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  1. Very simple, try not to be biased but I imagine it could be somewhat difficult. If you genuinely feel that ours is the best, kudos - I'm not going to suggest otherwise but I am curious how people would honestly rank these.
  2. Consider yourself lucky... I just realised Chesterfield are to blame, so I assume those who got the stream were subjected to the long distance view.
  3. I thought it was Graeme Lee who were suffering, I caught part of the news the other night and I thought it was very sad. Looking at the target, they're not far from reaching it and hopefully sharing it we can play our part in helping. Plan to do something via Football Manics too.
  4. QPR 2-0 Rotherham United Stoke City 1-1 Norwich City Accrington Stanley 2-1 Crewe Alexandra Doncaster Rovers 0-1 Blackpool Barrow 0-2 Oldham Athletic (Joker) Exeter City 1-0 Colchester United Altrincham 0-0 Bromley Wrexham 1-0 Sutton United
  5. Enjoying your detailed posts about the games @Super_Danny_Allsopp, keep it up. I wanted to add the laughing reaction to the Wealdstone Rider or, whatever he is called because I don't quite get the obsession with him. Plus it makes me laugh when I see him mentioned, thankfully we won't get to meet him just yet. I've seen them play, I watched them on Saturday against Sutton. First half very poor, but they regrouped in the second half and the match was very enjoyable. If Notts doesn't learn to close down the opposition, Wealdstone could have a field day with us. They're quite
  6. I know people have campaigned for a inner city park, with green space. I wished they could rebuild the Broadmarsh back into a shopping centre, that had green spaces and was a nice place to explore. I used to enjoy going into several of the shops in there before it started to become all gloomy due to them closing down shops. The idea of a cinema in there appealed because I don't like Cineworld anymore. Going into Vic Centre is a nightmare too, all the money conned into that "development" which ended up as them just making it appear like there was more space, letting more natural
  7. Did anyone watch the official highlights put on the National League website? Awful recording, you could barely see what was happening. Beyond armature stuff! Hahha... The reaction of the Chesterfield players after both goals. I have been a bit critical of Charlie's commentary, sometimes it's like black board with nails scraping down to me but this is absolutely awesome. The sheer surprise, makes it more delightful to see. Plus he stayed focus towards describing what was actually happening.
  8. This could be very good news, I am hopeful it will go ahead - people just need to be mindful. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/55010011?at_custom4=A6310350-2D9C-11EB-823F-2A7A96E8478F&at_campaign=64&at_custom1=[post+type]&at_custom3=Match+of+the+Day&at_custom2=facebook_page&at_medium=custom7&fbclid=IwAR2lin92QWaN11SSWbn-3mL8NZzL6gBahWR_AzbvCheLpjea8ohqrlzTRuM
  9. I want to see Southgate succeed as the England manager, he's done well to bring through the next generation - a lot of these players wouldn't have been considered under previous managers until they had more league experience or joined a bigger side. Jack Grealish needs to be a main focus with building any team. We don't have any other wingers like him.
  10. Chesterfield needs to find a manager that can re-build them from the ground up, part of their issue has been the financial issues and failing to properly re-build. Their recruitment seems very iffy, it reminds me of ours a few years ago. Sign free agents from failing clubs that nobody else seems to want. There's a few fighters within their squad and, seeing the highlights they look unlucky but both our two last goals shouldn't have been scored.
  11. I totally forgot about it. I must get my head back into the game.
  12. I didn't listen to the game, so again I can't comment on the performance. I said last season that Ben Turner would've been a player that should've been released, he's injury prone and quite slow. I wished Neal Ardley had stuck with Pierce Bird and, Owen Betts. I can't say if the criticism of Kyle Wootton is fair or not, from what I have seen this season he's been in good form. It might be a tad harsh though, as when we played regularly he was on fire.
  13. Great finish, for someone who might not be fully match fit he made the goal by connecting to what could've been played in the Premier League.
  14. Thing is, it's easy to attack teams which don't have that much quality within their squad. Playing a defensive side is a bit harder, especially if they shut up shop or park the bus but really there should be creative players that can express themselves more freely against a side of the calibre of Iceland. Despite their recent success, they're still a very undeveloped nation in terms of football.
  15. I have to admit, Neal Ardley failing to get a result here would cause me to start doubting him. I don't think he's lost the dressing room, but I am starting to feel more thought going into games would help. Had Notts beat FC Halifax, it would have been a blessing and, given us some much needed points. Losing or drawing to Chesterfield would be a poor result, unless the players played well and, Chesterfield made a proper game of it. Defensively we need to be more switched on for the whole game. @menzinho mentioned recently the midfield partnership of Jim O'Brien, Michael Doyle and, Ja

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