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  1. you want them to enjoy christmas at the same time as working on the morale but i dont think the squad deserved to celebrate last season. if they are just in a bad spell fair enough, let them but if its a period where nobody is bothered and there is no signs of improvement you have to cancel.
  2. Kevin Nolan for England?

    no hes way behind people like eddie howe who has worked his way up and i am sure nobody said he was good enough for england after taking bournemouth to the championship.
  3. Match Discussion: Game 22 - The Mariners (H)

    i am getting bit nervous about our home record what with it coming to the end of 2017 but i hope we can get a good result.
  4. Shola Ameobi hails Notts County change of mentality

    we have to stay grounded but belief, things are very different at the moment and i want it to continue. focus is the main job to achieve this.
  5. Marketing the club

    nothing wrong with the club promoting itself or the areas where it makes money. some people just like to moan.
  6. Spotlight on Notts County FC Football in the Community

    please to see the work done by @NottsCountyFITC, think they do a great job within the community and in the name of the club.
  7. i think we could continue as we are provided we did not allow forte to go. he does seem to be unlucky and i think he is one of the best players at the club with the natural knack of scoring goals. if we are worried or aiming to improve further, i would hope we could sign a striker maybe from the non league and give them a chance.
  8. it feels like the start of something special and i cant believe how quickly things are changing. it shows that if you work together the results do come. i think ah is doing a fantastic job, as is kn.
  9. Match Discussion: Game 21 - The Hatters (A)

    it was a good draw but goes to show that we wont win every big game and we certainly wont just lose because the other club is firing in the goals. i am pleased that it sounded like everyone played well, so its a good point and team performance.
  10. POOR OFFICIALS: Is there another way?

    i dont think fans pointing out mistakes or the club would take any note. fans complain on social media all the time, miss penalties etc and nothing changes. i think there is a bigger issue and its something which i do not think will change any time soon no matter what people do now.
  11. 2018 World Cup draw

    i can see some shocks maybe happening from that draw but the most interesting draw is group d. any of those teams could go through, you would fancy argentina to win the group but i think croatia may finally shine in a competition.
  12. no issue with it myself, i am sure some fans will be complaining about it.
  13. Most annoying actors/actresses

    best post here has to be @BradtheMiller throw madonna into the list, how people thought she was good looking at any point is beyond me.
  14. from what charlie slater and mark stallard said, it sounded like the man of the match was between three players. dickinson, ameobi and fitzsimons. i voted for dicko.

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