Piethagoram. I think that Leigh Curtis must have been three parts cut on hospitality for his ratings though!
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    Maybe he's after a contract at Notts?
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    @weymouthPIE I said to @GrannyPie earlier this week -" I bet Rams v Boro is included in the prediction league this week. "Do I get additional points for a correct prediction ? Anyroad here is my latest attempt - Rams 3 - 1 Middlesborough - They owe me a good result! Leeds United 2 - 0 Barnsley(Joker) AFC Wimbledon 2 - 0 Oldham Athletic Portsmouth 2 - 1 Charlton Athletic Forest Green Rovers 3 -1 Chesterfield Wycombe Wanderers 2 - 2 Accrington Stanley
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    The powers that be are slowly but surely chipping away at everything that is good about the game. The FA Cup is a case in point - once the jewel in the crown, they seem intent on reducing it to the status of the League Cup. The rounds should ALWAYS be on a weekend and the winner given a Champions League place! And of course with 46 league games plus three cup competitions, there really isn't time for a completely unnecessary winter break. You can be sure this will be the thin end of the wedge. Next we'll be hearing their bright ideas on how to "solve" the fixture congestion they themselves caused - smaller divisions, no more play-offs... I endure a winter break in Germany and I hate it. The season starts at the end of July, the winter break starts around 20 December and goes on for two months(!) and the season finishes right at the end of May (or in June if you're in the play-offs in your league). The winter break is actually longer than the summer break! To sum up, it's completely unnecessary and will create more problems than it solves.
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    Apart from the money I'm not sure what would appeal about football management. In days of yore you could at least get settled and build something at a club. Now it's a new job in a new town every year or two, you put all the work into building a functioning team only to have it taken away because of a takeover or the board or fans have developed unrealistic expectations. This is very honest and self-aware of Shola and it's very understandable.
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    Sounds very nice fanofbigtone. i was on playground patrol at work.
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    I hope our British weather will be informed of these changes.Wont it be great, no games for a couple of weeks then our fickle climate decides to cover the country with several inches of snow or widespread flooding.I agree with @nottsnutter and @Fan of Big Tone
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    It should stay as it is, the top teams will no more have a break than me managing Notts. It will be world wide travel on a plane for 12 hours just to make a few quid so in effect no rest at all. Furthermore if lower league teams make it through to the 5th round and drawn away how many fans will miss out on once in a lifetime trip to a top club due to work, and how many kids will miss out as having school the following day. Again done to suit the few ignoring the life and blood of the game US the fans
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    Shola Ameobi has admitted that he is not outwardly looking to go into coaching once he hangs up his boots but has not fully closed the door on a potential switch to the dugout. The 36-year-old, who is in his 20th campaign as a professional footballer, is to make a decision on his future at the end of the season. Notts County boss Kevin Nolan has said he would welcome Ameobi as a coach at Meadow Lane, but the veteran striker admits he doesn't feel he has a passion for it. “Obviously management is something you think about and people have mentioned in the past that I’ve got the mentality for it,” Ameobi told the Nottingham Post. “But it’s not something I’ve ever thought that ‘I want to go into it’. “You could see with the manager here that he had that authority in any situation. You could sense he always had that destiny whereas for me I don’t have that sense myself. “It’s something that if I do go into then I will give it my all. But it’s not something I feel I have a passion for. “There are stresses and strains and it takes a lot out of you - especially at Newcastle where they’ve had to deal with a lot. “Some people make it look seamless and others don’t. I’ve seen both sides of it and I’ve seen how much you have to give. “It’s tough because football has been my whole life. But part of me just wants to be there for my family and my kids, especially the age they are. “In management you don’t get that and I’ve seen with Kevin that it’s stressful. But I am not saying I am never going to do it because sitting out the game six months, I’ll know I’ll miss it.” Share your thoughts about this news story on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Same line-p but start O'Connor instad of Noble as we seem slow to start games and I don't think he's contributed much in the last few games
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    I hope I don't offend anyone as this topic may be a bit controversial but here goes. Do we really have to have a minutes applause/silence every time anyone in football dies. For example Ray Wilkins died recently and at the Notts match there was a minutes applause, as far as I know (please correct me if I'm wrong) he has no connection with the club whatsoever. I can understand paying respect when a former player, manager, chairman or director dies. Ray Wilkins was a great player and well loved in football and it's sad when anyone dies but where do we draw the line? There will be ex footballers dying all the time do we have a round of applause or minutes silence every time one of them dies? Am I being insensitive? What are your views?
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    After Saturday's matches Swindon, Carlisle and Colchester can no longer catch us and we can't finish lower than eighth. To make the play-offs we need to finish ahead of ONE of Exeter, Coventry, Mansfield and Lincoln. For us to miss out, all four need to overtake us. Here's an overview: Accrington - played 41, points 84, maximum points 99 Luton - played 43, points 83, max points 92 Wycombe - played 42, points 77, max points 89 Notts County - played 43, points 73, max points 82 Exeter - played 42, points 73, max points 85 Coventry - played 42, points 68, max points 80 Mansfield - played 43, points 67, max points 76 Lincoln - played 41, points 67, max points 82 Conclusions: 1. Automatic is unlikely. At one stage yesterday we were just two points behind Wycombe, but their late winner against Yeovil was massive. A four-point gap doesn't sound much, but it means they have to slip up twice in their last three games (and us not slip up). And even then Exeter could easily overtake us as they have a game more to play. We're distant third favourites for that third spot. 2. We can qualify for the play-offs next weekend by getting a better result than Mansfield. If we're more than six points ahead of them on Saturday night, we're through. If we equal their result (e.g. we both win) it'll be effectively over due to our better goal difference. Otherwise we'll have the chance to get the job done at Grimsby.
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    It just goes to show how good the play offs have been since they were introduced, so many clubs have so much to play for at the end of the season. The best thing is anything can happen between now and then, nobody knows that’s what makes it so good.
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    Sometimes, I believe social media is a total blight! It 'allows' folk to say things they wouldn't normally do (if they first engaged their brain before speaking) and the "absolutely no filters" comments I've seen this Season aimed directly at players, the Gaffer and the Chairman, leave me cold! It's clear that many of these moaners have never been in any positions of authority; you know, the one where you rally your troops to do well for you with a pat on the back, rather than a smack in the teeth or by calling them out and causing them embarrassment! I don't think anyone needs reminding of "where we were last year" but I DO think they need reminding we have a new-to-Management-Gaffer who's inherited this team - and done WELL; and that the 'learning curve/s' he and the Chairman have gone through in their first year, can only make them stronger in the coming months - not to make the same mistakes, twice. WE REALLY DON'T NEED A CHANGE OF MANAGER: what we truly need is a 'change of attitude/manners/support' in some folk who purport to be 'fans' of this historic club but who just harangue, moan, criticise and seek to bring down, the heart of the club they claim to love!
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    I think I will have to give social media and particularly twitter a rest it went into meltdown yesterday after Notts lost 1-0 to Accrington. Lots of posters are now calling for KN to be sacked. If you challenge them all you get is foul language and abuse. I find it best not to engage with them now and I suspect a the majority of decent fans feel the same, a minority of our “supporters” seem intent on bringing the club, owner, manager and players down at every opportunity. I didn’t go to Accrington and I applaud those that spent their hard earned money to travel all that way and have to stand in the pouring rain but surely as a Notts supporter they have to understand that we can’t win every game, we aren’t Man City, we are a fourth tier team with players of that standard. They do have bad games they always will, it’s what we as supporters sign up for if we support Notts. To sack Nolan now would be a ridiculous thing to do and I don’t believe Hardy will seriously consider it, Nolan has done a fantastic job this season and I think he will be here next season as well. He is new to management and has made mistakes, Hardy is also new and likewise he has made mistakes but I believe this partnership between owner and manager will get better, as fans we need to give them all the support we can along with the team. Some people need to stop moaning and start supporting the club in good times and bad.
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    Just imagine if Man United fans had been so vociferous in calling for Sir Alex Ferguson to be sacked in his early years and Man United, or Pep Guardiola at Man City last year when they finished trophyless... we almost certainly won't get auto promotion this season and the playoffs are always a lottery but even if next season sees us still in League Two, then something can happen called "building on the previous year's progress". Our team at the minute, I feel is 75% of the way there in terms of being a bona fide promotion winner. Nolan and Hardy will go back to the drawing board and build on it. Actually, no. F**k that. Let's kick Nolan out, bring in someone else who will oversee a slump to lower-mid table, and let's all b***h and moan like we did when Curle went.
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    In comparison with a lot of other 'doozies' I've witnessed this Season, i.e. Stead being a true Captain/pulling Duffy away from a sure-fire Red card the other week; Duffy's dives; Collin's (obvious) inabilities and a catalogue of dire Referee's that HAVE COST US PROMOTION, why's everyone continue to harp-on about Ross's "moment of madness"? Nolan too, appears unforgiving of this (I saw the constant grabs for Ross's nuts from the lad he eventually kicked); but then again, it seems that anyone who 'upsets' the Gaffer is "made to pay!" Take Forte. Had confirmation that KN (in front of witnesses) said, "JF isn't knocking on my door to play", i.e. he's not "begging" for a place in the team. I'd be upset, as a 31 year-old professional footballer to have to 'beg' anyone, for anything...and maybe it's 'cultural' but I too, would see KN in Hell before I appeared to "beg" by knocking on his door! I believe that, more often than not, JF gives his all on the field in a Notts. shirt. This, then, perhaps explains, why a perfectly good, faster-than-most-we-have-at-our-disposal player, would sit in the Stands or on the bench, week-in, week-out; and why, I believe we'll see him gone very shortly! Looks too, like RF (this time last year, a builder, and on his first professional contract with Notts) will be made to suffer F-O-R-E-V-E-R - for retaliating against a player the Referee (surprise!) failed to punish for assaulting him each time they met in the box. And the lad MUST (silently) be laughing his socks off, at the lack of clean sheets he's had to witness from the sidelines, since he made his mistake. It must, too, be a learning curve, for him to have to witness so many 'basics' of his trade, carried-out, so wrongly and I suspect - no, EXPECT - that his time on the bench will see him return as a much improved Keeper. I didn't realise football Management had a 'bitchy' side? Maybe it's just KN's 'learning curve' we're getting full throttle of?And the love/hate relationship he has with fans/their comments is another '*****' he often makes. News is, when folk pay GOOD MONEY to be entertained, they have A RIGHT to EXPECT TO GET THEIR MONEY'S WORTH; and whether they did or didn't last year, is irrelevant. Football is all about the 'here and now' and when fans see a side that were running clear of dead-set promotion just a few months ago, with a side who looked unbeatable; it's just extremely sad now to see virtually the same players, doing less than 'earn their crust' when it comes to this important end to the season. Maybe I've got it all wrong and there's a 'method in the madness' of who we're fielding and why; but I want (again) to see the side I've followed for 48 years, doing the best they can. I just hate feeling sold a bit short like I'm feeling at the mo - and maybe clutching at straws, as to why?
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    What's been happening in League Two over the last week? Here is Pride of Nottingham's round-up of the biggest League Two news from the last seven days. - Accrington Stanley are likely to finish as League Two champions but the champagne currently remains on ice as Newport County ran out 2-1 winners at Rodney Parade on Tuesday night to deprive the Lancastrians of the point needed to seal the title. - Luton Town have also secured promotion to League One, coming from behind on Saturday to claim a point at Carlisle United to send them back into the third tier for the first time in a decade. - At the other end of the table, Chesterfield have been relegated, a second successive drop in divisions after falling from League One last year, and manager Jack Lester paid the price before relegation was mathematically confirmed as he left the Proact Stadium. - At present, four teams will be vying for that all-important third-placed finish in the league - incumbents Wycombe Wanderers, Exeter City, Notts County, and Lincoln City. - Sixth-placed Coventry City, meanwhile, are hoping to hold off Mansfield Town, the only team outside the top seven that can still get into the playoffs. - Towards the bottom, Barnet are the likeliest side to go down, five points adrift of safety in 23rd place, but Morecambe and Grimsby Town could yet be pegged back if the Bees win their final two games and either the Shrimpers or the Mariners - whose goal difference is worse than Barnet's - make a mess of their next two games. - Chelsea have been ordered to pay a £2.5m compensation fee to Exeter City following midfielder Ethan Ampadu's move to the club last summer. The two teams were unable to agree a fee when the 17-year old moved to Stamford Bridge in July last summer. - Striker Nathan Tyson has signed a one-year contract extension with Wycombe. The 35-year-old has scored seven goals in 33 games since returning to the club last summer. - Ronnie Henry, Stevenage's record appearance-maker, has signed a new one-year contract with the club. The 34-year-old set the new record when he played his 469th game for Stevenage against Morecambe in January. - Cambridge United winger David Amoo has signed a one-year contract extension to stay with the club until the end of next season. Amoo has made 24 appearances in all competitions this term after arriving from Partick Thistle in May 2017. - Luton manager Nathan Jones has stressed that it would take "something special" for him to leave Kenilworth Road. Jones, who was previously a coach at Brighton before taking over from John Still in January 2016, agreed a new four-year contract at Luton in January this year. Share your thoughts about this news roundup on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Based on a mean of 5 Collin 5 Well protected this afternoon, but whether he had chosen the wrong stud, 2 kicks played Notts into trouble. Quicker distribution again. Hunt 5 Reads the game well, but doesnt offer the forward momentum Toots offers Duffy 6 Back to his best form but still tried to con the ref for a foul which wasnt. Brisley 6 It's all about doing the simple things right Jones 7.5 Putting in some good crosses and a great strike for the first Noble 6 Less influential than expected. Hewitt 6 All effort and whilst criticising his lack of a positive pass, then takes centre stage wrapping his foot around the ball for a good shot Virtue-Thick 8 Maybe not a right winger, but always made himself available for the pass. Intelligent use of the ball and "grew up" with defensive duties too Alessandra 5 Wandered aimlessly but scored from good build up by Forte. Noticeable Jones has to put in all the crosses. Reminders of Legg's inability to beat his man Shola 7 Pivotal target man performance, we look far stronger with a Shola/Forte partnership Forte 6.5 Runs the channels well and always looking to link with Shola Subs O'Connor 5.5 Captain fantastic back. One wasted free kick though Stead 5 Upset the balance, less effective with Forte as Stead isnt an out and out target man Husin 6.5 Some real touches of class with the match already won
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    However, on reflection I think Forte was worth a 7 at least
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    Hopefully the team will put on a bit of a show for him and bag that play-off spot. Free shirts won't count for much when he realises there is more fun to be had at Meadow Lane!
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    Haha, of course how remiss of me. I had a pint of Bombadier, Mrs. Fanof had a half of the same and we had a glass of Pinot Grigio with our meal. £34 for the meal which was delicious so we left a fiver tip.
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    Come on @Fan of Big Tone don't just give us half a story.What village and Pub or as our international man of mystery(that'll get some members wondering) are you sworn to secrecy? In our (much) younger days @GrannyPie and me rambled alot over the White Peak and Dark Peak but today was confined to a short trip to the Docs for one of her blood tests and it was lovely not wearing a coat.
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    i think something was cracking off with the year 11's but thankfully the bell rang before whatever it was, did kick off.
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    We messed up big time in January and AH has kind of acknowledged that on Twitter. All we needed in January (well all season in fact) was a goalscorer after getting Hall, but again they looked at the wrong area. If we had that we would probably be alongside Luton and Accy. I couldn't see us signing any of the above list unless we get promoted as they will get better offers from League 1 teams and Jorge Grant has to move on to a League one club, or he will be in danger of not making the most of his talent.
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    That’s a good point @Elite_pie I wonder if it was a directive from the EFL. As you say the tributes happen too often and become diluted. I did stand and applaud because everyone else did but I wonder how many thought the same as we do.
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    Grant I don't know after this season. Seems to have dropped off. Wouldn't pay more than 150k for him unless he guarantees to turn up every week and be our Graham Carey. Mantom would be brilliant. We need one CM if we go up or stay here and he would be just the guy. Akpan would be good for this level (L1 + 2). Elliott is good but I don't think we'll sign him and we need more pacy strikers. Harry Forrester would be brilliant again. Wingers are where we need to improve in the summer regardless of the division we are in. There is a lot of decent players out of contract, some I would go for. REMEMBER, these are out of contract in League Two Troy Brown - Exeter (CB) Ben Dickenson - Colchester (LM) Matt Godden - Stevenage (ST) Uche Ikpeazu - Cambridge (ST) Sean Murray - Colchester (CM) Luke Wilkinson - Stevenage (CB) Kristian Dennis - Chesterfield (ST)
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    Certainly need an out and out winger. If Smith is still on the subs bench next season, then something is deeply wrong. We are over loaded with central midfielders but would take Yates back in an instance. If Hall was available, I would sign him up. I would also re-sign Luther Wildin as a right back
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    What a stupid suggestion, asking A.H to lose money, Is he for real. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    I'm sorry for the consistent problematic sound issues in my vlogs. You will have noticed this in the Crewe vlog when Husin scores, the Stevenage vlog when Grant scores and todays vlog when Forte scores. It really really annoys me and it makes me disappointed in myself and the content I'm putting out. I want to, and try, to put out the best content and vlogs possible but it's just a constant issue. I am so sorry
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    I see my topic about calls for KN’s head was shared on the PoN Facebook page and has had 63 comments but only 4 on here, where are all our regular readers? This used to be a great place for reasoned debate about Notts and life in general. The last post on here before this one was 23 hours ago. Come on people let’s get some good discussions going on here, I’m sick of reading Facebook and Twitter and some of the dross that post on there.
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    Great comments @Lozzle1 I couldn’t have said it better myself Social Media has a lot to answer for. I get sick of reading the comments from our so called supporters on Twitter and Facebook. I remember the old days when if you wanted to criticise the club, manager or players the worst you could do was write a letter to the football post other than that you moaned to your mates down the pub after the match.
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    That’s an image I’d rather not conjure up.
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    Speechless.... Would love to see a breakdown of the players and agents involved....... Perhaps we could ask for our money back!!!!....
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    Notts County are now seven points adrift of League Two's automatic promotion places as they were beaten 1-0 at Accrington Stanley on Easter Monday. Mark Hughes's goal was enough to settle the game between the sides at the Wham Stadium as the Magpies slipped to fifth in the table. Notts wasted three glorious opportunities to equalise with Jonathan Forte hitting the bar, while Matty Virtue and substitute Jorge Grant both shot wide when unmarked. With Stanley winning, and Luton Town and Wycombe Wanderers also recording victories, Kevin Nolan's side face a mountain to get back into the top three, and surely the target must now be remaining in the playoffs. Pride of Nottingham vlogger ARLukomski recorded his matchday experience in Lancashire and shared his thoughts before, during and after the match. Follow ARLukomski on his YouTube channel by clicking here. Share your thoughts about this vlog on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Hear Hear @Fan Of Big Tone, Notts as a club need stability. No need for foul mouth abuse is there.
  45. 1 point
    Whilst I agree with the majority of your post @Lozzle1 I’m pretty sure that Colin has presided over more clean sheets since he has been back than RF managed during his stint in goal. I’ve gone off Nolan on a personal point as I think he lets his judgement of people cloud his view as to his best side and that is what will cost us promotion, alongside not bringing in a decent goal scorer since July. That being said, I still prefer Nolan over a lot of the dross we have had in charge during recent years.
  46. 1 point
    I don’t think we have bottled it because I agree with many other comments that we had obvious issues before January. The problem is we came out of January weaker than we entered it, and we have been found out. The bottom line is we lack pace up front so too often balls are just lumped up top. There is no plan B because KN will not play Forte who has pace. The defence have improved under Nolan but Brisley/Hall apart it is the same keeper and defence who were so poor last season. We still have a decent chance of play-offs and then anything can happen. Whichever division we are in next season there must be an overhaul.
  47. 1 point
    Everyone knows that we clawed our way to the end of December. We all breathed a sigh of relief when the January window opened and started to anticipate some significant signings that would drive us on to promotion and set a basis for league 1. The days went by, the weeks went by....NOTHING.. February 1st came, our rivals had all signed players that would make a difference. We signed players that would add to the squad as cover for what we already had. No game changers no significant improvements. Significantly no one to score goals REGULARLY and no defensive marshall to organise and drive us on to promotion and beyond. The season is by no means over, we are still in a great position to push on - and by Christ I hope we do. But for that little bit of extra initiative things could be so much rosier. Don’t get me wrong I am not having a pop at anyone, Alan Hardy has put his money where his mouth is and we should all be grateful. I have seen it all during the past 60 years. The ups, mostly the downs, but we are Notts County we should all know the script by now! That 17000 crowd a couple of weeks ago will seem like a distant memory come tomorrow night I fear.... but never mind, most of us don’t know when enough is enough.... as my wife says “you must all be bloody crackers”. Crackers maybe, but when the black & white runs through your veins what can you do but suck it up and carry on. Come on Notts. On we go again !!!!!!!!
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    @ARLukomski fantastic read buddy very insight ful enjoyed it very much I hope to read more from you on match days 👍🏻 But disappointed with the score but early days.
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    I enjoy writing these pieces and I enjoy people reading and appreciating them, but when the players themselves actually take the time to read them and publicly comment on them saying how much they like them, it's an incredible feeling. Michael Johnson enjoyed the one I wrote about him, and Mike himself had good things to say about this piece too: Mikey ed ‏@Turkish4444: @PoN_UNCFS @joejoneshome just read your piece and very humbled by your kind words, thankyou very much.... #greatmemory's #andfriends Needless to say I am a very smiley little man right now
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