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  1. I have read that we want a left-back (which we can do without), unless Chickensen is out for the most part of the season - McCrory not sure what's going off with him but DKE does well enough. CM/LB are the rumoured positions Ardley is chasing. I don't think we are, Sam hasn't done that well here and that's down to him. Clubs understand the risk of loaning out players, it's a gamble and the stats show in football a lot of the players pushed out are the ones managers are unsure about. Yes, everyone hyped Sam up originally after the NEP did the story about him being destined to break
  2. TBH, all could return with minimal fuss. It looks like Tom Walker was only here to regain his fitness, either he'll feature for Harrogate or they'll try to offload him. It would be the latter that I would imagine to happen, since his loan deal here ran out just in time for the transfer window. Jimmy Knowles has been getting calls to start, I can't see him as an effective solution personally but I think he's useful to have around. I just don't see him as first team material myself. Matt Wolfe I think could easily be replaced with experience and stronger legs, he's not as cre
  3. There're smaller clubs in Derby, just none which really compete for fans with them other than Burton which gains a fair amount of fans from the city of Derby. I wouldn't say it gives them an advantage or, any other team with a sole presence within their city. Once upon a time, it might have had benefits from having rich board members who are businessmen within a city of one club but that's something which really died down with the multi-million pound owners and, eventually billionaires that came into football [Sky deserves some credit for pricing these people out].
  4. No way, would Forest accept a bid of 100k for both players. I doubt we were ever seriously interested in signing either on a permanent contract, AH is just trying to draw back some attention he got whilst being the chairman. Kevin Nolan or, whoever might have enquired but I would bet it stopped there. On the KN front, Hardy is at fault for sacking him because many of the board objected to the idea and, he did it behind their backs without anyone else knowing. A good deicison is usually based on taking in other peoples feedback. The fact he did it via a text I believe, it just shows w
  5. It's nice it includes the audio too, usually people cut this out but it makes the timelaspe very relaxing. Awesome view!
  6. On paper, Inih Effiong is a decent signing and can be quite the direct player. If he can consistently contribute towards our game, he will be a big coup because at this level he's a gem. He might not always score, but he can make the space needed for others, whilst doing a lot of the running. Hopefully, he will team up well with the likes of Enzio and, Cal Roberts when he returns. A tall physical presence with an eye for goal is a good coup for us even on loan.
  7. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham, @LadyAngelina86. I hope you enjoy being a part of our Notts County community.
  8. Most people in Wes Thomas' shoes would be wanting the same outcome as him, so it's hard for me to say football or Notts County is more important. As humans our lives, families and health far outweighs the game (as much as I love Notts). Yes, the money could help us get a striker in. I agree with the points and, sentiments expressed by @RetroPie. Give him time, work with him, the respect will mean something to Wes and when he's ready - I am sure he will return. I think once he has time to see that the squad is doing well, he will want to return to playing. Strikers probably get t
  9. It's really nice to see the well wishes, it's not in place to post anything about how my mum feels (although I had on social media). Granny Pie will do it when she feels more like herself, it's just pleasing to see the speed of her recovery compared to how we saw her on Monday. Super Ram does an incredible job of looking after her, it makes me thankful to see community members and, Notts fans wishing my mum well. It shows some people do care, much is more than my parents might think. ♥
  10. Honestly, it annoys me to see people who wrote him off or constantly said he wasn't good enough on social media being butt heart over this. I have always rated Sam Osborne, when managers talk about youngsters they will say they offer hunger and energy. Ozzy had this in abundance, his desire to play is what makes him hard to judge as an opposition defender. For his age, he always came across as someone intelligent of reading the game as it panned out. Seeing him being of use to a team beneath ours, it's annoying as much as it was to see him leave. Yes, this was his decision but a
  11. Yes, been told that Yeovil won't play our postponed game on the weekend. The National League needs to step in and make sense of all this, as if we don't play when it's suitable - then we'll just get backlogged which is unfair to us since we're not the ones falling to COVID-19 as often as other clubs. Eastleigh makes sense to call off, yet if there's an option for a game to be played instead - it should be rearranged.
  12. I haven't seen many opinions on this, in fact, I only noticed due to going through the NEP site in order to see if there's anything out there that we can discuss. Ricky Miller is a good player at this level, however, at 31 and on paper I'm not bothered. I would prefer Notts to find someone between 25-28 myself, someone with legs and able to contribute to Football League success if we're able to get there. If we want a Non League fighter, I think there's again better out there. https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/notts-county-transfer-ricky-miller-4848625
  13. It does take time to build something which has everything in the right place to have success, we can't expect to buy ourselves out of this league, anyone who knows the National League wouldn't expect this at all. At this stage, the Reedtz brothers do seem to be doing everything right. Nobody will be able to fault with them as they've done what has been asked and what they have promised. Our signings have been decent so far, any team with top recruitment will expect a flop or two. Mansfield had many and, I literally mean 'many' as they attempted to pay their way out of the nation
  14. @super_ram always enjoyed watching Monty Python. The dead bird scene is a classic! Happy New year @Piethagoram.
  15. I think the majority of fans had hopes that Notts would be building foundations underneath the new owners, it's nice that they've only spoken when needed and, otherwise left things to the staff to do. I think you can get too involved in football and, that's a dangerous line to cross. Notts are trying to change the clubs image, Neal Ardley has formed a decent side which in a few years should only get better and better. If Ardley remains as the manager by that point, it would reinforce that the clubs pushing towards building something special. I feel the clubs in a good position to mov

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