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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for round ten. Simply enter your predictions and jokers below, these matches kick off on Saturday at 3pm. Birmingham v Preston Sheffield Wednesday v Fulham Doncaster v Peterborough Rotherham v Shrewsbury Plymouth v Cheltenham Cambridge v Swindon Torquay v Dagenham Halifax v Barnet
  2. This week's results in the real world: Bristol Rovers 1-1 Gillingham Doncaster 0-1 Blackpool Portsmouth 2-2 Burton Albion Rochdale 1-1 Lincoln Morecambe 0-1 Walsall Scunthorpe 2-2 Oldham Leyton Orient 1-2 Crewe Barnet 2-0 Aldershot This week @ARLukomski got 14 points, the best yet, which is probably a result of a pact with the devil or something. So he'll probably burn in eternal damnation, but he wins this week's prediction league, which is the main thing. Congratulations also to @super_ram and @Dan, who hit double figures. And he's top overall too! Not a bad day's work. But it's a marathon, not a sprint Thanks for taking part! For the next round we're back in the Saturday 3pm routine, so I'll try to get the fixtures online at some point tomorrow.
  3. This is music to my ears (well, eyes). Sounds like we have a functioning team again. Hope we can kick on from here.
  4. Welcome to the pleasuredome @Lobropie! The shirts are a great gesture, a nod to history and canny marketing too - as the only opportunity for Juventus fans to get hold of shirts with actual stripes on And they don't look bad either. The Italian Magpies have an email address you can write to if you want a shirt. It's possible that they'll just forward you to the club, but maybe it's worth a try.
  5. Bristol Rovers 0-2 Gillingham Doncaster 2-1 Blackpool Portsmouth 1-1 Burton Albion Rochdale 1-1 Lincoln Morecambe 0-2 Walsall Scunthorpe 0-1 Oldham Leyton Orient 3-1 Crewe Barnet 3-1 Aldershot (joker) Three hours to go for this round - @weymouthPIE, @magpiejue, @nottsnutter, @TheSkipper, @Magic magpie, @lambleypie, @Bainbridge NCFC, @BESTpie, @SIMMO, @liampie, @thommo, @Truefootballfan and @CliftonMagpie!
  6. Hello and welcome to another round of the prediction league. It's tight at the top, so every point could count... As ever, simply write down your predictions, including one joker! This round of matches kicks off on Tuesday at 7.45 pm. Only predictions submitted before kick-off will be accepted As only League One and Two are in action (plus one National League fixture), this round could easily fall under the radar, so I'm going to send the reminders out straight away... @super_ram, @ARLukomski, @weymouthPIE, @barnet11uk, @4everapie, @Dan, @magpiejue, @Chris, @nottsnutter, @TheSkipper, @Magic magpie, @lambleypie, @Bainbridge NCFC, @GrannyPie, @Canadian, @Dripsey3, @BESTpie, @SIMMO, @liampie, @thommo, @Truefootballfan and @CliftonMagpie. Newbies are also very welcome to take part! Bristol Rovers v Gillingham Doncaster v Blackpool Portsmouth v Burton Albion Rochdale v Lincoln Morecambe v Walsall Scunthorpe v Oldham Leyton Orient v Crewe Barnet v Aldershot
  7. Congratulations to @super_ram, who wins this week's round! Apologies for the lack of a reminder this week, I will try to continue sending them out. On Saturdays you can assume there'll be a prediction league; on Tuesdays I'll keep you posted. In the overall standings we have a tie, with @super_ram and @ARLukomski joining @weymouthPIE in the top spot. The next round is coming up on Tuesday - Notts aren't in action, but League One and League Two are. The thread can be found here. See you there!
  8. Cheers @Chris, I wasn't online much yesterday as we're having visitors. I'll be a bit more religious with the reminders on Tuesdays as they're a bit irregular. Nearly forgot my own! Blackburn 2-1 Millwall (joker) QPR 1-1 Luton Town Burton 1-2 Coventry Oxford 1-1 Tranmere Swindon 1-1 Macclesfield Crawley 0-2 Mansfield Dagenham & Redbridge 3-1 Hartlepool Harrogate Town 0-2 Boreham Wood
  9. I Saturday is prediction league time! As always, the deadline is kick-off on Saturday and you have one joker each. Blackburn v Millwall QPR v Luton Town Burton v Coventry Oxford v Tranmere Swindon v Macclesfield Crawley v Mansfield Dagenham & Redbridge v Hartlepool Harrogate Town v Boreham Wood
  10. Yes @Magic magpie, I think you're the first one to manage it this season. I was so shocked I checked three times
  11. This is a good thread - it's good to read constructive criticism of the manager that doesn't descend into calls for his sacking. One post that has been repeated ad nauseum on Facebook is the list of win percentages, comparing Neal Ardley with the likes of Paul Ince, who inherited a newly promoted squad with Hughes, Bishop et al. It beggars belief. As I don't see the matches live I will bow to your opinions, but a couple of things concern me. One is his habit of chopping and changing the team even after wins. It may be that NA places greater stock in training performances, but it makes it harder for a team to get into its stride. Another is something he shares with many managers, the self-defeating tactic of bringing everyone back for defensive corners. There is also the over-reliance on Doyle - if certain players seem to have a guaranteed spot while others are dropped frequently, this can quickly lead to resentment. Competition for places only works when everyone has a chance. He does appear to work in a logical way though. He understands that every match is a physical battle that has to be won ("you have to earn the right to play football," as an Irishman once said).
  12. We're clear of the bottom four and by all accounts have some hard-working players who are being moulded into a team, so it's not too bad on balance. I'd prefer to see a couple of those draws turned into wins, but it wasn't long ago that we had no players and were staring down the barrel of a 12-point deduction. I just want us to look like a good, solid team again. Once we've done that we can strengthen in the areas we're still lacking in over the summer and have a proper tilt at promotion. But I think if we're sitting where Chesterfield are a year from now it'll be time for a plan B...
  13. I haven't heard any rumours about who it is, but in the article NA says “I said before we had a couple of offers for some of the younger boys. One of them didn’t want to take it up." To me that sounds like it's one of the younger players, which would rule out Tootle and possibly Fitzsimons too. Personally I'd bet on Crawford, as he spent a lot of time on loan last season and might have preferred to fight for his place this time. He also plays in a position where we have plenty of options already.
  14. According to the transfer roundup thread he's signed for Yeovil, so he's not our problem either way! I think Fitzsimons is OK as backup for a game or two, any longer than that and we'd need to be looking for a loanee. But I think that's it for the season now.
  15. This week's winner is @nottsnutter, well done! And a special mention goes to @Magic magpie, who got THREE scores exactly right. Overall, @weymouthPIE takes over at the top of the tree, but it's tight. I still think eighth is the place to be, personally The next round is next Saturday, so keep an eye out for the fixtures on Wednesday or Thursday. Thanks for taking part and see you next time!

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