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  1. he looked good, some of the height and pace in torquays side could be worth looking at. just not their finishing.
  2. i also thought they played well, they are the type of team that seems to lift notts themselves. very entertaining game.
  3. positive outcome, some players dont think about their careers after it ends but stories like this are good to see. i am sure plenty of fans will be shouting you pies when he patrols west bridgeford.
  4. Slocombe 7 - not had much to do, which comes from his organising and the defenders. when needed he was fine, made some good saves. Brindley 8.5 - fantastic overall performance, yet his goal is simply amazing! Rawlinson 8 - best performance for him, he looked great and always organising the back. Turner 6 - did the most part well, yet any fast striker nearby to him he seems to struggle. Bakayogo 7 - best performance i have seen from him, he did well at the back and looked calm. Shields 7 - he played very well, just got involved and if he lost the ball he would quickly attempt to recover it. good attitude to have! Rose 4 - good at times, waste of shirt in others. very poor performance overall, with only a few glimpses of himself. Doyle 8 - he took some nasty challenges, handled the torquay tactics which seemed to target him as a weak link and i think it made him play better. Enzio 5 - looked better than he has done in recent weeks but nowhere the standard deserving to start. Wootton 7 - he looks like a very smart footballer, who thinks fast and links up with others. Dennis 7.5 - got involved with every part of the game, defending and attacking. he made much of the attacking work by his quick movement. Kelly-Evans 6 - looked good, we have missed his speed and he made sure to cause torquay some headaches with his direct runs. Booty 5 - good roar from the fans when he came on, which made him try to get involved but like thomas he did not have a lot to do. Thomas 5 - he looked okay, did not have time to influence the game
  5. you can see the team are heading the right direction, i think ardley has done well with all the nonsense from those who did not learn from the dismissal of nolan. it was great to see the players fired up, they looked like they wanted to score as early as possible. i think dennis should be starting on rotation, he looks fired up but we need to keep him like this. he will get goals and change the outcome, between him, thomas and tyson i think we have the squad to really dig deep.
  6. seems decent enough, i would need to see him to comment further and will remember to watch him when he comes to ml.
  7. i cant help but feel if this was genuine that the sale would have just happened, its not like it did not take for ages for the sale to finalise or even cross the dotted line. i am more than happy with the danish owners though. i am sure they will want to focus on the academy themselves.
  8. im a bit nervous, think notts will do okay but a draw would not surprise me. the club cant keep winning, well i mean we cant expect them too and a draw would hardly be a bad result. its nice to see us doing well but even the worst case should not effect our position that much.
  9. Oxford United 1-0 Doncaster Rovers Rochdale 0-2 Accrington Leyton Orient 1-1 Walsall Swindon 2-0 Plymouth Exeter 1-2 Forest Green Rovers AFC Fylde 1-0 Sutton United Stockport 0-1 Dagenham Barnet 2-0 Woking
  10. its a good way to market it 'a must for every notts fan'.
  11. i hope we can get back to winning ways, with it being a tuesday night game i do think it will be quieter but i have felt the kops been very lively as of late. think we just need to pass the ball and retain possession, chances should come.
  12. i think what he says is fair enough, it sounded like a good game by both teams. notts needs to do better against set pieces tho.
  13. QPR 0-2 Blackburn Wycombe 1-0 Peterborough Gillingham 0-2 Southend Walsall 1-3 Salford City (joker) Crewe 1-2 Exeter Sutton 1-1 Stockport Chorley 1-2 Aldershot
  14. im hoping that notts can get a third win against dover but provided the team plays well, i would be happy with a draw. i think after that stupid article about notts not adapting well to the non league was published, i think its encouraged the players to push themselves. just hope neal ardley keeps the squad settled as this seems important.
  15. welcome to pon @LancsPie, sorry i dont drink but i wish you well.

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