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  1. No, I would find a way to make use of Kristen Dennis when his loan deal expires. I would be annoyed because he's a good player and he would do much better within a hard working squad, if the chances get created and the players work better with him - he'll score. He's done without much chance and I can't help but feel this is another Jonathan Forte situation. If Notts are to become a good side, we will need to learn how to make assets like Dennis work well. He's a good player, he's a goalscorer. Get pace onto the wings, players with a delivery and just build stronger. I feel the cores very good and the reinforcements should be minor, it would be more offloading in the summer for me.
  2. Chris

    Another new member to PON

    Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @zakmcj_67, I hope you enjoy being a part of our Notts County community. You Pies!
  3. Chris

    Welcome djcombatspider

    Welcome @djcombatspider to the Pride of Nottingham, I hope you enjoy being a part of our community here.
  4. Chris

    Would you rather?....

    Jack Grealish (both are very good players) Would you rather listen to pop or rock music?
  5. Chris

    The First Thoughts Game

    Injury, plasters, scissors Nails
  6. Chris

    Would you rather?....

    Know I've won something Would you rather have a bath or shower?
  7. Chris

    The First Thoughts Game

    Small, dying off, eggs in sand Croc shoes
  8. Chris

    New game ... who did/do I play for ?

    Ameryc Laporte - Man City Fernando Torres
  9. Chris

    New game ... who did/do I play for ?

    Luka Modric - Spurs Titus Bramble
  10. Chris

    Match Discussion: Game 33 - The Stags (H)

    I felt Notts played very well, not just for one half or 75 minutes but the whole game. Defensively, I never felt like Mansfield would score largely down to how tight and restricted our defence and midfield made them play, their game changes couldn't do anything and Jorge Grant looked like he did towards the end of last season for us. I felt the strike by Craig Mackail-Smith was a fantastic strike, I knew it was going in the moment the ball bounced straight in front of him. It's a good technical shot, well struck and well placed. Seriously the teams passion is spot on and Michael Doyle seems to be a ball buster, I'm not suggesting this is a bad thing but there's times he should just try to be happy for others. What a difference he and Jim O'Brien have made.
  11. Chris

    Notts v Mansfield CMS's strike

    I had the perfect view of the goal, I feel if this situation had broke earlier in the season it would have deflected and not been a goal. However, when he got the ball I just knew it would end up in the back of the net. You could just tell.
  12. Hands down it's Craig Mackail-Smith.
  13. Chris

    Ratings Notts v Mansfield

    Schofield 6.5 - Commanded his area very well, came for balls which good keepers do to relieve pressure. His distribution was okay. Rose 7 - He gave a solid defensive performance, helped to take the sting out and worked hard. Looked better at the back for me. Barclay 7.5 - Steady performance, really works well with Stubbs. No complaints from me. Stubbs 8 - Rock solid, constantly communicating and doing what good defenders should do naturally. Milsom 6.5 - A bit wasteful at times, ran himself into silly areas but he did well. He worked hard, if he didn't give the ball away so much, I'd have said 7. O'Brien 8.5 - Outstanding performance and it was between him and CMS for my MOM. Doyle 7 - Steady and reliable, I like him. Boldewijn 7.5 - Worked hard, attacked but could have given more defensive duties at times. CMS 8.5 - Worked hard, looked great and made himself known to Mansfield. Stead 6 - Not his best game but he did alright, he gave the ball away at times but due to trying to force something when limited. Gomis 6 - Awful on goal but he's got all the tools before that point, he works very hard and does well. Sub Hemmings 5 - I barely noticed him and I don't think he did as well because of the lack of influence on the ball. Alessandra 5 - Looked awkward and lacking, he never settled into the game.
  14. Chris

    The First Thoughts Game

    Boxing, fighting, classy move done right MMA
  15. Chris

    The First Thoughts Game

    Flying, beach kite, small kit Games

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