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  1. Notts County Football Club

    Jimmy Sirrel Stand

    • 48.9k posts

    Dive into the ‘Jimmy Sirrel Stand’, your hub for all Notts County discussions. From signings, form analysis, rumours to non-match topics, this is your go-to place for all things Notts.

    Match Talk

    • 21.9k posts

    Enter "Match Talk" for all discussions related to matches. Engage in pre-match predictions, post-match analysis, and everything in between. Your one-stop forum for all things match-related.

    Magpies Media

    • 3.3k posts

    Explore ‘Magpies Media’, your platform for sharing and discussing videos, graphics, photographs, and other media content. A vibrant space for all your creative and media-related posts.

  2. Pride of Nottingham Community

    Venture into ‘Granny Pie’s General Discussion’, a space for non-football chat. Get acquainted with other PON members and engage in diverse off-topic discussions. A forum for all your non-football talks.

    Entertainment & News

    • 18.2k posts

    Dive into ‘Entertainment & News’, a forum for sharing news stories and engaging in entertainment discussions. Join the fun with PON games and various entertainment topics.


    • 9.9k posts

    Welcome to ‘Introductions’! New here? Familiarise yourself with our PON community. Share your story and start your journey with us. Let’s make connections!

  3. All Things Sports

    English Football

    • 7.9k posts

    Join ‘English Football’! A hub for discussing news and updates about English leagues. Share thoughts on local and rival teams. Let’s talk football!

    Explore ‘Domestic World Football’! A platform to discuss clubs outside English leagues, from Spain to Saudi. Join the global football conversation!

    Step onto ‘The Sports Stage’! A place for all sports beyond football. Discuss cricket, hockey, tennis, darts and more. Join the conversation and share your passion!

  4. Announcements

    Discover ‘Admin Announcements’! Stay updated with PON’s latest news, updates, and community happenings. Keep in touch with the pulse of Pride of Nottingham!

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