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  1. For me it's Blundell Park. I can't stand the place. Away stand is rusting and is about to fall down. It just feels like you're living in the 18th century. What about everyone else?
  2. Good. Have you voted on the Football Manics account
  3. There's 3 hours to go. If you haven't already, get your vote in for Richard Brindley If you know someone who's got Twitter, make sure they get their vote in @Chris @liampie @CliftonMagpie @Dan @DangerousSausage
  4. It's the final so let's get as many votes as we can
  5. Lots of Football Manager. Scraped the National League South title with Maidstone. Had a 12 point league at one stage but only won it by a single point in the end. On a good run with Notts. Top of the league after a 5-1 home win over Plymouth. Got through the whole campaign of Modern Warfare 2 remastered Did some exercise today as well
  6. Thank you to @Chris for tagging me in this on Facebook. Thought I'd post it on here as well Favourite Club: Notts County Favourite Football Nation: England Player I hated the most: There's a probably a few for this one but I can't think off the top of my head Club I hate the most: Mansfield Town Favourite ever player: Thierry Henry Favourite ever manager: At Notts (Moniz or Ardley) Legendary player: Lionel Messi/Thierry Henry Favourite ever Keeper: Struggling with this one (Kasper?, Bart?) Favourite ever Defender: I'm struggling with this one. Favourite ever Midfielder: Ronaldinho or David Beckham (England) Favourite ever Striker: Lionel Messi If I get a definitive answer for the ones I've left, I'll come back and edit them
  7. Worked on Monday. Only day I worked this week. Avoided symptoms of the virus this week. I'm missing @meg_walshx and it got to me a bit on Saturday. Started doing quizzes on Zoom Won promotion with Notts on Football Manager in the play-off final against Barnet. Also won the FA Trophy against Chesterfield. Won the first three games in League Two and sit top of the league. Started another one as well with Maidstone as I fancied a challenge. Won 3-0 on the opening day against league favourites Chelmsford. Got through quite a few James Bond films as well. Live And Let Die, The Man With The Golden Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker
  8. These look excellent @Chris
  9. James Bond films, quizzes on Zoom and PS4
  10. Work all week. Watched On Her Majesty's Secret Service on Friday night/Saturday morning. When I woke up we carried on and watched Diamonds Are Forever. Then spent the rest of Saturday with @meg_walshx, plus a bit of Sunday.
  11. Played on the wing at first, then combined that with playing up front on a few occasions. Drifted into the centre of midfield now, making runs from deep but also still sticking to wide man duties.
  12. Get the content out that we can. Continue with the player in focus series and up the content for the season in focus. Got to stick together even if there's not much we can do about the situations on the pitch.
  13. Notts County claimed a 4-0 win over Eastleigh at Meadow Lane in the National League on Saturday afternoon. With the non-league competition giving teams the green light to play despite the coronavirus pandemic, five 3pm kickoffs went ahead in the division on Saturday. A total of 4,942 were in attendance at Meadow Lane as Kyle Wootton put Neal Ardley's men ahead in the 15th minute from a Kristian Dennis cross. The provider then turned scorer in the second half with a header of his own. Wootton added his second with a cool effort and Eastleigh goalkeeper Max Stryjek denied Cal Roberts from an acute angle soon after. But the Notts man would soon beat the Eastleigh goalkeeper with a low finish and the visitors' goal faced more pressure before the final whistle. Here is Pride of Nottingham vlogger ARLukomski's take on events. Share your thoughts about this video on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
  14. Work Monday to Friday as usual. Nice to see Notts in on Tuesday. Midweek football helps break up the week. Got to see @meg_walshx on Wednesday and Thursday which was good. Friday night I played football and got myself a goal. Yesterday saw Notts trounce Eastleigh. Today I spent more time with @meg_walshx. Went into town together. Spent most of the evening on Fifa
  15. McDonnell 6 - One dodgy moment in the first half but overall an afternoon on the sunbed Brindley 7 - Won the ball back and was comfortable Rawlinson 7 - Solid as per usual Lacey 7 - Same as Rawlo Bagan 7 - Pressed forward well and never gave Eastleigh any time with the ball Roberts 8 - Something else this guy. A sprinkle of quality Rose 8 - Pressed and challenged well. Got forward and joined the attack too. Assist for the third. Grabbed hold of the game second half Doyle 8 - Passing was tremendous, especially finding Dennis and Wootton. Like Rose, grabbed a hold of it 2nd half Boldewijn 6 - Didn't really do much in spells of the game. Was calm Dennis 9 - A class act. Just runs and runs and scores. Wootton 9 - Gave the Eastleigh centre-back pairing a torrid time and his aerial presence and ball control were brilliant. Two goals to top off a great day Thomas 6 - Closed down the defenders and put himself about Crawford 6 - Got back to cover and showed some neat ball control Wilson - N/A
  16. https://mobile.twitter.com/Official_NCFC/status/1238132646066049024
  17. Happy birthday Kristian Dagenham and Aldershot up there. Honestly what a player. On the back of my away shirt for a reason
  18. I've only just gone top. If you have a few good rounds in a row you can really propel yourself into the reckoning. I was 19 points behind @weymouthPIE(who was leading) after Round 28 and I was third.
  19. Huddersfield Town 1-2 Wigan Athletic Reading 1-1 Stoke City Bristol Rovers 2-1 Ipswich Town Tranmere Rovers 1-0 Lincoln City Grimsby Town 1-1 Carlisle United (Joker) Port Vale 2-1 Crawley Town Sutton United 2-2 Hartlepool United Yeovil Town 1-1 Barnet
  20. McDonnell 6 - Collected crosses when he needed too. Didn't really have much to do from the 65th minute onwards. Was on the end of bad tackle by Quigley resulting in his red card Brindley 8 - Forced Barrow back to goal and got in the face of Dan Jones and Patrick Brough. Never gave them room to breathe Rawlinson 7 - Commanding. Couple of wayward passes due to the wind but overall solid as per usual. Dior Angus was in his pocket all game Lacey 8 - Wall. Just a wall McCrory 7 - Couple of times where he left too much space for his man and have away the penalty. Did fine 2nd half Bagan 9 - Forced Barrow back well and constantly put Josh Kay under a lot of pressure, everytime he received the ball. Don't think anyone got past him all afternoon Crawford 9 - Pressured brilliantly. Snuck in from the corner to get the 1st. Passing was class. Unplayable at times Doyle 8 - Few wayward wind affected passes 1st half. Won the second ball on many occasions. Pure sh*thousery as well. Love it. Made the refs mind up for the red card too O'Brien 7 - Won the second ball many times like Doyle. More expressive 2nd half and got on the ball more Thomas 6 - Not much service first half but chased down the Barrow defence well before being subbed Wilson 6 - Like Thomas, chased the Barrow centre halfs well in the 2nd before being subbed Wootton 7 - Won us free kicks. Linked up the play nicely Roberts 8 - He wears a magic hat. Give him the ball let him work his bag of tricks. Sent two or three Barrow players for a hotdog for the 2nd goal Long 6 - Only came on to shore it up but we'll give him a rating anyway cos why not
  21. We must learn from what went wrong in the November game against them. Firstly, press them. Disrupt their flow as much as possible. Speed up our passing and improve our decision making in the final third. Our best outlet was the ball over the top of their defence with Wes Thomas. Don't get on the wrong side of the referee and don't give away unnecessary fouls otherwise we won't get anything. Get Adam Long on Dior Angus as Long is quick. One of the issues at ML was Angus' pace against Turner.
  22. Charlton Athletic 1-0 Middlesbrough Stoke City 2-0 Hull City Sunderland 1-0 Gillingham Lincoln City 2-2 Burton Albion Cheltenham Town 1-1 Port Vale (Joker) Salford City 2-1 Bradford City Stockport County 1-1 Barnet Wrexham 1-0 Eastleigh
  23. If Notts vs Harrogate gets rescheduled for the 24th, then we'd have a whole week of playing against Harrogate
  24. Been feeling a bit down this week. Things still in my head from the previous week coupled with other things in my head that never seem to go away. Got to spend some time with @meg_walshx on Wednesday and Thursday. Went to play football on Friday evening and that helped me. Got a goal and I felt it was a rather solid display. First time I saw Notts win a game 5-0 yesterday and the biggest win I've seen from Notts as well. Watched Goldfinger and Thunderball today with my brother, as we are going through the Bond movies before we watch No Time to Die at the cinema next month.

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