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Nick Tsaroulla's Emotional Farewell to Crawley Town and Exciting New Chapter at Notts County


Nick Tsaroulla expressed a mix of emotions as he bid farewell to Crawley Town FC, a club he holds dearly, and joyfully embraced his new journey at Notts County.

Nick's tenure at Crawley Town has been marked by significant personal and professional milestones. He shared heartfelt sentiments as he spoke about his departure:

"Yeah, it's obviously sad but really exciting to be at a new club. A massive thank you to everyone at Crawley who gave me my chance. We have some unbelievable memories together that will live with me forever. It's written in the history books. It's beautiful to have that to look back on, but now I'm excited to be here [at Notts County]."

When asked about his initial reaction to Notts County's nickname, 'The Pies', Nick's response was enthusiastic:

"I don't know. It was quite cool and quite nice. It's a bit different."

Nick's decision to join Notts County was influenced by the club's prestigious history and ambitious outlook. Despite having the opportunity to stay at Crawley, he felt a strong pull towards Notts:

"It's a very prestigious club. You can feel the aura when you walk around. I've played here twice last year, and the fans' energy is palpable. The club's philosophy of playing attractive football aligns perfectly with my style. It's ambitious, and I know I'll improve as a player and person here. Hopefully, I can repay the club with good memories."

Nick's move to Notts, despite the drop to League Two, was a strategic decision motivated by the club's ambition.

"When a club like Notts County knocks on the door, it's hard to refuse. They're ambitious and don't deserve to be in this league. But we have to work hard for it. I have no doubts about the club's ambition, with the gaffer, the owners, everyone involved. We all want to be higher, and hopefully, we can achieve that together."

With similarities between Crawley and Notts' playing styles, Nick addressed how he intends to balance attractive play with effectiveness:

"I think just killing teams off. We have our identity, but sometimes we need to adapt to certain teams. If we're all on our A-game, I don't think anyone can beat us. The squad is very talented, and I believe they'll make me a better player. Hopefully, I can do the same for them."

Nick is eager to train and play alongside top talents like Jodi Jones and Aaron, who were notable attacking threats in the division last season.

"I'm very excited to train and play with them. It's exciting for Notts County fans to have all three of us. I'm seeing a lot of positives and looking forward to playing with them."

Discussing his dual role as a wing-back, Nick emphasised his enjoyment of both offensive and defensive responsibilities:

"I enjoy both aspects. My first two seasons with Crawley were more about solid defence. I've been educated in both sides of the game."

Nick expressed his enthusiasm about working with Stuart Maynard, who is gearing up for his first pre-season as Notts' head coach:

"He's a great guy. From my first phone call, I knew I could work under him. He can develop me and take this team up. I believe he can achieve that."

As pre-season approaches, Nick has been balancing work and rest to maintain his fitness:

"I think it's good to go away refreshed, but I always get the itch to train. I enjoy keeping fit and being strong. I'm just looking forward to getting back and starting well for the season."

Nick is also excited about engaging with the Notts County fans and the Nottingham community:

"I love meeting fans and building relationships. I had a special bond with Crawley fans, and I hope to have the same here. We entertain them, and hopefully, we can provide that next year."

As Nick embarks on this new chapter with Notts County, his enthusiasm and commitment promise a thrilling season ahead for both the player and the fans.

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Players who recognise the support of fans often find it boosts their performance and helps them settle in. This can significantly contribute to making a player feel at home. I believe this is a strong signing, offering not just quality but also a unique element to our team. His ability to play on either flank complements our current setup, especially since Jodi Jones and Aaron Nemane are versatile enough to switch sides whenever necessary. He seems like an excellent addition who’s quite grounded.

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I really enjoyed reading this interview with Nick. The way he speaks about Crawley Town shows just how much he valued his time there. His memories with the club and fans are clearly special to him. It’s not often you see players speak so openly, and it’s quite touching. On the other hand, his excitement about joining Notts County is infectious. The club’s philosophy and ambition seem to really resonate with him. I’m looking forward to seeing him bring his energy and skill to the team. Best of luck, Nick!

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The platform we’re providing is the most thrilling I’ve experienced as a Notts supporter. It genuinely seems like the club is progressing well, and that’s down to everyone involved. The Reedtz brothers are focused on bringing in the right players, and their efforts to enhance the club’s prospects are evident.

Nick Tsaroulla certainly thrived at Crawley, and it’s our turn to foster his success. Crawley developed a fantastic part of Nick’s play, and I’m eager to see him in action for Notts.


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the more you read and watch about him, the more it makes you appreciate his ability and how it seems to be the perfect fit for us. we just have to get the best out of players and with the squad we are building, i hope we can give him the game time needed to shine. i am sure he will, but its much like how we need to give adam chicksen the chance to repeat his promotion season form with us.

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The club has put in a great deal of effort to recruit the right players to address a few areas we fell short in last season. With a nearly revamped defence, our strength in both attack and defence is quite exceptional. Many League Two teams would likely be envious of having Nick Tsaroulla, and we’re fortunate to have him on our side now.

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At this pace, the forthcoming season promises to be as thrilling as watching Juventus, and I’m brimming with anticipation. The club is performing splendidly, laying down unparalleled foundations for Stuart Maynard to excel in his role. I’m hopeful he’ll secure the outcomes needed to propel us forward and ensure a successful season.

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Nick's signing is another great acquisition for Notts..

What also makes it so exciting is that Nick and all the other three Notts signings were so pleased to be joining Notts & were all excited to be part of the what could be a successful Notts squad.

I think that the fans of Notts, can all look to next season with a lot of hope, that Notts are building a team that can challenge for promotion.

And I don't think Notts have finished with the incomings, far from it.

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Nick's comments about Crawley Town are genuinely heartfelt. It's clear he had a deep connection with the club and its fans. 

The way he describes the club's philosophy and ambition shows that he's thought a lot about this move and believes it's the right step for his career. I appreciate his honesty about the challenges ahead and his readiness to work hard.

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Nick's honesty and passion shine through in his interview. Leaving a club as close to his heart as Crawley Town must have been difficult, but his excitement for the new opportunities at Notts County is evident.

I admire how he balances his respect for his old club with his enthusiasm for the new one. It’s great to see a player who’s not just skilled but also thoughtful and genuine. I believe Nick will be a fantastic addition to Notts County, bringing with him not just talent, but also a fantastic attitude.

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It's always refreshing to hear a player speak so candidly about their experiences. Nick’s farewell to Crawley Town is full of genuine emotion and gratitude. It really shows the bond he had with the club and the fans. His memories there seem incredibly cherished, and it's lovely to see him acknowledging that in such a heartfelt manner.

Moving to Notts County sounds like a thrilling new chapter for Nick. He seems particularly drawn to the club's ambition and the style of play, which he feels aligns with his own. His thoughts on the upcoming challenges and how the team needs to stay on their A-game show his commitment. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

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What a fantastic read! Nick’s heartfelt words about his time at Crawley Town really struck a chord. It’s clear that he genuinely cherished his time there and appreciated the support from the fans. Transitioning to Notts County seems like a perfect fit for him, especially considering their ambitious plans and style of play.

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I’m really impressed by his commitment to both his personal development and the club’s goals. It sounds like he’s ready to give his all and make a significant impact. Notts County fans have a lot to look forward to. Best of luck to Nick on this exciting new chapter!

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