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  1. One last reminder - these matches are tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 7.45pm, @4everapie, @barnet11uk, @nottsnutter, @Chris, @Magic magpie, @liampie, @TheSkipper, @Bainbridge NCFC, @Canadian, @lambleypie, @CliftonMagpie, @BESTpie, @SIMMO, @thommo, @Truefootballfan. And @magpiejue, your fixtures aren't quite right - it's Colchester v Swindon and Eastleigh v Aldershot.
  2. Leeds United 2-0 Millwall (joker) Brentford 1-1 Nottingham Florist Lincoln City 2-1 Portsmouth Rotherham United 1-0 Ipswich Town Bradford City 1-3 Cheltenham Town Colchester United 1-1 Swindon Town Eastleigh 0-0 Aldershot Halifax Town 2-0 Dover Athletic
  3. It feels like just a couple of minutes since I was posting the scores for the last round (mainly because it was) and here I am, with the next round of prediction league fun. You know what to do by now, just remember your jokers. Kick-off (and thus the deadline) is Tuesday at 7.45pm. Leeds United v Millwall Brentford v Nottingham Florist Lincoln City v Portsmouth Rotherham United v Ipswich Town Bradford City v Cheltenham Town Colchester United v Swindon Town Eastleigh v Aldershot Halifax Town v Dover Athletic
  4. The results: Stoke City 2-0 Swansea City Bristol Rovers 0-0 Fleetwood Town Rochdale 2-2 Gillingham Crawley Town 3-2 Grimsby Town Exeter City 0-0 Colchester United Chesterfield 1-1 AFC Fylde Hartlepool United 2-0 Stockport County Maidenhead United 2-0 Eastleigh This week's to scorer, with three correct scores, was @barnet11uk with 12 points. Congratulations! A few positions change hands overall, but @weymouthPIE keeps the place in the sun for now... The next round of matches is on Tuesday (kick-off 7.45pm), so I'll post them in a new thread in a couple of minutes. See you over there!
  5. If Booty isn't fit, it's basically two of Rose, Crawford and O'Brien. As you say, Jimbo probably isn't ready to go the ninety minutes yet, but if he can manage an hour he could be a starter. He could also give the front two a bit more service than they've been having recently. Crawford will be a little bit ring rusty as he hasn't been playing much, but the only way to solve that one is to play him more. I strongly suspect all three of them will be on the pitch at some point next week.
  6. Some of you might have heard about this in the news ... the former Chesterfield and Huddersfield player Jordan Sinnott has died at the age of just 25 after suffering a fractured skull after a night out in Retford. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-51249670 For any of you planning a night out next weekend, just remember to look after yourselves and avoid anyone who's looking for trouble. It only takes one idiot for something tragic to happen
  7. @chipmunx He was indeed at Scarborough, and that's where he joined us from. Off the top of my head I think he started his managerial career at Grantham, who currently have about five ex-Notts players in their ranks.
  8. The winter break finished in the Bundesliga last weekend. The curtain came up with Schalke (managed by David Wagner) beating a lacklustre Mönchengladbach on national TV. On Sunday, Hertha Berlin, where Jürgen Klinsmann took over a few weeks before the winter break on the back of all kinds of grandiose promises, were spanked 4-0 at home by Bayern and are now just two points clear of the relegation zone. The really big story was at Augsburg, though, where Erling Håland (who had also been in the sights of Juve and Manchester United) made his debut for Dortmund as a second-half substitute. And what a debut it was - he scored a hat trick to turn the game on its head and claim a 5-3 win for his new team (click for video). As well as power, pace and a sublime first touch, he also had the kind of confident body language that tells us that he knows full well that he's the best player on the pitch. Exactly the sort of player Man United used to sign, in other words. He followed this up last night by coming on as a sub against Cologne and scoring twice. Five goals in one hour of football - not too bad, really. In other news, Waldhof Mannheim travel to SV Meppen tomorrow (Saturday) and the match will be broadcast live on TV at 1pm UK time (you might need a VPN to see it). Waldhof are playing very attractive football this season, Meppen are on form and both teams have an eye on third spot. Meppen played in Bundeliga 2 in the nineties and were the obligatory unglamorous team - the kind of club whose name is prefixed with "the likes of" in England. I like them though - when they beat Waldhof on penalties to win promotion to the third division a couple of years ago, they showed a lot of class. Good luck to them, but not tomorrow!
  9. Saturday 3pm is kick-off and hence the deadline, so drop everything and get your predictions in! @barnet11uk, @Dripsey3, @Magic magpie, @TheSkipper, @Bainbridge NCFC, @Canadian, @lambleypie, @BESTpie, @SIMMO, @thommo, @Truefootballfan
  10. Sounds fair enough to me. It's natural and understandable that he wants game time, and with our other strikers all on or close to double figures, who would you drop to accommodate him? Also, if one of them does get injured we can recall him at any time, and if he's had match practice he'll hopefully be a bit sharper. With Cal Roberts' goalscoring record, I wonder if NA is thinking about playing him as a striker as an alternative up top?
  11. Thanks for posting @chipmunx! Is there a story behind the user name? If I'm being brutally honest, our club has been a joke ever since we sacked Neil Warnock (and that was a long time ago). After years of humiliations, each more ridiculous than the last (from fake sheiks to "little Alan"), you get the "big club attitude" knocked out of you a bit. There's no point in saying we shouldn't be playing at this level because we are, and it's our own fault. The best thing is to enjoy the experience and hope it doesn't last too long Were you at Meadow Lane in November? That was the only game I've seen live this season, so thanks for that I was impressed with your team though, they had clearly done their homework, completely shut us down and played at an unbelievably high intensity. The sportsmanship left something to be desired though...
  12. Stoke City 1-2 Swansea City (joker) Bristol Rovers 1-1 Fleetwood Town Rochdale 0-2 Gillingham Crawley Town 1-1 Grimsby Town Exeter City 1-1 Colchester United Chesterfield 2-1 AFC Fylde Hartlepool United 1-3 Stockport County Maidenhead United 0-1 Eastleigh
  13. Just looked this up ... he was at Mickleover Sports before this, and came on as a sub against Grantham during the week. Good luck to him, he clearly loves playing. Incidentally, Craig Westcarr (who scored) and Declan Dunn both started for Grantham in that game, and Francois Zoko and Remaye Campbell were on the bench.
  14. I second that! The Last Kingdom is superb and many of the characters are real people from history (albeit in some cases embellished by the author). It inspired to read the books too - I'm on the third one (The Lords of the North) now. If you start watching it now, you should be up to date in time for the fourth series, which is due in spring. I've recently watched Russian Doll too, which I enjoyed (but I'm not sure how they'll squeeze a second series out of it). Apart from that, The Detectorists is a nice comedy - it's on UK Netflix and I think on YouTube too. Also on YouTube is the excellent Medieval Lives series presented by the late Terry Jones, which I started watching this week. Click here for the link.
  15. Good evening to you all, it's time for round 29! Kick-off is Saturday 3pm as usual, and remember your jokers Stoke City v Swansea City Bristol Rovers v Fleetwood Town Rochdale v Gillingham Crawley Town v Grimsby Town Exeter City v Colchester United Chesterfield v AFC Fylde Hartlepool United v Stockport County Maidenhead United v Eastleigh

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