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  1. If ever a game epitomises our season, it was that. First half was the tale of the of every first half when a team pressures us and pins us in, we just cannot combat it. No doubting the effort in the second half, it was better and we were positive but it just wasn’t too be. Another case of waiting for that moment of magic from an individual, a goal from out-of-nowhere to spark us into life. And then Cal. Pretty much the one-man we’ve pinned this season’s success on… It’s just not going to be for him is it? IB was quite literally cursing his luck when the camera’s zoomed in on him. I’m fear
  2. I thought this too but he hasn’t actually played for them for a month now, and he’s not injured so I’d be surprised if he played. In terms of the set-up, they play 3-5-2, so do we continue and match them up or does Ian Burchnall think we’ll have more luck with a different formation? I think I’d stick, only change would be Wootton for Sam. And maybe even have Rodrigues in instead of Griffiths. We’re good away from home and they’re unbeaten in their last 11 home games, you’d think it would be quite tight which would suit us at the moment. We'd get to bring on Roberts and Knight for the
  3. It was interesting hearing Ian Burchnall talk a little bit about Reeves in this week’s Hartlepool preview. The idea that he was charging around all over the pitch and always trying to do too much, too many times he takes too many touches and this then gets him into trouble. I agree that calming his game down a bit will help him. He’s a good player and IB clearly rates him to make him his vice-captain. He’s got a good passing range when he's focused, he played some dangerous balls over the top, I think a couple contributed to the goals. A big problem has been how too often he’s mirror
  4. Yep, never really got going here, equally didn't always get that much game time but no point keeping him around if he's not going to feature. I wonder if we'll bring in someone else? Bit of an odd scenario we've still got plenty of games but the EFL is nearly done - would appeal to someone who wants to prolong their season. Wolfe has also returned to Barnsley and I assume Richardson will be heading back to Sunderland soon. We did go a bit OTT bringing in RB's, especially as it's Enzio's new position now
  5. Big win, needed to keep that faint hope of top alive (I haven’t given up hope yet), but more importantly keeping in touch with that 2nd/3rd spot. I was worried after the first 10, we could’ve easily been 2-0 down. Our slow starts have cost us games this season and if not for Slocombe that could’ve been another one. Luckily Wrexham sort of gave up after 20. Still didn’t create a lot, we looked comfortable but their keeper didn’t really have a lot to do. Thought Chicksen did well (after a shaky start) and agree with @Super_Danny_Allsopp about Griffiths and Knight. Still confused as to
  6. Yeah I think losing Cal Roberts has been massive. He’s our best player, probably irreplaceable at this level and this season was probably built around getting the best out of him. I’m confident he’d have scored and assisted a number of times if he’d been fit all season and with that, I’m sure we’d have more points. Notts County Talk (on twitter) posted some pictures of him on the ball, he occupies 2/3 players – so just having him on the pitch frees up space for others. I know people have mentioned the strikers and the need for a proven goal scorer, I totally agree we are weaker up to
  7. That was painful to watch. Lets get that penalty decision out the way first cos it was an absolute shocker. Ellis’ arm just brushed against his back, and he goes over like an Olympic diver. Woeful decision from the ref. We still had 88 mins to get something out of the game, so I wasn’t worried… (But I should’ve been!) I know Aldershot had no intention of having the ball but was the whole idea of passing between Reeves and the defenders an attempt to put them to sleep or something? That was like watching Notts years ago under Ian McParland pass it round the back before one of the
  8. At the start of the season, I was impressed with Reeves he really looked like an upgrade on Rose. However his last good performance was the freak 10 man game, he’s been poor but then like you say what’s the competition another 30+ and a 19 y/o. People moan about the striking options but I think our central midfield is the weakest spot in the team. I'd go one step further and say we also need a younger more mobile version of Doyle. I genuinely think I’d actually rather have two of last season’s players in CM right now; Booty and Rose.
  9. Slocombe – 5 – Not too much could’ve been done with the goals, maybe Pilling with the faster reactions might have just tipped that first goal onto the post (I dunno) but yeah the kick that lead up to the 2nd was poor. D-KE – 5.5 – Probably the best from the back four today, he was coming up against players twice his weight! Was out of position for the second goal but was obviously told to play higher. Ellis – 4.5 – Looked easier to get at in a 2, getting span and then out ran by their sizeable No. 9 set the tone for him. Rawlinson – 4.5 – Not his usual self. A bit bullied at tim
  10. The worst possible start for Burchnall. And the worst possible way to lose that (apart from getting thumped like 5-0). Pfft… 3 goals against a team levels below should’ve been more than enough. We were so open at times and it felt like Hornchurch were only one good ball away from being in. The fact we’ve struggled of late passing out from the back I thought we’d mix it up a bit more, especially as Wootton looked good in the air today and there’s been very little time to rectify it on the training ground. So poor from us though, half of that Hornchurch team didn’t look fit (kindest wa
  11. I’m the same, a name I’ve never heard of but the kind of manager (well head coach now) that I’d expected the Reedtz Brothers to go for. Still think the timing was wrong, but they obviously desperately wanted him and see him as the long-term plan. (But wait until we hit a bad spell, cos we all know what happens then!). I see he’s also on twitter, get that deleted ASAP! It’s a massive call. I really hope it works.
  12. Yeah it did get me thinking, especially as Golden’s loan (a Salford player) has been extended too... I'm also hoping this is just a coincidence. His odds for the Preston job have dropped, maybe he's heading there?
  13. Genuinely shocked. I think the issues this season are deeper than just NA, this season’s squad is weaker (I know Ardley is the manager but it sounds like a team effort with the recruitment now) and Roberts missing is just a massive massive blow that no-one could've predicted, he would’ve been up there for goals and assists this season. By no means do I think Ardley was perfect and we were struggling but every team goes through a bad spell at some point! The players were still playing for him and I thought given how we came so close last year (and how we ended the season so well) he w
  14. Slocombe 6 – Didn’t have too much other than claim a couple of crosses. If I was being picky I’d say some of his kicks were a bit shanked. Rawlinson 6.5 – Slightly off game for him, but still solid. Dealt with RR pretty well, he’s physical. Just not that great on the ball this game that’s all. Ellis 7 – Come in with a point to prove, impressed again. Decent on the ball, good in the air too. Looks dependable. Lacey 6.5 – Pretty solid until the injury hope it’s nothing to serious. Enzio 7 – He was a bit wasted having to defend but he did it surprising well – usually just bei
  15. I'm kind of in this position too. It has been odd and strange but I can still do things that I enjoy at home. Don't get me wrong there are things I miss but I'm just grateful and lucky none of my friends or family have succumbed to Covid. And living further away from Notts now it's meant I've actually seen more games this season than I have for a while!

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