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  1. i think he made the right decision to stay with england but just hope he keeps focused and avoids having regrets. we need him at the top of his game.
  2. who was behind us signing grant and bola? they was decent finds, so i am not sure why we are hanging on fgr over liam nobles future. it does seem desperate but perhaps kevin nolan sees something and really wants him here?
  3. i am lost for words, we have not even kicked a ball yet. i think sda makes some valid points and the players who have been offered deals may have gone elsewhere but decided to stay here. wow...
  4. think when you have hundreds of people tweeting you and you naturally want the best for the club, you will make mistakes. i prefer ah over the trews and find him more refreshing tbh.
  5. morecambe will probably be a low turn out but the fixtures dont really bother me or leave any concerns. i just think we should expect certain games to change and get on with it.
  6. we need to fill the void and have on paper a strong squad in all departments. i can see us topping up in certain areas via the loan market, i dont mind this if it happens but would hope for grant/bola types arriving.
  7. not much of a update if i am blunt, would have been nice to see him speak about where we are strengthening and what the players are thinking.
  8. cant help but feel we just need to focus and takes things as they come.
  9. some fans will be vocal about getting some sort of lower league ronaldo but i think we might have develop or coach a player into being a goalscorer so i would agree.
  10. i have to agree with @upthepies that its nice to see him speak so fondly of the fans, tho i think people should try harder to encourage all the players not just those who do well. we might be a better team on the pitch without the abuse!
  11. if notts was interested and he would join us, i would take him on. hes a decent no nonsense defender.
  12. great signing, shola is a very good player and i dont know why some of our fans are whinging on social media about him.
  13. i dont think we will sign a 20 plus goalscorer who is young, esp if they are on a free. so it makes sense to me that we mentor one. i have seen people saying we should have given gibson a chance but he was more lightweight than nangle and waite combined. we need someone who is physically strong, good attributes and can learn from experience. nolan should know someone young and keen to make their career start.
  14. now we have stead and shola upfront, my belief that notts can do well has lifted. i was a bit down about the lack of quality signings, i cant believe we have only signed two players and these guys would have been playing non league football until we picked them up. thats worrying! tho i think we can start to pick up now and it is early. i am quite excited about the season ahead, always am. good luck to derby @super_ram

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