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  1. I like the navigation at the bottom of my mobile screen, it really helps. Nice changes!
  2. No idea, hope he has plenty of speed. It’s the one thing we lack up top aside from Thomas.
  3. Probably rubbish if he came from Chesterfield’s system.
  4. It could work out, I don’t see why not. It used to be s millionaires toy owning a football club, so.
  5. Bend history to make it fit, conspiracy and desperation at its best. I've never laughed so hard!
  6. Welcome to PON and the community @Bennybigbear
  7. Notts, Derby, Lincoln, Leicester and a few are Aston Villa fans.
  8. The concept looks okay, but it’s a little too modern for me.
  9. I think some football clubs will end up releasing a lot of their coaching staff and players, just like WWE have.
  10. I don’t really know, teams might have to work around the deals which are needing to be renewed.
  11. Nicely done, it’s good to see these. Fans will appreciate it I am sure too.
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