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  1. @super_ram asked me who scored, I said Alex Lacey - he repeatedly asked me if he had actually touched the ball. My position is excellent for seeing things like this, and he did manage to direct the ball. Anyone in the Kop should've been able to see that it was Lacey's but it did create a talking point. At the end of things, it doesn't matter - Kyle Cameron did well to assist, and attempt to claim to the goal.
  2. It's early days, but unlike previous seasons we have something to build on - rather than improve from. Yes, the performances at times could be better, I keep saying this will come in time. What I will add is, how much brighter we look. The football is heaps better compared to previous managers. Ian Burchnall also makes use of changes and tactics in-game, which is refreshing not to wait for the 70th mark for a change. As it is going for a win, instead of defending for a draw [which tended to lead to defeats more than that].
  3. Supposedly, they have some players out injured. For ourselves, it will be interesting to see how we do without Kyle Cameron. I think he will be a miss, as he integrates himself into our attacks very well, and he's robust enough to defensively cope with the opposition. Part of me thinks Ian Burchnall won't start the new lad on loan, I know some might question - well why wouldn't he? But I just feel he will be on the bench, with Adam Chicksen and Richard Brindley partnering Alex Lacey. As for them, I wouldn't think much about whom they have available or which players might be out. Prepare to have a solid game plan, where we are more creative in the centre of the park, instead of the flanks, and it should be a good game.
  4. Blackburn Rovers 2-0 Cardiff City Nottingham Florist 1-3 Millwall (Joker) Morecambe 1-1 Accrington Stanley Oxford United 1-0 Gillingham Hartlepool United 0-2 Exeter City Sutton United 0-1 Carlisle United Dagenham & Redbridge 0-0 Solihull Moors Stockport County 2-1 Wrexham
  5. I have noticed in the last three games, Cal Roberts has become increasingly frustrated. He sometimes has a go at other players for mistakes, which is natural, and he does get on with it after - yet I have noticed it. I do think he needs to try to accept the poor decisions he seems to attract, I feel it's quickly becoming a Jon Stead scenario whereby he will lose mire decisions than he gains. It's very frustrating and part of his natural talent, that he would feel he can do more - or feels wronged by poor decisions. Yet picking up cards will only lead to suspicions, most of which are avoidable. I think he will calm down, but I don't think it's something right now that Ian Burchnall needs to address. I am sure, Roberts realises that he's close to being sent off or suspended for this type of behaviour, and we all know he wants to play.
  6. I have intended to keep this blog updated, although it has fallen wayward - much like a lot of things have. Personally, I can't blame COVID or the lockdown. As I made a promise to myself last time, I felt in this position that I would own my actions, and attempt to move past them. Returning to Meadow Lane has been overwhelming, both in a good and an awkward way. I haven't really enjoyed how busy it has seemed, bar the Tuesday night game against Wealdstone which felt more like I know. At the last home game, on the way out - I felt closed, and I feared I would have a panic attack. On the opposite hand, I have realised just how much support and care I have - from people who I have got to know. When I think back about my personal journey, I feel like I have somewhat lost my way, and although I try to address this at the start of every season. It becomes much like a New Year's resolution. Well, something I try to uphold but ultimately fail to achieve. Before I attend games, I try to remind myself that talking does help, and I realise this. The first few matches I stuck to myself, I didn't communicate much at all - simply because I wanted to slowly integrate myself back into the community at Notts after such a difficult year we have all had. I write none of this for sympathy, I won't be sharing the blog directly at all - but it will be there for people who know me. It's something I also feel I can reflect on, as I pick up emotions rather easily and in the right environment I can identify what I need to do in order to help myself. Being able to attend Meadow Lane, seeing Notts and exchanging conversations has been something I have missed. I like looking around, seeing fans enjoy themselves and something I have noted is just how much people I know have changed or grown up. This season seems to be delivering a very good standard of optimistic, something we should all try to embrace, but I have challenged myself to focus on making whatever difference I can possibly do. I care very much about Notts County. My connection to the club, developed first by my grandfather - is something I want to hand down to my family. If I can, I would like to have a positive impact on others. My aim is to pay back to people who have enabled me to move forward, whilst identifying fans who deserve a form of kindness - which I will do by handing out prints. As I try to re-find my mojo, I will be trying my best to keep on the right path. I realise this isn't much of a blog, but for those who read will see my thoughts etc.
  7. We managed to get a week away at Skegness in May, another two-weeks will be coming up soon - we'll be a lot more relaxed. I'm expecting it to still be busier than I would like, yet we can navigate ourselves around this without it impacting the fun. @super_pie best be ready for the beach! 🏖
  8. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham site, I hope you enjoy being a part of our Notts County community @Eloise Ward.
  9. I have read some opinions shared by Sheffield Wednesday fans, He seems to be rated highly - I will wait to see how he does. I won't judge him straight off the bat, but I do hope he settles in quickly and impresses. The cover in the centre-back area is needed, I'm not keen on Adam Chicksen and Richard Brindley being played together in this role, as they both like to attack and drift wide. Both can do the role, but I think we're stronger with the cover.
  10. @TheSkipper: Sheffield Wednesday fans seem to rate him, plus I do think our recruitment is a lot focused on the quality side of things - rather than the costs or experience.
  11. @Fozzy Yes, @super_pie highly rated him. He looked a lot better than their starting keeper, I also felt sorry for the stick he got at times from the KOP but he took it in good spirit. I have seen opposition players act very unprofessionally before, yet he just got on with it.
  12. If you need an agent, you know where I am. Stunning picture, catching wildlife that many youngsters today may never see in their lifetime, sadly.
  13. Same here, Aldershot could've given their manager more time. Unless something else has happened behind the scenes, like a falling out or disagreement - I am of the opinion they would've turned it around. They did well against us, but obviously this doesn't paint a full picture. I don't think Harry Kewell is a manager.
  14. It could be hard for us, if Notts were ever to get promoted to the Premier League. This is why I enjoy floating around League One, which is where I think our actual size should be based on our history etc. I'd never pay £1000 for a season ticket, I think anything over £400 holds no real value and just starts to take fans for granted. We aren't cash cows. Aye, I know. I remember when Blackburn was in the Premier League how they lowered match day prices. I think then their average season ticket cost £275, which by then was a good investment for watching football.
  15. In the first half, I felt Josh Kelly did very well. He looked speedy, quick and unafraid to take on players. Whilst his finishing was questionable, he seemed to be playing on the wing, which I do feel he did a decent job at. He looks like someone any good club could improve further. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/josh-kelly/profil/spieler/526852 @Piethagoram @ARLukomski

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