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  1. Kevin Nolan will sort it out, there's been big improvements and I just hope come the day when we discuss who should be released we reflect on the players who have truly let Notts down. Nolan IN too.
  2. Chris

    Newport (A)

    Not there but I wished I could be, I really need to figure out what away games I can do realistically and I'm afraid it's the radio for me.
  3. Chris

    Daily chat thread - Tuesday 21st August

    Let's see, today's been quite constructive. I woke up and did a little work on the sites, then I had to go buy some new trainers and then I went to get the weekly shopping that my family needs. It's been a nice day, good to get out too. Started off at the same bus stop that we ended leaving, however went in completely different directions. I will be listening to the Notts game on the radio.
  4. Chris

    being a rational notts fan?

    I think with football many hearts rule over minds. I try to put what I feel and sometimes I'll hold off if I feel what I say isn't fair or balanced, so I put a lot of thought into what I say - especially after games. Sometimes reasoning goes out of the window, not just in football but with life itself.
  5. Chris

    Can we welcome our new addition to Pon

    It's a small world @KingPie, I am from Aspley and grew up in the area too. @Magic magpie, @super_ram and others are too. I hope you enjoy being a part of the Pride of Nottingham community, it's nice to have you here and we appreciate you sharing some background information with you. I hope you enjoy the site.
  6. I recommend Android TV boxes, I don't own one but my Amazon Fire Stick is awful now. They forced an upgrade which has removed things I installed and it's just awful to navigate. I haven't used a Google Chromecast myself but I am in the market for an Android box. The fact you can customise it due to it running Android and many things, it just makes sense. I aim to install games and emulators on mine when I get one and, then I will have something portable when I go places. Useful and portable I mean.
  7. Chris

    Guess the magpie

    I can't guess, I know the answer.
  8. Chris

    Match Discussion: Game 4 - The Exiles (A)

    A couple of Newport County fans I have spoken to have said how they're not that impressed with their own side but that they work hard to at least get a point. I think they've won one, drawn another and lost. Hopefully the confidence of our players can be focused on getting the points Notts needs. I think the score will be narrow, so maybe 1-0.
  9. Chris

    Would you rather?....

    The rain, it doesn't bother me remotely. Would you rather be a boxer or a wrestler?
  10. Chris

    New here

    Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @SmithyPie, I hope you enjoy being a part of our Notts County community.
  11. Chris

    What TV do you own and how big is it?

    I think mine is 40inch Toshiba SmartTV, we actually don't use the smart features much and would prefer a standard tv. However the tv is good, it's only slightly bigger than our last which broke on the day we return from a holiday a few years ago, due to the frame it was much bigger and newer TV's seem smaller than what are advertised. Seriously, the previous one was 32inch and it's probably due to the chucky frame but the 40inch takes no more room than the previous one and the screen only looks slightly bigger.
  12. I would say Dan Jones, he can't be the root of most of the issues with how far he attacks. He doesn't track back very well, leaving other defenders vulnerable. I usually defend him, as he gets a lot of unfair flack in my opinion but I hate to say it, he's been far the most disappointing player because he can be rock solid. I also can't say Ross Fitzsimons because there was always going to be a struggle with him taking the first choice goalkeeper position, he's a rookie just like Kevin Nolan and needs more experience.
  13. Chris

    Where are they now? Graham Burke

    His comments about Notts will be something that will put off most fans from wishing him well, he was very disrespectful of the club rather than the people who made the players train on a park. I just feel he should have said things better, but I wish him well.

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