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  1. DangerousSausage

    You fancy a prawn sandwich?

    I've always suspected @Chris might be moonlighting as a prawn star
  2. DangerousSausage

    Are we staying up?

    Thanks for posting this! 11 points over our last eight games would leave us on 44 points. If Yeovil continue their awful run that might just be enough, but pretty much everyone else will be out of reach. Realistically we need to win 4 of our last 8 minimum.
  3. DangerousSausage

    Are we staying up?

    How do you rate our chances of staying up? I give us a 25% chance. In favour of us staying up: - Despite the season we're having and thanks to the epic crapness of a couple of teams around us, we're still just three points (and an X-rated goal difference) off safety. We need to make up one point on Yeovil over seven games to have a chance on the final day - surely that's doable? - Our last matches are against Grimsby and Swindon, who probably won't have anything to play for. Maybe they'll be thinking of their holidays already? - We've brought in some players who are up for the fight, the defence looks tighter and Hemmings has found his shooting boots. - Two seasons ago Newport had 33 points from 38 games - the same as us - and were six points adrift, yet stayed up. In favour of relegation: - We've already had a series of six-pointers, and we have choked every time (one example being the six unanswered goals Yeovil put past us this season, that could cost us big). - We have one player who looks capable of scoring, a pretty bad position to be in when we need wins. - In 2016-17, Newport won five and lost three of their last eight games and stayed up by two points on the final day. When have we showed signs of putting that kind of run together? What do you all think? Still got hope, or have we had it?
  4. DangerousSausage

    Next season needs to be a reset year at meadow lane.

    In a way, if the turnover happens, it will automatically be a reset year. I'm hoping we get new owners with patience and vision. And whoever it is, surely their goal won't be to see us treading water in League Two (or, heaven forbid, lower). Make no mistake about it, we're in long-term decline due to decades of bad decisions. When we went down to League Two in 2004, we had spent one of the previous 34 seasons in the fourth tier. Since that time we've virtually become part of the furniture, mostly in the bottom half. Even our promotion in 2010 was thanks to dubious "investors". Despite this, our average crowds are second only to Lincoln's (since when did they have fans?). Whatever division we end up in, the new owners must not accept that it is good enough for Notts County. At the same time, though, we need to lose the mentality of throwing money at our problems and new signings. Players should be coming because they believe in the club and the manager and because they fit into his vision, not simply because we are offering the most money. We need to focus more on the character and personality of signings; Ardley does this, the previous incumbents didn't. The next one is pretty obvious - the squad needs an overhaul. You need a core of players to build around - at Notts, that would be O'Brien, Hemmings, maybe Tootle, and after that I'm struggling. Replacing such a large part of the squad is a risky business, so we shouldn't expect instant results.
  5. DangerousSausage

    Gary "I am deadly from 8 yards with an open goal" Lund

    Brilliant, thanks for sharing. I knew we won that one 1-0 but I was still convinced some of those would go in. Maybe we used up all our credit with the football gods on that day! He follows the PON Facebook page so you can ask him
  6. DangerousSausage

    Remaye Campbell needs a chance for Notts

    It's hard to say really, in situations like this you have to trust the manager's judgement. Reserve football and the first team are poles apart - how many youngsters have we had who have disappeared off the map completely? And asking a teenager to save our season... that's a tough one. It must be nerve-wracking enough to make the step up without that kind of pressure.
  7. DangerousSausage

    How will you spend your Sunday.?

    Sunday? The outlaws (in-laws) came over. So panic cleaning and eating mainly. They're not bothered about me drinking alcohol but I still moved my beer collection to a more subtle location so my flat looked a bit less like a bar And this weekend there's a medieval festival in Mannheim so I'm off to that. And of course celebrating our win / pretending that the match never happened (delete as applicable).
  8. DangerousSausage

    Anyone else on PON been to a university?

    I went to Coventry University and got a bachelor's in German and International Relations. Loved the place and the course (sadly the faculty is no more) and it certainly improved my employment prospects. In contrast to some unis it was a very down-to-earth place too. Was in work for a few years beforehand and it was going nowhere so it was a good move for me. Mine was the first generation of my family to go to uni - I come from a mining family so don't ever think it's not for you. If you have the chance and an idea of what you want to do, get yourself qualified.
  9. DangerousSausage

    Prediction League Round 38

    Preston North End 2-1 Birmingham City Wigan Athletic 2-0 Bolton Wanderers Burton Albion 2-2 Blackpool Oxford United 2-0 Bradford City (joker) Oldham Athletic 2-1 Tranmere Rovers Yeovil Town 2-0 Macclesfield Town
  10. DangerousSausage

    It's always darkest before dawn (a lesson from Germany)

    No, the clip above is from a fourth division match. You're thinking of Hamburg and their "look at us, we've never been relegated" clock Whatever happens, come the start of next season we hit the reset button and something new begins. With all the hard times we've experienced, it'll be all the sweeter when we'e eventually successful. It's all the better if we're still in League Two though, obviously... Well, it's more for encouragement for us fans really. A few years ago Waldhof were in a MUCH worse state than Notts, but now anything seems possible. If we hold on we can turn it around too.
  11. DangerousSausage

    Carlisle 1 - 3 Notts .. we get the three points

    I wasn't even going to tune in last night but I'm glad I did. I saw a hard-working, committed performance and we by far the better side. Carlisle didn't even threaten until we were 2-0 up. We need to follow it up now though, otherwise it counts for nothing.
  12. DangerousSausage

    Carlisle v Notts (Carlisle's pantomine goal)

    Luckily we won anyway. It was quite clever by the striker really. The ball is still in play, so the onus is on the keeper to make sure the coast is clear. I remember Dion Dublin doing something similar a few years back. I'm managing Carlisle on Football Manager so I'll give Hope a two-week fine to teach him a lesson
  13. DangerousSausage

    We are off the bottom of league two 😊

    Dizzy heights! If we make up two points on Yeovil going into the final game we have a chance. But if Yeovil string something together we're in (even more) trouble.
  14. DangerousSausage

    Prediction league Round 37

    Blackburn Rovers 2-0 Wigan Athletic Sheffield United 2-0 Brentford Barnsley 2-1 Sunderland (joker) Walsall 1-0 Portsmouth Macclesfield Town 1-3 Exeter City Port Vale 2-1 Yeovil Town
  15. DangerousSausage

    It's always darkest before dawn (a lesson from Germany)

    Not sure I agree with you there, our crowds have been fantastic this season, especially considering the dross on the pitch. If we stand by our club, better things will come.

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