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    A message for all forum users. We want Pride of Nottingham to be a family friendly place where people can chat about Notts County, football and life in general without arguments, abuse, spammers or trolls spoiling our community, however the admin team and moderators can't read every post, this is where you the ordinary member can help, if you see a post you are not happy with or you have any concerns about a post please let the moderation team know by reporting it. You can do this by clicking the "report post" button in the top right hand corner of the post, this will alert the moderation team so that action can be taken. There has been very little trouble of this kind in the past and with your help as the community grows we can keep it that way. COYP.
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    Come on you Kopites you know it makes sense, From Boney M, "Daddy Cool" He's is crazy like a fool Give us a wave Harry Kewell He's is crazy like a fool What about it Harry Kewell Harry, Harry Kewell Harry, Harry Kewell
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    We're interested apparently, he's a centre back from Preston with one international cap for Ireland, but he's only 5'10". (Maybe he's got some leap on him?) I wonder if it was someone KN was looking to bring in? It would be strange to sign someone without the new manager being in place. https://www.thesun.ie/sport/football/3046928/motherwell-and-notts-county-keen-to-land-andy-boyle-on-loan-from-preston-north-end-as-kevin-oconnor-joins-crewe-Alexandra/
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    Notts County put in a much improved performance in Harry Kewell's first home league game in charge but defensive issues came back to haunt the Magpies as they were held to a 3-3 draw by Stevenage at Meadow Lane. Three times Notts went ahead in the game and three times they were pegged back by the visitors, yielding just a second point of the season. Pride of Nottingham head honcho Chris reviews the game in this week's Tactical Talk piece. Was the result fair? I feel Notts was a little hard done by but in all, I would say the draw was fair – I just feel Notts attacked the game better. How did Notts play? There was a noticeable slow start to the game, Notts struggled to get to grips early on and Stevenage opened the game looking more keen to play the ball on the floor. Once down Notts looked good, they created chances but ultimately rushed the majority. The penalty decision seemed to provide the magpies with some confidence, however blips at the back made it hard. Despite this Notts created and looked good, I wouldn’t class the game as entertaining but I feel less annoyed by the issues I witnessed. I do feel things can be improved from here, which could start to change the season around. How did Stevenage play? Stevenage looked capable of entertaining, they started off better and seemed more organised up front. They passed the ball around, however once the opening minutes’ settle cracks started to appear – defensively I don’t feel they did very well. They worked hard to pull back level, playing some nice passes and executing some delightful passes. I just feel they never threatened enough and that the goals stem from a major lack of confidence in the back, they did enough to draw and I feel Stevenage fans should be happy with the away point. Did our tactics work out? I would say yes, training seems to have helped with the focus being on ‘working hard’. The new signings fitted in well, they gave Notts more grit at the back but defensively I feel we allowed ourselves to be fairly vulnerable. Ross Fitzsimons needs to sort his tactics out, as his destitution painfully hurt the games tempo at times and his failure to listen to his team-mates/manager. How did the referee perform? The referee gave a few baffling decisions, he also lost the game from time to time due to this but overall he held the game together and I have little complains about any of the match officials. Who do we play next? Next up is Northampton Town, it’s hard to figure out how the team can move forward despite the positive. I am concerned about the goalkeeper position at Notts and I don’t want to sound negative – yet until this is addressed I don’t think there’s much more the defence can do. I would hope to see the same amount of passion from the likes of Jon Stead and Enzio Boldewijn. How should we play them? Approach them the same as we did Stevenage, it will be harder away from home but it’s important to get the ball down as early as possible. For me David Vaughan should return as the midfield isn’t as easy to bypass with him in midfield, I would like to see Rob Milsom take the torch for being the defensive minded ball winner – along with more enthusiasm on playing down the flanks. Notts now has a back four that can do the club justice, so I would like to see them reduce the amount of crosses whilst focusing on the space created within the middle of our own penalty area. It’s important to attack the game creatively, yet to be as balanced at the back. There’s a lot more pace there, so if caught out – the defence should be good enough to work as a team. The question falls can we reduce the amount of shots that we have on target at our own goal? This would be a step forward since Fitzsimons confidence is severely absent now. Share your thoughts about the game on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    It will be forever known as King Kewell day. Let the reign begin!!
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    So @Piethagoram tweeted central news about the new manager arriving and lo and behold they read his tweet out. Well done dude the tweet is below for all to see .. would you agree with his tweet ..
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    I haven't felt well today, I struggled to get up but my wife said that Nolan had gone. I felt shocked and I didn't quite understand what she meant, i was like 'what' and she joked about the scouting reports I wrote previously. She then said I didn't have to do them now, and that Kevin Nolan had left. I'm annoyed, if the players suddenly improve they need to be questioned and I would want them gone at the end of the season - I don't care. If the defending improves suddenly they don't deserve to play for this club if they intentionally try to get a manager sacked. It's not the professional thing to do, all the talks been on Nolan and not the real issue. I don't see any loan players coming in now and, I think this might have something to do with it. I'm just very disappointed to the point that if things don't work out, I will personally blame the players who have failed (among other issues).
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    Notts County sit bottom of the league two table after drawing 3-3 against Stevenage at home on Saturday 15th September. Jon Stead's goal 22 minutes in took Notts ahead, which was then even when Danny Newton scored an equaliser at the 38 minute mark. Enzio Boldewijn scored another goal for the Magpies followed by another equaliser from Stevenage's Cedric Evina. Half time finished as a draw, 2-2. In the second half, Notts County's Kane Hemmings scored a leading goal which was again equalised by Stevenage's Danny Newton. With the match ending in a draw, The magpies need to work hard to get off the bottom of the table and stop conceding as many goals. How did the fans react to the draw against Stevenage after a long spell of losses? Notts County had lost six games in a row before Saturday's match. Heres a round-up of some of the post-match reaction. Harry Kewell "We were very positive, especially in the first half. Our legs went kind of at the end of the game. Stevenage play a simple way looking for flick ons. I'm disappointed we led three times and couldn't hold out. "We're hurting but it's a point and something to build on. "All the players worked hard and it's just a shame we didn't get three points." Jon Stead "We need to improve the ugly side of the game and make sure we win second balls, It’s about making sure we defend strongly, win the headers and clear it into the stands when we need to. We need to get better at that sooner rather than later. "We’re working hard day in, day out to stop shipping goals like we have been and to become more solid at the back. "With the way things have been going it’s really important that we’ve managed to stop the rot today, scoring three goals and taking a point from the game is a plus because we haven’t done that for a long time. We’ve shown we can create openings and it’s frustrating to have taken the lead three times but we have to take the positives." Enzio Boldewijn Jamie Turley The Black and White Army on PON CliftonMagpie: "The outfield players did their jobs today, I think the performance was better and not far from being okay. We just have a massive issue with the keeper, he doesn't communicate and his attitude stinks at the moment. We can't sign more defenders, I felt these did well and was caught out by play that could of been prevented by the team. The first two goals we might as well played without a keeper." liampie: "I'm worried about Notts, there was an improvement today but there is no little praise for giving the lead away three times. Notts would have had Stevenage, they looked poor but we gave them a way back into it every time we scored. Notts looked good at times especially in the second half. But the opening nerves crept in and times. i have little faith in Fitzsimons, people moaned about Collin for slowing down the game but all Ross does is give the ball away by blindlessly clearing it to the opposition." Countyman: "There is finally something to build on now. I am worried that the club doesn't realise that Fitzsimons is a shadow of his former self, I do hope that he can improve but I don't see it. I felt the defence looked better, all the signings fitted in and worked hard. It's just those moments when nobody takes responsibility that punishes Notts." B&Wstripes: "Normally I would be frustrated but I feel a point has given Notts something to build on from. I am not impressed with Fitzsimons but I hope if we can cut down the shots on target that he may find his hands again, either that or the confidence. I felt the KOP made a big impact and it was a lively response from the fans." Sabretooth: "Played some really good attacking football. What's happened to Brisley and Fitzsimmons they are dire. Need Ben Hall back ASAP. Husin massive improvement, Alessandra, Stead and Milsom never stop seem to be the fittest 3 by a mile. Enzio is awesome needs more fitness." Jimmy Gee: "Still feel most of our problems stem from a goalkeeper whose confidence has gone. Still flapping. Kicked ball straight at attacker when clearing from hand in the goal area. Not imposing himself on attackers. Passing out from his area to marked defender. Not communicating with defence. He must improve! Have we got to score 4 goals to win a game?" David Burkley: "It's early days for Kewell but I saw enthusiasm and commitment today. Still mistakes at the back but I'm confident that once the new lads get up to speed they will be solid. Not sure about Brisley? We deserved the win today but I said before kick of I'd take the draw so can't complain. Stopped the rot, now fill it. COYP!" You can read the full Pride of Nottingham match discussion with comments post and pre-game here. Share your thoughts about the match on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. 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    All players based rating based on /10. Fitz - 0 - Had nothing and I mean nothing to do all game apart from have an attempt at saving three or four chances. First goal was not his fault that is fine. But the other two watching him attempt a dive is painful. He's just lazy and it looks like he's lost all confidence in his own ability. Shocking! Hawkridge - 7 - After being out for a while I thought he had a solid game and would have given him MOTM if he had played more minutes. Good effort from him. Really valued his effort today. Hewitt - 5 - Bang average performance. A standard performance from what you would expect from him. Few sloppy errors but that's Hewitt for you. Brisely - 5 - Same as Hewitt. Improved from recent weeks. Jones - 4 - Good runs but sloppy deliveries and attempted one cross in the first half without even looking up. Lacking confidence again and it shows in his bang average performances at LB. Red card was deserved. Boldewjin - 4 - Isolated and easily marked by the FGR defender, not his best performance and he needs to start creating more chances otherwise fans will start to get on his back. A day to forget from him. Vaughan - 7 - MOTM for me, happy with his performance and worked hard all game. For a man of 35 to play as many minutes as he is doing for the club, it is a credit to have him here and putting the performances in. Played a good captain today too as i spotted him a few times going to players and offering advice and support. Credit. Only bad thing to say about him is I think he could be more forward with his passes sometimes. Milsom - 7 - He could fill the hole quite well. Played well and received the ball well with a good first touch. Needs to be quicker though and be more decisive with his actions and passes. More commitment needed from him. But happy to have him back and played convincingly today. Alessandra - 5 - Missing really and didn't notice anything from him today. Hope he gets more of a chance but think Thomas would've been better suited today to exploit FGR's weaknesses. Dennis - 2 - Missing and drifted into play CM a few times. Never really did much running and such a shame that he picked up a knock. Him and Hemmings seem to struggle to understand each others game. Hemmings - 7 - Effort was there and I think he really cares but just isn't getting the service required to be able to do his job effectively. Hope he can become the main striker in the team and become a real leader of men. Think he will thrive under Kewell. Subs: Stead - 7 - Good goal and is turning in to a really good impact sub. Got a lot of time for Stead and hope he isn't written off by Kewell because of his age. Kellett - 7 - Good effort and carried the ball forward well. Should start next game for me as he offers so much more than the likes of Husin and Jones. Husin - 3 - Diabolic deliveries and when confidence was building he killed it off with his inability to put in a good delivery. Think he had 3 corners and 1 free kick all of which was useless. Bench player at best.
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    I don't know what to expect, the way Rob Milsom and Alan Hardy speak of him I am expecting him to struggle. I just don't see how he can be the person to fix the weak defending we see week in and out, but look we have to support and give our backing otherwise as I say the decision will only become worse. I would accept mid table if the performances improved dramatically. Is the right man for the job? It's not me to say, the chairman has put his trust in him and we will have to see.
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    So as I write this on the 26/08/18 Kevin Nolan has been sacked following a termination of his contract by the NCFC board following a 3-1 loss to Lincoln City. After around 18 months in charge it was with Mr. Hardy’s best interests to part ways with the ex- West Ham, Bolton and Newcastle midfielder. I am writing this article to understand the thought process behind his sacking, will we miss him? And is promotion still achievable? During Nolan’s time with the Magpies he managed 85 games with 35 being victories, 23 draws and 26 lost. With recent form the Scouse came under constant fire from media and fans. Notts County managed only 8 wins in 28 games in the football league which could be compared to relegation form at parts. However, it was not all doom and gloom for Kevin which as Notts fans we should remember. The reason I have called it an era in the title is because in my opinion it was. Kevin Nolan restored one thing with his time at Notts which we had not had for a while and that was HOPE. Nolan grabbed the team by the scruff on the neck on their knees in January 2017 and turned a 10-game losing streak into promotion form to keep the magpies up. He also brought some amazing talent in Jorge Grant, Ryan Yates and Josh Clackstone. Since then Ryan has now exceeded a 500,000 price tag and Jorge Grant has now moved up in leagues. Clackstone now plays regularly in the Championship with Hull City and Kevin Nolan has contributed to their careers and made them better players. Nolan also reached his first play off as a manager last year in the 2018/19 season which as fans we were extremely happy with but also disappointed as his decline in form as a manager cost us automatic promotion. It definitely was a era in my opinion because he was the first manager under Hardy that actually achieved something and provided the fans with some memories we will never forget and for that we can’t thank Kev enough. Will we miss him? My answer is 50/50. I think Yes because he was a very strict manager with high standards which reflected on the pitch. Last year we played with heart and desire and he made every player work to wear the Notts County shirt. I also think No because his off-pitch attitude has been rumored to be unprofessional and lazy. I also think he has lost passion for the game which reflected on the touchline in recent games. Kevin Nolan could’ve done so much more to turn around his bad patch but decided not to. He became arrogant and in denial about problems within the team. So overall I think it was best for him and Notts County to move on. Is promotion still achievable? My honest opinion, No. It is not the fact we have lost 4 game sin a row but we now have to go through a transition period with an new manager and set of backroom staff. I think it will take another few months for the team to gel and settle down unfortunately, and in this league, you have to hit the ground running otherwise It will eat you up and spit you out and then next thing you know you’re bottom of the league. It depends how well we do under Chettle but before you know it we could be in serious trouble and then we will once again be in a fight to get into the play offs. It is paramount we turn this form around soon to restore the faith in Hardy and the signings. I am sure everyone from PON sends Kevin Nolan their best wishes for the future and really hopes to see him succeed. On a personal note, Kevin Nolan is the manager who brought me back to Meadow Lane after 2 years away from the sport and in turn got me involved with PON so for that I can’t thank him enough and the work he has done at the club has not gone unnoticed and in my opinion should be remembered forever for what he has done for Notts County. My first game I attended in 2 years was against Mansfield to watch this man’s managerial debut and I am now proud to say I am once again a season ticket holder to this amazing club. It’s because of the faith, hope and determination that was restored into Notts County by Kevin Nolan. Thanks for everything Kev. Whether you were Nolan IN or OUT, I would like to hear your thought on the sacking and where you think the club goes from here. Also, one memory that stands out over the past 18 months under Kevin Nolan. Mine would be the Jonathan Forte equalizer against Cambridge. Thank you for reading PON. Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Sad, disappointed, confused, frustrated that Notts County seem destined for an eternal trip on the managerial merry go round ! How many more times are we going to be the laughing stock of the football community! Yes it’s a results based industry and although I would have given Kevin more time, I suppose sentiment can’t be allowed stand in the way if we are going to make any progress as a club. Now, the acid test of Alan Hardy’s obvious ambition will come in his next managerial appointment. Will he go for experience or gamble again on an untried, inexperienced rookie in the hope of uncovering a diamond (pretty much what he did 18 months or so ago when many of us thought he’d found one). Was the writing on the wall last week with the promotion/appointment of Chettle? (I sincerely hope not) Is there an experienced manager out there who feels confident enough to put his reputation on the line in the pursuit of Notts’ eternal dream ? Only time will tell but there is only days left in the loan window and unless there is a magician out there looking for game-full employment we can wave goodby to promotion for another season and maybe hello again to another desperate relegation scrap. All we can do now is pray to the footballing gods that the messiah is out there, with an up to date P60 and a little black book full of available professional footballers looking for a club and willing to join the battle. Some of us will be optimistic, others pessimistic. My unbridled optimism after the closed season signings (although only weeks ago) now seems a distant emotion leaving me somewhat numb and sick to the pit of my stomach. So hold tight folks, here we go again !!!
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    Ever seen a fish wearing a Notts County kit? It’s the latest kit too with the yellow bit.
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    Notts County went into the new League Two campaign as one of the pre-season promotion favourites following on from last season which saw the Magpies reach the playoffs defying all expections. There was a real hope last season with Notts riding high up the table, many tipping and even expecting them to go up automatically, but the form after Christmas left fans wondering if they would even make the playoffs, which they did only to beaten by eventual winners Coventry City. But 7 League games in to the new season, Notts are still yet to win a single game. They have now gone 9 games in all competitions without a win. Losing on penalties to Middlesbrough following a 3-3 draw after 90 mins in the EFL Cup. Losing 2-1 to Grimsby Town in the EFL Trophy despite showing a dominant first half display under new manager Harry Kewell. Notts invested heavily during the summer on recruits which was needed to boost the team to push on and get one step further than last season and achieve promotion. Kristian Dennis, Kane Hemmings and Enzio Boldewijn came in and fans were ecstatic about these signings as they have proven what they are capable of in League Two. David Vaughan and Andy Kellett were bought in for a bit of experience. Will Patching and Tom Crawford also arrived to bring some youth to the team. Christian Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ben Hall returned on loan, Nathan Thomas were also new additions to the squad to add depth. Following on from poor defensive displays that cost Notts leads and points, Elliott Ward was drafted in to add a bit of stability to a frail defence. Rob Milsom also returned alongside Harry Kewell when he was announced as manager from Crawley Town. Notts haven't won a competitive fixture since the 21st of April 2018 when they beat Yeovil Town convincingly 4-1 at Meadow Lane. This season, from a defensive point of view, they have been shambolic, having conceded 21 goals in their first 7 league games, an average of 3 goals conceded per game. The last time Notts conceded 20+ goals after 7 games was all the way back in 1888-89 when they conceded 23. Fans have shown their frustrations in the club and players this season following on from poor displays. Many speculate that there is something going on behind the scenes that we aren't aware of that is affecting the team. During the summer, Shola Ameobi & Alan Smith left the club. Which begs the question, did they have some influence on & off the pitch? They have both got Premier League experience and we often seen them animated on and off the pitch last season. Nolan, Kewell and fans have also pointed out that the players don't seem to have enough energy to go the full 90 as they look like burning out after 60 minutes. Mike Edwards was Strength and Conditioning coach but departed from his role this summer, could this be a reason or is that just a coincidence? There is clearly something not quite right at this club, whatever it is it needs addressing and it needs addressing fast. The status of 'The World's Oldest Football League Club' hangs in the balance, it might be early doors yet but things need to start improving fast! Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Mark Stallard has praised this partnership a few times already, could it be that these two are the centre backs that can form a partnership that could help improve the goal conceded? It sounds promising already, and given time it should only get better. I don't think it will solve all the issues, as I would like to see a keeper brought into the club that is good enough to replace Ross Fitzsimons but Shaun Brisley and Elliot Ward sound like they could work well together. Harry Kewell should form partnerships across the park, however the centre back's is the main area that needs to improve. Keep Richard Duffy out and we'll be alright!
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    Fitzsimons 0 Hawkridge 6 Hewwit 5 Brisley 5.5 Jones 4 Voughan 7 Enzio 5 Alessandra 5.5 Milsom 7 Denis 4 Hemmings 7.5 Stead 8 Justin 4 Kellet 6
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    Ross Fitzsimons look awkward throughout the game, I would rate him a 3/10. His positioning wasn't very good but the defence didn't protect him either. Elliot Hewitt and Shaun Brisley I felt did okay. I agree with Sam's ratings. Dan Jones wasn't good at the back and wasteful going forward, I would give him a 3/10. Terry Hawkridge did well, he linked in well and fell victim to a lack of support. I would give him a 6/10. David Vaughan did very well, he tried to lift the spirits after each goal conceded and he played calm under pressure. I would give him a 7/10 easily. Enzio Boldewjin and Lewis Alessandra both disappointed, they did well on the ball but ran themselves into silly areas and often lost the ball when an easy pass was actually on. Both would earn no higher than a 4/10 from me. Rob Milsom played very well, he would get a 6/10 too. Kane Hemmings would earn a 5/10 purely based on his effort, but he did little elsewhere. Kristian Dennis tried to link the front and back, he seemed to drop back to help with the defending but I would give him a 4/10. I thought all the subs did superbly well, Noor Husin did waste set pieces but by then the pressure was on and nobody made the most of dead balls. His direct approach could have worked if Notts could only learn to move into space. Jon Stead for me was the Man of the Match he gave Notts hope up front.
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    Fitzsimons: 4 - He played okay, his confidence dipped after his mistake though. Tootle: 5 - Rushed back but looked okay until he went off. Duffy: 4 - Duffy type of game where he could have better or worse. Brisley: 5.5 - Much better from Brisley, he handled the opposition well. Kellett: 5 - Played quite well but did little things only bar the well taken goal. Hewitt: 3 - Very poor. Husin: 4 - He did well at times and disappeared in spells, he can do better. Boldewijn: 6 - He did well until the focus switched to defending, then he didn't get the ball much. Crawford: 3 - Did a lot of running but wasn't supported well enough by Husin for me. Hemmings: 5.5 - He worked hard to win the ball and keep attacks going, he played well for me. Dennis: 5 - Could have done a lot better at times but worked hard. Subs Hawkridge: 4 - He played okay, nothing flash and ran himself into trouble at times. Bird: 3 - Not ready for League Two football, just too lightweight. Vaughan: 5.5 - Did a lot to try to get Notts going, he played quite well.
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    Oh it's time to start supporting the club. I don't think those who wanted Nolan out did the wrong thing, it's only a few who became extremely negative and always appeared to twist things. Example, how Fitzsimons escapes judgement and some of the other players - if they suddenly start to improve immediately then I would point the finger at those players who quite clearly let Kevin Nolan down. I feel I will likely be disappointed by who may takeover but I will give them the support required. It's just at the end of the season I will be calling for certain players to leave, we don't need people who won't give their best or follow instructions.
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    Notts County put in a much improved performance in Harry Kewell's first home league game in charge but defensive issues came back to haunt the Magpies as they were held to a 3-3 draw by Stevenage at Meadow Lane. Three times Notts went ahead in the game and three times they were pegged back by the visitors, yielding just a second point of the season. The Magpies took the lead midway through the first half as Ben Nugent brought down Jon Stead in the box for a penalty, which the veteran striker opted to take himself as he sent goalkeeper Paul Farman the wrong way. Stevenage countered with their first equaliser seven minutes before the break through Ben Kennedy, who turned home Danny Newton's low cross, only to fall behind again on 43 minutes when the livewire Enzio Boldewijn cut in from the left and bent in his third goal of the season from 20 yards. However, the first half ended all square as Alex Revell leapt above debutant Cedric Evina at the far post to connect with Steve Seddon's cross and loop a header beyond Ross Fitzsimons two minutes later. Kane Hemmings restored the advantage four minutes after the break with a smart finish from Lewis Alessandra's through ball. Stead could have effectively wrapped things up for County just before the hour mark as he miscued a volleyed opportunity after a deep cross found him unmarked at the back post. As proof that more work needs to be done, Notts were pegged back yet again after 73 minutes, Danny Newton connecting with a cross and drilling home a left-footed finish from eight yards. Share your thoughts about the match on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    I can’t understand why anyone expected much to change. Other than the introduction of Milsom (who did well in my opinion) we have the same players playing to the same “system” (I use the word loosely). of course we are all hurting, no one expected this disastrous start. But it is just the start, we have a new manager who’s coaching skills are reported to be excellent so we have cause to be optimistic. I think everyone knows that we need a goalkeeper (and fast) and with the addition of a couple of central defenders and a gritty midfielder we will all be on the up again very soon. I’m not suggesting we will be promotion contenders because we will have lost too much ground by the time Harry sorts things out. Also, other than Stead we had no one showing any leadership. We desperately need a skipper. Yes, it’s hard to watch just now, especially after such pre season optimism but we have been through more bad times than good and things will come good again. Some may say I’m the eternal optimist, but from Christmas on last season I was being slated because I was apparently too negative. I’m neither, I’m a realist and Things will get better.
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    I suppose it's Hardy's club he owns it he spends the money so he should be able to do what he thinks is right for the good of the club and his investment. However, I do feel that Nolan should have been given longer maybe until Christmas, the new manager who ever he is will now have a ready made excuse if things go wrong "it's not my team", we desperately need some new signings in defence, goal and midfield but who's going to sign them? The new manager probably won't come in until at least a few days if they do all the interviews etc. and the deadline is at the end of the week. I hope to God it's not Chettle but I wouldn't be at all surprised. I said in another thread to those wanting KN's head "be careful what you wish for".
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    This run of pathetic performances will continue for a while yet............ Until Notts are at least 66/1 for promotion........ Watch them go then.......
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    Some people really do live in fantasy football land .... so all of a sudden we need a new back 4, a goalkeeper and a midfielder! Do we assume these players will come at the wave of a magic wand? How much do the sort of players we are talking cost to recruit & maintain ? For Christ’s sake we are Notts. County. We have an owner who has put his hand in his pocket both to save the club last year and sign players in the summer to try and push us on to some success. The manager was being hailed as some sort of messiah this time last year, but all of a sudden he’s clueless! we are 4 games into a new season with 8 new potential first team squad players of which 4 have been injured during pre season. Yes of course we are all frustrated, even angry at the poor performances so far but let’s get a grip, get behind the team, get behind the people that gave us so much hope last season. If we support the club in a time of turmoil as well as we do when things are going well we will get out of this mess and reap the benefits in the end !
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