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  1. DangerousSausage

    Christmas stock arriving at meadow lane

    No doubt the chairman has an extra special surprise in store for us all...
  2. DangerousSausage

    Latest Manager Odds!

    Bringing back the manager we only sacked a couple of months ago would be novel even for Notts. Don't rule it out. Paul Hurst would comfortably get a job in League One, I don't think he'd risk his reputation by coming to us. Appleton would be my choice off the back of his record at Oxford.
  3. DangerousSausage

    Kewell gone

    I couldn't see it succeeding but I'm still shocked it's happened so soon. I've got to admit I've never really believed in Kewell, nor did he really make any attempt to get the fans onside aside from the usual platitudes about being such a big club blah blah blah. Now we are much in the same place we were in before Kevin Nolan arrived. We're in a right mess but, like then, we do at least have a squad that is capable of better than this. We just need the right man to form a team out of them.
  4. DangerousSausage

    Fear for KingKewell

    At the risk of sounding unsympathetic, you did choose to name yourself after a Notts County manager RevolvingDoor. Sorted.
  5. DangerousSausage

    Neal Ardley

    No, they were already in the League when he arrived. He did, however, get them into League One and keep them there. In spite of this, he's come under a lot of criticism for hoofball and negative tactics. And the Wimbledon fans are a tolerant lot.
  6. DangerousSausage

    Who remembers this?

    Part of me thinks we should bring it back. We're an old-school football club, why not have an old-school scoreboard? It could be a bit of a selling point. On the other hand, they are a bit pointless now in the age of electronic scoreboards and smartphones
  7. DangerousSausage

    Slater/Stallard commentary

    I think they're good. I liked Uncle Colin but the quality of his commentary did decline in later years, as you'd expect. And he was OBSESSED about corner counts, and woe betide you if you ever left a match early! Charlie's good, he gives you a good picture of the game. And I appreciate Mark Stallard's summaries too, especially compared to John Thompson.
  8. DangerousSausage

    British Legion

    Remembrance has turned into a circus. It should be about solemn reflection, respect and - most importantly - learning history's lessons so they don't happen again. It's not about giant poppies on lamp posts. The more the 11 of November is turned into a circus, the less is actually remembered. The British Legion themselves accept sponsorship from BAE Systems. An arms dealer! BAE Systems delivers weapons to Saudi Arabia and are thus playing an active role in the blockade of Yemen, which in turn has led to widespread starvation. What exactly is being remembered there? A couple of days ago I was banned from a football stadia group for having the temerity to speak up against the bullying of someone who felt that a poppy display was OTT. The profile of the person who banned me was full of poppies, of course, but also Britain First. Fun fact: Britain First are named after a speech held by Oswald Moseley, leader of the British Union of Fascists and an ally of one Adolf Hitler. Remembrance is being actively hijacked by fascists. A dishonourable mention goes to the S*n, which has no doubt covered it front page in poppies yet enthusiastically supports every pointless military adventure going. What isn't remembered, however, is how the war ended. 100 years ago, German sailors refused to launch an offensive in the North Sea and mutinied. They sent delegations throughout the country, workers' and soldiers' councils were set up, the monarchy was toppled. An armistice was agreed in an attempt to prevent a revolution. The Allies then pressed on into Russia until 20,000 British army personnel mutinied there in early 1919. I spend a lot thinking and remembering on this day. It makes me sad and angry. The brave young men who went to fight for their country in good faith had their lives wasted by a ruling elite that didn't care about them. To honour them, we need to start remembering and stop forgetting.
  9. DangerousSausage


    Apparently a 60p admin fee will be added. Hopefully it'll at least run smoothly. I'm back in town next week and am planning to come for the Cheltenham match. Is the Medoc system still running? And if not, are there at least cash turnstiles open again? I still don't quite understand why a club that has a 75% empty stadium needs to do away with cash turnstiles but maybe I'm just a stick-in-the-mud.
  10. DangerousSausage

    Alan Hardy banned from driving

    Tired of these antics. Being busy is no justification to endanger the safety of others. He now has 17 points - three more than Notts
  11. DangerousSausage

    Harry Kewell get out of our club

    This is premature but frankly I can't see Harry Kewell turning it around right now. It's all going a bit Paul Ince. The average lifespan of a football manager is now so short that managers hardly ever get "their own team". Besides, statements like that hardly boost the morale of the squad. Oh and thanks for reminding me we've still got to play Mansfield twice! I'll make sure I'm in Germany on those dates!
  12. DangerousSausage

    Elliott Hewitt can go if he doesn't improve

    Sorry, I don't agree. Hewitt is a good player and was an important member of the team that made the play-offs last season. He hasn't suddenly become rubbish. If we just get rid of every player who goes through a bad patch we'll just have an enormous turnover of players and will never achieve anything at all. How about trying to make the best out of what we've got? Hewitt came to this club with no first team experience and played under a multitude of managers, all with their own ideas. Only Kevin Nolan had a firm idea of what role he was most suited for and he duly blossomed. This season he's been used as a right-back again, confidence has dropped and a period on the sidelines would probably do him good. But that's no reason to show the door to one of only two players we have who can give us a bit of stability in the middle.
  13. DangerousSausage

    A few jokes to make you smile

    What do you call an elephant with no purpose? An irrelephant. When Yasser Arafat died, he was buried in A Spurs shirt, Newcastle shorts and Rangers socks. He wanted to be buried in the Gazza strip.
  14. DangerousSausage

    Match Discussion: FA Cup - The Tykes (A)

    I listened until we went 2-0 down, then I switched it off. When Stallard remarked that we were basically playing seven at the back while 2-0 down I knew what was going to happen. Once again we've collapsed under pressure, once again we've been thrashed, once again it's an easy win for the opposition and once again we deserved to lose. Sick and tired of it.
  15. DangerousSausage

    How much time does Harry have left.?

    He clearly looks after himself so I'd say 40 years minimum. He won't spend much of that in our dug-out though. I can see the chairman pulling the trigger by Christmas if there haven't been any signs of progress by then.

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