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    Hi all Notts fans. On behalf of everyone at MTFC I would just like to say I really hope you can bounce back next season. I watched my first ever Macc game at Meadow Lane and the place has quite some meaning to me. Today’s result will hurt, and it’ll hurt for quite some time. I experienced it this time seven years ago. I wouldn’t wish the Vanarama National League on anyone, it’s absolutely toxic down there, and we all know you don’t belong there. I hope you manage to sort your issues off the field out and find an owner who has the clubs best interests at heart and become more financially stable within years to come. I would’ve loved you to stay up with us, but unfortunately it wasn’t made to be. Until we meet again (hopefully in the EFL), I wish you all the best. Silkmen til I die.
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    Please post this on Notts County Mad, you have the wrong set of County fans. Most here are genuine supporters, people who deserve better from Notts and would never wish a club demise. I think it's very sad when people turn so bitter, due to a minority. I was at the game, where I say very few sung any silly songs. I know within football there's a culture to wind other fans up, yet I doubt most Notts supporters would really care about what you say.
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    Okay, as far as the list of priorities this is quite low. I admit this, however, I recall when it was ran with passion and a staple of the football club community. A part of Notts which brought young fans together, I know many fans who often ask if it's still running or disappointed when their events get cancelled. In terms of pride and looking after our own, the worth of this is so much more important than that of what people think. If Notts is doing poorly, I don't see why the younger fans should be forgotten. Whilst I also hate this 'YOUng PIES', I would love to see the club invest some quality planning for this or at least see if the NCFITC could help to ensure it's done well. Bring back the Junior Magpies I say, forget this silly re-branding. https://www.facebook.com/TeamMagpies/
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    It's clear that Notts has youngsters with the technical ability, otherwise scouts wouldn't be coming to watch them and clubs therefore wouldn't be poaching the better prospects. If we are to progress in this department, as fans, I feel that it should be accepted because there's really not much we can do - except to hold out for more money. I was hugely disappointed that Donga He went for what seemed like peanuts, I do wonder if a young player like him could have broken into this squad and perhaps helped us out. Who knows? That's in the past, though. What I would like Notts to start doing is, allowing the academy players to train in and around the first time. I don't know if this happens currently, yet the youths/first year pros should be playing the first team very regularly in my opinion (at least once a month in season). I think some of the better prospects should have a senior professional as a mentor, really grind it into them that this is the club's future. In fact, I feel that all the senior players should encourage the youngsters along with the pros. I know Les Bradd believes that this type of influence has helped him. Could the club look into sponsorship more in this department to help with the nutritional side of things? I think this could help the players bulk up, whilst the support from senior players would help them adapt their mental game. Football is all about playing, if they don't play - they'll never improve and the club seems scared to allow the youngsters to run themselves into the ground. I certainly feel Sam Osborne will thrive next season and if the worst happens HE needs more game time. The academy has so much potential, I have seen the great work that has been carried out of the years but it could be much better. A proper plan how to incorporate and support players must be a focus of Notts. Otherwise, we'll continue to have silly numbers in terms of the squad size and each transfer window the club will continue to panic buy just to gain experience - when a youngster could get that first bite of proper football.
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    BURY fan here, just wanted to wish you guys all the best for next season, was absolutely gutted to see a club with such a proud and long history drop out of the league and your superb fans certainly don't deserve it. Will be hoping and praying you get back at the first attempt.
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    How do lads and lassies. It's been a while. I've been in self imposed exile since March 2017. I won't go into the reasons again, except to say that I had a beef with AH. AH had the best of intentions, I don't doubt that for a second, but his execution has cost us our league place. As AH is on his last legs at the club, I thought it was time to end my exile and start engaging on where we go from here. Make no mistake about it, the Conference is a tough league. Every team will be gunning for Notts, it will be the equivalent of a cup final for a lot of clubs. I've been keeping an eye on Barnet and they found the adjustment difficult. You have to bring in experienced players at Conference level and mix them with what's left over. If a team is not prepared to do battle every single game, they will find themselves near the bottom. I hope NA stays on as manager, I think he's the man for the job ahead, if not, we need a manager who has deep knowledge of the Conference. I bet Martin Allen will pop up if NA does leave! I'm not going to get sentimental because it was my choice, but I have missed all things Notts. The best thing about the club are the fans.
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    The inevitable has finally been confirmed. After nine months of mostly hell interspersed with slivers of hope, right into midway through the final match of the season, Notts County have been relegated from the Football League. That it went into the final day meant that sliver of hope, that "what if" always stayed, but as the old adage goes, "it's the hope that kills you", so now it's done and there is a little more clarity going forward, the relevant process of fixing this catastrophe can begin. Notts County's final game in League Two - for the time being, we hope - was a 3-1 loss at Swindon Town, and for a period, with the Magpies leading through Kane Hemmings' penalty and Macclesfield a goal down at Cambridge, that hope resurfaced again. But then, the culmination of the previous 45 games, all the off-the-pitch issues, the old problems that have beset the Notts team all season, and the reality of the permutations of the Macclesfield fixture - they had something to play for, the visitors didn't - meant that hope soon evaporated. Pride of Nottingham was at the County Ground for Notts v Swindon. Check out our Faces of PON to see if you're in our gallery. Share your thoughts about this gallery on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    When Notts released him last time, I was a little mixed about it. I think in midfield, he does quite well, yet he never seems 100% fit and his motor has never seemed to be the best for me. After he returned on loan, I felt he did okay, but still looked very unfit. His form dipped and triggering the signing of his contract sort of annoyed me. I would have been content to leave the loan deal to expire. I have read a lot of comments from fans being disappointed by his release, I'm not shocked. As a left back, he was extremely poor going forward, he struggled to keep up and he often would make the wrong decisions. His passing also seemed to become shocking, including his crosses. Honestly, I feel Notts made the correct call. He's been poor and seems vastly overrated. I don't fault his effort, just his ability and fitness.
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    Today is my grandson, @super_pie's 13th birthday.Happy birthday Jake ,hope you're enjoying your special day.
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    I have read a lot of comments on social media, some are clearly fans having a laugh and others are somewhat more questionable. It's quite possible that IF the takeover happens, Notts could start to implement the club's identity back and therefore improve over a period of time. Non League isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination. It's really going to be a test for Notts. For Notts to adapt well, they need to focus on team building and get that 'spirit' of togetherness floating around the squad. I seriously think it might take 1-3 years, of course Notts could bounce back next season but at this stage it seems unlikely. I can't see, despite the spine of the squad that remains looking half decent. The club needs to find defenders who not only have the ability to defend, but can stand up against heavy challenges - something in League Two Notts has desperately lacked for some time. The midfield needs to have pace, it's fine to keep Michael Doyle if that is what Neal Ardley wants - however someone else will be required to do most of the running. Ideally someone better at taking set pieces will be signed, this could improve the changes. Speed and height are a massive thing for the standard of football we face, some up top needs to be able to hold the ball up and those behind need to be capable of moving forward whilst directing space. I think it's a very tough ask to expect this to happen at the first opportunity, as I say I think it will take a few years. What are your thoughts?
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    What a season the 2018/19 League Two campaign has been, never would have dreamt that Notts County would be on the verge of relegation from the Football League. It’s something I find very sad, certainly it’s not good to see the faces of worry in the crowd but you know what? This is football after all, once you brush off the hurt and come round. I think the majority will accept that having the club still in existence is the main thing. The community around the club is one I would consider to be very solid, it’s been a huge privilege and its seasons like this when you miss the old days. I often think back to when I was bitten by the away day bug, how seeing the fans anticipate the game for me was one of the most exciting aspects – feeling that match day atmosphere floating around, not knowing what to expect. The club’s actual history could never be erased by being relegated to the Vanarama National League, yet it’s important that a smooth takeover happens – especially to avoid the worry of falling into administration. This is where the risk of the club’s heritage falls into concern, yet for me this isn’t something I feel is likely to happen. As fans, we just need to ensure that our support is there. After all the moans and groans, would a Saturday afternoon be right without seeing Notts County take to the field? That’s where the community comes into, we’ve all made a connection to other fans on match days, it’s almost like a ritual for some and the flocking of magpies’ is one that has great meaning behind it. Feeling like you’re a part of that community, knowing that you’re right behind the football irrespective of what happens on the pitch. I have seen fans come and go, quite a few who are no longer with us, but I will personally do my best just in the hope of making a small difference. Notts County has three massive games remaining in League Two season, games which need to see the players fight – not just for the badge but for the club itself. Survival is important, going down without a real fight isn’t what we want to see. Too little, too late? I have the feeling this might be the case, but I do restore the hope that the very last game of the season against Swindon Town will be one to remember for all the right reasons.
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019–20_National_League We will be familiar with a number of the clubs we will face next season. I know a lot of Notts fans like the trip to Torquay and that's back on the agenda. Chorley's promotion is the story of the season. They are the David in a league with more than a few Goliaths. http://www.thenationalleague.org.uk/attendance-table-national-league-season-standings-56838 I'd imagine most clubs are rubbing their hands in glee that we have replaced Orient as attendances may even be better with Notts in the Conference. It's easy to see that Notts are the equivalent of a shark in your local pond. You can either cry and moan or you can embrace the challenge. It will be good to face teams we haven't faced before. Visit a whole load of new grounds. Sample the local beers. Meet the locals. Make the best of it.
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    Happy birthday to my favourite nephew hope you have have a great day mate
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    There's going to be some good fixtures, let's face it - away days will different for a change. Notts didn't play well enough to stay up, so we have to embrace the National League and come back stronger. It will take time, Orient had an okay squad when they went down and managed to retain some of their better players, I am sure some of them would have loved to have a massive clear out but that is part of the issue at Notts. The club needs to issue contracts based on them being deserved, so you get the players fighting and playing for the shirt. It's going to be interesting.
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    Fans can argue with me as much as they like, 2009-2010 was the season that could have fuelled changes for this club. A football team that had been stuck in the mud since the last time it was relegated from what was the third division of the Football League. It was an amazing season, one which saw the club ride the wave of the fictional owner and despite the money not actually being there the club was crowned champions. A lot of people have been pointing the finger at Alan Hardy for it all, that seems to be the easiest route to blame. The club has been in turmoil for many seasons, however the Trews had the chance to bring happier times. As much as AH has failed, why are people not accepting that they have a portion of the blame for sending the club back down to League Two. My point is, lessons hasn't be learnt. Why is that?
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    I've only read silly things on Twitter, most other sites have seen a lot of support. I have had several emails wishing me and Notts all the best, it's a nice feeling knowing that opposition fans respect the club like this - I wouldn't have thought they would be bothered. On the way to the game yesterday, a group of young Barnsley fans tried taking the p*** out of us and made stupid gestures. This to me shows a very low I.Q and something not a proper football fan would do. And to be perfectly blunt, most people don't choose to be a Notts supporter. We are born this way. Nothing to explain to anyone, no question need not be asked - the same question could be flipped and adjusted to any armchair fan or glory supporter.
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    So it’s gone to the wire the last 90 minutes of our season will decide our fate. Either we going down or staying up it’s not meadow lane but we are going to need make sure the lads know we are there ... I’ve got my ticket for swindon. I said for a while Macclesfield are going to be the first team to blink well that theory is going to be tested along with our nerves. Macclesfield have the advantage going in to the lads day but we have been here before where the odds are stacked against us and come out the other side. It’s our own fault we are in this situation no one else’s .. but for 90 minutes let’s not care about that let’s get behind the lads. It’s now or never If we go down I want us to go with one hell of a fight don’t regrets nothing leave it on the pitch with no regrets. We need to play like we did against Grimsby no fear just go for it and if we do you never our luck. No matter the result I’m going to be there and I’ll cheers the lads on ..!! It’s time to play the game.. county better turn up .. Macclesfield you better be ready for one hell of a scrap ... Swindon you better be ready .. when you corner a lion you know happens ..!!! This Saturday we will beat the odds we will achieve the greatest escape in history and Macclesfield will be condemned to non league football ..!!! Cause I’m fired up I don’t know about any one else I’m ready for this let the final day fight commence.
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    Cambridge United fan here. I wanted to post to wish all of you the best of luck for Saturday. From our side, we are desperate to see Notts stay up, we love our annual trip to Meadow Lane and proper clubs need to survive and prosper in the football league. Having come close to the drop ourselves this season, courtesy of the worst side we've had in many years, I cannot promise that our players will be able to help with the required miracle, but from a fans perspective, we've sold plenty of tickets for our trip to Macclesfield and we'll be giving it everything to stir our players into a performance. Quite apart from saving you, a defeat for us will leave us third bottom and we are keen to avoid being overtaken by Macc. If any of you ever read the Cambridge United forum, you'll see a thread entitled 'Operation Save Notts County' which is our match thread for the trip to Macclesfield. It should tell you all you need to know about the sentiment to see you stay up being shared by probably all of us at the Abbey. Once again, best wishes, we'll try to do our bit!
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    Last night when came home from football, Ava mentioned to me that she asked @cheeky~k8 if she could join PON (well she called it 'your website'). I said yeah, I have no problem with it and nobody should as we should encourage all supporters no matter what their age is. I told her she had to wait though, so what did she ask first thing after waking up? Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham community Ava, I love that you've joined us. @CutiePie
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    A few days ago it was my grandson Jake @super_pie's birthday.Today it's Jake's dad,my youngest son's birthday.Happy birthday @Chris from me and @GrannyPie.Hope you have a great day.Also hope that on your next birthday you will have a Notts promotion to celebrate too.
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    Jon Stead and David Vaughan are among 12 senior players to be released by Notts County after their relegation from the English Football League. A group of 17 players, including top scorer Kane Hemmings, remain under contract for 2019-20 as the Magpies gear up for their first ever season in the non-league. Five loanees, including forward Craig Mackail-Smith, have returned to their parent clubs. Here is the full list: Still under contract Pierce Bird Enzio Boldewijn Remaye Campbell Tom Crawford Kristian Dennis Michael Doyle Declan Dunn Kion Etete Ross Fitzsimons Kane Hemmings Alex Howes Andy Kellett Sam Osborne Christian Oxlade-Chamberlain Will Patching Mitch Rose Matt Tootle Released Lewis Alessandra Shaun Brisley Richard Duffy Cedric Evina Elliott Hewitt Noor Husin Dan Jones Robert Milsom Jim O’Brien Jon Stead David Vaughan Elliott Ward Expired loans Ben Barclay Virgil Gomis Craig Mackail-Smith Ryan Schofield Sam Stubbs Share your thoughts about this news story on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    If any of you still want to watch football after last week and you're at a loose end tomorrow, I have a tip for you. A few years ago some Waldhof Mannheim fans started an internet live stream showing video of every away match, which is available unrestricted and for free on YouTube. The match tomorrow (Saturday, 1pm UK time) will be the very last one as Waldhof are in a league with an actual TV deal next season. So if you're interested in something a bit different, come to this thread tomorrow at 1pm and click the link below!
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    I was just browsing through pictures of @Dan's and I came across a few of the players who are missing. The likes Andy Kellett, Will Patching, Noor Husin etc. Prior to the public knowledge, I was well aware about Elliott Ward triggering a contract if he started/played more. However, it makes me baffled how wasteful the club can be. I haven't seen Andy Kellett, Will Patching or Noor Husin for a while, I'm certain there will be other players that seem to have been forgotten (most likely told that they're not wanted). The squad size this season, and previous ones have been a complete joke. I wished they could focus on actually signing players that offered something different and would fit in. Andy Kellett for me has been missed used and one of the players who lit up this season when started. Rob Milsom, Richard Duffy - they haven't been consistent enough for me. I don't see why they gain praise for being beneath average, I mean I praised Duffy until he reverted to no-mans-land. Rob Milsom might be okay at defending at left back, he's piss poor going forward and very wasteful. Yet there are players who don't seem to be in the squad now. I find it all rather bizarre, and a telltale sign that the club hasn't got any ideas on how to forge the team in some sort togetherness.
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    Whilst I think there's a lot to be learned from the poor handling of the club, the stupid gimmicks and cutting corners. I would prefer to focus on a fresh start, forget about pointing the finger. Let's face it, all the previous owners have a fault, Notts struck lucky in some senses that the Munto saga didn't throw us backwards. To keep that dream alive, really should have been the point the club turned a corner. Sadly, we all know what happened. I know many fans believe if Steve Cotterill had been given the budget he wanted or at least close to it, things might be different - hindsight is a funny thing.
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    If Norman Smurfwaite gets his hands on you he will bleed you dry and do a proper asset strip on you. He kicked Nuneaton borough out of their ground and tried to do a good number on port vale, full of false promises and lies so if he takes over you guys need to start protesting straight away or youll not get back in the EFL for years
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    Squad unity is a key thing. It's one of the reasons why Orient went up. Same with Lincoln and Macc before them. Need goalscorers and a bit of physicality as well. Need to be intelligent with the ball when going forward. Experience mixed with young players or players in prime age (25,26,27). Orient had youngsters like Josh Koroma, Dan Happe, Jordan Maguire-Drew and Myles Judd. They had experience in the mould of Craig Clay, Dean Brill, Charlie Lee and Josh Coulson. A goalscorer in Macauley Bonne. Lincoln had Sean Raggett and Alex Woodyard. Experience in Matt Rhead, Nathan Arnold, Luke Waterfall and Alan Power We can't be defensive dot com either. Don't sit back and take a point for 46 games. No Need a team with goals in it. This will take a while. A lot of issues with the club. Need a scouting system, money spent wisely and intelligently, a proper youth system, due diligence done on managers and not just rush into an appointment without thought. Also need a training ground but that needs to be done over time.
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    Congratulations to all who took part & many thanks to the people who took the time to run this fun competition,I enjoyed checking my score each week but it never crossed my mind that I would actually win a prize. Being fair to the people who donated the prizes they are not the sort of things that would find a lot of use at my place so could I please either pass mine on to 4th position (Weymouth has put much work into this) or donate it for a prize in the next PON raffle Cheers. Kev,
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    If it is true they are sad little men. As are you.
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    The inevitable has finally been confirmed. After nine months of mostly hell interspersed with slivers of hope, right into midway through the final match of the season, Notts County have been relegated from the Football League. That it went into the final day meant that sliver of hope, that "what if" always stayed, but as the old adage goes, "it's the hope that kills you", so now it's done and there is a little more clarity going forward, the relevant process of fixing this catastrophe can begin. Notts County's final game in League Two - for the time being, we hope - was a 3-1 loss at Swindon Town, and for a period, with the Magpies leading through Kane Hemmings' penalty and Macclesfield a goal down at Cambridge, that hope resurfaced again. But then, the culmination of the previous 45 games, all the off-the-pitch issues, the old problems that have beset the Notts team all season, and the reality of the permutations of the Macclesfield fixture - they had something to play for, the visitors didn't - meant that hope soon evaporated. Pride of Nottingham vlogger ARLukomski was at the County Ground, and here is his take on the game: Share your thoughts about this video on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    I hope you have all returned home safely and feel disappointed for you. As Danny has said it may not be an easy return. You were so reliant on Macclesfield result that we did not actually relegate you … no consolation I know. I wish you had worn black and white kit so we could have watched the real Magpies.
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    We all knew it was coming, but I don't yet think we know the full struggle we are in for. Getting out of that league is beyond difficult. We have to finish top. In recent history, given that we have always been one of the bigger clubs in the league, we achieved that once, with a squad that was more than capable, and only just. It's a sad, sad day for Notts County Football Club. However, we must move on. What's done is done. We're a non-league club, and the sooner we accept that the better. We need an owner with some idea of what it takes to get out the mess we are in, a manager with the right tactics, and a playing squad worthy of wearing the shirt. It's a big ask, I very much doubt we can turn it around so quickly. However, with the fans we have got, we should be able, in 3 years, to return to the football league, and come back with some vigor and something that represents this proud club.
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    Genuinely heartbroken for Notts fans, so sorry.
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    The whispers going around are about it being connected to Bidvest – A multi-billion company from South Africa, they’re huge. We were sponsored by 3663 the food company a few years back. They are part of Bidvest; Bid Corp and now called Bidfood based in the UK. So there’s a connection there. Interestingly Bidvest also own football team in South Africa; Bidvest Wits (previously know as Wits University before the takeover). I’m sceptical but those are the rumours…
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    Great post, a really interesting topic. Like you say there’s not a lot that be done to stop the poaching of star players like you’ve mentioned. It’s just frustrating that Notts won’t get the chance to reap the rewards for players they’ve potentially supported for years! However, there’s still plenty of promising players at that club and when you consider over the last 10 years the only youth team players who made the step up and had regular involvement in the first 11 were Hollis & Thompson, it’s shocking! That’s 2 players over 10 seasons worth of football! It makes you wonder why we bother with a youth set-up at all. I think one of the main issues over the last load of seasons has been our aim of; “promotion” at an almost impossible pace. It’s high pressure and only about getting results. That’s meant too many managers and too many players. Every season is the same; loads of players out and loads of new players in. And we try again and again to get promoted. The youth players don’t get a look in because they aren’t an immediate fix to our unyielding aim for promotion (or inevitable battle to avoid relegation when it all goes wrong). Not once have we stopped to think about just taking our time to build a great squad. And this is where you can and should include giving our young players more of an opportunity – because the pressure won’t be there to get promoted every season. We’ve definitely got some good young players at this club, but if you never give them that chance, you’ll never know how good they could be…
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    I don't want him. Don't get me wrong, I think he started well enough and isn't the worst player we have had. I don't think he's all that bad, I just don't want a player who doesn't have the passion or engine to keep going for 90 minutes. It's not his legs, it's all down to his ambition and he's awful on set pieces. Why do we insist on allowing him to take them? We might as well allow Rob Milsom to put every cross into the box for us (who BTW has been dire going forward, despite some fans love obsession with his defensive work). I want to see Notts strive to sign good 22-25-year-old(s). Hartlepool was relegated with a very good midfield, they were weak at the back. Carlisle has taken on this torch of having the best young midfielders. Imagine how Kane Hemmings and Kristian Dennis would have worked IF they had people behind them talented enough to be creative, eager to run 90's, able to pick the ball up and push forwards. Doyle is just very overrated. I said when we signed him some would have forgotten what he was like with Portsmouth and Coventry, especially towards us. Sign better, wages could be used much wiser.
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    https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/notts-county-chief-alan-hardy-16163830 “It is 51-49 call and I have to just come down on the side of regretting it. I expected the next two years of my life to be a ­successful, ­fun-filled adventure but it was the wrong sort of adventure with the demise of Paragon and Notts County’s relegation. “It has been a horrendous six months – the worst of my life. On paper it has cost me £35m. My wife is not happy – she didn’t want me to buy Notts County in the first place. We all know money can’t buy you success, but it normally gives you a pretty good chance of it.”
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    Happy birthday @super_pie,How are you getting on with our present?Hope you enjoy your party.
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    Notts County have announced a number of amendments to the 2019-20 season ticket packages in wake of the club's relegation to the National League. The previously-announced adult and senior renewal prices have been reduced by more than £30, starting from £276 and £184 respectively, while a 22-25 age category has also been introduced. Current season ticket holders will have their seats reserved until Friday 31 May, after which time they will be released for general sale, as per the official club website. In addition, to allow fans more time to make a decision, the renewal deadline has also been moved from Friday 10 May to Monday 1 July. Adults and seniors who have already renewed will be able to claim a refund on the difference in price by visiting the Meadow Lane ticket office or calling 0115 955 7210. For more information, check out the club website. Share your thoughts about this news story on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Good luck with your season next year, no ill feelings. I wish you and your club all the very best, enjoy.
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    "relegation is a real possibility"...
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    Allow Enzio Boldewijn to go, sell him to the highest bidder. I want every player to be responsible for defending, if Jon Stead and Craig Mackail-Smith can do it and he can't? That is all I need to set my mind on this. I would hope Neal Ardley sees this too.
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    Just to point out, it seems to be a wind up. Just ignore it now, he's been sussed and read what we have had to say. I won't be locking it though.
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    Schofield 6 - Made some crucial saves but once we it went to 1-1, he had no chance as it turned into Gillingham part 2 Rose 6 - Got forward ok but he just isn't a right-back Stubbs 5 - Was solid in the first half when we had to go to two at the back. That header though. Got overwhelmed when things turned Bird 6 - Will becoming a better player with time. Start next season Brisley 4 - Was doing ok till he got injured. Thanks for all the times you booted it out of play and for slide tackling a shot against Macclesfield. You will be missed Milsom 2 - Just go. Just go O'Brien 6 - The usual burst of energy and worked hard but was in vain Doyle 4 - Not great with his passing, gave away the ball constantly in the first half Vaughan 5 - Best part of his spell at Notts was the opening 45. When did we sign that Vaughan? Shame he disappeared like his hairline in the second half Hemmings 6 - Scored the penalty. Got into some alright positions. Thanks for your goals Kane Mackail-Smith 8 - Left everything out there and won the penalty. Constantly chasing down lost causes Subs Boldewijn 5 - Started ok but faded as things turned, He's got ability but if an offer comes in for him over 100k, get rid Stead 3 - Happy holidays Jon. Enjoy the beach Ardley 5 - Solid in defence first half but crumbled second. Said at half time, the only way we were going to score was a penalty. He cares but Darrell Clarke is waiting
  47. 2 points
    Speaking to a mate of mine who's a Stags fan who went through 5 years in non-league. He said ownership is the probably the key thing. You need a good owner and money to escape the National League. Need to take our chances whenever we get a crack at promotion as well. Luton and Grimsby failed in the play-offs 3 times.
  48. 2 points
    @GrannyPie and myself listened o Radio Nottingham and for a very short time it seemed like a miracle was happening.How quickly things can change.At the final whistle @GrannyPie was a bit tearful and just like @BradtheMiller I feel absolutely gutted .The one positive from today was the fantastic support from Notts fans that we could hear on the radio.Agree with @Super_Danny_Allsopp above too.
  49. 2 points
    We have!! This will be biggest away support this season and largest gate is expected. Quite probable though that home support will dip as a result of yet another dire season. Will not be surprised if it seems like a home match for you.
  50. 2 points
    i donate mine and my money to a local charity in clifton, would prefer others who dont get the chance to have any to have mine.
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