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  1. This isn't new, the Football League has this ruling too (even when we were in administration). The idea is probably to make sure that there isn't a domino effect when a club goes into administration - otherwise, a club could effectively default on a transfer fee due to another club by going into administration, putting a string of other clubs into difficulties and distorting the competition. If I remember rightly, HMRC launched legal action about this ruling but were unsuccessful.
  2. The NEP are reporting that everything should be approved at the National League meeting on 17 July. I hope this is true. The National League really have done us a MASSIVE favour by accepting us despite all this. The next court date (and i the worst case scenario the date of our collapse) is three days before the start of the season. The NL ejected Darlington and Boston because they couldn't guarantee they'd complete their fixtures. They appear to have turned a blind eye to us. It may also be because potential owners were looking at financing the club by developing the land behind the Kop, which is sensible in theory. Trouble is, that's a complex business as the council and the Haydn Green estate would have to give the OK.
  3. They sell betting advice based on football statistics, so not exactly. Here's one of their companies: https://www.footballradar.com/ I don't think he can be humiliated more than he has been already. He effectively bet the company he built up on being successful at Notts and now both are facing ruin. He'll forever be remembered as the man who took Notts out of the League, he's allegedly lost his marriage and he's exposed himself (ahem) to national humiliation. It's such a catalogue of disaster that the media probably daren't stick the knife in any further. Besides, right now the focus is rightly on the future of our football club.
  4. I kind of already do, but that's for geographical reasons. I couldn't just transfer my allegiance to another club, I'd never fully feel part of it. AFC xyz is very 2001. I'd prefer Notts County AFC or DangerousSausage FC.
  5. Come to Darmstadt - the potholes here will knock your fillings out!
  6. Reid was released by Chesterfield and doesn't seem to have been rated by some of their fans. He does have some pedigree though. Personally I'd prefer players on the way up - younger prospects from smaller Conference clubs looking to make a step up. We're not currently an appealing prospect for players like that though.
  7. @Who r ya?? You Pies!! They were first reported a few weeks ago as they were spotted being shown around the ground. They may well have been on the scene long before then though. I would hope that they have enough money, the asking price would be enough to scare them off if they didn't. I also hope that they have a solid plan for the club. Most importantly of all, however, is that the money owed to HMRC is paid on or before Wednesday. That means that the takeover will have to be complete, or certain enough for the Danes to pick up the bill. I'm not sure there will be another extension.
  8. I see your point, but it's only natural to feel more motivated when Notts are doing well. It also makes matches more appealing to casual fans, and it's easier to persuade people who aren't Notts fans to come along. To answer your question, I don't think so. I was always at home games when I lived in the UK as routine is an important part of football for me. Now I only visit a few times a year, so the football sometimes loses out. I did make a special effort to see the Grimsby match though - but like I said, people are more motivated when it comes to crunch matches.
  9. As a bit of a distraction from all the financial fun going on, I hear we're playing one of those "football matches" today. We even have trailists! Has anyone gone? Team: (1st half) Fitzsimons Kelly-Evans (T) Bird Oxlade-Chamberlain Kennedy-Williams Doyle Dunn Howes Patching Reid (T) Hemmings Subs: Culverwell, Kellett, Betts, Tootle, Osborne, Rose, Crawford, Boldewijn, Campbell, Dennis About the trialists - Dion Kelly-Evans is a right-back who used to play for Coventry, playing 25 times in League One, and most recently played for Kettering. Kyel Reid is an experienced left winger who has played in all four divisions, making the most appearances (150) for Bradford. Has anyone gone? Anything to report?
  10. The truth is that we as fans have very little influence in this right now. We can put AH under pressure to leave (although he has decided to do this already), but we can't force anyone to buy the club. And that's the only way this crisis can be resolved. Alan Hardy can quite easily ignore us fans - the real pressure he's under is from HMRC, who can force the club into administration, and that'll cause millions of pounds to go up in smoke. I have no doubt that he'll do everything he can to stop that happening, if only through self-interest, but whether he succeeds is a different manner.
  11. Good topic I still have a heap of CDs but rarely use them now. I still can't bear to part with them though. A few years ago I started saving them onto my PC and ended up with a very big library (although the earlier stuff I saved doesn't sound great on a hi-fi, which was probably down to my settings). I moved onto downloading music via Google. I've had a Spotify subscription for about a year now, which I also use at work so I definitely get my money's worth out of it. I've also discovered quite a few new bands using it too.
  12. We have won promotion once in the last 21 years, and we spent much of that season worrying about the club going into liquidation. There are no fair weather Notts County fans.
  13. I'm frustrated and fed up. Even after relegation, if we had started rebuilding and the jigsaw pieces were falling into place I'd be raring to go. Winning matches is great fun, whatever the league. But even getting a new training kit seems like an insurmountable hurdle. I yearn for someone responsible to take over the club and build it up bit by bit. And no drama or meltdowns if we lose a couple. @Who r ya?? You Pies!! Sorry to hear that. I don't think it's apathy, judging by the thread we had on here many people didn't see what it could actually achieve.
  14. The truth is we just don't know. We can only hope it's true. What would be the point of lying about it? It's in AH's interests to find a buyer after all. If he doesn't, the money owed to Paragon will go up in smoke - and that'll leave Hardy, who sanctioned the loans, in a very tight spot indeed. If I were him, that would concentrate my mind far more than criticism on social media. Judging by the sudden change of outlook over the weekend, my guess is that Hardy had privately written off the South African group, but that they have resurrected their interest over the weekend and are now close to an agreement. Or otherwise it's another of the groups who were already in talks. Time is too short for a new group to have arrived on the scene. I do believe that talks have finished with the "May" group though (which party ceased the talks is another question, but ultimately moot). Why mention it otherwise? No-one was expecting any statement from him. Waiting for the club to fall into admin would be a very bad idea for any prospective owner. If the club is to be anything like self-sustaining, they need to get us to the land of TV money and sponsorship deals. A ten-point and relegation would potentially set their plan back years. I hope our prospective owners aren't that short-sighted.
  15. @Chris Can I just passionately disagree about Munto? They had no money and Peter Trembling was dishing out contracts worth 40k a week. That's not running the club well. And without Steve Cotterill (who Ray Trew brought in) we may well not have been promoted either, which would have been ridiculous with the squad we had.

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