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  1. Kick-off is TOMORROW (Tuesday) at 7pm. Here's your reminder! @GrannyPie, @CliftonMagpie, @super_ram, @4everapie, @william1984, @KB1862, @liampie, @nottsnutter, @allardyces tash, @barnet11uk, @magpiejue, @jimbob, @Alex, @TheSkipper, @Canadian, @weymouthPIE On a personal note, I'm now top of both this prediction league and the prediction league at work. People are approaching me in the street, asking what will happen in the future. Asking me to read their palms. About the lottery numbers. I'm losing touch with reality. So come on, send your predictions in and bring me down a peg or two!
  2. QPR 1-2 Rotherham United Stoke City 0-2 Norwich City Accrington Stanley 1-1 Crewe Alexandra Doncaster Rovers 1-1 Blackpool Barrow 2-1 Oldham Athletic Exeter City 3-1 Colchester United Altrincham 1-0 Bromley Wrexham 2-2 Sutton United (joker)
  3. It would be nice, but it could be some time until the infection numbers have come down enough to allow it. Remember we're only at the beginning of winter, and once lockdown is eased again they'll start rising again. Also, this will probably only apply for home fans. Otherwise, you'd have people travelling from high-risk areas to low-risk areas to watch their team, and that doesn't really make sense. Which begs the question how they're going to police it. But it's better than nothing.
  4. They were geoblocked @Chris! As if there's a clamour from football fans all over the world wanting to see Bananarama League highlights one day early. The horror. The second was a really soft one to let in. But we'll take them as they come!
  5. Thanks for the summary! But what is the point in even being in the Conference if you can't take on the Wealdstone Raider? They do sound like just the sort of team we struggle against - high pressing, physical strikers - and we really need to stand up for ourselves and start dealing with it. But they'll also be aware of the danger Roberts in particular poses and I wonder if they'll alter their game plan accordingly. If not, there's an opportunity for us. I'll be treating myself to a match pass and hope we can get another result.
  6. The show goes on on Tuesday night (24 November) - these matches all kick off at 7.00 pm, so that's the deadline for your predictions. As always, you get one joker each. Good luck! QPR v Rotherham United Stoke City v Norwich City Accrington Stanley v Crewe Alexandra Doncaster Rovers v Blackpool Barrow v Oldham Athletic Exeter City v Colchester United Altrincham v Bromley Wrexham v Sutton United
  7. What are the scores, George Doors? Barnsley 2-0 Nottingham Florist Luton Town 1-1 Blackburn Rovers Rochdale 0-1 AFC Wimbledon Burton Albion 1-3 Northampton Town Salford City 3-0 Bradford City Tranmere Rovers 5-0 Grimsby Town Boreham Wood 0-1 Altrincham Wrexham 1-0 Aldershot This round's winner is @super_ram with eight points - well done! @super_ram - 8 @GrannyPie, @meg_walshx, @liampie, @allardyces tash - 7 @DangerousSausage, @Dripsey3, @jimbob - 6 @4everapie - 5 @Dan - 4 @magpiejue, @Alex - 3 @ARLukomski - 2 @KB1862 - 1 Overall, I hold on to the
  8. I'm delighted that we got out of jail and grabbed the points after what sounded like a very poor display. It could just prove a false dawn, with us carrying on in the same vein next week and getting beaten. But sometimes, a really jammy win like that can provide a welcome injection of confidence and prove a catalyst for the kind of run that would transform our season. I really hope it's the latter. In his interview, NA was also critical of the team despite us winning. Now he needs to take the lessons from yesterday, change a couple of things around (not least our ponderous midfield) and t
  9. Tomorrow (Saturday) at 3 is kick-off! Let's be having you! @CliftonMagpie, @william1984, @KB1862, @nottsnutter, @Chris, @barnet11uk, @magpiejue, @TheSkipper, @jimbob, @Canadian, @weymouthPIE
  10. Barnsley 2-1 Nottingham Florist Luton Town 1-2 Blackburn Rovers Rochdale 1-1 AFC Wimbledon Burton Albion 1-2 Northampton Town (joker) Salford City 2-0 Bradford City Tranmere Rovers 2-1 Grimsby Town Boreham Wood 1-1 Altrincham Wrexham 2-0 Aldershot
  11. Quality through-ball, quality finish. More of the same tomorrow please!
  12. Welcome back to the greatest show in town - these matches kick off at 3pm on Saturday, 21 November, so fill in your predictions and post them by then - and don't forget your jokers. Good luck (but not too much - I fancy staying top for more than one week)! Barnsley v Nottingham Florist Luton Town v Blackburn Rovers Rochdale v AFC Wimbledon Burton Albion v Northampton Town Salford City v Bradford City Tranmere Rovers v Grimsby Town Boreham Wood v Altrincham Wrexham v Aldershot
  13. Dropping two points at the death is galling, but it sounds like we had been inviting the equaliser for a long time before that. We've got multiple players who are out of form, yet there's no-one who can step into the breach. Now we need a reaction. In mitigation, it's been impossible to build up any kind of momentum this season and, if we'd seen this one out and held on to our lead against Maidenhead, we'd be looking at 5 wins out of 7 despite some underwhelming performances.
  14. I've seen that video before, it was shared by a German football magazine on social media. Not flattering, but Mahrez will leave plenty of Premier League players on their backsides this season too.

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