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  1. @AmericanPie Cheers. Well, I could maybe knock something up over the weekend! Keep your eyes peeled for Where's the Ball 2.
  2. Really tough, but great! I've been thinking for a while, it's got to be someone obvious being a multiple premier league winner. Dwight Yorke with the hope Trinidad and Tobago never played in the world cup!
  3. Well, here’s the real picture! Congrats to @CliftonMagpie @thommo & @eighteensixtytwo who all correctly guessed C5!
  4. LOL at Richard Duffy @Chris! Favourite Club: Notts County Favourite Football Nation: England Player I hated the most: Joey Barton Club I hate the most: Salford City Favourite ever player: Raul Favourite ever manager: Pep Guardiola Legendary player: Messi Favourite ever Keeper: Casillas Favourite ever Defender: Maldini Favourite ever Midfielder: Kaka Favourite ever Striker: Del Piero
  5. Some are red purely because it was too hard to read in the white text. There's no secret pattern that will lead you to the right square!
  6. With all the spare time on my hands now I’ve been playing around on photoshop. I then strangely remembered the ‘where’s the ball’ feature from the competition pages of my old football mags and thought I’d make my own for people to try. Just a bit of fun really. Here’s the picture, all you have to do is reply with the name of the square you think the ball is in! I’ll let this run for a bit and post the real picture on Thursday night, along with a congrats to anyone that gets it right! (Hope it isn’t too easy/hard)
  7. The FA has today announced all football leagues below the National League (Our league & the North/South divs) have been abandoned. No promotions. No relegations. The results from this season effectively count for nothing and they'll all be in the same leagues when the new season commences. Some teams like Jersey Bulls & Vauxhall Motors had already won promotion before the league was suspended, how is that fair? I don't know why they needed to make the decision so soon. National League hopes to be able to resume at some point. No decision has been made about the FA Trophy (and Vase).
  8. @allardyces tash My laptop froze and must have bashed the enter key in frustration! All up now though thanks. It's harder than you think but luckily we have signed some random players in these past few years, hopefully a few will come back into your memory.
  9. Fabien Spiess John Thompson Gill Swerts Mike Edwards Zoumana Bakayogo Jim O'Brien Elliott Hewitt Jamal Campbell-Ryce Daniel Bogdanovic Michael Petrasso Balint Bajner
  10. The suspension for Premier League and EFL football has been extended until April 30th now. I’d image the National League will have make a similar announcement soon. There’s absolutely no way we’ll be playing Barnet in 16 days…
  11. A hard fought P-P well done Ardley, all the boys and the fans that did not travel! That keeps us 3rd in the league! COYP!
  12. Like most of have said, expected and the right thing to do but still not a great feeling for footballs fans. It only dawned on me this afternoon that our owner’s business makes money from supplying betting firms with football data. With no matches taking place, no-one will be betting on the football for however long the suspension lasts! This really isn’t great news for us…
  13. I think this weekend will be the last game for Notts for a while… 5 more National League games have already been postponed! As bad is it is money wise for all the clubs, I just can’t see how the league can continue. I’ve heard the ideas of finishing the season as it is if the leagues are unable to resume. I think in some cases, Liverpool will clearly win the league, Man City and Leicester will finish 2nd and 3rd. Bolton and Southend look all but relegated in League 1. As for all the other spots in all the others leagues it’s still all up for grabs! Every season there’s always something to play for on the last day, a promotion spot or relegation. If you put it to the clubs to vote for, then surely all those in the relegation zone and chasing a play-off spot will vote for a void season. And those only just outside the relegation zone and teams in the play-off/promotion zones will vote for the season to finish. Ironically the teams with nothing to play for will then be the one’s deciding the fate! It’s just so bizarre. I guess they can postpone the Euro’s and push next season’s start day back, I know people’s health comes first and it’s not a complaint but I really hope we can get some sort of end to the season.
  14. When the sponsor for the league is Vanarama and the tracksuits, match equipment & balls are all provided by Jako - who? (maybe they're bigger in Germany than over here...) it doesn't surprise me. There is no glamour at this level! Anyway Barrow have 7 minutes (ooft!) of highlights on their youtube page now!

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