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    How does it feel losing the World's Oldest Football League club tag? I, like many other Notts County fans, were dreading the thought of losing the title of world’s oldest professional league football club during last season and at times I was more concerned about this than us actually playing in non-league, but what has it actually meant to us? I always saw it as our biggest selling point and I suppose it had a major part to play in the Munto takeover, a takeover that did not make everyone happy, but I certainly thought it was great at the time as it was the stuff of dreams, which ultimately it turned out to be, just a dream. Excluding Munto, I cannot really say that the title did much for us as a selling point, even though I still expected it to be, but when no real big money buyers took us over, it came as a bit of a surprise to me. I always expected major investment as I see us as a good acquisition, of course providing any investors had the means to plough a fair chunk of change at taking us back up the leagues. I am certainly grateful to all the previous owners putting their money in, but I still feel we are a bigger club that the one languishing around the lower leagues and the facts of modern day football mean clubs almost certainly have to spend the money to gain success. I wonder if the title provided us with more appeal to players and sponsors, again although someone inside the club may say different, from an outside perspective I did not really see it. How does it feel losing the title now, especially seeing as it seems the title has gone to our neighbours over the water, is this all too much for us to take? Well, I believe not, perhaps helped by the fact they won some cup or other some while back and that still seems to have some mileage left in the tank, or maybe it is the fact that when (not if) we do make a return to the Football League, people may still recognise that we were one of the founder members of the professional league and that will always be part of our history, whether we are in the football league or not. I am certainly proud of our heritage and I do not think it is something that many football fans will forget, especially as it is such a popular question in television quiz shows, but perhaps this question will now be changed? If so I will be having words with Bradley Walsh! I am certain my fears were worse than the reality of it, which can only be a good thing. Football seems to be in somewhat of a transition period with new rules and technology constantly being brought in; it certainly has changed a lot since my first Notts game in 1991 against Liverpool at home, certainly a life changing moment for me personally. I will never forget our history and after doing a stadium tour with the great Les Bradd, I would recommend that all the new generations of Notts fans do the same, it is good to remind ourselves where we came from and of that I will always be proud. Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Hey everyone, So a couple of months back we came up to Nottingham to film a video about the Pies, and it finally went live at the end of last week. Big thanks to Chris and everyone else who spoke to us at Meadow Lane, wouldn't have been possible without all your input. If you want to have a watch, here is the link:
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    This is excellent, very well done with the production and editing. I felt quite nervous, I'm a bit camera shy, but I don't think I did as bad as I thought at the time. It's also good to see what Les Bradd shared, it certainly sums up what Notts County is and he's such a true ambassador for the club. Great work! Very honoured to have featured. @ARLukomski you also did great!
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    Yesterday's results: Oxford United 3-0 Doncaster Rovers Rochdale 2-1 Accrington Leyton Orient 3-1 Walsall Swindon 1-1 Plymouth Exeter 1-0 Forest Green Rovers AFC Fylde P-P Sutton United Stockport P-P Dagenham Barnet 2-2 Woking Bit annoying that two of the National League fixtures were postponed, but more annoying for the fans of those clubs... This week's top scorer from the remaining six fixtures is @weymouthPIE, well done! Overall, we have a new leader. Not content with his team getting a minimum of 4 points out of their fixtures with Notts every single season, @Dan now also leads the PON prediction league. Congratulations! The prediction league is in action again on Saturday as there's a full set of Football League fixtures (they aren't involved in the glamorous event that is the FA Cup fourth qualifying round). So the fixtures will be up on Thursday at the latest. See you then!
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    does neal ardley squad now have good enough depth? i think the squad has the depth we need, i know there are concerns about upfront but wes thomas, kyle wootton and kristian dennis all seem bang in form. they are capable of scoring goals, and nathan tyson does offer us suitable squad rotation. with the signing of alex lacey seems to give us the final jigsaw which was loss of sam graham. what do you think? do you have any concerns?
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    I think our squad size and depth will give us a huge advantage through deep winter when injuries kick in, I’m not sure any other team has the quality in depth we do. Hopefully we will be able to take advantage of this
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    Today's scores were: Leeds 2-0 QPR Cardiff 4-2 Birmingham City Doncaster 2-2 Burton Blackpool 4-3 Peterborough Bradford 2-0 Exeter City Scunthorpe 0-0 Stevenage Halifax Town 2-4 Torquay United Solihull Moors 2-1 Dagenham & Redbridge Quite a few of you cleaned up on the Leeds score. This week we have joint winners - @weymouthPIE and @nottsnutter with 11 points each. @Magic magpie, your luck is holding up pretty well with 8. Some of us would be happy with that Overall, @Dan stays top, but only by a single point. And I think I might have to dock @barnet11uk points for being a Barnet fan or something And on that bombshell the prediction league will be taking a two-week break due to the FA Cup and EFL Trophy being in action. So the next round of the prediction league will be on 16 November, with the fixtures posted here a couple of days beforehand as usual. Thanks for taking part and see you then!
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    There's room for some departures still I feel, yet the depth is good. I think more time needs to be given to the likes of Sam Osborne and Remaye Campbell (the latter if needed) as we have Nathan Tyson. I do feel the squad is looking good right now. Osborne will only grow further with suitable game time, he will be a waste if he's not given the nod and pushed by Neal Ardley. Honestly, I am not sure if there's a requirement for any activity in the transfer market now. The squad is very big for this division, suitable depth is there and for me promotion will rely on form. I don't expect it this season, I think stability is the way forward. This will take time, yet I feel the depth is there.
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    Slocombe 7 - Made crucial saves in the second half when Fleet piled on the pressure. His usual commanding self Brindley 6 - Some decent runs forward. Solid defensively. Quiet afternoon to be fair Rawlinson 7 - Was involved in the carnage in the 93rd minute. Got the flick on (him or the Ebbsfleet player did) for the 3rd. Solid as ever Turner 9 - Resisted the Ebbsfleet pressure early in the first half. Won almost everything. That goal. What a king McCrory 6 - Struggled with Myles Weston at first but once he settled down he was fine. Had a busy afternoon Boldewijn 7 - Excellent going forward and did well defensively too. Always believe in Enzio Rose 6 - Much better than he was against Hartlepool. His type of game. A bit better with his passing and was always involved in trying to win it back Doyle 7 - Helped connect defence and attack. Made some crucial interceptions and tackles winning the ball back Booty 8 - The guy is pure class. Wand of a left foot, forward passing machine. Wootton 8 - Sign the guy up. So consistent with his performances. Hold up play exceptional. Finishing very good too Thomas 8 - Ebbsfleet couldn't cope with him. The turn and run for the second goal was brilliant. Chased down lost causes Subs Tyson 6 - Lively when he came on. Involved in the carnage at the end
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    Things are looking very good right now, performance wise Notts seems fired up and, Meadow Lane is quickly becoming a fortress. Neal Ardley's position seems to be secure, despite some concerns early on by some fans. Team wise, we have depth and have managed the 'injury crisis' that certain areas of the media attempted to push, perhaps as a way to excuse the defeats? Either way, it never seemed liked a major issue at all. The injury to Jim O'Brien and return of Sheffield United youngest Sam Graham seemed the only genius issues Ardley faced. We've seen that Mitch Rose can partner pretty much anyone in the centre of midfield, Pierce Bird can come in and do a steady job. The depth that Sean Shields and Richard Brindley highlights we have cover, in terms of quality and players able to come in at any point. A few bad results, may creep in some nerves but I feel most fans are optimistic right now. Importantly, the belief and feeling that Notts is able to do well had returned. How do you feel currently?
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    Mean of 5.0 Slocombe 6.5 Always good to have a clean sheet , survived some goal mouth scrambles...distribution still not right at times but did ride his luck, like coming to punch a ball he got nowhere near Brindley 6.5. Not much in offensive play but read the game well Turner 6.5 Solid headers Rawlinson 6.5 Good understanding with Turner...recalls the need for "nasty centre halfs"...so we don't get bullied McCrory 7.5 Pushing forward to give an outlet for crosses, defended well against Woking's main threat down his channel Rose 4.5 More hospital passes but to his credit defended well Doyle 8 MotM Have to say , performance was a step up, recycled possession well and some great cross field balls Booty 6.5 always tries to be an outlet to receive the ball Enzio 7.5 cracking goals , provides the extra class and it counted. One rather stupid freekick conceded in 2nd half Thomas 7 Gets in where it hurts...good defensive play too high up the pitch Wootton 7 Missed 2 great chances in the first 10 minutes but led the line well..Ref gave him nothing
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    Mean of 5 Schofield 6 Another clean sheet, distribution still not there..but a confident performance Brindley 7 An absolute worldie of a strike. Rawlinson 6.5 His best game for Notts Turner 6.5 another solid performance Bakayogo 6.5 Very strong..contender for MotM until he had to go off Rose 4.5 Some sub standard passing including a complete hospital pass to Turner Doyle 5.5 Experience told Shields 5.5 Can deliver a good ball countered with a complete hash of a corner. Boldewijn 6.5 Have to say Enzio has been a revelation today with his defensive covering and work rate Wootton 6.5 Great work rate and a stupendous shot second half narrowly over the bar Dennis 7 Thoughtful movement...really good flicked goal, in form Subs Booty 5.5 Kelly Evans 5.5 Thomas 5
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    Slocombe 6 - I agree with the above comments, he had little to do but he did make some good saves - i.e the free kick placed into the top corner. Brindley 8 - Just outstanding going forward and, good picking up the ball. He moved it very well. Rawlinson 8 - Like Brindley, he did very well. His best performance by miles in a Notts shirt. He looked steady and alert, preventing a goal by blocking the shot. Turner 6.5 - What was needed he did well, however, I still feel there's something not quite right and at times he struggled due to what appears to be fitness related (this was before his injury). Bakayogo 7 - Looked much better than his Tuesday night performance, he plays better when others around him are brighter. Shields 7 - Picked the ball up several times, moved well and looked very lively. I felt he defended very well too. Rose 5 - I think he did okay, yet he's currently performing like a shadow of his former self. Doyle 9 - He gave everything and did well, best performance by him for a while and would be my MOTM. Enzio 5 - Did well defensively at times, winning important headers, but he's still in cruise control and not doing as well as he could be doing. Offensively, only a few lively moments. The rest very standard. Wootton 7 - Workhorse, played very well and looked lively whenever he was presented with the ball. Dennis 7 - Looks to be in form right now, he's confident when taking a chance which is what you need to see from a striker. He defended well at times too. Kelly-Evans 7 - Very keen to get on the ball, offered a lot of direct pace and did well from a sub point of view. Booty N/A - I didn't really notice much, and I don't think it's fair to rate him. Thomas N/A - As above, he did well for the time he featured but nothing worth rating.
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    I think your mean of 5 is a bit mean, so here are my ratings with a mean of 6: Slocombe 6 - the only reason he gets an average mark is because he had very little to do, apart from a bit of catching practice! Brindley 7.5 - not only solid defensively, but a world class strike for the opener. Rawlinson 8* - really committed performance. To say he outshone Turner says all that needs saying. Turner 7.5 - what we have come to expect, wins far more challenges than he loses. Bakayogo 7.5 - best game I've seen him play. Sound at both ends on the left, fortunately his injury seems minor. Shields 7 - decent going forward and played his part defensively. Rose 6.5 - better in the challenge than when on the ball, but had a decent game. Doyle 7.5 - gave the back four great protection, always available for a pass, showed what an asset he can be. Enzio 6.5 - most of his best work was done defensively, still caused them a few problems going forward. Wootton 7 - did exactly what a target man should do, and has a fair bit of skill for a big man. Dennis 7 - missed a sitter but scored a goal from nothing. Always looked lively. Kelly-Evans 6.5 - probably more at home on the right, but a good option to bring on from the bench. Booty 6 - did his job when he came on. Thomas 6 - no real involvement but helped us see out the last few minutes. A really good, committed performance against a decent team. The fact they were only good up to the final third is more down to our defensive shape than their failings. We actually looked like a team that is hard to beat. I'm still not quite ready to join the Ardley fan club, but he can be given nothing but credit for the last few games. Keep it going Neal and please make me apologise at the end of the season.
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    I have to be honest, the World's Oldest Professional Football League Club while it was nice - it did seem to be part of the curse that Meadow Lane has. I wasn't that bothered about the title, for me relegation from League Two was more about the uncertainty of falling out of the Football League for the first time and how we seem to sit in divisions once this happens. The club is certainly big, the potential is there to take us to the Championship and although I feel our natural level would be League One (if we go by stature). I think we need to earn it, right now it's promising under the Danish owners. Neal Ardley to his merit has remoulded the club and got us playing quite well, this season has mainly been exciting for that reason, and recruitment seems to be spot on. This commitment and level do need to be met continuously, then perhaps we can grow again further.
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    Mean of 5 Slocombe 6.5 Poor clearance in length led to the wonder strike for Ebbsfleet's first. Chooses to punch a lot but without 100 % conviction. Good save in the second half Brindley 6 Subdued in offensive sense , unlucky with penalty conceded which from my restricted view, looked harsh Rawlinson 6 No nonsense at times, which sometimes is what is needed at this level Turner 7.5 a £35k winner for the Club at the back stick. McCrory 6 Took fifteen minutes to get the measure of Myles Weston, whose pace is not in question, still cannot cross though. Like McCrory's ability to get a tackle in Rose 4.5 Too many square passes, perhaps the weakest link in the team at the moment as we really need him to drive the team forward. One yellow card Doyle 6 Held the team together in the opening twenty minutes when we were under pressure. Booty 6.5 Touches of quality at times, needs to get more involved Boldewijn 7.5 Whistled a great shot that could have made it 3 much earlier. When he steps up a gear, defences can't live with him Thomas 7.5 Works hard , some good turns Wootton 7.5 Two goals to match a target man's performance
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    Slocombe 6 - Could have had a picnic. Didn't really have much to do Brindley 4 - Everytime the ball came to him his control was poor and didn't play it forward enough. Disappeared for the goal. Did ok first half but poor after that Turner 5 - Bit clunky at times. Felt like his feet were wrapped together with tape McCrory 5 - Ok ish. Decent with the ball at his feet Bakayogo 4 - Poor first touch. Another who had his legs tied together with tape. Shields 5 - Energetic as usual but lack of end product Rose 2 - Generous. It's not illegal to play a forward pass. Sideways and back all the time. Didn't do anything with the ball Doyle 4 - Tried to get us going but couldn't Boldewijn 5 - Good first half. Lively. Made good runs. Faded in the last few minutes Dennis 4 - Quiet. Too quiet. Didn't really get any service Wootton 6 - Always amongst the action going forward. Tried his hardest to get something Subs Booty 5 - Yeh. Woohoo lets play our best passer at left back. That'll influence the game. Thomas N/A - Got no service but meh Tyson N/A - Didn't really influence the game when he came on
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    I didn't watch the match so I bow to your judgement (and thanks for posting your ratings, they're always a good read). It sounds like Rose could do with a rest. The problem with Doyle and Rose in the middle is that it makes us dependent on the wingers for our forward play, making us quite one-dimensional. It's a shame and I hope lessons will be learnt. What also bothers me is the furious reaction. When did Notts fans become so entitled? Our record over the last six games is won four, drawn one, lost one, yet they way people are carrying on you'd think we were in the relegation zone. It's disappointing but these things happen over the course of a season. We'll just have to scratch it off the list and make amends next week.
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    Mean of 5 Slocombe 5 a quiet afternoon, like his opposite number Brindley 5 Wasted a good free kick, not at the races. Criticism for goal conceded but maybe that rests more with Enzio for not tracking back??? Bakayogo 5 Should count himself unlucky to be subbed McCrory 5.5 always looks more capable than the others at the back in offensive positions Turner 6 Solid, cool head in a derby fixture Rose 3.5 Too many times caught in possession, sluggish in mind and movement Doyle 4.5 Can't have another square ball specialist when you have Rose too Dennis 5.5 starved of real service Boldewijn 4 Better first half but you need him to make himself available to receive a pass...a passenger for the second half Wootton 5 Strong but zero service Shields 5 is he demonstrably better than Osborne??? I have my doubts Subs Booty 4 Two wasted crosses from good positions...should have been played centrally Thomas 4 too deep Tyson N/A Wrong substitutions by Neal, would have preferred Bird as direct replacement for Rawlinson...Keith Curle like balls across the back but needed more contributions from Enzio and Shields,,,a disjointed midfield failed to function
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    Slocombe...6 - Let down by his defence for the goal, nothing to do otherwise. Brindley.....5.5 - poor game defensively and going forward. He is better than this. Bakayogo...6 - Average game, unlucky to be taken off. McCrory.....6 - gave their forward too much space for the cross the led to the winner, otherwise ok. Turner.......6.5* - basically did his job well, my MOTM award is more down to the lack of opposition. Rose..........5 - again dithered on the ball and too many poor passes. Doyle........6.5 - always available for a pass, but offered nothing creatively. Dennis......5 - far less lively than of late, missed our best chance. Boldewijn...6 - looked our best chance of creating something. Wootton....5.5 - a couple of good bits but overall he was disappointing. Shields.....5 - didn't beat his full back and his crosses were catching practice for their keeper. Subs All of them 5 - they did nothing to change the game. Overall a poor performance against a team who offered very little. We looked good until the final third where they defended with ease. Getting nothing from a game like this is something that Ardley needs to address quickly.
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    Slocombe 6 - Reassured us fans when he came and collected crosses and just making sure things didn't untangle in defence Kelly-Evans 5 - Many times in the first half his passes to Boldewijn were poor. Looked a little off the pace as he's just come back from injury Rawlinson 7 - Another solid performance. Becoming better with the ball at his feet Turner 6 - Relatively ok but sometimes would peel off his man. Thankfully, Rawlinson won everything McCrory 5 - Frustrating. Can tell he's only just come back from injury but everytime he got the ball in an advanced position, he went back Shields 8 - Superb. Constantly got down the wing. The Belper player who was marking him was shattered just after the hour mark because Sean had done him everytime. Bags of energy and pace. Getting better Doyle 6 - Lost his man for the goal but improved afterwards and took control and made tackles when needed Booty 7 - Class act. Defence splitting ball to Wootton for the goal. Some good interplay with other teammates. Will be a key player this season Boldewijn 7 - Scored a brilliant goal which he is capable of. Helped us get on the front foot. Made life difficult constantly for Belper Wootton 7 - A good goal. Hit the bar. A decent afternoon Dennis 6 - Should have had two goals. Intelligent runs but surprisingly for Denno, lacking the finish Subs Thomas 5 - Should have scored a 3rd for Notts Tyson 5 - Good to see him back from injury but then cleared the ball for Belper and then karate kicked one of their players
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    It really is not surprising to me that things have turned round. The impatience and unrealistic expectations of too many fans was the only thing that I was annoyed about. With no squad to speak of a week before the season kicking off Ardley and Cox were always up against it. The problem they have now will again be an unrealistic expectation that we may be promoted by Christmas!!!! we all need to keep our feet on the ground, there will be bumps in the road but we are hopefully looking towards a brighter future.
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    Interesting discussion to be had on the subject of exactly what means what regarding match ratings. If you make the scale 0-10 then that gives 11 possible ratings, so it could be argued that 5.5 is the mid point. To be honest, my ratings conform to the Sunday paper ratings I grew up with in the 70s, when a zero rating wasn't an option. I always try and keep it rational, so my ratings are usually between 4 and 8, which gives a bit of leeway for an exceptionally good or bad performance. I love these ratings threads for two reasons - firstly it gives me an idea if people saw the game as I saw it, and more importantly it gives those who couldn't attend a general idea of how the players performed. On that basis, the more ratings offered the clearer the picture becomes. There is no right or wrong answer on this because we all have different opinions, so have a go!
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    Good to hear, it can be hard to move on after football. Good luck to the bloke in the police. I'm sure that every step we take, he'll be watching us.
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    @Elite_pie "I think your mean of 5 is a bit mean, so here are my ratings with a mean of 6:" Hate to be mean but worthy of an explanation... 5 is the half way point... upwards of 5 gives 10, 5 below gives 0 So if you work of a mean of 6, someone giving a rating of 5 doesn't give a quick view of a slightly below par performance, whereas my like for like scoring of 4 reflects that position, off the mean of 5 Having said that always respects @Elite_pietake on things as he always thoughtful in his posts
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    What do you think of this signing? Do you feel more defensive cover will help the magpies', share your views below.
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    Our former chairman died yesterday at the age of 97. He was a bit before my time, but he was the man who brought Jimmy Sirrel to the club and took us on a crazy journey from the fourth to the first division. RIP Jack. Here's an NEP article with an excerpt from Paul Mace's book on Jack Dunnett. Recommended reading!
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    I don't think anyone has let the club down, you can hardly negotiate sponsorship when you don't even know whether you'll be starting the season. And, understandably, companies don't want to risk wasting their money. Was just wondering if I was missing anything. It wouldn't be too hard to get the same sponsors from the last couple of seasons to go on the shirt again, but since we have radio silence I suspect that the owners are looking for a bigger sponsor to go on the shirt in the longer term. And that takes a bit more time and patience. Having said that, does anyone else think "PON Prediction League" would look great on the shirt?
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    I agree with the above comment, I don't think any squad in this league has our depth or even the quality we process right now. There's one issue which may pursue come January, that is the attraction of players from Football League clubs. Right now things look good, however if clubs come in for Kristian Dennis, Wes Thomas, Enzio Boldewijn, Mitch Rose etc. They will be much harder to replace! Team and hard work is everything in this league mind.
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    I think at this stage; Neal Ardley has shown more understanding of the players that he has signed. I get the impression that he doesn't know how to get out of the players he didn't sign, such as Matt Tootle. It's a tough stance, yet it doesn't seem to be personal now. His in-game tactics and decisions have improved massively with the better options on the bench, such as when Regan Booty and Sean Shields. Things certainly feel a lot merrier around Meadow Lane, with those who voiced their discontent seeming to either get on board or quieten down. The clubs only a few points off the top position, so form now will play a massive part in the current season - if gaining promotion is the aim, I think we need to continue to go about it in the manner we have done. Home form has been acceptable this season, and we need to start picking more points up on the road. This said I am more than content with Neal now. I think he's doing well and the level of performances have been better. Notts actually attack games creatively and look like a force to be reckoned with.
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    this is great, i am glad notts gave you guys a warm reception. thank you for the video and for making sure notts was not seen as some sort of circus attraction that some of the people out there tend to focus on.
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    People will moan that Bird isn’t the first choice replacement at centre back but in my view we are definitely pushing for promotion and Ardley doesn’t want lo leave anything to chance if Rawlinson or Turner get injured. Bird will get his chance I’m sure but getting back into the league must be the priority. This new lad will only be good for the club as a whole, I just hope the budget can stand it !
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    Very good job with this. Massive thank you for the opportunity to be able to work with Football Daily. Happy with how my part went. Great to hear from Les Bradd, Neal Ardley and Nick Richardson as well
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    Remember, remember the second of November ... for that is when the next round of prediction league fixtures are played. As always, post your predictions and one joker each by 3pm on Saturday. The loser may or may not be put on a bonfire. Good luck! Leeds v QPR Cardiff v Birmingham City Doncaster v Burton Blackpool v Peterborough Bradford v Exeter City Scunthorpe v Stevenage Halifax Town v Torquay United Solihull Moors v Dagenham & Redbridge
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    Slocombe 6 - Couldn't do owt with the two goals. Deflection and a good finish. Steady second half Brindley 5 - Too casual at times. Played the easy ball on occasions Rawlinson 7 - Was good second half. His diagonal balls to Wootton and Thomas caused carnage amongst the Pools back line Turner 6 - Got sent to the shops for the 2nd goal. Did the dirty work second half and needed to, to keep it level McCrory 7 - Always offered that option going forward and played a class ball for Thomas to get us back in the game Shields 5 - Did ok. Some energetic bursts but sometimes lacked the run in behind. Subbed Rose 4 - Couldn't pass a parcel. Takes too long to decide what to do Doyle 5 - Very poor first half. Wayward passes a plenty. Improved a bit in the 2nd Boldewijn 6 - Always grafted to get the ball back. Nearly always involved in the action Wootton 7 - A presence and when we went direct second half, Hartlepool couldn't cope with him Thomas 7 - Beat the keeper to the ball for the first and a proper poacher's finish for the second. Game saviour. A lot better in the second half when we were more forward thinking. Caused problems Subs Booty 7 - Subbed on, gets an assist and makes us a lot better going forward. Our most creative midfielder Dennis N/A - Came on too late to make any impact
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    Here's the corrected table @GrannyPie. I'll try to get it right next time!
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    A last reminder that this round is tomorrow (Tuesday) night. Only predictions made before 7.45pm tomorrow can be accepted! @Dan, @super_ram, @barnet11uk, @nottsnutter, @Chris, @GrannyPie, @Bainbridge NCFC, @Dripsey3, @Magic magpie, @Canadian, @TheSkipper, @lambleypie, @liampie, @BESTpie, @SIMMO, @thommo, @CliftonMagpie, @Truefootballfan
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    Right @barnet11uk, here's the updated table. Hope it's more to your taste Sorry about the mistake. There's more prediction league tomorrow night. Click here for the thread!
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    We've progressed really well. Things have settled down quite quickly and well and the team looks like it has now gelled. I would have taken a mid-table season at the start of the season but now Notts have got themselves into a position to challenge for promotion, let's go for it. We've improved game on game and we are controlling games, getting on the front foot and making chances. Neal Ardley's style of play has emerged from the team in the last month. We just need to get a bit quicker with our passing but on the whole it is pleasing to see a Notts team play a passing game very well. Despite having to sign players late, we have bought in some good players. Regan Booty could be a brilliant find. Exactly the sort of forward thinking and forward passing midfielder we've needed for years. Ben Turner, Connell Rawlinson and Sam Slocombe have been solid. Kyle Wootton has been great since he signed. We are playing to Kristian Dennis' strengths as well and that has meant his goals have gone up from last season. Promotion is not an unrealistic aim now. We have progressed better than I expected. We have our club back
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    I think most people would look to give the fringe players a game but I liked what the manager said about players having to earn the right to be in the team. lets hope we come out of it injury free.
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    Hey thommo, apologies for the very late reply! The shoot went very well, felt very welcome at Meadow Lane which I'm sure is no surprise to you all, and the video is due for release next Thursday – will post a link on this thread once it is! By the way, forgot to say it at the time but thanks so much to everyone who spoke to us on the day.
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    Slocombe 7 - Not much to do but reliable when called up as usual. Good save from the free kick soon after we went 1-0 up Brindley 8 - That goal Rawlinson 8 - He's been fantastic and an integral part of our unbeaten run. Play a long ball forward and he'll just head it Turner 7 - Believe it was him who made a crucial clearance off the line and marked Jamie Reid out the game Bakayogo 7 - Very good attacking and defending. Settled down last few games Shields 7 - Best game in a Notts shirt. Bag of energy, constant threat. Assist for the 2nd goal Rose 6 - Struggled a little in the first half but grew into the game more as it went on. Doyle 7 - Marshalled the midfield superbly, constantly winning back the ball. Funny moment where he completely fooled the ref into thinking Reid had fouled him Boldewijn 6 - Work rate has improved. Starting to become better in winning the ball back when the opposition get it Wootton 6 - Brings others into play. Has the odd bad first touch but he's a really important player for us. If he continues this, get him on a permanent Dennis 7 - Another goal. Makes good runs and closes the opposition down well Subs Kelly-Evans 6 - Comfortable when he came on despite not playing in his natural position Booty 5 - Saw out the job Thomas 5 - Same as Regan
  46. 1 point
    Notts County continued their fine form in the National League with a 2-0 win over Torquay at Meadow Lane. Richard Brindley netted the opener for the Magpies in the eighth minute - his first goal for the club - with a 25-yard strike into the bottom corner after Torquay failed to properly clear a corner. Kristian Dennis doubled County's advantage three minutes into the second half, glancing in a Sean Shields free-kick for his seventh goal of the season and third in as many games. County defender Connell Rawlinson cleared off the line following a scramble which means they have gone 531 minutes without conceding at home, as reported by BBC Sport. The Magpies have now lost just once in nine games as they moved into the playoff places. Pride of Nottingham was at Meadow Lane for the game - see if you've made it into our latest Faces of PON gallery! Share your thoughts about this gallery on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalvin_Lumbombo_Kalala #20 Showed more in the first half with close skills and turns
  48. 1 point
    Slocombe 7 - not had much to do, which comes from his organising and the defenders. when needed he was fine, made some good saves. Brindley 8.5 - fantastic overall performance, yet his goal is simply amazing! Rawlinson 8 - best performance for him, he looked great and always organising the back. Turner 6 - did the most part well, yet any fast striker nearby to him he seems to struggle. Bakayogo 7 - best performance i have seen from him, he did well at the back and looked calm. Shields 7 - he played very well, just got involved and if he lost the ball he would quickly attempt to recover it. good attitude to have! Rose 4 - good at times, waste of shirt in others. very poor performance overall, with only a few glimpses of himself. Doyle 8 - he took some nasty challenges, handled the torquay tactics which seemed to target him as a weak link and i think it made him play better. Enzio 5 - looked better than he has done in recent weeks but nowhere the standard deserving to start. Wootton 7 - he looks like a very smart footballer, who thinks fast and links up with others. Dennis 7.5 - got involved with every part of the game, defending and attacking. he made much of the attacking work by his quick movement. Kelly-Evans 6 - looked good, we have missed his speed and he made sure to cause torquay some headaches with his direct runs. Booty 5 - good roar from the fans when he came on, which made him try to get involved but like thomas he did not have a lot to do. Thomas 5 - he looked okay, did not have time to influence the game
  49. 1 point
    I listened to the match on the radio with @GrannyPie.I can't give player ratings but I have to say it was very easy listening.Torquay rarely posed any worrying threat and Slocombe and the rest of the team sounded well in control.It sounded to me like an excellent all round team performance
  50. 1 point
    Things are looking quite promising, the team performs on the same wavelength and I honestly feel that they have finally clicked. Notts looked very lively and up for it at the beginning, for me - all this talk of Tarquay being difficult to beat and the home record being lost due to it might have been something which fuelled them. I want to say Tarquay played well as a team. I disagree with comments about them being 'poor' or 'substandard', I felt they did well, but fell to a brilliant strike by Richard Brindley who has been a quiet underrated performer in my eyes. His opening strike was just lovely! Notts also played as a team, however, they performed at a much higher standard. It was very entertaining, with a lot of quality moments. It just feels like we have a team which will fight, work hard and play together as a unit.

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