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  1. no votes. very sad to see! says a lot about notts yesterday!
  2. i agree, we just seem to always panic. if people watched carefully even in games where we play well (not that some will say we have) we tend to have moments where we look incapable of playing. i think it is because we rush and hoof it. we have no calming influence on the ball tho
  3. Notts Ball 31

    can anyone tell me why some notts fans hate bristol rovers? i am starting to think we hate all other clubs.
  4. Match Discussion: Game 14 - The Alex (A)

    i dont know i think a draw might be more likely/
  5. Kevin Nolan eager for Notts County to shut out Crewe Alexandra

    hopefully we can, it could be a good chance to gain another 3 points and maybe push a way from the teams below us.
  6. hes been signed because we have been desperately chasing a playmaker all season. this is just what people want fans to believe because the club cant find anyone else, i will give him a chance but its frustrating how fickle people are over this.
  7. Liam Noble: 'I am more experienced and mature'

    a mature person would not lie about being injured or having a medical condition, he also would not run back to his former club just because they are doing better than his current employer. time will tell but he has not changed yet.
  8. Liam Noble

    it seems quite negative but he has time to focus on his behaviour between now and when he plays, the club could have a decent signing but i dont think he will come good.
  9. i wished i could be this confident np, i just dont feel it. the article written by @Chris is largely how i feel but it expands on more matters. he could be a dooms day device for us and its not needed.
  10. Match Discussion: Game 13 - The Bees (H)

    we have to get back to winning ways at meadow lane, i know we are kind of overachieving but we have proven its possible to get the results needed. this must be our focus! 2-0 notts win for me.
  11. Pride of Nottingham's PONcast: Episode 28

    the true crown for any notts county podcast, its very well made and does not bore me remotely!
  12. Moniz is back.....

    i always rated him as a coach but as a manager he just needed time to adapt. i dont know why more notts fans did not like him.
  13. Ooo heck Facebook seems down...

    it went down for me for about a hour, not really bothered tho.

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