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  1. liampie

    Can we be the 12th man

    the kop felt good, it was a nice to see everyone joining in with the singing and this needs to matched in the next home game. i do feel the difference was both in our support and the performance.
  2. liampie

    Man of the Match: Notts County 3-2 Tranmere Rovers

    i dont think the keeper was at fault much for the goals tbh @samwatto2008 and i think he made three very good saves. his decision making seemed quick because he teased the strikers at times and thats a sign of confidence. i think stead was the man of the match personally.
  3. liampie

    Match Discussion: Game 22 - Super White Army (H)

    i was impressed. the goals against could have been defended better but its a team effort, dan jones did not do very well. how he lost the ball by himself i dont know but the conditions would not have helped. i think his boots was not the best choice as he slipped more than once and i guess this knocked his confidence. overall it was good, stead looked eager and vaughan seemed useful. did anyone notice it was milsom who could not take the ball forward today? he knocked it back quite a few times to ward, turley and fitzsimons. very pleased with the win.
  4. liampie

    Can we now be optimistic ?

    it does she there is progress and things to be happy about, a good win and a good performance. that is enough for me to get optimistic about but i do accept its early days.
  5. liampie

    Match Discussion: Game 22 - Super White Army (H)

    i am just setting off, nervous as hell. i will try to post my half time thoughts today. if anyone is home or able otherwise please do add your thoughts to the build up, during the game and after. can someone post the team news? @DangerousSausage @Super_Danny_Allsopp
  6. liampie

    What players would you sign from Wimbledon?

    i am not sure, they probably have some good players but i dont know who would fit in with notts. the club needs more wingers with pace next season and a lot more defensive minded players.
  7. liampie

    Tranmeres target man on Saturday

    if turley browses twitter, he will see a video which will give him your the motivation to have this player under his thumb. ward and turley will sort it.
  8. i agree that tranmere look like they are a strong threat but i do feel elliott ward and jamie turley can handle them, i just worry about the left and right defenders. its important as chris said we start the strongest squad, that davies does not look good enough on the right. jon stead is likely to start, so put on kristian dennis and rotate kane hemmings when either of them get tired. i would hope rob milsom does not start in midfield, i have felt hes been poor but the right back is a tricky issue. i think tranmere may win but i predict a 1-1 draw.
  9. liampie

    The First Thoughts Game

    funny, rarely good these days, 90's was the best! laurel and hardy
  10. liampie

    Would you rather?....

    support would you rather be goalkeeper or an outfield player.
  11. liampie

    Notts v Tranmere.. score prediction

    1-1 i think notts will score probably from jon stead.
  12. he needs to be relaxed because the players might feel they could be replaced and this additional stress is not something i think would help, i am pleased and impressed by Neal Ardley's approach.
  13. liampie

    Notts v Mansfield..16th feb,19 Time change

    always the same, i hope the police are on hand to do their job and not watch the game like they tend to do.
  14. its fighting talk, good to see but i just want to see a good performance. i hope he gets a warm welcome and that things are lively from the off. the pressure needs to be taken away.
  15. liampie

    Would you rather?....

    large rock would you rather understand depression or pick at someone with it because your an insensitive knobhead?

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