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  1. First half was pretty much as bad as it gets. No idea what the formation was, no width, fullbacks barely crossing the halfway line, just passing it (woefully) with no idea what to do with it… Second half was a slight improvement, but they’d have been hard pressed to play any worse. Sam looked so far off it for me which is worrying, and not just fitness wise. Like you say the only positive was that result counts for nothing. You’d have to say there’s still a lot to work on with our first game fast approaching now. Am I looking forward to Dover? Not so sure after watching that!
  2. Surely the National League have contingency plans, they can’t have just assumed everything will be fine come the 3rd Oct. They must have known fans coming back was never 100%, especially as the closer to winter we get the likelihood was that the infections would increase – they must have known that. Fans coming back in now is probably off until spring now, what are they going to do? Delay the season until then… (Probably would be able to complete the season as there would only be about 3 teams left). Delaying in the hope of getting fans back doesn’t really solve anything my eyes. Tha
  3. The players are still getting used to the diamond 4-4-2 formation, it was pretty attacking with Enzio, Rodrigues, Roberts and two strikers in Sam and Knowles upfront. Enzio was playing as a right sided central midfielder a new position for him and I thought Roberts still looked dangerous considering Telford pretty much just had 11 men behind the ball in the first half. The second half was more open but we still pretty much dominated possession for most the game. Superb double save by Pilling, who then came out and claimed the corner against a big side, I've really liked what I've seen of
  4. So he'll be playing the National League North this season, should get regular game time now and I hope he does well for them.
  5. I'm happy with the squad, when was the last time we only had 22 players?! The fact we haven't signed a winger signals to me we'll be seeing other formations more often than the classic 4-4-2. If we plan to play the 4-1-2-1-2 formation like we have done for the start of pre-season we don't actually need wingers. We could easily play 4-3-3 and 3-5-2 as well. I think we'll be changing it up quite a bit this season... With the Reedtz brothers at the helm never say never when it comes to another signing though. If an exceptional player becomes available or is spotted (ala Roberts) I thin
  6. That game was much more of a test and more helpful in terms of judging the players and play. We kind of gave Alfreton all their chances through sloppy passing in the first half - to be fair to the midfield that was the first time Reeves, Sloth, Enzio and Rodrigues have played together. When O'Brien and Doyle came in the second half we looked a lot better, possibly as Alfreton had tired as well so they weren't pressing as much by then. We've switched to a diamond 4-4-2, which will help us get more players in and around the centre of the pitch to help with the passing game. I just think we
  7. He’s pretty much spent his entire career in league 1, if you were that bad you’d be found out sooner rather than later. I’m not worried about what a few Bradford fans have to say, apparently he played all over the place as well. Sometimes players at certain clubs just don’t work and in his defence he’s been in and out of teams since MK and never really settled anywhere. I’ve been reading a bit about him on the Bolton forum as well and the majority of them would’ve been more than happy with him at LB in League 2. I kind of agree looking over his past, on paper he should be a regular starte
  8. Mansfield... Na but seriously I can see why some fans are a bit shocked with this one. I am a bit too, but for me it's more to do with the experience (lack of) more than where he's come from. He’ll be starting as 4th choice striker, fair play he talks about coming here to play regularly but I feel like it’s a big step up from the academy (as we’ve seen with some of our players). If he plays well, scores some goals and looks the part - great! But if it doesn’t work out it really won’t look good, why give a chance to a Mansfield player but not ours? Are they really that bad?
  9. I agree we definitely need a LB, Sean Kelly Ex-Wimbledon player is name I’ve seen mentioned… Another young CB in on loan would be useful – Sam Graham, has he recovered from his injury? And a young winger to give Enzio and Roberts a bit of competition. I’d quite like David Ajiboye from Sutton, only 21 but he is rapid. I don’t know enough about Tiernan Brooks but the fact McDonnell was offered a contract suggests we’re probably looking for another GK. I do wonder where Rodrigues will play, according to 'transfermarkt' he can play as a striker. I guess it depends what Ardley wants to d
  10. We all watched the youtube video of him yet?! He looks decent on it, that said any footballer can be made to look amazing when it's just 3 minutes of them! Although he's big and strong he doesn't strike me as player who'll want it lumped up to him. He looks pretty quick and handy with the ball at his feet. Hopefully he can just charge his way through the other teams defences!
  11. I’m going to have to agree I don’t quite get this one, sure he and Derry did a great job in keeping us up but the season after was a disaster, having assembled a poor squad we quickly slid down the league. Under him and Derry we also played a defensive and direct style, completely the opposite to what Ardley and the new owners are going for, especially now when it looks like we want to go one step further and play with even more of a press and energy – I could be completely wrong here but that’s the impression I get. With that in mind, I just don’t see how he fits in...
  12. Another player I'm pleased has re-signed, you can't really fault his first season here. He'll continue to provide excellent competition for Brindley which is exactly what we need if we want to be successful again this season!
  13. Bradford signed him for £250,000, so he clearly did very well at Wimbledon before. So are we getting a very good player for free? Or has being out of action for nearly 2 years hampered his ability? I'd say it's a little bit of gamble but if all goes well, we'll have another player who's too good for this level - Here's to hoping!
  14. I think it’s a shame he’s gone as he’s more important than people realise. Got some very big goals that helped us nick some draws which would’ve been losses and wins which would’ve been draws. While he isn’t particularly strong or quick, his movement in the box is great. And technique wise I think he’s solid, his passing and first touch is something that gets overlooked. Stats wise he had the best goals per minute ratio in the league; scoring every 120 minutes, far lower than the likes of Quigley & Reid. Our best next player would be Roberts who averages a goal every 150 minutes, this
  15. Yeah, we kind of went down this route before with Moniz and Branston. Swerts, Amevor, Snijders and Jenner all came from the Dutch leagues - there's your sink without a trace right there. That was in a completely different and terrible period though... And I'm pretty certain none of them had stats like Rodrigues. With the new owners and new style of recruitment you'd hope we've plucked out another gem, alongside Ardley they haven't really made a bad signing. Looks like he's quite a versatile attacking player too which is always useful. Here's to hoping he can continue assisting and sc

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