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  1. Favourite Notts Captain

    Haydn Hollis Not really, but he did do well when he had the armband and Mike Edwards by his side. I wouldn't say John Thompson, we've had much better. Phil Turner would be mine, I grew up watching him and the early 90s squad was something special to watch.
  2. Summer holidays

    I've already been to Skegness this year, I hope to go in October again. In the next 2-3 years, I hope to go overseas if I can afford it - I really want to visit Australia and the US.
  3. Favourite film

    I'm obsessed with zombie films, my favourite one is the original 'Day of the Dead'. I love Dawn and Night of the Dead, basically anything by George Romero. I could list thousands of films which I like though, the list would be never ending.
  4. Caption the magpies

    Pure Passion!
  5. Opening game

    I'm delighted with Colchester United being the opening game, especially since the game will be played at Meadow Lane. I honestly don't recall the last time that I've been to the opening game on home soil. It should prove to be a good game to test what this Notts County squad has about them.
  6. Mr. Messy plays for Argentina

    Mr Messy could do a better job with Argentina than Messi is right now.
  7. The First Thoughts Game

    Never heard of him, Googled, I know the face Pele
  8. Worse World Cup kits 2018

    Spain's shirt is quite traditional in the scense of the pattern at the side of the kit. Belgium's on the other hand looks like one of those fake kits PES would do to replicate what the official one looks like, it's quite poor and badly designed.
  9. County’s trophy cabinet

    I wished Notts could get replicas made of the trophies that went missing during the administration era.
  10. Bennett still could come to Meadow Lane

    I would like to see Mason Bennett return to Meadow Lane, but I'm honestly not that bothered if he doesn't - I think he would be a great addition but so would another striker with a good amount of speed. We have to keep our options open rather than pinning them on one player.
  11. Carl Dickinson to Yeovil

    I didn't like or rate Carl Dickinson, I agree he tried but sometimes he was just poor awful. When we signed him, I thought we had a proper left back but I can see why his former clubs fans wasn't bothered. I've seen snails that are faster. Yeovil will regret paying his wages no matter what.
  12. World Cup prediction table

    Leading the way as I always do. Can anyone catch me up?
  13. Caption this

    'I an flick the ball up after taking a penalty and then scissor kick it into the back of the net.'
  14. Hardy confirms more arrivals imminent

    I wonder if we will see more activity once the pre-season starts, it looks like we may have trialists coming in but I do think the right of midfield needs sorting. If the rumours of us adapting to 3 defenders at the back, along with wing backs - I do feel that we should be able to switch formations. One thing that limited us last season was failing to adapt at times, then we tried something which didn't work and Kevin Nolan stuck with it. This season we need to be stronger.
  15. Messi or Ronaldo

    Different styles of players, but I think Messi mostly excels in areas such as dribbling, awareness, positioning etc. You don't see him trying to defend much, he's just very attacking minded. Ronaldo has more to his package in my opinion, he's faster, fitter, good at dribbling and shooting. He can play very well on his own (yes I know he can be greedy) but he can defend too. We'll see who's the best in truth when we see how they do with age. Yet it's Ronaldo for me.

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