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    I realise that the deadline day signings have split fans' opinions, we can debate how good they appear on paper or discuss their careers so far, but the important part is to welcome any new signing into the club and hope that they can help us. Notts have fought hard this season and we have seen such a huge turnaround that even now I find it hard to believe. The club right now is experiencing a fresh start and we now have the right kind of foundations in place. Success on the pitch is often measured in quality, but also desire and I think our club has the right type of balance – although I do openly admit I had hoped for a permanent striker to sign. This said, I feel in League Two Mason Bennett does offer us something which we don’t really have and that his pace could be the thing which ignites us on the pitch - as a signing he should naturally take the burden off the midfield to score goals. It’s also important after Exeter City’s midweek win that we get back on track ourselves, as I feel the wheelbarrow doesn’t need to break just yet – this is more optimism and hope mind. Crewe Alexandra are the perfect team for us to be playing right now, especially since the great performance we put in against Swansea City in the FA Cup. That said, we need to match that performance and even attempt to outplay it. The Alex won’t be an easy pushover despite their league position, not at all and I think the fact that they play some decent ground football should test Notts. Yet their poor form is also a beneficial factor for us, as we could go into the game respectful yet be confident at the same time. On paper people will naturally think it should be easy, yet football is never straightforward and, as Notts fans, we only know too well what it’s like playing an underperforming side. The 2017-18 squad is completely different compared to previous squads and I feel they will want to see the success continue – I certainly believe they will show a lot of character as we fight for our finishing place. There’s just that underlining question of formation and, I hope after Kevin Nolan’s seen how useful it is – reverting back to it against Swansea, that he will see it makes sense to continue using 4-4-2 within the league. We would be stronger, much stronger sticking with a formation that we know inside-and-out. I fully expect Nolan to choose 4-4-2, I think he will see that the two league defeats weren’t down to much else – yet with the inclusions of our new signings, we should be stronger up top and at the back. Notts really need to put a convincing showing on Saturday, we need to forget about the attendance and just rise to the task of getting back on track. The amount of fans or potential fans shouldn’t be daunting and, if we get behind the lads – singing them on. With the Kop fully behind the game, I feel we will find our form – it’s time to start believing! COYP!! Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Yes! No he's not perfect and sometimes his inexperience shows, but the very fact that we're worried about slipping out of the top three shows what a great job he's done. He's earned our patience and trust.
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    The easiest 'GREAT BIG YES' answer of the season.
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    January has been the quiet month that I had expected from the club, going into the transfer window I only felt two positions needed reinforcing – however the loss of Ryan Yates did mean that the midfield required some patching up. I am pleased with how Notts have conducted their business so far, bringing in Matty Virtue on loan and Noor Husin on a permanent deal seems good business. Also, the long awaited arrival of Liam Noble appears to add a bit more depth – however we will need to see him fully match fit first. The departure of Haydn Hollis for me highlights Kevin Nolan’s clear plan towards improving the squad, however with no replacement yet introduced to the ranks, it’s a position I feel has more importance now. There’s no denying that the Magpies require a striker up top, I’ve been saying this all season (in fact since Coventry). In addition, with the questions always hanging over Jonathan Forte's playing time, it does leave things looking somewhat bleak up top. Yet from a defensive point of view, I would be extremely disappointed if another solid CB wasn’t brought into the squad. And whilst I hope that we do also bring in a striker that has pace and knows where the opposition’s net is – I really don’t feel we will be seeing this wish granted. The two areas are vastly important, with the midfield looking stronger than ever on paper. I struggle to recall the last time that we looked so capable on paper in this department and, the reaffirmation from Forest that Jorge Grant will remain on loan is nothing more than an added bonus. I feel the loss of both Yates and Grant would have caused us some teething problems, especially at a point of the season which is well known for being tricky and demanding. It’s honestly refreshing to see a manager go about ‘improving’ the squad and quickly identifying ways to fix key areas. Previous managers seemed destined to retain some of the weaker links within the squad and I feel this never really allowed us to strengthen properly – in fact I think it’s one of the underlining issues which hindered our true chances of progression previously. This said, it would be that negative if we weren’t able to sign a striker and I do believe we have adequate cover in defence. It’s just that wishful to see the club continue their improvements throughout the squad and I honestly believe that these areas being reinforced would strengthen our promotion chances – yet also give us more flexibility when it comes to knowing where we are next season. Securing another solid CB would take the burden off playing someone that perhaps isn’t as comfortable at the back as Shaun Brisley or Richard Duffy. It would be a massive addition that would give us cover if injury or poor form set in, or even just a tactical advantage if we required something a little different. Likewise, a striker would take the burden of our ageing stars Jon Stead and Shola Ameobi. I keep saying it, yet I feel the right player coming in could learn a vast amount from these two players – their experience alone is something, which would appeal to a player looking to progress the leagues. That fight and hunger would be something would no doubt help us when the time arrives to replace either of the two – as let’s face it, this doesn’t seem that far a way. However, the togetherness of the squad and current spirit I believe will be enough to ensure there’s no slip ups. I also do feel the club is in good shape for attracting players of that extra quality, whilst being able to work with other clubs' players does seem like an advantage at this stage. Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    So after what seemed like a good Christmas period, it seems that Notts County have gone into switch off mode ever since. We set off the year with a positive result against Port Vale winning 1-0 at home. We then went on to proceed to the 4th round of the FA Cup against Swansea City after a sublime strike from Jon Stead against Brentford put us into the pot for the next round. With morale seeming to be at an all time high at Meadow Lane and coming into the new year with bags of confidence, it didn’t seem like anything could stop Notts. So where did it start to go wrong? Well, we ended our unbeaten home record against Exeter City who quite frankly couldn’t buy an away win at the time of beating us. That put a real gloom over Meadow Lane and I think it hit the players hard that we are still beatable at home and we should not let standards drop. However that message clearly didn’t get through. Outrageous behaviour from Ross Fitzsimons 3 days later, to put it straight, cost us two points. Crawley were a good side in form and having a point from that match looked like a good result. So after 2 consecutive defeats at Meadow Lane and sickness from Matt Tootle I think the players and manager were knocked down a few pegs. We then won 4-1 in front of a record home crowd against Crewe Alexandra, which was such a positive performance I think everyone left that game with a smile on their faces. Then... an embarrassing display of football saw us lose 8-1 to Swansea and then lose to Barnet who are bottom of the league 1-0. This was the confirmation fans needed to know that County were officially in a slump. Although Tuesday brought about a 2-1 win over Carlisle United, the performance nonetheless left question marks and doubts remain going forward. How do we fix it? So our next 3 fixtures are as follows: Newport County vs Notts County Cambridge United vs Notts County Notts County vs Stevenage So out of these next three games, if we are still serious about promotion we need to be looking at 6 points out of a possible 9. In my opinion we should be looking at wins across the board, excluding Newport which look a real unit at the moment, especially at home. Cambridge are currently without a manager and by the time we play them I think it will still take time for their players and manager to gel. As for Stevenage, well they are a bang average mid-table team. We need to pick up points now, as we enter a vital period for a promotion push. Who can we rely on? This is bound to spark a debate in the comments but this is my personal opinion of who I think is going to be crucial in the run up the end of the season. Mason Bennett – I know he got injured at Barnet but I would hope we could see him back fit for the start of March even for the Stevenage game if we’re lucky. His pace is frightening for League Two defenders top cope with and I think him and Jorge Grant could be a real threat and kill off games early which is what we need to do. Matt Tootle – He can defend and attack and can always mark a striker with pace. He puts in 100% effort and can really change a game and flip it on its head. His quality in defence in attack can help link up play in areas we could maybe use to our advantage. Noor Husin – Well this lad is superb, his passing ability is amazing in my opinion and his work rate is fantastic. I think Husin, Grant and Bennett could really work well together and for a young prospect he has some real talent and could possibly go on to be a class midfielder. His cutting edge passes and long shots could be something Nolan looks to take advantage of. After being away from the site for a while due to work I am keen to get back in touch with PON members and create more content to get a response from fans and see what they think. The question I want to ask you PON members is, Who do you think can turn this slump around? Let me know in the comments below and I hope to be writing another piece soon. Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Was Saturday the day when the wheel finally fell off the wheelbarrow? Notts County have suffered from wobbly form for a number of weeks now, and despite last week's impressive 4-1 win against Crewe Alexandra - a side which many of their own fans think is in major disarray and worry about its prospects of staying up - there have been far too many indifferent performances and bad results in the league in recent weeks. Take the back-to-back home defeats against Exeter City and Crawley Town, games when the formation was inexplicably changed to 4-5-1. The first game, you could understand a desire to conserve the forwards' energy but after things panned out as badly as they did, surely it should have been changed back in the following game. Admittedly, January brought a superb run in the FA Cup, and beating Brentford and holding Swansea City to a draw at Meadow Lane showed how Notts can play when they're firing on all cylinders. And as embarrassing as the 8-1 defeat to Swansea was, you could cut the players some slack in that they were maybe overawed by the occasion, or having an off day, and the Swans are certainly a different beast under Carlos Carvalhal - although once again the 4-5-1 formation clearly didn't work for the Magpies. But this weekend, losing 1-0 to Barnet is a very tough result to take. After the horror show at the Liberty Stadium, a game against the league's bottom side should have presented the perfect opportunity to build on the win over Crewe. Instead, we failed to match a team down on their luck, failed to create our own luck and were caught out by a route one lump up top late in the game, the kind of attacking foray that any professional back line worth their salt should be able to defend against all day. As great as Elliott Hewitt has been in recent weeks, his absence due to illness shouldn't be affecting the team that badly, given the other more than capable players we have in midfield. It's a huge shame that the work put in by the club during the first half of the season appears in real danger, but even though the players must shoulder responsibility, it's time that Kevin Nolan acknowledges that, as good as his tenure was during 2017, he has made numerous mistakes over the last few weeks which seem to have caught up with him and the team. Needlessly changing a system that was working fine took us backwards and ramped the pressure up on the team, with the comfortable cushion in the top three now gone. The constant hoofing of the ball when it should be played on the ground has also been a recurring theme. It's also interesting how Nolan was more than eager to take the plaudits when things are going good, but with this defeat it's all the players' fault. Where is the "camaraderie" that he spoke of during the ups? Now it's "they weren't listening" and "backchat". We go again on Tuesday night with Carlisle United coming to Meadow Lane, and the next five fixtures read Newport away, Cambridge away, Stevenage at home, Cheltenham away and Forest Green away. Out of all of these, the highest in the league is Newport in 12th. All these fixtures should be able to yield results for Notts, should they play at the top of their game. But it's important that the Magpies can get back to basics, play the ball on the ground, make the right team selections and play in the right formation. A lot of damage has been done in the last few weeks in the league but now is the time for manager and players to step up to the plate and return to form. Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    By Elliot Hewitt playing he will prove and its good that we have someone who can drop to right or center back. For me he is becoming the most improved player for the club and is in good shout to be named as the player of the season. He does the things we miss well and I do feel he could easy the loss of Yates. Noor Husin looks a class act in a 4-4-2 formation.
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    He just needs to strive for more consistency for me. I've always liked him and, I still think he can do a job elsewhere if required but in midfield he does do a lot of the work we really require. Fans said to me yesterday that he's a like for like replacement for Yates, this is a huge testament to him. Personally I feel he gives us more defensively and attacking wise, as he runs himself into the ground regardless of his performance. Hopefully he can continue to thrive in the position he plays.
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    but you cant say any was taken. @Chris its just very poor comment made without thinking. nothing more
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    Clubs are taxed on tickets sold. Hence that is the important number. Attendance figures are a nonsense when you think about it. Who counts, directors of the away club? Ball boys? Delroy Facey? It is never a measure of the number of human beings inside the ground. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Kevin Nolan has declared himself pleased with Notts County's business in the January transfer window. The Magpies bolstered their ranks with the acquisitions of Matty Virtue, Noor Husin, Ben Hall and Mason Bennett, while Liam Noble could finally be registered after joining late last year. In adding a centre-back and a forward, two areas which were in need of strengthening have now been duly reinforced, while Ryan Yates's untimely recall is now no longer a worry with three new midfielders able to turn out for Notts. "I'm delighted with the business we have done. A lot of it was done early and those lads have had a couple of weeks to settle in," Nolan told the official Notts site. "I feel we have come out of the window with a stronger squad because we have brought in a lot of youth to blend with the OAP squad, as people keep calling us! "To get the two lads we wanted on the final day, which went right to the wire, was great. We have different types of players in each position, which is going to give me a selection headache." Speaking about deadline day signing Hall, Nolan said: "We spoke to a lot of people who have worked with Ben and we're delighted to get him. He has had good experience in Scotland with Motherwell and he is a confident lad. We want him to push Duffy and Brisley to new heights." Bennett, meanwhile, was formally announced half an hour after the window closed, and the gaffer added: "Mason has turned down good opportunities to go elsewhere because we are the club he wanted to move forward with. I'm delighted he has chosen us and I hope we can progress his career. "You only have to look at him to see he's an athlete but we're not putting any extra pressure on him, we need to let him get on with his football and that is the most important thing. "He has got every attribute to be a top player with the way he glides past people and his running in behind and we have to try and nurture that and get it out of him. He's a real handful because of his pace but he is also very clever on the ball. He will bring a lot and we are excited to be working with him." Share your thoughts about this news story on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Nolan is the brightest light we have seen at the Lane for many years (since Alardice I would say). He is new to management and mistakes will be made but we must put our faith in him. Yes we have lost 2 games on the bounce which in the scheme of things is far from disaster. The thing is, Notts fans have been without anything to feel positive about for so long that the first hint of success we all get excited. This, coupled with the amazing run we’ve been on has made the recent run of poor results more difficult to stomach. Notts have underachieved for years now but hopefully, (if not this season) we have a brighter future to look forward to.
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    It's just a bad patch. I don't think two games signals much, it certainly doesn't mean that Virtue and Husin is crap. I would also suggest that those who bang on about us missing Yates, go back to the majority of games whereby he failed to impress - he did much better with those around him playing well. I don't think it's that simple as saying he made the difference at all, I just think the new faces aren't yet into the same system and idea that we had previously. The main thing is this silly formation that Nolan is trying to do, he refused to change to accommodate Forte (who is a goalscorer) - yet does it because we are very blessed now in midfield. Personally, I think it's because a striker isn't coming and he's trying to adapt to suite what we do have. Should we panic? No, let's get behind them but it does become very pathetic when people are arguing over opinions expressed on social media. Let's chill out and try to encourage 'em.
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    i think its safe to post this now. next season for notts should be one of those seasons where we will be able to tell just how far kn can take the club. if we fail to continue the success of this season now, at least the squad is not that far from being complete and if we do gain promotion i feel the same applies to establishing ourselves as a decent l1 team. i think there will just be more offloading than we require which seems interesting even at this point.
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    We have some very winnable fixtures coming up against a Newport County side fresh off a cup run and a 5-0 dismantling at the hands of Mansfield Town. We play a Cambridge United side who are in a period of transition after a change in ownership and the resignation of Shaun Derry. We also have a home game against Stevenage to finish off the month, in which Boro have one of the worst away records in the division. We then face trips to Cheltenham Town and Forest Green, but after that the run-in gets very tricky. We have games against promotion rivals Mansfield, Wycombe Wanderers, Coventry City, Accrington Stanley and Luton Town, plus a difficult game away at Colchester United As I said, the fixtures coming up have to be won as we have some massive games later on and the points picked up now could prove the difference between automatic promotion and playoffs. Notts have to beat their promotion rivals and have to pick up their away form, which has only seen five away wins all season. Nine wins from the last fourteen should be enough to see us over the line. But there are other things to consider. A lot of the other promotion contenders have still got to play each other. Exeter City play Mansfield this Saturday. Coventry have to play Mansfield and Wycombe this month still. Then the Sky Blues host Lincoln City at the start of March. On the same day we face Wycombe (30th March), Accrington play Mansfield in which is sure to be a big day in the race for automatic promotion. Both sides still have to go to Kenilworth Road. Accrington also still have Exeter to face. Lincoln still have to face Exeter, Mansfield, Wycombe and Accrington. Swindon are still not out of it and have a trip to Exeter soon, along with a final day clash with Accrington at the County Ground. The big promotion race though, could come down to four teams in around a month’s time. The two points between Mansfield and Swindon might not be big, but it could be big enough for Accrington, Wycombe, us and Mansfield who have looked like they are going to pull away from the rest. But as of yet, no amounts of teams have threatened to break away. With 9 teams now involved (after Colchester moved level on points with Coventry last night) then it’s fair to say, the League Two promotion race has never been tighter. You can predict what the League Two table will look like come the end of season here. Leave comments below on who you have finishing where. Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Notts County have bounced back from their horror week with a hard-fought 2-1 win over Carlisle United on Tuesday night. Jon Stead put the Magpies ahead in the 19th minute when he collected a pass from Lewis Alessandra and fired a goalward effort which hit Cumbrians goalkeeper Jack Bonham and looped into the net. The veteran striker then doubled County's lead in the 35th minute when he reacted quickest during an almighty goalmouth scramble. Carlisle went on to make it a nervy finish through a deflected Jamie Devitt strike after the break and an inexplicable seven minutes of injury time. The result keeps Notts fourth in the League Two table and snapping at the heels of the top three while keeping the chasing pack at bay. Notts vlogger and Pride of Nottingham contributor ARLukomski discussed the fixture ahead of kickoff, gave his thoughts as the game went on, and talked about the performance and result after the final whistle. Follow ARLukomski on his YouTube channel by clicking here. Share your thoughts about this vlog on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    No contest. 1 of them commands his box, comes for crosses and can catch and kick. Collin can’t.
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    As much as I like Collins for me I would put ross back in goal all day long he did a great job while Collins was injured.
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    To be fair, it's all Kevin's done since the start of the year - he's complained after virtually every game about how the match officials cost us or how poor they was. There was a time his 'focus' was solely on the opposition we next face and the preparation we required for that game. It's a two way street regarding undermining, but as a manager Nolan must settle bridges and scrap this 'I'll show them the door'. It sounds great to fans, especially those that don't think about the long term effects but if he does or has lost the dressing room - it will be KN's head on the plate not the players. If our form dips, those fans turn (as they do) and then KN will find himself in a very lonely room without support. There's that VR thing also, yet Alan Hardy says he doesn't like technology and really that's something which may improve the quality of match officials. Before I turn in form at home, KN also stupid said that 'no team deserved to beat us at Meadow Lane'. So if the players are believing their own hype, I wonder who's fault this could be? Kevin needs to distance himself from the nonsense he spouts at times, he needs to re-visit the manager he was earlier in the season and focus game by game. He needs to go back to basics, avoid tinkering when it isn't required and this 'fresh' idea of dropping those back chatters - well he needs them. He also needs to be professional and see the middle ground. The players need to step up simple as that, yet you need to manage these situations and avoid escalation. Something Kevin Nolan isn't doing well since the new year.
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    I hope the wheelbarrow hasn't broken yet again, it does seem we are our own worst enemy at times. Promotion is possible, yet it will take fighting on the pitch and just for the club to focus on what works. This really shouldn't be our undoing, yet the players and Kevin Nolan need to sing from the same sheet. It would be disappointing if we didn't try to fight for promotion, yet just surrendered.
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    Tbf to KN he could have sent out Norm or someone else to face the press, I don't feel like he is being mardy thats a pretty blunt & truthful summation of that sh1te today
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    We just ran off them when they attacked, our CB's seemed to be somewhere else and I can't blame Colin for any of the goals personally. His confidence would have been shot by the amount of goals and woeful marking. Keepers are only as good as their defence.
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    We need the full squad AND the full starting eleven because if there are more than a couple of absentees the lack of quality in the team shows. I am amazed that Kevin is satisfied with the strength in depths of the squad. Yes, we may have cover in all areas now but the quality of that cover is sadly lacking. No doubt that everyone is committed and the character of the players is undoubted but if we lose anyone through illness or injury the cracks are all too evident (in my humble opinion). We must win on Saturday and get ourselves back on track....
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    Having travelled to the Liberty..and waited ages for a taxi in the freezing conditions.... can't feel my feet..... Anyway, Swansea had targeted Dicko for his lack of pace and inability to put in real challenges. However, the real problem lay with Virtue.... Defensively so inept, was wandering around midfield without ever picking up a man, hence Swansea could pass through our midfield at will. Hewitt would have put in a shift, which would have given us a chance Even experienced pros like Hunt, one pass cost a goal but his kick it anywhere...when we needed to control possession. At least The General showed how to tackle and put in challenges. I hope this has opened Nolan's eyes... we missed Yates as Virtue is no substitute. We could not win the second ball to save our lives Signing off....
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    How amazing would it be to see Notts make yet another round in the FA Cup? I think it would be incredible, and tomorrow night Kevin Nolan’s side will head into a game against Swansea City whereby we could progress to the 5th round. This season has been very surreal, it’s almost at the complete end of last year’s spectrum and I believe the hard work on the field is paying off dividends. It’s a tough ask from our squad playing in the fourth tier of English football to go to a Premier League side and play in such a fashion that could snatch a win. However, I feel we are very much in contention to achieve such a result and even if we don’t, it’s just nice to see the clubs name up there in the headlights. Our home tie against Swansea provided that we could match them and at times play well enough to deservedly do so. The second half at Meadow Lane was a joy to watch and I would hope that we could encourage another similar display, even if we are away from home. In the recent league game against Crewe, we rebounded very well to the opening shock of conceding early, and the players showcased a real belief in determination in getting a positive result in front of 17,000 spectators. I feel we need to approach the game forgetting about whom our opposition are, or how many divisions are between them and us. Approaching the game with the mindset that we won’t be outplayed, nor will we surrender, yet to make a solid statement and push to see just how much further we can go. There’s no reason why we can’t just go and express the type of football we want to play or achieve something which most may feel is impossible – I’ve always said that Swansea is a team I fancy our chances against. Kevin Nolan has also recently expressed his feelings towards the tie, stating that he's "really looking forward to it". "I know Swansea had another good result at the weekend so it will be a tough one, but we go there full of confidence." he added in a recent press release. Unfortunately, Swansea have also lost two key players in Wilfried Bony and Leroy Fer, who have been sidelined for the rest of the season due to serious injuries. The Premier League will also be their main focus and, despite this, I feel Carlos Carvalhal will field a side which he believes is still strong but again it may not risk a few of their other bigger named players. Regardless of who plays, I would hope we go there believing that we can continue our FA Cup journey and, I would hope there’s a high level of belief within the Notts camp. It really would be incredible to see us progress to the fifth round and take on Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough. As supporters we have had a very turbulent time over the last 3 to 4 years and it’s fantastic to now see just how well Notts are doing. Alan Hardy has restored the faith of many Notts fans and Kevin Nolan has introduced a winning way to Notts – something which no fan isn’t thankful for. Now let’s go to the Liberty Stadium and showcase further that amazing turnarounds can happen if you fully set your mind on it! Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    For me definitely his best position , not only that but when he isn't in midfield we miss his industry , he will mature into a good midfielder given the chance , well done KN and well done Elliott Hewitt
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    I think it's a fantastic offer, which has created another buzz around Meadow Lane and in turn it looks likely that it will help to break our highest attendance. I say 'likely' because at this stage nothing is guaranteed, I mean there's controversy over the business that purchased tickets - only to use them as a way to encourage people to spend £50 in their stores (crazy and insulting if you asked me). I mean, just because x amount of people have purchased the tickets, it doesn't mean they will show up. This is my concern, as I hope we do break the highest attendance and I think we will. I'm just suspecting that it won't be a true sell-out, or full attendance. At £2, the weather conditions could play a massive part - people might just not bother. In fact I know season ticket holders who have told me they won't be attending due to them expecting various forms of hassle on the day - which I can understand but I do think we should try to be there if it's possible. What do you think?
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    Notts achieved something special yesterday, I think the Stewards and fans deserve credit for the fact that the game went without incident. It didn't seem quite possible that we would see the stadium packed, yet it was great to see Meadow Lane busy and for the Kop to be lively. I enjoyed seeing plenty of families attending, plus I don't know if anyone else noticed but some Forest fans also did attend the game yesterday. It shows when things are focused on the football itself, things can be just fine. As I say Alan Hardy deserves to see some of these return and, I hope it's the case. The performance certainly warranted future support! This discussion has been derailed enough, so I will be closing it after my response here. I realise the comment above was made without thought, yet it should have been prevented further by a diplomatic response in my opinion. I am mindful of how people with not only mental illnesses may react to seeing such a comment, but also fans with physical problems. I accept it was a poor choice of words, yet to insist it shouldn't have offended is quite sad. I'm happy to leave it here though.
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    It was a not bad attacking performance, likewise a not bad defensive peformance, being critical we need to release Jorge Grant earlier, countless times he had made brilliant runs on the left wing and every time the ball seemed to fall to either Hewitt or Hunt, neither of whom have the awareness to see such a pass. Hewitts energy is faultless, his positional sense though needs to be better, especially when defending, but as a team I didn't think we defended that well, mainly caused by this lack of awareness as other players were being dragged nto areas they shouldn't have been in. We miss Tootle as both he & Jones push the opposing team backwards but with only Jones doing this Crewe's left winger was cheating which allowed them an out ball most of the time. Our ball watching at times is criminal and you could see Crewe trying to expose this whenever they had a chance. Having said that going forward, Ameobi was class, his first touch is brilliant and the referee failed to spot a lot of fouls commited on him yesterday. Stead ran his nuts off as always, like with Ameobi the Crewe defenders were all over him like a rash, looked better once Bennett came on and took over the running. Alessandra will always give you an out ball but we miss Hawkridge in that position. Husin was class, always has time and has the ability to find time, a lone undermined skill that the best always posses. Grant got far more into the game once Bennet came on as he had someone on the same wavelength as him and these both helped Husin also as he was understanding the runs they made. If we could clear up the defensive mistakes then we'd beat any team we come up against in my opinion.
  30. 2 points
    Brilliant topic. Since I took early retirement cooking has become one of my passions, in fact I now only allow my wife in the kitchen on pot-washing duties! One of my specialities is a home made pizza, especially making the dough from scratch. It's also much healthier than a takeaway pizza, because you know exactly what has gone into making it, and the topping is generous and evenly spread. With a lot of supermarket pizzas, one person gets the ham, one the mushroom, one the onion and another nothing but cheese!
  31. 2 points
    I cannot picture anyone else leading Notts forward, we finally have the type of leadership we have all wanted for season. Kevin Nolan just needs to keep his head, we are forgetting how well he's done so far with us I think.
  32. 2 points
    For the second year in a row, Notts County have been busy in the final days of the transfer window. Last year, the Magpies exited the transfer embargo with just a few days left to go and were able to bring in several players, many of whom were loanees (including Jorge Grant - how did that one work out again?) plus Mark Yeates joining permanently. This time round, the whole Ryan Yates debacle has largely been put behind us with the acquisition of Noor Husin, who was superb against Swansea City and has been tipped by Alan Hardy to improve as he gets more accustomed to the league to the point that Yates' absence will no longer be felt. Matty Virtue has also been brought in on loan from Liverpool and although he may need a little more acclimatising to the rigours of first-team football, he is also a very highly rated player - you'd need to be to captain the Under-23s team. Oh, and of course Liam Noble, although signed last year, was registered in January upon the opening of the transfer window. Seems like an age away now following all that happened since. This month the wear and tear from the overload of fixtures has shown in the defence with Matt Tootle, Richard Duffy and Shaun Brisley missing the odd game, so a reinforcement at the back was a necessity. Hardy promised and he delivered, with Ben Hall joining from Brighton & Hove Albion on loan. Another captain of his club's Under-23s team, Hall got a fair bit of first-team action - 18 games, according to Transfermarkt - at previous club Motherwell but hasn't been used by Chris Hughton as of yet, so like Virtue, he may need a little acclimatising to senior football. And then came the long, nervous wait for a forward to bolster the ageing and war-weary attacking ranks, which ticked past 11pm and left many fans increasingly nervous. But once again, the signing was made, as Mason Bennett arrived for a temporary stay at Meadow Lane until the end of the season. Bennett is very highly rated by the Rams fanbase, many fans saying he's a superb player that has just been unlucky with injuries. But the fact he's featured this season in the Championship, the EFL Cup and even the FA Cup, against Manchester United, means he is clearly highly rated by Gary Rowett. On the whole I am satisfied with the month's transfer dealings. Let's face it, we were never going to sign a key player from another lower-league team with the season still in full swing, but the players that have been brought in are all young up-and-coming prospects who will learn from County's elder statesmen and in turn give them a little respite from time to time - after all, we're likely to clock up more than 50 games this season in all competitions. The FA Cup run has been superb but the bread and butter of the league has been disappointing in January, so fingers crossed the signings will not only slot in seamlessly and give the team a bit more quality, but also ensuring that the older players in the team can be used more sparingly and as a result will show more of their own quality when they do play. Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
  33. 2 points
    He's still got a good amount of potential, sometimes it takes players to reach their prime longer than others. You can excel as a youngster, then fall of the map but natural talent and ability is something that remains until you lose your legs (usually). I think Bennett will be a useful signing, it might not be our first choice but he does have pace. Playing in League Two could do him wonders also, so hopefully an early goal will see his confidence boost. Let's face it, we have done well with other loan players.
  34. 2 points
    Got to trust KN, not done bad in market so far has he! COYP
  35. 2 points
    Think he offers something different, so look forward to seeing how he gets on - plus it's an alternative to the older players up front, who's hold-up play could work with a guy like him. Happy with our business (the Yates situation seemed out of our hands). One thing I would agree with some of the fan comments is that whilst I love Hardy's honest and direct approach, feel like it would do him good to be a bit more subtle on the detail - saying we were looking for a striker rather than a '20 goals a season championship striker' got everyone way too excited, hence the disappointed reaction by many fans (which isn't fair on Mason Bennett, or Notts on their effort to sort an area we all wanted another option in). I think as fans, we need to really sort out how we act ourselves. We've had one poor month, but still so much time to go and to sort it out. Don't get on Hardy's/Nolan's/the players' back when they're the best people we have had in a while. I've sadly had to move away from Notts for a bit, but for the games I have made this year - they were a far cry from games like Morecambe or Cambridge at home last year, when there seemed just as many away fans as home and the game was over before it even started. Backing the boys to get back on track, happier for them to get this spell out their system now and get on with taking us back to League 1
  36. 2 points
    Collin 6 First game back and looking a bit rusty in movement, understandably. Probably says a lot about Nolan's view on Pindroch Hunt 5 We miss Toots in an offensive play sense but Hunt was more disciplined than usual in his defensive duties Duffy & Brisley , both 7...good positioning and blocking against a Swansea forward line with great movement Dicko 5.5 Defensively sound though hasn't got the attacking prowess of Jones Hawkridge 6.5 His effort and defensive covering can get overlooked. he put some good balls in Noor 6 Glimpses of a player who is comfortable on the ball. Hewitt 6 Covers the miles. He was lucky with the cross prior to the goal, as the ball was out. Grant 6.5 Got into good positions and should have converted some of those chances. Unlucky with the free kick Ameobi 6 Always awkward, set up the goal well for Grant's cross Stead 7 In a rich vein of form As a team, 7.5..... Only around 30 per cent possession but well structured when without the ball. Made it hard for a Swansea team, who individually looked comfortable creating time and space. Particularly, liked Swansea's #6, Mawson
  37. 2 points
    First time poster, long time reader here - a Magpie based out of Singapore. Tomorrow's FA Cup match versus the Swans will give me the chance to watch the boys live on TV over here. I am wondering: Are there any other "exiled Magpies" out here in Southeast Asia? It may be a long shot, but case there are any over here... get in touch and let's cheer on the lads over a few chilled Tiger beers. Come on, Magpies! BlackPudding
  38. 2 points
    We've had some dross as managers over the years and he is definitely a few steps above that level, but the sign of a great manager is to admit that he got it wrong and then put it right. Nolan has got is drastically wrong this month, but he still has time to get it right and this is what we will judge him by come the end of the season. Falling out with the fans doesn't help his cause, we know when it isn't working, so should he.
  39. 2 points
    A yes from me , can't believe the question even being asked to be honest , fans who are having a pop , not here I must add , need a reality check , bound to be ups and downs along the way , we do need a little more steel down the spine , for me the job Yates and Hewitt did in midfield was massive , so if we can get a similar recruit alongside Hewitt again then that will solve some issues in midfield ,a striker and CB also would be massive , it's not doom and gloom by any stretch , COYP #inNolanwetrust
  40. 2 points
    So for the time since the new area at County we have lost two home games back to back normally that wouldn’t be a problem but as the loss at the weekend and now tonight. the chasing pack are licking their lips another slip tonight I’m finding it hard to not panic based on our record in the past. but this is new area I keep telling my self .. so I try to remain positive and calm. I really think tonight’s loss will boot them up the back side as Nolan won’t except it .. let’s hope for a quick recovery and some points on the board.
  41. 2 points
    Alan Judge has admitted that he will seek a loan move away from Brentford this month if he's not involved in Saturday's Championship game against Norwich City. The former Notts County winger had been out of action for nearly two years with a compound leg fracture but made his first-team comeback in the FA Cup third-round defeat against his former club. However, Judge did not feature in the Bees squad for the subsequent two games against Bolton and Reading, and speaking to the Sunday Times, he expressed his frustrations at being overlooked. “This is probably the hardest part,” Judge said in an interview reprinted by Get West London. “It’s massively frustrating. You are just there waiting, but the team is doing well, I totally understand that. “I feel I am good enough to be involved, and I think I have shown that. I need minutes and the only way I can get them is by the manager putting me on the pitch. You don’t want to be told to be patient anymore. “I’m not one to make a fuss, but if by the end of January I am not playing I will need to go on loan. Hopefully people will remember what I did two years ago and think ‘he’s worth taking a punt on’.” Share your thoughts about this news story on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
  42. 2 points
    The five man midfield just didn't work. Allessandra, Noble, Husin, Virtue and Grant are all technically gifted players with good passing skills but none of them are ball winning battlers in the mould of Yates and Hewitt, who we missed badly in the centre of the park. We made it easy for a decent Exeter side by giving them far too much time and space on the ball. You need someone to do the dirty work to succeed in this division, yesterday we had no-one.
  43. 2 points
    I have to say, I fell Notts performed very poorly yesterday. The first half wasn't very good at all, we committed players to far up the field and nobody bar Dan Jones had the pace to track back. Stead shouldn't have been playing on his own up front, though why does he insist on dropping to his knees as soon as he gets the ball? Yes, sometimes there was force and pushing but he never draws the foul to a convincing point for me. Our midfield seemed very capable but sluggish to drive forward anything remotely creative. Second half I felt Notts played some great stuff, yet we never looked likely to score and we just have this habit of trying to force the play - we need an Alan Judge type player that isn't afraid to shoot from distance. Go on Kevin, get Noble and some of the others to practice this - even Grant seemed woeful! The referee didn't help but we should play beyond this, we just seemed to allow his poor handling to be bigger than it should. Exeter I felt was very poor also, they used school boy diversion tactics and frequently cheated. I noticed several incidents which went unpunished, from a two footed challenge to one of their players hitting out at Virtue (for no reason). At the end of the day we was poor and, I struggle to suggest we deserved anything from it.
  44. 1 point
    Well after recent displays nothing less than a fully committed energy fuelled front foot approach will be good enough , a proper approach is needed , I'll be very interested in team selection , hopefully different options will be available after illness ect , or will it be give them a chance to respond , I would change it if possible sure KN will , we need a positive response and result against a difficult opponent , COYP
  45. 1 point
    Don’t know what to make of this. I have sometimes wondered if Nolan really believes some of the things he says and his comments behind closed doors are different to those made to the media. So on one hand it was refreshing to hear him call out his players, not blame the ref, say how proud he is etc etc. On the other hand Nolan seems very much my way or no way. Is he a manager who will just dismiss other opinions and who will persevere with a particular course whatever. He can be ruthless as evidenced by lack of opportunity given to some players. That’s the worry for me.
  46. 1 point
    Kevin Nolan has criticised his Notts County players following their 1-0 League Two loss at Barnet on Saturday. The Magpies succumbed to an injury-time goal by Alex Nicholls as they left the Hive Stadium without a point to show for their efforts. Notts have lost further ground on the top three with defeat to the division's bottom side and Nolan was not happy in the slightest with his charges. “It wasn’t tough, it was poor - simple as," the manager told the Nottingham Post after the match. “My players couldn’t pass a ball to each other and I told them afterwards that this is the first time I won’t protect them. “That was not good enough for me. We improved for five to 10 minutes in the second half, but then they went back to doing whatever they wanted. “That’s why they didn’t get the success they did. In the five minutes we asked them to do what we told them, they got a shot off and so on. “I am not accepting it and they have got to book their ideas up and quickly otherwise we will have more afternoons like that. It seems to me they’ve got too soft and started to believe in their own hype. “I am devastated because I don’t think I’ve seen a much poorer performance from our lads. What we ask of them and what we want from them, it looked like they just didn’t want to. “The amount of backchat I had won’t be happening again. It was over little things, and I was only trying to help them. But it seems they know best at the minute. “There will be changes and that’s why I’ve got a squad. We will be working hard and if they don’t want to listen then they can come and see me, and we will find somewhere else for them. “It certainly won’t be in my first team squad if they don’t start listening. There were a few choice words, but I am just going to make them watch the game and see what they think.” Share your thoughts about this news story on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
  47. 1 point
    KN for me was bang on to tell it how he observed it , if they are letting him down by not following a game plan then he should say so , and for me he should face the press media as he did win lose or draw , if he hadn't he would be criticized for that so no win , there needs to be a strong manager who manages players need to know there place in the scheme of things , the big test now is will they respond positively or is KN in trouble , we are still 4th so come on show some humility players and get back at it .
  48. 1 point
    I think the recruitment under Kevin Nolan and Alan Hardy has been pretty good. Personally, I think it would be foolish to avoid using the loan system as we are building a reputable name for developing players - I just can't wait to see our own lads coming through but right now we aren't in a position to avoid it completely. I do feel we need to be mindful of the Yates saga and the potential impact of losing players, the season we was doing well in League One, only to end up relegated is the perfect example.
  49. 1 point
    No criticism of either us or Swansea, I felt both teams did very well. Second half again for Notts was a delight to watch and, although I think it shown how the formation being 4-4-2 suites us best. I do feel we gave Swansea a good fight and wholeheartedly deserved the draw. Very impressed with our fans and the fact the performance was motivated.
  50. 1 point
    This game will give us a chance to play the football we are capable of. I can’t see us winning but a decent performance might restore some confidence and get us back on track. I just hope we don’t get humiliated. The Crew game is ages away and by then the transfer window will have closed so we will know if we managed to bring in any new faces. My worry is that the target for this year was consolidation in the league and reaching 50 points was the green light to start experimenting ready for a big push next season. It will be a shame if we miss out now but realistically I can’t see us finishing in the top 7. I honestly hope I’m wrong.

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