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Stuart Maynard, the head coach of Notts County, is gearing up for a challenging clash against Wimbledon and remains focused on securing a positive result despite the team's recent struggles.
Maynard expressed his anticipation for the upcoming fixture, acknowledging Wimbledon's formidable defensive record. He stated, "Wimbledon have just had back-to-back clean sheets...that's where a lot of their success has come from...it's gonna be a really tough game." Maynard understands the need for his team to be prepared for a resilient opponent.
Reflecting on previous encounters with Wimbledon, Maynard emphasised the importance of learning from past experiences. He commented, "We watched the game back where we lost down at Wimbledon earlier in the season...we know what they're about." Maynard believes that understanding the opponent's strengths and weaknesses is crucial in formulating an effective game plan.
Despite Wimbledon's defensive solidity, Maynard remains confident in his team's abilities to create scoring opportunities. He stated, "If we bring our game to the table...we know that we can get a positive result." Maynard believes in the attacking prowess of his squad and encourages his players to be proactive in seeking out goal-scoring chances.
Addressing the competitive nature of League Two, Maynard highlighted the unpredictability of lower-league football. He remarked, "There's a lot of competition...teams outside of the top nine can still take points off those in the upper echelons of the table." Maynard understands the need for his team to approach every game with focus and determination, regardless of the opponent's league position.
In preparation for the Wimbledon clash, Maynard emphasised the importance of defensive solidity and maintaining concentration throughout the game. He stressed, "We've got to make sure that our structure's good behind the ball...and defend our box well." Maynard believes that a strong defensive performance will lay the foundation for a positive result.
Looking ahead to the remainder of the season, Maynard reiterated the team's determination to finish inside the top seven and secure a playoff spot. He affirmed, "The belief's always been there...we really wanna please the fans...and it's about time we put it right." Maynard remains optimistic about the team's prospects and is committed to achieving success in the final stretch of the season.
In conclusion, Stuart Maynard is fully focused on the upcoming challenge posed by Wimbledon and is determined to lead Notts County to victory. With a thorough understanding of the opponent and confidence in his team's abilities, Maynard is ready to navigate through the tough encounter and secure a crucial three points.
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Sam Austin, the midfield stalwart for Notts County, shared his thoughts on the recent disappointment of the late postponement against Bradford, expressing empathy for both players and fans affected by the cancellation. He remarked, "It was a disappointment...we was raring to go...I just want to sort of say how grateful us lads are for the fans to make that journey."
Austin's versatility has been crucial this season, with him adapting to various positions on the field. Reflecting on this, he acknowledged, "I've been playing in probably more positions than I'm used to...I think my best interest is the team at the end of the day." Despite the challenges posed by playing different roles, Austin remains committed to contributing wherever needed.
On the topic of limited starting opportunities despite consistent readiness, Austin admitted, "Every player...would say they wanna play every single minute of every game...if that's the role that I've had to play this season for the team then I'm happy to do that." His unwavering dedication to the team's cause shines through despite occasional frustrations.
Playing alongside formidable attackers like Jodi Jones and Macauley Langstaff has been a source of inspiration for Austin. He enthused, "It's brilliant...the quality of the boys...it's down to you to get in the position and you know the ball's coming." Austin relishes the chance to thrive alongside such talented teammates.
Comparing the managerial approaches of Luke Williams and Stuart Maynard, Austin found similarities in their playing philosophies. He commented, "Ideas from both managers have been really good...the way that we want to play is sort of similar." Adapting to new ideas and implementing them effectively is crucial for the team's success.
Discussing defensive responsibilities as an attacking player, Austin stressed, "It starts from us...we have to make sure that our intensity is right as well." He emphasised the importance of maintaining defensive focus throughout the team to prevent opposition attacks effectively.
Looking ahead to upcoming fixtures, Austin highlighted the significance of each game in the playoff chase. He affirmed, "These last 12 games are sort of a mini-season...it's really important now to focus on results because that's what's gonna get us up the table." Every match is crucial in their quest for promotion.
In preparation for the Wimbledon clash, Austin acknowledged the importance of securing a victory, especially at home. He noted, "We're at the stage now of the season where results are massive...we're going to be doing everything we can to get three points." The team is determined to capitalise on their home advantage.
Reflecting on his role as a substitute, Austin stressed the importance of maintaining high standards in training to seize opportunities during matches. He emphasised, "It's important to train to a high standard because...if you're not getting the minutes on the pitch...you need to be ready to come on."
Austin reiterated the team's focus on securing positive results in every game, treating each match as a final in their quest for promotion. With determination, versatility, and unwavering support from fans, Notts County aims to overcome challenges and achieve success in the remainder of the season.
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In the aftermath of the late postponement against Bradford, Notts County's head coach, Stuart Maynard, maintains a positive outlook despite the impending fixture congestion.
Maynard expressed understanding of the referee's decision, noting the sudden change in weather conditions. He remarked, "It's frustrating that it was not playable...it affects everything." However, he stressed the importance of utilising the entire squad during the upcoming busy schedule to avoid injuries and capitalise on point-scoring opportunities.
With key players like David McGoldrick returning, Maynard sees this as a morale booster for the team. While acknowledging the ongoing recovery of some players, he views their presence in training as a positive sign.
Regarding the team's recent performances, Maynard emphasised the significance of senior players like McGoldrick in maintaining a positive atmosphere and setting high standards.
Looking ahead to the packed schedule, Maynard acknowledged the challenges but remained focused on taking one game at a time. He urged fans to rally behind the team, believing that a positive result could kickstart a run of wins.
With determination and belief in the squad's capabilities, Maynard aims to turn around the team's home form and restore Meadow Lane's status as a fortress.
Moreover, Maynard stressed the importance of maintaining confidence within the squad, stating, "It's crucial to keep the belief alive, especially during challenging times. We need to stay positive and focused on our objectives."
He also emphasised the role of consistent training and preparation in overcoming obstacles. "We've had a good week of training, and it's essential to carry that momentum into our upcoming fixtures," Maynard added.
Addressing concerns about the team's position in the league table, Maynard remained optimistic, saying, "While the gap to the playoffs may seem daunting, we're still in contention mathematically. We need to stay focused and keep pushing forward with each game."
Maynard also emphasised the importance of mental resilience during such testing times. "It's not just about physical preparedness; mental strength plays a significant role in overcoming obstacles," he remarked.
Furthermore, Maynard highlighted the need for adaptability in the face of adversity. "We understand that the footballing landscape can change rapidly, and we must be prepared to adjust our strategies accordingly," he stated.
Looking towards the future, Maynard expressed optimism about the team's potential for growth and improvement. "We have a talented group of players who are eager to learn and develop," he said. "With hard work and dedication, I believe we can achieve our goals."
In closing, Maynard reiterated his commitment to leading Notts County to success. "We're facing challenges, but I have full confidence in our ability to overcome them," he affirmed. "Together, as a united team and fanbase, we'll strive for excellence and continue to push forward."
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Stuart Maynard, the head coach of Notts County, sat down for a pre-match interview, offering a glimpse into his tactical mindset ahead of his team's showdown with Crewe Alexandra. Maynard delved into the intricacies of facing Crewe's adaptable style, stressing the importance of readiness for any scenario.
Recognising Crewe's defensive prowess and their knack for shape-shifting on the field, Maynard underscored the necessity for his squad to be tactically sharp and ready to counter whatever Crewe throws at them. "Crewe are known for their tactical versatility," Maynard pointed out. "They're skilled at switching formations and tactics depending on the opponent. So, it's crucial for us to be well-prepared for whatever they throw at us."
Maynard peeled back the curtain on their preparation, revealing that his team had been meticulously dissecting Crewe's various strategies to ensure they're equipped for any twist in the game. Stressing mental fortitude, particularly in high-stakes matches against formidable foes, Maynard said, "We've dedicated significant time to analysing Crewe's recent performances. We've pinpointed their recurring plays and potential tactical tweaks. It's vital for our players to soak up this intel and execute our game plan flawlessly on the pitch."
Speaking on their approach, Maynard hammered home the need for clinical precision in both attacking and defensive phases. He urged his players to seize pivotal moments and maintain efficiency at both ends of the field. "Against a side like Crewe, strong defensively and lethal on the counter, discipline and decisiveness are key in every aspect," Maynard insisted. "We've honed our offensive and defensive strategies in training to maximise our effectiveness."
Maynard also stressed the gravity of scoring first in such high-stakes encounters, citing its ripple effect on momentum and mindset. Drawing from their comeback against Barrow, he showcased his team's resilience in adverse conditions. "Bagging an early goal can set the tone and give us a mental edge," Maynard remarked. "But even if we concede first, it's crucial to maintain composure and belief."
Looking ahead, Maynard anticipated a strategic showdown, underscoring the importance of executing their game plan flawlessly. He exuded confidence in his squad's ability to rise to the occasion and clinch a positive outcome against formidable opposition. "Crewe pose a formidable challenge, but we're ready," Maynard declared. "Our players have put in the hard yards in training, and I trust them to deliver come matchday."
Maynard's tactical insights provided a valuable glimpse into Notts County's preparations for the clash with Crewe Alexandra. His meticulous analysis and dedication to refining tactics underscore his drive for success in League Two. With Maynard steering the ship, Notts County are primed to tackle challenges head-on with confidence and determination.
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Notts County midfielder Scott Robertson, in a heartfelt post-match interview, took a moment to reflect on his whirlwind journey since joining the club just two months ago. Remembering his debut in that unforgettable 5-5 draw against Grimsby Town, he shared insights into the highs and lows encountered during his time at Meadow Lane.
"I'd say it's been pretty good for me," Robertson admitted, pondering his move from Fleetwood Town. "Coming from a situation where I wasn't getting much game time, it was crucial for me to get back into the rhythm of a proper first-team setup."
Navigating through the choppy waters of three managerial changes in such a short span hasn't been easy, Robertson acknowledged. "It's been a bit of a whirlwind with the changing management," he confessed, "but overall, I can't complain. It's been a learning curve."
Despite the managerial shuffle, Robertson stressed the importance of maintaining consistency in the team's playing style. "We've managed to keep the same approach to our game, regardless of who's been in charge," he noted, emphasising the team's collective vision and stability.
Drawing from his diverse footballing background, which includes stints at Celtic and loan spells in League One, Robertson expressed contentment with Notts County's style of play. "I'd say this is probably one of the best setups I've been in terms of our approach on the pitch," he reflected, praising the team's cohesion and tactical flair.
While admitting to a somewhat shaky start, Robertson feels he's gradually finding his groove within the team. "I've definitely settled in more as time's gone on," he said with a hint of optimism, underscoring his determination to keep pushing himself further.
Looking forward to facing Crewe in an upcoming match, a club he knows well from his past experiences, Robertson remained grounded. "I've had good times there," he reminisced, "but right now, my focus is solely on contributing to our current campaign."
Robertson stressed the team's mantra of taking each game as it comes, especially in the fiercely competitive League Two. "We're not getting too caught up in the league table," he explained. "Our focus is simply on giving our best in the next match."
Overall, Robertson remains hopeful about the team's prospects, believing that their consistent performances will eventually yield positive results. "It's all about putting in the work on the pitch," he concluded, echoing the team's collective determination to overcome obstacles and achieve success.
In sharing his journey and insights, Robertson offers a glimpse into the mindset of a player navigating through transitions, showcasing resilience and adaptability in pursuit of his goals. As Notts County's campaign unfolds, Robertson's presence in midfield will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the team's quest for glory.
Pride of Nottingham's Wheelbarrow repair man has written a feature discussing the loan system. Join in the debate - loan players: good or bad idea?
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Wheelbarrow repair man
Over the forty years I've been following the Magpies, the club have had some good, some bad and some indifferent loan players, and to be honest I wasn't bothered about it at first. However, over the years there have been some loan players who have pulled on a Notts Shirt and have stood out for me, namely, Jack Grealish, Callum McGregor from 2013 and Jorge Grant and Ryan Yates from 2017.
I remember Grealish's home League debut, I believe it was against Tranmere Rovers (I stand to be corrected) and the only way the grizzled veteran defenders could stop this kid was to kick trip or stamp on him. However, most of the time opposition players couldn't get near him, and even at time it was clear young Jack had a big future ahead of him. Which has been proven over the following years, England International and a full Trophy Cabinet with Manchester City.
Callum McGregor is another talented player who did wonders for Notts, in his loan period he netted 14 goals in all competitions. He also went on to win International Honours this time with Scotland. His Trophy Cabinet with Celtic is bursting at the seams.
Jorge Grant and Ryan Yates both came from over the Trent, and both put in some excellent performances in the Black & White Stripes. When Yates was in the team it seemed to bring out the best in Grant, but when Yates was recalled to Forest it seemed to me he lost some of his spark or edge. As of 2024, Grant is at Hearts while Yates still plays for the Reds.

Notts County will undoubtedly reap the benefits from these four types of loan acquisitions. The Bad comes about when players are recalled by their parent club in January as in the case of Ryan Yates.  This call back to the City Ground caused Bad Blood between the Magpies and Reds. Things have been patched up(?) But (I don't think) another young Forest player has come over the Trent since.
The thing for me is, are loans hindering the progress of young Notts players? There are a number of youth players out on loan, playing as it's said Men's Football. But shouldn't the Notts coaching staff be looking to bring these players into the senior squad? Do they hope to play in the first team?!?
It may be disheartening for young players being continually loaned out to different clubs season after season, without really being given the chance to play for the first team. After all, I believe (and I stand to be corrected) Curtis Thompson was the last Notts player to come through the ranks and hold down a regular first team place at the Lane.
And finally, of course Jodi Jones and Lewis Macari were also loan signings, but in my opinion their circumstances were different. What do you think, fellow Notts fans? What are the advantages and disadvantages of loaning a player?
Notts County's head coach Stuart Maynard has given his thoughts on the upcoming game against Crewe Alexandra. Check out the article on the Pride of Nottingham by clicking this link.
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Stuart Maynard, head coach of Notts County, shared his reflections on his team's recent performance and their upcoming match against Crewe Alexandra in a pre-match interview. 
Maynard expressed satisfaction with his team's adaptability and defensive solidity, highlighting the progress made since his appointment.
In the interview, Maynard praised his team's performance in the recent game against Wrexham, emphasising their defensive resilience and overall cohesion. "I thought it was an excellent all-round performance," Maynard remarked, commending his squad for their defensive prowess and confidence. 
He emphasised that even during moments of pressure, his team stood firm, showcasing a united front on the field. "Even in the second half when we came out, and they had their spell for about eight minutes, we defended our goal really well," he said. "To not concede within that moment was huge, and it's a huge confidence boost for the whole squad defensively."
Regarding the controversial goal against Wrexham, Maynard stated that the team had moved on from the incident, focusing instead on the positives from the game and preparing for the upcoming challenges. "For us internally as a management team and a group, we've kind of parked it," he explained. "There's nothing we can do to affect that. We're just looking at the positives from the game and moving on now, focusing on Crewe."
Reflecting on his first month in charge, Maynard acknowledged the tough competition in League Two but expressed confidence in his team's ability to compete. He emphasised the importance of taking each game as it comes and focusing on performance rather than the league table. "Performance levels have been really high, and I think we warrant probably more points," Maynard said. "So that's the positive to come out of it. It's something that we're looking forward to. We just got to make sure we go game by game."
Maynard also praised his players' adaptability, noting their seamless transition between formations during matches. He credited the squad for their willingness to learn and implement tactical instructions, highlighting their versatility on the pitch. "It's a huge credit to the group of lads that we've got that they've taken on the detail," he emphasised. "We've not been in the building that long, and they've taken on the info really well."
Looking ahead to the clash with Crewe Alexandra, Maynard acknowledged the challenge posed by the opposition but remained optimistic about his team's chances. He emphasised the importance of being clinical in both attack and defence and stressed the significance of scoring the first goal in such crucial encounters. "I think in different ways, yes, it's one of our toughest tests yet," Maynard admitted. "They're very adaptable as well. They've changed their shape in a number of games as well, so they're very adaptable, and I feel it'll be a good tactical game on Saturday."
Stuart Maynard's reflections ahead of the Crewe clash underscored his confidence in the team's abilities and his belief in their capacity to compete at the highest level in League Two. He reiterated the importance of maintaining focus, adaptability, and a positive mindset as they continue their campaign in the challenging league.
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Notts County achieved a crucial victory in a rain-soaked match against Newport County, emerging as the triumphant team. Stuart Maynard, the head coach of Notts County, expressed his delight in securing their first victory under his tenure in a post-match interview. 
Maynard lauded the team's resilience and praised the unwavering support from the fans who braved the inclement weather to rally behind the squad for the full 90 minutes.
Reflecting on the match, Maynard commended his side's performance, highlighting their potency on the break. "It's good to get the first three points on the road. I thought it was an excellent away performance. We looked really dangerous on the break," Maynard remarked. He emphasised the collective effort of the players and the dedication of the coaching staff, acknowledging the seamless transition despite the recent change in management.
Addressing tactical adjustments, Maynard remained tight-lipped, emphasising the need to maintain an element of surprise. "We don't want to give away too much. This is our third week in charge. We understand what we need to work on and tweak," he explained. Despite conceding a penalty, Maynard expressed frustration but chose to focus on the positives, emphasising the team's resilience in managing the game effectively.
The decision to change goalkeepers also paid dividends, with Luke stepping in seamlessly and delivering a solid performance. Maynard credited the competition for places within the squad, highlighting the depth and versatility of the team.
Injuries had sidelined key players, but their return to the pitch showcased their determination and professionalism. Maynard singled out Louis Macari for his outstanding performance despite his prolonged absence due to injury. He applauded Macari's defensive contributions and hailed his unwavering commitment to the team's cause.
The attacking prowess of the team was evident, with David McGoldrick and Macaulay Langstaff leading the charge. However, Maynard was quick to praise the defensive work rate of the entire team, emphasising the importance of a balanced approach to the game.
In regard to their league position, Maynard remained focused on taking each game as it comes, emphasising the need for recovery and preparation ahead of their next fixture against Wrexham. The decision to stay overnight in Wales showcased the club's commitment to ensuring optimal recovery for the players.
As the team prepares to return to Nottingham, Maynard's words resonate with optimism and determination. Notts County's victory serves as a testament to their resilience and unity, setting the stage for further success as they continue their campaign in the league.
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Notts County has made an exciting decision by bringing Stuart Maynard on board as their new head coach. 
At 43 years old, Maynard is joining us from Wealdstone, where he made a name for himself with his accomplishments and unique style of play in the National League. As a fellow fan, I couldn't be happier with this appointment, and here's why.
Firstly, Maynard has proven that he can do extraordinary things with limited resources. He took the reins at Wealdstone in March 2021 and guided them to their highest league position in 36 years, finishing 13th in the National League. 
He managed to repeat this achievement in the subsequent season, despite losing some key players and navigating the challenges of the Covid pandemic. He kept Wealdstone competitive and entertaining, fostering a style of football that was both attractive and true to their identity. 
In his own words, Maynard said, "I think they're a really humble group... they're just genuinely good guys that want to do the best for the football club." This humility and dedication are precisely what Notts County needs at this moment. The club is working with a tight budget in League Two, having been promoted from the National League last season. They're aiming for another promotion, but they're up against larger and wealthier clubs. They need a head coach who can maximise what he has, motivate and develop the players, and instil a winning culture. 
Maynard is the perfect fit. He has a clear vision and philosophy, which he successfully implemented at Wealdstone. He prefers a 5-4-1 formation, with a high-pressing and high-intensity approach. 

He likes his team to be solid and organised in defence, but also creative and dynamic in attack. He likes to utilise pace and width, exploiting the spaces behind the opposition defence. He enjoys scoring goals and entertaining the fans. 
Maynard believes that his style of play at Wealdstone fits perfectly with Notts County. He said, "Yeah, I feel that the way that we played at Wealdstone fits kind of straight away into Notts... I think it's a perfect fit." This is a testament to his confidence and adaptability, which are crucial for a head coach.
These are all qualities that we, as Notts County fans, can appreciate. The club has a proud history and tradition, and it deserves a head coach who can restore its glory. Maynard has demonstrated that he respects and understands the club's ethos and values, and that he's ready to take on the challenge. His three-and-a-half-year deal shows his commitment and ambition.
Furthermore, Maynard has shown that he's willing to make sacrifices and take risks for his career. He left his job as a BT technician to focus full time on his new role at Notts County. He left a club where he was admired and respected, where he had built strong relationships with the players and fans, and where he had achieved remarkable results. He took a leap of faith and a step-up, knowing that he would face more pressure and scrutiny at Notts County.
This speaks volumes about his passion for the game and his confidence in his abilities. He's not here just to make up the numbers or to settle for mediocrity. He's here to make a difference, to take Notts County to the next level. He's here to fulfil his potential and to help the club fulfil theirs. He's here to make history and to make us proud.
I fully support Stuart Maynard and his coaching team. I believe he's the right man for the job, and I'm excited to see what he can do with our club. I think he will bring success and joy to Meadow Lane, and I can't wait to see him in action. I wish him all the best, and I hope he will make us all happy. As Maynard himself said, "Look, there's no guarantees in it... But look, it's always the aim. When you're a club like Notts, first and foremost, you want success... and that's what hopefully we can bring.
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Stuart Maynard, the newly appointed head coach of Notts County, is eagerly anticipating his debut match. After postponement of the game against Stockport County last weekend has given Maynard and his coaching staff an unexpected but welcome opportunity to further refine their preparations for their first match at the helm.
Maynard, known for his meticulous approach to training and match preparation, is likely to use this additional time to instil his philosophy and tactics into the squad. The extra training sessions will also provide an opportunity for the players to familiarise themselves with Maynard’s style of play and expectations.
The anticipation surrounding Maynard’s debut has been building among the Notts County faithful. They’re crossing their fingers that this change at the helm will usher in a new era of success for the club.
In a press conference held at Notts County', Maynard expressed gratitude for the additional training days, stating, "The extended contact time with the players has been instrumental for us. It has allowed us to work closely with them, fine-tuning our strategies and tactics. However, I empathise with the disappointment felt among the players regarding the postponement. They were eager to kick off, particularly given the significance of the fixture."
Transitioning into his new role, Maynard highlighted the warm reception he and his team received from everyone at the club. "The camaraderie within the club is palpable. From the office staff to the media team, everyone has been exceptionally supportive and accommodating," Maynard remarked, emphasising the positive atmosphere permeating the club.
Despite his background in part-time and non-league football, Maynard revealed that the transition to full-time operations has been relatively seamless. "We had a clear vision of our full-time approach, which facilitated the transition. Our training sessions and methodologies align well with the club's technical ethos," he explained.
Assessing the team's morale amidst recent managerial changes, Maynard commended the players' resilience and camaraderie. "There is a strong sense of unity among the squad, both on and off the pitch. The players' determination and enthusiasm during training sessions have been commendable," he stated.
Looking ahead to his debut match against Barrow, Maynard acknowledged the challenge posed by their opponents. "Barrow presents a formidable challenge. They boast quality players capable of threatening from various positions. It is imperative that we remain vigilant and maintain our defensive structure to avoid being exposed on the counter," he emphasised.
With preparations well underway and anticipation building, Stuart Maynard and his coaching staff are primed to lead Notts County into their forthcoming fixtures. Maynard is full of hope and ready to make a difference in the club’s journey this season. Meanwhile, the fans are buzzing with excitement, looking forward to their new coach’s debut and hoping for a revival of success on the field.
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Head of Medical Services for Notts County, Craig Heiden, shed light on the progress of several players who have been grappling with long-term injuries. 
Despite the challenges, there's optimism in the air as key squad members are steadily making their way back to fitness.
Geraldo Bajrami, who suffered a serious knee injury early in the season, has been on a commendable journey towards recovery. 
According to Heiden, "Things have been going pretty well for him. It's a long period of time to be out for any footballer. Delivering the news and accepting the news is the real hurdle to get over, and Baj's been brilliant with that." Bajrami himself expressed his relief, stating, "First day today, it's been good. It's been a long time coming. Still a long way to go, but I'm just happy to be outside."
Cedwyn Scott faced a different scenario, initially continuing to play despite a serious injury. Heiden explained, "It wasn't a real structural issue that had happened, so although it can be painful at first, sometimes players can carry on with mild discomfort as long as it's managed properly." Scott shared his experience, saying, "Yeah, it's been good. I think I would have really struggled if I didn't have the likes of G and Matty Palmer who have also got long-term knee injuries."
Speaking of Matt Palmer, Heiden outlined his progress, noting, "We're in the real strengthening phase of his program, building up muscle mass which he's tolerating well. Great work ethic, pushes himself, so far that's going really well." Palmer himself shared, "I've started to introduce leg weights and got heavier as I've got along."
Adam Chicksen, who had an Achilles issue before Christmas, is towards the back end of his rehab, with Heiden mentioning, "He's doing really well, started his grass work yesterday." Lewis Macari faced a setback due to a freak illness, but Heiden expressed optimism, stating, "We believe now that we're over the real bad part of that, and hopefully within another couple of weeks of rehab and training, he should be back available for selection."
The update also included positive news about Will Randle and Junior Morias, who are back in full training. Heiden shared, "Junior's been back for probably about a week and a half now, and Will probably about two weeks. If the game went ahead at the weekend against Stockport, they both would have been available for selection."
As the players continue their rehabilitation journeys, the medical team at Notts County remains focused on ensuring a smooth return to action for the squad. The goal is to keep as many players available as possible for the upcoming challenges, providing a boost to the team's aspirations for success.
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Jaden Warner, a defender from Norwich City, is all set to make a big splash at Notts County, having been loaned to them until the season's end. 
This young lad, just 21, has made quite the journey. He's a product of the highly regarded Canaries' academy, where he's not only led their development teams but also bagged a place in the first team this season.
His promotion to the senior squad was marked by a standout debut against Fulham in the Carabao Cup. Further, starts in the Sky Bet Championship against Blackburn Rovers and Cardiff City highlighted his potential as an emerging talent in defence.
The buzz surrounding Warner's arrival at Notts County is tangible, particularly from Richard Montague, a key figure on the club's board responsible for recruitment. Montague expressed his pleasure at both Warner and Norwich City's decision to select Notts County as the stage for the defender's crucial development phase.
"We're chuffed to bits that Jaden and Norwich have chosen Notts as the ideal place for him at this pivotal stage of his development, despite stiff competition from other clubs," Montague commented. The shared playing philosophy, coupled with the recent appointment of Stuart Maynard as the new head coach, facilitated Warner's move.
Standing tall at 6 feet 4 inches, Warner brings not only remarkable speed and strength to Notts County's defence but also demonstrates excellent defensive instincts, including flawless positioning, anticipation, and a readiness to put his body on the line. Montague highlighted Warner's proficiency with the ball, suggesting that he would play a significant role during build-up phases.
Maynard, the newly appointed head coach, echoed these sentiments, revealing that Warner had been on the management team's radar for a while. Despite Warner's progress making him out of reach for National League clubs, Maynard is confident that the 21-year-old has a promising future, making him a valuable addition to Notts County.
"He's got a bright future ahead of him, and I reckon he's a cracking signing for the club," Maynard confirmed. The club's long-term vision for Warner aligns with their commitment to fostering young talent, and his arrival is set to significantly enhance Notts County's defensive capabilities.
As Notts County aims to ascend the ranks, Jaden Warner's loan spell promises to be an exciting chapter, showcasing the young defender's skills and contributing to the club's ambitions for success in the remainder of the season.
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In a thrilling development for Notts County, our very own attacking midfielder, James Sanderson, has signed his first professional contract with the club. 
This is a significant milestone in the young player's career and a proud moment for everyone associated with the club.
James, who is just 17 years old, recently returned to our academy after a spell in grassroots football. His return has been nothing short of spectacular. He has seized his opportunity to impress at the first-team level and his performances have not gone unnoticed. 
As a result of his hard work and dedication, he has been rewarded with a contract that will keep him at Meadow Lane until June 2026.
His journey with the club has been remarkable. He made a memorable debut against Shrewsbury Town in the Emirates FA Cup, where he found the back of the net. This was a dream start for any young player and James made the most of it. His EFL debut was equally impressive, contributing to our 3-0 victory over Doncaster Rovers. Since then, he has been a regular feature in our squads, showing his worth with every opportunity.
Upon signing his contract, an ecstatic James said, “Football is all I’ve ever wanted to do, so it’s an amazing feeling to be able to carry that on. My family and friends are over the moon for me, especially my dad who has travelled all over the country to support my efforts to become a professional footballer."
He further added, "Being involved in the first team has been an amazing experience, and I’ve learned so much – it’s like a whole new sport to me. All the lads have been brilliant, helping me as much as they can."
James also expressed his gratitude towards the academy staff, including Gavin Mee, Dan Leivers, and Tigran Tadevosyan, for their instrumental roles in his journey. Their guidance and support have been invaluable in his development as a player.
Richard Montague, a member of our board who leads on recruitment, expressed his delight at James's progress. He said, “Everyone at Meadow Lane is delighted for James, who has shown great promise both in training and matches. We’re very excited by his potential and look forward to watching his continued development.”
This is indeed a proud moment for Notts County. We are thrilled to see one of our own rising through the ranks and making a mark in the world of football. James's journey is a testament to the club's commitment to nurturing young talent and providing them with opportunities to shine.
As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to many more successes for James Sanderson and our beloved club. Here's to a bright future filled with many more victories and achievements.
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In a pre-match interview ahead of Notts County's highly anticipated game against league leaders Stockport County, Jim O'Brien who had acted as the club's interim head coach, provided insights into his role, the team's preparations, and the challenges they face. 
O'Brien, who took charge after Luke Williams' departure and until Stuart Maynard's recent appointment, spoke about the day-to-day approach, the team's reaction to the recent changes, and the focus on maintaining consistency.
Reflecting on his time in the interim role, O'Brien humorously remarked, "Yeah, it feels about three months, mate. To be honest with you, the work, but it's been brilliant, settled down." Despite the uncertainty surrounding his position, O'Brien emphasised the professional and focused nature of the club's operations, stating, "We just need to keep the ship moving forward."
When asked about the team's recent high-scoring draw, O'Brien acknowledged areas for improvement, saying, "There was loads of stuff when we dissected it that we could have done better. It's frustrating, but it's not one individual's fault. It's the whole team, the whole squad, and we're all together in that."
Regarding the team's defensive performance, O'Brien expressed a desire for a clean sheet against Stockport but acknowledged the need to focus on putting their stamp on the game, whether at home or away. He stressed the importance of consistency in the short term while considering the long-term impact on the squad.
Reflecting on his pride in leading the team, O'Brien commented, "It's personally a really proud moment. I'm not trying to think too much about myself and just keep us moving." He highlighted the positive reaction from the players, noting their respect for the coaching staff and their commitment to moving forward.
With challenging fixtures ahead, including the clash with Stockport, O'Brien noted the upcoming weeks as a crucial test for the team's mentality. He remarked, "It's a good taste for the mentality. We'll take the games as they go, but full focus on Stockport on Saturday."
Addressing his preparation for the game, O'Brien highlighted the staff's support and the ease of the transition into the coaching role. He spoke about maintaining the team's successful approach over the past 18 months while making short-term tweaks to adapt to the current situation.
As the interview concluded, O'Brien expressed hope for a competitive game against Stockport, acknowledging both teams' goal-scoring prowess. He emphasised the team's understanding of areas needing improvement and their commitment to addressing those concerns in their pursuit of victory.
In the face of uncertainties and challenges, Jim O'Brien's measured and pragmatic approach reflects a determination to guide Notts County through a pivotal period in their season, keeping the focus on the immediate task at hand while considering the team's long-term success.
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In the wake of the recent managerial change at Notts County, the club has swiftly appointed Stuart Maynard, former Wealdstone manager, to take the helm. 
As the team adjusts to this new leadership, club captain Kyle Cameron remains steadfast in his commitment to keeping the team focused and disciplined. 
In a pre-match interview, the defender shed light on the team's approach to training and maintaining a sense of normalcy despite the managerial uncertainties.
Cameron emphasised the importance of sticking to familiar routines and maintaining a unified front, stating, "We're trying to keep it as similar as possible just to keep everything in the same sort of routines. Keep things the same. So we keep working at the things that we know work well for a Saturday and things that we need to improve on."
Acknowledging the departure of the previous manager and the swift appointment of Maynard, Cameron spoke highly of the team's response, stating, "All the lads have been spot on this week, just getting their heads down and working hard as always." He praised the collective respect for Maynard and highlighted the positive mentality within the squad.
When asked about his role in the ongoing managerial discussions, Cameron made it clear that he prefers to focus on the pitch, stating, "No, that's nothing to do with me. I just want to keep myself to the business on the pitch and try and do that the best I can." He emphasised his trust in the club to handle the managerial side of things, allowing him to concentrate on leading the team on the field.
Reflecting on the recent 5-5 draw against Grimsby, Cameron took responsibility for defensive lapses, noting, "We have to look at ourselves, and we have to improve ourselves as a group rather than just saying, 'Oh, it's one of them days,' because for us, that's not good enough."
As Notts County prepares to face top-of-the-table Stockport County under new management, Cameron expressed optimism about the team's ability to bounce back. He highlighted the familiarity with Stockport's style of play and emphasised the importance of marrying a positive performance with a favourable result under the guidance of Stuart Maynard.
Kyle Cameron's words reflect a resilient and determined Notts County squad navigating through a transitional period with a focus on maintaining their high standards on the pitch under the leadership of their newly appointed manager, Stuart Maynard.
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