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  1. Coventry City 2-1 Blackburn Rovers Bristol City 1-1 Swansea City Accrington Stanley 0-2 Bristol Rovers Lincoln City 1-3 Ipswich Town Oxford United 0-3 Swindon Town Morecambe 0-2 Forest Green Rovers Salford City 3-2 Crawley Town Stevenage 0-1 Leyton Orient. Joker
  2. @CliftonMagpie it's not about the margin of defeat, the fact was Denmark dominated us and made us look weak. We couldn't even break on them because of the defensive shape. Same with the games against Iceland and the reverse fixture against Denmark. As I've said, I'm not saying he should go. I'm just getting fed up of seeing him pick the same under performers despite having the "form over rep" motto and playing a defensive shape that has failed on more than one occasion. As for the penalty, Pickford (one of Southgates golden boys) was at fault for the penalty.
  3. Millwall 2-0 Luton Town Norwich City 1-1 Birmingham City Burton Albion 2-2 Rochdale Northampton Town 1-0 Swindon Town Grimsby Town 1-3 Harrogate Town Tranmere Rovers 2-1 Leyton Orient Bradford City 3-3 Walsall Wealdstone 0-4 Chesterfield. Joker
  4. @allardyces tash he did restore passion, you're right. But now he's burning his own bridge that he built. He has his favourites but that's why fans are angry, he says players are picked on form. He's going against his own points. @upthepies the only time players have been given a real chance apart from the world cup, have all been friendlies. Now he's been in the job awhile, he's ignoring them.
  5. @liampie i get the training thing but the formation hasn't worked on numerous occasions, players have performed and not prformrd, he needs to realise this!
  6. @DonnyNotts 100% we should stay English. We haven't had a good manager since Sven. The solution is for Southgate to start playing players on form, drop those who aren't and stop playing negative football. Kane drops deep because he's not a number 9 in this England set up. It was clear against Denmark when Mount had ball he should of been in the 6 yard box but came close and scuffed it.
  7. @Alex that's my point, managers like Southgate come in and say they are gonna choose form over reputation but they always go to the reputation side of things. Southgate is capable, he's shown it in the World Cup (apart from playing Kane when he was struggling after the Colombia game) and the Nations League last year. All he has to do is change formation and make sensible changes when the game is crying out for one. 100% Ancelotti will change Pickford when he can. Southgate has the power to drop him without wasting wages.
  8. @liampie he doesn't though, he's wasting a lot of talent by calling them up with no proper shot. He may have done in the past but now he's picking his regulars. I'll happily have him in the next tournament BUT only IF he changes formation and gives players like Grealish who deserves chances to play and drops Pickford and Co. He did well in the World Cup because of the formation but then he changes it, we did well. Then it was changed again and is we're going backwards. 2 formations that worked he changed and the one that doesn't he keeps.
  9. @TheSkipper experience on the international scene means nothing when you're in bad form. He even brought it into the England squad against Spain last year when he fouled a Spanish player. Again last night he's the reason walker gave a penalty away. Pope deserves his shot and if these are 'glorified friendlies' then why not experiment?
  10. @TheSkipper Hence, why I don't buy into Southgate's "form over rep" Pope and Henderson are in much better form. Along with many others.
  11. @Chris few months ago, i would have agreed with you about him being given more time but it's not just the Denmark game last night. 1-0 against Iceland through a late penalty and they missed theirs minutes later. There was no show in that game. Followed by another mediocre performance against Denmark in a 0-0. We got lucky against Belgium, they had an off day and on a good day they'd have had 5/6 in a game like that. The only recent good game we had was against Wales and even that wasn't brilliant, they were playing a 3rd string team really. If they had the likes of Bale, Ramsey and Co. a
  12. @Super_Danny_Allsopp Exactly, there's so much talent being wasted up in attack. I'm fine with defensive midfielders but not 2 of them when we have a back 5. The wing backs don't even get utilised enough. The other thing is Kane should not be a lone striker, he drops to deep.
  13. Birmingham City1-0 Sheffield Wednesday Rotherham United 0-2 Norwich City Portsmouth 3-1 Doncaster Rovers Charlton Athletic 2-2 Wigan Athletic Walsall 1-1 Exeter City Mansfield Town 1-2 Bradford City Weymouth 1-1 King's Lynn. Joker. Solihull Moors 2-2 Boreham Wood
  14. As controversial as this may be, I'm getting fed up with Southgate and his negative tactics. Not saying he should be sacked, but something needs to change. His whole thing is supposedly about picking players on form but yet we seem to see the same few players play game in game out even if there are players in better form. Pickford, Kane, Maguire. The selected 3. Grealish came on in the 0-0 v Denmak last month and created more chances in 15 minutes than any other player did in 90. He also won man of the match and was involved with the goals against Wales in his first start for E
  15. From the report I read, it's not the Premier League but instead it's Liverpool, Manchester United and Co. It's all to do with power. It will damage the football system in England all to protect the 'elite' top 6 in English football. Yes the EFL will get funded but you can guarantee that they will not be able to utilise the money given because they will bring harder restrictions to the point clubs will struggle to gain any head way. This is one of the reasons Newcastle failed in their takeover because Liverpool and Manchester City complained and the Premier League listened.

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