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  1. liampie

    Who do you want in the FA Cup 1st Round?

    i dont really mind who notts get. i just hope we can take it more seriously again and have a good cup run, without it coming at the expense of the league itself.
  2. liampie

    RIP Charlie Crickmore

    very sad news rest in peace charlie.
  3. liampie

    Would you rather?....

    apple pie would you rather watch scary movie or scream?
  4. liampie

    Daily chat thread - Monday 15th October

    @super_ram i hope granny is feeling a bit better and on the mend to get herself home. today i had a double shift at work, i still feel unwell myself but i am okay. spent little time on here after, i need to catch up with the social media and news.
  5. liampie

    Caption this

    2 vs 3 wwe battle royal... the referee seems to be having issues separating the wrestlers, its all happening. jr...
  6. liampie

    Guess attendance v Bury

    3.410 and about 600 notts fans.
  7. liampie

    Guess the magpie

    lewis alessandra?
  8. liampie

    The First Thoughts Game

    @Magic magpie you missed who next
  9. lightening fast, i would love to have seen him sign for notts. i dont care if hes still learning myself. i think he would be useful as a winger, if he can cross or pass the ball well thats a different story. the first goal was okay.
  10. liampie

    Who Was In This Film/movie?

    Alyson Hannigan - Boys and Girls Freddie Prinze Jr.
  11. liampie

    Which do you prefer day or night games

    i dont mind either but a warm 3pm kick off with a nice sunny background cant be beaten imo.
  12. liampie

    What’s your favourite pudding ?

    i like apple pie but most puddings are nice. when i was younger i would eat much food and puddings was always my first choice.
  13. liampie

    Would you rather?....

    spanish would you rather cook or order in?
  14. liampie

    Can we welcome the newest addition to Pon

    welcome to pon @JF3.

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