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  1. went to devon and cornwall, usually i visit family on the isle of man but this year we had two trips. its really nice down there, much different to most spoilt parts of the uk.
  2. i think we are only seeing the start of something special, once we hit or true potential, i think the form will only build. turning some of these away games into wins would help massively, but i am impressed so far. starting a season off well, its something we have needed for awhile really. kyle wootton could hit 20+ goals by himself if he continues, he might even get his first hattrick. to say some was worried and panicked about where the goals would come from, i think we have proved already we have goals. its cutting out the ones we concede that will eventually stop.
  3. i would like to see players on the pitch try to help cal roberts, its easy to lose your head and i think most of the cards was given on the back of poor decisions against him. i am sure ian burchnall will be thinking the same as us, but roberts reminds me of a gazza type player who wears his heart on his sleeves. those types of players need support at times from their team mates.
  4. i thought it was a good win but the performance was testing at times, notts just lacked that spark or cutting edge that we have seen. yet the clean sheet for me is a big bonus. with camerons injury i think it shows we can be tighter at the back.
  5. no surprise really with kewell, he was useless here and in his other positions.
  6. why do i feel like this has a draw all over it? there is nothing wrong with drawing away from home, as i do think the majority of our points will come from making meadow lane a fortress. i just think its a good chance to improve our away form, but i can see it ending 1-1. think some of the players need a rest, like roberts.
  7. welcome to the site and pon @Eloise Ward, care to share a bit about your background supporting notts?
  8. i thought we was very average in midfield and not creative enough, our strikers did not have much chance but i think its one of those games we have to take.
  9. i like that hes 21, not too young but at the right age where he can come here and do a job for us. he will be wanting to play and gain experience, so i think its a great move by notts.
  10. https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2021/september/brennan-signs-220921/?fbclid=IwAR0KURag5GLNHzENgu3f_pNle3lB9l7nSfiAR2l1D0NgyBzMgd52OWvhstg cover for kyle camerons injury.
  11. i think the game would be lost without it, i know heading is supposed to be reduced in training and i absolutely agree that when its not needed it should not happen. the players are the people to make the decision, you dont see many pulling out of heading a ball. better research into concussions and long term brain injuries is needed.
  12. all that talent and a winning team, but they cant get fans in? i thought man city was the manchester club? its quite funny tbh.
  13. its like what happened between nolan and hardy all over again, i do hope derby are fine and manage to come out better due to this.
  14. he looked okay, i did not rate many of their players but as team they were ok.

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