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Pride of Nottingham: The Epicentre for Notts County Fans


Finding a home for in-depth discussion and fervent fandom has never been easier for Notts County supporters. Established in 2010, Pride of Nottingham - initially launched as a message board back in 2006 - has grown into an indispensable online community for everyone passionate about the club.

Tracing its origins to flyer campaigns aimed at attracting fans during the 2013-14 season, Pride of Nottingham has continually evolved. Today, it serves as a bustling hub where spirited discussions and valuable insights converge.

A Community Embracing All Ages

The platform invites fans of all ages to engage, though it primarily focuses on individuals aged 14 and upwards - with parental permission required for participants under 18. This inclusive approach ensures that new generations can experience and contribute to the dialogue surrounding their favourite football club.

Robust Content Offering

  • Dedicated to delivering high-quality content, Pride of Nottingham covers every aspect of the fan experience:
  • Breaking News: Stay current with up-to-the-minute reports on what’s happening around Notts.
  • Detailed Articles: Insightful write-ups curated by gifted fans delving deep into various aspects of the club. 
  • Match Coverage: Comprehensive pre-game previews and post-match reports ensure you miss nothing.
  • Exclusive Interviews & Features: From player interviews to feature stories highlighting unique perspectives.
  • Community Blogging & Free Wallpapers: Engage through personal blogs and enhance your devices with themed wallpapers.

Impressive Engagement Stats
Boasting an active user base averaging between 50–80 members daily, complemented by around 30 highly engaged contributors, the platform is constantly buzzing with activity. On busy days, guest visitors can swell from anywhere between 60 and 200. Articles published here gain significant attention too; they average between 2,000 and 3,000 views - while forum posts can range from a modest 100 views up to more than 5,000+. Impressively, total article views have surpassed the 6.2 million mark.

Star Contributors Driving Value

  • Key figures within this thriving community notably enhance its value:
  • TheSkipper (Lewis Thompson): A journalist trained at the University of Leeds, bringing professionalism to every piece he crafts.
  • ARLkomski: A household name among fans for his incredible insights complemented by engaging video content.
  • Simon Clark: Renowned for thought-provoking contributions that leave readers pondering.

Regular users like Piethagoram and Fan of Big Tone add everyday richness to ongoing discussions by sharing their unique perspectives.

Future Events & Discussions
While Pride of Nottingham currently doesn’t host live events, it’s a go-to destination for pre-game build-ups and post-game analysis via live discussions - a feature designed to provide immediate insight into key issues affecting Notts County. There are also plans on the horizon for in-person gatherings resuming in 2024.

Join Our Passionate Team
We are excited to announce that we have openings to join our passionate team at Pride of Nottingham. If you are enthusiastic about Notts County and have a flair for creating engaging content, we would love to hear from you. Whether you are a writer, a social media whiz, or someone who thrives on community engagement, there's a place for you on our team. Help us continue to grow and provide top-notch coverage and insights for Notts County fans everywhere.


Pride of Nottingham stands as more than just a community - it’s a living library dedicated to celebrating Notts County through unfiltered fan passion and unparalleled camaraderie.

Please do consider applying to join our team at the Pride of Nottingham; we encourage togetherness and work closely with contributors to ensure that they get the value in contributing.

Join the Pride of Nottingham! You can sign up to our community by clicking on this call-to-action - your views, input and passion makes PON a vibrant place to visit.

Share your PRIDE with PON! Visit our Community Forum

Join us - Discuss - Write for us - Debate - Contact us

Member Feedback

Recommended Comments

Throughout the various seasons, PON has made significant progress. Despite the turmoil both on and off the pitch, this has been a pleasant place to visit and discuss Notts. The content produced is also of high quality. I appreciate that it’s a substantial undertaking for the team.

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Being a part of the Pride of Nottingham has boosted my confidence. There are so many members whose views on Notts matters I eagerly await. It certainly fosters a sense of community. When I joined as a young teenager, I mostly kept to myself. However, being invited to moderate was one of my proudest moments here.

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I am very proud to be part of the PON community of Notts County supporters.

Before I joined, I checked out the site for a while before joining and I was so impressed by the content such as the articles & threads plus the very high calibre contribution from the members.

The PON site is growing from strength the strength with a great team that look after it & the members that contribute to its content. Long may it continue.

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i have been here since 2012, i was not much into football as a youngster but i felt at home at notts. those free tickets that notts would give schools paid off, joining pon was the best decision i have made. i have seen members come and go, but the community is great. @super_ram, @Piethagoram, @Fan of Big Tone are three of my favourite members.

also credit to @Chris who does so much, he makes pon shine.

like @Joshua, i have grown and i find people accept me which i have found difficult over the years with being autistic.

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I’ve been here since 29th December 2012, which was a bad year for me it’s the year my world fell apart when my son took his own life, I was in a bad place, it might sound silly but PoN helped by acting as a distraction from some of the bad things going on. I had tried other Notts forums but non matched the friendliness of PoN.

I was a regular poster for a few years and saw many members come and go, amongst them some good friends, I took some time out myself for a few years before returning like the prodigal son a while ago. 😂

@Chris has done an amazing job along with members of the team to make this place not only very friendly but a really amazing community to read and talk about Notts County, football and life in general.

There’s only one downside and that’s the fact that we have to put up with @super_ram but I suppose nothings perfect. Only joking mate you know I love you.


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Oh my, things are heating up now! Forget about Usyk vs Tyson. It’s Fan of Big Tone taking on Super Ram. Come on, Super! Don’t let this slide. 😂

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My money’s on @super_ram! Apologies, @Fan of Big Tone. I know you’re fond of your jogging and exercise, but I’ve heard from an unnamed source that Super has strength and a bit of a mean streak.

To tell the truth, I find great pleasure in contributing to PON. Being a writer can sometimes be exhausting, but this is my outlet. I genuinely feel at home here.

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