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  1. Birmingham City 2-0 Sheffield Wednesday Charlton Athletic 3-2 Luton Town Ipswich Town 1-2 Oxford United Fleetwood Town 0-4 Portsmouth JOKER Leyton Orient 0-2 Oldham Athletic Carlisle United 3-1 Morecambe Boreham Wood 2-4 Yeovil Town Woking 1-3 Stockport County
  2. @hissingdwarf does the BBC sounds app play live commentary or is there a delay online?
  3. @NottsTastic the problem is he's been given the number one Jersey to early in his career and exceeded so much expectation that at this stage in his career where he is still learning, he's expected to maintain the level he's been at like the world Cup. But there's a slight arrogance about Pickford that is to say he needs nurturing a bit more before he can fully sustain that position. It also don't help being in spotlight and the likes of Henderson and Pope knocking on the door.
  4. @thommo I understand that, as a keeper myself, you lack confidence with a weak back 4 and that leads to errors that wouldn't normally be made but Joe Hart I think was more complacent than anything. Man City and a England number 1, he seemed untouchable. @Chris exactly we've always had great keepers but once the media picks a selected one then they become number 1 till the media kicks them down and no one else gets a look in because they're untouchable until the next one gets hyped. Ben Foster, Fraser Forster, Jack Butland among many who have deserved more chances as England number one in recent times. @DonnyNotts unfortunately the case, as the last line of defence, one error could be enough to end a game. You could make 10 Worldie saves, a penalty save and if you make an error you'll be remembered for that and not the saves.
  5. Blackburn 1-2 Hull Brentford 3-1 Leeds Coventry 0-2 Portsmouth Shrewsbury 0-1 Accrington Newport 3-2 Walsall Northampton 1-3 Swindon Eastleigh 2-2 AFC Fylde Harrogate 2-4 Yeovil Joker
  6. @liampie exactly my point mate. There's never really been competition for Goalkeepers it's always been a set person. But surely now he's looking over his shoulder
  7. @allardyces tash exactly there's more consistency within the Championship I feel. Not only that but young talent are given more freedom there too
  8. https://www.tremr.com/1862kb-/is-there-a-curse-on-england-goalkeepers I wrote the above article months ago and following recent criticisms of Pickford and who should be number one for England, i thought it'd be relevant to bring it up. Me personally, Pickford does good for England but clearly lacking confidence so would you want a low confidence keeper in a major tournament when Henderson and Pope are in good form?
  9. The EFL will never rid the Championship too much quality. What the writer fails to understand is that most football fans in England especially pay more attention to the EFL than the Premier League.
  10. I'm still umming and arring about it because the value seems good and even though there's free content on YouTube the app could be more convenient?
  11. https://writeupkb.wordpress.com/2020/02/08/premier-league-2-nonsense/amp/?__twitter_impression=true I've had my say. It's just a bizarre idea that would damage football in england.
  12. @super_ram agreed, there's enough money in the English game to distribute evenly but it's always the less financially backed teams that suffer.
  13. @Chris As always they're looking at money over everything else. Championship is doing just fine and everyone in England respects the Championship as it's the toughest league in English football. The league is just so hard to get out of. The bit about league two got me mad, so basically not calling those in league two professionals especially considering some of those clubs that have been so far down. It's just a farce of an article. Rebranding it would damage it. It'll widen the gap not close it.
  14. If you haven't already check out this article, so out of touch with the game and absolutely shameful writing. https://amp.theguardian.com/football/blog/2020/feb/06/championship-wider-audience-football-league?CMP=share_btn_tw&__twitter_impression=true
  15. @DangerousSausage and yet lost my bets at the weekend lol

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