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  1. @Piethagoram do you still have the TV? Random questions I know, I wonder if it still works.
  2. This is one of those weird, but wonderful stories where it shows that football is more than just a game. Very interesting story.
  3. I've voted mate, from PON, myself and the merch account. Not biased at all.
  4. I wonder how many moves have been delayed or postponed due to the outbreak, some also told me recently that the Belarusian league starts soon and, that they was hoping it would be played. Not sure I see it happening.
  5. PB Paul Boertien - Paul Bolland DC David Campbell - Darren Caskey MF Mark Fotheringham - Michael Forsyth This will get members thinking, it's quite difficult to think of the top of your head. I've been sat here for several minutes, these are the only ones I can start with.
  6. You know, I don't think I went out at all last week. I am video calling @super_ram and @GrannyPie almost daily, we have a situation with being unable to get Tesco delivered but hopefully this will be resolved soon. Every day is merging into one, I can't say I am finding it to be all that easy. Cabin fever seems likely to hit us all at some point in time. If anyone feels like they're struggling please reach out, my inbox here and on Messenger is always open (Twitter DM's Too). I've been working on solving things that would help PON massively, alongside suggesting things to a third-party dev that has done wonders to-date already.
  7. I had a solid squad, winning every game virtually. It’s just playing games, not having much time to manage or do other aspects. I like a balanced game, not feeling the need to get a season over with because it’s game after game.
  8. I’ll either sound boring or too polite, but it’s me. Never be sorry for helping, it’s the thought and, consideration that matters. We have all been dealt a blow with this pandemic. Thank you @hissingdwarf
  9. His parents sold it in the mid 90s, he did a photo shoot at the Chippy for a reeboks advert. But, shoot did a story on the background of it.
  10. Not wanting to sound cocky, but I knew I had it. It’s the only person I felt matched it 100%. Little fact, Andy Cole’s family used to own a chippy 5 minutes from my house. He posed for a photo there in the 90s and did an interview with shoot about growing up in Nottingham.
  11. Have to say, the fixture run was annoying with the Spanish cups, Champions League and league games. I wanted out due to it, it just wasn’t fun but I find it amusing how Nicky Bromby felt the same.
  12. I signed the lad for Real Madrid, but he was unhappy. I promised I’d sell him and, PSG came in and then I resigned.
  13. I’ve left Real Madrid, my youth player produced whilst at Notts has signed for PSG. I’m now at Aston Villa.
  14. If the season continues I think each team will benefit, it will reset everything for all the clubs and, Notts tends to struggle to pick up their form. I have faith in this squad I must admit, I think many of them will want to come back eager to do well. The squad will be established no matter what happens.

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