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  1. i think it will be close, possibly a 1-1 draw. tom crawford to play a blinder just because he can?
  2. hes a good player, too good for the national league but i honestly think when a team is in poor form you expect one or two players to go like this, i am sure he will be back to his best soon enough. once he scores a worldie it will be forgotten that hes supposedly a crap player.
  3. notts fans are incredible with their support, i hope mg gets it. best wishes
  4. did that become the bookshop near town? i am bad with street and road names.
  5. knowles can be a match winner, wolfe is not. wolfe has been a disappointment and has not taken his chance with us, knowles has done okay. at times more than that but as a good upcoming player he has to start somewhere. i just feel these two players arent comparable and i do think knowles has looked worth the punt at times. i also think sometimes raw ability is enough to change a game, rather than someone with all the ability in the world but has no application i.e effiong.
  6. i think wrexham fans should be happy with the performance, very unlucky to lose as i dont think a draw was deserved. yet we take the win and the well taken goal by ellis, i swear hes a striker in disguise.
  7. i personally think he will only get better with time, for a 19 year old its all about playing and having regular game time. i think you are right about mansfield probably wanting a considerable fee for him, but if discussions could be had where no more than 20k could be used to sign him. i think the gamble for a promising player of age would be worth the gamble. we have had players with far more experience do absolutely nothing, but here is a player the right club could mould and bring the best out of.
  8. @DangerousSausage bt sports for us, notts would not pump the fake crowd noise into the games. the goal reminded of when you play on fifa and your a l2 team in the cup playing a premier league side on the hardest difficulty level, you do enough to hang in there and when the time is right you take one punt to get that much needed goal for the win.
  9. i would not imagine he was on much wages, so the impact of him going would seem minimal but him remaining could be positive. would you be against us trying to keep him permanently? i think this would be a good option to explore, as he could progress much more knowing where he stands and at a club that will give him a chance. i dont remotely think hes a bad player and some of our fans cant see past that hes on loan from mansfield.
  10. i cant fault the analysis or opinions shared by sda. ellis for me looks like a very good signing on loan, i would welcome him to remain here if the chance came. enzio needs to step things up but this is him, he plays the majority of games like hes not there but does a few exceptional things when needed.
  11. saddening news for any one, 32 is age. rest in peace lee collins.
  12. a game of two halfs football. thought we did much better in the second half, countered and looked stronger. by no means perfect but we started somewhat better than we did against wrexham. it just went to pieces with poor defending and giving the ball away. i have to add, knowles might not be a finished product but at his age who cares? i think he has a job to do on loan here, i have said it before. a player like him wont be scoring week in and out or playing overly well but with confidence he comes alive. unstopptable today and did very well.
  13. effiong going back makes sense, it means a better option could be signed if needed. i do think its time to try to give what we have a proper go, sam will only get match fit if he plays. he has shown he can score, so if we can focus on the performance and creativity i hope he can do the rest. do you still want knowles to return to mansfield?
  14. i think with any squad there has to be a mixture of ages, but i do think notts could be younger in some areas. i would not think being a full young squad would be that beneficial unless we had some experienced heads who can influence the tougher times. hopefully the players we are signing grow to have a market price and can be picked up from bigger clubs willing to pay, as this is one way to grow as a club. one day we will have to cash in on cal roberts. its not ideal but its football, we have missed out on this area for ages but replacing players at our own level should be easy

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