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  1. Match Discussion: Game 3 - The Chairboys (A)

    solid win for notts, it looked at a point that we might not get anything but the players stepped up when it mattered. brill win!
  2. Ratings Wycombe v Notts

    interesting views, but is it not the defence and captains responsibility also to take up positions for set pieces? seems harsh because it sounded like the two goals wycombe scored was very good goals.
  3. Match Discussion: Game 3 - The Chairboys (A)

    we need to go to get 3 points but need to be cautious, think we could win 2-1 if we play right.
  4. Bajner to Dortmund

    he was okay, but i think it would have taken a few seasons to make him half decent or a regular performer for us. he did not seem to have the focus imo.
  5. League Two news roundup: 11-18 August 2017

    why are so many teams releasing players already?
  6. do we hate on our own players?

    is there really any point to it? i think we are one of the most negative clubs sometimes @Super_Danny_Allsopp
  7. Ugly club badges

  8. Your favourite memories of Martin Allen?

    his press conferences was class! i can remember him joking about an opposition manager turning up to meadow lane and complaining that his players had not been greeted etc. it was funny to hear ma joke about what was expected and he made a comment about getting a red carpet out for the notts players to walk on.
  9. do we hate on our own players?

    i think its scary how negative we can be as a fan base and that minority that abuse/hate players makes ml a horrible place to watch football.
  10. it looks class, i bet the a way dressing room is worse now than it was.
  11. black with a bit of gold around always looks smart but if it was red, it would not bother me.
  12. there is certain players who can never do anything right it seems, haydn hollis, adam collin to name a couple never get much praise. do we hate on our own players? i think we do and i think its time more people tried to be constructive rather than negative nellies!
  13. Notts Alumni: Steve Cherry

    good article on the career of steve cherry!

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