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  1. It's time like this management skills and, mentorship are two very important things within football management. Neal Ardley has to get players running through brick walls for him, he needs to give players a chance and as some fans (like myself have been saying) - there's a need to rotate players. Tom Crawford can do the job, he did well at this level with AFC Flyde. Why can't he at Notts? There's nothing stopping him, however, footballers produce their best when they feature on a consistent basis. If their form drops whilst frequently playing, they should be dropped but it's down to us to get the best out of a player. I wouldn't be against seeing Enzio Boldewijn step into the middle, with Mitch Rose playing the defensive cover - provided it meant someone direct like Sam Osborne started on the wing. I feel sorry for Cal Roberts, he's been built up massively and will need time to get to terms to where Notts are.
  2. I’m looking forward to seeing the highlights, as I don’t think much blame should be pointed at Ross. It might have made more sense to leave him out on loan and, encourage Kean to start.
  3. 2-0 Dagenham & Redbridge take all 3 points. It's a setback which has raised a few concerns, but nothing major. If Notts react well to this, playoffs can still be achieved. I think realistically, it's difficult to expect players to come into games when they haven't had much game time for awhile. Zoumana Bakayogo sounded like he struggled quite a lot, constant comments from Charlie Slater and, Mark Stallard about his poor contributions. Michael Doyle is the hard hitting midfielder that some fans have wanted for awhile, I think he's earned some form of redemption and his red card shouldn't be something that is easily thrown at him. Bakayogo should have been smarter, as Doyle had two options, allow them throw or take the hit. No matter what he did, most likely it would have resulted in a red card. Some people bang on about escape goats, Enzio Boldewijn makes it hard to see how the club can win with him starting. Sam Osborne and Cal Roberts could inject the energy and speed required to respond well, both have a good level of pace and sound much more direct. Perhaps Kristian Dennis faded after some time - it might have been better to start Wes Thomas. It's not a disaster, it could be if we allow it but I think we just need to get on with it. Keep the faith! COYP!!
  4. Half Time: 0-0 Kristian Dennis with a few chances, along with Cal Roberts. Dagenham have had a few chances, nothing really close but one effort could have punished us - had their player made a proper connection. Ross can laugh as much as he likes, had it gone in - I'm sure nobody would be. Better second half needed from Notts.
  5. He said at the Ben Hastings memorial game at Meadow Lane that he would be retiring, but you can clearly see he gets a massive buzz from the game. He did look very fit there, he didn't stop and ran rings around Nottingham City Transport, usually just by his clever movement and feet. I wish him all the best with his new move.
  6. Stoke City 3-0 Swansea City (Joker) Bristol Rovers 1-1 Fleetwood Town Rochdale 1-2 Gillingham Crawley Town 2-0 Grimsby Town Exeter City 1-0 Colchester United Chesterfield 2-2 AFC Fylde Hartlepool United 0-1 Stockport County Maidenhead United 0-1 Eastleigh
  7. Hello, welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @chipmunx. I hope you enjoy being a part of our Notts County community. It's always good to see opposition fans, who are friendly and open to discussing things.
  8. @super_pie felt Ricky Modeste of Dover, looked a lot like Snoop Dog.
  9. Only changes I would make right now, are to Rose and Enzio. I think the starting lineup only really needs to tweaked here and there, it's a fair point that we did better with a few changes. The fixtures really forced that, however, Ardley should try to solve some of the issues about game time. He's done right by shipping some out on loan but if we are to improve further, you can't play tired bodies, you can't persist out-of-form players are good enough to start ahead of hard workers.
  10. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham, I hope you enjoy being a part of our Notts County community.
  11. Chesterfield have secured the loan signing of Nathan Tyson until end of the season. https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2020/january/tyson-to-chesterfield-220120/ His body language the last few times that I have seen him, well, it told a story. I know he spoke to @NottsGeezer - he also told me that he wanted to be playing and felt 'disappointed' that he didn't get much game time after his injury. I hope this loan move works for him, as I thought he might consider hanging up his boots.
  12. You can just tell sometimes, as you can feel it - you might not know why but if there's a good level of optimism in the air. Generally, a magical feeling can be felt. I think once this expands to more than just a minority you can tell the clubs onto a good thing. Naturally signings help, the the they play together and see the closeness in the group. When Notts can win a handful of games without losing this shows there's something special about the squad, avoiding defeat and just racking up the points.
  13. No, I think it will be a good chance for Notts. We've already played them in the cup, so if Neal Ardley learns from that and throws a few surprises I think the game should be better. I think the midfield is always the key, now with the signing of Callum Roberts, it means we can have natural wide players which in turn should give a level of freedom to whoever is in the middle - i.e Michael Doyle and Mitch Rose.
  14. @Joshua I'll be giving that a watch, I've seen their stuff on 'Making a Murder'. I still believe it's a result to them not wanting to pay his compensation, so they've set him up as a murderer again.

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