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    In all my years I haven’t seen the club I have followed all my life in such a state. It’s disappointing that despite the takeover supposedly close to being concluded that the club seems to be lacking any forward thinking. There’s rumours that Hardy has issues now keeping Ilkeston Town a float. What happened to this nonsense about the club making plans despite the takeover not being completed? If the South Africans are interested, at this stage Hardy needs to make sure he’s doing all he can to get it a cross the line. The squad should be progressing, fans wanting to put the terrible previous season behind them. The circus continues and if I had the chance to give any one at the club a piece of my mind I would.
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    Football isn't supposed to be like this, however the last three era's have been nothing but a circus. The Munto year, despite people often moaning about most will look back and wonder how the club actually managed to survive despite all the unknowns. The players must have been playing for each other, as some didn't get paid and that speaks volumes for the likes of Kasper Schmeichel. Since the mid 90's, it's all been down hill for my generation but despite that the club always felt like we would be okay. Yes in the 00's there was times where the club's existence came into question, yet the fans and former players rallied together and that made a difference. I find myself just wanting an owner who can keep a low profile, someone who can look at the long term future without quoting to please some fans that there's a 5-year-plan. Notts County Football Club shouldn't be a media circus, however, it's what it is. As a fan, I firmly stand behind ensuring the club has a future. People are different, some won't and others have valid reasons. I'm keen to understand where most stand with the situation, what they hope and think about the current situation. I don't think for a second that the club will be allowed to die, I just hope a good buyer can come in and build slowly.
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    Lawyers were able to "demonstrate" that the takeover of the club will soon be finalised. Thank you HMRC, but how did that work out last time? Quit making claims, pretending that the deal is more advanced than it would seem and keep working hard on selling the club. I'm surprised he's ever been successful with the way he's dealing with this, those that say it's not through the lack of trying, perhaps he could cut out the lies and be honest for a chance. If I was going to buy the club, I'd be sceptical that he wasn't selling me a dead donkey or parrot.
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    What's everyone been up to recently? Has anyone done anything special with Father's Day just passing? Anyone been on holiday or away? Share what you have been up to.
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    Apparently leaving at the end of the month , good luck to him , not a shock really maybe the beginning of an exodus .
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    If Notts County ceased to exist, the only other club I could ever contemplate supporting would be AFC Notts County.
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    Kind in mind that with admin looming, there's a chance that they or others might fancy picking the club up cheaper. It won't be massively disappointed to lose 10 points, a strong bidder would realise that they could save a small fortune and wipe the slate clean. I just want to see the takeover completed, and sensible owner(s) come in. Fresh start, be patient and give people time to build.
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    I praise him for being open, yet most people know he was still drinking whilst at Notts. His ending time at Notts, he looked proper messed up and messy - I do not believe for a second in my opinion that he's been clean off the booze. There's more chance of me finding gold at the bottom of a rainbow.
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    1) He's only interested in protecting his assets now, this is dead obvious. 2) Nobody in their right mind would buy a club with a lot of debt and still sell out what's reported to be over £5m. 3) He's only bothered about his own lively hood now, nobody else - the trolls have won. 4) Are we actually surprised by this? I doubt Ray Trew would have sold to anyone who offered lower than Alan Hardy, in my opinion, if he knew what would happen now I highly believe he would still sell because these types of people just want their money or as much of that they can get. 5) Munto wasn't actually bad owners, it's the lies and fraud which get it. Peter Trembling actually did a very good job running the club, the people behind the scam knew he wasn't the brightest bulb, but clearly had faith he could take much of the fallout. It reminds of when Notts appointed Jamie Fullarton when things was turning ugly, hide behind someone. 6) Admin is very likely, I do believe potential owners are smart enough to realise that they could actually pick up the club much cheaper. Let's face it, if they have proper plans behind them, being docked 10 points or whatever it is, it shouldn't bother them. 7) It's in more danger, yet I do believe it will turn out to be okay. As I say, I think buyers are carefully watching how they might be able to save their own cash - I only see the sale happening without administration if Hardy accepts a much lower offer. 8.) The club will field youths, a squad will be put out.
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    Lilian Greenwood, MP for Nottingham South, has taken to Twitter with a thread regarding her meeting with Alan Hardy in wake of the recent happenings at Notts County. You don't need us at Pride of Nottingham to recap exactly what's been happening with the club. Let's face it, you as much as us are most likely sick to the back teeth of constantly hearing about how our beloved club, rich in tradition and history, has lurched from one humiliation to the other. Anyway, here is each message: Share your thoughts about all this latest farcical malark on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with the few fellow Notts County fans who haven't completely given up on the whole circus.
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    the club and fans need to be addressing things through @LozCloughSLO, if shes still the clubs slo and has not been pushed quietly out of the door.
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    According to the Nottingham Post the moon is green, cheese was invented by the Swiss and the first man on the moon was Leigh Curtis. Pinches of salt right now.
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    can you ask him if he still has his 50’s pilot jacket? who does he feel was his best signing for notts? did the trews approach him or did he approach the club to become the manager? what are his views on the players using club social media? a lot of his players used it and it seemed to connect the fans and players together.
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    Questions for Ricardo Moniz? 1) Was the story of Jimmy Sirrel calling you real or was you put up to saying it? 2) Do you feel let down by the way you was sacked? 3) In your mind, if you had been given more time - where do you feel Notts County would be today? (League wise)
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    I don't like being unpleasant for the sake of it, I never liked Mark Crossley working with the club and I just felt he ever connected with what our club is about. I think its a good thing, I would wish him well too but I do not think he was that good for Notts. Just no passion in his coaching role.
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    It reads like school yard gossip, no evidence and the story is patchy. Where are the questions? Ask the company for a statement. Chase and develop the story.
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    i know its easy to sit here and say what can be done differently, that most of us would make mistakes if we owned a football club like notts and im not suggesting we know it all. im just curious how other fans would run a club like notts... what would your mission statement be? what key areas would you focus on? how would you learn from the clubs past?
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    I’ve found a new interest ! Lure coursing. I have. 16 month old Whippet and this last weekend we traveled to Newbury to meet his father & brother and to watch dogs of all breeds, shapes & sizes chase a plastic bag tied to a pulley round a field .... sound boring ? Not a bit of it, it’s exciting and real. No money involved just owners with their dogs having a great time. Totally sporting, no one upmanship and If a dog does well everyone everyone is happy. I think all the shenanigans going on at Notts has forced me to look elsewhere for my sporting enjoyment.
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    I know with the HMRC bill we can’t sign anyone but if the takeover does eventually get sorted some of these players may just be added to the squad. I’ve done a little digging and found out a bit about them. It would be interesting to hear if anyone has been to the pre-season friendlies and seen them in action. Trialists featured so far: Dion Kelly-Evans – 22, Full Back – A former Coventry City academy graduate who made 40 appearances for the first team over 3 seasons. Last season he regularly played in the Kettering Town Team that won promotion to the National League North. He won the Directors Player of the Year and by all accounts is looking to move back up the football pyramid. Kyel Ried – 32, Winger – Played for numerous League 1 and 2 clubs, arguably his most successful time was spent at Bradford a good few seasons ago. Last season he played for Chesterfield, where he played 27 times but was released after a pretty unsuccessful spell there. Nathan Tyson 37 – (although he still looks 27!) Striker – Remember him? He joined on loan and played 10 games during the run-in of the Shaun Derry Great Escape season. Last season he played for Wycombe in League 1, playing 19 times and only scoring once. Earlier this pre-season he trained at Northampton Town but was not offered a contract. Remie Streete – 24, Centre Back – A former Newcastle United youngster who last played a competitive game for Port Vale in 2017! Whilst he has had a good season and played 37 times Vale were relegated back into League 2, he left by mutual consent wanting play at a higher level but injuries meant he didn’t sign for anyone. Last season he was on trial with Ardley at Wimbledon and although he impressed, was not offered a contract. Chris Camwell – 20, Left Back – Another Coventry City academy player, a regular player for the under 23 side, described as having excellent technique when it comes to dead balls and crossing but failed to break into the Coventry team and left last season having made only 4 senior appearances in his time there. Do you anymore about them? And do you think any of them would be good additions to the squad?
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    From BBC Sport: Notts County, the world's oldest professional football club, have had a winding-up petition against them adjourned for a third time. Notts, relegated from the Football League last season having been a founding member 130 years earlier, owe HM Revenue & Customs about £800,000. The up-for-sale club will next appear in court on Wednesday, 31 July. Buyers have three weeks to settle the debt, with the club otherwise facing administration or liquidation. It is the third time in four months that Magpies owner Alan Hardy, who has endured recent financial troubles and seen one of his companies go into administration, has been given extra time to complete arrangements to sell the 157-year-old club. Hardy had last week said he was "extremely confident" that a takeover of the National League club, who are yet to pay staff and player wages for June, would be completed before their latest High Court hearing. The Professional Footballers' Association have also got involved over the delay in salary payments.
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    i was wondering if any pon members had a bike? what colour is it? how long have you owned it? i am getting a new bike soon, my current one is red and orange, i have had it since the early 2000s but now is the time to get a better bigger one. does anyone have any suggestions? trusted brands?
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    If either play at Meadow Lane in black and white stripes I'd give it a go. Although "Come on you sausages" would take a bit of getting used to.
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    And England fans though Vindaloo was terrible.
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    I can't remember when I brought my bike, it's not very good to be honest and I find it very tiring to cycle (as does others who use it). I am actually considering buying a new one from Halfords, I think that would allow me to take my fitness a bit more seriously - as I do miss going out on a bike. @william1984 and I used to cycle quite often back in the day when PON was starting up. My current bike is blue, not sure on the brand. I got it from Argos.
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    Do you think most signings will be loans? I have this feeling that the majority of signings will be made on loan, this wouldn't be a bad thing but it depends on the quality that comes in. I do really believe that the club will be desperate and should stay clear of signing free agents for the sake of it.
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    No , his reckless ownership has caused this mess nothing else , my own reason to be there was purely solidarity and I made sure I wasn’t in pics or interviewed , and it was from what I saw in support of Notts , it staff and it’s future , if indeed we have one , personally I didn’t expect it to achieve anything as some put it , just a mere show of solidarity
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    I respectfully disagree. Some who claim to be fans are not, they might attend a few games but when the tough times set in they soon disappear. Why do attendances suddenly jump during promotion chasing seasons? It's a sad fact of football. I wouldn't class myself as a fair weather fan, as I do have loyalty to Notts but there are times I feel like stepping back.
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    I'm frustrated and fed up. Even after relegation, if we had started rebuilding and the jigsaw pieces were falling into place I'd be raring to go. Winning matches is great fun, whatever the league. But even getting a new training kit seems like an insurmountable hurdle. I yearn for someone responsible to take over the club and build it up bit by bit. And no drama or meltdowns if we lose a couple. @Who r ya?? You Pies!! Sorry to hear that. I don't think it's apathy, judging by the thread we had on here many people didn't see what it could actually achieve.
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    Well just got back home from the protest , I’ll be honest bitterly disappointed with how many went (about 40) but a massive thanks to those that took the lead and organised it , well done it deserved better support, maybe it’s indicative of some of the apathy towards the seriousness of our situation or maybe people just thought it can do no good or achieve anything, I don’t know, but what I do know is it saddened me , and after in the navigation that was informative as well. I personally felt it was worth it . COYP
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    Mini speaker my iPhone and and a wide range of musical taste , either on my hifi with cd’s or lots on YouTube through my phone , proper enjoy music lifts spirits and gives a right good vibe
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    Agree @cheeky~k8 definitely a terrible rollercoaster, into the abyss maybe , I’ll be at the protest tomorrow with my daughter and granddaughter, for me it’s my way to show solidarity with fellow fans , some are questioning its worth or what it can achieve, for me the solidarity, to show I care in some small tangible way , maybe raising the media intensity to delve deeper . Because of how this takeover has been conducted all the false timeframes and uncertainty, it just puts so much doubt in my mind that anything will happen, so to do nothing for me at this stage isn’t an option, no matter how small and futile it may indeed be . ALL NOTTS AREN’T WE
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    Theres a lack of preparation in all forms of the club at the moment. Such a different club to whatbwe had 2 seasons ago.
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    Well, here we are 5 days in and still nothing.... how on earth is there not a County wide media condemnation of the man ! Radio, TV all local press should be on his case shaming him into oblivion.
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    It's very rich of the Nottingham Post to start seeming like they're siding with us Notts fans, I'm not knocking Leigh - his hands are tied, but what annoys me is how far they're going now that the club and they (mostly Alan Hardy) are out of bed. It's becoming a joke, it's things like this we should have seen much sooner. What do people expect from Alan Hardy? He's gone quiet, avoiding answering and is even giving shady replies in my opinion to a concerned MP who he wouldn't sit with supporter groups. Why would he face the music now? The only question I want to know is what's the lowest he's willing to part for the club? The majority of fans hounded Ray Trew into wanting out, the fee reported wasn't what Hardy got the club for (if the figures are true) but he still seemed to overpay for it which is his fault. Considering all the debts left behind, I doubt he would sell unless he really wanted to cash out. Notts shouldn't be sold for more than £4m, there's nothing in the club to deem it more than that. I have heard he wants just over £5m now, which before the media and rumours speculated that he wanted £7.5m. Inflated, you can't expect to get back your money, especially if you're neglectful in spending it. This applies to Alan Hardy and Ray Trew, you don't buy a club to make a profit - it doesn't happen, but both insisted the club would be debt free when in fact it wasn't anywhere remotely near.
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    anything could be a relief right now tbh, in terms of notts anyway.
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    The trouble with that idea is that administration will mean a ten-point penalty and, as we don't have a competitive squad, nearly certain relegation. A new buyer won't have any interest in operating the club in its current league, they'll want to take it forwards, yet relegation to the Bananarama North would put us two promotions away just from League Two as well as putting the ground in jeopardy. What serious prospective owner would want that? I agree with @Super_Danny_Allsopp, the odds on us even starting the season seem to be lengthening all the time. Where will we get the kits from and how will we pay for them (after Puma's experience, any prospective supplier would surely want paying up front)? How do we pay the staff we need to open the ground on a matchday? Suddenly the things that every fan takes for granted seem like insurmountable hurdles. I was hoping against hope that an announcement was going to be made but it now feels a long way away. And what happens if the "May" group is revealed as our new owners? I don't want to give a penny of my money to those crooks. And would a gang of convicted criminals even pass the fit and proper person test? We do, however, owe the National League an enormous debt of gratitude. They've done us a big favour by confirming our place in the league despite it being far from clear that we can fulfil our fixtures. I can't help thinking that if we were called Woking or Kettering we'd have been expelled by now.
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    The Podolski song or Gazza? Either way, it's not a masterpiece! Here's a treat from the days long, long ago when Scotland not only qualified for the World Cup, but actually thought they were going to win it.
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    Sell to the highest bidder , do me a favour, contradicts himself with , no buyers , been totally reckless in his ownership. Ive seen some tough times over the years with real fears for the very existence of Notts , but this really is critical times , can’t see a way out , we would be very lucky to go into administration in my view maybe then new owners , gutted , proper sad .
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    Respecting confidences be it legal or other contractual things which cannot be touched...if you would like to submit questions, I will try to ask....... GO
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    Where is this information from? Here in Germany, Waldhof Mannheim are using last season's training kit because their sponsorship deals run until 1 July. It's probably no different with Notts. Old training kits at the start of pre-season are commonplace for that reason. Not that I think we have any glittering new deals to unveil next week
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    I didn’t like him, never rated him. His training was as useful as he is avoiding fast food. Very impractical and a massive issue as to why we went backwards. A proper goalkeeper coach would have tried to lift Ross Fitzsimons sooner. He’s nothing more than a wage grabber, yes man.
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    It could all be done in 7 to 10 days ......... the club is a joke, fans are being hoodwinked disrespect and the treated like idiots.
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    Loz is very busy, I will try and get some updates from various people and try my best to update those who don't read elsewhere. At the end of the day, at times like this its about being a community and pulling together. I am sure she still reads things, just probably doesn't have the time to post.
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    No idea, some people come and go when they have what they want. Only returning when something else is needed. Others get busy, some lose interest. I think it’s a shame, the racism discussion and the article Loz wrote was good. Maybe life and the SLO role has got in the way?
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    @super_ram, frank lampard, football club alan hardy
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    I was looking forward to putting last season behind us and rebuilding for the fightback, or at least putting some of the foundations in place. We should have been rolling our sleeves up and relishing the new challenge, hoping that instead of the oblivion we all fear, this season will mark the rebirth of our club. And of course we should have been looking forward to watching a hungrier team that's proud to wear the shirt. Instead it's been complete paralysis and we're all fearing the worst. Even if Neal Ardley has been given a budget, no player in their right mind would join us with the threat of administration looming large. Would you join a company that might not be able to pay you? It's easy to blame Alan Hardy for the stalled takeover talks, but in reality it takes two to tango. He can only sell if there's someone willing and able to buy. Smurthwaite is a clown, the property developers are crooks and we know nothing about the South Africans. All we can do is hope that something is announced soon, and that we've got a few new signings ready to go. Otherwise administration and almost certain relegation beckons.
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    I'm starting to get a nagging feeling that Norman Smurthwaite will be our chairman come August. For a member of the South African consortium plus their broker to both fall ill is possible, but you can't help wondering whether there's more to it. Alan Hardy's statement that talks are continuing was also revealing - if the SA consortium had had a bid accepted and it was simply a case of taking care of legal formalities, what on earth could they still be talking about? Hope this is an overreaction. I'm not keen on Smurthwaite as he sounds like a proper clown but the longer this drags on, the more I feel it will never happen. We've been here before. I don't mind hearing rumours and hearsay as long as they're identified as such, so no problem with me.
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