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  1. The supporters' trust doesn't have its own website, but does have its own page on the official site complete with the chair's email address: https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/fans/supporter-groups/ncst/ This doesn't tell us much at all though. I'm all for trusts. If the club falls into the wrong hands, it will be necessary for the fans to speak with one voice and get organised. A trust is the best way to do this. It has to genuinely represent the fans though, which means there needs to be a fair number of people participating. It's like a trade union - when a union represents a big proportion of the workforce it's a powerful voice that is impossible to ignore; if the membership is just a clique of a dozen people, it's an irrelevance.
  2. Happy belated birthday @Chris! Hope you had a great time.
  3. @TheSkipper yes it will, and that'll be the norm sadly. Only a handful of those clubs will get more than 2000 at home, Flyde only took 700 to Wembley! Plus the lack of local games. Realistically only Chesterfield will bring close to four figures, possibly Stockport if it's a big match. With that in mind, maybe it could be time to reopen some of the Sirrel Stand to home fans? Somehow the idea of going to some unusual away grounds with a big contingent of Notts fans is less depressing. And who knows, it might even be a blast - some of the best seasons I've had as a football fan have come when things looked utterly hopeless. It's the hope that drives you mad.
  4. I avoided that and Facebook and switched off the goal alerts on my phone because iFollow had a slight delay. I could easily find out about a goal before it appeared on my TV BT Sport have an "exclusive" deal, but then so did Sky and it didn't prevent the non-televised matches being broadcast on iFollow. I'll see what happens, but I don't expect the club to offer anything really - iFollow only worked because the entire League clubbed together for it, I don't think there's much of an incentive for Notts to go it alone to provide comprehensive coverage (and in any case there are bigger fish to fry). I'd be happy with a Magpie Player-esque offering with extended highlights and a radio link, otherwise the saved money will be spent on match tickets!
  5. It's much too early to say. If we follow the example set my Bristol Rovers or Orient and finally sort ourselves out then quite possibly. If we blow it yet again and find ourselves in the bottom four, on the other hand...
  6. It definitely has audio, complete with an excitable commentator check your sound. Just wanted to share some free football of a good standard as it was a live broadcast, didn't realise the whole match would stay online! It's a good service. The club helped, but really it was brought into being by a committed group of fans who started off with a radio stream and moved into video - helped by the fact that the league didn't have an exclusive TV deal. It started off pretty rudimentary, but now comes complete with action replays, interviews and ads during half time. It'll be missed!
  7. What's the point in being depressed? There's trips to seaside (Flyde, Torquay), a bit of old school (Stockport, Wrexham, Halifax) and a couple of classic Conference names for novelty value (Barrow, Woking - admittedly the novelty might have worn off by the tenth year). Get a good team together and it might even be enjoyable!
  8. I've barely seen him play, but AFC Fylde are in the play-off final. If they go up they might take him with them. In any case, he's just the kind of player we should be looking for - young with a bright future, proven in this league and with his best years ahead of him.
  9. I've just looked again @Chris. BT Sport claim to have exclusive rights, so it looks like I'm out of luck there. I did find links to a couple of live streams on YouTube, but both accounts have been deleted so it looks like they were "borderline legal". The club will have far more urgent things to do anyway, I was just hoping that something iFollow-like was in the offing. One match a week from the Banana Alliance isn't too bad and you'd imagine that Notts would feature quite prominently, but I won't be able to get the app abroad and in any case a minimum of 150 quid over 18 months to see a handful of matches seems a bit steep. @liampie I wouldn't have bothered with iFollow in the UK, but if you're abroad it's a godsend. Suppose I'm a bit spoilt now.
  10. There really needs to be a prize for ninth place
  11. If any of you still want to watch football after last week and you're at a loose end tomorrow, I have a tip for you. A few years ago some Waldhof Mannheim fans started an internet live stream showing video of every away match, which is available unrestricted and for free on YouTube. The match tomorrow (Saturday, 1pm UK time) will be the very last one as Waldhof are in a league with an actual TV deal next season. So if you're interested in something a bit different, come to this thread tomorrow at 1pm and click the link below!
  12. From next season I take it there will be no more iFollow for us overseas fans - a bit of a blow. Although right now it does seem like a relief considering what I've been watching since August! Maybe they'll work out how to do replays by the time we're back So does anyone know anything about live streams or coverage in the Bananarama National Vauxhall Conference League? BT Sport appear to have the rights, but I'd need a VPN for that and in any case it hardly replaces iFollow. BT Sport offers a half-hour long highlights show on YouTube which I can access, doesn't seem too bad. Does anyone else have any ideas how I can get my Notts fix from the comfort of my sofa in Germany?
  13. Thanks for sharing @Piethagoram, the wage comparison is mind-bending. Perhaps the NEP has suddenly realised it can be critical of AH since he'll soon be gone anyway.
  14. To put it into context, that's less than one sixth of our wage bill. Still, every little helps

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