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    As some of you may have noticed, the PON website has changed in certain areas. This morning I have upgraded the site which includes some very exciting features and, others which are improvements to the look. We are also pleased to announce that the Pride of Nottingham will from now on use its own branding - our name remains the same but instead 'Unofficial Notts County Fan Site', we will be now known as 'Pride of Nottingham (Notts County Community). I feel it's important we focus on the core values which I have tried to deliver to Notts fans and, community suits the feel of our website much better. In addition to the changes, I'm delighted to say that @Magic magpie and @ARLukomski will be joining the Admin team with immediate effect. Also, @CliftonMagpie will be joining our moderation team - along with LiamPie who has offered to join the site support role. These changes come into place with the departure of Joe Jones who is stepping down from the site, hopefully he will hang around but I would like to personally thank him for the years of dedication (even if sometimes I felt like... I won't go there). 🤣 Many thanks to the members who kindly donated to ensure the upgrade happened, it is much appreciated. Chris,
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    I have to apologise about not opening the floor up for voting, things my end have been very busy yet again and I totally forgot but I have placed this into my diary to run the nomination process for this upcoming months around the 22nd. Myself and @Magic magpie have discussed things and between us we have come up with the winners of June 2018. It's been great seeing so many returning members and, of course new fans joining in. Without further ado, I will name the following NewPie of the Month, Member of the Month and Team Member of the Month. Starting off with the 'Newpie of the Month'. The winner is... @TM1993 - We felt you've settled in well since joining the community, posting some very interesting replies to discussions. Member of the Month: goes to.... @liampie - You've been right behind everyone with your contributions and your dedication is amazing. Team Member of the Month: is... @Northants Pie - It's good to see you chipping in and adding your views in detail, both myself and Magic Magpie have been very impressed. I would like to thank everyone for joining in, from visitors to members. You have all made a difference and this upcoming season should prove to be a promising year for us. Please take time to spread some 'community' cheer and congratulate each member for their achievements this past month. You Pies!!
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    Hello all, I'm a lifelong county fan and have been browsing PON for a while now so thought I'd go ahead and join!
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    Looking after our grandchildren while mum and dad have a well earned night out. They are both in bed but what do I hear from George’s bedroom? He’s only singing “we’re the black and white army” at the top of his voice. Now to start work on the other one.
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    one thing i have been doing since i was 16 is saving my wages, i dont go out much to places that costs me money and the only place i do is when i attend notts games. i hope to save enough to buy a home or apartment for myself one day, its the dream and i am working towards that. what about you?
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    What standard are you judging us? Most seem open to discussing things here without being verbal or abusive, so I could mention how nice it is that more maturer members treat us younger ones with respect.
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    An enjoyable season despite the fact that to me we never really looked a promotion side whatever the league table said. In the first part we rode our luck a bit where refereeing decisions were concerned and over achieved to top the table, with Grant, Yates and Hewitt the stand out performers. In mid season reality tended to bite, Grant's form started to dip and losing Yates was a big blow. We recovered towards the end to claim a place in the playoffs where any luck we had early season with the refs was balanced big time by some really shocking decisions against us! In my opinion Kevin Nolan worked wonders to transform a team that appeared to be heading towards non-league into promotion contenders. We were rarely classy and stylish, but we had a team that battled to the end and gained many points through sheer grit and determination. I was delighted overall to be competing at the top end of the league rather than the bottom. As for the coming season, we seem to have made some good signings but I think we may still be a bit short in central midfield. Alan Hardy has re-energised the club with some great offers which have seen a big increase in attendances and a real improvement in matchday atmosphere. It's a bit of a different challenge Nolan for this time around in that expectations will be much higher, but if he can motivate the squad to perform as a group like last time, we could have another good season.
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    A friend just sent me this, he looks quite decent and very direct.
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    I learned recently that a Notts fan and PON member @Dana Shoup had passed away, I don't know much more than that but I'm deeply saddened to learn about this. I've met him several times, at both home and a few away games and he was a lively passionate fan. Please share any stories or memories of Dana, he was quite active on both Twitter and Facebook. Rest in Peace mate.
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    Notts Joe? No, never heard of him or this PON thing you've mentioned. You'll have to look forward to the rebirth of the PONcast, rather than jogging to outdated episodes my good friend.
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    Can you sum up the new Notts County strikers in just one sentence? Let's see which PON member can come up with the best sentence! Have a go below.. #COYP
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    This made me laugh, from twitter.
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    An abundance of energy coupled with lightning speed and awesome fire power will make them unbeatable........I hope.
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    Thank you very much. Do i get to choose which biscuits i get as a reward......
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    I'm hoping he can double up as a striker, I seem to recall him playing against us more as a striker but then again everything seemed to be coming from him. I just think it would be great to have that flexibility from a winger. It means we could have the youth striker as a backup but have additional players who can switch if needed. I'm very pleased with this signing. COYP!
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    So has anybody brought one of these bad boys as model by our own Matt tootle
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    I'm expecting some to say the Munto saga or when Derek Pavis sold certain players. I personally can't really think of anything during my years, I was too young when Derek Pavis owned the club and the Munto saga restored the club back to an healthy level. I know the clubs been having some issues, yet we wouldn't have returned to League One and we would have remained an average League Two team that never really improved. So, I would say the years after I wished could change because I don't think the community has been looked after properly but that's just my opinion. I know plenty of other fans who share my thoughts on this.
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    Trust me @BigBill you won't be the oldest, will he @super_ram?
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    I was on my run down the canal this morning listening to music on my iPod, PoN was the last thing on my mind until a podcast came on with some bloke called Notts Joe (remember him @Chris?) started waffling on about the forthcoming game against Bradford City, so beware fellow forum members you never know when PoN will invade your life.
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    This is great to see! It's a nice way to bond with family members, I loved going to see games with my Grandfather when I was younger and I love seeing my children excited about going to Meadow Lane. My youngest Ava, also tends to sing Notts songs and the young fans re our future. Young fans enjoying the club as they should is amazing to see.
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    Here we are! Ava’s joined in watching. Penalty!!!
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    For many years my second team has been whoever Forest are playing.
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    @Fan of Big Tone I could never use a name which poked fun at a legendary man such as Jimmy.
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    Tony Hateley was an absolute dream to watch...and know! Make no mistake; he was a hard man and people rarely messed with him - or came off (very) badly, if they did - but I just remember EXPECTING something to happen when his foot (or head) touched the ball; and was rarely disappointed when it did. He was a true gent; never too busy or too famous to stop and sign an autograph or have a chat; and when I think about how lucky I was to have watched him play for a number of years, I'm extremely grateful to NCFC for all of the talent, in all of the places, over all of the years (50 years, next year), that I've been extremely lucky enough to have watched. COYP!
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    My 6 year old Grandson likes to read the Mr. Men books, I told him that one of the Argentina players was called Messi he asked if it was Mr. Messy.
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