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    For any football fan who's seen their team get relegated, one positive once you've got over the initial shock is to think about all the new grounds you can visit. And with Notts having previously never dropped down to non-league in their 157-year history, all these non-league grounds seemed like an exotic novelty to a Notts fan who travels home and away each week. So having completed half a season in the non-league wilderness, let's take a look back on the highs and lows of a non league away day. Best away days: Without question, I would have to list my favourite away ground that I've visited this season as Aldershot. Why did I like Aldershot's ground? Because it was the right mix of being an old school terrace, as well as a ground with a good atmosphere between home and away fans, which hasn't always been the case at the majority of non league grounds. Another terrace which I thoroughly enjoyed was Halifax, a large, retro terrace for away fans and an experience helped by the fact that Notts actually won! However, in terms of both the result and away day experience, then the best away trip this season would have to be the 4-0 win at Woking. From the slightly surreal yet friendly experience of drinking in the snooker club that was the only pub anywhere near the ground, to the cracking on the field performance from Notts, it was definitely the most memorable away trip of the season. Chants about "Our Danish chairmen" rang out throughout the game, as Notts put in a performance that established their challenge for immediate promotion back to the football league. Whether Notts genuinely have a chance of that promotion is a question for another blog! Worst away days: My least favourite ground I've visited this season would have to be Sutton. The whole vibe of the place was quite weird; on the one hand the stewards and other staff at the ground were very posh and overly formal. On the other hand, I recall facilities at this ground being particularly poor and not up to standard. The fact that the game was poor didn't help, but there was no real atmosphere at this ground which made for a pretty unmemorable experience. Another away ground I didn't particularly enjoy was Eastleigh; a ground which while facilities were modern and up to standard, was just pretty bland and the result also contributed to a relatively unmemorable day. While I can't moan too much about Chesterfield away as an experience as we've been there before in the football league and the facilities are pretty good for this level, I must give a special mention to Chesterfield advertising that they were selling out of date beer at the ground. Thanks for telling all away fans that they should give that a swerve, I guess! Thankfully no matter how bad things have got at Notts, we've never stooped to that low. So are the grounds in the National League significantly worse than those in League Two? I suppose it depends what you look for in a ground. In terms of character, there are some pretty bland grounds wherever you go in the football league. Therefore, an old fashioned ground like Aldershot, Halifax, or Maidenhead is definitely more charming than a football league out of town ground like Colchester or MK Dons. However, if you're talking about facilities then the overall standard is definitely slightly lower. The facilities at most non league clubs who have never been in the football league are definitely not quite up to football league standards in the whole ground, never quite as clean or well maintained as facilities in a football league ground. But even at the worst of times at any tinpot non-league ground, it's important to remember that this roller-coaster ride will all be worth it when Notts are a football league club! Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    I have been keeping an eye out for your scores, after missing out on the playoff final and having watched your recruitment. I felt dead certain that you guys would be pushing for promotion, you have a lot of quality players and seemed to have strengthened wisely. I don't claim to know everything about your club but I have a soft spot for Notts, and It's hard to understand what's going wrong. A win Saturday could make the world of a difference and it could put you looking healthier against teams like Morecambe, Grimsby and Northampton. From the outside it would seem you have altered the balance of your squad quite dramatically and so far things haven't clicked on the pitch. It's important for the players to enjoy playing and conceding goals achieves the complete opposite. I wish you all well, Notts deserves to be playing much higher than League Two for sure. Meadow Lane is a fantastic away day and I am sure many other clubs supporters would wish you the same. Last thing to note, having seen your highlights. I can understand why Palace allowed your keeper to move on and why he never played for Bolton. He looks lost and greatly down on his luck. Sign a keeper and Elliot Ward will sort you out. Good luck Magpie fans, nightOWL.
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    Hello, We here at the Pride of Nottingham are delighted to announce that we are selling merch to help with the costs involved with the site, plus to aid us in our efforts to further improve what we offer. All the prints are exclusive to us and are designed by @Chris and a couple of his friends. Prints are A3 sized and cost just £15! (without a frame). We offer secure and fast payment via PayPal, those who do not have an account with them can still make a payment by using their purchase system which accepts all major credit/debit cards. Over the coming weeks you will find more being released, so please keep a look out! Further more all the player prints have been personally signed by the players themselves, so grab yourself a bargain today and support your independent Notts County fan site! Regards, Pride of Notingham https://prideofnottingham.co.uk/store/category/3-gifts/
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    A message for all forum users. We want Pride of Nottingham to be a family friendly place where people can chat about Notts County, football and life in general without arguments, abuse, spammers or trolls spoiling our community, however the admin team and moderators can't read every post, this is where you the ordinary member can help, if you see a post you are not happy with or you have any concerns about a post please let the moderation team know by reporting it. You can do this by clicking the "report post" button in the top right hand corner of the post, this will alert the moderation team so that action can be taken. There has been very little trouble of this kind in the past and with your help as the community grows we can keep it that way. COYP.
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    Not really new as such. More of a revisit to an old friend! Hope all is well here on PoN and everyone is enjoying, what is now, an excellent resource for Notts fans. I hope to drop in a little more in the future to add my voice to the conversations. Site is looking good and forum seems to be ticking along nicely so praise goes to all of you. The team behind PoN at the moment and the regulars who drop in daily, and also to the not so regulars who still make valuable contributions. Best wishes one and all.
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    Dear Community/Visitors, It's been a good year for us, I am personally excited about 2015 holds for us and although we have seen some tragic news in recent days, I know that we're on the right path. The festive period is all about friends and family, I take warmth from knowing that I have made several from my activities on PoN and I have enjoyed all your company either via the site or match chat (I should include match days/events). May you all have a wonderful time in the upcoming days and to the wind down of 2014, please take care of yourself and let's make 2015 a year where we are all proud. All at Pride of Nottingham wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You Pies! Notts-Joe and Cheeky.
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    The Pride of Nottingham web store offers free standard UK delivery on all print orders. Fans can upgrade to first class for a small fee for orders within the UK, and orders can be grouped together so that they arrive in one package which is securely sealed before being dispatched. For those outside of the UK, PON has to cover the cost of delivery with a flat fee of £10 which covers most countries. We send deliveries out to Ireland, USA, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia & New Zealand etc. At this stage we can only offer delivery to the above nations. Over the coming weeks new designs will be released, however feel free to suggest ideas below or privately to @Chris. Get your print(s) today and help support the community. https://prideofnottingham.co.uk/store/
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    Notts County have pulled off an audacious raid on Huddersfield Town by fending off much competition to snap up Jon Stead. Stead’s arrival at Notts sends out a clear message to the rest of the division - that Notts are serious about promotion- with the attacker penning a two-year deal at Meadow Lane following his release by Huddersfield Town. Manager Ricardo Moniz wants his new side to be ruthless in front of goal next season and expects 60 goals from his front line. Moniz has turned his attention to the former England Under 21 international to spearhead the Magpies’ promotion push, and the former Terriers’ striker is keen to repay his new manager’s faith in him. “After speaking to the manager, he sees me as a part of the project of getting the club on the right track and it is brilliant to feel wanted like that”, Stead said. Stead had an almighty season whilst on loan at Bradford City last campaign where he helped the Bantrams to reach the FA Cup semi-finals. Bradford sank Premier League champions Chelsea in the competition and the side were desperate to retain Stead’s services. But in a dramatic turn of events the much-travelled Stead has instead opted for a move to Notts- admitting that it was the ambition shown by Guy Branston, the club’s head if recruitment, which convinced him to join the East Midlands outfit. “The move came through a lot of pestering from Guy Branston. I remember him as a player and didn’t want to let him down. “Guy told me about the project and the club moving forward, first of all getting back into League 1 and kicking on from there. “And speaking to the manager (Ricardo Moniz) and hearing his philosophy, I’m interested to see how things pan out”, he added. The dynamic forward will add muscle to Notts’ attacking armoury and will hope to make Moniz’s hopes a reality by helping Notts to make an immediate return to League 1 next season. Jamie tweets @JBarlow95_
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    Achieving targets really does help the site progress, as does fans leaving their opinions. I am always pleased to see the responses and contributions, so I personally want to thank every once again for their involvement. You Pies!
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    So with the nerves and excitement kicking in ahead of the season opener at Meadow Lane, thought I would see how our opponents setup and who are their danger men ahead of the fixture. United have added to their squad well in the summer adding a few big names in league two. Frank Nouble, Harry Pell and Luke Norris being all big names that I expect to start in the season opener. Sammie Szmodics is also a big name in their squad who was important to keep hold of. I think they will setup a 3-5-2 formation with Szmodics playing in the CAM role with Norris and Nouble up top which is by no means an easy strike force to control. Notts still look week in defence and I do think a keeper is needed before the start of the season. Our defence has not got the strength to deal with Nouble but Norris should be kept quiet if played. In this match I think we have got to attack to defend, if they play a 3-5-2 then this leaves gaps all over the pitch for Hemmings, Dennis and Boldewjin to run riot. Think this will be a high scoring game myself, 2-2 or 3-2 Notts. Nolan seemed in doubt after Luton so he needs to ensure his match tactics are executed and delivered by the players. Be interesting to see what version of Notts turns up and to see if the players have had enough game time in pre-season to gel. This is where it counts now and every point matters. Also I hope if we score we have got out of this habit of hanging on a 1 goal lead as we lost too many points to sitting back last season. Let me know your thoughts?
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    For anyone of my age, a favorite viewing was watching the weekly antics of potential escapees from Stalag Colditz.....and the ingenious methods used. Picture, in your mind, Meadow Lane as Colditz......the music plays, the cameras zoom in......all is quiet as the German Camp Commander sounds the klaxon for morning roll-call. Nothing....silence. Slightly concerned, the commander and his guards start opening doors....nothing, nobody. Finally they find one person, huddled beneath an army-issue blanket.....sat alone in the corner of a room. "Ver is everyone?" (spoken in my best German accent) "Ver is Rodders and Winters, ......ver is the new Media guy?, ..........ver is Hughsey and Spencer, Schmeichel and Bart, Judge and Davis, Bajner and Showunmi" His voice starts to get louder, concerned that the whole camp has escaped "Ver is Cotterill, Allen, Short, Kiwomya, Curle....Derry and Abbott?".......panic starts to set in....... "Goddamn it man, ver is the Dutch prisoner Herr Moniz?...or the Camp Jester, Fullarton....we cannot even find the new guy Coops?" The face beneath the blanket turns slowly towards the camera "They have all escaped...........there is just me left" uttered the lonely figure The Camp Commander looks closer into the drawn features of a troubled man......"Who are you?" "My name is The Phoenix.....I am the escape co-ordinator!!" "Why are you still here....all alone?" asks the Commander. "Don't you start" .........said The Phoenix as he turns back to stare at the wall.
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    Jamie Fullarton’s reign as Notts County manager has got off to the best possible start as he masterminded a 1-0 win away at Crawley Town, courtesy of a stunning volley from Filip Valencic, who made his full debut for the Magpies on Saturday. In one fell swoop the former Nottingham Forest head of development righted a number of wrongs present under former manager Ricardo Moniz – that is, an away win (the first since the opening weekend of the season, over five months ago), a clean sheet (the first since our goalless draw with Bristol Rovers in October), a strong defensive performance, and a goal from a player that barely featured under the Dutchman. The Reds started brightly with Matt Harrold surprising Roy Carroll with a shot inside a minute, which the goalkeeper fumbled. Gavin Tomlin was then unlucky to have his shot from a tight angle on the right tipped over the bar, as the home team looked to make an early impact. It was all Crawley in the opening half an hour, but Notts maintained their composure at the back as their opponents proved lacklustre in front of goal, although Ronan Murray had to come to the rescue when he cleared Sonny Bradley's header off the line. County regrouped in the second half and went on to take the lead after 63 minutes when Jon Stead found Valencic, who did not wait for a second invitation and volleyed past the diving Darryl Flahavan. The visitors became increasingly desperate in the latter stages as they bid to get something out of the game, but Notts remained strong and steady at the back as they run the clock down until the final whistle, which was met with jubilation by the players and the travelling fans. Share your opinions on the result, County's performance, and whether Jamie Fullarton may just be the right man for the job on the Pride of Nottingham forum - sign up to our community and join the conversation. Credit to Dan Westwell for the image
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    Congratulations to @lambleypie whose has reached 200 posts and been awarded a Bronze Poster Award.
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    McDonnell 6 - One dodgy moment in the first half but overall an afternoon on the sunbed Brindley 7 - Won the ball back and was comfortable Rawlinson 7 - Solid as per usual Lacey 7 - Same as Rawlo Bagan 7 - Pressed forward well and never gave Eastleigh any time with the ball Roberts 8 - Something else this guy. A sprinkle of quality Rose 8 - Pressed and challenged well. Got forward and joined the attack too. Assist for the third. Grabbed hold of the game second half Doyle 8 - Passing was tremendous, especially finding Dennis and Wootton. Like Rose, grabbed a hold of it 2nd half Boldewijn 6 - Didn't really do much in spells of the game. Was calm Dennis 9 - A class act. Just runs and runs and scores. Wootton 9 - Gave the Eastleigh centre-back pairing a torrid time and his aerial presence and ball control were brilliant. Two goals to top off a great day Thomas 6 - Closed down the defenders and put himself about Crawford 6 - Got back to cover and showed some neat ball control Wilson - N/A
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    Ex Notts forward Justin Fashanu, is to be inducted into the footballing Hall of Fame. He played for us from 1982-85. He was a gentleman and an excellent forward. Great movement and skill. Sadly, committed suicide in 1998. He took his own life after struggling to balance the fame of being the first openly gay footballer and his life after the game. He should be remembered as the First Black Million pound player. Signed for those over the river, where he struggled with his relationship with Clough. He ended up at the Lane and even though we were relegated a couple of times, he still shone through as a good player. After he left football, he moved to America and it was there that he got tangled in an assault charge which he denied, but he couldn’t cope with the suspicion. He fled back to the UK and was unfortunately found dead after he hung himself. Even in the note he left he still denied the charges. His case was famous for a couple of reasons. Firstly the way he came out. Relevant because for the last few days people have been discussing the role of trash newspapers such as the Scum. Caroline Flack, took her own life and the paper contributed to their stress she finally gave into. When the paper paid Fash for the interview, they, as they always do, sensationalised his coming out and it ultimately left him a broken man. His brother, John Fashanu, known for his Wimbledon antics, ostracised his brother because of his sexual pretences and spoke badly of him on a regular basis. Secondly, as the first openly gay footballer. Headlines may change, but we are still at the stage where it is so difficult for a player to live his life as he chooses and coming out in football is unheard of. The world has moved in a lot in the past 40 years, but in the same breath, it has hardly moved on at all. A lovely guy who I met quite a few times as he was a friend of the family. Caring, generous and just a nice guy. But he struggled to be accepted for who he was in a closed culture of football. He should be remembered for the goals he scored and the fact he was sold for a million pounds ( which back then was an unthinkable amount! ) not the tragic end to his life. https://news.sky.com/story/justin-fashanu-britains-first-out-gay-footballer-to-be-inducted-into-hall-of-fame-11936867
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    As a 49-year supporter of Notts County Football Club, you’ll appreciate that over the years, I’ve seen managers come in to this club; and I’ve seen managers go! Truth is, with our past record, if you’ve been a Notts supporter for more than five minutes, you’ll probably have seen your fair share, too! However, having thoroughly enjoyed the ‘stability’ brought to the club over the past 18 months, and all that’s come with it, I openly admit to being more-than slightly phased that anyone’s thinking (or believing) we should start again on the “Gaffer-Merry-Go-Round”! After all, it’s ‘worked’ so well for us, in the past, hasn’t it?! So, I’ll admit here and now, that the cries of “Nolan Out!” - from some of our supporters in this “results-today-results-tomorrow-results-results-results” World of football - just fills me with dread! Seeing quotes too, of “eight wins in eight months” - which of course, takes in the summer recess and no account of incoming new players – and “#OutByChristmas” another, almost gleeful, mantra from a fan, slightly throw me! As well, there are those fans – many of them – who give absolutely no credit whatever for all that was achieved by Nolan taking on a ‘team’ losing ten-on-the-trot to playoffs, with their #lookhowfarwevecome chides. I can fully understand, as a supporter, being ‘concerned’ that the summer spend hasn’t yet seen our players, with anything ‘real’ to come out ‘fighting’ like other teams have. I can understand too, that the dreadful debacle of last Friday night, despite seeing some FANTASTIC initial play in the first 20 minutes, has left folk ‘worried’. I also ‘get’ too, that everyone wants to see good results and be part of a winning club! WHAT I DON’T UNDERSTAND is that with so many new players in the side, so many new options of play and the understanding, time and practice necessary for everything to ‘gel’ – even though some people forget KN’s NOT yet had a fully fit side since pre-season – why there would be any calls for him to go? With KN’s commitment to the club of moving his family here to a newly-bought home locally, I doubt he’d have done that if he’d hadn’t seen a long-term career with Notts. Additionally, it’s clear that he, AH, DF and the Board have an excellent, professional relationship that, to me, sees a clear, shared vision for our club over the next five years. And whilst it’s been made plain by AH that he wants promotion this season, is and can that now be an option, when there are such huge, gaping holes in our defence that need to be plugged? Forty-nine years has taught me to be patient. Very patient. And I certainly don’t want ‘promotion this year, only to come down next’ simply because, I believe there are solid foundations here to be built, first. And, we’re far from there, just Y-E-T! What was clear from Friday, is that when these players do gel and get it together, we’re going to experience edge-of-the-seat football, that’s long-missing at Meadow Lane… and I’m excited for it. In conclusion then, I’m a huge “Nolan IN” fan. Truthfully, I’m not even wanting to just ‘give it ten games’ either because I’m mindful of the fact that it took a Sir Alex Ferguson, to go from 11th/11th/facing the sack-F.A. Cup Winner over three seasons, before he even started to look like the Super-Manager, he became. And I believe KN CAN DO IT for us, so like all good things, I’m prepared to wait. COYP! Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    As the oldest Football League club in existence, Notts County have not only created history of their own, but they've also played a part in the history of other clubs. By now all Notts fans will be well aware of the connection between the Magpies and Juventus, thanks to Nottingham man Tom Gordon Savage's procurement of shirts with black and white vertical stripes when he lived in Turin back in 1903. But with Tottenham Hotspur saying goodbye to White Hart Lane this season as they prepare to move - via Wembley - to a brand new stadium, the focus has very much been on the now-dismantled ground's history. And sure enough, Notts crop up there too, as they were the very first team to play against Spurs at White Hart Lane in the final year of the 19th century. Logan Holmes of Spurs fansite Hotspur HQ writes: "On 4 September 1899, Tottenham played a friendly game against Notts County to mark the opening of their new ground. They have continued to play there ever since. "The First Division club were the first visitors and 5,000 spectators were present. Notts took the lead through an own goal. Spurs inside right, Tom Pratt, brought them level by half-time and after the interval centre forward David Copeland completed a hat-trick, although for the last two goals County had been reduced to ten men as their goalkeeper was injured. County’s centre half, Walter Bull, who went in to goal, was to join Tottenham five years later. "At that time the ground wasn’t known as White Hart Lane. It was only after the 1st World War that it took on that name. Before then it had been called ‘The High Road Ground’, although the club had favoured ‘Percy Park’ after Sir Henry Percy – Harry Hotspur. "Prior to 1899 Tottenham had played at their Northumberland Park ground, having moved there in 1888 after originally playing their matches on Tottenham Marshes." 118 years later, White Hart Lane would host its final game as Spurs clinched a 2-1 win over the mighty Manchester United on 14 May 2017, dominating from start to finish. And with the history of the ground the main focus of the day, Spurs had created special corner flags which boasted information of the first and last game at the Lane - one saying "14th May 2017" and featuring the Spurs and Man United badges, and the other saying "4th September 1899" and featuring the Spurs and Notts badges, with "To Dare Is To Do" written at the bottom of both. Another historic White Hart Lane clash between the two teams took place on 10 March 1991, when Spurs hosted Notts in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. The Magpies put their opponents to the sword, Don O'Riordan putting the visitors ahead with a sensational rocket from outside the box and Mark Draper bossing the midfield to the point that he was upstaging a certain England international by the name of Paul Gascoigne - you may have heard of him. However, Spurs came out invigorated in the second half as Craig Short deflected Nayim's effort into his own net, before Gascoigne - who should have been sent off after elbowing Paul Harding in the face, leaving him with a black eye - struck a clinical shot into the far corner with just seven minutes left in the game. O'Riordan, scorer of County's superb first goal in that tie, paid a visit to White Hart Lane on the Monday to reminisce about his memories of the stadium. He wrote: "Wonderful memories visiting White Hart Lane. Sadly couldn't get on the pitch to take a photo of the goal I scored in during the quarter final in 1991. "Met two Spurs fans who supported the club for 35+ years and they remembered the goal which was amazing and agreed Gazza should have been red carded lol. "Has to be one of the biggest highlights of my career. Funny the lads even knew the first Tottenham game in their history (at White Hart Lane) was against Notts." He then talked about what happened the day after the match: "After we lost at Spurs, Neil (Warnock) had us in next day that was normally a rest day but he told the YTS lads to tell us to make sure we had our kit and trainers on. "This normally would mean a running session but we ended up in the sponsors lounge and Neil and Mick Jones brought 2 cases of beer for us to consume and he said we can make Wembley again win promotion and sample the Spurs atmosphere every week in the 1st Division. "We looked at each other and had another drink and wondered what he was on about but how could we doubt this guy. Sure enough we beat Brighton (in the playoffs) and the rest as we all know is history." As Spurs wave goodbye to their home for 118 years and prepare to create new history, it's nice to know that Notts have played a part in some of it - and that clubs continue to pay tribute to us. Share your thoughts about this feature on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans.
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    When I found out that Basford United Football Club would be hosting an exhibition clash between some of the greatest names to have played for Nottingham Forest and Notts County in recent years, in order to raise money for Cancer Research UK, I cleared all my plans on Sunday October 12 and made a date for Greenwich Avenue. The chance to see some classic players, the chance to renew a local rivalry that is becoming staler by the day, and best of all, raise some money for a good cause? Sign me up for Destination Basford! Come the day, I thought to myself that if I left at around 12:15pm I could get there in about half an hour, and because the route appeared pretty straightforward on Google Maps, I decided against bringing a satnav or even a map. So, it’s 1:30pm, and after having driven into Bulwell, Aspley and possibly Arnold, and of course having had Notts Joe be the Kit to my David Hasselhoff and guide me by phone – with mixed results – I parked up by this pub called The Mill, which happened to be close enough to BUFC’s ground that NJ could come and pick me up! Note to self – make sure you know in future how to actually get to a destination instead of somewhere in the vicinity before hoping for the best! So anyway, once parked up at the ground, a quick chip cob to replenish the hunger built up by over an hour of useless driving, and we were on our way. We spent the following half hour or so taking pictures of the ground, the pitch, the fans and the players, who were warming up on the pitch. It mattered little that I arrived with little time to spare, because kickoff ended up being delayed by about 25 minutes. The honest assessment of the announcer: “We’re still waiting for some players to show up!” Clearly I’m not the only one who failed to pack a satnav. Eventually, it was time for business, and once both teams were fully on the pitch, including the likes of Jason Lee, Mark Stallard and Nigel Jemson, the referee kicked off the game. The match began in a somewhat cagey manner, with the Magpies on the front foot, getting several chances in early on against Forest Legends keeper Darren Heyes, which is just as well because his Notts counterpart didn’t have any gloves at this stage. Attempts were made to lend him a pair of gardening gloves and some marigolds, before eventually deciding on a pair of motorcycle gloves. It wasn’t long before the Magpies broke the deadlock, but Forest countered in spectacular fashion, a 30-yard howitzer bursting the Notts net just a minute later. Little matter, because Chris Freestone struck midway through the first half to give us the lead again, with another goal being added before half time. At the break, it was Forest 1 – 3 Notts. The second half then became a bit of a free-for-all, as goals kept flying in every which way, to the point that Notts were leading 6-2. When I say a free-for-all, I’m not referring just to goals, but also to the amount of players on the pitch, as Notts saw two men sent off, while the Reds had 12 men on the pitch at one point! With the odds ever so slightly weighed in Forest’s favour, they were able to come back to within a goal of Notts, but some stout defending by the Black and Whites right at the death proved enough to end the match with an impressive 6-5 win! Once the match was over - and bragging rights were secured - the PoN Squad then proceeded to interview a myriad of people at the ground, including ex-players Jason Lee and Mark Stallard, cricketer Luke Fletcher, the match co-commentator, and Basford United owner Chris Munroe. All those interviewed had great things to say about the event, the planning, the turnout, the game itself, and of course, the charitable element, with a view to more similar events taking place in the future at Greenwich Avenue. All in all, a fantastic day, and before I forget, I'd like to give a shoutout to the Curry Lounge, who donated vast amounts of curry, rice and naan breads, and made for a marvellous slap-up post-match (and post-press duties) meal! Thank you to all involved for such a brilliant occasion, and long may it continue - looking forward to more events in the future!
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    In this weeks PoN's preview to the League One games played on the 16thand 17th of January, six key games have been identified – This includes the important game between MK Dons vs Sheffield United, which several teams within League One will be looking out for. Whilst Doncaster take on Barnsley at the Keepmoat Stadium. If the Dons win, they could close the gap on Bristol City and Swindon. If the Blades win they could pull away from the sides just outside of the play off places. * Important Game – **Key Game Friday 16th January 2015 *Preston v Leyton Orient – Kick Off 7:45pm – Score Prediction (2-1) Saturday 17th January 2015 Colchester v Walsall – Kick Off 3:00pm – Score Prediction (1-0) **Doncaster v Barnsley – Kick Off 3:00pm – Score Prediction (1-1) Fleetwood v Oldham – Kick Off 3:00pm – Score Prediction (1-0) Gillingham v Coventry – Kick Off 3:00pm – Score Prediction (0-2) **MK Dons v Sheffield United – Kick Off 3:00pm – Score Prediction (2-1) *Notts County v Crewe – Kick Off 3:00pm – Score Prediction (2-0) Port Vale v Peterborough – Kick Off 3:00pm – Score Prediction (1-2) Rochdale v Crawley – Kick Off 3:00pm – Score Prediction (2-1) *Scunthorpe v Bristol City – Kick Off 3:00pm – Score Prediction (0-3) **Swindon v Chesterfield – Kick Off 3:00pm – Score Prediction (2-1) Yeovil v Bradford – Kick Off 3:00pm – Score Prediction (1-3) My Stand-out Games MK Dons v Sheffield United Doncaster v Barnsley Swindon v Chesterfield MK Dons against Sheffield United looks like the most important game this week as MK Dons try to push for a automatic promotion place whilst Sheffield United try to hang onto a play off spot. A win for MK Dons could move them up to 2nd whilst Sheffield United could move up to 5th depending on the result of Yeovil v Bradford. Teams around Sheffield United will want them to mess up so that they might be able to gain points on them. Doncaster against Barnsley is also another game that jumped out at me this week not only because it’s a local derby but also for the fact of whichever team loses could move further down towards the drop zone. A win for Doncaster could move them up to as high as 8th which will make their fans think more about the play-offs again rather than relegation, whilst a win for Barnsley could move them up to 10th which could also ease their relegation fears. Whichever team loses could move down to within 3 places of the drop zone which makes it a key game for more then the local rivalry. Swindon against Chesterfield is a key match for effecting the automatic promotion places aswell as the play-offs and surrounding teams as Swindon try to hang onto top spot or 2nd whilst chesterfield try to push into the play off places. A win for Swindon will put them top or maybe keep them in 2nd place whilst a win for chesterfield could move them up to as high as 5th and move them away from several chasing teams for a play off spot. Thoughts on Notts County v Crewe This weeks match for us should be an easier match then previous weeks whilst at the same time Crewe’s form has picked up as of late. Our current results against Crewe Alexander have been positive although previously we have had better results away from home. The last time we dropped points against Crewe was back in 2013 when we drew 1-1 at Meadow Lane in the league. The overall head to head record shows us as favourites as we have won 20 whilst Crewe have won 12 and drawn 7. Crewe haven’t beaten us since 1997 when they won us 1-0 at Meadow Lane. We have picked up 14 points out of 15 from the last 5 meetings. I believe this is a match we should win but it wont be an easy game as Crewe’s form has improved over the past couple of weeks, I would at least hope for a point but Notts should get all 3 points. View New Content - Live Centre - All Articles
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    I think we're all agreed that PoN wishes Aileen Trew well and if it is health issues ( which is frankly none of our business ) then a speedy recovery is well deserved. Hopefully the idiots can crawl back into the woodwork now as they are never satisfied unless there is a drama to moan about.
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    >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDqGbp5MhVY Recorded on the go, with my mobile so I can only apologise about the difference in quality but it should be okay. Please do watch and leave a comment if you would. @Canadian, @Captain Sticky, @Cobby, @DangerousSausage, @DoddingtonPie, @Dripsey3, @GrannyPie, @gtownjohnno, @hissingdwarf, @LadybrookPie, @Magicianpie, @martyn.malone, @Nicknackk93, @Northants Pie, @nottsfever, @Piety, @pokerpie, @Private Magpie, @PTID1862, @Seven_Pie, @Super_Danny_Allsopp, @tonyhateley, @Veggie pie, @wacky
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    ....................has been recinded. Still had a big influence on the game though, they should take the 3 points of Yeovil and replay the game. Full story http://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/article/gary-jones-red-card-rescinded-on-appeal-2104291.aspx
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    As it is the 11th of the 11th, I thought I would repost this poem, which is Notts County related so appropriate for this forum. I will be taking a few moments of silent reflection today at 11am, its the least we can do for those that gave up their future for us. This Poem Was Written By An Unknown Soldier During The First World War and Shows That Even In Those Dark Days Humour was Apparent, Besides Which Everyone Was Football Mad. THE BURNING QUESTION Three Tommies sat in a trench one day, Discussing the war in the usual way, They talked of the mud and they talked of the Hun, Of what was to do and what had been done, They talked about rum, and-tis hard to believe, They even found time to speak about leave, But the point which they argued from post back to pillar, Was whether Notts County could beat Aston villa, The night sped away and zero drew nigh, Equipment made ready all lips getting dry, And watches consulted with each passing minute Till five more to go then twould find them all in it, The word came along the line to get ready! The sergeant admonishing all to keep steady, But out rang a voice getting shriller and shriller, I tell yer Notts County can beat Aston Villa! The earth shook and swayed and the barrage was on As they leapt o'er the top with a rush, and were gone Away into Hun land through mud and though wire Stabbing and dragging themselves though the mire No time to heed those who are following en route Till stopped by a strong point they lay down to shoot, Then through the din came a voice " Say Jack Miller! " "I tell yer Notts County can beat Aston Villa" The strong point has gone, and forward they press Towards their objective in number grown less They reach it at last and prepare to resist The counter_attack, which will come through the mist Of the rain falling steadily, dig and hang on The word for support back to H.Q has gone The air charged with moment grows stiller and stiller--- " Notts County's no earthly against Aston Villa " Two " Blighties ", a struggle through mud to get back To the old A.D.S down a rough duck board track A hasty field dressing a ride in a car A wait in a C.C.S., then there they are Packed side by side in a clean Red Cross train, Happy in hopes to see Blighty again, Still, through the bandages, muffled "Jack Miller, I bet you Notts County can beat Aston Villa! "
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    Shaun Derry today becomes the first Notts County gaffer in SIX seasons to survive a full year in charge - Charlie Mac being the lost. A full year in charge of Notts is surely testimonial and statue territory these days!? To be honest, it's a sad state of affairs when one year is such an achievement in football these days, but in Derry I really do believe we have a man who can be at this club for as long as he chooses to stay. It's a hell of a transformation to where we were a year ago. We may not be the prettiest of teams, but after last years utterly spineless shambolic excuse of a side, I couldn't care less if we don't many any friends along the way this season. Here's to many more years of progress and stability. Shaun Derry's black & white army!
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    Notts reached third in October but who scored PON's goal of the month?
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    I like when notts give tickets a way at my school, though theres not many who support notts at my school. Louie (a friend) says his dad supports notts but he doesn't he supports a totally different team. I really like going to watch see notts with my dad, we have quite a few friends and I look forward to seeing them, I think this is one of the things which is special. The thing I find sad is that all my friends support teams which are not from nottingham or one's my dad does not like. My uncle used to take me to games when I was very little, I dont really remember them but I can remember going around the ground and meeting the players. That makes a difference and dad once told me notts visited him at school, along with the cricket team and them. I really think notts should send some of their players to do p.e or something, it would be nice. Our players are pretty friendly, I have pictures taken with quite a few and them taking time to do this also helps. On the 18th of this month, dad took me to go see stevenage. We go by mini bus and with a group of fans. I wished paul (friend) would be going but he didnt. I like the group who go, though I go pretty shy around them but its nice to travel. I sat on the last row, eating smarties one of the people dad knows gave me. I think our fans are really friendly! They are another thing which I like about supporting notts. I first became a notts fan when i started going to notts games in 2008 when i was 2 years old. I like to go to notts home games with my dad too because we get to have fun day out and i like the pie i can have at half time. Home and away days are different but we always see our friends at the games and its nice to see them all. I wish my birthday was in the football season because i would get to see my friends then. I like asking questions, so dad said i could message a member of the community. I asked JurgenPie 1: What was the first football match you attended, could you tell me about it? - first game was on 19 October 74, we beat Oxford 4-1, came back from 1-0 down and got goals from Ian Scanlon 2, Les Bradd and Steve Carter, still got the programme as well. 2: How long have you supported Notts and why did you choose them? Will be 40 years in October, had never been to a football game so just went down on a Saturday I was 18 at the time to see which Nottingham team was at home and got bitten by the bug. 3: Do you prefer Home or Away games and why? Home games in the Kop just for the atmosphere 4: Do you think young fans are important for Notts? My school sometimes gets free tickets but not many at my school support us, how could Notts encourage them? Young fans are important and are the fans of the future, sending players to schools might help to encourage them to watch Notts and things like Junior Magpie. 5: What are your match days like? - Match days I drive or ride my motorbike depending on the weather and park up before going to the Trent Navigation for my dinners and then to the MLSB via the club shop, normally go into the ground for about 2.20 to watch the players warm up. Thanks to my mum and Jurgen and to those who read my blog.
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    Brilliant week this week, celebrated my 20th birthday on friday with @ARLukomski, we celebrated in Frankie and Benny's, I got a free meal which is a bonus. I did have to do 5 days at work before my birthday, but they were good shifts, nice and easy. I saw a cracking game of football last night, what a goal by Enzio! Feel sorry for my family as some of them are Chesterfield fans, but can't go to matches. Just writing this on the train to Nottingham to meet up with @Chris, which I am looking forward to and having a nice catch up. Overall, January was an alright month, not much happened really apart from a trip to Maidenhead, a birthday and a load of work shifts. Now we move onto February, lets see what happens this month. How was your week and January as a whole?
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    Breakdown of key topics: The Danish brothers were attracted to Notts because, the clubs history, Nottingham as a city, the potential and a fantastic opportunity. 2019/2020 aim is to hopefully gain promotion - however, they feel it's not expected and Neal Ardley must establish the team. Long term goals: Create an excellent scouting infrastructure to enable the club to sign the right players from the English leagues and overseas. They want to work with the fans so that the club can attract newer and more fans. It's hoped the club can go as far as it can, creating new memories. Hardest challenge faced coming in was forming the team, due to the time limits. Neal Ardley acknowledges that the new owners came straight in, they helped him to move quickly to make the signings and some of the players didn't have a pre-season. Media has been interested in the takeover in Denmark, that we are the oldest professional club and additionally with Kasper having played here - Danish people like supporting one English club, perhaps Notts? Things had to happen very quickly, they didn't have much time to look at players nor due proper financial diligence with the takeover. Both were happy with completing, they just wished they had more time. Unsure what to expect from owning a football club, they acknowledge that the staff have plenty of experience which makes their life easier. Spending money respectfully and carefully, Neal Ardley doesn't want to mismanage this. Owners look beyond defeats, they look at the bigger picture. Two new scoreboards to be installed, with support from Lifeline and the OSA. The club wants to promote the heritage, yet there are no plans currently to open a museum. Neal Ardley instructs everyone to go up for corners as it allows for more space, those with height have a threat. i.e Ben Turner, Kyle Wootton etc. There are no plans to have our own training facilities, but the club hopes to have something more permanent in the future. Neal Ardley starts Enzio Boldewijn because of his current ability, rather than form and despite Sam Osborne being described as a having a bright future - he's not see as being better, despite being a 'hard worker'. What do you think of the evening and, the items discussed? You can watch the event below.
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    Back when Kevin Nolan was appointed we had a fairly weak squad, on paper it wasn't all that good and the form even more depressing. Right now Kevin Nolan and Harry Kewell have strengthened the squad, I feel neither knew how best to utilise the players. I know some think the squads terrible, but it really isn't. A good manager could get the best out of this squad, we are blessed in attack. The issue is the defence and inexperience in goal for me, something I feel has been patched but I suspect the next manager will strengthen further if given a chance. However, if I was a good football manager - I would be looking at this squad and feeling keen to take it on. It's by far no means weak, if you have strength in your own ability. Well it must be exciting because we shouldn't be near the bottom. I hope Alan Hardy goes back to just giving his backing to the manager as he did when Nolan first came in, rather than all the hype and crap praised to Kewell for no reason.
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    Notts County put in a much improved performance in Harry Kewell's first home league game in charge but defensive issues came back to haunt the Magpies as they were held to a 3-3 draw by Stevenage at Meadow Lane. Three times Notts went ahead in the game and three times they were pegged back by the visitors, yielding just a second point of the season. Pride of Nottingham head honcho Chris reviews the game in this week's Tactical Talk piece. Was the result fair? I feel Notts was a little hard done by but in all, I would say the draw was fair – I just feel Notts attacked the game better. How did Notts play? There was a noticeable slow start to the game, Notts struggled to get to grips early on and Stevenage opened the game looking more keen to play the ball on the floor. Once down Notts looked good, they created chances but ultimately rushed the majority. The penalty decision seemed to provide the magpies with some confidence, however blips at the back made it hard. Despite this Notts created and looked good, I wouldn’t class the game as entertaining but I feel less annoyed by the issues I witnessed. I do feel things can be improved from here, which could start to change the season around. How did Stevenage play? Stevenage looked capable of entertaining, they started off better and seemed more organised up front. They passed the ball around, however once the opening minutes’ settle cracks started to appear – defensively I don’t feel they did very well. They worked hard to pull back level, playing some nice passes and executing some delightful passes. I just feel they never threatened enough and that the goals stem from a major lack of confidence in the back, they did enough to draw and I feel Stevenage fans should be happy with the away point. Did our tactics work out? I would say yes, training seems to have helped with the focus being on ‘working hard’. The new signings fitted in well, they gave Notts more grit at the back but defensively I feel we allowed ourselves to be fairly vulnerable. Ross Fitzsimons needs to sort his tactics out, as his destitution painfully hurt the games tempo at times and his failure to listen to his team-mates/manager. How did the referee perform? The referee gave a few baffling decisions, he also lost the game from time to time due to this but overall he held the game together and I have little complains about any of the match officials. Who do we play next? Next up is Northampton Town, it’s hard to figure out how the team can move forward despite the positive. I am concerned about the goalkeeper position at Notts and I don’t want to sound negative – yet until this is addressed I don’t think there’s much more the defence can do. I would hope to see the same amount of passion from the likes of Jon Stead and Enzio Boldewijn. How should we play them? Approach them the same as we did Stevenage, it will be harder away from home but it’s important to get the ball down as early as possible. For me David Vaughan should return as the midfield isn’t as easy to bypass with him in midfield, I would like to see Rob Milsom take the torch for being the defensive minded ball winner – along with more enthusiasm on playing down the flanks. Notts now has a back four that can do the club justice, so I would like to see them reduce the amount of crosses whilst focusing on the space created within the middle of our own penalty area. It’s important to attack the game creatively, yet to be as balanced at the back. There’s a lot more pace there, so if caught out – the defence should be good enough to work as a team. The question falls can we reduce the amount of shots that we have on target at our own goal? This would be a step forward since Fitzsimons confidence is severely absent now. Share your thoughts about the game on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    My 6 year old Grandson likes to read the Mr. Men books, I told him that one of the Argentina players was called Messi he asked if it was Mr. Messy.
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    Best doesn't always mean highest, so I think yesterday's attendance was the most encouraging for years and years. Well done to AH, KN and the players. Can anyone think of a better one in the circumstances? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I noticed Ronan Murray shared this video, he wrote: Which pundit do you agree with? What do you think on the matter? Interesting subject, personally I feel footballers are using excuses to force moves but sometimes its best to just let them go. There is little loyalty yes, however you can't stereotype everything. At the end of the day I can understand someone wanting to earn more money would want to leave a club, yet to fake an injury is totally wrong. For Payet, I think he's acting like a spoilt child and he's been one of West Ham's major issues this season. Though I don't understand why anyone would hold a grudge on a player wanting to better themselves, wanting to earn their family more money or to win trophies. Sometimes the vibe around the club is enough, yet without allowing for the free movement of players to leave I feel this only makes the subject point all that much bigger.
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    The sale of Notts County is close to completion and could even be announced by the end of the week, according to reports. Current Magpies owner Ray Trew put the club up for sale at the end of February, and according to the Nottingham Post, talks with the purchasing party have progressed over the last few days to the point that the sale is imminent. Businesspeople and consortiums from Denmark, China and the United States have all been linked with Notts over the last few weeks, as has local businessman Alan Hardy, the chief executive of the Paragon Group and the only bidder to make his interest public. Trew has owned the club since 2010, after he bought it for a nominal fee of £1 following the Munto debacle. Do you think the club will change hands this week? Let Pride of Nottingham know your thoughts by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining the conversation.
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    Notts County first team manager Jamie Fullarton has completed the signing of Gary MacKenzie on loan, the deal is initially for twenty-eight days. The 30-year-old Doncaster Rovers defender has enjoyed spells with more recently Bradford City, Blackpool and MK Dons. The Magpies’ are looking to further shore up their defensive options with this arrival after recently managing to keep a clean sheet against Luton Town last Saturday. Speaking to the club for the first time, Gary said “I’ve got plenty of experience in the league above but it should work out for everybody. If I can benefit Notts County and myself then everyone is happy.” “My job is to organise and keep clean sheets in the defence but I also like to play football – it makes the game more enjoyable. But the important thing for me is to concede fewer goals.” Jamie Fullarton was quick to speak about his connection with MacKenzie by saying “Gary is a player I’ve known form a number of years from his time with Rangers and Dundee. You find yourself tracking players throughout the years and how they can complement your setup at the time.” “Obviously I’m delighted to bring him in because I feel he offers us something different, he’s a true leader who will help develop our young defenders in the first team and make a big contribution.” The Magpies’ are also said to be looking at former Rams defender Miles Addison and ex-Plymouth winger Jason Banton who are said to be training with the club. What do you think of this signing? Does it reassure you that the defence is being strengthened? Don’t forget to have you say below or within our community discussion, as we welcome Gary MacKenzie to Meadow Lane – Here.
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    Some great news from the Jimmy & Jack Memorial Fund, as they have confirmed that they have reached £101,000 – leaving just a further £1,000 to raise. Thanks to a generous donation of £1,500 from the former players’ association, in addition to the fans’ ongoing support in the drive to raise funds, we are on the home straight in terms of meeting the overall total and begin proceedings to bring Jimmy Sirrel and Jack Wheeler home. It is hoped that we can achieve this by calling on fans to get behind our Christmas online donation campaign and join the "This One is for Jack" Pub to Club walk on Sunday 10th January 2016 - the sixth anniversary of Jack's passing. “This one is for Jack” starts at the Wollaton Pub and Kitchen at 12:30pm, with entry costing £5 with the option to raise additional funds through sponsorship. Entry forms can be found in the club shop or on the Jimmy & Jack table on match days. To donate to the Jimmy & Jack Statue Fund Christmas Appeal, the details are as follows: Bank account name: Jimmy & Jack Statue Fund Sort code: 40-08-46 Account number: 81848178 It really looks as if 2016 will be the year that Jimmy and Jack will come home – with your help, we can finally cross the line and elevate Notts County’s greatest ever managerial duo to immortality right outside Meadow Lane! Please pledge your support by donating just £1 to the J&J Statue Fund.
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    Alan Sheehan has expressed his happiness and pride in playing the 300th professional game of his career in a Notts County shirt. The defender, on loan from Bradford City, reached the landmark in Tuesday night's 2-2 draw at Wycombe Wanderers, where he put in another good shift on the way to a crucial and morale-boosting away point. In a career spanning 13 years, more than half of Sheehan's games have been for the Magpies over two different spells, and he admitted he was happy to hit 300 in the black and white of Notts - especially because he was ill at Adams Park. He told local media: "My dad always used to say 'if you aren't right, don't play', because once you cross that white line you are judged the same as everybody else. But you've got to get out there and put a shift in for the team. "Tuesday was my 300th competitive appearance and it's nice to think that nearly half of them have come for Notts County in a period spanning three years and a bit. "Obviously I am happy, but there's been some bad games in that 300! But hopefully we can keep on putting a run together. We've just got to keep building on that performance because we looked very good in spells." Sheehan has two more games of his loan spell left to play with his final game set to be the Boxing Day clash at Hartlepool United.
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    Being 2nd in League One with a game in hand of the 1st place Swindon Town, Robins fans have every right to be exited about this seasons campaign. Bristol City have lead the division and put together several impressive displays, as they hover around the two top positions. Pride of Nottingham's taken the time to ask several questions to Robin's fan 'Hodge' who is currently exiled away from the club in which he supports. Firstly, could you please tell prideofnottingham.co.uk a little about yourself such as how long you've been a Robins fan? I've been a City fan for around 13 years having started watching them at about the age of 10. Outside football I'm currently studying a masters degree at UCLan in Preston so a bit of an exile but managing to get to a fair few away games. At the start of the season where did you hope Bristol City would be by this point and what is the difference compared to last season? Given that least season was our first back in the division and we started it by being rooted to the bottom until sacking Sean O'Driscoll and replacing him with Steve Cotterill its hard to compare, Cotterill did a great job to get us back to 12th from taking over in January so going into this season I wasn't sure what to expect. However given our activity in the transfer market bringing in players who were attracting interest from championship clubs such as Luke Freeman, Korey Smith, Aaron Wilbraham and Kieran Agard (who left promoted Rotherham as their top scorer to join us) I was expecting us to be around the play-offs. Which three players do you feel will be runners for your 'Player of the Season' and why? Luke Freeman - Great engine, never stops running and chasing the game when we're not on the ball, his influence only grows game by game as he becomes accustomed to a unfamiliar position while being dangerous going forward. Aden Flint - Rock of our defence, great aerial presence and along with Luke Ayling and Derrick Williams has been a big factor of success in our defence. If Aaron Wilbraham hadn't been injured the last few weeks I'd have said him, but Korey Smith. Does the job that no one really notices, cleans up any opposition attacking play well, recycles and gets us going forward again. Also has a mean right boot on him when given the chance. What are your thoughts on Steve Cotterill as your manager? Do you always agree with his lineups and substitutions? Honestly when I heard Cotterill was the manager we were after, not even interviewing someone else I really didn't feel enthusiastic about what the club was doing, never have I ever been so wrong. Cotterill was an inspired choice as he managed to take us from bottom at Christmas last season to top at Christmas this season. In the calender year of 2014 we picked up around 84 points which put City 9th overall from all 4 divisions. As for his line ups well, we're going to play 532 with wingbacks, you could practically bet your mortgage on it and the line up will rarely change. GK - Frank Fielding RWB - Mark Little RCB - Luke Ayling CB - Aden Flint LCB - Derrick Williams LWB - Joe Bryan CM - Wade Elliott CM - Korey Smith CM - Luke Freeman ST - Matt Smith ST - Jay Emmanuel-Thomas Only way that will be different will be if either Kieron Agard or Aaron Wilbraham have recovered from injury where they may replace Emmanuel-Thomas. Its hard to argue against the team as its one that has only found itself being knocked off the top spot for the first time in over 100 days due to Swindon playing a league game while we were playing an FA Cup game. As for his substitutions, occasionally I feel Cotterill can wait a bit too long to make subs, as if he's hoping things stay like they are (having been top all season and results generally being in our favour). Sometimes you can see and feel the game changing and as a fan think something needs to be changed where as Cotterill does nothing, sometimes it costs us, sometimes it doesn't. At Ashton Gate what is the atmosphere like, which away teams have impressed you with their support and why? This season the atmosphere can be very hit and miss I find, with the main bunch of loud fans having to be relocated due to the redevelopment it has meant that some have split up and gone to other areas of the ground leading to some quieter games, but when the fans get going it can be a fantastic atmosphere. As for away fans, I've only been able to get down to a few games this season given my distance from Bristol. Yeovil Town provided a decent atmosphere on boxing day, however the distance between the two sides geographically probably helped in that regard. How much does football mean to you in general and what attracted you to supporting Bristol City? Admittedly Football is not my main sport, I never played it apart from at school. However I have watched Football since a young age and was glued to it instantly, I try and watch as much as possible, whether watching Bristol City games where I had been a season ticket for around 5 years before moving for university or when possible watching any games on tv. As for what drew me to City, I moved to Somerset when I was 8 and my dad started taking me along to games within a year or two so I have probably been watching City for a good 13 years or so. Which Bristol City players are currently inform and how would you expect your side to play on Saturday? While limiting it to three is hard as so many are playing well I'd have to say Matt Smith (on loan from Fulham), Luke Freeman and Aden Flint would probably be my three picks for players in the best form. Smith has scored 8 in 4 games (4 against Gillingham in the JPT semi final), Freeman despite being a winger has found himself being played in central midfield with license to go forward and has adapted brilliantly. And finally Aden Flint has been our rock in defence a really commanding centre back both in terms of his game play and as a presence within the team. Out of the Notts County players which would you be concerned about and who would you set to mark them? Apart from the well known players such as Smith, Carroll, Mullins etc I admit Notts County are a club I'm not so well clued up on for their best players. However I remember Stephen McLaughlin from his time on loan with us and that he can cause problems, also given that we operate using wing backs, he could get some free runs at them. Which two games this season stand out for you for good and bad reasons, please tell us why? Sheffield United away first game of the season, pre season Sheffield Utd had been tipped as the favourites by many to run away with the league, so for us to win away there on the opening game sent a clear message of our intentions for this season. Peterborough away, despite their league position p'boro is never an easy place to travel to, so given we won 3-0 and dominated while on TV it again sent out the message of what we were capable of having come off the back of successive defeats the previous two games. Pride of Nottingham would like to thank Robins fan Hodge for taking the time to answer our questions, we wish him all the very best with his masters degree and we wish Bristol City all the best with the rest their season. Match Thread - League One Preview - Scouting Report - View New Content
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    I just want to say to every member of Pride Of Nottingham you are all fantastic ever since I first joined I have loved this site. Your are all the heart and force behind it and every member deserves a huge mention cause everyone on this board is fantastic so just giving you all some credit. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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    >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5R36jhakOjI What stands out the most about these highlights? For me, our movement looks very impressive.
  43. 7 points
    I actually became quite tearful about this, as it makes me realise just how much I miss @anonypie (I'm not remotely afraid or ashamed to say right now I am actually flooding with tears, but they're happy ones). When you run a community of any nature, you come across fantastic people and it's only normal that when you receive help, support or just share time discussing things you start to connect. There's a lot of work that goes involved in building communities but I love the contact it puts me in, it's something which helps me overcome personal difficulties (depression). Yet, I would throw @2piesonmyshirt, @pie_in_shanghai, @Nesh and even @Pies4u. I would echo each you mentioned actually @liampie, plus there are others but its normal that people drop off. Let's hope we see some over the course of this season. You Pies!
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    In this introductory episode Notts Joe and Joe "JJ" Jones open up on how they came to support the mighty Magpies, delving back into their memories as they recall their first Notts games, their proudest memories of the club and their favourite player to sport the black and white stripes. Notts Joe also describes his early days with Pride of Nottingham, how he went about setting the site up and his role in making PoN the biggest Notts County fan page on the internet. Please be sure to follow the devolopment of our PONcast.[media]http://traffic.libsyn.com/poncast/Pride_of_Nottingham_-_PONcast_Introduction.mp3 I'm awaiting the PONcast to be approved for it to land straight into the world of 'subscription' based content, however I have stats and everything else all setup. The PONcast is automatically beamed straight into many podcast directories and when this happens, Itunes - Iphones/Ipads, Andorid Apps and Microsoft etc will all show case this. PONcast.co.uk
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    Brilliant day for all involved in the PoN Gathering, plus I am pleased I managed to continue the 'fans' picture. Soon to hashtagged 'It doesn't take two to tango'. No, that's just a bad sarcastic joke. >https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153844499725961.1073741869.158954730960&type=1 Link Here @tonyhateley, @hissingdwarf, @PTID1862, @Cobby, @ivansneck, @Blackville, @cotton13 and @super_ram. You Pies!
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    ha ha ha ha very funny love it. Has Dan seen it?
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    It looks just in to me, you decide. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Unity again. I am hopeful we can get a good attendance, it would be nice. I think out of all the managers we've had in the past 6 years, Shaun deserves the backing. What he did last season was amazing, what he is doing this season isn't much short of that. I really do believe fans can make a difference, not only in terms of support but it helps the coffers. The lads, Abbot also deserve it. Really we do have an amazing chance to turn Meadow Lane into one of the best grounds for that match buzz. Some people think it comes from the pitch, for me I don't really care about pre-match entertainment. It's being inside the roar and support of the fans, example would be Liverpool last season. It was something!
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    I think @Northants Pie and @PTID1862 should be banned from all nominations from here on in due to their lack of faith in me picking good players or predicting the future! Also @Canadian should serve a temporary ban (say 15 years or so? That should give me enough time to win it) For trying to beat me in the actual prediction league.
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    I've been into photography for a number of years, however I have never taken it seriously. I do tend to take snaps with my mobile and the quality of those are okay, I don't claim to be a @Dan or anything. It's just something I enjoy to do. I took this one below a few years back (It was taken with my old N8). Here's some in which @GrannyPie and @super_ram will like, it took these yesterday with the camera I got for Christmas. I'm really enjoying using the camera, it's not a full DSLR but something I can learn to use (whilst I save up for a full camera).
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