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  1. Leigh Curtis tweeted that Boreham Wood were interested in him. They've had the benefit of the grant money saga, but also recently sold Sorba Thomas to Huddersfield Town - believed to be around £500,000. So they could definitely offer a lucrative deal... In terms of signing another striker, NA likes to work with 4 so unless Knowles goes back I think the 4 we have now will be the ones we stick with until the end of the season.
  2. Solihull play at bit like us by all accounts, so it could be a case of two teams cancelling each other out – I’m not expecting a goal fest especially considering our lack of goals at the moment. Sounds like Brindley won’t be available, so D-KE to RB and Miller in at LB? I'd be surprised if Chicksen started. And It’ll be interesting to see if Reeves and Doyle continue to play as the CMs. I’m still not sure which formation suits us best this season. Assuming we want to play with Rodrigues the 4-2-3-1 probably just edges it for me… Head says another 0-0 but I hope we can win it.
  3. I really like Kelly-Evans, nothing to complain about on the defensive side of things but I think not having a naturally left-footed LB is hindering us more attack wise – especially the way we play (*want to play). Left backs are pretty much all left-footed for a reason, it’s just so much easier for a natural left-footer! Easier run with the ball down the line, easier to pass the ball down the line, easier to cross the ball, the list goes on... We haven’t seen a lot of Chicksen, but Ardley has and if a right back is continually picked a head of him there’s not much point in him being
  4. Would’ve been a great statement if Notts could have won that, I feel a bit disappointed we didn’t. Couldn’t fault the work rate/battling and again, defensively very solid. Another clean sheet but is it coming at the expense of our attacking play? I feel like our attacking play is too predictable now, I don’t mind us cutting inside but it’s almost every attack. Yesterday it forced Enzio to shoot with his left foot, he bangs them in on his right! Play him on the other wing or just switch it up a bit more - he was only up against a now 35 y/o Dean Moxey, no disrespect but Enzio should'v
  5. I didn’t watch the game, only listened so cheers for the info above. Think Sam missed a chance to impose himself today. Clearly got the attributes to do it, he had that good string of games a month ago but has dropped off again recently. Good to see Wolfe had a good game, the fact it was against good opposition should now give Ardley more confidence that he is more than capable of getting more regular game time. Interesting that Miller – who himself stated he prefers to play higher up the pitch – got the nod at LB ahead of Chicksen – Is that him and DKE ahead of him now? I wonde
  6. The Yates/Grant thing is unbelievable in both meanings of the word! 100k for both! Really? Pompey were going to offer 500k for Yates at one point! And if it was true - he would've paid it. Surely!? That whole team was carried by the both of them - 50k for each is a steal. He would've know there resale value would have been huge. It still haunts me to think about him talking about 'that season' and promotion as being a 'dead cert'... There's a fine line between arrogance and confidence - he was so far over it that he couldn't see it! I reckon even if we'd have been midtable halfway t
  7. Still no news on that third signing yet! Could be Harry Boyes from Sheffield United... Left-back who's recently been recalled from Bradford Park Avenue. Yeah, Effiong is a good player at this level, wouldn't say he was the classic natural goal scorer type some wanted but given a run he should do well for us - could be interesting to see him and Wootton play together would be a real handful for opposing CB's. Don't know much about Miller, interesting that Harrogate fans on twitter aren't that pleased he's been able to leave - hopefully he'll make more of an impact than Walker.
  8. From the footballing point of view it would have been a massive boost to get him back... The thing is covid isn’t going to go away anytime soon, unless the NL starts testing clubs weekly I can’t see how he’s going to be able to play for us again… Which basically makes all the isolated training he’ll do pointless. Anyway NA hinted in his press conference that the club is looking a few strikers, with the possibility of signing one in near future.
  9. Osborne’s done very well at Leamington – he’s done much better than I thought he’d do, genuinely didn’t think he’d one of the top goal scorers in the league. A sideways move but you’d think Fylde would have more chance of promotion… The whole issue of academy is an interesting topic, when we have someone genuinely talented – Etete, Bearne, Dongda etc we never actually get to utilise them… Then we’re left with the rough diamonds, who aren’t quite ready and need more time to develop – but they don’t usually get it here. I’ve sent in a question to the owner’s online fans forum thing a
  10. Yep, just so frustrating, another 3 weeks between games… Just seems so unfair at the moment. I agree this is where the National League should step in, with everyone being so many games behind schedule it doesn’t make sense for teams that are able to play not to play. Just another weekend wasted and I can guarantee this won’t be the last time it’ll happen to Notts either.
  11. I know it’s early days but since the Reedtz Brothers took over I can’t really see anything to complain about. I get the feeling they want to give the club an identity, they’ve spoken about how they want the team to be an attractive, attacking side. I think the constant changes of philosophies has caused us so many problems these last years, we’ve turned over too many players because they don’t fit a manager’s style of play. I get the feeling now even if a manger goes, it won’t be a case of tearing everything up and starting again, just a couple of subtle changes. The recruitment has
  12. There’s no doubting his goal record, didn’t he score something like 40 goals in one season?! However that was a couple of years ago now, he’s not played for a year and has had his fair share of off the field issues so the signing would have been a bit of risk. Scored on his debut at the weekend... If he gets 10/15 goals backend of the season you’d feel like it was a missed opportunity. (Let’s wait and see though!) Don’t get me wrong I think a new striker would be a boost but the issue lately has been more about creating chances, since the Wealdstone game we haven’t had tons of chanc
  13. Also, according to the Nottingham Post, there's a chance that both Sam Graham and Jimmy Knowles could be recalled. So we could potentially be 4 players lighter in the coming days... I quite like Knowles, I think he'll turn out to be a good player but it's a big ask for 18 y/o to make a big contribution in his first real spell of competitive football. Graham is a useful player to have - but again, I think clubs send players out with intention of them getting game time. He's not going to get ahead of Lacey/Rawlinson... You kind of feel we should have academy players that could be
  14. Tom Walker and Matty Wolfe's loan deals are expiring on 3rd Jan. Do you want to keep either of them for the rest of the season? Personally I don't think we've seen the best of Walker, but with Roberts hopefully fit mid Jan I'm not sure he'd get much game time. As for Wolfe - given he's played 1 FA Trophy game -I don't think Barnsley will let him come back! I think we'll need another CM to provide competition for Reeves/Doyle (they aren't getting much at the moment), someone actually good enough (in NA eyes) to displace one of them.
  15. Started too slow. First half was a bit of a non-event, we did actually get into plenty off good positions but we ended up crossing to just Wootton in the box a lot of times, desperately needed more bodies in there. Second half was much better, if we’d have played like we had in the second half all game I’d have backed us to win that. Linesmen were shocking, no way was Enzio off in the first half and Knowles looked level to me. The overall performance did deserve at least a draw if I’m being honest – but ya know that’s football. Can’t argue with the defence at moment, but we aren

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