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  1. Spotify, that’s all.
  2. He’s full of it, I don’t want to get into trouble or upset people on here but I do not like him. He’s only in for what he can gain, he loves the attention and can’t do right by good people.
  3. Hardy won’t answer this stuff, how quickly did he go on TV after tweeting his dick pic? Family club owner, exposing himself to fans but doesn’t have the balls to pay staff.
  4. What happens does not bother me, I just get fed up with other factors at times but I want to see success from Notts.
  5. I think Alan is struggling to sell due to an unrealistic price tag and debts myself.
  6. @Piethagoram staff should be paid tomorrow, i cant see anyone being sold tho.
  7. I have one, it’s a mountain bike. Multi colour, no idea who made it.
  8. Looking forward to some of the new games, dreading to go back to Meadow Lane.
  9. I have no idea, maybe a bit but I do like talking about Notts no matter what.
  10. The delays are annoying, I’m young but Jesus AH can’t just sign those papers can he. Drag it out, drag it out.
  11. It looks like the negotiations with this consortium have expired now, I just hope a desperate Hardy does not re-open them.
  12. Time will tell won't it? I hope we don't end up missing his presence and goals.
  13. I would end up supporting the nearest non league club to us, but not Ilkeston Town.
  14. I noticed how hardly any younger fans turned up, there was a lot of talk about doing stuff at Nuneaton. I think its all daft. Talking is not going to get noticed, it was the lamest protest I have ever seen.

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