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Notts County celebrated a hard-fought 3-1 victory over Crawley Town at Meadow Lane, with head coach Luke Williams expressing his thoughts on the intense match.
"Yeah, absolutely. Both teams approached the game with a lot of energy, a really modern style of play. The high tempo led to mistakes, but it was exciting for everyone. Love the approach from both teams, and that's why there were a lot of tired bodies at the end," Williams said.
Reflecting on the match, Williams acknowledged Crawley's early advantage. "They hit us with their first shot on target, a really good move. I was worried we might feel tired quicker, but we managed to get back on terms quickly enough to give us belief."
Aaron Nemane’s goal against Taye Ashby-Hammond from a season earlier certainly jogged Williams’ memory. "He's a very good goalkeeper with a big character. He'll get more right than wrong, but he got caught out this time. Last season's chip from Aaron Nemane was shocking for everyone, especially Aaron. But he's a very, very good goalkeeper."
When asked about what he enjoyed seeing compared to the previous game, Williams emphasised the importance of energy. "Energy and aggression were back. There was a period where we didn't make enough tackles in the middle due to fatigue, but the substitutes brought more bite. Junior's pressing was fantastic, giving everyone a lift."
Williams explained the first substitution, stating, "It was a problem with Sam Slocombe. I'm happy for Stony (Aidan Stone) to have an opportunity he's been waiting for. Disappointed for Sam, but Stone is ready to go back in."
The coach expressed satisfaction with goals from various players. "Jim O'Brien's first of the year and Junior's smart goal were brilliant. I love Junior's performance; he gave us loads of energy. It's important when all the guys celebrate together."
Commenting on the end of the game, Williams highlighted the toll on players. "David McGoldrick got a knock, and Jodi Jones had cramps. It says a lot about the high tempo of the game and the relentless pressing. Macca [Macaulay Langstaff] was incredible, at times he's playing left back and then attacking the box."
Looking ahead to the upcoming cup tie, Williams explained the absence of Tobi Adebayo-Rowling and Dan Gosling. "They need more training to improve conditioning. Being on the bench limits high-intensity training. Tobi wasn't ready after a hamstring problem, so they trained well today."
As Notts County savoured their victory, Williams recognised the challenges ahead with games coming thick and fast, emphasising the need for continued energy and performance on tough pitches.
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In a riveting showdown at Meadow Lane, Notts County emerged triumphant with a resounding 3-1 victory over Crawley Town, sending waves of jubilation through the loyal Magpies supporters. 
The match was an absolute rollercoaster! Both teams put on a show, displaying their skills, grit, and clever tactics. But as the excitement subsided, it was clear that the home team had stolen the show, pocketing a well-earned three points with a grin. It was a game to remember!
The first half set the stage for an exhilarating contest, witnessing Crawley Town seize the initiative in the 10th minute. Adam Campbell's right-footed strike from outside the box found the top left corner, momentarily putting Notts County on the back foot. 
But the home team wasn’t having any of it. They bounced back quickly, evening the score at 1-1 just 20 minutes into the game. It was game on! David McGoldrick's left-footed effort from long range, masterfully assisted by Jodi Jones, reignited the hopes of the Notts County faithful.
The opening period unfolded with both teams exhibiting tenacity and creating opportunities, keeping the spectators on the edge of their seats. The referee's whistle eventually brought an end to the first half, with the scoreline finely poised at 1-1.
The second half witnessed a notable surge in Notts County's attacking impetus. In the 61st minute, Jim O'Brien's precise header, guided by Daniel Crowley's well-placed cross, tilted the balance in favour of the home side – 2-1. The momentum continued to flow in Notts County's favour as Junior Morias sealed the victory in the 70th minute with a clinical right-footed finish from the centre of the box, expertly assisted once more by Daniel Crowley.
Despite Crawley Town's spirited efforts, Notts County's defensive resilience thwarted any aspirations of a comeback. The final whistle confirmed Notts County's dominance, securing a convincing 3-1 triumph.
The match showcased commendable performances, with goalkeeper Aidan Stone making crucial saves and defensive stalwarts like Kyle Cameron and Aden Baldwin holding firm. Daniel Crowley's pivotal role in orchestrating attacks underscored his influence on the game.
The Notts County manager, visibly pleased with his team's performance, made astute substitutions to maintain control, with Will Randall making a significant impact after entering the fray.
As Magpies fans celebrated this commanding victory, Notts County now looks ahead with optimism, buoyed by the momentum gained from this stellar display. The team's resilience and attacking prowess were on full display, providing a source of pride for the Magpies faithful as they departed the stadium with chants of victory resonating through the Nottingham night.
The match was a shining example of the team’s relentless effort and commitment, with every player stepping up and playing their part in securing the win. The atmosphere at Meadow Lane was electric, with the crowd's cheers echoing long after the final whistle. The players' camaraderie was evident, their unity translating into a formidable force on the pitch. This win didn’t just lift the team’s spirits sky-high, it also cemented their standing in the league.
Riding high on their recent victory, the Magpies are glowing with pride and are more driven than ever to keep their winning streak alive in the matches to come. Their fans are equally excited, eagerly anticipating the next game and fully confident in their team’s ability to pull off another win.
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As the floodlights bathe Meadow Lane in a warm glow later today, football enthusiasts are in for a treat as Notts County square off against Crawley Town.
This match is gearing up to be a cracking showdown, with both teams showing incredible determination and resilience in their recent outings.
Notts County, the hosts, will be keen to leverage their home ground advantage. Their recent form has been noteworthy, with a series of laudable performances to their credit. The team’s attacking prowess, spearheaded by their top scorer, has been a key driving force behind their triumphs.
Currently, ranked 6th in the league, Notts County are eager to maintain their robust form following a commanding 4-2 triumph over Bradford City. The team's offensive prowess was in full view, with David McGoldrick and Dan Crowley scoring goals, complemented by Macaulay Langstaff's double. However, they’ll need to beef up their defence, especially after letting in two goals in the second half.
Crawley Town, currently holding their own at the 11th spot in the league, are all fired up and ready to dust themselves off after their recent 1-0 slip-up against Barrow. They’re not about to let this minor setback dampen their spirits! Despite the loss, Crawley have shown their potential to be a formidable adversary, with Danilo Orsi scoring twice in their previous 3-1 victory over Accrington Stanley. In addition, Crawley Town also secured a 2-1 win against Harrogate, further demonstrating their competitive spirit.
In this match, all eyes will be on Notts County’s Macaulay Langstaff, who has already hit the back of the net 14 times this season, and Crawley Town’s Danilo Orsi, who boasts 7 goals. Both players have shown a real talent for finding the net and could turn the tide in this clash.
Notts County will be aiming to capitalise on their home advantage at Meadow Lane, a stadium that can accommodate 19,588 spectators. Based on their recent performances, the team certainly appears to have the strength to bag a victory. However, they’ll need to keep a keen eye on Crawley Town’s knack for swift counter-attacks.
Given their recent form, the team certainly has the oomph to bag a victory. However, they’ll need to be wary of Crawley Town’s aptitude for rapid counter-attacks. Their recent victory over Accrington Stanley showcased their ability to overturn a deficit and secure a win, a trait that will be beneficial in this match.
The team’s recent form suggests they’ve got the gusto to snatch a win, but they’ll need to be alert to Crawley Town’s skill in launching quick counter-attacks. Notts County's offensive prowess will be put to the test against Crawley Town's resilient defence and counter-attacking skills. As both teams vie for vital points, fans can anticipate a match filled with intensity, skill, and hopefully, a plethora of goals.
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Wendy Patrick, a dedicated supporter of Notts County, stands at the intersection of passion, philanthropy, and the pulse of Meadow Lane.
Her journey into the folds of Nottingham's historic football club commenced unexpectedly, painting a narrative that intertwines her love for the oldest professional football club.
Reflecting on her football odyssey, Wendy shares, "I started off life supporting Forest as my parents did, but when I was about 7 or 8, my dad stopped going. I fell in love with Meadow Lane, and I have never ever regretted my choice." This serendipitous shift in allegiance became the cornerstone of a lifelong love affair with Notts County.
Wendy's allegiance to the club weathered the storm of secondary school complexities, where she found herself as the sole female Pie. The vibrant football culture of the '70s and '80s, though exhilarating, brought unexpected challenges. "Supporting a football team could be more exciting than you'd bargained for," she reflects, recounting a tense match experience in Cardiff with a Forest-supporting boyfriend, marked by hostility from rival fans.
As life unfolded with the responsibilities of motherhood, Wendy's connection to Notts County endured, albeit with occasional breaks. "Having kids made my attendance more sporadic until about the last ten years when I bought a season ticket," she shares. Today, her love for the club spans generations, with her grandchildren now accompanying her to the terraces, creating a familial tradition rooted in the passion for Notts County.
Her journey into charity work, influenced by the dynamics of social media, has already yielded tangible results. "So far, I've raised £300 and have about 90 badges left," she chuckles. "But I need more publicity to shift the remainder." Wendy's accidental foray into fundraising showcases the power of a community united by football, transcending the boundaries of the pitch to make a positive impact.
Navigating the dual passions of Notts County and the BHF, Wendy acknowledges a somewhat tenuous connection with the latter. "I'm not really involved with the BHF," she clarifies, "although when my granddaughter was a mascot at the Stoke game, they were there, and might well be Notts's charity partner this year." Despite the loose connection, Wendy remains committed to contributing to the BHF's cause, driven by the belief that it is indeed a worthy endeavour.

Notts County, with its illustrious history as the oldest professional football club globally, holds a special place in Wendy's heart. "Our history is something to be proud of, especially as we so nearly lost it all four years ago," she reflects. Yet, Wendy is equally animated about the future, attributing the recent progress of the club to the efforts of the Reedtz brothers and Luke Williams. "No one's having to keep quiet about being a County fan any more because it's cool to be a Pie!" she exclaims, capturing the vibrant resurgence of pride in the club's identity.
In discussing Notts County's impact on the community, Wendy modestly claims not to be an authority. However, her experiences with the generosity of Notts fans resonate loudly. "Notts fans are incredibly generous," she attests, recalling bucket collections for the Prostate Cancer charity and fundraising for defibrillators. The stark contrast between the warmth experienced at Meadow Lane and the less welcoming atmosphere at the City Ground underlines the unique spirit that Notts County brings to its community.
Wendy's story, a tapestry woven with threads of football fervour, community spirit, and charitable commitment, stands as a testament to the enduring power of sports to unite and inspire. In her unexpected foray into the realm of charity, she embodies the unyielding spirit of a football enthusiast.
Her passion isn’t just sparked by the thrill of the game. It’s also kindled by a sincere wish to send waves of positivity across the world. Wendy Patrick, a name synonymous with Notts County, embodies the essence of a fan whose love for the club extends far beyond the pitch, leaving an indelible mark on the intersection of football, community, and compassion.
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Mark Stallard believes Notts County has 'Lack of Inspiration' amongst other issues away from home. Read up on this story on the Pride of Nottingham.
As the dust settled on the pitch, the stark reality of Notts County’s performance began to sink in. Once a formidable force, the team seemed to have lost its spark. The match had kicked off amidst great anticipation, but swiftly spiralled into a series of squandered chances and defensive lapses.
The echo of the final whistle served as a stark reminder of the tough road ahead. Following the Magpies’ disheartening 4-2 loss to AFC Wimbledon, the air was thick with disappointment. In his quest for understanding, BBC Radio Nottingham’s David Jackson turned to Mark Stallard, the club’s correspondent, seeking his expert analysis on the game’s events.
"Mark Stallard, did the second half improve any on the first?" Jackson queried, eager to dissect the match's unfolding.
"Well, it certainly did. I mean, it would have been hard for it, if not impossible for it not to. Notts were so poor in the first half. It was incredible – probably as poor 45 minutes as we've seen under Luke Williams' control for Notts," Stallard responded, his disappointment palpable.
"They were passive. They didn't look like they posed a threat, which was hard to believe. We've become accustomed to knowing that we're going to cause problems. In the second half, they did. They scored two goals. Alex Bass made an unbelievable save at 2-2 to get fingertips to a Macaulay Langstaff effort that prevented Notts from taking the lead. But then the same old problems, I'm afraid – weaknesses in defence, conceding goals – and that was the difference in the game."
As the conversation delved deeper, Jackson pressed on, acknowledging the previous week's 4-2 victory and questioning the surprising downturn in performance.
"After the sort of disappointment of the way that finished last week, that's a surprise that they've come out so poorly today, isn't it?"
"Yeah, absolutely. I thought that might have been the case. You think they're going to come out of the traps today in the first because of how poor they were in the second half last week," Stallard responded, frustration evident.
"But there wasn't. Sometimes you get games where players lack a bit of inspiration, and certainly, in the attacking sense of their play, you're looking for somebody to produce a little bit of brilliance, a little bit of magic."
Stallard went on to lament the lack of inspiration and creativity in Notts' play during the first half. The absence of a spark or a player capable of producing a moment of brilliance became glaring, allowing Wimbledon to dominate, especially in the opening 45 minutes.
In the end, Stallard's analysis painted a stark picture of Notts County's performance – a team lacking in inspiration, struggling defensively, and unable to match the energy and threat posed by Wimbledon. As the disappointment lingered, the need for improvement loomed large for Notts County, a team grappling with the challenges of finding their form on the pitch.
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The forthcoming game on Tuesday is of paramount importance. However, Luke Williams has voiced concerns over the team’s recent performance, particularly the lacklustre display in the last 45 minutes of their previous match against AFC Wimbledon. 
The team, which Williams firmly believes has the potential to stand toe-to-toe with any adversary, seemed to lack the necessary urgency. This was a source of frustration for the coach, especially given the team’s struggle against a side that was on a completely different level.
As Notts County continues its journey through the season, the challenge lies in living up to the intensity and commitment that their coach demands. As key players bounce back from injuries and pivotal matches are on the horizon, the team finds itself with a golden chance to shift the momentum. However, as Williams has made abundantly clear, anything short of their absolute best is simply not acceptable to the Magpies faithful.
Luke Williams, the head coach of Notts County, expressed his delight at the return of defender Adam Chicksen to the team. Chicksen had been sidelined since mid-September, and his return is a significant boost for a squad that Williams admits is currently "light."
"We need more guys available," Williams stated, "Adam Chicksen is great. He brings so much intensity to the team." The coach also hinted at the possibility of Chicksen playing in different positions, adding, "I'm really pleased he got some minutes."
Williams also addressed the importance of the upcoming game on Tuesday. "They're all important," he said, emphasising the significance of every match. Yet, he voiced his discontent over the team’s showing in the final 45 minutes of their last match.
"I find it so difficult to accept," Williams confessed. "We played like it wasn't important." He was left puzzled, questioning how his squad, a group he’s certain has the mettle to be top-tier and square off against any competitor, could lack such spark in their performance.
The coach was particularly frustrated with the team's performance against a side that was "completely a different level" to them. "I understand finding it difficult to get to grips with the game," he said, "but we can be very good. So I don't accept that we played like it didn't mean a lot to us. That's not fair."
Williams' comments highlight the challenges facing Notts County as they navigate their season. With key players bouncing back from injuries and crucial matches just around the corner, the team is on the spot to show the fire and dedication their coach is calling for. As Williams made clear, anything less is simply not acceptable.
Read Notts County’s head coach, Luke Williams’ thoughts on the defeat to AFC Wimbledon. He reflects on how there are lessons to be learnt and transparency.
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In the aftermath of a disappointing defeat, Notts County’s head coach, Luke Williams, did not shy away from expressing his dissatisfaction. 
The match against AFC Wimbledon proved to be a hard battle, with Notts County unfortunately facing a 4-2 defeat. The match saw Notts County lacking the spark, something Williams didn’t hesitate to point out during his post-match natter.
His straightforward comments sketched a scene of a team grappling to steady themselves, with instances of apprehension and a noticeable lack of command on the field.
Williams expressed his frustration after his team's 4-2 defeat against AFC Wimbledon at their away fixture. Williams didn’t hold back in the post-match interview, speaking his mind with frankness and critique.
When asked about the team’s performance, Williams didn’t hesitate to recognise the lucky break they had at half-time. "No, we're lucky to have even been level at any point in the game other than kick-off. We should have been six nil down at half-time because we played with no intensity. We play like we're terrified to be on the pitch," Williams remarked, highlighting the lack of composure and control in the first half.
Williams praised Wimbledon's performance, citing their fantastic energy and the stark contrast to his team's lacklustre display. He acknowledged the opposing team's superiority, stating, "The opposite to us, I thought the energy from their team was really great to see, was brilliant."
The second half saw a brief resurgence from Notts County, but Williams noted the team played out of control, making desperate attempts to catch up. This lack of composure ultimately led to a penalty and a further mistake, allowing Wimbledon to secure their fourth goal. Williams, with a touch of regret, voiced his feelings about the time that had slipped away, saying, "We lost 45 minutes that we will never get back."
When asked about the half-time atmosphere in the dressing room, Williams described it as calm, emphasising that shouting was unnecessary. He reiterated his straightforward message to the players, pointing out their lack of intensity, fearfulness, and the stark contrast to the opposition.
Addressing a tactical decision that caught attention – starting Kyle Cameron on the back of a 3-2 formation – Williams explained his choice. He aimed for Cameron's ability to confidently hit the ball with his left foot and play wide, considering Wimbledon's compact defensive strategy.
Williams concluded the interview addressing criticism and the importance of explaining decisions to the fans. "I'm just happy that we scored. I don't care. It's just one Notts County trying to win," he said in response to a question about Aaron Nemane's goal.
Despite the defeat, Williams found a positive note in Aaron's performance, celebrating his first EFL goal and expressing confidence in more goals to come. The frustration was evident, but Williams remained transparent in his assessment, acknowledging the responsibility he holds in managing the club for its loyal supporters.
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Born on May 27, 1981 in Birmingham, England, Benjamin James Davies, a Welsh football coach and former professional player, played as a right back and midfielder between 2000 and 2021. 
Davies began his career with the youth system at Stoke City aged 15 before joining Walsall's youth setup in 1999.
He had spells with Kidderminster Harriers and Chester City, where he won a Football Conference championship medal in 2004. 
During his time at Chester, he was made club captain. 
Davies joined Shrewsbury Town two days before turning 25, where he played an instrumental role in the team. 
However, an injury in the play-off semi-final against MK Dons meant that he missed the 2007 Football League Two play-off final. 
He recovered faster than expected from his Achilles tendon injury, returning for the first team in late November. 
Following Stewart Drummond's departure in the January 2008 transfer window, Davies was installed as Shrewsbury's club captain.
Davies underwent a double hernia operation in November 2008, which kept him out for a month. 
Having missed the 2007 final, Davies played in the 2009 League Two play-off final, which Shrewsbury lost.
One of several key players out of contract at the end of the season, Shrewsbury offered Davies a contract extension. 
However, Notts County offered him a deal which he felt gave him a greater chance at achieving his ambition to play at a higher level. 
As a result, Davies left Shrewsbury to join County.
Davies had a successful first season at the then League Two club during their 2009–10 campaign, playing an integral part in them winning the league.
He became the highest-scoring midfielder in a single season in County's history as he scored 16 goals, alongside 20 assists.
Davies won several awards, including Supporters player of the year, club player of the year, and goal of the season, as well as being named in the PFA Team of the year.
Davies' form was such that in August 2010, he was subject to overtures from Championship club Derby County. 
Derby boss Nigel Clough left a 2–1 defeat at Coventry City 5 minutes early to watch the player. 
Davies remained at County, however, and in his first season at League One level hit 5 goals in 22 games, including two strikes in a 3–2 victory at Peterborough United, as well as numerous assists.
The form saw Derby retain their interest in the January 2011 transfer window, lodging several bids which were rejected. 
Davies' desire to play Championship football saw him hand in a transfer request, despite proclaiming "I absolutely love it here, I'm the happiest I have ever been in my career." 
Finally, a bid from Derby in the region of £350k was accepted by County, and the player completed a move on 20 January 2011, signing a 2+1⁄2-year deal to run until July 2013.
Davies made his full Derby County debut on 22 January 2011 in a 1–0 home defeat to fierce rivals Nottingham Forest. 
Joining the club in a run of form which had seen just one win from their previous nine fixtures, Davies had to wait until his seventh appearance before tasting a victory at his new club; a 1–0 victory at relegation rivals Sheffield United.
As the club itself struggled, so did Davies with the step-up, and after starting in a 3–1 home defeat to Doncaster Rovers, Davies was dropped to the bench. 
Davies later admitted that he deserved to be dropped; "I'm not one to hide, and my performances hadn't been good enough. I wasn't playing well, and I was probably lucky to be playing as many games as I did."

Despite this setback, Davies continued to work hard and eventually won back his place in the starting eleven. 
Over the next few seasons, he established himself as a key player for Derby County, making over 75 appearances in all competitions and becoming a firm fan favourite.
He was also named as the club's player of the year for the 2012-13 season, in recognition of his consistent performances.
In April 2013, Davies signed a new contract with Derby, keeping him at the club until the end of the 2013-14 season. 
During his final campaign, Davies found himself being restricted to League Cup appearances, where he made two as a substitute in the opening stages of the season.
After the sacking of Nigel Clough, having spent more than four years at Derby County, Davies left the club on loan in February to link back up with Nigel Clough, as he joined fellow Championship side Sheffield United until the end of the season. 
He went on to make 32 appearances for Sheffield United over the next two seasons, however, by the end of the 2014/15 season he was released after his contract expired.
Davies signed a one-year deal with Portsmouth on August 6, 2015, after a successful pre-season trial. 
He scored his first goal for Portsmouth in a 6-0 win over York City on November 24, 2015, and went on to have a consistent season, leading to Davies being awarded six different player-of-the-season trophies from supporter groups.
Although he finished runner-up to Michael Doyle for The News/Sports Mail Player of the Season award, Davies' performances were crucial to the team's success. 
However, Davies left Portsmouth at the end of the 2015-16 season as both parties failed to agree terms. Davies was keen for a two-year contract and an increase in salary.
Following his departure from Portsmouth, Davies signed a one-year contract with newly promoted League Two club Grimsby Town on a free transfer on June 29, 2016.
He made an impressive start by scoring on his debut against Morecambe F.C. Grimsby won 2-0 on August 6, 2016 with a free-kick.
Unfortunately, Davies picked up a calf injury on October 8, 2016, in a 0-0 draw at Exeter City, which led to a two-month spell on the sidelines.
After making 25 league appearances and scoring one goal during the 2016-17 season, Davies agreed to a new one-year contract with Grimsby. 
Despite turning down offers from other clubs down south, Davies was released by Grimsby at the end of the 2017-18 season.
Davies then signed for Boston United on August 24, 2018 and spent the season with the National League North club, before making his final career move to Cleethorpes Town on July 20, 2019. 
He went on to announce his retirement from professional football in May 2020 at the age of 38.
Since retiring, Davies has become a coach, joining the coaching staff at Grimsby Town on November 18, 2019, where he assisted Anthony Limbrick and Darren Moore.
Davies had already worked as an academy coach, whilst playing for Cleethorpes Town. 
He would make a switch back to Grimsby as the First Team coach and U23's manager under Ian Holloway.
When Ian Holloway resigned from his position on December 23, 2020, Davies was assigned as the temporary manager of the Mariners. 
In his first match as a manager, Grimsby suffered a 3-1 defeat against Morecambe on December 23, 2020. 
He then led the team to a 0-0 draw against Oldham Athletic on December 29, 2020, in his second and final game as a caretaker manager. 
The day after the match, Grimsby appointed Paul Hurst as the new first-team manager, and Davies returned to his previous coaching role.
Despite his subsequent move to Derby County, Davies will always be held in high regard by Notts County fans, who appreciated his passion, his dedication, and his ability to deliver when it mattered most. 
His success at Meadow Lane was a testament to his talent and his hard work, and he will always be remembered as one of the club's greatest ever players.
Ben Davies is a true footballing legend, whose contributions to the game have been significant and lasting. 
Whether as a player or a coach, he has always shown himself to be a consummate professional, and a true inspiration to all those around him. 
We wish him all the best in his future endeavours, and look forward to seeing what he achieves next.
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In a heart-to-heart chat before the match, Notts County’s dynamic midfielder, John Bostock, opened up about his feelings on making a comeback to the field after a month’s hiatus. He also shed light on the team’s aspirations for the season ahead.
Bostock couldn’t hide his joy at returning to the field, saying, "It's always nice when I got injured against Mansfield. It was a blow; I was really disappointed, but the staff have been brilliant." He acknowledged the support of the rehabilitation team and physios, emphasising the importance of returning to the field at the right time. 
Reflecting on the recent victory, he added, "Really happy to come back and play at home and to win as well. Top first half, such a great feeling."
When asked about a potential disagreement with teammate Macaulay Langstaff for a goal, Bostock humorously revealed, "Many arguments. My wife was fuming. She said, 'Yeah, but you did all the work.' I said it doesn't work like that. If it touches him last, you know it's his goal. But that's his instinct, and he wasn't sorry about it at all."
The chat then naturally veered towards the intricacies of the team’s performance. Bostock acknowledged that the post-match discussions focused on improving the second half rather than solely enjoying the initial 45 minutes. He said, "It shows ambition, desire, and a passion to want to improve. Football is a game of two halves, and we have to be able to consistently perform."
The seasoned midfielder, who has donned jerseys for numerous clubs in his career, delved into what sets the Notts County experience apart for him. Bostock, with a spark in his eyes, spoke about the newfound clarity and joy that the club has infused into his career, saying, "Coming to this club has brought so much clarity and joy. The leadership, the players, the vision, the way we play, the fans, the stadium, the history of the club – when you put all these things together, it's a wonderful place to be."
Addressing the instant camaraderie within the squad, Bostock credited the collective effort of both players and staff. He highlighted the attention to detail and personalised sessions, emphasising the club's unique approach.
As the chat was winding down, Bostock took a moment to muse over his place within the team, sharing, "It is nice to have the role I have, and I take it as a huge honour to be able to impact and play a role on the pitch but off it also." He emphasised the importance of leadership as a form of service and expressed his joy in helping younger players on their journey.
John Bostock's insights provide a glimpse into the positive atmosphere at Notts County, where teamwork, ambition, and a unique approach to leadership are driving the club forward.
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As Notts County gears up to face AFC Wimbledon away from home tomorrow, the anticipation among the Magpies' faithful is palpable. This match is turning into a right thriller, isn’t it? Both teams are absolutely itching for the win!
Under the astute guidance of their manager, Notts County has been in fine form this season. Their attacking prowess, coupled with a solid defence, has seen them ascend the league table. The team's key players have risen to the occasion when it mattered the most, contributing crucial goals and assists. The Magpies will be hoping for more of the same against AFC Wimbledon.
AFC Wimbledon’s season has been a bit of a rollercoaster. They’ve shown flashes of brilliance, but their lack of consistency has been a stumbling block. With the home crowd behind them, they’ll be looking to put on a show. However, Notts County will be no pushovers.
The last time these two locked horns, it was AFC Wimbledon who had the last laugh. Don's played exceptionally well in every area, outclassing Notts County. The fans will be hoping for better in tomorrow's performance.
But in football, nothing is guaranteed. Notts County will need to bring their A-game if they fancy bagging a win today. They’ll need to keep a tight leash on AFC Wimbledon’s star players, who can flip the script in an instant.
The Magpies’ backline will need to be sharp as tacks to hold off the Dons’ onslaught. At the other end of the pitch, Notts County's forwards will need to be clinical in front of goal. The tussle in the middle of the pitch is going to be key, isn’t it? Both sides have some real talent in midfield.
In terms of team news, Notts County will be without Jodi Jones due to suspension. Despite this hiccup, the team’s fighting fit, giving the gaffer a full deck to play with, both for the first whistle and for any game-changers off the bench.
We’re all set for a cracker of a match, aren’t we? The fans will be hoping for an entertaining match, filled with goals and moments of brilliance. As the Magpies gear up to face AFC Wimbledon, the roar from the fans is deafening: Let’s turn this into a game for the history books!
Remember, the match kicks off at 3pm tomorrow. Get set to rally behind the Magpies as they’re eyeing another crucial win. Here's to a great game of football!
As we eagerly anticipate this thrilling face-off, let’s remember the crucial role of the fans’ cheers. Their support can truly lift the spirits of the players. Your cheers and encouragement can make a world of difference. So, let’s rally behind our squad and show them that we’re all in. So, let’s back our team, show them we’re with them every step of the way. After all, football isn’t just about the lads on the pitch, it’s about us, the fans, roaring them on. Let's make this a match to remember! Come on you 'Pies!
Read up on Dan Crowley's love for Notts County, and why he believes he's playing the best football of his career at Meadow Lane. Don't forget to share your thoughts on the story!
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As the anticipation builds for the upcoming match between Notts County and AFC Wimbledon, head coach Luke Williams has shared his thoughts on the challenges and expectations that his team faces. The air is thick with tension as the teams prepare to face off, and Williams' insights provide a glimpse into the mindset within the Notts County camp.
When asked about the threats posed by Wimbledon, Williams didn't shy away from acknowledging the historical prowess of the opposing team. He stated, "I think the biggest threat is that they know what they're doing. They have a clear way that all the players bought into because they have a manager with charisma who knows what he wants." His words paint a picture of a team that is united and driven, a formidable force on the pitch.
Williams really brought to life Wimbledon’s style of play. It’s not just about the game, it’s about the steadfast faith the players have in their manager. This unity is what makes their style of play so cohesive and formidable. This, he emphasised, is something Notts County will need to match. The intensity of the game is not lost on Williams, who recognises that Wimbledon is unlikely to change their approach. He stressed the importance of Notts County delivering a strong performance to demonstrate their own capabilities.
The issue of maintaining intensity throughout the entire 90 minutes is a significant one, and Williams was quick to emphasise its importance against a formidable opponent like Wimbledon. "If we want to come away with anything from the game, we're gonna have to maintain as high a level of performance as we can for the entire game. That's it." His words echo the challenge of sustaining a high level of play and hint at the team's preparation for the demanding encounter.
In response to the question about the unity between fans and the team, Williams highlighted the expectations of the supporters. He mentioned, "Fans expect us to perform, meaning excitement, goalmouth action, and players being prepared to run hard and be brave." 
While he expressed uncertainty about the fans' specific expectations regarding the season's finish, Williams emphasised the importance of delivering the level of performance the supporters anticipate. He acknowledged the team's proximity to meeting those expectations and emphasised the need to consistently deliver their best performances for longer durations to improve their league position.
As Notts County gears up for the challenging match against AFC Wimbledon, the words of Williams serve as a reminder of the threats posed by their opponent and the necessity of maintaining a high level of performance. 
You can almost taste the anticipation. Fans and players are buzzing, all waiting for what’s shaping up to be a nail-biter of a game. Williams’s words give us a peek into the team’s mindset - they’re aware, ready, and eager to meet the fans’ expectations and bring home a win. The stage is set, the spotlight is on Notts County.
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The recent performances of Dan Crowley, the midfielder for Notts County, have been truly extraordinary. His journey, marked by both personal triumphs and team challenges, offers a fascinating insight into the world of football at Meadow Lane.
Crowley, a key figure in the squad, has been instrumental in shaping the team’s trajectory this season. His dazzling performances on the pitch, especially his uncanny ability to score goals, have really won over the hearts of the home fans and supporters.
Yet, it’s not just his individual brilliance that stands out. Crowley’s observations really bring the team to life. It’s clear that this team is more than just a group of individuals - they’re a tight-knit family who are stronger together. As Notts County navigates the highs and lows of the season, Crowley’s passion and commitment remain a constant, inspiring his teammates and delighting the fans.
In a recent nterview with Notts County midfielder Dan Crowley, the discussion centered around his stellar performance and the team's recent challenges. 
Crowley, a key player, shared the highs and lows, giving us a peek into the team’s dynamics. It’s like he’s taken us on a journey through the ups and downs, the victories and defeats, and the bonds formed along the way.
"Yeah, I love playing here. It's the best time I've had playing football, playing at Notts, you know," Crowley remarked when asked about his remarkable goal-scoring record at home. With nine goals, eight of them at Meadow Lane, he acknowledged the unique connection he feels with the crowd, attributing his success to the supportive atmosphere.
The conversation delved into a recent standout goal, with Crowley offering a play-by-play account: "Yeah, good bit of play by Maca [Macaulay Langstaff].  I saw the top left-hand corner kind of open up nicely and just put it in." This narrative not only showcased his individual skill but also underscored the team's coordinated effort on the field.
The midfielder also expressed his joy at the return of key players like John Bostock and Richard Brindley, stating, "Yeah, it's brilliant. They're both massive players for us, and, you know, they're such good lads on and off the pitch. It's really big for us to have them back playing, and you know, hopefully, we can get some more."
Acknowledging the challenges faced by the squad, Crowley commented on the recent injuries, saying, "Obviously disappointed with Matty and a few other injuries, but you know, there's nothing we can do. We just have to keep going and get them back as soon as we can." This realistic perspective showcased the team's determination to overcome obstacles.
Reflecting on the team's recent performances, Crowley evaluated last week's game, stating, "Yeah, I think last week's performance was actually a good one. I feel like we were very lucky to come away with a defeat. Like, definitely, we shouldn't have lost that game." 
He candidly addressed the challenges, including refereeing decisions, adding, "The referee, you know. You know what happened to him. That didn't help us, but there's nothing we can do about that. Yeah, we shouldn't have lost last week's game. Obviously two losses and it's good to put it right today."
As Notts County continues their journey through the season, Dan Crowley's passion for the game and commitment to the team shine through, leaving fans eager to witness more moments of brilliance on the pitch.
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In a recent Fans' Forum event, Notts County's top brass opened up about the heart and soul of the club – its fans. Led by Chief Executive Joe Palmer and Head Coach Luke Williams, the discussion delved into the strategies, challenges, and the unfiltered pulse of the passionate fanbase.
The Game-Changing Surge in Fan Support
Joe Palmer kicked off the forum by tipping his hat to the devoted fans, acknowledging the remarkable swell in attendance over recent seasons. For Notts County, it's not just about numbers on the attendance sheet; it's a palpable surge that has become a linchpin in the team's success and a driving force behind the infectious team spirit.
Recruiting and Squad Depth Issues
Luke Williams stepped into the limelight, throwing light on the intricacies of the club's recruitment strategy. The conversation wasn't just about signing players; it was a narrative of adaptability. How do you integrate new blood into the Notts County family, and what happens when unforeseen hurdles, like player injuries, come your way? Williams painted a picture of a carefully orchestrated dance of strategies and contingencies.
Stadiums are not just about seats
As the conversation moved to the home turf, stadium enhancements took centre stage. Forget the mere expansion of seats; Notts County is looking at the whole experience. From dealing with obscured views to introducing cutting-edge technology like LED boards and, hold your breath, potential astroturfing – the team is leaving no stone unturned. To improve the match day atmosphere, the aim is to transform it.
Marketing Mastery and the Art of Fan Connection
In a world where fan engagement is as crucial as a last-minute goal, Notts County is actively reviewing its marketing play book. The emphasis isn’t just on attracting fresh faces but ensuring every die-hard supporter feels the magic of match day. It's a sentiment echoed in every cheer and felt in every shared moment.
Fan Questions: The Real Game-Changer
What sets this forum apart is the unfiltered connection between the leadership and the fans. From ticketing intricacies to the perennial issue of replica kits running out before Christmas, the leadership faced the tough questions head-on. It wasn't a scripted interaction; it was a genuine dialogue between the heartbeat of the club and the heartbeat of the city.
In these insights, we find the pulse of Notts County, where leaders don't just lead; they connect. It's a club where the surge of fan support isn’t just a statistic; the black and white stripes pulsate with a fervour that truly embodies the spirit of the game. This passion, ever-present and relentless, is what truly brings the stripes to life. It’s a vivid display of the love for the sport that courses through every fibre of the team.
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Notts County celebrated a thrilling 4-2 victory in a pulsating match at Meadow Lane. After the match, Dan Crowley, the midfielder who unexpectedly became the focus, expressed his viewpoints in a post-game discussion.
Crowley kicked off his reflections by heaping praise on the team’s first-half performance. He said, “We were absolutely smashing it in the first half, we were brilliant, and they simply couldn’t keep up with us.”
However, he didn’t shy away from addressing the team’s second-half struggles. He expressed his disappointment with their inability to sustain the momentum. This candid admission shows a keen awareness of the team’s performance and a willingness to improve.
He admitted, “We’ve had a bit of a problem with that this season, playing really well in the first half and then kind of losing steam in the second. That’s something we need to work on as a team.”
When questioned about the opponent’s tactical changes and their comeback in the second half, Crowley was candid. He asserted, “We can’t control them changing formation. The only thing we can do is focus on ourselves and what we can do.” He emphasised the need for unwavering concentration throughout the match, acknowledging the quality of teams in the league, including Bradford.
Crowley swiftly acknowledged the significance of the early goal in the game, attributing it to the unwavering encouragement from the home supporters.
He said, “Especially with this crowd, I think that’s such a massive boost for us. When we score the first goal, we just keep getting better and better.”
The match saw a flurry of goals just before half-time, a phase Crowley referred to as a ‘blitz’. He believed that when the team hits such a stride, it becomes an insurmountable challenge for any opposition. “When we’re playing like that, it’s very hard for anyone to stop it,” he commented.
Despite the victory, Crowley emphasised the need for improvement, particularly in maintaining their performance level throughout the match. He concluded, “A fantastic first half and brilliant three points, but something that we need to put right for the future.”
This win marks another milestone for Notts County, but as Crowley’s words suggest, there’s still room for improvement. The team will undoubtedly learn from these experiences and aim for consistency in future matches. 
As the season unfolds, it will be intriguing for both supporters and sceptics to observe how the team navigates these hurdles.
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Notts County's Head Coach Luke Williams openly analysed the performance of the recent game. The game can be described as having two distinct halves.
Williams reflected, "Exactly that. I think that, you know, the first half, as good as we were, we were equally as poor in the second at times."
The first half showcased Notts County's brilliance, with Williams expressing his satisfaction: "I really want us to play. The vision I have for the team is to play in that manner. And they were absolutely breathtaking at times."
However, the story took a turn in the second half, as Williams admitted, "He showed in the second half that, you know, he does know a lot about us, and they made the game very difficult for us."
Despite a commanding lead at half-time, Williams acknowledged the team's struggle to maintain intensity in the second half: "We give the ball away on the halfway line, and there's a counter-attack, and it sets the tone. We're missing intensity, and the awareness is not there any more."
This trend of faltering in the second half has been a recurring theme for Notts County, as Williams revealed, "Too many times we've been here two-nil up at half-time, three-nil up at half-time, and not just I'm not talking about being three-nil up, and you don't know how, I'm talking about we've been two-three nil up, and we know we deserve to be."
The first half's brilliance, marked by magnificent goals, left fans exhilarated, but Williams emphasised, "Maybe the second half I can accept if it's non-eventful, but not like a completely different team out there."
Williams addressed the line-up changes, noting, "I'm really happy to get Will out there after a very disjointed period of time since he came here. John is a really crucial player for us."
Looking ahead, Williams sees the next few weeks as pivotal, stating, "Yes and no. I think that might be pivotal in terms of the results, but it's more important for me, the performances."
Amidst the on-field challenges, Williams shared a positive off-field moment, mentioning Jodi Jones' recent appearance against England: "It was brilliant to see him out there and against some of the best players in the world at Wembley."
Regarding off-field rumours, Williams humorously suggested, "Maybe we're becoming a bit more fashionable and a bit more recognisable. People talk a bit more, and that's great."
In a heart-warming gesture, a young fan was invited into the dressing room before kick-off, leaving a lasting impact. Williams quipped, "Maybe you should do the team talk every week if the performance is going to be like the first 45 minutes."
In conclusion, Notts County's journey continues, marked by the highs and lows that make football the unpredictable spectacle it is. Williams remains optimistic, focusing on the need for consistent performances to truly make an impact in the league.
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