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  1. Chris

    Any one watch the walking dead ?

    I watched the first two episodes today of season 9, it's started off quite well but there's a lot of little things that are bugging me. The first thing is Gabriel, I struggled to appreciate his character before but now he's even more annoying with how creepy and weird he acts. I mean, is the Walking Dead trying to do the origin story for Jeepers Creepers? There's a lot of similar things too. Another thing is how Aaron lost his arm, there's no way that would happen in real life. His arm would have been broken at worse, not messed up as if only his right arm had turned into a fricking zombie. Freddy Krueger would be proud of this damage! I'm enjoying it but all of a sudden there's more living people than zombies it seems, which sort of ruins the show a little. I mean why is there such a rush to build the bridge? They seem quite capable of getting from each community without issue. The glass floor in the library wouldn't have smashed in the way it did, so the storytelling is becoming a little lazy and dramatised for my liking. Who knew that a show about zombies would be where Jeepers Creepers made his first appearance before making it as a horror star.
  2. I don't think the momentum will be ruined either. If anything it should enable Notts to move forward, as it gives Harry Kewell more time to understand what players he has at his disposal. It gives more time for proper scouting and to prepare for the Bury game. I think the worry should have ended for this season, provided the hard work remains applied.
  3. Chris

    Gibraltar get first competitive win

    I have a soft spot for Gibraltar now, not because of Liam Walker but the supporter who I met at the sponsors launch.
  4. Chris

    Caption this

    Coventry is getting grimmer by the minute, even McNumpty is kicking off.
  5. Chris

    Guess attendance v Bury

    4,231 with 650 Notts fans.
  6. Chris

    Roll call who making the trip this weekend to Bury.?

    I'm not at Bury but I aim to make another away game soon, @Magic magpie will have to check.
  7. Chris

    Would you rather?....

    Cook Would you rather be hidden or seen?
  8. I think him playing football is nothing more than him looking elsewhere from his athletic career, he won't be playing football for long at his age but it's great to see someone chasing the dream. I'm pleased he settled for a club that could allow him to enjoy his football, rather than a big name. He makes a lot of effort and although the goals might not be the best, he takes them well and chases the second one which I think he caused the mistake with the defender/keeper due to his speed.
  9. I would say Enzio has been a major driving force for Notts even before the 'turn around' happened but honestly, Lewis Alessandra has been a massive improvement for Notts and I feel he's been playing his best football under Harry Kewell. He seems focused, eager to start and plays some great football. Defensively he has offered a lot also, so it's hard to think elsewhere and I hope he can keep it up.
  10. Chris

    Daily chat thread - Monday 15th October

    If you have time later then all systems go mate. If you can sort the talking points and opposition questions out, I'll jump onto this once I return. I'm off to see @GrannyPie and use those sticks of hers to get her to fight whatever is going on.
  11. Chris

    Halifax vs Chesterfield

    They're doomed I tell ya, doomed. In all honesty we know from looking at Mansfield that it's no easy league, they threw money at it and struggled to get out. If you have the right setup and players, it's not as hard but the standard of the football is the biggest hold up of all.
  12. Two lucky Young Pies members won the opportunity to play FIFA 19 with shirt sponsor Jake Bugg and full back Cedric Evina.
  13. Chris

    Daily chat thread - Sunday 14th October

    I've been helping Kate finish the living room, it's looking awesome! With a few more ornaments and objects on the wall, it will look very homely. Other than that I have been doing various work, talking to people who help me with items and just doing my general tasks.
  14. Chris

    Video Discussion: CEO Sleepout 2019

    It's horrible and any sort of awareness should be praised. This is a good bit of community togetherness in my opinion, well done to all who took part.
  15. Chris

    Matchday experience

    I'm quite happy with things now. The build up is standard but enjoyable to watch, I mean I'm busy and I do things before, during and after the game - there's not a lot more that I would notice but I am perfectly content with things as to how they're now.

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