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  1. Results till end of season

    I'm not making a prediction as I'll just jinx us. In spite of all the moaning that's going on, it's good and exciting to be in the promotion running at this stage. It's a simple equation: if we keep winning at home, we'll make the play-offs. But we need more than that to make the top three. My rule of thumb is that 80 points will give you a fighting chance of automatic promotion. We need to win six of our last ten for that. Seven wins would make promotion a likelihood. But we need to improve our form and really finish the season on a high. I'm relaxed. In our last ten games we play the teams in 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th. If we go up, we'll have deserved it. What I want to avoid is a play-off final date with Mansfield - the twice-yearly ritual humiliation is quite enough for me thanks...
  2. Prediction League Round 36

    Millwall 0-2 Brentford Preston North End 1-2 Fulham Bury 0-1 Oldham Athletic Rotherham United 1-1 Rochdale Luton Town 2-1 Accrington Stanley Swindon Town 2-0 Cheltenham Town (joker)
  3. New PA system

    It's good that things like this are being looked after. But on the other hand, I hope we're not going to get deafened on matchdays now...
  4. Prediction League Round 35

    Aston Villa 3-1 Queens Park Rangers (joker) Derby County 2-1 Fulham Milton Keynes Dons 1-1 Bristol Rovers Shrewsbury Town 0-2 Peterborough United Cambridge United 1-3 Luton Town Coventry City 2-2 Lincoln City
  5. Game off - what to do?

    We moved house a couple of weeks ago, so there's a seemingly never-ending list of things to do. Yesterday we picked up our new budgies, today we're off to Mannheim again for a family meal. On top of that I've still got a room to paint and, once the garden has defrosted, I now have various plants and trees that I'm going to have to somehow keep alive. Something with water? So haven't had a lot of time to think about football lately...
  6. The beast from the east

    Good to see you back on here @Fan of Big Tone! My Facebook feed is inundated with people posting pics of car thermometers showing -1°. When did we become so soft? It's just hit zero here and that's the warmest it's been in a week, it's been -11 at night. Our bottle of water in the car froze solid! We haven't had any snow until this morning though, so there's that. The roads really don't look like fun.
  7. Prediction League Round 34

    Birmingham City 1-1 Barnsley Sunderland 0-2 Middlesbrough Northampton Town 1-2 Oxford United Plymouth Argyle 2-1 Bradford City Chesterfield 0-3 Swindon Town Mansfield Town 3-1 Coventry City (joker)
  8. Prediction League Round 33

    Burton Albion 2-0 Nottingham Forest Fulham 1-2 Aston Villa (joker) Shrewsbury Town 3-1 Rotherham United SOuthend United 1-1 Portsmouth Crawley Town 0-2 Lincoln City Exeter City 1-3 Mansfeld Town
  9. Prediction League Round 31

    Bolton Wanderers 1-1 Fulham Derby County 1-2 Norwich City AFC Wimbledon 2-0 Northampton Town Shrewsbury Town 1-0 Plymouth Argyle Coventry City 2-0 Accrington Stanley Stevenage 1-3 Luton Town (joker)
  10. Embarrasing

    I said after the Crewe match that we normally disappoint when a lot of people are watching and that I was pleasantly surprised we came up with the goods. Well we paid that back with interest on Tuesday night on BBC One. It was embarrassing. We've played Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City in recent years and we gave them all a game. We even took Swansea to a replay. When was the last time anyone tanked us by eight goals?
  11. Do you still think Kevin Nolan’s is the Manager we need

    To be fair @Chris he has changed things around a number of times this season and has nearly always come out smelling of roses. He finally pushed his luck too far last week. But it's all part of the learning curve.
  12. Do you enjoy cooking?

    The lack of good curry houses in Germany prompted me to learn how to cook curries a few years ago. The missus does the cooking now though and gets mardy if I get in the way - I do absolutely everything else around the household instead
  13. Tomorrow's attendance

    You're going to have a great day - anyone not attending because they won't get the usual four seats to themselves needs their bumps feeling. The whole point of having all those seats is to fill them! I'm painting the new flat today so it'll be updates for me only Like others have said, when the tickets are so cheap there's a risk that people won't bother using them on the day if the weather is bad. At Waldhof a couple of years ago tickets were "sold" for free - something like 20,000 were claimed but the weather was freezing on the day (it was the coldest I've ever been at a match in Germany) and the actual crowd was estimated as 8,500, which still looked like an overestimate to me. When you hear about companies buying hundreds of tickets each you do wonder if they've all found takers. But let's not be negative - it'll still be a good crowd, a good day and maybe a few people will discover/rediscover their passion for Notts because of it.
  14. Prediction League Round 30

    Leeds United 1-1 Cardiff City Preston North End 2-0 Hull City Northampton Town 2-0 Rochdale Plymouth Argyle 1-3 Blackburn Rovers Colchester United 2-1 Newport County (joker) Luton Town 1-2 Exeter City
  15. Do you still think Kevin Nolan’s is the Manager we need

    Yes! No he's not perfect and sometimes his inexperience shows, but the very fact that we're worried about slipping out of the top three shows what a great job he's done. He's earned our patience and trust.

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