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  1. Chris

    Match Discussion: Game 22 - Super White Army (H)

    Notts played well. Nobody can say the game wasn't exciting and Neal Ardley seems to have done wonders with the defence, early on it looked different and a lot better. Yes there was obvious issues with Dan Jones and Elliott Hewitt (the latter having done okay) but it was a decent team performance. I felt Tranmere looked okay, nothing flash. I feel the tactics and starting line-up greatly helped Notts. Tranmere wasn't able to dig in as quickly as I assumed they would and Notts controlled things well. Fantastic win! Yes two goals conceded but if these issues can be resolved with more time. I think it looks brighter for the club, as Ardley seems very hands on from the touch line and the subs was superb in my eyes. They corrected what was going wrong which is the whole reason for having them!
  2. I know the games over but the preview is still there, it seems like a lot of the bases myself and Sam spoke about made things work. David Vaughan today worked well, Elliott Hewitt filled a gap at right back (although he had a weak game) - it wasn't his worst performance. @samwatto2008 also called it with Cedric Evina, he made Notts look better as Dan Jones didn't play well but that was always something that looked like a weakness. It can't be all bad obviously.
  3. Jon Stead for me, I can't fault or better his performance. It's not due to the goals but how he motivated the players, ran every blade of the grass and just worked hard. Seriously he defended and attacked, without limiting us up top. Very positive performance by him. Elliott Ward and Jamie Turley, outstanding play! They both defended very well and the issue was with Dan Jones/Elliott Hewitt today but this will happen. I think Ardley can work with them and improve things, as the defence looked good until Tranmere scored but they quickly found their feet again. Ross Fitzsimons made some outstanding saves, additionally Kane Hemmings ran for everything and battled.
  4. Chris

    Can we now be optimistic ?

    I think it depends how this Christmas run can go TBH. There's positive things to be said about today and it seems Notts have made good progress, the performance was pretty decent with a few issues that can be sorted. A friend said to me before the game that they felt Notts would win, I didn't have that faith but I wished I had. He spoke a lot of sense, he mentioned about getting a reaction from Mansfield and how he saw Ardley taking that. It seems right and he mentioned being optimistic in the fact the clubs finally got a manager who can manage this "project" properly.
  5. Chris

    Can we be the 12th man

    Brilliant to see the response and good match day vibe. My words seem to be getting twisted as of late, I haven't pointed the blame to the fans - not at all. I have mentioned how the fighting and stupid negative comments (which continues even when Notts win) needs to sorted. The majority of fans are passionate, down to earth people who can understand someones view point. Today was amazing, the support expressed to me has really given me a boost and the feel I got from the Kop made me feel prouder. Notts played well, look we are a League Two team and there's some issues. Neal Ardley can and will resolve that, his subs highlighted that he could make the team stronger by replacing the weaknesses. The wins just massive, let's try to get behind the players more. COYP
  6. I don't know any of their players well enough, yet the only chance we can have of signing anyone above us now is if they are relegated.
  7. Chris

    Would you rather?....

    Grill Would you rather have a burger or pizza?
  8. It doesn't matter. Tony Adams, John Terry and Alan Shearer are all players who lead club and country. Are they any different than Harry Kane? No. I believe he's got a lot of fire to win games, his emotion and passion has been a shinning light with the setup Gareth Southgate has got going. There's very few England players I feel could be a good captain, yet in Kane I think he does it exceptionally well. Besides he does sometimes captain Spurs, and he has in the past. He will in the future too.
  9. I've seen more of these games go in the favour of Mansfield that I automatically expect a loss, so I don't think you will miss anything @samwatto2008. I just hope I can report good news in the PONcast.
  10. Chris

    Tranmeres target man on Saturday

    Notts have to just be more keen to win the ball back, we have stood off teams for more seasons than I care tor remember. It's time we attempted to cut out crosses, watched box-to-box runs and put someone like Jamie Turley onto the key players. If we was more responsible in defence, attacking would come a lot more natural. Opposition teams would have to work and worrying about target men wouldn't be as much of a concern as it is right now.
  11. Chris

    The First Thoughts Game

    Funny, my dad and son like them, I would enjoy watching them again with @super_ram @super_pie. Mark Stallard
  12. Chris

    Would you rather?....

    Outfield player, I dislocated my right shoulder at 16 whilst in goal for my school and I don't dive anymore. It's probably not wise with how easily I can dislocate my joints now but I do prefer playing out. Would you rather people understood you or left you be?
  13. He's going about things quite smartly in my opinion, there's common sense to his approach and I feel he's careful but to the point with what he says. I hope the lads put on a good performance, this would be the most encouraging sign. I know the players are professional, yet I feel there's a level of nerves and a lack of convinced. Two things both Neal Ardley and Neil Cox must approach and resolve. The fitness and enjoyment can come with good performances but the tactics and discipline is something needs to be applied ASAP.
  14. Artist(s): Pride of Nottingham
    Hello and welcome to PONcast Extra: Notts County take on Tranmere Rovers at home, brought to you as always by Chris and Sam. In this week's preview we talk about Notts County's upcoming game against Tranmere Rovers at Meadow Lane. We also reflect on both teams tactics and what style of play Tranmere Rovers are likely to bring to the field, along with what changes Notts County should make from their previous game. in addition, we also speak about how Tranmere is Neal Ardleys first home game in charge. All this and more only in the PONcast Extra: Tranmere Rovers match preview. Remember you can subscribe to our PONcast. You can do so by using iTunes for IOS devices, downloading any of the main podcast apps from the Google play store or even listen to show using the TuneIn Radio app. As always, let us know your thoughts on this week’s PONcast on the forum or on the Facebook page, and once again, thank you for joining us. Website https://prideofnottingham.co.uk/
  15. Chris

    The First Thoughts Game

    Square pants, best day ever, cheers me up now (I used to hate it)... Kids TV

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