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  1. Well I motivated myself to go out yesterday, I took the 79 bus all the way to Arnold and then took pictures for a friends' birthday party. I felt quite anxious going, at the start, I was a little like a fish out of water. As the night went on, I really enjoyed it and took some very nice pictures, which I hope my friends @SIMMO and, his wife treasure. I also would like to thank him for having me there as the photographer, I did come home feeling like I would enjoy doing event photography.
  2. This table shows the form of the last 8 games. Upcoming fixtures: Southend (H) Chesterfield (A) Kings Lynn (A) Wrexham (H) Dover (A) Barnet (H) Wealdstone (A) Bromley (A) The league table is extremely tight, I wouldn't disagree with that but as I mentioned, we are near the point where teams will start to fall or struggle in general. I do not believe, for a second, Notts will fall in form over the next two months. If anything, we should improve a lot more, but with everything, it's about getting those all important points. In the run of fixtures I listed, I would say two of them will be difficult with Chesterfield and Wrexham. A key point, would be to improve on our away form, which during December to January will be critical for Notts. The table also shows the dip that clubs within our area are starting to struggle. If we do, I as I wrote, strengthen up a little in January - this would give the squad a lease of confidence, but I still feel we are good enough to finish within the play-offs as things are. I would be interested to see how the league looks predicted based on form for the whole season.
  3. I'm currently doing a lot of restoration work of images and, colourising black & white pictures. Just for fun, I thought I would have a go at digitally restoring @Fozzy's display picture. With the addition of my style digital portraits, so it's a mixture of restoring the image and using my graphic tablet to make a digital portrait of Gary Lund. I found the image used on the Notts Twitter page. The amount of lost detail turns the iconic picture, into something quite blurry and very faded. Anywho, here's what I came up with. I added a little more blur to the background after restoring it, as I felt it made it look more natural. Happy to share Gary without my portrait work, its actually very clear.
  4. FIRST (I haven't been for ages). Accrington Stanley 1-0 AFC Wimbedon Charlton Athletic 2-0 Ipswich Town Cheltenham Town 0-1 Cambridge United (Joker) Portsmouth 2-2 Sheffield Wednesday Exeter City 1-0 Northampton Town Leyton Orient 1-2 Swindon Town Newport County 0-1 Sutton United Southend United 0-0 Maidenhead United
  5. I'm not stressed about Notts, we should easily find the form to finish in the play-offs - we'd need a massive downfall of form to fail that. I think with our current form so far, we'd fit comfortably within that, so the players just need to work at it. The benefit of the league being this tight, is the fact it's still wide open. Small clubs with thinner squads might start to struggle soon to keep up their form, whereas we are lucky to be only 4 points behind (obviously a game in hand for some). It's good because it means with a decent run we could reach somewhere closer to our potential, but again, the players need to dig deep and work hard to secure positive results. If we can strengthen up in a few key areas once the Football League transfer window opens up, adding some Non League grit and another proven goal scorer - I think we'll be in for the running. I would be somewhat disappointed if we didn't match other clubs ambitions by seriously going for it, I am not suggesting we throw caution to the wind, but momentum is easily built when you add upon the quality you have. I wouldn't begrudge some smart loans, but if we're aiming for promotion, adapting to life in League Two with another quality striker just seems even more of a must to me.
  6. It's the risk when you move, you could end up bouncing around and, never potentially reaching the same level of success that you started off with. I think it's quite common and explains a little why clubs end up recapturing players. Very rarely does it work out so simple, look at Liam Noble's second spell with us - doomed to fail from the start. Hopefully, Andrade can find his feet at Stevenage.
  7. I don't think Kyle Wootton is the sort to hold up a club for more money, I know nobody here has said this, but often I do notice these types of knee-jerk comments when reading comments on social media. In my opinion, it's for Notts to convince the better players that they're wanted and, sell them on the vision of the club. I would also assume that Kyle Wootton is very happy at Meadow Lane, so playing up the higher pyramid might be tempting, but that's where you convince your best players that the club actually matches their ambition to play at a higher level. Could it be that he's simply waiting to see where Notts are come closer to the end of the season? He's proved himself at this level, if Notts aren't to gain promotion this year - I can't blame him for considering his options. Notts has been smart with their money under the Reedtz brothers. They have shown ambition to a certain level and, I am not suggesting they should be doing a Wrexham like I have seen elsewhere. The National League isn't the place for good mid-aged footballers, who are almost in the prime of their career. I'm hoping the club waits for the Football League transfer window to open and, smartly recruit some additional players to add 'Non League' grit to our team, but also another striker that is able to score.
  8. I don't have any plans, other than taking pictures for a friend's birthday party. It feels weird that Notts aren't playing at this time of year, it just doesn't feel like a normal Saturday at all. How will you be spending your free Saturday?
  9. It might be flying over my head, but why have they been compensated for such a huge amount of money? I couldn't really make sense of it, as to why the taxpayers are responsible at first. However, it seems they've been forced to move their training ground to make way for the HS2. Part of me is now wondering why the land wasn't purchased and, why it's fallen to compensation still. £17 million sounds a huge amount for the land. https://www.constructionenquirer.com/2018/06/13/aston-villa-move-training-ground-to-make-way-for-hs2/
  10. Chris

    New wallpapers

    Improvements are underway to our wallpaper system. I am pleased to say, we will offer 4 sizes for mobiles, with potentially 3 for desktops (I haven't quite decided). All the latest mobile wallpapers are now offered in the original release, 1920 x 1080, 1366 x 768 and 896 x 414. The original size is intended as 'one size fits all' and, whilst it certainly does this. Sometimes elements aren't in frame, which has seen the recent changes applied. Larger devices such as Samsung Galaxy S10, although being a high resolution device, 1920 x 1080 will fit perfectly fine. Whereas 1366 x 768 is intended for mid-range resolutions, with 896 x 414 for smaller ones (5inch and lower) aka, iPhone 5S etc.
  11. Slocombe: 6.5 - he made three key saves that might've gone in. I agree, he looked uneasy trying to punch the ball for corners or just to deal with them. Palmer: 8 - easily this because he got us from 1st gear to the 4th at times. His calm passing, wise positioning always gave us that base to go forward. Did well picking up and, cutting out several passes when Dagenham tried to break. Vincent: 7 - Steady bland released able game. He linked well with our attacks, getting the ball forward with real purpose. O'Brien: 7 - He made a big difference when he came on. Rest I agree with.
  12. Have you ever used the mood feature? I used to notice the changes a fair bit, especially after games. I have re-enabled the feature, after having some small issues after the last major upgrade. It's now back, with a change of icons and a few extra moods! Currently, I feel mischievous, but I am not saying why. You'll need to get @GrannyPie to tell me off, in order to explain further. What is your current mood set to and why?
  13. @Fozzy It's that situation we often find ourselves in with better players, I hope down the line we sort our contracts at the start of a season - instead of leaving it off. Obviously, the club might've spoken with Kyle Wootton before, but it's our job to sell the club to a player. Sometimes agreeing a reasonable release clause is enough to convince a player who aspires to play higher up to remain at the club. At least until a club comes knocking and, I do agree he's worth more with us but at the same time there's a lot we could do even with a smaller than hoped for transfer fee. Free players are a pool that makes it difficult to unearth potential gems. It's not impossible, however, it's easier to look out clubs wanting to sell a player. We consistently mark ourselves out of this and, it's an area that Notts suffers.
  14. I'm on the chase. @DangerousSausage is being like Dick Dastardly, I'm just about to gain up, and then he throws a spanner in the works. That pickers advantage and, all that.
  15. Peterborough United 1-1 Barnsley Stoke City 2-0 Blackburn Rovers Bolton Wanderers 0-1 Cheltenham Town Plymouth Argyle 0-2 Wigan Athletic Northampton Town 1-0 Leyton Orient Swindon Town 1-1 Harrogate Town Grimsby Town 3-1 Boreham Wood Wrexham 2-2 Bromley (Joker)

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