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  1. That's nothing, you should see what fans can do by clicking on transfer deadline day! #Crash #F5 #F5 #DadJoke
  2. Match Discussion: Game 9 - The Imps (H)

    @AndersonforOlympics: What did you think of the game? I spoke to quite a few Lincoln City fans after the game, in fact the majority approached me (as I was walking with my camera). Heard some positive comments about us being the best that Lincoln have played, and how the red card didn't really change much but that it would have been nice to see a more even game. I was kinda nervous leading into the game, but you guys did well. Interested to see your thoughts pal.
  3. Match Discussion: Game 9 - The Imps (H)

    I could completely forget about the first half, it was just very poor and despite taking the lead it just wasn't memorable at all. Lincoln City had the right idea at first, however their constant time wasting and diving became frustrating to watch. Their keeper was a shambles but I don't really want to dwell on this negative side. Second half was much better! I keep saying we are a capable team and very good when we pass the ball on the ground. Them pulling level was a warning sign for us, yet pulling back ahead gave us confidence. The passing at times was a joy to watch, as was each of the three goals in the second half. I don't think we can say Lincoln was a poor side, they just didn't help themselves and really they seemed to give up. I do feel the red card was somewhat soft, yet if you go by the rules he had to go. It was dangerous and he shown his studs, horrible challenge.
  4. I think we played very well as a team, once we got the ball on the floor and the confidence grew - Lincoln City just found us hard to play. Overall I think Terry Hawkridge wins it for me. He ran his socks off, always looked comfortable and deserved that goal towards the end.
  5. You still watch Emmerdale and Corrie
  6. Notts County are enjoying a purple patch at present, sitting second in League Two thanks to a four-game winning run, and eight unbeaten in all competitions. Up next for the Magpies is a local derby with Lincoln City coming to Meadow Lane to try their luck against Kevin Nolan's well-drilled side. Here is Chris's Scouting Report for this week. History Notts County and Lincoln City have met a total of 65 times in competitive matches over the years. The first fixture took the place all the way back in November 1893, a Division Two game in Nottingham which resulted in an away win for the Imps. The record currently stands at 34 wins for Notts, 15 defeats, and 16 draws. The last game between the two took place on 13 April 2010, a 3-1 win at Meadow Lane with goals from Lee Hughes, Graeme Lee and Delroy Facey and a strike from Steven Lennon for the opposition. Notts have won the last two meetings, with a draw prior to those and three defeats preceding that. Run-down of their last six features Saturday 19th August – Exeter City 1 Lincoln City 0 Saturday 26th August – Lincoln City 4 Carlisle 1 Saturday 2nd September – Lincoln City 0 Luton Town 0 Saturday 9th September – Stevenage 1 Lincoln City 2 Tuesday 12th September – Forest Green Rovers 0 Lincoln City 1 Saturday 16th September – Lincoln City 0 Mansfield Town 1 The Players – Fact Sheet Highest Goal Scorers; Matt Green 3, Alex Woodyard 2, Oliver Palmer 2 and Billy Knott 2. Persistent Foulers; Matt Green 1 red card and 1 yellow card, Neal Eardley 3 yellow cards, Sean Raggett 3 yellow cards and Michael Bostwick 2 yellow cards. The Key Players Matt Green is the most well-known threat that Lincoln City bolster within their squad, he’s a mobile striker and useful on the ball – some may consider him past his former best but he is a player that is able to cause concern within any League Two defence. Despite the name Alex Woodyard is a very practical midfielder, he’s attacking minded but does have a bit of a temper. He’s pretty direct, likes to try to influence the tempo and adds a creative flair to The Imps midfield. They also have the experienced Michael Bostwick who plays to a similar fashion as Alex Woodyard, however he offers a defence mind-set even when going forward – his ability to pass and carve open teams is something Notts should be mindful of at all times. Style of Play, Strengths, and Weaknesses Lincoln City like to play the passing game, usually it starts from the back and builds going forward. The majority of play tends to come from the flanks, and The Imps move the ball around very nicely even in limited space – they also deal very well with scrappy play often making the most of any opportunities that presents itself. Like the majority of League Two teams, Lincoln prefer to play defensively but within an attacking mind-set. They tend to commit plenty of players at the back, yet can break extremely well through a single player at any given moment. Their height offers them good options on goal, and is useful at the back when defending. However, from a defensive point of view – they do not like pace or direct runs into areas whereby there’s plenty of space. Whilst struggling to defend on break, and even from set pieces or crosses. This can force them to rush their own play, and has seen them give the ball away quite cheaply but they prefer to get the play back on the ground and ball to feet. Positional wise they organise themselves very well when given time, yet in the moment or under heavy threat it can become a free-for-all. If allowed to play, Lincoln impress – they have the ability to deliver long throw ins and often shoot from distance if space isn’t available to them. For Notts it will be about controlling the play, whilst building themselves from the back – the midfield will have to be grouped and prepared to make direct runs when chances occur. As opportunities will arise where the Magpies’ will be able to make chances pay from the open play. Share your thoughts about this scouting report on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
  7. Rob Milsom: 'We know how easily things can change'

    Hopefully by December we will be even more focused, as I recall a few years ago when we was top of the League One table and how quickly things changed. Though I feel Rob Milsom's hard-working attitude will help prevent any stumbles, and I am confident that we can get results after any upsets.
  8. Haha... @GrannyPie and @super_ram likes their soaps, these days they just bore me stiff.
  9. Match Discussion: Game 9 - The Imps (H)

    Prediction time people, how do you feel the game will go and what will the final result be? I still think the game will be quite physical, and perhaps a little slow but it should be entertaining. I think Lincoln City will try to counter us - rather than being more direct from open play and I am aware they have some tricky players that will keep the back four on task. We really need to be focused throughout the game, and hopefully whoever replaces Brisley will settle in well. I say 2-0, though my head say's it could be 2-1 to us.
  10. I'd mix between Yates and Milsom, however against a tough side or a more experienced team for me it would always be Rob Milsom who would get the nod. However, I'm not Kevin Nolan.
  11. It just means that signings will be made slightly earlier, and not left to the last minute. It should make it better to be fair, yet free agents will be able to sign behind the transfer window and if this was to change - I am certain the PFA would complain.
  12. He's got players coming in, and they actually perform well. I thought Nicky Hunt and Carl Dickinson both seemed rusty against Swindon but they held their own - in fact they improved with time. Its good that Kevin Nolan knows he has depth, as I was worried about injuries but I actually think we will be okay.
  13. Prediction League Round 9

    @weymouthPIE - It's scary how close our predictions are, and posted at the same time literally. *Looks over his shoulders....
  14. Prediction League Round 9

    Bolton Wanderers 0-1 Brentford Norwich City 3-1 Bristol City Peterborough United 2-3 Wigan Athletic Shrewsbury Town 0-2 Blackburn Rovers (Joker) Colcheter United 2-2 Wycombe Wanderers Coventry City 1-0 Exeter City
  15. This week, we have a surprise for you on Pride of Nottingham - we have not one but two Opposition Views for this weekend's League Two clash between Notts County and Lincoln City. Alongside our chat with Luke Kempson, we have also spoken to 20-year-old Andrew Bruce (@andrewbruce97), who has given PON another great insight into life as an Imps supporter. About Andrew: Truth be told, I’ve only been watching City since 2015, and I’d describe myself as being a fan since late 2016. I got into the club after moving to Lincoln in September 2015 to study at the university and have regularly watched games ever since. As I have only supported City for a short time I don’t have a huge array of players to pick from, but it is a tough pick between Sean Raggett and Alex Woodyard. As Raggs has actually moved on now (but is back on loan from Norwich) I’ll have to say Woodyard – a proper fans’ favourite. Q1- You guys were in non-league for a number of years. What went wrong and how has it been put right? Well, as just stated I wasn’t around the club at that time, and I can’t imagine how awful it must have been. I have read a lot about that period though and what I can gather is that Chris Sutton quitting as manager was a blow. Yes, he was a contentious figure, and made some awful loan signings, but he wasn’t helped by board disagreements over budget and FA Cup funds not being made available to him. However, the general consensus is had he stayed longer into his second season we would have stayed up in 2010-11. After he left relegation was almost inevitable. I think what changed was partly the fan group, the 617 Squadron, forming in late 2011 – and Bob Dorrian, the chairman, really stepping up and putting everything on the line to keep City afloat. Although it was 6 years in non-league, it was 6 years of a sort of stability that made people really appreciate the club – how it could have been taken away with that relegation and that this was a chance to build the club back up to where it belonged. Q2- Danny Cowley has been a revelation - just what makes him so special? Oh, Danny. What a man. Don’t forget about Nicky though too! The brothers are special in that this is their first professional job, and first time in the Football League, so they are giving it absolutely everything they’ve got. Their man-management is exceptional – they are people who players want to play under, and the way they keep the team going is unbelievable. This team never stop – we scored a lot of late goals last season and it was certainly no fluke, so the energy Danny and Nicky have instilled into the team is crucial. Also, his inherent belief in statistics and sports science played a huge part in the success of last year, and it is an approach not seen often in this level of football. Q3- You enjoyed a good cup run last season - can you give us an assessment of it? The cup run caught a lot of people off-guard I imagine, especially as it started so inauspiciously in the qualifying round against Guiseley. My first game of the competition was the 1st round against Altrincham, and from what I remember we were fairly poor that game – edged out the side in a division below us and definitely didn’t look like a cup-run sort of side. The next round against Oldham was the turning point not just in the Cup, but the season. There were over 7,000 fans inside Sincil Bank, which was unheard of at that stage, and it was the perfect game. Up 3-0 by half-time against a team 2 leagues above you, then concede 2 quickfire goals midway through the 2nd half, so you’re left so on edge for the last 15 minutes you’re in the row below! And as if that wasn’t bad enough, we could barely see the action in the last 5-10 minutes as heavy fog came down and made visibility almost non-existent. It all just added to the game though and made it that bit more special. The Ipswich games were when Lincoln first really caught the attention of the nation, and we were unlucky not to win at Portman Road – over 5,000 Imps made the journey, and the ‘Impvasion’ hashtag was born. But a draw meant that a replay at the Bank, under floodlights and on BBC 1 was required, and the feeling when Nathan Arnold rounded the helpless Ipswich keeper was indescribable. I’d said to my mate minutes earlier “we’ve scored a lot of late goals this season, we could do it again” and then it happened. Yes! Brighton was when most people expected it to end I think, especially when they went 1-0 up – what was I thinking when I thought we could win – they were leading the Championship for goodness sake, what did you expect?! But that penalty from Alan Power and Theo popping up again meant we were in dreamland – we’re going through, and surely we’ll get one of the big boys this time?! No disrespect to Burnley, but the draw was a bit of an anti-climax – we’d earnt a huge tie – a Chelsea, Man United etc, but got Burnley. Now we were definitely going out – Burnley had just drawn against Premier League champions-elect Chelsea the previous week, we had no chance. Their team was fairly strong, but I was determined to enjoy the day, particularly since it was the first Cup away game I’d been to. What. A. Day. No words could give an assessment of that Burnley game – the split second when the David Fishwick stand had our hearts in our mouths, eyes glued to the referee as he looked at his goal decision watch…had Sean Raggett’s header crossed the line? He pointed back to the halfway line and blew, and then it was all a blur. Mental. The Arsenal game really was just a day out, no more than that! Obviously, we all wanted to win, and had hopes of Arsene playing a weak team, but when we saw Koscielny, Ramsey and Sanchez we knew it was over. If only Nathan Arnold had scored that chance in the first half... What a cup run that was though, something that will never be repeated in Lincoln’s history I’m sure, and will take some beating from any non-league side in the future. Not only was it enjoyable on the pitch, but the revenue gained from it was a massive financial boost and has left the club in the black for the first time in years. Q4- With Notts, Lincoln, Chesterfield and Mansfield all in League Two this season, which game are you looking forward to the most? A lot of good derbies in there, and that’s without mentioning Grimsby! But I think after the recent Mansfield match, and how much of a controversial figure Steve Evans is, the away match at Field Mill in January is one I’m particularly looking forward to. Seeing Terry Hawkridge back at the Bank for Notts County at home will be nice as well, providing he doesn’t score at the weekend! Q5- Terry Hawkridge has done well for Notts so far. How will you greet him on Saturday? I’m sure Terry will get a great reception from Imps fans – he left for all the right reasons. He didn’t force his way out or anything like that, he was offered a 1-year deal from City, but a 2-year deal from his hometown club, and arguably a ‘bigger’ side in Notts County. We can all see why he left – plus, towards the last part of the season he was in and out of the team a lot and when he did start he was often the first substituted player, so from his point of view it made sense. It was sad to see one of the heroes of last season go, but we’ll always have those 2 goals against Macclesfield – unforgettable. Q6- Who are your key players this season, and what do you think the score/scorers will be? Although Sean Raggett is only back with us on loan until January he will be vital, as he was last season and so far, this season – he won back-to-back MoTM awards recently. Alex Woodyard does everything all over the pitch, and as the chant goes, he “never gives the ball away!” And finally, Matt Green is our key forward, with electric pace and a poacher’s instinct we’ll be relying on his goals this season. With the way Notts County have started the season this will of course be a tough game, but we’ve been great away from home of late. I’ll go for a 1-1, with Matt Green scoring for City. Share your thoughts about this Opposition View piece on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.

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