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    For any football fan who's seen their team get relegated, one positive once you've got over the initial shock is to think about all the new grounds you can visit. And with Notts having previously never dropped down to non-league in their 157-year history, all these non-league grounds seemed like an exotic novelty to a Notts fan who travels home and away each week. So having completed half a season in the non-league wilderness, let's take a look back on the highs and lows of a non league away day. Best away days: Without question, I would have to list my favourite away ground that I've visited this season as Aldershot. Why did I like Aldershot's ground? Because it was the right mix of being an old school terrace, as well as a ground with a good atmosphere between home and away fans, which hasn't always been the case at the majority of non league grounds. Another terrace which I thoroughly enjoyed was Halifax, a large, retro terrace for away fans and an experience helped by the fact that Notts actually won! However, in terms of both the result and away day experience, then the best away trip this season would have to be the 4-0 win at Woking. From the slightly surreal yet friendly experience of drinking in the snooker club that was the only pub anywhere near the ground, to the cracking on the field performance from Notts, it was definitely the most memorable away trip of the season. Chants about "Our Danish chairmen" rang out throughout the game, as Notts put in a performance that established their challenge for immediate promotion back to the football league. Whether Notts genuinely have a chance of that promotion is a question for another blog! Worst away days: My least favourite ground I've visited this season would have to be Sutton. The whole vibe of the place was quite weird; on the one hand the stewards and other staff at the ground were very posh and overly formal. On the other hand, I recall facilities at this ground being particularly poor and not up to standard. The fact that the game was poor didn't help, but there was no real atmosphere at this ground which made for a pretty unmemorable experience. Another away ground I didn't particularly enjoy was Eastleigh; a ground which while facilities were modern and up to standard, was just pretty bland and the result also contributed to a relatively unmemorable day. While I can't moan too much about Chesterfield away as an experience as we've been there before in the football league and the facilities are pretty good for this level, I must give a special mention to Chesterfield advertising that they were selling out of date beer at the ground. Thanks for telling all away fans that they should give that a swerve, I guess! Thankfully no matter how bad things have got at Notts, we've never stooped to that low. So are the grounds in the National League significantly worse than those in League Two? I suppose it depends what you look for in a ground. In terms of character, there are some pretty bland grounds wherever you go in the football league. Therefore, an old fashioned ground like Aldershot, Halifax, or Maidenhead is definitely more charming than a football league out of town ground like Colchester or MK Dons. However, if you're talking about facilities then the overall standard is definitely slightly lower. The facilities at most non league clubs who have never been in the football league are definitely not quite up to football league standards in the whole ground, never quite as clean or well maintained as facilities in a football league ground. But even at the worst of times at any tinpot non-league ground, it's important to remember that this roller-coaster ride will all be worth it when Notts are a football league club! Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    The newcastle united player signed a 18 month contract for The Magpies. Cal Roberts is a winger who should do well in our squad if given the chance. Full article link below https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2020/january/roberts-signs-200120/
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    Right up until New Year's eve I felt ill, I had that flu bug which did the rounds. I wasn't able to do much during those days, it irritated the pain I feel. I did manage to go to see Granny and Super on New Year's eve. Following day I felt unwell, but not the flu. Just tired. I missed the Boxing Day game due to this, well, I felt a lot of pain too but that's normal to a degree. Last Saturday, I managed to go to see Notts. After that, I went to my in-laws New Years get together. I mostly hide in the back living room and entertained the kids, whilst feeling like a lethargic dummy. Day after, guess what? If you guessed I felt tired, you've won a prize!
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    Thanks for the positive feedback guys, it is appreciated!
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    Slocombe 6 - Collected crosses like General Grievous collects lightsabers Brindley 6 - Had his times getting up the line but not much of note Rawlinson 7 - Dealt with Effiong well and came forward with the ball out of defence Lacey 8 - Passing to the strikers and midfield in the first half was tremendous. Solid yet again. The guy is taking the mickey McCrory 6 - Lost the ball and was ran past on a few occasions but solid enough Osborne 5 - Still needs to work on his crossing. Should have put more power on his ball to Thomas Rose 4 - Too many ineffective passes. Was too deep and almost cost us Doyle 7 - Passing was alright and he got stuck in like he normally does. Was ready for the battle Boldewijn 6 - Was anonymous for quite a while but oh so close with that free kick Wootton 6 - Did his best to bring the ball down and into play. Sometimes his first touch was good and sometimes it wasn't Thomas 6 - Made them runs but needs to score that chance in the second half. He has half the net to aim for Tyson 6 - Really lively when he came on. Good to see Dennis 6 - Didn't really get much to be fair. Had a half chance
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    Slow, tedious and boring week at work. Felt a bit down in some stages this week. However, got to spend good time with @meg_walshx and even went out for a Wetherspoons today. Cough has virtually gone too
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    Mean of 5.5 Slocombe 6 Tipped over an awkward freekick but in all honesty, rarely troubled Brindley 5.5 Defensively sound , not much going forward Rawlinson 6.5 Given Dover's aerial threats, for the first time for a long time, partnership with Lacey gives one confidence of dealing with high balls Lacey 7.5 A ball carrying centre back, good partnership with Rawlinson McCrory 6 More confident that Brindley, just linkage down the wings missing Rose 4 Obligatory caught in possession moment... No forward momentum Doyle 6.5 always tries to be making himself available to make triangle Boldewijn 4.5 Scoring higher with his final free kick which he was desperately unlucky. Spent 90 minutes before looking for some magic but rarely got into the game to make the difference Osborne 6 Pitch didnt help but always looking to be creative Wootton 6 Target man but well controlled by the Dover central defence Thomas 5.5 What a chance squandered when one had confidence that he would convert when put through Subs Tyson 5.5 OK Dennis 5.5 difficult chance, couldnt impact the game
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    Ideally, Notts does require a winger and someone more creative in the centre. Mitch Rose isn't the answer, he's someone who might be able to take on Michael Doyle's role in the future - but for me he doesn't have the drive or overall ability to be the player who can unlock the opposition. It's quite slow minded, on his day a good footballer but he's not the player who shined last season. If the option were between a CM or winger, I'd take the winger as a priority. Simply due to the fact we could be far more effective if we used the wider areas on the pitch better, it frees space for the middle and more time would allow what we have to do more themselves. Signing a CM in my opinion would only be the short term answer, especially if we dismissed the need for some natural on the wing. Enzio drifts in far more than he takes players on out wide, Sean Shields is okay but lacks the ability to beat a player who is defensive minded. Shields has a lot of pace, he doesn't have a lot of skill with his feet and tends to be caught out a lot. Sam Osborne is the only player who can side wide and get the ball in, attacking the dangerous areas in which we tend to neglect. He can also take on the opposition both out wide and by drafting in, so that he can cut the ball back or put a ball into the box. His ability to strike from distance is useful, especially with the standard of keeping in the National League. I feel this explains as to why a winger would be more beneficial, if the options was between a CM or a winger. If money isn't a problem, signing both would help but the priority is out wide.
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    We've got Wootton Kyle Wootton Just don't think you understand He's lethal in the air He scores from anywhere We've got Kyle Wootton
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    Slocombe 6 - Commanding when he had to be Kelly-Evans 6 - Got stuck in when needed and made a good clearance to avoid a certain goal Rawlinson 8 - Once again, puts his head in where it hurts. Aerial colossus. Could have had a goal if he stuck his toe out Lacey 7 - So much better with him in defence McCrory 6 - Got up the line on occasions and got stuck in Boldewijn 6 - Was doing bits on the left and then was deployed on the right where is impact limited. Had a chance at a shot 2nd half in which he did not shoot Rose 5 - Too many times lost the second ball and didn't go forward enough. Scrappy game for him Doyle 6 - Was trying to urge the team on and got involved but like Rose, lost too many second balls Osborne 5 - Not his day. Did well on the right first 10 but then was switched to the left for no reason and impact limited after that. Subbed early Wootton 7 - Held it up really well as he battled against the Maidenhead defenders Dennis 6 - Made alright runs first half. Completely missed his header from a free kick. Nothing of note in the second Tyson 5 - Didn't really do owt in his time on the pitch Thomas 5 - Not much nof note
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    Happy Christmas everyone!
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    hes come back stronger, i do feel hes earned his redemption. some fans love to complain about him but hes anchored the squad and has done well.
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    I am genuinely exciting as when he played against Notts the other season, he looked like a bright spark in the Newcastle squad. People shouldn't judge Cal Roberts as a finished product, more a player that needs shaping and assisting to bring out the best of him. Almost like a diamond in the dirt, but he does look like a quality signing. I will be keen to see him perform for Notts.
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    The pleasure is all mine @liampie. A special thank-you goes to everyone who is below me in the league Birmingham City 0-2 Cardiff City Sheffield Wednesday 3-1 Blackburn Rovers Lincoln City 2-1 Blackpool Fleetwood Town 1-1 Shrewsbury Town Crewe Alexandra 1-1 Cheltenham Town (joker) Oldham Athletic 1-1 Carlisle United Barnet 3-0 Dagenham & Redbridge Halifax Town 1-0 Maidenhead United
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    Q: What do you call a gangsta snowman? A: Froze-T Q: What do you call a man with no body and just a nose? A: Nobody nose.
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    I stumbled across this on YouTube, it's actually very interesting I feel. Give it a watch! I'd be interested to see what you think. PS. I thought @super_ram would enjoy it especially.
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    Based on a mean of 5.5 Slocombe 6.5 Nothing he could do with the goal conceded. Tries to dominate his area Brindley 5 Closed down too much, when passed into cul de sacs. Defensively did his job Rawlinson 7.5 Nominated for MotM at 1625h...before he actually scored. Lacey 7 Looks like Dean Yates with confidence of taking the ball out. Good positioning to cope with aerial threats McCrory 6 Not much in the forward sense, solid defence Rose 5 Too static at times, lost the second ball battles Doyle 5 Tried to create triangles but ineffective Boldewijn 4 Was he marked out or just couldnt get into the game. At least can deliver a corner Osborne 7 Only real creative spark , beautifully set up the first.. always looking to get a shot in Wootton 6.5 Not much change from the Bromley defence but service from Notts midfield made life difficult Thomas 6 Took the goal well , again lacking midfield service
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    This type of behaviour annoys me, at Uni it's a mixed ethnic surrounding and every gets along just fine. Football is becoming a sport where negative behaviour seems to get the attention the people who cause it crave, I feel, there should be an approach like media outlets do with serial killers now. Zero coverage, with the consequences of the actions being pushed extremely.
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    Happy New Year to everyone on here!
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    Only changes I would make right now, are to Rose and Enzio. I think the starting lineup only really needs to tweaked here and there, it's a fair point that we did better with a few changes. The fixtures really forced that, however, Ardley should try to solve some of the issues about game time. He's done right by shipping some out on loan but if we are to improve further, you can't play tired bodies, you can't persist out-of-form players are good enough to start ahead of hard workers.
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    Exhibit A on Netflix. It's a crime documentary series about how police cut corners and arrest someone who looks innocent due to iffy evidence.
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    Good servant for many clubs, he played for a few midlands clubs and did well for them. Rest in Peace Mick Vinter.
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    Welcome to the PON forum @Catherine Iremonger, you have a familiar name to Notts County. Are you by any chance related to the legendary keeper and cricketer Albert Iremonger?
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    I went to the opticians last week, I hate those eye drops that they give you. Does anyone else hate them? I swear, its a universal thing. I haven't been as busy as I would have liked otherwise, not a lot is happening and work is just plain sailing right now.
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    this is great to see, i sometimes look on facebook after dan shares them there but this is good for those who dont use facebook.
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    I don't drink before a game but I have always felt the Navi was a pub trapped in a sardine can.
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    @Chris They originally made the song after promotion to the Bundesliga in the nineties (I think) . The song is about them winning the cup and being champions, which sounds bold, but they actually won the cup a couple of years ago (hence its presence in the video). That line translates as "we've watched Eintracht in the final with Jürgen". So it's prophetic! They've also released classic albums such as "Beauty and the Beer"
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    Is this the best Notts County goal of all time? Of the century? Of the last 10 years? Let's get your thoughts.
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    "Plucky non-league underdogs" "The magic of the cup" "High dropping ball" - remember that one?
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    I skimmed through what Jason wrote, it's a good insight, some of it already known but it's interesting to see the CEO's words. What would be nice is seeing the chairman write something every once in awhile! Wait, no. Scrap that. Leave it to the CEO. I like how rosy things are with the owners for a change.
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    Italy is great, I went there in the mid 80's and early 90's. It's peaceful and relaxing, nothing like the UK or America.
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    @super_ram It does seem pointless, just like celebrating your birthday. I'm too old for that!
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    Which cities stand out for you because of their footballing heritage and long history of rivalries in the game? So, less of the Manchester United vs Manchester City. This one only exists due to the money pumped into City by their wealthy owner, Manchester City for me never had that fierce clash that the likes of Everton v Liverpool or, Sheffield Wednesday v Sheffield United has. I am curious about what PON members have seen and which cities would be in their top 5 [purely based on football heritage and rivalry].
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    I have been ranting about my new adventure in these threads, but I have halted temporarily on the home improvements. It's all I have done since packing in my job, between the house and trying to sell my truck I haven't had a lot of free time. The past week I have been exploring the local area. Just going on a few hours walks, seeing what the areas like. Not many live where I have settled which is part of the appeal, straight out of my backyard I have a stunning view of open plains. It's like unwinding back, going to a different era or stepping into the Wild West. I will soon have the house a proper home, then I can figure out if I aim to start a different adventure or live off my saving. I am planning to travel to Italy and Egypt this year. It will be nice to explore more without working, but travelling without driving will take some getting used too. Good luck, take it from me there is nothing like having the freedom of the open road.
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    Good bit of business by Notts that, usually we leave it late and by which point they're off to somewhere better.
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    Welcome to pon! I hope to see you join in on here.
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    I don't think need is the word. Strengthening the squad could reap it's rewards, I do feel a winger is required. I'd like to see Tyson play a supportive roll as a sub, he can go out wide but Enzio, Ozzy and Shields rely on others to shine. A creative midfielder would be a blessing, finding someone to take Michael Doyle's place in the future needs to be looked at now.
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    I don't do them, not much to change at 14.
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    @liampie go for it mate, sod what those who don't know you think. I haven't made any, I am considering joining a gym. I know that's a cliche but until now I haven't been able to afford it.
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    Happy New Year! Sorry for being inactive.
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    There is no room for this type of behaviour in the modern world, people not getting on. Football has gone backwards.
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    Happy New Year to you all!
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    Thanks for all the birthday wishes.Me and @super_ram had a lovely day,first with @william1984, @Harrys_Mummy and Harry who came for dinner and also gave us the news that we will be welcoming our 5th grandchild in August.In the evening @Chris, @cheeky~k8. @super_pie , @Ellie_Pie10 and @CutiePie came round with a birthday cake (Baked by Cheeky) and we exchanged presents.A most enjoyable day.
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    We associate many things with Christmas - spending time with family, helping the needy, eating turkey and stuffing, celebrating the birth of Jesus if you're into that. But take a minute to think what Christmas is really, truly about - doing the next round of predictions for the PON prediction league. And then post them below before kick-off on Boxing Day. The usual rules apply Hull City v Nottingham Florist Cardiff City v Millwall Shrewsbury Town v Rotherham United Southend United v Milton Keynes Macclesfield Town v Grimsby Town Cheltenham Town v Plymouth Argyle Barnet v Boreham Wood Stockport County v Halifax Town
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    I'm back at work tomorrow and then off until boxing day.

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