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  1. I have very little sympathy for the club, any genuine fan that isn't a windup merchant is my only exception (many of them seem to be pathetic though). No end making comments about us being relegated, wishing we folded before the Danish brothers arrived. It's either karma, or what goes around comes around. They've been struggling for quite a few seasons, so you'd have thought they could've tried to do a bit more perhaps. Hiring Sol Campbell and, many other things makes it hard to feel disappointment. I watched the video attached to the news link, the person who said "people may think it's
  2. I'm a sucker for songs from popular children adventure films. I break into song every time I hear this, along with David Bowie's 'Magic Dance' from the Labyrinth.
  3. I have asked members in the past to do similar, however, I am sure things have changed and I wonder what our creative bunch will come up with. Please share a video to a song on YouTube which you would consider a guilty pleasure. When I used to be a member of a prominent song writers community, I shared this and, mentioned how the lyrics might be somewhat corny but it worked quite well. I had some banter directed my way for liking Darius Campbell. Whilst this is by far his best work, I don't think he's a bad singer and his writing ability is a lot better than most these days
  4. If anyone is keeping updated on this, we're slowly but surely getting there. Thanks to help some previous edits have been re-implemented, so now on handheld devices the recent topics show as it did before on the dashboard page. I am also in the process of adding the fixes to allow the Alumni pagination to work correctly. Please do mention any issues you experience.
  5. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @CurtisNCFC, Thank you for joining to help me out, I appreciate it. Soon quite a few other members will be saying hello and, welcoming you too. Good to have you on board.
  6. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @SteGee, I hope you enjoy being a part of our Notts County community. Some members might already know Ste, he's very active with representing Notts and assisting fans. He's kindly joined to help me out with something I have big hopes for. Thanks mate!
  7. @Fozzy I don't think Wes has slowed down much at all, he's one of our fastest players I believe. Ben Turner shouldn't be a regular, I can see his injury proneness making him a rotational player that mostly comes on from off the bench. Michael Doyle is a concern, I wished we would have found a replacement for him personally. Jim O'Brien isn't much of a concern, he's still got that never die attitude.
  8. I didn't watch the game, but I had a bad feeling that with some of the comments that I had read leading into the match that it would end in defeat. I don't really get the diamond formation, if it doesn't work - it needs scrapping. Pre-season being over, it's all about the league.
  9. I think all of the signings are better than what we had, Tom Crawford has a lot of promise but he's gone now. A couple of early wins will hopefully settle peoples nerves, but it wasn't that long ago people thought we had depth, quality and a team that will walk the league. Rome wasn't built in a day, nobody will lead this division as clear champions early on - we have to settle and fight @Super_Danny_Allsopp thanks for posting this.
  10. I'm not worried, I feel that things will iron themselves out when the actual season starts. I feel there's quality, and depth in the team - so not much should be read into the results from the pre-season. Some players can instantly come and, make an impact but at times it does take awhile for things to click. Provided we're fighting to get back into the Football League, we should just be mindful. It must be weird playing behind closed-doors, I am a firm believer that our support from the stands can make a huge difference. This isn't an excuse, as they're professionals but at the same
  11. Woot, woot... I'm climbing slowly, any improvement on last season would be nice.
  12. All final reminders have been sent, there's still time for newcomers and, those missing this round so far to get theirs in on time.
  13. Why doesn't the National League encourage support from the FA, who could in turn ask the bigger clubs to chip in an amount to "save football". I don't know, hopefully, the money comes from somewhere.
  14. Cardiff City 2-0 Reading (Joker) Derby County 1-0 Blackburn Rovers Fleetwood Town 1-1 AFC Wimbledon Portsmouth 1-2 Wigan Athletic Swindon Town 1-0 Burton Albion Cheltenham Town 1-3 Grimsby Town Salford City 1-0 Forest Green Rovers Southend United 2-0 Morecambe
  15. @Piethagoram Either way, right now we must focus on the league. I'm not bothered about it now, personally I think it should've been voided.

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