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  1. it seems a weird signing for both him and the club, i dont think he did that well in the championship and the scottish premier league just does not seem a good mix. it will be interesting to see how he does against celtic with callum megregor playing for them, two ex notts lads.
  2. who? can anyone tell me anything about his style of play? i dont know who he is. @ARLukomski
  3. i have no idea who he is or what he brings, so i found @Piethagoram post to be useful. i hope he does well, but i am nervous about the signings so far. i dont want to sound negative but it just looks like we are plucking players out of anywhere we can, without much thought of what we could really do with. i honestly wished the manager made all the signings.
  4. i would be disappointed if we did not start giving him a bit of time on the pitch, he needs game time and not just the odd loan here and there. i think its good hes signed but what a waste it would be to allow him to end up like other youth prospects.
  5. he needed a move to refind himself, i dont think he would have come good here. too many injuries and rotation never seemed to suit him. last season i felt he was extreamly poor considering what we have seen. good signing for hartlepool, maybe efl football will give him that boost needed to restart his career.
  6. i am also getting a little nervous for the start of the season, the players signed seem to be different and most are unknown to me. i am hoping we can make a couple of signings like matt palmer, as this brings a sense of excitement. i still feel we are lacking a replacement for kyle wootton despite having signed the striker from the league below us.
  7. i heard they used to do tours but its too dangerous now. its a shame they dont do some sort of virtual tour, so that it can be seen.
  8. i dont know if leigh is to blame fully for the coverage or because he was told what to do, it seemed he tried to get more coverage at times which he should be given credit for as others might not bother. i am hoping the post brings someone in who can ask questions. yet again, leigh did fit and become part of the community. i have been critical of him at times but i do hope the next person cares at least 80% as of he did.
  9. i refuse to judge him without seeing how the team performs, i know managers aren't built on their records or past as such as especially someone quite new to management. there is signs that hes a good coach, which appears to be what the club wants but i am hopeful that he is strong in the man management department. nobody should be quick to judge him without seeing at least 10-12 performances. hopefully, he can pick up from where ian burchnall left.
  10. sousa did a lot of the good work, but hes a dirty player that cheats. i know notts needs to have some players who can do some of the ugly stuff, but hes one i would rather keep clear off.
  11. sam had to go, he never really got a chance and just seemed unlikely to be what we needed. i did like him, tho we can do better. he was probably on a good wage which would seem a waste, the player in i have no idea. well the wing back, but the striker sounds promising. i am hoping lewis knight can keep injury free and chip in.
  12. there are a lot of quirky things that i see on my way to walk, nottingham has some interesting quirks.
  13. no surprise for me, i think alex lacey could be a good player but at this stage it seemed likely not to be for notts. he was sort of going in the motion. dke gave 100% and did well, but we needed better.
  14. did he not get off due to claiming he has a disability and declining health?

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