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  1. Michael Doyle and Jim O'Brien, issue is we know that usually them together doesn't always work. I would rather avoid shoving Jim out wide, he's best in the middle in my opinion. At the end of the day as the clubs captain, Doyle will lead the squad and hopefully he keeps out of the referees book. Him picking cards up or being sent off won't help and, I can see the opposition looking towards who they can get a reaction out of. Notts just needs to pick up from where they left, confidence will hopefully be high then.
  2. With some major cities already having headed back into lockdown measures, it shows how serious this pandemic is because it won't be beaten unless everyone plays their parts. I think re-opening pubs is a massive mistake, people from Leicester are already finding their way into Nottingham pubs, I can't help but feel it's incredibly selfish.
  3. @ARLukomski and you can't build avoiding agent fees. I believe Mansfield paid a lot more than this when they got relegated, I recall seeing figures over million but this might have been when they finally got promoted. I know they signed players for fun during their years in the Non-League though. Good players have good agents, they want the best deals.
  4. I'm not that concerned about the fees, I think previously it was a good idea to cut these agent fees down but it turned out to be a gimmick. I also, feel it could stem to the issue we had with having signed players that wasn't good enough. Only reason I would be concerned, is if the quality of signings wasn't good. I think the majority of the squad has some form of value behind them, so I can see Notts moving into the market which the Danish brothers hope for. i.e buy and sell for the right price.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53152416 It's good news, however, I fully expect to see spikes at points so I hope we as a nation try to stay safe. Fans are supposedly going to be allowed back into football stadiums by September. As much as I want to get back to Meadow Lane, I just hope things go well.
  6. Did you ever find out the answer to this @Dripsey3?
  7. Chris

    Euro 96

    I watched it when it was first aired, not long after the lock-down begin. There's a documentary about it on YouTube which is interesting, one of my favourite competitions - I rushed home from school to watch the games.
  8. I absolutely agree, I think if people can afford to write it off - it should be considered a donation towards keeping the club on track.
  9. At the last few home games at Meadow Lane, a discussion I often had with fans that I know was based around refunds. I know the club has now said that they will refund fans for the remaining 3 home fixtures. I have always said I wouldn't request a refund, simply because I don't believe the hit should come to the club due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As a supporter, I could use the money to put towards my next season ticket but I wouldn't want to take that support away from the club at a time when many are struggling. Will/Have you be claiming your refund?
  10. @Dripsey3 I actually knew this, I have a sticker book of the World Cup and it says he plays for Notts. My grandfather used to collect them.
  11. Ouch, surely we could have kept a couple more though? I watched Owen Betts a few times and, he looked a decent prospect for the future. It's quite saddening.
  12. I feel confident that Notts can approach the playoffs with the right frame of mind, I'm looking forward to it. Fingers crossed they put all the games online or something.
  13. Thank you for sharing these interesting posts @Piethagoram. I'm sure @super_ram and others will find this to be interesting. I've had a quick skim over it, its a very good article and story.
  14. The retained list largely makes sense. However, I am disappointed that Owen Betts who looked a good young defender and, Leo Marshall have been released without giving them longer. Notts needs to get our youths into a good loan system with local clubs and allow them to develop properly. Jorge Grant for example shown he could handle League Two, yes, he went missing once his flair had died down but League One was a good step up for him. Notts should look at getting youths into a level where the following season they could step up, without us continually losing talent. Like I said, the retained list does make sense but does leave a saddening impression on the future for 95% of our youth academy players.

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