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  1. Please join me in welcoming @Joshua Barnes to Pride of Nottingham, I hope you enjoy being part of our Notts County community. I look forward to working with you.
  2. I renewed today, well @cheeky~k8 signed me up for another season via the phone. Think after this past year at home, she'll be glad to see me out and about - there's only so much of a life sentence you can spend at home. @Magpie callum and @super_pie are also renewed.
  3. It's better late than never they say, but in truth this has been long due after the Pride of Nottingham community voted on our annual awards for this past season. On the 7th June, voting opened up on the PON forum and across social media - including our popular Facebook group. Hundreds of fans took part, casting their vote for the players who deserved recognition after another season in the National League, where the magpies' had secured a playoff place. Pride of Nottingham's Member of the Year: @DangerousSausage claimed the 2020/2021 Member of the Year award, after slightly pipping @Piethagoram to the honours. Writing in the PON forum, he wrote "Thank you! I aim to educate and entertain. I'm touched. Here you go, have an award back." It's been a roller-coaster season, one of which the Pride of Nottingham has taken leaps and bounds after such a demanding campaign. We thank every member for playing their part, providing insights and thoughts into Notts County and we hope for another successful year for 2021/2022. Next up! Game of the Season: Chesterfield vs. Notts County clinched the Game of the Season, as the most popular choice by far - the goal-thriller and late dramatic win will be remembered for many seasons to come! Here're the highlights of the game. Signing of the Season: Mark Ellis stormed past Ruben Rodrigues who was a popular option in the category, however, Ellis stole the show after his impressive loan spell at Meadow Lane. Next up! Goal of the Season: Elisha Sam's outstanding back-heel finish took the Pride of Nottingham's Goal of the Season. Such a cheeky, special effort would always be difficult to beat. And finally, the Pride of Nottingham's Player of the Season: Who else, other than the feely scoring centre-back? Mark Ellis truly stole the show beating a vast popular options such as Kyle Wootton who played a crucial role propelling Notts to several wins - just like Ellis did upon his arrival. Once again, thank you to everyone who took part in the Pride of Nottingham awards. Share your thoughts of this topic within the Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
  4. I want to say this at the beginning, as I don't want these words to come across as overly negative or against Michael Doyle (which I am not). I hope this doesn't mean he'll remain as the club captain and therefore almost guaranteed to start every week. I have nothing against him coming in for key features or playing an occasional role as a backup option but on rotation or even as a starter I feel this will massively limit the surrounding players. It's great that he's signed, I think he proved a point by bridging the gap after taking the assistant coach role but I do think it's valid to ask why the differences wasn't made with him as the captain? He's a good figure to have in the dressing room, much more important than when we carried Alan Smith but in mentioning Smith, this is how I hope we use him as a player - not as often. Need younger legs that can keep us going forward.
  5. It's escapable that he wants to play in the Football League, I can't fault him for that but at the same time it does feel like a negative mass movement with us losing a lot of key players. A lot of which have settled in and almost become regular faces around Meadow Lane. I felt Jake Reeves would be a ready-made replacement for the long term vision of the club, being exactly the time of player who can take on the touch that Michael Doyle has been doing in recent years. Jim O'Brien extending his stay would be a positive, as he's an experienced head and someone who can help made players feel welcome. I have faith that we can recruit well, but I feel this will be a constant issue at this level unless we tie players down earlier when they're happy. You obviously can't escape someone who wants a Football League clause in their contract but building a camp of players who are committed to returning Notts to the Football League would make a huge difference with contending for promotion. I'm disappointed, but not with Jake Reeves or Notts - more due to the feeling that we don't quite have that steady core of players.
  6. They might go home without a single point, seems more likely to happen. I didn't realise they was still in with a skin chance.
  7. You'd have to fancy their chances of progressing further, isn't Denmark out though?
  8. Wales have done fantastic as a team, they should be delighted to progress from their group.
  9. I'm glad Torquay didn't go up, I have a real soft spot for Hartlepool but I thought Torquay decent playing well - came across as poor sports at times. Their equaliser for me, it should've been disallowed because Asa Hall (I thought it was Danny Wright) prevented the Hartlepool keeper from lifting his arm up. Yes, he got caught out but when you restrict a keeper in such a manner it should always be given as a foul. Then there was their keeper who kept saying things to the Hartlepool players, that worked out well. Whatever he said to the lad at the end who sealed it for Hartlepool, I couldn't help be laugh as it didn't work. Plus a few of the Torquay players lashed out at Hartlepool fans, one player kept kicking out and attempting to throw things. These are might to be professional, it's not acceptable no matter what is done or said. Just walk off...
  10. He speaks well about what he sees, how the club is approaching things and that gives me hope. I have the faith he can show the right stuff, along with passion to get us going. If he can make some solid signings, I think Notts will be much stronger.
  11. Hartlepool 1-0 up. Luke Armstrong: 35'. No idea if a goal was disallowed or if Google made a mistake, but for a time it said the score was 2-0. I almost wrote it! I might not be with it right now, but that would be embarrassing.
  12. Let's just say my eyes, sees what it believes and then my head agrees. After that, it takes time to sink in that I've mistaken the information sometimes. I do think he will leave though, I see no reason for him to remain here at the moment. PS. I'm checking things a million times now before I comment.
  13. I've been thinking about tinkering with 'The Match' section, I dwindled the forums down a bit - as some was manageable to merged into the main forum. One thing quite a lot of our fans criticise PON for is the amount of forums, so I am mindful about over doing them. I think they could go inside one forum, but perhaps the forums title needs changing? So that it doesn't just seem to be about the games Notts play, but also ratings, scouting, player analysis etc. There's plenty of ways that PON condenses content though, so I'm not against adding sub sections but I do think the easiest route would be to address the main forums title. --- The aim of was to form a discussion about potential signings, most of my list probably won't drop below League One. Yet some younger players already have, I am sure Notts has their own list which they're tracking.
  14. If anyone is disappointed, then I would suggest that it's Notts who needs to ensure contracts are offered to players who can move us forward. Sam Slocombe shouldn't be playing at this level in his career just yet, he's a decent worker and it's a shame he's gone. I can't fault him for making the move though. Ideally, Christian Walton would be a far better target but I doubt he wouldn't attract interest from League One clubs.
  15. I wonder if Notts wasn't interested, as I feel we're more the type to look for younger upcoming players who have a resale value. I mean, I would snap Mark Ellis' arm off to sign him but on paper he doesn't really fit the recruitment of the club. He's more the type we go for when there's no other options, which might need to be reviewed as we do need experience of this mould. I can only speculate but he'll be remembered fondly for his time here.

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