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  1. What are your thoughts and feelings on this situation @super_ram? Its awful for any club but Derby should be able to turn the corner, if the right admin people are appointed it should ease a sale when it happens.
  2. All are very nice photographs, the ones of Meadow Lane and Wollaton Park are my favourites.
  3. Good to have the cover in quick and early, means he can get to training. Good move Notts.
  4. He needs to cut it out, otherwise the next time it might be red. Roberts is a big part of our creativity, we need him fit and not suspended.
  5. Putting aside the display against Maidenhead, Notts have been good so far and part of this is down to having the squad settled. I wouldn't change anything, other than what has been forced. Ciaran Brennan will come in for Kyle Cameron who I think will be a big loss. I would still give Cal Roberts the start, but I do think Notts needs to rely less on his ability to make things happen at times. Allowing him some freedom could help, especially with Ruben Rodrigues not quite playing to his standard.
  6. The win is the main thing, Wealdstone made it difficult for Notts but at 3-1 it never looked likely to end any other way than a Notts win.
  7. I am hoping Kyle Wootton gets a little more support, he could do a lot more if another striker was thrown up in support. A little too much reliance on Cal Roberts and Ruben Rodrigues for my liking, yes they can win games but strikers are what finish them.
  8. A man of my age shouldn't really care, but I do feel it is unfair to other talented players in this league to allow Wrexham to be added and no other clubs. What makes them so special? The takeover does not make them special in my eyes.
  9. Isn't that two footed, as well? Looks horrible.
  10. No complaints about the draw, both sides did well and Notts could've lost the game without the amount of threats Wrexham thrown our way. Its probably a good thing this game was played at this stage, it could be a difficult game next time.
  11. Things can only get better, well it hasn't but Notts are part of the foundation of English football.
  12. Notts are in good form at the moment, but I wouldn't want to underestimate Weymouth. They are the home team which will have some advantages, Notts just has to make sure Rodgrigues, Roberts and Wootton get enough of the ball. I am hoping that a clean sheet can be completed, as it would benefit the defence and Slocombe.
  13. The club might regret not being more hands on in this area, to keep young fans engaged you need to reach out to them.
  14. The goals shows why Ian Burchnall wants to play from the back.
  15. Disappointed to go 2-1 down to them, but the fight to get the win was good. I thought Roberts, Rodrigues and Lacey all did very well.

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