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  1. @DangerousSausage I've rectified it now
  2. @DangerousSausage how did I not realise that Clapham was one of my choices but I wanted Richie in to fill the left but no one was on right so it would've been imbalanced, I'll rectify it
  3. @Chris even so, not 5 apps. From what I've seen on multiple sites, he didn't make a competitive appearance at all
  4. @liampie Wes Morgan didn't play a game for Notts. Would you have loach over Schmeichel though? Mcgoldrick is a good shout though @Chris the tricky thing is we've had some good Prem players like Wes Morgan, Jermaine Pennant but none made a game so wouldn't count
  5. Pick your all time Notts Starting 11 Rules are - They have to have played a minimum of 5 games for both Notts County and in the Premier League. Can also include loan players, as long as they have 5+ games while on loan. Here's mine.. Kasper Schmeichel (GK) Steve Finnan (RB) Dean Leacock (CB) Matt Richie (LB) Hayden Mullins (DM) Shaun Derry (CM) Alan Smith (CM) Jack Grealish (AM) Shola Ameobi (ST) Lee Hughes (ST) Jon Stead (ST)
  6. KB1862

    Euro 96

    @DangerousSausage you're not wrong, I love revisiting old games because football was brilliant back then and you get some good throwback. It's always gonna be painful losing to the Germans lol. Most looking forward to the Holland game though, when I think to euro 96 it's always that game described as a 'masterclass' England performance so looking forward to that.
  7. KB1862

    Euro 96

    @DangerousSausage it's enjoyable to watch. The tackles flying in and everyone getting on with the game. Some throwback talents on show. Our game against the Swiss we were lucky to get a draw tbf. But like I say having only heard stories and watching few documentaries it's nice to see the games unfold live. Not looking forward to seeing the Germany game though.
  8. Anyone else watching Euro 96 relived on ITV? I was only 3 years old when the tournament happened, so wouldn't be able to remember much about it. Although, I do know bits about what happened. Caught the first game between England and Switzerland on Monday. Currently watching the Netherlands v Scotland game.
  9. The answer was Frank Lampard Congrats @ARLukomski +2 points
  10. @allardyces tash you're confusing founding the FA with the Football League. Old Etonians were members of the FA but never the Football League. Either way if they did found the FA along with others, the FA would have recognised that. They are trying to rewrite history wrongly and won't hold up.
  11. My cousin's a Newcastle fan so he's keeping me looped in with the on goings and he's optimistic about it the fact it's the furthest they've taking talks. As a neutral I'll be glad to see Ashley gone, one of the most toxic owners in football. But there seems to be alot of controversy surrounding the new owners from what I've seen on social media, whether it's true or not I'm not sure. But I've also heard FFP will be scrapped for couple of seasons which will benefit them massively if the takeover completes. Griezmann is top of the list to buy and the new owners want Bruce to stay on but seeing how he dies, if he can't cut it then Rafa is their number one target with Allegri and Loch linked also.
  12. Chesterfield 2014. Everything from the morning to the night time was brilliant. Even managed to get to and from Chesterfield without paying for train tickets lol.
  13. The thing is when you read there article there are so many contradictions like the fact that they say they were founded for the cricketers and were a founding member of the FA but if they were then surely the FA would have recognised them in that sense. Another one is that it's said that they didn't play organised games for nearly 2 decades instead there was no football team instead they played cricket between that time. Surely that means that they had disbanded the football team which just like Stoke City being awarded the oldest football league club,because they disbanded they weren't able to claim it.

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