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  1. liampie

    Lozzle1: 'Kevin Nolan must be given time at Notts County'

    bang on @Lozzle1, great article!
  2. liampie

    Newport (A)

    bbc radio nottingham for me, i hate the ifollow. complete waste of money! at least from my experience. i dont know what away games i plan to do yet.
  3. liampie

    Daily chat thread - Tuesday 21st August

    i have to go back into nottingham to collect my new phone, i had to wait for one of the carphone warehouse stores to transport it to where i purchased mine from. around 5ish i have to complete some forms to do with work and i have a meeting with a district manager which i am looking forward to. then i hope to tune into notts on the radio.
  4. what do you think it means being a rational notts fan? are you? i think i am and a lot of pon members seem to be pretty rational too. i just dont see the attraction to thinking negative for a considerable amount of time, i may have the occasional moan but i dont think i border the extremes that i see on social media.
  5. liampie

    Can we welcome our new addition to Pon

    welcome to pon @KingPie
  6. i have an android tv box. it runs android 7.1 and sports 2gb of ram, its very quick and i do play some games on it at times. i mostly use it to watch films tho.
  7. liampie

    Would you rather?....

    bath would you rather receive a free gift or give a free gift to someone?
  8. liampie

    Guess the magpie

    it cant be smith he has tattoos on his arms i think. is it ben hall?
  9. liampie

    New here

    welcome to pon @SmithyPie
  10. liampie

    Would you rather?....

    away shirt would you rather walk in the rain or walk in the blistering hot sun?
  11. liampie

    It’s time to stand behind the gaffer ...!!

    if notts beat newport fans might slowly start to come round, i am seeing the progress in performances and i just wished that more fans would try to encourage the club rather than play part in tearing it down.
  12. fitzsimons his poor start has impacted the team the most, he does not command his area, he does not organise it. all the things people praised him for last season he is failing and i think the defence dont have any confidence in him.
  13. liampie

    What TV do you own and how big is it?

    i have a 32inch samsung smart tv in my bedroom. i dont want a 40-50inch its a joke, some of my neighbours have bigger tvs and you can see them at night when you walk down the road. one has their tv taking up the majority of their window! whats the point of that? i would rather have a sensible size than to be all flashy.
  14. liampie

    Where are they now? Graham Burke

    he scored against villa in the cup, i think he scored the following league game because i recall fans going on about how good he was, only to then turn on him.
  15. liampie

    Daily chat thread - Monday 20th August

    im about to head into today to withdraw some of my money so that i can upgrade my devices, its been awhile and its something i have wanted to do for awhile but like i mentioned before all my wages go towards buying a house which i am closer to doing now. i have just gone through the pon posts i have not replied too. after that i will be off for a few hours, then i aim to read some more of my book and re check pon.

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