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    McDonnell 6 - One dodgy moment in the first half but overall an afternoon on the sunbed Brindley 7 - Won the ball back and was comfortable Rawlinson 7 - Solid as per usual Lacey 7 - Same as Rawlo Bagan 7 - Pressed forward well and never gave Eastleigh any time with the ball Roberts 8 - Something else this guy. A sprinkle of quality Rose 8 - Pressed and challenged well. Got forward and joined the attack too. Assist for the third. Grabbed hold of the game second half Doyle 8 - Passing was tremendous, especially finding Dennis and Wootton. Like Rose, grabbed a hold of it 2nd half Boldewijn 6 - Didn't really do much in spells of the game. Was calm Dennis 9 - A class act. Just runs and runs and scores. Wootton 9 - Gave the Eastleigh centre-back pairing a torrid time and his aerial presence and ball control were brilliant. Two goals to top off a great day Thomas 6 - Closed down the defenders and put himself about Crawford 6 - Got back to cover and showed some neat ball control Wilson - N/A
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    I’ve just rejoined in an attempt to put a little money into the club whilst we’re closed. I cancelled my subs when Hardy messed it up, but now is a good time to rejoin if you’re not a member. Do we have any big winners in the PoN community? I’ve been doing it for years and I think I recall £50 many years ago and that’s it. Hopefully this time around I’ll hit the jackpot!
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    For those of you with Netflix, the first series of The English Game is online now. Apparently it's based on a true story and Notts play a very minor role in it. I'm still working through my backlog of Outlander and Better Call Saul, plus The Last Kingdom is coming back this month. The English Game is definitely going on my list though. Has anyone seen it? Can you recommend?
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    They look really good @Chris! I have one bit of feedback though - the "join in with PON" one looks good, but every Notts fan will know that the fans on the picture are away fans. Maybe a similar one with a full Kop (play-off semi maybe?) would work better. And I like the idea of the slogan "Be a PON star!" too One idea I have is a zombie magpie in a graveyard with the slogan "Notts will rise again". Possibly with the lettering "Wrexham" and "Chesterfield" on the gravestones. Since my work hours are probably going to be reduced, maybe I'll have time to actually learn to draw!
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    LOL at Richard Duffy @Chris! Favourite Club: Notts County Favourite Football Nation: England Player I hated the most: Joey Barton Club I hate the most: Salford City Favourite ever player: Raul Favourite ever manager: Pep Guardiola Legendary player: Messi Favourite ever Keeper: Casillas Favourite ever Defender: Maldini Favourite ever Midfielder: Kaka Favourite ever Striker: Del Piero
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    To be fair, it should be easier for people coming into the city including fans who travel via train. I’m hoping they extend it in Nottingham, not just for those outside in our county.
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    I'm pleased to see everyone doing well, the worst thing is worrying about loved ones and combating the boredom. This discussion will hopefully help that, so thank you for starting it @meg_walshx. At times like this it proves we are all the same and, only richer with each other. Money, the amount of friends, designer clothes, flash cars mean nothing. It's who we have around us, those that are in our corners if needed.
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    Thank you for the kind words and for subscribing. I agree that sometimes it is difficult to hear me, especially when it is windy so I may have to buy a microphone soon.
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    Good idea! Thank you, and I certainly will join in .
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    A word to the wise, focus on the community and move forward from there. Once all of this blows over things will be fine.
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    "Let's go to the "Let's go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for this all to blow over."
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    Work Monday to Friday as usual. Nice to see Notts in on Tuesday. Midweek football helps break up the week. Got to see @meg_walshx on Wednesday and Thursday which was good. Friday night I played football and got myself a goal. Yesterday saw Notts trounce Eastleigh. Today I spent more time with @meg_walshx. Went into town together. Spent most of the evening on Fifa
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    School as always. We have to use hand soap between classes and, virtually everytime you go somewhere. I will be glad when this virus has gone, people panic too much. It's a good measure but surely if we have to do this, it would be best closing school for a bit?
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    Gordon Banks - Best ever England keeper, only second to David Seaman. Trent Alexander-Arnold - I like his energy and, feel he will only get better. Bobby Moore - Legend, nothing else to say. Tony Adams - His attitude, drive, ability and leadership makes it hard to not select him (besides I am biased a little here) Stuart Pearce - Legend! His energy and, ability to defend and attack isn't matched by many. Paul Gascoigne - A man who could destroy teams by himself, he played a huge role in my life growing up. I always wanted to replicate his skill with the ball. Steven Gerrard - Unlucky not to have won the Premier League title with Liverpool, he's a loyal player and world class on his day. Paul Scholes - Little player who proved doubters wrong about his size, he's someone who should always be remembered as a very good midfielder. David Beckham - You need a free-kick taker in any squad. Harry Kane - Like Alan Shearer, he uses his limited pace well. I think Harry Kane can read the game very well, he knows where to be and that makes him such a good goalscorer. Alan Shearer - Just a natural goalscorer, even with his lack of pace he was quick enough and had an eye for goal. -Not in my squad- Peter Shilton - Didn't make my team and, although I think he's a top keeper in his day. I do feel he was very much hyped at a point where England were lucky enough to have him, as we didn't have many other good keepers at that point. Gary Neville - Very overrated, good player but cocky personality. John Terry - Overrated again, very good defender but even Sol Campbell in his prime was 3x the defender Terry will ever be. Rio Ferdinand - I never rated him when he first joined United, at West Ham he just seemed a tall defender but in time he became a very good player. Ashley Cole - I didn't like him, honestly. John Barnes - I thought he wasn't very good since my memories are of him near to retirement, yet I have learned to appreciate him breaking through into football. His documentary covering his career and, another focused on black players in football - it opened my eyes. Did you know he was signed by Watford after a cabby seen him playing football for a local side? Now that's a huge gamble. Bryan Robson - I don't like or rate him, think people are obsessed with him. Bobby Charlton - Good player, but put him in his prime in modern football he wouldn't be the same player we know now. Raheem Sterling - I didn't like him at Liverpool, I thought he could run and that's all. In the England he seemed better suited, however, after all the issues he had with the media and stuff - I feel he's shown his natural ability more. David Beckham is a different style of class though and, however good Sterling is he will never reach that height. Gary Lineker - Overrated, good poaching and goalscorer but ultimately Harry kane is far better. Michael Owen - I watched him break through with England, the Argentina game where he came on is still fresh in my mind. That is the sort of impact Michael Owen had. I can even recall people moaning that he made the cut, as they wanted experience and felt we didn't have enough quality up top. Any other time, he'd make my squad.
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    That looks fantastic! Good player Don, always gave 100% and scored some remarkable goals in his time. He's known more for his passing and creativity mind.
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    I have been a member for awhile, I have won £50 a number of times. Match day tickets too.
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    Without getting political... I think the politics comes into the lead up. Both short term and long term lead in. The NHS has been systematically run down and dismantled over the past few years and sadly, it has and will continue to do so, cause a loss of life, especially in such turbulent times. Getting political... Seems strange how the country choose the Tories in December at the election and demonised Corbyn for his socialism ideals and now when the crap has hit the fan...we see the Tories suddenly turning the country into a socialist nirvana! Wages paid by the government. Companies being nationalised left right and centre. NHS centre of attention. Even a few days ago Johnson saying broadband was a national utility that everyone should have, no matter what! Christ, the outrage when Corbyn said that in the run up to the election! The Daily Fail couldn’t stop laughing at such a suggestion, but now we see the country taking a different approach. Three months ago low skilled workers were worth nothing to the elite who run the country. Now they are vital and key workers who keep the country going! Oh how the tables have turned! As most NHS workers said last week...clapping is lovely, but they’d rather people remember why they’ve been treated so badly before they go into the ballot booth to cast their vote. Even Trump is slowly realising the bluff and bluster can’t get him through this crisis.
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    It's not so bad, I don't mind not having to go out but a month's time could be a different answer.
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    Welcome to the site and PON @Rio Doherty, it's always nice to see a fans opinion from the outside.
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    I enjoyed your video too, very well done.
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    I'm working from home now, so that's novel. There's plenty of work to do though, which is just as well. Shopping trips are being kept to once a week as I really don't fancy being among people at all right now. I think I'll feel it more at the weekend - no football, no festivals, no visits. And no eating out either - we like to go out for a meal at the weekend, last weekend we took an Indian meal to go, this time we'll probably just go without.
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    Very well done young feller.I really enjoyed that,excellent.
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    Work all week. Watched On Her Majesty's Secret Service on Friday night/Saturday morning. When I woke up we carried on and watched Diamonds Are Forever. Then spent the rest of Saturday with @meg_walshx, plus a bit of Sunday.
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    No difference for me and @GrannyPie either.We're in virtual permanent lock down anyway,difference now is visits are severely restricted so we'll miss the grandkids.We're both very grateful for help with shopping,etc being offered. Hopefully the measures being taken will start to take effect and things will get back to normal sooner rather than later.
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    Possibly a bug, I'll look into it and report it to the dev if it can't be fixed. I expect it to be hard, but any support will help and which I am thankful for. Thank you for supporting this @liampie.
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    Well done young man, this is a very good video and is entertaining.
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    Better than Football Away days IMO.
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    Good vlog @Rio Doherty, I could see you put a lot of effort into your production and video.
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    Welcome to Pride of Nottingham @Rio Doherty, hope you enjoy posting here in our lovely, friendly Notts County community. When the season starts again be sure to join in on Prediction League.
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    Welcome to pon!
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    Very good vlog, up there with @ARLukomski. keep up the good work @Rio Doherty!
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    Welcome @Rio Doherty How's the football postponement going for you?
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    @Ellie_Pie10 Happy Birthday to you.
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    Just typical that it happens now and not last season... It's a massive shame as we had a real chance of going up through the play-offs and had a potential trip to Wembley in the FA Trophy too. In the unlikely event that the restrictions are dropped and the season restarts in April or May, expect all cup competitions to be tossed aside. I don't quite agree with @hissingdwarf that we'd be starting from scratch though. We've now got a team that has grown together and made massive strides, and next season we've got to be aiming for top spot, regardless of whether we've still got Barrow to contend with.
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    just seen chris mention how it might effect pon that hes not attending games, i imagine that nobody will want prints and if the royal mail closes temporarily it will hit a lot of small independent businesses. i feel for all of the going through this, not many shipments are coming into my work place at the moment due to less orders. i have been allowed to finish early today. hopefully football clubs can survive but it does seem to be another nail in the coffin for some.
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    Welcome to PON @Rio Doherty
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    Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @Rio Doherty, I hope you enjoy being a part of the Notts County community here. PS. If you'd be interested, PON has a big brother website geared towards general clubs - it's called Football Manics. It's ran by myself, @KB1862 and @ARLukomski - I'd be very interested in networking with you.
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    Welcome @Rio Doherty
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    Welcome to PON Rio, will give you a sub later.
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    As the title says: IF Notts gains promotion, what needs to be done now to prepare?
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    i dont think this season should be moved to next year, thats just a bit naff. everyone just needs to see how things are and try to make sure that games can be played. there is only 8 games in the national league, just move next season back a bit and adjust when they can to the normal fixture release.
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    This is the gaffers and @cheeky~k8's realm. I am not much of a baker, I don't really cook enough fresh food either.
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    @super_pie nice try young man.
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    Forgot to add this. First meeting between us on the game.
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    Good player who just needs to be managed a little better by Neal Ardley, has he looks like the type of player who needs to be playing regularly to find his form. Some players like that but he's done well this season when given a chance.
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    I am firmly in a routine with work, it's a constant loop and although I enjoy working it does become a lot like groundhogs day.
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    Ardley 10 .........
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    I'm all for the league, however, I can admit I didn't take the contest all that seriously but now the club is on the verge of the final - I do feel it's worth taking seriously. If I could choose one, then the league takes priority over all. The focus as to be on the league, as we have limited time with some of the players and I mean we do have some great prospects. Would I rather advance with the likes of Cal Roberts, Tom Crawford, Regan Booty and Alex Lacey, or would I like to see them win a mediocre cup and move onto better? Naturally, the bigger picture is the league. Winning the cup isn't going to keep people around, at our level, there's little chance any cup would - I mean it's highly unlikely that the FA Cup can be won by a lower league club. Bradford City doing well is a rarity.
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    Actually, I love gravy but I wouldn't bracket this into this type of stuff though.
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    https://www.barnetfc.com/news/2020/march/club-statement-emergency-measures/ Unsustainable losses... hope #Notts can survive through this
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