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  1. We've clearly been tracking them for some time. I've not see too much of them other than the two FA Cup games Kidderminster had against Reading and West Ham. Austin scored against Reading and I seem to recall Bajrami playing in midfield against West Ham. Their fans had pretty much expected Bajrami to leave once his contract was up, general consensus was that he was far too good for that level. They were also sad to see Austin go. From the bits and pieces I've seen of him he reminds me of Alan Judge, very energetic, pretty skilful and capable of a long range screamer! There's a Notts fan on twitter called Tom (@tomhwilliams23) who's looked into these players and done a little run down with some clips of them.
  2. A few seasons ago Doncaster sold Marquis to Pompey for £1.5mil and last year sold Whiteman to Preston also for £1.5mil (*both values are from transfermarkt.co.uk). So I think Doncaster might actually have some money. I also think 500k is a lot for a player with one year left on his contract, a club can just wait for a year and get him for free. No idea whether this is true but I can see why clubs would be interested in Roberts. I don't want him to go, but more often than not it was a case of Cal playing out of position to get both him and Ruben in the team...
  3. He sounds like Alex Lacey Mark II to me, maybe even better as MK Dons fans seem to think he’s a decent L1 defender, but the caveat seems to be his injury record. Maybe he’ll get better luck when he’s with us but I’m slightly wary.
  4. I do feel for Gateshead’s fans, losing your two top strikers to the same club, their optimism about the season will have taken a big hit. Like Langstaff, Scott is clearly ready to play at this level now. Seems all very similar to when we signed Roberts so I’m confident he’ll cope with the step up.
  5. It didn’t help that when he signed he hadn’t played for a while either, getting a good pre-season was vital for him but then sadly he got injured. I feel with Langstaff and Scott we’ve got the better deal but good luck to him (just not when he plays us!).
  6. Well it’s the kind of appointment everyone was expecting. Yes his stats from Swindon aren’t great but I don’t know if that team/environment suited him. We are setup for a head coach, so it should suit him here. I’d be surprised if he does terribly due to the fact we have players that are more than good enough for this level. Can he get us promoted though? That’s the real challenge but I hope so!
  7. I’m actually quite disappointed to see Sam go, it felt like finally something was just clicking for him. He had that great month where he won the NL PotM. And then sadly he didn’t feature that much in the last leg of games but I've been impressed by his improvement and thought next season he’d feature in the team more. That’s a name from the past! Sean Canham jumped from the Southern Prem to League 2, and unfortunately it showed! As for Langstaff it seems the natural progression for him considering he finished as the top scorer in the NL North. It’ll be a big ask to get 30 goals again, but I’m looking forward to see what he can do. Apparently he’s very fast, not the same type of players as Woots so (assuming he’s off) I wonder if we’ll try and sign someone else similar to him. That would give us 4 strikers going into next season alongside Knight & Mitchell (who are also pretty quick too!)
  8. Mike Williamson seems a popular choice at the moment and you can see why just won the NL North and scored 99 goals doing it! I'd be interested to see if we've approached him or vice-versa. Plays out from the back in an attacking 4-3-3, which I think would work with the majority of our players.
  9. Very happy with that, even if the new head coach doesn't play 3-5-2 he'll slot back into right-back a treat. And given it was revealed how close him and Chicksen are, I'm quietly confident he'll sign on too now!
  10. Although Andy Woodman is/was the current favourite, I’d say it's incredibly unlikely given the statement mentions “a change in personnel does not lead to a switch in overarching philosophy.” None of the names really jumped out at me, the only manager in this league that I might be tempted to look at is Phil Parkinson (no not that one!), Altrincham have competed very well for a part-time team the last two years and been no-where near the relegation spots like the other promoted teams. If I had to make a bet, it would be that the new guy won’t be on that list… I’ll go for Ian Foster, current England U19 manager. No inside knowledge, but fits what the owners would want.
  11. Also been reported that Michael Doyle will join him. I can understand why he’s gone, a L1 club that’s well backed and even if he does get sacked, he’ll still probably be able to get a FL job. I don't begrudge him moving but I’d have preferred him to stay, just to see if he was capable of addressing our weaknesses. I think we’d have learnt a lot more next season in terms of knowing whether IB was capable of taking us up. Now I guess we’ll never know. How do you feel about the news?
  12. Well we've not hung around there, that announcement was quicker than I expected! Kind of felt due to high numbers of contracted players for next season one or two were going to move on. Sad to see them go, both good players but I can see why they’ve not been offered contracts. Some speculation that Lacey is a high earner so maybe we think we can get equal quality for less money, I think a League 2 club will come in for him. And you can never fault Dion’s effort, but with Brinds and Richardson he kind of felt like the third choice. I'd imagine we'll see him next season lining up for another NL side. This from the statement is interesting; “As our supporters would expect, preparations for 2022-23 commenced long ago. We have identified the areas we need to improve and are in a strong position to act swiftly.” Let’s see then… Also in terms of our first signing my money is on Geraldo Bajrami, if the reporting is true we tried to sign him in January and he is now out of contract at Kidderminster Harriers.
  13. From what I can find these are the players who will be out of contract next month... Wootton Chicksen Lacey Brindley Kelly-Evans Sam Brooks Not that many for once. Strong rumours that Pompey are very keen on Wootton, it’s been widely predicted that he won’t be here next season and I have to agree. Assuming he won't re-sign, I think I'd want to keep the rest. However that would mean we would already have 19 contracted players going into next season. Part of me is a bit worried about a potential play-off hang-over and there wouldn't be much room for new recruitments to freshen up the squad. Equally I think it would be daft to get rid of good players for this level, it just means that the recruitment would have to be spot on given we would only be adding a few players. What do you think? Who would you want to keep for next season?
  14. *Subscription to the Athletic needed! Anyone fancy paraphrasing it to me
  15. Gutted, yes we didn't play that well but we were still 30 seconds from winning and that hurts. They were a more cohesive unit and attacked in numbers better, that said they didn't exactly carve us open and most their shots came from outside the box (set-piece goals aside). We just looked a bit all over the place a times, big gaps between the defence, midfield and attackers. We like to have control of the game but we never got it. I thought we went into that game with the mentality of keeping it tight and we didn't want to commit too many players forward so we struggled to really get at them. Losing Cal so early meant we had use our only attacking sub way too early. Once we went 1-0 up we crying out for some fresh legs (and pace) upfront but all we had were defenders and midfielders. Grimsby had 2 forwards on their bench and they won the game for them...

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