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  1. hello @Joshbenzah welcome to pon.
  2. brentford have done amazingly well with signing players, at first i thought they were more like peterborough but they dont just sell the players they help improve. they replace them and push forward. i think if brentford managed to get into the premier league, more clubs would acknowledge what they have been doing. it clearly works for them.
  3. i would not be able to answer this myself but i think its a cool piece of nostalgia. i would be interested in reading your final findings @Dripsey3
  4. its not a bad thing but i do agree with the point raised by @Chris. notts would have more control over splitting our squad into two and then playing each other, we don't know how dorking will approach the game, i dont think the friendly is a bad thing either, i just feel notts could be more competitive in a safe environment against themselves. its all about match fitness isnt it.
  5. sam slocombe will be a big return for notts, him in goal will give me confidence that those in front of him can get the job done.
  6. the national league rejected notts request for playing friendlies but that dont stop them from playing against themselves. it just means less chance of injuries etc. best news is that the playoffs have been given a date now.
  7. thank you for supporting the donation drive @magpiejue.
  8. i think its about right for the amount of players signed, we would end up with dodos if the club paid less like previous owners.
  9. the uk will regret giving into the people who moaned about wanting it to be lifted. its not the right time yet.
  10. interesting story, i do like learning about how football helps people during difficult times. the world war must have been difficult for germans, i know some english people tend to judge them all but i have seen a lot of documentaries and they seem like they did not want to fight.
  11. i wont be claiming the refund, notts can keep the money. if fans can afford to do this, i would hope that they can. i do feel that ceo/notts should not have asked the fans to do this, as it will put pressure on people and possibly make them feel like they must leave it unclaimed. most won't need being asked i feel, they will just write it off.
  12. liampie

    Euro 96

    not seen it on tv recently but i have seen the highlight reel on sky with the classic games.
  13. thats a cool piece of knowledge, its funny how we have helped clubs like juve and newcastle.
  14. i dont think people are born racist, i think its about their upbringing and not just the parents. i know of people who have borderline views who have very friendly parents, but they have fallen into the wrong crowds at school etc.
  15. first time i agree with the released list, its sad to see some of the young players go but in terms of their careers it will be better for them.

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