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  1. DangerousSausage

    Duffy could be captain

    I'm still not convinced Duffy has the leadership qualities needed to be captain. On the other hand, it's really not the done thing to give new signings the armband. Either way, telling the media that he's thinking about it isn't KN's best move. Now, if he changes his mind and gives someone else the captaincy, it'll look like a proper slapdown for Duffy.
  2. DangerousSausage

    England v Croatia

    I'm impressed with how this England team have approached the tournament. They've really done their homework and that breeds confidence. I'm expecting a very even game this time. I'll be watching in a beer garden in Darmstadt, probably hopelessly outnumbered by Croatians. But who cares if we win?!?
  3. DangerousSausage

    Ronaldo joins our Italian friends Juventus!

    He will at least be pulling on the famous black and white stripes then. Possible loan deal in the January window? Respect to him for not clearing off to China and counting his money as others have done. But many leagues have become unhealthily dominated by one team in recent years, and Serie A is sadly one of those.
  4. DangerousSausage

    One more transfer tomorrow

    The missus says Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving Real Madrid. An option for the bench? We'd need to invest in mirrors though.
  5. DangerousSausage

    New kit

    I'm not keen on the home shirt to be honest. Too much black, especially on the back. I can see that they want something a bit different and there's nothing wrong with that, but it's not something I would buy. The away kit is very nice though. I'd prefer to get another Notts-branded T-shirt but they're just so dull...
  6. DangerousSausage

    England v Sweden

    He wasn't particularly busy but those three saves in the second half were outstanding and absolutely pivotal! LOTS of praise coming his way on German TV. Can't say how much I'm enjoying this World Cup. Watching Germany crash out at a public screening was priceless, not to mention being able to keep my flags up two weeks after my neighbours have taken theirs down England have surpassed my wildest expectations too and anything is possible...
  7. DangerousSausage

    Is football finally coming home.?

    It's definitely coming home. It was in the news and everything.
  8. DangerousSausage

    What’s the oldest County top you have.?

    My first was the 1991-2 home shirt, but when I grew out of it I got rid. Regret it now. The oldest one I still own is the away shirt from 1993-94 - the turquoise McEwans Lager shirt with purple and white splotches on it. Followed by the legendary tartan away shirt from 94-95 (like a tent now) and the home Harp Lager shirt from the same season. Some of those shirts from the 90s are absolutely enormous. You could probably fit two people in my XL top from 97-98.
  9. DangerousSausage

    Screen names on Pon

    I'm dangerous due to my habit of walking into things, so I chose DangerousPie. When MAD vanished me one day I changed the pie to sausage as I'd moved to Germany by that time. Simple. No sniggering at the back.
  10. DangerousSausage

    Marcel Cas

    Well spotted! I liked Cas - fast, powerful and seemed to love taking players on. No little skill either. In other ex-Notts players news (and because I can't be bothered to open a new thread), Balint Bajner played 13 games for Borussia Dortmund II last season (11 of which were as a substitute), scoring one goal. The party hasn't really got started for him yet.
  11. DangerousSausage

    Kane Hemmings arrives

    These are excellent signings, the sort we'd be very envious about if they were happening elsewhere. It remains to be seen what the best partnership is though, Stead could be a handy foil for either of them. We're not finished there yet either, we now have three strikers to choose from. So ideally we need one more for genuine competition for places (something we lacked at times last season).
  12. DangerousSausage

    New kits

    Looking forward to seeing the new one, but last year's shirt will be hard to beat. Got mine without a sponsor and it looks quality, even on me.
  13. DangerousSausage

    Ryan Evans

    Awful news, so young as well ... thoughts to everyone close to him.
  14. DangerousSausage

    Au revoir mes amies

    This is great, we're signing proper goalscorers and everything. Stay in France a bit longer and we'll be certs for the title
  15. DangerousSausage

    SV Waldhof have a mountain to climb

    The football is over and Waldhof lost again. Twice. On the field of play it should be over. However, I've just read that Uerdingen failed to transfer their deposit to the DFB on time. All clubs from the third division upwards need to do this to prove they can make it through the season, and the DFB are very strict on it - Waldhof were actually relegated in 2010 for transferring the money too late. There is NO wriggle room. And the DFB's statutes clearly dictate that the losing team in the play-off go up in that case. If the DFB don't want Waldhof in the same league as Kaiserslautern and Karlsruhe next season (and after Sunday I couldn't blame them) they could have a bit of a problem on their hands. And now Uerdingen's Russian benefactor Mikhail Ponomarev has issued a statement saying they did everything correctly and on time, that it's all the bank's fault, and that if the DFB finds against them they won't bother appealing and Ponomarev will leave the club. "The dog ate my homework" in other words. Which could all mean that Waldhof Mannheim could be on the brink of the most underwhelming promotion since they won promotion ever. On Monday we'll know.

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