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  1. I don’t get it. If we are allowing shirts to be sold without sponsorship, then why have we picked a design with a whacking big gap designed for a sponsor? It looks ridiculous, the black should be a continuous stripe on each side. But like you say, it will probably look much better with a sponsor on it, but then we should be marketing it as such… Just a shame cos it’s potentially a missed opportunity to bring in some cash for the season. I like the away kit, simple but nice. It reminds me of the South African rugby kit.
  2. It’s always hard to judge players over a couple of games and I only saw the Ipswich game, we played well but it was your typical professional friendly, I’d have liked to seen how the trialists got on against Alfreton/York which seemed more representative of our games to come. I think Tyson would be really useful in the NL, he’s definitely looked sharp. I think NA wants a target man as well which could mean we’re a bit striker top heavy especially as we’re in desperate need of defenders. Speaking of which I liked Kelly-Evans, I just wonder if his height (or lack off) will be where teams look to expose him. McCrory looked okay, but Burton fans think he’s too good the NL. He was a newer trialist so can only assume he was a couple of weeks behind on fitness compared to the rest of the squad. I think on past reputation alone he’d be a great signing. Those 3 stand out for me (And Jim O’Brien – technically a trialist as well, we know what he can do!) It’s a shame we haven’t had many 6ft bruiser centre backs in, I think this has to be the priority going into the start of the season…
  3. Hear, Hear! I have to say I'm relieved but shocked how the announcement came out of nowhere. I think over the coming days and weeks we'll find out more about our new owners, at first it was reported the Danish Consortium was made up from 4 people, two being the Reedtz bothers so I wonder if there's others involved. As for the Reedtz brothers themselves, they've made a living combining football and business so it'll be interesting to see how they handle the transition. To provide information for betting companies means they go really in depth into analysing football - it all sounds rather promising! In terms of scouting we've potentially just hit the jackpot, I don't know how far down the English leagues they go, maybe they'll expand into the NL for a season or two... Here's a little video about the Reedtz brothers company Football Radar. Watching football for a living, where are those offices in England based again?!?
  4. According to Leigh Curtis he's expecting an official announcement tonight. Please let it be true! I can't believe we've gone from really close, to not close, to completed in the space of a week. I expected it to pretty much drag on forever, it'll be relief for everyone once it's over. All that's left is to do is get the embargo lifted so we can finally sign some players. Our season might have just been saved!
  5. I don’t know what to say anymore… Speechless and sick of it! Not really much mention of the Danes. It keeps coming back to May & Dodd. I wonder if they were set to buy us today, but failed to get the cash. I don’t know why AH is still dealing with them, they clearly have no money, they’ve got an awful past connected to them and they seem far more interested in property development around the ground than Notts itself. From reading about them they have nothing positive to offer the club in my opinion. Also I feel so sorry for all the staff as their wait for pay goes on. In terms of the footballing side it’s looking like the season could be over before it’s even started. I think all the trialists would be mad to stick around now as it could be weeks before we’re in a position to offer them anything. It’s really annoying. Ardley has done so well to keep everything together, have a professional pre-season, get some good players in… It felt like we were so close to actually having a chance this season. Now he faces an almost impossible task with the season starting 10 days. The 30th looks ominous now, there’s no way we’ll get it adjourned again… Is admin, -10 points, no new players going into the start of the season with Smurthwaite and co scrapping it out for us the best case scenario now?
  6. We had another two feature against Walsall! Liam O’Brien – 27, Goalkeeper – A player who’s played for several clubs; Portsmouth, Barnet, Brentford, Dagenham & Redbridge and most recently yep you guessed it Coventry. However he’s pretty much spent his career as a backup goalkeeper, only really getting regular game time for Dag & Redbridge in the season they were relegated from league 2. Last season he played 8 times for Coventry; 4 League games, 4 Cup/Trophy games. Damien McCrory – 29, Left-back – Had a good spell at Dagenham and Redbridge when he was young winning promotion to L1, but they only managed a season there. He had a season back in L2 before his move to Burton Albion where he spent the last 7 years. He played regularly for Burton in League 2 and 1 before helping them win promotion to the Championship. From then on he’s been in and out the team, he made 20 appearances in L1 last season but was not offered a new contract. I’m surprised we’ve managed to get him on trial and I’m more surprised he hasn’t got a club already, Burton fans speak very highly of him. Maybe he doesn’t want to move? Burton is only about 40 mins away from Notts… Interestingly Streete and Reid weren’t in the squad at the weekend, all the other trialists were.
  7. A complete no-brainer for me, easily good enough for L2 let alone the National League. He can do it all, run, tackle, pick a pass, what's not to like? If our centre mid options were O'Brien, Rose, Doyle and Crawford. I'd be very happy with that.
  8. I know with the HMRC bill we can’t sign anyone but if the takeover does eventually get sorted some of these players may just be added to the squad. I’ve done a little digging and found out a bit about them. It would be interesting to hear if anyone has been to the pre-season friendlies and seen them in action. Trialists featured so far: Dion Kelly-Evans – 22, Full Back – A former Coventry City academy graduate who made 40 appearances for the first team over 3 seasons. Last season he regularly played in the Kettering Town Team that won promotion to the National League North. He won the Directors Player of the Year and by all accounts is looking to move back up the football pyramid. Kyel Ried – 32, Winger – Played for numerous League 1 and 2 clubs, arguably his most successful time was spent at Bradford a good few seasons ago. Last season he played for Chesterfield, where he played 27 times but was released after a pretty unsuccessful spell there. Nathan Tyson 37 – (although he still looks 27!) Striker – Remember him? He joined on loan and played 10 games during the run-in of the Shaun Derry Great Escape season. Last season he played for Wycombe in League 1, playing 19 times and only scoring once. Earlier this pre-season he trained at Northampton Town but was not offered a contract. Remie Streete – 24, Centre Back – A former Newcastle United youngster who last played a competitive game for Port Vale in 2017! Whilst he has had a good season and played 37 times Vale were relegated back into League 2, he left by mutual consent wanting play at a higher level but injuries meant he didn’t sign for anyone. Last season he was on trial with Ardley at Wimbledon and although he impressed, was not offered a contract. Chris Camwell – 20, Left Back – Another Coventry City academy player, a regular player for the under 23 side, described as having excellent technique when it comes to dead balls and crossing but failed to break into the Coventry team and left last season having made only 4 senior appearances in his time there. Do you anymore about them? And do you think any of them would be good additions to the squad?
  9. I've just had a look and I can't even find his account now. I know he did tend to get abuse when he tweeted and he got them wrong and when he tweeted about fan favourites potentially moving. My guess would be he's just deleted his account. As for the tweets regarding Notts, they probably were targets but with the takeover dragging on they've gone elsewhere.
  10. In a way the news is good, admin would've seen us start on -10 and god knows which vulture would've acquired us. However in terms of preparation for next season it’s pretty much a disaster. We still can’t make any signings, and if we are eventually able too how long will Neal Ardley have before the first game to get people in, a week, just days? Will they even be fit? The whole thing has been a mess…
  11. Nothing. And now it's 10:30pm on the 9th of July...
  12. Does this mean negotiations with SA consortium have hit a snag? Why would Alan show a new consortium round if a deal was close, it doesn't make much sense to me. And a new consortium! Say there were genuine, that means an even longer delay and I think they'd do well to purchase the club before the next HMRC date. We're already weeks behind all our rivals, we've got no training ground and all of Ardley's targets could well be at other clubs by the time we are in a position to sign them. I genuinely thought about a month ago when AH said 7-10 days it would all be done and we could move on and plan for the season. And now this news, it feels we're no closer, 70-100 days would've been more accurate.
  13. I'd absolutely have Ben Hall back, I thought he was really promising when he joined first time round. The fact L1 clubs were in for him when we got him back probably suggests he'll have better options than non-league though.
  14. Sounds like there could be official news very soon...
  15. Wow. Wasn’t expecting everyone to go, equally didn’t think we’d have so many left… 17! 1 GK 4 Defenders 8 Midfielders 4 Strikers I’m still not confident the likes of Enzio, Hemmings & Dennis will stay but if they do we’d only really need to sign defenders, a keeper and a CM assuming (and I really hope) we only want a squad of between 22-25 players.

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