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Notts County Unveils Stylish New Home Shirt for 2024-25 League Two Season


In an eagerly anticipated reveal, Notts County has unveiled their new home shirt for the 2024-25 League Two season. Teased on Instagram and swiftly released online, the kit is already garnering significant attention and praise from fans.

The new home shirt features a striking design, with the team donning almost an entirely black kit, complete with black shorts and socks. The shirt boasts a sophisticated aesthetic, embellished with a white trim on the collar and sleeve ends. The front of the shirt prominently displays a centrally positioned Notts County badge, situated proudly above the Puma manufacturer logo.

A unique design element features a primarily black top half, accented with faded white stripes that run down to the bottom of the garment. This modern twist blends classic club colours with contemporary fashion trends, creating a visually appealing strip.

However, it's not just about appearances. The shirt is engineered for peak performance, incorporating Puma's dryCELL technology to wick moisture away from the body, ensuring players remain sweat-free during intense matches. Furthermore, in a commendable step towards sustainability, the shirt is made using 100% recycled materials (excluding trims and decorations), underscoring Notts County's commitment to environmental responsibility.449724580_981440643986914_8221879888613607266_n.webp

Another standout feature of this shirt is its distinctive rib-detail two-tone collar. Combining black and white elements, it seamlessly integrates into the overall design, adding an elegant touch that rounds off its polished finish.

Fans have been vocal on social media platforms like X (Formerly Twitter), sharing their thoughts on the innovative design. User @BillyNCFC21 commented, "Love it, just wish they'd make the sponsor black," reflecting some mixed feelings about the sponsor colour while appreciating the overall look. @84HereIGoAgain expressed excitement with their tweet: “Definitely different... love it, ordered it xx 🖤🤍 #COYP”.

Meanwhile, @mgsevs had mixed sentiments: "Looks a picture of perfection strip-wise. Not keen on the sponsor block—not due to colour link those over Trent but because it looks too bold on these colours." Despite reservations about the sponsorship placement and colour choices, many agree this strip represents a significant aesthetic improvement.

Adding to the excitement, fan @liam_pies offered his approval: "First real different shirt in ages; it looks nice," echoing the general enthusiasm for change paired with classic elements. Lastly, @TomDearLove1 used a GIF depicting someone expressing sheer perfection as their response to seeing this edition of Notts County's kit, a powerful testament to its strong visual impact.

With vibrant reactions from fans, combined with advanced fabric technology engineered to enhance player performance while staying eco-friendly, the new Notts County home shirt elegantly bridges tradition and innovation as they embark on another thrilling season.

As supporters clear out space in their wardrobes and rush to online stores to stock up on official merchandise, they are emotionally charged, anticipating stadiums brimming with renewed energy, embodied in apparel that fittingly represents the hope and pursuit of goals as they always strive for excellence on the field!

You can purchase your new Notts County 2024-25 League Two home shirt by following this straight to the club's official online store!

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I feared the worst when i saw the training gear, but the home shirt looks incredible. i love how different it is and i would stand by my comments on twitter. :D 

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I reckon the design is appealing. Those who might not fancy it at first will likely warm up to it. The red logo doesn’t bother me, and I believe the overall appearance is striking. It’s one of the best I’ve seen in a while, and I’m really hoping the away shirt is equally pleasing.

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The home shirt seems nice to me, and I’m quite pleased with the design. The club has demonstrated some creativity with this concept, which might not be fully appreciated. However, when we eventually return to a more traditional look, it will feel fresh. I commend the club for trying something different once again.

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The new Notts home shirt is a sight for sore eyes. The black design, with a touch of white and faded stripes, is quite the spectacle. The club’s eco-friendly approach, using all recycled materials, warms my heart. It’s a joy to back a team that values our planet. Some might quibble over the sponsor’s colour, but all in all, this shirt is a triumph.

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Not a fan of the sponsor’s colour, but overall, the shirt looks fantastic and stylish. Can't wait to see it in action!

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This new Notts home shirt is an impressive departure from the more traditional kits we've seen in the past. The predominantly black design paired with the white trims really stands out, making it both modern and sophisticated. The use of faded stripes towards the bottom adds a contemporary edge that blends beautifully with the club's classic colours. It's clear that a lot of thought and creativity went into this design.

What I also appreciate is the commitment to sustainability. This kit not only looks good but is engineered to help our players perform at their best. I can't wait to see it in person and on the pitch.

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The new strip is absolutely stunning and I love the the badge in the centre.

Really pleased that Notts have continued with the traditional black and white stipes as opposed to pinstripes.

Notts are really on the money literally, with everything they are doing at the moment, what with the incoming players, the new pitch, the Nest, & now this new strip.

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If the stock is available, I envision many fans donning this shirt on match days, which I believe would be spectacular. Imagine the brilliance of seeing fans in The Nest and KOP all wearing the same shirt, particularly the latest one. I understand it’s a costly expense, which some might not be able to afford, but I can’t help but picture how fantastic the stands would look with fans in this shirt.

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I’m really charmed by the new home shirt! The black design with white accents looks very sleek and stylish. The addition of faded stripes lends it a modern twist that stands out brilliantly. The central placement of the Notts County badge above the Puma logo is very tasteful and adds to the overall elegance. On top of that, knowing it’s made from recycled materials makes me even prouder to wear it. Sustainability should be a priority for all clubs, and Notts County is certainly leading by example. Overall, the design looks fantastic, and I can't wait to see the team wearing it this season.

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The new home shirt is an incredible blend of tradition and innovation. I think the black kit with white trim provides a sleek and modern look, while the faded stripes give it a unique twist. Notts County and Puma have done a brilliant job with the design. Overall, a job well done!

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Yet another home kit that I don't like. Why can't we just have black and white stripes?  I don't like that the stripes at the side don't go all the way down. I don't like the badge and the manufacturer in the middle of the shirt. I hate the red sponsors logo. I'm a boring old fart and I want a classic Notts shirt. Have I bought one? Of course I have.

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I’m not fond of it, I believe the shirt is excessively black. I also tend not to appreciate shirts that are predominantly white. There’s a delicate balance to be struck, but I commend the club for their efforts to be innovative and unique. Additionally, I find the sponsor’s logo on the front rather unattractive, as it’s too bright for our home shirt.

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I real do like the new strip. It is growing on me too.

I believe the new kit will prove to be popular with supporters.

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