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  1. The best clubs extend their best players contracts the moment they feel clubs might show interest, knowing full well that this would maximize the players valuation or ease them to stay focused. I am hoping Kyle Wootton extends his stay.
  2. I am hoping for a win, but currently I do not expect them. Whoever works the hardest will take the points, possibly a draw with both teams being tied.
  3. Did anyone notice Adam Chicksen moving out the left side, with Connell Rawlinson being central and isolated? I wondered why we did this against Rochdale, but seeing this it seems to give us more men in midfield at times.
  4. It felt like a game against two power house teams, but I will say that in the first half it seemed Rochdale could be on the end of handing out a spanking. The poor distribution, the clearances the keeper gave directly to them and the defensive wobbles. Credit to Notts and Ian Burchnall for coming out stronger in the second half. I think Notts looked a lot more classy all round but nothing takes away the strong team performance by Rochdale.
  5. Good luck to Brennan back at Sheffield Wednesday, I thought he did okay but you would expect a youngster to play better alongside someone experienced.
  6. The club should try to get Neil Warnock down the Lane for a guest appearance, but I do think having some ex players around would be good.
  7. It would be good to progress to the next round, will it happen? I think there's more chance at Meadow Lane.
  8. John Sheridan was intolerable to listen to, I would also point out I like that Ian Burchnall backs his players based on performances and won't make changes just because a player has returned from injury, at the hands of someone who had done better covering.
  9. I am a big fan of Ian Burchnall's post match comments, his well thought out responses and tactical knowledge is a joy. He's not afraid to point things out, in a very constructive and calm manner. He's by far the most enjoyable manager, that I go out of my way to hear what his thoughts are.
  10. I will be at the game, I am in the Pavis Stand. I don't think it will be anywhere near as easy as we'd like, Notts will have to work hard but having seen Solihull defensively they do have weaknesses. Notts and co will have to be mindful to defend bravely for 90 minutes without switching off.
  11. RetroPie

    New wallpapers

    Anything with the single magpie logo would be big hit.
  12. I do think Patterson is worth keeping, its good to have a backup. I am not sure a different loan would work out better and it avoids the club signing someone who will only be released at the end of the season.
  13. I don't think DKE has played that badly to warrant negative comments, its like how the mainstream papers build someone up in order to tear them down. You get the same in football, it doesn't change.
  14. I like my fruit baked, so mixed berries and apple crumble/pie.

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