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    The latest Pride of Nottingham PONcast is now live. Join @Chris and @samwatto2008 for episode 47. The PON duo preview this weekends upcoming game against Bury FC away from home at Gigg Lane. They also discuss whether Notts fans can get excited about the recent performances and results. along with talk about the released players from last season such as Adam Collin, Jonathan Forte, Carl Dickinson, Michael O'Connor and Liam Noble. All this and plenty more on the Pride of Nottingham PONcast. What do you think about the discussion? Can Notts fans get excited? Does Harry Kewell have a b-plan? Would you add a surprise to the Bury game such as starting Kristian Dennis or David Vaughan? Have your say on this weeks Pride of Nottingham PONcast.
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    Pride of Nottingham's latest PONcast is now available for fans to listen to. @Chris and @samwatto2008 discuss several key topics, including the first away win over Macclesfield Town. They also touch upon the EFL Trophy and if we agree with the competition. In addition we debate Notts' chairman Alan Hardy's use of twitter and the contrast between his work and personal life. Also they share points on the recruitment this summer and much more. What do you think about the discussion? Can Enzio Boldewijn be more defensive minded? Has the recruitment improved at Notts or does it still require further work? Is Harry Kewell utilising all his tools? Have your say on this weeks Pride of Nottingham PONcast.
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    We picked our grandsons up from school today and I found this in 6 year old Freddie’s bag. He’s a true ‘pie now.
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    Just had to be done
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    at least we've turned up for the draw @samwatto2008 @Magic magpie
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    Hollywood actor/director Danny Devito struggles to keep the set of "Twins 2" calm, as tempers flair after the stunt actors kick off.
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    based on mean of 5 Fitzsimons 5 Very well protected in the first half, thought he would be in for a quiet afternoon. Lack of challenges by Notts allowed the Swindon player tee himself up for first goal, and misfortune from Turley slammed in the own goal. Tootle 5 Not the same player as last season, seems to play with a lot on his mind... Should have scored a truly iconic goal with such one touch build up. Stallard said he was injured when subbed, game changing moment in the wrong way Ward 5 Not looking comfortable on the ball when playing out from the back, one scary moment that nearly cost us a goal Turley 5.5 Unlucky with the own goal, plays with passion Evina 6.5 An absolute quality ball in for Hemming's opener. Joint MoTM Hewitt 4 another switch from midfield engine room to a defensive liability. How many times do we see this? Milsom 6.5 Joint MoTM Gem of a midfield king pin performance in the first half, don't know what happened in the 2nd though Alessandra 4 Many praising his performances this season but his sloppiness in possession cost us the first goal. Boldewijn 6 Always the only "threat" when in possession but does frustrate with the quality of his final ball Hemmings 4 Well how many chances does this guy need? Agana-esque performance, cannot fault his work rate but ability in front of goal is limited. The opposite extreme end of the spectrum to a "natural goal scorer" Stead 5.5 Works hard, one powerful shot when it may have been better to have released Boldewijn in space. Subs Thomas 4 Wasted free kick when we needed something. Note of caution, Thomas and Alessandra were relegated with Hartlepool Vaughan 2 Playing with red tinted specs? That pass to the Swindon player that led up to their winner, when there was no Notts player in that area of play. An absolute disgrace to the shirt Dennis N/A
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    When Alan Hardy took over at Notts, and then welcomed questions on either the Official Notts Co twitter or Nottingham Posts questions and answers...I submitted questions on the quality of our recruitment process, citing Brentford and Accrington as the "optimum" to aspire to. Needless to say, on countless opportunities, my questions remained unanswered We are now faced with a bloated squad with key positions short of the quality needed ( goal scoring striker in Akinde mould), Central midfield king pin in Bishop / O'Connor mould,( Harry Pell fitted the bill), a Goalkeeper to compete with Fitzsimons ( Pindroch cannot).. Yes, there will be trimming of the squad, but who are going to take our "surplus"? For an owner that is always quoting the mantra "best in class". our League Position shows the actual class in recruitment. Having said that, the owner has backed the manager with the cash and it has been blown away
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    Coventry is getting grimmer by the minute, even McNumpty is kicking off.
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    Your tea sounds lovely @Fan of Big Tone. Were also having something homemade, Houmous pasta with cheesy garlic bread and bacon lardons . Anyway without match day I feel lost haha. So I am just going to chill out today and help around the house where I can. Other than that might just play some PS4 and watch some youtube. I may go gym later around 12/1 If I feel motivated but really want to make use of my down time today .
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    @DangerousSausage German seems so much easier
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    I enjoy them @Fan of Big Tone but if its causing you concern or you are struggling for time to do them then maybe make it a weekly thing and ask people about their week? I personally have been very busy and not even touched my computer this week so I've not even visited the site this week unfortunately. Today its mine and my missus's 1 year anniversary. Got praise from her parents yesterday wondering how I had done it haha made me laugh. But we're off to a nice Italian tapas restaurant called Pesto at the Peacock near Alfreton. Toyed with the idea of going to the match but I am struggling for money at the moment so I thought I should get my priorities right and treat my girlfriend once in a while. Normally she gets annoyed at me going football all the time haha. Going to help Dad with his model railway set too this afternoon. Been meaning to put some scenic down for a while but haven't so I think were going to start decorating it this afternoon. So a nice day ahead planned and because I am not going to the match I won't feel sad about watching the performance. Have a good day everyone! What are you up to @Chris @Magic magpie @super_pie @liampie ???
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    Oh my god, I opened this thread on my computer which has a large screen, the first picture came up and I nearly fell off my chair. I'm glad you didn't knock on my door last night. There's some pretty creative stuff there well done.
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    Good morning PoN, it’s a frosty start here the overnight low temperature dropped to 0.5 degrees so only just above freezing. We had a great day yesterday with a rare opportunity to get all our lovely family together, we went for a lovely country walk and did some geocaching and then went for a meal. The four grandchildren were a bit shy with each other to start with but they soon got chatting and laughing it was lovely to see them enjoying time together as cousins. Today our eldest two are going back home but first we hope to have a bike ride, then the youngest two are coming for a sleepover tonight so it’s all go here. Glad to hear that @GrannyPie is still improving and I hope @Chris feels better today, we need the gaffer in top form. Have a great day everyone, come and tell us what you’re up to.
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    I say well done to him because this is what we need to see from young fans! Some will shy away from Notts due to how poor the club can be but others get that passion and are firmly behind Notts. This is lovely to see! I bet he won't drift away to a Premier League team.
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    Well it’s 907 and im on the train to Skegness to see @Chris and @cheeky~k8 and @super_pie and the girls can’t wait beenmyears since I’ve seen Skegness and really looking forward to seeing the guys and girls it’s going to be a fun day. @super_ram it’s sounds positive about @GrannyPie she will continues to improve and will be back with you soon keep smilin @super_ram
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    After one loss? One poor game? What happened to being excited??
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    Why are Bury called the Shakers?J T Ingham - Created 'The Shakers' It's the most asked question that the club receives, from young to old, they all want to know exactly why are Bury Football Club called 'the Shakers?' So here it is, the definitive answer "It was the 1892 Lancashire Cup Final on 23 April that the clubs nickname of 'The Shakers' first came into being. Mr. J T Ingham was Chairman cum team manager at the time and it is this gentleman who is alleged to have been questioned about his team's ability to beat the supposedly stronger opponents that day. It has been recorded down the years since that Mr. Ingham retorted as follows:- 'We shall shake 'em, in fact, we are the Shakers' And that was seized upon by the press of the day and since then, the club have been known as 'The Shakers.' Some reports suggest that Mr. Ingham may have actually uttered the phrase at the semi-final game against Everton, but what is certain, is that Bury Football Club's nickname came into existence during the famous Lancashire Senior Cup success of 1892." So if somebosdy asks, now you know..... https://www.buryfc.co.uk/history2/why-shakers/
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    The game plan should be to keep the ball on the ground and proceed to playing it quickly down the flanks, I think the main area to slow the game down is the middle of the park. If we use the flanks to be direct, the pace Notts has can and will be a benefit to the performance. Boldewijn and Stead can't be the only players pushing to create a scoring chance. So this is something that must improved and it should start away at Bury, Hemmings for me is missing a few goals and if he could get on the score sheet I think he would be a massive player.
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    Bury seem to score late goals and Nicky Maynard will be a definite threat having scored 2 last week against Mansfield. Bury are doing better than I expected but I think we can take the challenge to them. We could look to build on a current away form of 2 unbeaten also getting two clean sheets away from home. I think this one will be a draw 0-0 or 1-1. I wouldn't argue with a point but as we all know we want the three and with MKD coming up swiftly after I think it's important we capitalise on Saturday. We should be looking at a win and a loss over the next two games realistically. 2 losses would be a nightmare especially after the hype were starting to build.
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    Today i've been volunteering at school till 12 and then came home to go straight out to the bus to meet @super_ram to see how @GrannyPie was doing with him and @Chris She was looking a little better today although obviously still ill. We will be going back again this week and hoping for abit of an improvement.
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    If you have time later then all systems go mate. If you can sort the talking points and opposition questions out, I'll jump onto this once I return. I'm off to see @GrannyPie and use those sticks of hers to get her to fight whatever is going on.
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    Name: CEO Sleepout 2019 Category: Official Notts Videos Date Added: 2018-10-13 Submitter: CliftonMagpie Meadow Lane hosted Nottingham’s ‘CEO Sleepout’ for the third consecutive year to raise funds and fight homelessness across the city. CEO Sleepout 2019 Why not subscribe to PrideofNottinghamTV?
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    You could have bribed @weymouthPIE to let you win the prediction league, I hear he’ll do anything for a curly wurly.

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