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  1. If Notts don't continue to pursue their interest, some will say we have no ambition and show unrest for not challenging - whilst there's a minority who feel if he wanted to stay he would and therefore it's a negative that hasn't done already. It's complicated but I feel Notts must continue their chase, in the past we have given up too early. Plus if he remains at Forest, we may get him back on loan - a player know he's wanted can be a big boost for his confidence. He knows what to expect here, so I am not worried about Wigan as I doubt they'd play him anymore than Forest would.
  2. I think the pitch is a bit of a luxury really for League Two. Don't get me wrong, I understand the reasons but we need to have players who can play on a good service. We struggle to find players who can play without complaining that the standard is poor throughout League Two. Also, Dean Leacock said he could never adapt from playing at Meadow Lane in comparison to the training facilities that England uses. At the end of the day professionals should be able to play on any service, so I would hope that they at least appreciate the 100k investment. Perhaps when we have a team who just look ahead to playing and are eager to take the field at grounds like Newport, Morecambe and Stevenage we may gain promotion successfully.
  3. I don't quite buy that Forest will give him a new three-year-deal, as their manager barely mentioned him and the only explanation for this to happen would be that they want money for him. Considering he's rumoured to be earning a pretty penny in comparison to what we could offer him, well I think it shows how mad Forest are when it comes to wasting resources. They want a small squad and have plenty of emerging talent. So I can see him being released, it's just a question if he will join us or not.
  4. I also liked the shirt that Danny Allsopp worn for us. I thought the use of Yellow was nice in this shirt and I loved the centred badge.
  5. Well I don't think Alan Hardy would have waited until the first game of the Spring series just to close the doors on the ladies team. He seemed very hurt by the decision when interviewed on the local news, so I think they could be both be linked in the decision. I'd also say it explains a few others things we have seen lately, yet I just hope we can move forward.
  6. I'm just glad it's over, I think we as a club and a group of supporters really need to look at making Notts financial over the next couple of seasons. Ideally, we won't see this happen like we have done in recent seasons too.
  7. Name: 2017 pitch renovations Category: Official Notts Videos Date Added: 2017-05-24 Submitter: Chris Head groundsman Trevor Hutchinson and chairman and owner Alan Hardy discuss the club's summer pitch renovations. 2017 pitch renovations Why not subscribe to PrideofNottinghamTV?
  8. Head groundsman Trevor Hutchinson and chairman and owner Alan Hardy discuss the club's summer pitch renovations.
  9. There's actually a few already, over on FB 'Spanish Magpies' is ran by a fan called Marcos. I also know a dozen others who support Notts from various clubs such Barca and so on. Hopefully we will see you chipping in with your opinions here @Xayme but don't worry about your English.
  10. Haha.... I think the same could be said about a few teams, at least they'd be isolated away from the normal fans.
  11. I watched this and one the other night about the Blackpool board/owner. It's really interesting (in a sad way) to see these things happen. Orient will be fine mind, they have a good supporters base and should attract a local owner if the current person does sell (which I see no reason why he wouldn't).
  12. That's nothing compared to the spat between Gary 'boring opinion' Neville and Jamie Carragher. I love a good Twitter fight, though GN wasn't coming back after JC's reply. LOL
  13. Name: Haydn Hollis signs new deal Category: Official Notts Videos Date Added: 2017-05-23 Submitter: Chris Central defender Haydn Hollis talks to Magpie Player after signing a new deal with Notts County. Haydn Hollis signs new deal Why not subscribe to PrideofNottinghamTV?
  14. Central defender Haydn Hollis talks to Magpie Player after signing a new deal with Notts County.
  15. Yeah, I owned both though.

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