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  1. This could be a good indication as to what type of manager we currently have at the reins of Notts, Hartlepool will be a tough team but defensively if we attack they could crumble. Their midfield controls games, they work hard to create chances and have plenty of players who can finish the game. If we start as we did against Wrexham or just slow in general - I can easily see them assuming instant control. It's going to be a difficult game, unless we approach it the right way. First 20 minutes both teams will be wanting to feel each other out, so avoiding an early setback is a must.
  2. I checked at 2-1 to Woking, then a short time later it was 2-2. Then 2-3 and 2-4. At 2-1 I thought 'here we go' and I honestly didn't expect much from the game but when I last checked. I felt happy, as it seems we might have found our confidence - rebounding and responding from set backs has been something we've struggled with bar Chesterfield (who gave us that win).
  3. It was a stunning strike for sure, at the first time viewing I didn't realise just how good the control was but upon reflection it reminds me of how Dennis Bergkamp would bring the ball down, then control it for the perfect strike.
  4. Inih Effiong could've worked, but he immensely disappointed me because I've seen him against us - where he played very well. I'm also aware of his career, that he's a decent player at Non League and League Two level. I can't speak much about where he played, although at times it seemed we had put him on the wing or out wide. He's the type of player that needed someone quick to do the leg work and allow him to be the powerhouse. Either way, it didn't work and it's for the best that he's gone back. I would rather welcome young talent on the up, than someone average on the way down (unl
  5. Match days aren't the same without speaking to MG, she's a burst of light and a very brave young person. I have the utmost respect for her and I have been touched by her struggles, but her attitude still remains incredibly bubbly despite the hardship. Her families always at games, I hope to you reach your goal MG. Best wishes to you and your family.
  6. We would like to share the story of Maisie-Grace, an eight-year-old Notts fan. When Maisie-Grace was born, she had a hole in her back with the spine and nerves exposed. Her first operation, to close her spine, was when she was just three hours old. Maisie-Grace spent six of the first 24 hours of her life in an operating theatre, and her family thought they'd lost her five times. When Maisie-Grace was just three weeks old, she had three procedures a week, putting a large needle into the top of her head to drain spinal fluid, and at six weeks old, she had a VP shunt fitted wh
  7. Good job I realised it was the 1st of April, I almost died.
  8. I don't think we can point the finger at him, but it has proven just how much work Neil Cox did in terms of supporting Neal Ardley and the players.
  9. I'm looking to make my own soda syrups, we have a Soda Stream machine and used to enjoy their own offerings but these days they're no better than most store bought cheap soda drinks. Our bottles are old, so they need replacing and whilst searching on a popular e-commerce site. I stumbled upon this review, it had me in stitches.
  10. The thing with Neil Cox, he was the hyper active one of the pair. He was always shouting out instructions and giving orders, plus he was the one who would tell a player honestly that they needed to give more and if the player need a kick (he would). Greg Abbott is the kind of person who makes a joke out of everything, I'm sure he can get angry but it's not the same. Neil Cox was the serious one, the type of person you didn't want to disappoint - whereas Neal Ardley was calmer and the one who build a player up by reassuring them.
  11. Fingers crossed... Everything seems to be working, anyone else getting emails now?
  12. Fingers crossed this will send out a dummy email to those members who have subscribed to the Prediction League forum, if you recieve this can you please respond so we know its worked? For those who stumble on reading this via the site, please ignore. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  13. Thank god, this wasn't connected because I do not feel this would've been any better than the appointment the club announced today. Social media is already going to be heavily decisive over the new manager and his capacities as it is. Jamie Fullerton 2.0 will hopefully be aborted.
  14. Hindsight it appears the appointment of Greg Abbott wasn't the best, I do wonder if Neil Cox had remained if Neal Ardley would've handled live games better. I don't think it's fair to throw Abbott under the bus, I feel he was a decent replacement, and I was pleased to see him return. I just don't think he offered much other than a friendly face and someone who occasionally talked to the local media instead of Ardley. I am thankful for what Ardley has achieved and done with the club during his time, I don't think some fans will understand just how much he turned around in such a short amou
  15. In my opinion: Neal Ardley was convinced to take the job by one person and one person alone, it appeared that Ardley wanted time out of football to be with his family but said person went out of his way in an attempt of desperation to save his own face rather than the clubs itself. This doesn't mean I believe Ardley wasn't focused on the task at hand, but I feel in his heart he knew relegation was 99.9 likely to happen. The squad had multiple factions within the dressing room, morale was down and some players simply did not care about what happened regardless of whoever came in. It's

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