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  1. League Two: What's still possible

    I expect a few twists and turns, though I think the vast majority is cast in stone now. I can't see Mansfield making the play-offs, it would take something very special and I'm referring to their six fingers. I think there's a slim chance we could cause a surprise, as I keep saying Notts does things the hard way but provided we make the play-offs I will be delighted. There's some twists as I wrote at the start, yet it's going to be mostly down to the luck from this point for some clubs.
  2. Minutes applause/silence

    I think it has more value when it's someone who served the club, or if it's a fan. I have no issue with it in my opinion, I think sometimes it's good to pay respect but there has been times I've questioned the decision to have one - mostly if it's related to someone outside of the game. I struggle to comprehend this, but otherwise generally it's up-to the individual if they get involved or not. This said, sometimes people are very vocal and almost insisting in a bully like fashion that it's just wrong - this attitude is IMO.
  3. Hand car washes - modern day slavery?

    I'm not sure about that.
  4. The link opens a meta file sadly @Piethagoram.
  5. Match Discussion: Game 42 - Sky Blues (H)

    Fantastic win today and, I'm pleased for Forte who has proven that he can do well. I get the feeling Kevin Nolan doesn't like quiet people, though I still suspect that his training ground work will be criticized eventually by KN. Did I expect to win Coventry City? No I didn't, yet we deserved it and I praise the way the players responded. It's a good win which gives us a strong fight to secure a playoff place! Well done Notts. COYP!
  6. Hand car washes - modern day slavery?

    I'm not sure I buy this as the image it tries to send out, many of the car washes near me they operated by foreign people but they all wear fancy clothing and some drive fancy cars. About four years ago I think, I spoke to an Asian lad who couldn't speak very good English. He just randomly started talking to me on a bus after getting on near the Wheatsheaf pub (bobbys mill area), he spoke about earning good money and pretty much bragged about obtaining benefits at the same time whilst being paid 'cash in hand'. I didn't like the attitude to be honest and I saw him after working in the car park (when the pub was abandoned and used as a car wash). Another near Beechdale, the workers have sports cars lined up and they use them to blast out music.
  7. I'm not the biggest fan of his attitude or weaknesses, yet he's earned my support and really at this stage sacking him seems mad. I do understand why some are and, naturally will. Just for me he needs to continue and we need that stability, if he doesn't get his ideas right it might be harder but I think he'll re-access in the summer and bounce back.
  8. Some are represented by themselves and in this case, they earn a bigger signing on fee. There's still some players who don't have any sort of representation in terms of agents, yet it's not very common. I'm unsure who, yet it might be Matt Tootle here who doesn't have an agent. It would be interesting to see who does and doesn't have an agent. Also, the Trew's claimed that they had reduced the agents fees from I League One days and I believe we managed it for at least one season.
  9. Match Discussion: Game 42 - Sky Blues (H)

    We need to go into the game with a clear plan and understanding as to how Coventry might play. If we fail to get something here, I feel playoffs will be much harder and the game could result in us slipping further. I really hope we play to how we know we can, those getting on Ameobi's back must understand he's played far more than he should have done. Nolan needs to find a way to get Forte more involve or at least Saunders! We have enough decent players in midfield but we need to play the ball along the ground. Hoofing it has lead to more issues and I just want to see us try to give them a game. Personally, I would demand better from the opening game and tell the players to prove a point. Lets get the points Notts! Fight for every minute on the pitch. #COYP
  10. Where is everyone?

    I'm around, yet I have limited time to be upright without severe pain. Also very busy with physio and various appointments, hopefully I am firmly on the mend but it doesn't feel like it yet. I really miss interacting on here mind, it's a welcome distraction and gives me a sense of normality. I'll be floating around from time to time.
  11. Match Discussion: Game 41 - Stanley (A)

    Yeah, but they've done well for us - I don't get this Shola Ameobi witch hunt. The issue is the fact the club hasn't signed a replacement and refuses to use a very capable forward in Forte, Nolan has some major stubborn issues which I have been pointing out all season. I think we can do well against Accrington but it's all related to how we play, we can't blame the forward and I know @ARLukomski isn't suggesting this but quite a few seem to be. Just remember that without the options we have, we'd be doing much poorer. I'm going for a 2-1 away win.
  12. NCFC official site Player of the season

    Shaun Brisley, he's been immense and far more consistent than any other player for me. And we actually miss him when he doesn't play.
  13. Have we bottled it?

    I'm inclined to believe we'll be fine no matter what the outcome. I would be disappointed if we missed out on the play-offs, as I would if we do bottle it but we are Notts County - we are never a plain sailing club. It's always the difficult route with us but we'll be stronger for it. Lets just get these games over and compare where we finish, if we manage to stay inside the play-offs its for us to raise to the challenge. The players need to work harder though and KN needs to think carefully.
  14. Match Discussion: Game 39 - The Spireites (A)

    I can see Notts leading quite nicely and, despite how I think things could pan out - my prediction would be 2-2. I don't think we should write Chesterfield off, they're at home and are a decent side struggling due to various reasons. Yet I would say they're easily underperforming and derby type games are the exact type which lifts performances on the field. Notts are also prone to being silly especially away from home, yet I do feel Notts will lead - maybe even by half time. Yet Chesterfield may find that they can pressure us and this is why I feel a draw seems very likely. I'm putting my prediction less down to silly mistakes, so no madness by Duffy or Alessandra handball (nothing of this nature). Just a case of two teams have decent halfs and ultimately cancelling each other out. It will be a strange game for the cameras but lets hope we can do it! Three points would naturally help us out a lot.
  15. Notts County 2018-19 Season Tickets

    I'm in the same position as I was the previous season whereby I am struggling to afford anything, so a season ticket seems very unlikely but I usually manage to save just in time to get the cheaper price. It's kinda a big thing for me, I'd hate not to be able to attend games. Kate's offered to use money given as inheritance but I am strictly against this, some fans should know how stubborn I am.

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