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  1. all these comments. i dont make many away days, i find travelling to be stressful but i have attended chesterfield when notts played in league one. i would like to do others, i just decide against it. reading something like this @Alexlevy0908 makes me wish i felt up to it.
  2. hes come back stronger, i do feel hes earned his redemption. some fans love to complain about him but hes anchored the squad and has done well.
  3. if a club offered 20k i would snap their hand off. i wished he could be more consistent, even if he just tried to take on his marker. when he came he always would, he looked exiting but now hes a ghost on the pitch. notts wont get a dime for him.
  4. sad news, he sounds like a well respected person. lots of fans have been passing on memorial messages. rest in peace mick.
  5. i hope he does not replace ozzy, knowing ardley he will but it should be enzio. you cant keep playing someone who is a burden on the squad. hes desperately needing to find his form again and i think people are right he needs to rest. fingers crossed roberts is part of the answer.
  6. just been busy with work, we are still trying to clear some of the stock that we hold for some of the bigger retailers. outside i have not done anything special at all.
  7. cant say either way myself, 11 goals in that team could be something but it depends how many were of a good standard. not pens, taps ins etc
  8. most played around 5, with some players the exception that played above it.
  9. im not sure, i would like to see us finish inside the playoffs. i think its possible. maybe 4th.
  10. this is great to see, i sometimes look on facebook after dan shares them there but this is good for those who dont use facebook.
  11. its too busy for me, i dont like small busy pubs.
  12. poor, just poor. notts looked like a side wanting to put too much effort to get the ball forward, but zero quality to get the ball into the back of the net. its one of those performances you have to draw a line under and accept.
  13. i used to read the club statements all the time, i do appreciate them but there has never been much to them. i wished they do outline things for the next release, then we could gather more information as to what has been done.

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