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  1. World Cup prediction table

    people are starting to collect points now, table looks interesting.
  2. prem - leicester city champ - aston villa l1 - portsmouth l2 - notts 😂
  3. Peterborough United

    if they signed jorge grant it would be madness, i had hoped dembele would have been our radar but it does not seem to be the case. we need another winger who has quality.
  4. i have watched him warm up and i dont think he has looked very good, the games he started last season he seemed to rely too much on the defence but i did not see them in person. i am going on the highlights, it seems a huge risk to rely on him because i dont think hes anywhere near to what fabien spiess when we let him go. i know keepers thrive on confidence but i just dont think bransislav pindroch will ever been good enough for notts. do you?
  5. Alan Hardy on VAR and refs

    i dont think it makes sense to charge clubs to pay for the referees, i think the football league should. i think a simple var setup could help if the club could get a small screen near the pitch side and they relied on the footage captured but would this mean they need more staff to film the game?
  6. What’s everyone’s thoughts on Jose’s thoughts

    mourinho would probably do better than that howling chip, very poor keeper.
  7. County’s trophy cabinet

    i have not seen the trophy cabinet, i would love to see it sometime. will have to wait for a open day.
  8. The First Thoughts Game

    deal or no deal, carpet hair, be back after this short break pink panther
  9. Name this Notts County player

    yep i know who it is too. i will leave it for someone else but hes recently been signed.
  10. Summer holidays

    my mum tends to use her holidays from work to visit family, we mostly stay within the uk but we have also been to portugal and spain. its anywhere thats warm really. i went to the caribbean a few years back, it was nice. i think it was called st vincent, the beach is really amazing there and it reminds you of pirates with all the ships.
  11. Favourite film

    i liked the never ending story when i was younger, i still do but i cant say i have a favourite now. i really dont know
  12. Look who I spotted at the World Cup

    it looks nothing like the gaffer, you will all be suspended at this rate. lol
  13. The First Thoughts Game

    good striker, chubby, awkward smile alan smith
  14. Caption the magpies

    the legendary heroes of notts!
  15. Les Bradd

    i have seen him around meadow lane, but i have never spoken to him. its amazing that he scored the most goals for the club and yet continues to look after the community where he lives. i wished notts would have him more involved with the youngsters, i think they would look up to him.

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