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  1. RIP Andy Goram, that's a tragically young age to go. I remember his sole Notts appearance against Wigan, to fill in when Darren Ward was on international duty. He was a big name at the time still, so it sticks in your mind.
  2. So, the new kit is here. How do you find it? I'll offer my opinion - it's awful. The various patches on the arms are way too fussy and the multicoloured logo on the front is dreadful. And why no stripes on the back? It's surely not a problem with pinstripes. If we'd gone with white arms and a monochrome sponsor's logo, we'd have had ourselves a deal, but not this. On the plus side, however, the shorts are black, and we can all relive the glory days of consecutive 80s relegations... Oh well. If we win promotion wearing a naff shirt, I'll take that.
  3. My gut feeling is that he won't leave before the end of his contract. I doubt any League Two club can afford him (Donny's transfer income was probably used to plug losses elsewhere), and he'd be an expensive risk in League One, especially with only a year to go. But if we don't go up this time, he's gone.
  4. Good points there. They were probably resigned to losing Langstaff as he was out of contract, but selling Scott too smacks of a lack of ambition on their part. It also indicates that we must have made them a pretty tasty offer (or he had a release clause). The parallel with Roberts occurred to me too - he was also released by a higher club and ended up playing far below his level.
  5. Sounds a shrewd decision to buy both halves of an established strike partnership (remember our failure to bring in Brian Deane along with Tony Agana?). And I doubt he was cheap. Looking forward to seeing what he can do! This looks very much like we're planning to play 352 to me, but these two, Roberts and Rodders won't all fit in the starting eleven.
  6. He'll have been part of the Scott deal then. Hope he gets his career back on track at Gateshead, but it's a big shame we never saw what he can do.
  7. This appointment doesn't fill me with confidence. This is probably spectacularly harsh, but the 25 per cent win rate and the less than impressive references from Swindon fans leave a big question mark in my mind. I'm a bit worried that we've got another manager who thinks we can tiki taka our way out of the National League when it's very obvious we need to be more direct at times. Swindon have had a tough few years, while at Notts he'll inherit a team that isn't too many tweaks short of a title push. I hope Luke Williams can repay the faith the owners have invested in him and show us just why he got the job.
  8. We've had some news on the striker front today. Firstly, Eli Sam has cancelled his contract to pursue opportunities elsewhere. By the sounds of it, we won't be seeing him in England again. I can't say I really blame him given the lack of minutes here. He was really unlucky to get injured just as the goals were flowing this season though. All the best to him, shame we didn't quite get the best out of him. https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2022/june/elisha-sam-departs-010622/ And the new arrival is Macauley Langstaff from Gateshead, who scored 32 goals last season. Sounds a similar type of player to Kristian Dennis from what I've heard. It's good to see us signing promising players on their way up, just hope he's more Cal Roberts than Sean Canham. https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2022/june/macaulay-langstaff-signs-010622/
  9. Could also be a good bet @menzinho. There's one thing I am sure about - yesterday's announcement that it'll take a couple of weeks to pick the new manager has put the Luke Tisdale rumour to bed. Him leaving his job at Coventry would indicate that he's already got a job elsewhere, and we haven't picked anyone yet.
  10. I'm struggling too to be honest. John Askey has just won promotion with York and likes attacking football. Luke Tisdale has just left Coventry's under 23 team, but would we really go for a novice? Everyone seems to be expecting someone from leftfield, but I'm not so sure. Last summer we changed our recruitment strategy slightly, with more players joining with experience of the NL. Perhaps we'll be looking for the same thing in the manager, if possible.
  11. Dynamite? I'm not sure. Paul Tisdale hasn't exactly had the glittering career since leaving Exeter, and his son is a youth team coach. I don't think either is what we're looking for. Would prefer someone on the way up, but with experience at this level.
  12. We're back on the merry-go-round and need a new manager. As Michael Doyle is also rumoured to be off too FGR, we'll need a whole new management team. Who would you like to see take over? The current bookies' favourite appears to be Bromley's Andy Woodman. Not sure how I feel about that. Boreham Wood's Luke Garrard is also among the favourites. I'd have thrown Pete Wild's name in the ring, but Barrow appointed him yesterday.
  13. Understandable really. For all his fighting spirit, DKE had turned into a bit-part player, and Lacey's injury record is a bit of problem for us. He played 58 games in three seasons for us, and has only managed more than 30 in a season once in his career. And his is a position where you don't want to be chopping and changing too often. He'll resurface in the NL at the very lowest. Brindley has a contract offer but he won't necessarily accept it. He might also get offers from L2. If he stays, I could imagine him and Cameron moving out wide to make way for a more aerially commending CB pairing.
  14. It's probably been sorted for a long time. It would have been nice for him to stay loyal, but let's be realistic - if we were 13 this coming October, he'd have been sacked. Loyalty cuts both ways in football. If I were him I'd probably do the same. I'm slightly disappointed but I think this is an opportunity for us now. Like under Neal Ardley before him, we've lacked a ruthless streak under his tenure and this is our chance to find a manager who can instil it (without throwing away everything we've done over the last couple of years). Hope he enjoys his veggie burgers
  15. I was watching it on a tiny little rectangle on my old smartphone, but that looked about right to me. The Family Stand was mostly empty, and the corners of the Main Stand also had lots of empty seats. The Lane always looks fuller than it is because of the black seats.

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