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  1. Match Discussion: Game 37 - Green Devils (A)

    i would hate to lose this game after all they have said about us not being professional. i cant see noble doing anything and i dont think he should be anywhere near the starting lineup, hes barely earned a place on the bench for me but he could get us moving forward if he performed on the pitch. i think it will be a 2-2 draw and i can see someone like duffy scoring an own goal.
  2. Kevin Nolan wouldn't do a Steve Evans would he?

    kn might have been scouting for players for next season? its also a local game and i found it amusing to see people stressing so easily over this.
  3. New PA system

    it will be good but the pa system does not bother me either tbh. i go to watch the game not to listen to some guy rattle through announcements which are all that interesting.
  4. Game off - what to do?

    i dont go to away games and although i listen on the radio, i still do other things so i have no set plan. i just ended up watching tv tbh.
  5. Steve Evans resigns

    stag fans make me laugh. the majority on social media saying the squad has done well for them not evans and that they never rated him. deluded
  6. Match Discussion: Game 36 - The Robins (A)

    if it goes ahead we need three points, its odd how a little bit of snow cripples life in the uk. i dont think american sports suffer. :/
  7. Are my vlogs good enough?

    if you have seen some of the kids that do it now i dont think you would worry. theres one who does it in the family stand and they are awful. theres also a weird guy who spams groups on facebook with a bizarre vblogs. yours are good, i enjoy them but i only found them through pon.
  8. Worst football winter you remember?

    was this 2013? i recall a season where we almost missed december due to snow.
  9. The beast from the east

    its covered where i live in clifton, hardly gone too as people arent going out.
  10. i thought ben hall did well. but i would vote for shola ameobi because he played much better in the second half.
  11. New name - same Tony

    welcome back tony
  12. Romance is alive

    brill result for rochdale, i hope them and wigan can go further.
  13. Jamie Fullarton

    john sheridan has been appointed by fleetwood. not sure who out of sheridan or fullerton are the most lucky.
  14. Match Discussion: Game 35 - The Boro (H)

    im dreading the game because i can picture it being frustrating if the result does not go our way.
  15. Nile Ranger

    god i would be very angry if we did sign him.

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