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  1. Continued my piece on Notts. Had a barbecue as well since the weather was nice.
  2. Things seriously need to change for this game. We are creating the square root of jack and we are not troubling teams enough. We play the most protective football and all Ardley cares about is having 3 men in the middle of midfield so he doesn't get exposed at the back. No point when you need to win games. Hemmings is isolated up front and there is no midfielder bringing the ball forward who can link up the play with him. Not just this but the wingers are not brave enough with the ball and when they do need help, the wing back isn't there to give him the support he needs.
  3. Friday Birmingham City 1-1 Derby County (Joker) Swansea City 2-1 Rotherham United Rochdale 2-2 Wycombe Wanderers Walsall 0-0 Southend United Cheltenham Town 2-1 Oldham Athletic Newport County 0-0 Bury Monday Blackburn Rovers 2-1 Bolton Wanderers Hull City 1-1 Sheffield United Peterborough United 2-2 Sunderland Plymouth Argyle 1-2 Barnsley Lincoln City 1-1 Tranmere Rovers (Joker) Swindon Town 2-1 Crewe Alexandra
  4. Said in my vlog that if Hemmings scores he changes the game. Best thing Stead did all game but when you need to press the opposition you can't have him up front. He's so slow. That was the first time in the game where he actually closed down their centre-back
  5. The guy isn't adapting to the oppositions tactics very well. We needed to press Crewe and win the ball back quickly, so he puts Stead up front
  6. Bring Patching in. The current midfield don't create anything. When we score it mostly comes from the penalty spot, an opposition mistake or a spectacular volley. We don't break teams down. Need a creative midfielder in there
  7. How good or bad have your predictions gone? Mine were 1. MK 2. Notts 3. Lincoln PO: Northampton 23. Macclesfield 24. Yeovil
  8. I am currently in the midst of writing a piece about what needs to happen in regards to Notts to make sure we can move forward as a club and escape the boom and bust model we currently have Topics I have at the minute include - Decisions on managers - Managerial tactics - Player recruitment and scouting - Training ground and facilities - Owners and board level decisions - Youth team Would anyone else like to include anything to write about? Thanks
  9. Palmer 4 - Couldn't really do owt for the goals. Released the ball too slowly on occasions Tootle 5 - Looked dejected at full time. Pushed upfield a lot, trying to help the attack late on. Stubbs 3 - AFC Passback at it again. Lost out to Chris Porter a few times in the air Duffy 4 - Didn't really do much as Porter battled Stubbs instead of Duffy. Went off injured Milsom 2 - If he passed the ball backwards anymore than he did, he would have ended up in Industrial Revolution Britain. He's not brave enough with the ball. Too scared to play a forward pass Doyle 3 - Never had the impact on the game he had at Stevenage. Take him off corners please I'm begging O'Brien 3 - Forgot to take his Red Bull. Was bypassed too many times by Ryan Wintle who was MOTM for Crewe. Silly fouls created Rose 4 - Was better in the second half than he was in the first half. Tried to get counter attacks started and made challenges sometimes Hemmings 4 - If he scores, it changes the game. Struggled on occasions Stead 3 - Won one flick on all game and has the first touch of a camel Boldewijn 3 - Ineffective yet again Subs Mackail-Smith 3 - First touch of a horse, runs around like a headless chicken Alessandra 2 - Came on when the game was virtually over. Did nothing when he came on like normal. Barclay 3 - Bought on for Duffy when he got injured. Covered ok Ardley 0 - Set up defensively in a relegation battle away from home. The opposite of Stevenage away. When you need points and wins, setting up to take a point and hoping for any old knock on or bounce when hoofing it to Stead is pathetic
  10. In his one game he played on loan at Oldham earlier this season (which was also an emergency loan) he helped The Latics to a 3-1 win at home to Cambridge
  11. Think we had at least 3 near misses in which Northampton were close to scoring. A relief to hold on to at least a point but maybe would have had more pace on the counter to try and steal the 3 points
  12. Games where we should have won but didn't will cost us Stevenage (H) Swindon (H) Port Vale (A) Morecambe (A) Carlisle (H) Bury (H) Colchester (A) All games we should have won

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