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  1. Here's your reminder for this week's predictions @CliftonMagpie, @ARLukomski, @4everapie, @william1984, @liampie, @nottsnutter, @weymouthPIE, @allardyces tash, @Canadian, @magpiejue, @KB1862, @jimbob, @meg_walshx, @TheSkipper - the deadline is 3pm on Saturday.
  2. I think it's a worthy and interesting competition, and for us a very realistic chance of reaching Wembley. But from a fan's point of view, there seems little point in reaching a cup final at Wembley when no-one can actually attend. The minute it became clear it would all be behind closed doors, my interest in it fell off a cliff - the FA might as well have divided the prize money up between the last four teams. But it's true that the prize money alone made it an important match for us. What's done is done now. I only hope Roberts is fit again soon.
  3. Cardiff City 2-1 Reading Derby County 1-2 Blackburn Rovers Fleetwood Town 2-0 AFC Wimbledon (joker) Portsmouth 2-0 Wigan Athletic Swindon Town 1-1 Burton Albion Cheltenham Town 1-1 Grimsby Town Salford City 2-2 Forest Green Rovers Southend United 0-2 Morecambe
  4. 26 September was the day on which William II was crowned king of England (in 1087) and on which Albert Einstein introduced his theory of relativity. More importantly, however, it's the day of round 3 of the PON prediction league. So, as usual, simply post your predictions to the following carefully selected fixtures no later than 3pm on Saturday, 26 September. You have one joker each. Good luck! Cardiff City v Reading Derby County v Blackburn Rovers Fleetwood Town v AFC Wimbledon Portsmouth v Wigan Athletic Swindon Town v Burton Albion Cheltenham Town
  5. Good things come to those who wait. Some of you, anyway I'm back from my jollies and the scores are finally in! We'll start with Saturday's results in the real world: Middlesbrough 1-1 AFC Bournemouth Rotherham United 0-1 Millwall Charlton Athletic 1-3 Doncaster Rovers Shrewsbury Town 1-2 Northampton Town Oxford United 0-2 Sunderland Crawley Town 1-0 Scunthorpe United Exeter City 0-2 Port Vale Newport County 2-1 Barrow Two of you did a very good job of predicting that lot - @CliftonMagpie with a stonking 15 points and @4everapie with 13. Congratulations! @Cli
  6. It's a good idea. It's not something I've really taken part in actively before (until recently I've tended to tune in to radio coverage while on the way back from a match here in Germany), but I'd be open to doing it now. I wouldn't be too worried about the FA Trophy match, I think there'll be a lot more interest once the league programme gets up and running. But the elephant in the room is Facebook. It's such a lot more immediate, and the PON group serves as a ready-made chatroom with hundreds of users without the hassle of logging in. Maybe it'd be better concentrating on that instead?
  7. I haven't seen anything official from the NL, but it wouldn't be the first time we've first heard major news in the form of rumours. Whenever something doesn't go to plan, you can count on the powers that be in the NL to act like rabbits in the headlights. Delaying the start of the season would be a pure panic reaction though. What good would it do? Contracts have to be honoured regardless, and the virus is hardly going to go away in the next month or so. A more constructive way to proceed would be to find out how the looming financial black hole can be filled, such as through a combinati
  8. The idea that the EFL will refuse to accept promoted teams because of the competitiveness of the NL is seriously pessimistic and isn't worth losing sleep over. The lack of crowds is, however. Very few football clubs at our level can go without paying spectators for two thirds of the season (at least) and survive, and the NL doesn't have a lucrative TV deal to tide things over either. A solution could be a combination of state support and live streaming of matches, with supporters paying for online "season tickets", but the current TV deal with BT Sport is exclusive and highly restrictive,
  9. I'll be a little bit late with the scores this week as I'm on holiday right now. I'll get them added up and posted on Wednesday at the latest (when I post the next batch of fixtures). Besides, it'll take me longer to add up all of @4everapie's points
  10. Just a reminder that round 2 is up and running - only predictions entered by 3pm on Saturday will be included. @Dripsey3, @weymouthPIE, @Canadian, @allardyces tash, @barnet11uk, @CliftonMagpie, @nottsnutter, @liampie, @Chris, @KB1862, @4everapie, @jimbob, @william1984, @TheSkipper, @magpiejue
  11. Middlesbrough 2-1 AFC Bournemouth Rotherham United 1-1 Millwall Charlton Athletic 2-1 Doncaster Rovers Shrewsbury Town 0-2 Northampton Town Oxford United 0-1 Sunderland (joker) Crawley Town 0-0 Scunthorpe United Exeter City 2-0 Port Vale Newport County 2-1 Barrow
  12. It's time for round two! The rules are the same - simply add in your predicted scores, nominating one joker, by 3pm on Saturday. It's only the second round, so there's still plenty of time to get involved if you missed the first one. Good luck! Middlesbrough v AFC Bournemouth Rotherham United v Millwall Charlton Athletic v Doncaster Rovers Shrewsbury Town v Northampton Town Oxford United v Sunderland Crawley Town v Scunthorpe United Exeter City v Port Vale Newport County v Barrow
  13. Very sad. That club has been run by a fantasist and a shyster for far too long - signing players left right and centre while not paying their debts and assuming that a winding-up order will be adjourned for the thirteenth(!) time just sums it up. And as for showing a screenshot of a bank statement in court ... mind-boggling incompetence, and the fans suffer as usual.
  14. I like that. Having a singer on it is cool. I think there's a reason behind the bright colour - when we have darker blue away kits, we're forever having problems with clashes when we visit teams that play in blue and white. Not such a problem with sky blue.
  15. Happy birthday @ARLukomski and enjoy the seaside!

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