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  1. I know with the HMRC bill we can’t sign anyone but if the takeover does eventually get sorted some of these players may just be added to the squad. I’ve done a little digging and found out a bit about them. It would be interesting to hear if anyone has been to the pre-season friendlies and seen them in action. Trialists featured so far: Dion Kelly-Evans – 22, Full Back – A former Coventry City academy graduate who made 40 appearances for the first team over 3 seasons. Last season he regularly played in the Kettering Town Team that won promotion to the National League North. He won the Directors Player of the Year and by all accounts is looking to move back up the football pyramid. Kyel Ried – 32, Winger – Played for numerous League 1 and 2 clubs, arguably his most successful time was spent at Bradford a good few seasons ago. Last season he played for Chesterfield, where he played 27 times but was released after a pretty unsuccessful spell there. Nathan Tyson 37 – (although he still looks 27!) Striker – Remember him? He joined on loan and played 10 games during the run-in of the Shaun Derry Great Escape season. Last season he played for Wycombe in League 1, playing 19 times and only scoring once. Earlier this pre-season he trained at Northampton Town but was not offered a contract. Remie Streete – 24, Centre Back – A former Newcastle United youngster who last played a competitive game for Port Vale in 2017! Whilst he has had a good season and played 37 times Vale were relegated back into League 2, he left by mutual consent wanting play at a higher level but injuries meant he didn’t sign for anyone. Last season he was on trial with Ardley at Wimbledon and although he impressed, was not offered a contract. Chris Camwell – 20, Left Back – Another Coventry City academy player, a regular player for the under 23 side, described as having excellent technique when it comes to dead balls and crossing but failed to break into the Coventry team and left last season having made only 4 senior appearances in his time there. Do you anymore about them? And do you think any of them would be good additions to the squad?
  2. I've just had a look and I can't even find his account now. I know he did tend to get abuse when he tweeted and he got them wrong and when he tweeted about fan favourites potentially moving. My guess would be he's just deleted his account. As for the tweets regarding Notts, they probably were targets but with the takeover dragging on they've gone elsewhere.
  3. In a way the news is good, admin would've seen us start on -10 and god knows which vulture would've acquired us. However in terms of preparation for next season it’s pretty much a disaster. We still can’t make any signings, and if we are eventually able too how long will Neal Ardley have before the first game to get people in, a week, just days? Will they even be fit? The whole thing has been a mess…
  4. Nothing. And now it's 10:30pm on the 9th of July...
  5. Does this mean negotiations with SA consortium have hit a snag? Why would Alan show a new consortium round if a deal was close, it doesn't make much sense to me. And a new consortium! Say there were genuine, that means an even longer delay and I think they'd do well to purchase the club before the next HMRC date. We're already weeks behind all our rivals, we've got no training ground and all of Ardley's targets could well be at other clubs by the time we are in a position to sign them. I genuinely thought about a month ago when AH said 7-10 days it would all be done and we could move on and plan for the season. And now this news, it feels we're no closer, 70-100 days would've been more accurate.
  6. I'd absolutely have Ben Hall back, I thought he was really promising when he joined first time round. The fact L1 clubs were in for him when we got him back probably suggests he'll have better options than non-league though.
  7. Sounds like there could be official news very soon...
  8. Wow. Wasn’t expecting everyone to go, equally didn’t think we’d have so many left… 17! 1 GK 4 Defenders 8 Midfielders 4 Strikers I’m still not confident the likes of Enzio, Hemmings & Dennis will stay but if they do we’d only really need to sign defenders, a keeper and a CM assuming (and I really hope) we only want a squad of between 22-25 players.
  9. A letter for something like this does seem a weird way to do it. Maybe it’s just procedure and a slow news week at the Post. Or there’s more to the letters, possible it could relate to the take-over not being complete. Maybe no players can technically be offered new deals because no budget/funds have been set/made available for next season…
  10. I know the BBC has the radio broadcasting rights for the National League, unlike the EFL games they have online streams of all the games which are available from the BBC Sport commentaries page. I’m sure you’ll know whether or not you have access to BBC content, I’m not sure how it works for people abroad… Hopefully the club will release some information for overseas fans before the season kicks off.
  11. At first I thought about a complete gutting to the squad like most but having to rebuild an entire squad in the National League is just unrealistic. If NA thought it was hard to get his first-choice targets to come in January, whoever’s in charge has got a tough job ahead of them. I think if we start the season with something like only 5/6 contracted pros we’ll be in trouble and find it too difficult to fill the squad out with any quality so for that reason… Assuming all the loanee’s are gone, I’d keep: Fitz, purely because I don’t think we’ll be able to sign two keepers better than him. In the defence: I’d be tempted to keep either Duffy or Brisley. Both would be okay in the league below. Bird is contracted which again means only 2 CB’s in rather than 3. I’d keep Tootle and again Milsom would be okay back-up for next season. In Midfield: We're pretty much covered for CM. Did someone say Rose doesn’t want to/won’t play in the National League? I’d keep him if we can. I think Patching and Crawford both deserve a chance. Defo keep O’Brien. As for the attacking/wide players, Kellett is contracted and I’d like him to stay but I don’t think he will. Forwards: There’s no chance we’ll get players better than Dennis and Hemmings, defo keep but I can’t imagine they’ll stay. I worry our forward line will be really weak next season… Undecided: Jones is no for me at left back, but I wonder whether he’d be an option for LM next season. Hewitt under Nolan was fine, at the start of the season he was the only CM that could move and tackle. If we lose Rose I’d be tempted to keep him. Doyle, experienced yes but didn’t have the impact on the field we’d hope. And I don’t know enough about the youngsters like Dunn and Campbell so it would be unfair for me to judge. So, for me definitely to go: Duffy or Brisley, Ward, Evina, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Vaughan, Husin, Alessandra, Stead & Players I think will go: Hemmings, Dennis, Enzio, Kellett, Etete. That would leave us with 10/11 pros (not including youngsters) meaning we’d need another 11/12 signings. That’s still a whole new team. Good luck persuading quality players to join us now we’re non-league!
  12. I don’t pay much attention to rumours on twitter but this guy has been right about lots of transfers before including our signings of Dennis, Hemmings and Enzio last season. He’s posted some news about Notts. Potential incoming? I don’t know anything about Bennett, as for Oliver well his hold play was 6/10, his goal threat 1/10. I guess this is the only kind of calibre we’ll be able to attract now though… Potential outgoing? I’d hazard a guess Enzio will be on a good wage and if we can recoup some of the money we spent on him last season I’m sure the club would be willing to do a deal…
  13. I don't see what AH has to gain from lying about the takeover, he stated on the radio he expects it all to be done within the next 7-10 days. We've seen Terry Pritchard at the games, I've no reason to believe it's not legit. In terms of the new owners wanting AH to stay on, that says to me they've got NO experience in running a football club and want Alan to help! I can't see how Alan can stay on, but novices at the helm is the last thing the club needs right now...
  14. Imagine if Cambridge pull off a win and we don’t. I’ll feel physically sick. But seriously I’ve got a horrible feeling we’re going to go through all the emotions tomorrow, nothing is ever straight-forward with Notts! Over the course of 90 minutes we’ll be going down at one point, have a chance of survival the next, probably even be safe at some stage! I really hope we just go all out for the win. 3 points or nothing. Que será, será and all that...
  15. The whispers going around are about it being connected to Bidvest – A multi-billion company from South Africa, they’re huge. We were sponsored by 3663 the food company a few years back. They are part of Bidvest; Bid Corp and now called Bidfood based in the UK. So there’s a connection there. Interestingly Bidvest also own football team in South Africa; Bidvest Wits (previously know as Wits University before the takeover). I’m sceptical but those are the rumours…

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