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  1. DangerousSausage

    Prediction League Round 29

    Queens Park Rangers 2-0 Preston North End Stoke City 0-2 Leeds United (joker) Luton Town 3-1 Peterborough United Rochdale 1-2 Fleetwood Town Macclesfield Town 1-1 Oldham Athletic Newport County 0-0 Exeter City
  2. My fear is that we're in too much of a mess to sort out in one transfer window, but by and large I'm happy so far. I'm a bit disappointed with Hawkridge leaving due to his work ethic, but the manager clearly doesn't rate him so it makes sense to free up the funds for someone who will play. Turley is sorely limited and not what we need. Elliot "panic signing" Ward will no doubt be joining him out the door. I'm happy with O'Brien - finally someone who cares and cajoles and motivates his teammates! We need more like him. My first impression of Schofield is good too. As for the Hall-Barclay swap, it makes sense to have someone who actually plays, but our back line is very young with Bird, Barclay and Schofield in there - a bit of experience at the back would be good.
  3. DangerousSausage

    Thoughts on Ryan Schofield debut.

    He didn't have a lot to do but he looked sound and confident. He made a good save, claimed a couple of crosses without difficulty and punched one cross away well (it is unreal how many time the ball landed in the penalty area when Fitzsimons tried to punch it away). Should maybe have distributed the ball to feet a bit more as we were constantly getting beaten to the ball from the long kicks. Couldn't do anything about the goal. He looked assured. Hopefully he can notch up a few clean sheets.
  4. DangerousSausage

    That’s it...

    @menzinho Definitely, and we need a club exorcist too! Chesterfield are on for a third consecutive relegation, so maybe it's time we stopped signing their players. @Magic magpie They changed the clock to show the time since their foundation in 1887, which is dull but not as humiliating as having a stopped clock for at least a season. The story used to make me chuckle but now it feels a bit close to home somehow.
  5. DangerousSausage

    Any runners on here?

    So I finally got around to installing the same app as @Fan of Big Tone and went on my first run/walk today. I've lost quite a bit of weight over the last few years, but losing weight and getting fit are two different things. Plus some of my new work colleagues are taking part in a company run in May and I wouldn't mind having a go myself! On my first day I covered 3.6 km, about 1.5 km of which I was actually jogging. I was quite pleased with it as a start. I did feel a bit self-conscious (plus my route took me round the prison so I was concerned someone might think I was an escapee) but the nerves subside after a bit. What amazed me is that I didn't get a stitch at all. Fingers crossed I can improve from here and my knee doesn't let me down. Thanks once again for the tip!
  6. DangerousSausage

    Grant signs for Mansfield Town!

    Can this season get any worse?!?
  7. DangerousSausage

    That’s it...

    We're the oldest professional football club in the world and would remain so. Claiming to be the oldest Football League club in the world is nonsensical as the Football League is an English league. All the same I'd prefer it if we took that sign down. It's been downhill ever since we put it up, maybe it angers the football gods or something. It reminds me of Hamburger SV in Germany - the only club to boast unbroken membership of the Bundesliga since its foundation, they even had a clock showing the amount of time they'd been in the (first) Bundesliga, right down to the second. Sure enough they got relegated last season and had to stop their clock!
  8. DangerousSausage

    Notts v Cambridge up to 13,000 tickets sold

    @cheeky~k8 The last thing Notts need is more money. If our budget were a bit smaller in the summer, maybe we'd have thought a bit harder about what players we bring in.
  9. DangerousSausage

    Another player departs

    Good luck to him, hope he finds a club quickly. Was never up to the standard required though.
  10. DangerousSausage

    That’s it...

    Thanks for posting that @Martin Wilson. The days when relegated teams were usually there or thereabouts in the Conference the season after have gone. You mention York and Torquay - Bristol Rovers and Luton also had stints down there, and we'd be very glad to swap places with them now. Does that sound desperate? This season isn't over, yet I feel utterly despondent. I have felt that we were down on two occasions before being proven wrong, but they were in League One. This is a new experience for us all. Even in the one season when we needed a win to be safe from non-league on the final day we had never actually been in the relegation zone at all. Being here with a mountain to climb is something new - having a squad that looks so incapable of it is just downright frightening.
  11. DangerousSausage

    That’s it...

    Today the team showed NOTHING that indicates that they are up to the mammoth task of keeping us up. Cambridge are a desperately poor side yet we rarely threatened. Our team are lightweights who simply don't care enough. When the only outfield player who really looks like he cares is a new signing you're in trouble. If there are any players reading this, prove us wrong. We are on the verge of losing something special and you are the only people who can do anything about it. I found the second half difficult to watch, and frankly I don't think I can bear to watch the remaining matches on ifollow with the inevitable drawing ever closer.
  12. DangerousSausage

    Prediction league round 28

    Ipswich Town 0-2 Rotherham United West Bromwich Albion 2-1 Norwich City Barnsley 3-1 Bradford City (joker) Sunderland 2-2 Luton Town Bury 3-1 MK Dons Swindon Town 0-2 Lincoln City
  13. DangerousSausage

    Notts sign keeper schofield on loan till the end of the season

    At last Notts have a World Cup winner! Really glowing words from Neal Ardley, he obviously really rates him. I expect to see Schofield in the first eleven sooner rather than later.
  14. DangerousSausage

    Hawkridge departs meadow lane

    Me too, but it was always going to happen. I liked him, he worked hard for the team and off the ball, but ultimately he wasn't all that dangerous for a winger. Last season it was Hawkridge who did most of the running, but Lewis Alessandra was usually the one who came up with something unpredictable that turned a game. He's never really been in the picture this season so it makes sense to let him move on so the new manager can shape the squad a little bit. Wish all the best to him.
  15. DangerousSausage

    Can we welcome Allen Mayall to Pon

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