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  1. i have to be honest, i seldomly watched it before but now i avoid it at all costs. i am not interested in what the uk media focuses on, they just try to scare you into watching.
  2. what is everyone watching? lets combat the boredom and generate a good discussion on pon. what would you recommend to watch? what are you enjoying?
  3. i think notts will be stronger, we have a good squad and if the club needs to pre for a new season instead of finishing this one off. i think there will be a chance to sign additional quality to do well. the club seems to be in safe hands, im not worried about the loss of money. as fans we will support the club, notts and lifeline know this. so the focus should be on football and making sure everyone is 100% fit ready to go.
  4. Drink (alcoholic or non) - just water Song - im not into music that much Movie - spaceballs Football Match - any 90s notts match Dinner - pizza Game - monopoly
  5. Gordon Banks Trent Alexander-Arnold Bobby Moore Tony Adams Stuart Pearce Paul Gascoigne Steven Gerrard Paul Scholes David Beckham Gary Lineker Alan Shearer
  6. i keep hearing and seeing things about it, i have not watched it yet but i will when i change to new things.
  7. looking at those pics it makes me hungry. do you find the food to be of a better standard in germany @DangerousSausage? burgers here can be nice. im not brave enough to try the hotdogs at meadow lane, they look purple at times and like they have been re heated a lot. it just puts me off the food.
  8. i do enjoy reading the blogs members write, ds you should share them in the group if you are okay fans knowing your real name. im sure chris would share it otherwise, i am happy to do it too.
  9. not a member but i should join, im old enough now. nothing would please me more than to help notts out with lifeline, i dont care if i won or not. its just nice knowing you can help. its why i support the pon donation drives as i see the worth it brings. lifeline deserves the support.
  10. i only watch it briefly, it tends to get a little repetitive but i would love to see footage from previous seasons.
  11. just seen this on twitter. i know @Chris does not like to self broadcast himself but i think its worth sharing on the forum. it looks amazing! check out his graphic thread where he mentioned he would make things for members. well done mate.
  12. im not sure much of what i have done in the past could be changed for the better, maybe that i made friends more at school. i was always very distant and shy, but pon has allowed me to make many friends so i am happy with that.
  13. i think it would be nice if all areas of nottingham were better connected, not just with buses but a reliable tram service.

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