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  1. quite misty looking, i bet it looks even nicer in the daylight.
  2. its good news, but him leaving seemed unlikely as he will be picking up his coaching badges at notts. the offer of game time and the assistant coach role, with the support to get his badges its almost a certain deal. i am pleased, as he did help ian burchnall quite a lot and he has that winning mindset that spreads among the camp, something that i think caught on with the road to the playoffs. i just hope he does not become the default midfielder guaranteed to start, with jake reeves leaving we need a leader in midfield who can lead in the same way as doyle but without relying on him so much imo.
  3. seems to have his mind set on the formation, i hope we have actual cbs that have the pace to pull back. it might work in league games but it made us weak against torquay, need to have players who are able to bring that winning mentality.
  4. i think there is going to be a real shake up, with jake reeves leaving i can easily see sam slocombe returning to the football league. why would he remain here? if he does extend his stay, i think it would be a signal that he believes we will strengthen enough to push for promotion properly but at this stage in time i think it looks unlikely.
  5. already put in to renew mine, i thought about moving into the pavis stand as my dad and uncle now have season tickets (forest fans in disguise) i will be at the back of the kop.
  6. i see it as a loss, i think hes a good midfielder and we need to replace him wisely.
  7. think he would have been a solid signing for notts, its a shame we did not get him back but i wish him all the best. think he should kick on at barrow as this is his twilight part of his career. i hope notts looks at players like him but a bit younger, although i would welcome him back quite happily,
  8. i dont understand why the club cant just pay the funds that the academy needs, it almost like asking to much of the fans to raise that sort of fund. i am surprised that lifeline has not been asked as its what its there for. i know lifeline has paid for the pitch restoration but i am sure fans would accept less of a high cash prize to have the academy secured.
  9. football is a sport where people seem to be able to get away with cons and stealing money, good that this story has somewhat of a happy ending.
  10. always great to see notts mentioned in a positive light, i wished we could produce players like callum mcgregor in our own academy.
  11. i cant comment on players to look at really, i know some of the players here and i think if notts could re-sign nathan thomas it would add a bit of depth to the squad. i also like dan potts but i think a league one team will coax him to sign.
  12. i wished notts would play 3 home fixtures leading to the start of the season, playing the local clubs before as a means to support those community teams. i just feel it would be a little more settling for the squad, as it gives the manager time to assemble his squad.
  13. adam chicksen should hopefully go, i dont see a need for him myself but i am happy with the list. i hope calvin miller and mark ellis return next season.
  14. i know we dont know what the retained list is at the moment since its not been released, some might think its early but what i would like to do is compare our thoughts. 2 strikers needed 2 faster, creative cms 1 versatile winger 2 tall reliable cbs 1 young upcoming keeper this is the areas i think need improving, the amounts might change based on the released list but i think its the basis of what we lack currently. i don't think we will retain some of the players like ben turner or luke steele.
  15. poor for me would be more a 4 and 5 the average rating. 6 being acceptable 7 good 8 outstanding 9/10 excellent i largely agree with @Piethagorams ratings.

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