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    Four games into the 2017/18 League Two season I can honestly say how good it is to be back, with the club in a new direction and the players largely showing that we can move forward as a club – especially after the disappointing opening day defeat against Coventry City. Performances against Scunthorpe United in the League Cup and against Wycombe Wanderers in the league highlight the much-improved atmosphere and work ethic at Notts. With many of the new signings getting to grip with the expectations of Kevin Nolan, the togetherness in the early games shows just how different things are – whilst to a degree it shows just how much further the club could go. I’d even say that the Magpies have exceeded my expectations, and I’m not overly disappointed about missing out on going top due to the draw against Accrington Stanley. Yet despite it being very early into the new season, there are some concerns which will hopefully be dismissed after 7-10 games. The first concern is the squad size - well, more the fact we seem to have signed players that are more ‘quantity’ rather than ‘quality’. This said, some seem to be able to be future first-team players, yet it’s just difficult to see how they will do it here at Notts – as there seem to be limited chances and it’s important for young professionals to gain match time. I realise that there’s a section of fans that believe many of the younger signings are simply development players, yet for me I would have rather seen us opt for the quality that can bring further stability back to the club – maybe even reinforce the chances of gaining promotion this season. Another concern is the inability to reward players who perform well, whilst backing inconsistency – this is a two-sided coin but for me having players fighting to start is only a good thing. Yet the competiveness isn’t good when there’s little to no rewards. Take the Jonathan Forte situation for example – this has the potential to be a much bigger problem and if it happened under the previous regime I would be certain it would have more of an impact on the team morale. I saw a poll on Twitter, I think it was started by NewarkPie, and the response in favour to see the out of favour player Forte start. Now, I do think Nolan is trying to foster some consistency and keep certain players’ morales high – yet the whole ‘I had a frank and honest conversation’ is pretty weird. Considering Jon Stead, he hasn’t really contributed anything and the fact that the majority of fans seem concerned that he’s simply lost his legs. Personally, I thought he would gain motivation from simply sitting a game or two out. Can we really keep starting every game with him and Shola Ameobi up top? Coventry was a stark reminder that even in League Two you require pace to stand a chance. And this is where having young faces and hungry professionals eager to step in would be a realistic way forward. Up front we have little options on paper - despite Jonathan Forte showing us that he can score, will he make any impact playing the odd 15 minutes here or there? Nobody knows what Callum Saunders has to offer, yet I don’t think he’s even made the bench in a league game – someone correct me if this is wrong. And the fact that a large portion of fans want Notts to sign a striker, even going as far as saying the club should wave their chequebook at players (*cough* JJ *cough*). We have seen in previous seasons that this simply isn’t an easy thing to do. So in a nutshell, I hope the club can avoid issues regarding players who are phased out of the first time or have limited chances to play, whilst ensuring that the quantity we have are in a position to be quality, another situation which we require to be wary about. Overall it’s very early doors, and this complete performance by Notts doesn’t seem that far a way. Yet we need to be more lethal upfront, and more clinical at the back. Additionally it would be welcoming to see Notts being able to pass and retain the ball, as this would have ensured the outcome of the Accrington game would have been much different. Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Notts County have announced that manager Kevin Nolan has signed a new three-year contract with the club. The 35-year-old helped the Magpies avoid relegation last season following his appointment in January, turning around a side that had lost 10 games on the trot. This season, Nolan overcame a 3-0 defeat at Coventry City on the opening day of the season to steer Notts to second in League Two, boasting an eight-game unbeaten run. In addition, Notts have won their last four league games and not conceded a single goal in any of those. Magpies owner Alan Hardy told the official Notts site: "Kevin has brought real pride, optimism and stability to this club which has not been seen for many years. "Kevin has to keep the players' feet on the ground." Assistant manager Richard Thomas and first-team coach Mark Crossley have also signed new deals with the club. "It was an easy decision to make which is why I have been so comfortable talking about it in recent weeks," said Nolan. "I'm delighted that Richard and Mark will be staying with me. We have a solid backroom staff here. "I was confident of keeping the club up and getting it into a stable position this year so we can kick on in the future." Share your thoughts about this news story on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Notts County have climbed to second in League Two following a solid 1-0 win over Swindon Town in Tuesday night's clash at Meadow Lane. Jon Stead's penalty just after the half-hour mark, after he was bundled over in the box by Olly Lancashire, was enough to secure the points for Kevin Nolan's charges. The result also sees the Magpies notch up a seventh unbeaten game in all competitions, which has resulted in an incredible vibe among the Black and White Army. Here is Chris's tactical analysis of the game. Was the result fair? Swindon Town fans might feel they deserved at least a draw from last night’s game at Meadow Lane, however a determined Notts County succeeded and for me warrant the win due to sheer hard-work from a very respectable performance. How did Notts play? Notts played like the underdogs in an F.A cup tie, however at times they fully took the game to the Robins who struggled to adapt to the changes made by Kevin Nolan. Whilst there was a lack of goal chances, with only two shots being recorded as on target for the Magpies – this doesn’t reflect the full picture and it was a very solid performance which can only be improved on. How did Swindon play? As I mentioned within the PON forum, and within my ‘Scouting Report’ – Swindon Town tried to make the most of the flanks. They used their pace and threw everything they had at Notts, despite several fans telling me they were poor. I felt entertained by them and I think they overthought their tactics, but in truth they played quite well and forced Adam Collin to be at his best. Did our tactics work out? Absolutely! Whilst the majority of fans seemed to believe the changes were nothing more than an effort by Kevin Nolan to save certain players legs for Saturday’s clash against Crawley – for me I could see that it was more about controlling the game and combating the obvious way that Swindon Town play. I felt it was solely to inject pace into our team at a time when Swindon Town would be fading from trying to overpower us on the pitch. The tactics were absolutely spot on, and it shows that Kevin Nolan does have more than a plan A. How did the referee perform? I felt the referee was better than most we had in recent weeks, however at times it was clear that he had lost control and even went as far as deciding favourably to whoever made the most fuss (which was usually a group of Swindon Town players). There were some key moments, such as their number 7 tripping one of our players which was totally missed and a kick to Jorge Grant which for me warranted at least a card. Who do we play next? Crawley Town – this will be a totally different game for Notts. Crawley are a side capable of playing very well on their day, they can be physical but generally play in the right way. How should we play them? For Notts they need to apply common-sense, use bulk in midfield to control the flow of the game. Again for me Rob Milsom will be key, as will a fresh Jorge Grant. I would revert back to having Dan Jones at left back, however Matt Tootle should retain his position – the defence must deal with Crawley promptly but in a way which doesn’t rush the play, so it’s vital that the ball is played on the ground when possible. Hopefully Shola Ameobi will be fit, we really missed his presence yesterday but I would like to see him start with Jonathan Forte at the cost of Jon Stead. We need to bide our time, create chances which can be avoided from rushing – with it being vital to not make whoever is upfront not chase everything. Notts generally struggle to get the ball on target, so fewer chances will come if we don’t adjust. Swindon fan views (from Thetownend.com) Stevens: "I made my views early that I did not like this managers way of playing football. We have gone from a side who plays young potential good footballers who were badly handled to a load of old farts past there sell by date and a few loanees playing typical division two football. Thank goodness I missed tonight and will be out of the country for the next month so I don't have to go and watch." Donkey: "Ok, just before I turn in for the night, I'm going to try to be positive. I liked Norris, worked hard, won a lot of headers, put a shift in. Vigs made a cracking save and held the crosses he came for. Also, I had a genuine fear that we'd slide through this division (Vale are bottom), but I believe this team have enough about them to be mid table. They should halt the decline. At the end of last season, I'd have taken that." London Pride: "Just got back after an overnight stay and have to say I am somewhat surprised by Flitcroft summary of the game I can only assume he was at another match. It was 100% a penalty as all us could quite clearly see from where we were sat. I have watched every game this year home and away and my confidence in us getting promoted at the first attempt has started to fade. We are clearly not a very good side with some very average players and a manager whose tactics are extremely questionable. The mindless aimless hoof ball that was on display last night which is seeming to become the norm is extremely embarrassing to watch. The only way that we will ever make the playoffs this season is if there are 18 other teams more crap than us." Share your thoughts about this tactical analysis piece on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Notts County have the chance of topping the fledgling League Two table on Friday night if they beat Accrington Stanley at Meadow Lane. The Magpies have improved game by game this season, with the 3-0 loss to Coventry City largely forgotten now thanks to improved performances and results. With those over the Trent playing on Saturday, the Notts fixture has had to be moved, but if it all goes well, the Black and White Army can kickstart the bank holiday weekend the perfect way. Ahead of the game, Pride of Nottingham spoke to Accrington fan Alan to get an insight on the opposition. About Alan: I've been supporting Stanley since 2005, through my dad taking me to games as a kid, and my favourite player is Paul Mullin. You're known as "the club that wouldn't die" - what's it been like supporting the club in recent years? The last few years haven't been so bad to be fair. In the 60s, when the club went bankrupt, I've heard about how the town itself suffered and everyone was miserable before it was reformed. Then in the late 2000s we weren't far off it again. This decade we've had two playoff finishes and we're still dreaming of going up the leagues. Since promotion to League Two in 2006, you've finished in the lower half of the table every season except for two, where you had playoff finishes in 2011 and 2016 - why such fluctuation in positions? As good as it was reaching the playoffs, the problem is if you don't follow through and get promoted from them, and particularly in League Two, other clubs will identify your players as good prospects and snap them up. This happened both times, with many of our star players moving on, so it's back to square one. That milk advert from the 1980s - do Accrington fans hear it a lot from away fans? What are your thoughts on it - a joke that's worn thin or something more positive? I find it irritating as hell personally. Yes, we're not exactly a huge club, but now we're in the Football League, aren't we? I doubt either of those two kids made it beyond playing for their pub team. But some fans enjoy the recognition and say it's put the town and club on the map. Accrington is a bit of a bogey team for Notts, who haven't beaten Stanley in the last 6 games. Have you seen any of the games and what did you make of the Notts performances? I went to the last two home games against County. The first one we went 3-0 up and you lot seemed clueless, in all fairness, but you nearly pegged it back and it ended 3-2. The second one, we won 2-0 and it was our first home win for months - again, I feel we were more focused and organised than you on the day. But you lot have had a bad few years, from what I gather - I expect a much harder game this weekend. Favourite memory as a supporter? The 2015-16 season, where we were second in League Two and two points clear of fourth with just one game to go. Sadly we could only draw against Stevenage and other results went against us, and we couldn't negotiate the playoffs. So painful, but prior to that, a cracking season. And we got our own back against Stevenage the following year! Danger men for Accrington this season / who should Notts watch out for? Billy Kee is the main man, top scorer the last couple seasons and always a threat up front. And Sean McConville is quality too, a solid midfielder with an eye for goal and even better at creating chances for his teammates. Final score / scorers I'd love to say a good solid win but being realistic, I reckon a draw. 1-1, Kee to get our goal. Share your thoughts about this Opposition View on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Allow Milsom to hold the ball and direct the tempo, play Grant just in front of him within a free roaming position (he needs to get hold of the ball and to influence it) - use the two wingers we signed in Hawkridge and Alessandra. Give the forwards a bit more bite, so rest either Ameobi or Stead (this won't happen). Ensure the defence is focused on protecting Collin, as Morecambe do have some very good team players who would love to take a shot at distance. This, and the fact they can be quite physical. We as a club will be thinking '3 points' and we need to work hard to achieve this. I don't see it being an easy game, not at all and it will take for us to play well in order to pull anything convincing off. The good thing is that we have played better at Meadow Lane, so use the Chesterfield game as a base to instruct the players. I can see the score being something like 2-1, 3-1 (if things go right for us).
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    Hello and welcome to Pride of Nottingham's PONcast, episode 23. In this week's episode we discuss Notts County's 1-0 win over Port Vale, recap August 2017 and look forward to September's remaining fixtures, analysing each team that the Magpies will be coming up against over the next three weeks. PONcast hosts Chris and JJ also discuss the possibility of Saturday night 7:45pm kickoffs being introduced, and whether the game should resist changes to the traditional 3pm slot on Saturday. All this and more in PONcast episode 23, only on Pride of Nottingham! Share your thoughts about this week's PONcast by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Notts County are enjoying a purple patch at present, sitting second in League Two thanks to a four-game winning run, and eight unbeaten in all competitions. Up next for the Magpies is a local derby with Lincoln City coming to Meadow Lane to try their luck against Kevin Nolan's well-drilled side. Here is Chris's Scouting Report for this week. History Notts County and Lincoln City have met a total of 65 times in competitive matches over the years. The first fixture took the place all the way back in November 1893, a Division Two game in Nottingham which resulted in an away win for the Imps. The record currently stands at 34 wins for Notts, 15 defeats, and 16 draws. The last game between the two took place on 13 April 2010, a 3-1 win at Meadow Lane with goals from Lee Hughes, Graeme Lee and Delroy Facey and a strike from Steven Lennon for the opposition. Notts have won the last two meetings, with a draw prior to those and three defeats preceding that. Run-down of their last six features Saturday 19th August – Exeter City 1 Lincoln City 0 Saturday 26th August – Lincoln City 4 Carlisle 1 Saturday 2nd September – Lincoln City 0 Luton Town 0 Saturday 9th September – Stevenage 1 Lincoln City 2 Tuesday 12th September – Forest Green Rovers 0 Lincoln City 1 Saturday 16th September – Lincoln City 0 Mansfield Town 1 The Players – Fact Sheet Highest Goal Scorers; Matt Green 3, Alex Woodyard 2, Oliver Palmer 2 and Billy Knott 2. Persistent Foulers; Matt Green 1 red card and 1 yellow card, Neal Eardley 3 yellow cards, Sean Raggett 3 yellow cards and Michael Bostwick 2 yellow cards. The Key Players Matt Green is the most well-known threat that Lincoln City bolster within their squad, he’s a mobile striker and useful on the ball – some may consider him past his former best but he is a player that is able to cause concern within any League Two defence. Despite the name Alex Woodyard is a very practical midfielder, he’s attacking minded but does have a bit of a temper. He’s pretty direct, likes to try to influence the tempo and adds a creative flair to The Imps midfield. They also have the experienced Michael Bostwick who plays to a similar fashion as Alex Woodyard, however he offers a defence mind-set even when going forward – his ability to pass and carve open teams is something Notts should be mindful of at all times. Style of Play, Strengths, and Weaknesses Lincoln City like to play the passing game, usually it starts from the back and builds going forward. The majority of play tends to come from the flanks, and The Imps move the ball around very nicely even in limited space – they also deal very well with scrappy play often making the most of any opportunities that presents itself. Like the majority of League Two teams, Lincoln prefer to play defensively but within an attacking mind-set. They tend to commit plenty of players at the back, yet can break extremely well through a single player at any given moment. Their height offers them good options on goal, and is useful at the back when defending. However, from a defensive point of view – they do not like pace or direct runs into areas whereby there’s plenty of space. Whilst struggling to defend on break, and even from set pieces or crosses. This can force them to rush their own play, and has seen them give the ball away quite cheaply but they prefer to get the play back on the ground and ball to feet. Positional wise they organise themselves very well when given time, yet in the moment or under heavy threat it can become a free-for-all. If allowed to play, Lincoln impress – they have the ability to deliver long throw ins and often shoot from distance if space isn’t available to them. For Notts it will be about controlling the play, whilst building themselves from the back – the midfield will have to be grouped and prepared to make direct runs when chances occur. As opportunities will arise where the Magpies’ will be able to make chances pay from the open play. Share your thoughts about this scouting report on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Notts County manager Kevin Nolan has admitted that he does not know what his team to face Lincoln City will be, describing his selection headache as "brilliant". The Magpies welcome the Imps to Meadow Lane on Saturday with the possibility of making it nine games unbeaten, or even five wins on the spin in League Two. In addition, Nolan has not ruled out the possibility of Shola Ameobi and Shaun Brisley playing, despite the former having missed the last two games with a hamstring injury and the latter having limped off against Crawley Town. “Shaun we’ll look after with 48 hours until the game still,” the Notts gaffer told the Nottingham Post. “Shola I don’t think will be available. That said, knowing Shola, he’s someone who could walk in on Friday and say he’s fine, not that he would walk straight back into the team. “It’s always great when you have everyone available. Apart from that, all the lads seem good and up for it. “Me and Thommo (Richard Thomas) sat in the office for four hours the other day and we still don’t have a clue who will play! “It’s brilliant when you have that. Last year we had maybe 13 or 14 players you could pick from one week to another. Now we’ve got two teams.” Share your thoughts about this news story on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    I'm curious what other fans think about the contract extension and how much of a good thing it is for us as a club? It's brilliant in my opinion, it shows how we are finally a forward thinking club and of course the hard-work behind the scenes comes into play. We have cut and changed the managers at Meadow Lane under previous regimes (even Munto) but so far Kevin Nolan and Alan Hardy are doing wonders. For me it breeds confidence and is an excellent sign for the players (not only them but us fans). It really does highlight the far distance we have come in such a short distance of time. Myself and @Joe Jones discussed the contract talks in the latest Pride of Nottingham PONcast. I've also written my own thoughts at length inside this article below, so I am keen to see what your thoughts are. Have your say, let PON know. COYP!!
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    It's here where I would suggest to avoid unnecessary changes. Obviously we have to tackle the Brisley injury, I'd be tempted to either push Jones there or Hewitt. We also have Hunt (who may look more comfortable in a position which suites his age/lack of mobility). It presents an opportunity for someone and within this Notts squad it really should be taken. I wouldn't change much upfront or within the midfield, if Hewitt reverts to a CB position - leave Milsom and Yates in the middle. Keep Hawkridge and Grant, say Alessandra for the bench. I know people are calling for Lewis to start, however he doubles up as an attacking option if we struggle and it's best suited. Also, I disagree that Terry Hawkridge hasn't deserved to start, he's been class since coming and we all know what effect playing your ex club has one a player in form.
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    Hello and welcome to episode 25 of the Pride of Nottingham PONcast, presented by Chris and JJ. This week's episode reflects on Notts County's recent wins over Swindon Town and Crawley Town, analysing how the Magpies performed from a tactical perspective. We also cast an eye over to the upcoming derby with Lincoln City, looking at how Notts should approach the game. In addition, we ask who the team's unsung hero has been so far this season and look into what Kevin Nolan's impending new contract means for him and the club. We also discuss how long we have been supporting Notts and why we do so, reminiscing about our younger years, and read out some of your stories from PON's social media pages, where you talk about how you got into supporting the mighty Pies. All this and more in the Pride of Nottingham PONcast, episode 25! Share your thoughts about this week's PONcast by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    A key member of the Notts County side that enjoyed a swift climb to the top flight of English football, Gary Lund was born on 13 September 1964 in Cleethorpes. He began his career at local club Grimsby Town and made his debut in September 1983, shortly after his 19th birthday, against Barnsley. Reminiscing about his debut, the forward told independent GTFC site The Fishy: "I replaced the injured Kevin Drinkell (I think) and came close to scoring when I hit the bar. I was substituted with about 20 mins to go. I suppose it was an average success!" Lund made 60 appearances in total for the Mariners, with a good return rate of 24 goals in that time, including two hat-tricks, against Sheffield United and, ironically, Notts. In 1986, after three years in the Grimsby senior setup, he upped sticks and moved to Lincoln City, where he spent one season, playing 44 games and scoring 13 goals. Then came his stint at Meadow Lane, joining in the pre-season of 1987-88, one of many changes at the club with Derek Pavis coming on board and John Barnwell taking over the first-team reins from the retired Jimmy Sirrel. In his first season at Notts, he scored 20 goals in Division Three, plus one in the Associate Members' Cup, as the Magpies finished fourth and secured a playoff place, only to succumb in the semi-finals to Walsall. The 1988-89 season was less remarkable for both Notts and Lund, who scored just eight goals all season as the Magpies finished ninth in the division, but with Neil Warnock taking over in January, things were about to get very exciting for the club. Lund broke into double figures again as Notts finished third in the third division, before navigating the playoffs and securing a place in the second tier. The following season, Lund became more of a rotational player as Dave Regis joined in September, making 16 appearances and only scored five goals all season, though one of these was the 89th-minute winner against Manchester City in the fifth round of the FA Cup. That year, Notts secured back-to-back promotions after finishing fourth and once again enjoying a successful stab at the playoffs. With Notts now a top-flight side, Lund found himself on the fringes of the first team, making just 13 appearances (10 starts, 3 subs) as the strike force was repeatedly chopped and changed, sadly to no avail as the Magpies slipped back into the second tier. Lund made more appearances in 1992-93 as Notts struggled to re-adapt to life in the new Division One, finishing 17th, and also had a loan stint at Hull City. When Warnock was sacked and Mick Walker was brought in, Lund eventually found himself back in top form, with 1993-94 yielding 12 goals in the league and a further seven in cup competitions, of which five came in the Anglo-Italian Cup on the way to the final. When asked about the best manager he worked under, Lund told The Fishy: "Mick Walker at Notts. He was only manager for a short time but we played some wonderful football in his time and only just missed out on the first division playoffs." The following season proved very bittersweet for Notts as they won the Anglo-Italian Cup but were relegated from Division One. It proved to be Lund's last season at Notts as he then joined Chesterfield, where he remained until 1997, when he hung up his boots. A loyal servant at Notts who made close to 250 appearances, Gary Lund will always be remembered fondly by the Black and White Army. Share your thoughts about this Notts Alumni piece on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Kevin Nolan has praised Notts County's mentality in claiming a fourth win on the bounce against Crawley Town on Saturday. Jorge Grant bagged the winner from Jonathan Forte's cross-shot at the Broadfield Stadium to leave the Magpies in rude health at the top of League Two. The Notts gaffer told the official site following the 1-0 win: “I’m absolutely delighted. The lads have got a mentality about them now. “They’ve come here and made sure they played the way they wanted to play and countered Crawley’s strengths. I thought we deserved the win. “When we’re not on top form in possession, we make sure we scrap and battle. Sometimes you’ve got to put your body on the line.” “There’s more to come from these lads. Their confidence will grow and they’re learning every day. “I feel we’re going to continue to get better if we can keep working the way we have. “The attitude and application was absolutely fantastic today and that’s why we’ve won the game.” Share your thoughts about this news story on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    I'd love to learn more personal accounts of this, already on social media we have had a flurry of responses but I actually know very little about the background story. Nonetheless I thought I would share this and see what the PON members have to say about it! Please do share your thoughts, memories etc. So, what do you remember? Did you attend? Have you ever won anything on Lifeline? COYP
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    One striking difference I have noticed during the 2017-18 League Two season for Notts is that Kevin Nolan has delivered on his words. He has his side playing for the shirt, he’s tightened up the defence and made each player accountable on the pitch. It’s hard to imagine Notts playing like they did last season, especially under John Sheridan. When you think about changing the philosophy a team plays, you wouldn’t expect the changes to be made so quickly – yet it was visible upon the appointment of Nolan that we have someone unlike the previous managers at Meadow Lane. Whilst I would like to point out that it’s early days, I know enough fans who have warned me about the ‘Shaun Derry’ effect – but I do believe the club is moving in a clear direction, in fact I would say from the board down we are finally a club moving together. The positivity around Meadow Lane is a joy right now, I have noticed fans who had stopped attending games due to the frustration (and various other reasons) are now back. Home games are just another level, and although at times the Kop could be louder and the players could perform a little better – the fact we are grinding results out is such a positive thing right now. The stability level at Notts is at a new high, and this is something I hope will continue for a long time. In previous articles, I have mentioned concerns which I do feel are starting to be addressed. I’m pleased for Jonathan Forte and Rob Milsom who played well against Swindon Town – in a game where more than a few fans questioned the decision by Kevin Nolan to change five starting players. I actually think Carl Dickinson picked up during the game and played well, although he looked like he was desperately needing match time early on (as he looked a little rusty). This demonstrates the availability we have within the squad, although I do agree there are areas which can be approved – this can happen come January. I’ve always said it’s important for Notts County to send a signal of intent, not solely from the players that are signed but from the way we operate business on and off the field. I feel it’s important for all players to feel respected, and settled within their squad duties. This starts from the board, yet it continues within the management and team dressing room. This is why I feel the contract talks between Alan Hardy and Nolan over the latter's future is pivotal to the success we may see this season. Having the players see him secure a new contract on the merit of the work already achieved is such a huge reward, it sends the most positive message out of Meadow Lane and it’s a signal of intent that the football club is moving forwards. Previous seasons I have been nervous seeing players’ contracts dwindle down, whether this was down to not knowing what the following season's budget was, debt, or simply a case of the players being unsure over their futures. The foundations outlined by the managerial team is a big part of any club's success, I know this is football basics but for our club it seems to have been lost within the recent years. So, it’s just good to see the positivity right now. I firmly believe the team performances will improve further, it will just take that moment for things to click on the pitch – hopefully between our strikers we have enough to continue. Yet the goals are coming from all over the pitch, and one area I would love to see Notts score from is a corner – it seems like ages ago since we have done. Though whilst it is early days, we must continue with our support and try to make Meadow Lane as lively as possible – after Jon Stead scored against Swindon Town I honestly feel the Kop shown its potential and this must create a buzz for the players. I’m just very keen to see the work-rate continue, and would actively encourage Kevin Nolan to pen his contract – as I feel he can take the club much further than from the foot of the League Two table to where we currently stand. You Pies! Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Notts County have made it seven matches unbeaten in all competitions thanks to victory over Swindon Town on Tuesday night. The Robins came to Meadow Lane hoping to extend their superb away record in League Two, but luckily - for us - it wasn't to be. Arguably the toughest opponent on paper for Notts so far this season since Coventry City, Kevin Nolan's charges were well drilled and well organised. The winner came midway through the first half as Olly Lancashire conceded a penalty, which Jon Stead duly rattled home. County's win puts them second in the League Two table and ensures that the Black and White Army is on a great wavelength as autumn rolls in. Pride of Nottingham spoke to a number of Notts County fans and asked them a few questions ahead of the game, including whether Jonathan Forte has anything left to prove to Kevin Nolan, which player has exceeded their expectations the most, and of course the score prediction. Share your thoughts about this week's Meet the Fans on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    It's just not good enough, I'm starting to run out of things to moan about! Can't fault yesterday's performance, it was a big gamble to make so many changes for the match, especially against strong opponents, but it worked. Still waiting for Stead to score in open play though
  19. 3 points
    Of course we shouldn't get too carried away......especially at this early stage of the season, because a run of 4 or 5 games without a win could drop the team half the length of the table. But at this moment its all points in the bag, and if we hit a bad run later in the season we can hopefully ride it out and return to form without losing too much ground. Having said that, this good start is good for confidence and team spirit. Winning matches gets to be a habit. I do think we have a pretty good squad of players, although like most fans, I wanted to see another striker brought in, and there will need to be one or two additions in January as suspensions and perhaps injuries start to kick in. But I have to say I think we WILL still be up there challenging when the time comes, all on the momentum of a good start to the season.
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    Collin 7: He wasn't called upon much but he's starting to organise the defence very well, he made some very good saves also. Hunt 5: Capable performance but nothing impressive. Jones 8: He's highlighted why Kevin Nolan signed him, very good performance from start to finish! His defensive work was excellent. Duffy 5.5: Rushed played, but generally did alright when he was actually in position. Brisley 6.5: Defended very well, even when he was on his own he held the line and dealt with things very effectively. Hawkridge: Solid performance, he ran his heart out and contributed very well. Hewitt 5: I wasn't very impressed overall, yet he ran a lot and slotted in nicely. He just never stood out! Yates 7: Looked very confident on the ball, and he passed it around very nicely - even winning the ball back at times. Grant 6: He did alright, but Morecambe pinned multiple players on him and he struggled for this reason. Despite all this he was still direct and tricky! Ameobi 6: Solid, though we missed him badly in the second half. He's a joy to watch with his clever play and attacking mindset! Stead 4.5: He tried, nothing much else about him stands out bar the one shot he had (where Hawkridge I think was better placed). Subs Forte 7: He pressured Morecambe, and tried to get stuck in. The midfield didn't service him and his strike partner was largely A.W.O.L on the pitch. For his goal he took it very well. Milsom 6: Direct, keen to get forward and to contribute defensively to the team. For me, he highlighted why he deserves to start! Alessandro N/A
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    I feel we should believe, and have faith but really it's early days. There's a feel around Meadow Lane though which would suggest we can do something special this season, I firmly believe we can but I wouldn't suggest at this stage that we could walk the league or even win it. As always there is that chance, so I wouldn't fault anyone but I would echo how fickle football is as a sport. You win a boring game where we was outplayed and performed badly, though it's the win people remember. When you play quite well, but lack the chances which most people judge 'good performances' on and it's a complete contrast to the previous example. We should avoid getting carried a way, whilst at the same time we should give our backing to the players more. If we lose a couple, it will switch to relegation or how crap we are. We just need to remember it's all about stability this season.
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    Bit late but what are your full table predictions for the League Two season? Btw these are different to my first predictions. I updated them when the transfer window shut. Some might be strange considering their start to the season. E.g. Chesterfield, Accrington, Newport, Colchester. Remember, we're 5 games in, a lot can change. 1.Luton Town (C,P) - By far the best squad in the division. Hylton, Collins and Berry scored 59 goals between them last season in this league for different teams and are sure to be formidable this season. Shinnie and McCormack are also great signings for this division. Got nearly the exact same spine as the team that finished 4th. Should take them one further. 2.Coventry City (P) - Got a manager who knows this level and the club very well. McNulty and Beavon will score goals at this level and Jodi Jones is a good young talent as we have seen. Rod McDonald has won this league before and is solid at the back. Their owners might be donkeys but they have a good enough squad to go back up. 3.Mansfield Town (P) - I hate them. I really hate them. All Notts fans do. With their fans up their own arses every minute and their 3 sided shed of a ground. But Steve Evans has won many promotions. He's assembled a decent enough squad with the standout signings probably Calum Butcher (2 consecutive promotions from L1) and David Mirfin. They haven't had a great start but things will pick up. See Rotherham's 2012-13 season for similarities. 4.Lincoln City - A lot of teams have won promotion from the Conference and gone straight through. Danny Cowley has proven he's a good young manager. They have made some decent signings too including Michael Bostwick, Neal Eardley and Jordan Maguire-Drew. Plus they've kept hold of the core of players which won promotion. Matt Green should assure goals. 5.Colchester United (P) - COLU have a quite a decent team. Kurtis Guthrie scored a dozen last season before picking up an injury. They have quality in the team including Sean Murray, Craig Slater, Ben Dickenson and Kyel Reid. I didn't see Blackpool being anywhere near the play-offs but hey they won promotion and I can see Colchester surprising a few. 6.Stevenage - Signing Danny Newton and keeping Matt Godden means Stevenage have one of the most potent strike forces in the division. Keeping Ben Kennedy was important too. They almost got into the top 7 last season but just missed out. If they can continue their strong start and reignite the home form they had in the earlier part of this year, then a play-off spot is a real possibility. 7.Exeter City - They have had the best start out of anyone and the Grecians seemed to have got over their Play-Off final defeat. They might have lost Ollie Watkins and David Wheeler but they have made some decent signings and have a solid centre-back partnership with Jordan Moore-Taylor and Troy Brown. Another play off finish is likely. 8.Cambridge United - Getting rid of Luke Berry is big for Cambridge. It was very difficult to predict which four teams would make the play-offs and Cambridge will be up there but selling Luke Berry is big. A goalscoring midfielder which is rare for this level. Ibehre is a good signing who will provide goals. They will miss out. Just. Just. 9.Swindon Town - David Flitcroft knows this level well having previously won promotion with Bury. They have brought in some experienced players this summer with the likes of Chris Robertson, Ben Purkiss and Matt Taylor. Also bought in some younger players to help like Timi Elsnik on loan from Derby, Paul Mullin and also spent 350,000 on Kaiyne Woolery whilst also keeping Lawrence Vigouroux. A play off spot is a possibility and they have bounced back straight away when they have been relegated to this league before but their lack of defensive cover is worrying and they haven't got a the potency in attack like Stevenage or maybe even Colchester have. 10.Notts County - Yes. 10th. Calm. We've had a good start to the season but the play-offs is just out of reach unless we sign a quick striker. But if we're gonna play Alessandra there, we need a backup winger. We have a solid partnership in Brisley and Duffy and it's nice see us press teams when we don't have the ball but we lack that little bit more up top if we're going to sneak in and if we do get injuries then our chances are very limited. A good togetherness is something we have and I am thankful for it and it's good to see us grinding out wins when we're not at our best. A little money spent in January on players and we could finish higher. But for now, 10th it is. 11.Chesterfield - Might be strange seeing as they've had a bad start. But I still feel they've bought decent players. Gozie Ugwu scored 17 goals in the National League last season for Woking. Chris O'Grady is an alright player for this level. Louis Reed is a good loan signing whilst also having the experience of Scott Wiseman and Robbie Weir to call upon. But their woeful season last season and continuing boardroom shenanigans means they will need to stablise first. 12.Carlisle United - Despite a dreadful run of form in early 2017, Carlisle still managed to get into the play-offs last season before losing to Exeter. Their defensive cover this season is very limited and whilst they do have some alright creative players like Jamie Devitt, Jason Kennedy and Nicky Adams, there are better teams in this division and the Cumbrians may need to take a step backwards to go forwards. 13.Grimsby Town - Russell Slade is a very safe option as manager with a lot of clubs and experience to his name. He almost got the Mariners promoted from this league in the 2005-06 season but just fell short. The former Notts manager has added experienced lower league players in the form of Nathan Clarke and Martyn Woolford along with promotion winner Karleigh Osborne and younger players such as Harry Cardwell, Sam Kelly, JJ Hooper and Mitch Rose. I can see them having a quiet season. Not being anywhere near relegation but just not having enough to get into the top 7. 14.Accrington Stanley - I feel slightly bad for putting Accy this low. But once the transfer window shuts, I can't make any further adjustments. They've had a good start to the season, scoring many and with John Coleman, who knows the club like the back of his hand, as manager then a play-off place could be on the cards. The promotion race is so tight this year that over half of the division nearly have a chance. They always find someway to defy the odds season after season and this year they might make the play offs. Not for me though. 15.Wycombe Wanderers - Might be controversial but I just don't see it this season. Gareth Ainsworth has done very well with a shoestring budget. They have the experience of Adebayo Akinfenwa, Nathan Tyson and Craig Mackail-Smith and solid peformers such as Joe Jacobson, Anthony Stewart and Matt Bloomfield as well as the quick and creative Paris Cowan-Hall. But I feel the teams I've put above Wycombe have just that little bit more. But as I said, the play off race is wide open. 16.Crewe Alexandra - David Artell has done well since taking over in January. He kept Crewe away from the bottom two and has signed experience performers like Chris Porter and Michael Raynes and has kept Chris Dagnall and the promising George Cooper but their lack of defensive cover is worrying and with a lot of young players in the squad, the play-offs and the top half maybe a bridge too far. 17.Barnet - Yes, I have put them this low despite the signing of Dave Tarpey who scored 44 goals in the National League South last season. Now they have one of the better striker forces in the division. Rossi Eames looks a very capable young manager but I'm still not sure about them just yet. They have kept John Akinde which was massively important but I still feel they need more in defence to make a further push up the table. 18.Port Vale - What is going on here? Michael Brown was appointed in January after the ill fated reign of Bruno Ribeiro. The squad was not sufficiently improved in January and they went down. There has been a mass clear out in the summer with many players leaving and many new players walking through the entrance doors of Vale Park but the Valliants won't go anywhere until Norman Smurthwaite is rid of. Vale are in a kind of similar to position as to what we were back in 2015-16 with a lot of players going out and a lot of new players coming in, as well as an inexperienced manager and an owner who the fans dislike very much. All this combined and Vale will be here for a while until a new owner is found. 19.Forest Green Ratbags - Dale Vince and his small ocean of vegan motion have had a tough start to life in the Football League conceding goals left, right and centre. Not helped by the fact young centre-back, Ethan Pinnock, was sold to Barnsley. They have the goals of Christian Doidge to help keep them up but their defensive record is very worrying. Whilst they have bought in experienced players such as Mark Roberts, Lee Collins and Scott Laird I can't see Mark Cooper's side doing much. 20.Yeovil Town - Another team who are conceding goals a lot, the Glovers have had a mixed start. The signing of Olufela Olomola on loan from Southampton has turned out well with the striker scoring 4 goals in his first 5 appearances. Jake Gray and Connor Smith are also decent captures but there squad stil feels very average and they have shown they need to stop leaking goals at a considerable rate to have a chance of staying up. They will stay up but with only a few games to go. 21.Crawley Town - Another season. Another new manager. Another overhaul of the playing squad. Another relegation battle? Probably. Crawley haven't been great since they came down from League One and I can only just see them escaping by a few points this time. Harry Kewell being in an inexperienced manager, his philosophy might take time to bed in especially with so many new players. They have the experience of Jimmy Smith, Dean Cox and Danny Bulman but also a few foreign players who might take time adjusting to this level of football. Staying up. Only just 22.Morecambe - The Shrimps are always tipped for relegation and always avoid it. Even at the most difficult times last season with the clubs finances dwindling, Jim Bentley managed to unite the team and fans and they got the results needed to stay clear of the bottom two. But with one of the smallest budgets in the division, the task gets harder every season. Adam Campbell isn't a good signing at all. I despise that man. No end product. Former Notts players Vadaine Oliver and Garry Thompson have arrived at the Globe Arena but the Lancashire club have conceded 91 and 76 goals in the last two seasons respectively and it is only going to be an uphill task to keep the club in the Football League. Bentley will do it by a very small margin. 23.Newport County (R) - They escaped last year by the very slim skin of their very wobbly teeth. They also finished 22nd the previous season. Whilst they have made some alright signings and I feel like I should have put them higher, we are only 5 games in. There is a long way to go. 24.Cheltenham Town (R) - They stayed up just last season and were by far one of the worst teams I saw play at Meadow Lane last season. Their squad is worse than average. They might have kept Harry Pell but he was still part of the struggling team that finished 21st last season. And whilst they have a promising youngster in Mohamed Eisa, I can't see anything else other than relegation for the Robins.
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    Sorry Kev, but given this is the meme of the moment, it has to be done
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    So first game back at meadow lane and once again full of disappointment lol. I really see this as 2 points dropped in my opinion and what has angered me about this game was Kevin Nolan's managerial inexperience. There was absolutely no need for Tootle to be on the pitch at 80 mins with a yellow card already, NO NEED. Nicky Hunt came on but it was too little too late. Nolan must use his subs more wisely and spread them out. I personally am not a fan of time wasting and so i do not agree with bringing subs on in extra time either. I understand Collin cant do everything but he needs to step up. The last minute save was outstanding i admit but how on earth can we rely on a keeper that saves 1/3 shots on target from clear goal scoring positions. My ratings and reasons are as follows. Collin - 5 - Outstanding save which denied Stanley the game, must work on his vision and positioning, think the guy just needs some confidence in his own ability. Tootle - 5 - All round good performance, silly sending off and his first yellow for time wasting was deserved. Duffy - 6 - Got into some good attacking positions from set pieces and thought he did ok. Brisely - 5 - Like @Piethagoram said is OK at best for this level. Jones - 7 - Some good exchange play with Hawkridge down the wing at times and some crosses looked deadly. I was pleased with his performance Hawkridge - 8 - Class signing. Does some real chasing and pressure. Real good performance from the lad. Hewitt - 7 - Really good work put in CM for him today, did a lot of the legs for the team. I take back my comments on him after seeing him play. Yates - 4 - Went missing! Did not even realise he was on the pitch second half. Grant - 8 - Class control for the goal. Real danger and opposition teams will start to see this and put 2 men on him. Stead - 6.5 - I thought he played a big part tonight. Holding up the ball and letting Hawkridge and Grant run free. Ameobi - 6.5 - Similar roll to Stead and think he had some real goal scoring opportunities but one he took on and should've passed it.
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    I could completely forget about the first half, it was just very poor and despite taking the lead it just wasn't memorable at all. Lincoln City had the right idea at first, however their constant time wasting and diving became frustrating to watch. Their keeper was a shambles but I don't really want to dwell on this negative side. Second half was much better! I keep saying we are a capable team and very good when we pass the ball on the ground. Them pulling level was a warning sign for us, yet pulling back ahead gave us confidence. The passing at times was a joy to watch, as was each of the three goals in the second half. I don't think we can say Lincoln was a poor side, they just didn't help themselves and really they seemed to give up. I do feel the red card was somewhat soft, yet if you go by the rules he had to go. It was dangerous and he shown his studs, horrible challenge.
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    From a Lincoln fan I think it will be 3 2 to notts county, you go 2 0 up in the first 60 minutes and then harry anderson will come on and bag a brace, then Hawkridge will grab a last minute goal. From what I can tell you don't have the quickest squad, so we will get our goals from pure pace. Sidenote on Hawkridge, I don't think he'll get stick, the fans understand he left for his boyhood club and guarenteed football, something he wouldn't get with us because he's not a "Lincoln player"
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    Rob Milsom has admitted that he was disappointed and frustrated to not be playing for Notts County earlier in the season, but a positive conversation with manager Kevin Nolan changed his outlook. The 2016-17 Notts player of the year found opportunities hard to come by earlier in the season, being mostly restricted to a substitute's role. Milsom went on to make his first start in the 1-0 win over Swindon Town and kept his place for the win at Crawley Town by the same scoreline. Following his first start, Nolan claimed that a "ruckus" had taken place between himself and Milsom, while the player himself suggests that it had been nothing more than a conversation. Milsom told the Nottingham Post: “I was frustrated at the start of the season not to be playing, but I’ve just got to keep working hard and when I get my opportunity, try to take it. “We just had a conversation. Obviously I was disappointed not to be playing, and I think that showed through. It was sort of written all over my face. “I have a lot of respect for him (Nolan) and his opinions, and what he wants to do. It was a good conversation. It was a positive one, not a negative conversation. “But since the conversation, it’s been brilliant. I’ve got my head down and worked hard in training. Hopefully I’ve taken my opportunities in the games that have come my way. “I don’t think there was too much of ‘clear the air’. I was just disappointed not to be playing. We had a conversation and that was that, really. It was just about me moving forward and doing the best for the team and the club. “I think I just needed to wait for my opportunity. I got that against Swindon. It was up to me to take that opportunity. If I’m picked to play, then I’ll give my all. Hopefully that’s enough for me to stay in the team for the following game.” Share your thoughts about this news story on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    This week, we have a surprise for you on Pride of Nottingham - we have not one but two Opposition Views for this weekend's League Two clash between Notts County and Lincoln City. Alongside our chat with Luke Kempson, we have also spoken to 20-year-old Andrew Bruce (@andrewbruce97), who has given PON another great insight into life as an Imps supporter. About Andrew: Truth be told, I’ve only been watching City since 2015, and I’d describe myself as being a fan since late 2016. I got into the club after moving to Lincoln in September 2015 to study at the university and have regularly watched games ever since. As I have only supported City for a short time I don’t have a huge array of players to pick from, but it is a tough pick between Sean Raggett and Alex Woodyard. As Raggs has actually moved on now (but is back on loan from Norwich) I’ll have to say Woodyard – a proper fans’ favourite. Q1- You guys were in non-league for a number of years. What went wrong and how has it been put right? Well, as just stated I wasn’t around the club at that time, and I can’t imagine how awful it must have been. I have read a lot about that period though and what I can gather is that Chris Sutton quitting as manager was a blow. Yes, he was a contentious figure, and made some awful loan signings, but he wasn’t helped by board disagreements over budget and FA Cup funds not being made available to him. However, the general consensus is had he stayed longer into his second season we would have stayed up in 2010-11. After he left relegation was almost inevitable. I think what changed was partly the fan group, the 617 Squadron, forming in late 2011 – and Bob Dorrian, the chairman, really stepping up and putting everything on the line to keep City afloat. Although it was 6 years in non-league, it was 6 years of a sort of stability that made people really appreciate the club – how it could have been taken away with that relegation and that this was a chance to build the club back up to where it belonged. Q2- Danny Cowley has been a revelation - just what makes him so special? Oh, Danny. What a man. Don’t forget about Nicky though too! The brothers are special in that this is their first professional job, and first time in the Football League, so they are giving it absolutely everything they’ve got. Their man-management is exceptional – they are people who players want to play under, and the way they keep the team going is unbelievable. This team never stop – we scored a lot of late goals last season and it was certainly no fluke, so the energy Danny and Nicky have instilled into the team is crucial. Also, his inherent belief in statistics and sports science played a huge part in the success of last year, and it is an approach not seen often in this level of football. Q3- You enjoyed a good cup run last season - can you give us an assessment of it? The cup run caught a lot of people off-guard I imagine, especially as it started so inauspiciously in the qualifying round against Guiseley. My first game of the competition was the 1st round against Altrincham, and from what I remember we were fairly poor that game – edged out the side in a division below us and definitely didn’t look like a cup-run sort of side. The next round against Oldham was the turning point not just in the Cup, but the season. There were over 7,000 fans inside Sincil Bank, which was unheard of at that stage, and it was the perfect game. Up 3-0 by half-time against a team 2 leagues above you, then concede 2 quickfire goals midway through the 2nd half, so you’re left so on edge for the last 15 minutes you’re in the row below! And as if that wasn’t bad enough, we could barely see the action in the last 5-10 minutes as heavy fog came down and made visibility almost non-existent. It all just added to the game though and made it that bit more special. The Ipswich games were when Lincoln first really caught the attention of the nation, and we were unlucky not to win at Portman Road – over 5,000 Imps made the journey, and the ‘Impvasion’ hashtag was born. But a draw meant that a replay at the Bank, under floodlights and on BBC 1 was required, and the feeling when Nathan Arnold rounded the helpless Ipswich keeper was indescribable. I’d said to my mate minutes earlier “we’ve scored a lot of late goals this season, we could do it again” and then it happened. Yes! Brighton was when most people expected it to end I think, especially when they went 1-0 up – what was I thinking when I thought we could win – they were leading the Championship for goodness sake, what did you expect?! But that penalty from Alan Power and Theo popping up again meant we were in dreamland – we’re going through, and surely we’ll get one of the big boys this time?! No disrespect to Burnley, but the draw was a bit of an anti-climax – we’d earnt a huge tie – a Chelsea, Man United etc, but got Burnley. Now we were definitely going out – Burnley had just drawn against Premier League champions-elect Chelsea the previous week, we had no chance. Their team was fairly strong, but I was determined to enjoy the day, particularly since it was the first Cup away game I’d been to. What. A. Day. No words could give an assessment of that Burnley game – the split second when the David Fishwick stand had our hearts in our mouths, eyes glued to the referee as he looked at his goal decision watch…had Sean Raggett’s header crossed the line? He pointed back to the halfway line and blew, and then it was all a blur. Mental. The Arsenal game really was just a day out, no more than that! Obviously, we all wanted to win, and had hopes of Arsene playing a weak team, but when we saw Koscielny, Ramsey and Sanchez we knew it was over. If only Nathan Arnold had scored that chance in the first half... What a cup run that was though, something that will never be repeated in Lincoln’s history I’m sure, and will take some beating from any non-league side in the future. Not only was it enjoyable on the pitch, but the revenue gained from it was a massive financial boost and has left the club in the black for the first time in years. Q4- With Notts, Lincoln, Chesterfield and Mansfield all in League Two this season, which game are you looking forward to the most? A lot of good derbies in there, and that’s without mentioning Grimsby! But I think after the recent Mansfield match, and how much of a controversial figure Steve Evans is, the away match at Field Mill in January is one I’m particularly looking forward to. Seeing Terry Hawkridge back at the Bank for Notts County at home will be nice as well, providing he doesn’t score at the weekend! Q5- Terry Hawkridge has done well for Notts so far. How will you greet him on Saturday? I’m sure Terry will get a great reception from Imps fans – he left for all the right reasons. He didn’t force his way out or anything like that, he was offered a 1-year deal from City, but a 2-year deal from his hometown club, and arguably a ‘bigger’ side in Notts County. We can all see why he left – plus, towards the last part of the season he was in and out of the team a lot and when he did start he was often the first substituted player, so from his point of view it made sense. It was sad to see one of the heroes of last season go, but we’ll always have those 2 goals against Macclesfield – unforgettable. Q6- Who are your key players this season, and what do you think the score/scorers will be? Although Sean Raggett is only back with us on loan until January he will be vital, as he was last season and so far, this season – he won back-to-back MoTM awards recently. Alex Woodyard does everything all over the pitch, and as the chant goes, he “never gives the ball away!” And finally, Matt Green is our key forward, with electric pace and a poacher’s instinct we’ll be relying on his goals this season. With the way Notts County have started the season this will of course be a tough game, but we’ve been great away from home of late. I’ll go for a 1-1, with Matt Green scoring for City. Share your thoughts about this Opposition View piece on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Voted Yes, the guy is still a quality striker, at present they are not playing to his strengths, he is not a target man. As season progresses believe with more wins and confidence growing we will play it more on the ground and this is whenI feel he is at his very best
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    Crawley Town boss Harry Kewell is expecting an aggressive and entertaining game between his side and Notts County tomorrow. The Magpies travel to the Broadfield Stadium at the weekend with the chance of making it eight games unbeaten in all competitions. Kewell knows Nolan well, having faced him in the Premier League in the 2000s, and is relishing the chance to take him on from the dugout this time. "It's sure to be an aggressive game, but an entertaining one as well," the Australian told the official Crawley website. "I'm sure as fellow former players who've played against each other, we'll both know what we're going to bring with our respective sides. "It'll be tough, they're on a good run, but we've already shown this season we can rise to challenges and tough opposition. "This weekend is no different, we approach every game in the same way." Nolan, meanwhile, spoke fondly of Kewell and says he will be looking forward to renewing acquaintances with him on Saturday. “They (Crawley) made an appointment in the summer which I think probably shocked everybody, in the respect that I didn’t think Harry Kewell would want to go down that route,” Nolan told the Nottingham Post. “But it’s fantastic. It’s nice that people are trying to break the mould and realising that to try to get better, you’ve got to come to League Two to try to prove yourself. Hats off to him. “He was one of the big names in the Premier League. I think the last time I saw him, he was winning a Champions League medal in Istanbul. I was actually with the fans and he was obviously on the pitch with the trophy! “It will be nice to catch up with him and Warren (Feeney, assistant head coach), who was manager of Newport when I was at Accrington. It will be nice to say hello and have a beer with them afterwards.” Share your thoughts about this news story on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    i heard a lot of fans after the 2-0 win against morecambe saying positive things about this season being the real thing, most seemed a little too optimistic for my linking. dont get me wrong i think we should be up there if things continue but the bubble could burst as we all know. the thing i am unsure about is when fans say we are going to walk the league or win it, i think we lack the quality to do either of those especially at such an early point. what do you think? should we avoid getting carried a way?
  33. 2 points
    Collin Tootle Duffy Brisley Jones Alessandra Milsom Grant Hawkridge Stead Forte This would do me fine!
  34. 2 points
    Name: Meet the Fans 17/18 - Swindon Town (12/09/2017) Category: Meet the Fans Date Added: 2017-09-13 Submitter: Chris Pride of Nottingham spoke to a number of Notts County fans and asked them a few questions ahead of the Magpies' League Two meeting with Swindon Town at Meadow Lane, which ended in a 1-0 victory for Kevin Nolan's boys. If you would like to feature, get in touch! Feel free to submit potential questions below and we will look into asking them. Be sure to subscribe, share, like and comment - Your support is greatly appreciated. Visit us on: Website: https://prideofnottingham.co.uk/ Community: https://prideofnottingham.co.uk/community/ Don't forget to register on our site, look out for us on social media and at live games. COYP! Meet the Fans 17/18 - Swindon Town (12/09/2017) Why not subscribe to PrideofNottinghamTV?
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    I look at this game as an important one to win in order to maintain the momentum. With Lincoln, Exeter and Mansfield coming up as our next three fixtures, 3 points on Saturday would give us the right impetus going forward into those games. I'll go for a hard earned 2-1 win, with Tootle and Forte scoring. After that, if we can get four, or five points from those three games, that would set us up nicely for an easier October!
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    Hello and welcome to episode 24 of the Pride of Nottingham PONcast, presented by Chris and JJ. In this week's episode we look back at Notts County's 2-0 win over Morecambe and analyse how the action panned out. We also look ahead to tonight's encounter with Swindon Town and look at how Notts should approach the game. We then move onto looking at how the League Two table looks six games into the campaign, focusing on the early hopefuls for promotion and those who have not taken well to life in the fourth tier. In addition, we discuss whether the upgrades to the Meadow Lane home changing room and training facilities could really help the team improve on the pitch. All this and more in Pride of Nottingham's PONcast, episode 24! Share your thoughts about this week's PONcast by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Lets just stay positive. And hope the team spirit carries us through to a good finish in May. COYP Keep up the good work.
  38. 2 points
    Notts County have climbed to third in League Two and stretched their unbeaten run to six games in all competitions following a 2-0 win over Morecambe. Dan Jones opened the scoring for the Magpies at Meadow Lane with a 27th-minute free kick which was curled expertly round the Shrimps wall and beyond goalkeeper Barry Roche. Morecambe launched a fightback but their efforts were to no avail as Notts struck late on through substitute Jonathan Forte as he broke through and rifled home via the inside of the post. Here is some of the reaction from some of the Notts players, the manager, and the Black and White Army. Kevin Nolan "It was a lot better than last week's performance. I thought we dominated throughout. "The lads were magnificent. They followed up a hard-fought win last week with another top performance and clean sheet today. "As a defensive unit I feel we had to get better from last year. We were leaking goals from here, there and everywhere and now we look like a really good, solid unit. "It was a great all-round performance and I'm absolutely delighed. We're on a decent run now but the games come thick and fast. "We've got another tough one on Tuesday night so we're looking forward to that." Ryan Yates Jorge Grant Adam Collin The fans (from PON's Morecambe match discussion) Chris "I thought Notts played quite well, in spells we really dominated the play but without a few things going our way - this really would have been a draw. "Morecambe was very poor, I thought they would be more aggressive and physical but they only changed once the free-kick had gone in. To be fair, they allowed us to have more time on the ball by using three men to mark players like Jorge Grant. I agree that our football wasn't pretty at times, yet it's very good progress on the back of a very poor season last year and the promising signs are that it's improving. "The injury to Shola Ameobi was a massive blow, though Jonathan Forte has proven that he can come in and score. "The team spirit shined during the period whereby Morecambe threatened, though I must say Duffy looks the weak link in defence and his rushing of the play was very frustrating." Liampie "It was sad to see people leaving around the 75th minute mark moaning about how poor the game was, i thought notts played quite well but lacked fire power and we really did miss shola in the squad half. Second goal people became more cheerful. Good performance and win for me." Share your thoughts about the Morecambe match on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Agree about if we don't get play offs it's a failure. Me and my brother have both said that. If we spend a little bit of money in January on the squad in the right areas we might just sneak into the top 7.
  40. 2 points
    Haha, don't worry about it. This is what the forum is for discussing our opinions. I am happy that the community want to get involved with topics like this.
  41. 2 points
    Should be starting for me! Too much class to be a bench warmer
  42. 2 points
    As we come up to the eight-month mark since Alan Hardy’s takeover I thought I’d shine a light on his achievements so far at Notts County and highlight some key parts of his ownership in the club. A bit of background on the main reason for the takeover. In February 2010 Ray Trew picked up the club with its priceless heritage and the Meadow Lane ground for £1 after Munto Finance, a firm that claimed to be backed by Middle East fortunes, turned out to be a complete pack full of lies. During his ownership he oversaw Notts winning the League Two title in the 2009-2010 under Steve Cotterill. After the celebrations from promotion, though, it all sort of went wrong for Trew in terms of management. Between 2009 and January 2017, Notts had gone through 13 managers. By 2016 I'm sure many other Notts fans would agree the situation at the club had become an absolute circus. Trew eventually cut his losses and agreed to sell the club to Hardy for a reported £3.5m. Along with the keys to Meadow Lane, Hardy also inherited a commitment to HMRC to pay off the accumulated debts. To put a long story short, finishing 17th in the league just a season before with relegation seemingly on the cards in 2017 and a bunch of outstanding cheques, Hardy had taken on an impossible task of retaining County's Football League status. So, with the club taken over successfully and fans in desperate need of a statement for survival, what was Hardy’s statement? His first step was to appoint a new manager as John Sheridan was shown the door for gross misconduct and verbal abuse of an official, bringing in Kevin Nolan, a quality midfielder for the likes of Bolton, West Ham and Newcastle but relatively untested as manager, save for a short spell at Leyton Orient. At a time where relegation was looking like a real possibility the communication between Nolan and Hardy had to be flawless with no complications. With the takeover and new appointment happening in the January transfer window it was important for Notts to give their squad a real boost for the second half of the season. Marc Bola, Jorge Grant, Josh Clackstone, Tahvon Campbell and Shola Ameobi were recruited, with all but Shola signing on loan. So Hardy was already being praised for the money he had put into the club and the statement him and Nolan had made with the signings by the fans but how did things start to pan out? Nolan managed to start off his Notts managerial career with a home draw against local rivals Mansfield Town. In 21 league games in charge he managed to secure 10 WINS, 4 DRAWS and 7 DEFEATS, for a side doomed for relegation that isn’t half bad. Nolan had turned a relegation battle into a mid-table team in 21 games and the fans were loving it. Attendances started to rise and rise. With Hardy doing constant offers to bring new fans and existing fans to believe and support in a new Notts team. Hardy continues to impress fans by constantly investing in the club and making the Notts County experience enjoyable for all. With the 2017-18 season looking promising we only have him to thank for his decision making and passion for this club. Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    I was there for the 5-0 win and its always nice to beat anybody by that scoreline..... but its not my favourite game against Mansfield. For that one we have to go back to 1977-78 and a 3-1 win at Field Mill in the old Division Two. The history books tell me that Ray O'Brien and Arthur Mann scored two of our goals. I can't remember those two goals at all, but I do remember Micky Vinter getting the third.......a delightful run to the right corner of the penalty area before chipping the goalkeeper. It was Mansfield's one-off season in the 2nd tier, having just been promoted the season before. We beat them at Meadow Lane too, 1-0 courtesy of another Vinter strike, and they went back down.
  44. 2 points
    Based on a mean of 5 Collin 5.5 Couldn't do much with the goals, but was outshone by Accrington's keeper,Chapman, who produced 3 magnificent saves. Having said that Collin, at least blocked what looked like an Accrington certain winner in injury time. The first half saw Collin well protected and had little to do. One poor punched clearance in the second. Tootle 5.5 Still puzzled over the sending off. It did seem a case of the referee evening up numbers. Believe sending off was for 2 yellow cards Duffy 5.5 Looking more of an offensive threat from Dan Jones's dead ball delivery ( especially Chapman bringing off a good save)...but marked down a mark or two for a clear cut foul that should have yielded a penalty for Accrington in the second half Brisley 5 An OK centre half at this level, but look at perhaps what we could have got when compared to Richards Everton Centre Half performance from Accrington Jones 6 Giving power on the left when going forward.. Lots of positives but was badly caught out when trying to protect the ball close to his by line. Hewitt 6 Beginning to see why Nolan is using him. All energy and covering ground but on the flip side, doesnt possess the hope of a killer pass...but maybe that's a dishonour as front 2 have distinct lack of pace. Yates 5 Just have a feeling he needs to step up more and put his foot down to influence the game. Nolan's long ball tactics doesnt help Grant 8 Class Class class for that goal... Really need to work harder as a team to bring him into goal scoring positions. Denied another goal with a fine save from Chapman Hawkridge 7 Absolute dynamo in terms of effort and a great break on the left to deliver the pass for the second Stead 4.5 Yes, won the penalty and scored from it...just... Was well marshalled by Accrington's defence, who were able to pick off his lack of control. Shola 5 Full marks to Richards Everton for having Shola in his pocket. Minus marks for lack of concentration that allowed Accrington's player Hughes to score A nondescript first half gave way to an exiting second. Questions remain of Nolan's thinking as to why Forte didn't start the game... Shola and Stead are too leaden footed to work effectively as a pair. Hewitt's injury in injury time should have been subbed immediately... Maybe easy to say in hindsight.. Overall, agreed Accrington deserved the draw, they played some good football whereas we have good players that dont really benefit from the longer ball game.
  45. 2 points
    Is he pleased: No, should he be? Yes - his side drawn and they didn't deserve it at all. Playing on a Friday night? It's not our fault, blame the Football League but of course he forgets that his side would have agreed to it. Forced to get changed in a corridor? This is League Two mate, get used to it! (we like our new changing rooms thank you). Subjected to baffling decisions: Seriously? All the shirt pulling, diving and negative tactics came from Accrington not Notts. The penalty: Fair point, it was soft and nobody really appealed but the referee gave it instantly. Handball: When, where? Details John, details! Billy Kee Assaulted? Wow, what about all the fouls to Stead or Ameobi? There was some very dodgy tackles put in on Grant, Yates, Hawkridge etc. Two stone-wall pens: Yeah right, be happy you drawn. The sending off: Was a sending off, disgusting challenge. Our players saying it wasn't a foul? Why would they do this? You haven't had a penalty? Quit diving, you might convince the referee then. Shola Ameobi wouldn't speak to the opposition manager. Notts being quick to foul them? Deluded, absolutely deluded. The referee made a lot of baffling decisions in favour of Accrington Stanley. Shame Accington Stanley didn't go top? Not really, they're not good enough to go top. Got to tighten up? How about quit tugging shirts or time wasting? You wouldn't be able to murder anyone in this division based on that performance. Deluded, absolutely deluded John Coleman. I'm applying for your job pal when you get this season, and I'm certain it will happen.
  46. 2 points
    Leave him alone, Kevin Nolan is just a huge fan of 'Tammy Wynette'.
  47. 2 points
    Collin - 5 - Played okay, there wasn't much more he could do. Fans blaming him for the goals or relapse in the defence are being unfair, he constantly issued instructions which a certain defender tried over ruling at every given opportunity. I thought he made a couple of decent saves, a long with the best of the night to deny Stanley the win. Tootle - 5 - Did very well going forward, fairly sensible defending but tends to leave space which is exploited. Duffy - 4 - I think the captaincy has gone to his head. Poor in marking, argues with instructions and constantly become mouthy with the back line/keeper. He was at fault for the relapse in defence. Brisely - 5 - He did alright, he tried listening too much to his central partner (who for me let the team down). Jones - 6.5 - Went forward well, defended decently. He made up for the lack of cover in the centre of defence more than once and this was a very good performance by him. Hawkridge - 7 - I want to give him a 6.5, yet his hard work pays off. He's a little lightweight and slow against some of the bigger teams, yet he always tries. Hewitt - 6 - He seemed to have no position, as he drifted onto both flanks but contributed well to the game - he didn't get stuck in as he could have done mind. Yates - 5 - He did alright, passed the ball around well and got forward but little defensive cover for me. Grant - 7 - Got stuck in, worked hard and tried to influence the game. Stead - 3 - He really looks different this season, either he's unfit or struggling but aside from his goal (from the penalty) he didn't do anything. Ameobi - 6 - He held the ball up, linked play and did very well. Just struggle to the right calls in key parts of the game, but was one of our better performers.
  48. 2 points
    Collin 6 - Maybe could have done better with their first, stunning point-saving stop at the death. Tootle 6 - competent overall, two very soft bookings for his red. Duffy 6 - Generally solid, was he fouled in the build-up to their equaliser? Brisley 6 - Competent performance. Jones 6 - Posed a forward threat, the odd dodgy moment in defence. Hawkridge 7* - Always busy, some good creative work, a constant threat. Hewitt 6.5 - Covered a lot of ground, gave us shape in midfield. Yates 6 - Nothing spectacular, but competed well. Grant 6 - Anonymous first half, much better in the second with another classy finish. Stead 5.5 - Some good touches, some clumsy. Ameobi 6.5 - Always offered a target and kept a decent pair of centre backs occupied. Forte 5 - No impact, struggled to get involved. Hunt, Milsom - n/a. Two points dropped through a combination of conceding two soft goals and some cracking saves from their keeper. It could have been worse without an equally good save from Collin at 2-2. Another bizarre refereeing performance, although in fairness he was equally incompetent for both sides. An annoying obsession with making players move back a yard for a throw-in then allowing them to move forward 3 yards to take it! Some of the cards he issued were hard to fathom, making decisions when he was some distance from play. We still lack a bit of creativity, a pity that two lapses in concentration from an otherwise decent defence led to the loss of two points.
  49. 2 points
    If any members, or visitors received their results I hope you achieved your targets - if you haven't, don't be discouraged because the path in life is never straight forward and if you truly want to do something you will find a way to make it happen. All the best!
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    Notts County shirt sponsor Jake Bugg will play an intimate acoustic set at Meadow Lane next month in aid of Amnesty International. A new global concert series, called Give a Home, will take place on 20 September 2017 and will bring established and emerging artists together with refugees and local communities at over 300 shows in more than 60 countries around the world. One such show - in conjunction with Sofar Sounds - will see the Nottingham-born-and-bred singer-songwriter, whose stylised name will be on the front of County's shirts in November, performing at Meadow Lane on that day alongside a number of local artists. Notts commercial manager Simon Fotheringham told the official club site: "We couldn't be prouder to be selected as a venue for this amazing event. It's well documented that Jake's a huge Notts fan and the prospect of him playing a set here will be as exciting to him as it is to us. "We are also really pleased to be able to offer a number of tickets to refugees who take part in Notts County Football in the Community's collaboration with Amnesty International's Football Welcomes initiative, giving them the chance to be part of what should be a very memorable occasion." Sofar Sounds Nottingham leader Hannah Marsland added: "We are so incredibly excited to be hosting Jake Bugg on his home turf while raising money and awareness for Amnesty International to help those without a home. It promises to be a truly special night." To get the opportunity to see Jake Bugg live at Meadow Lane, you can try your luck at winning two tickets by clicking here and applying before 10 September. Share your thoughts about this news story on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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