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  1. I agree with your point, but if Hemmings could have finished from about 3 yards in front of the net, Stead would created a goal by closing them down.
  2. These players are an absolute shambles. They are not technically good enough to stay up, most of them are not up to the standard of L2 football, and there is no way these no-hopers are going to get a couple of wins that may be required. ******* pricks.
  3. I really don't know how that paper survives. The information given is never 'exclusive', there's not even any digging around to establish some more detail that hasn't been reported elsewhere. Same info, 2 days later. Pointless.
  4. Rubbish article. The scoreboard is broken, not turned off to save money ffs
  5. I was already under the impression that this had taken place weeks ago. A bit confused if this is just confirming rumours that were pretty well-spread, or we are any closer to actual completion?
  6. Might be better to list who I wouldn't mind staying: - Toots - O'Brien - Hemmings - Doyle - Bird - Patching - Crawford The rest can do one or will be returning to their parent clubs anyway.
  7. Thing is, he's got his own players hasn't he? Out of the 11 he started on Saturday, 6 were players he brought in; - Schofield - Stubbs - O'Brien - Doyle - Rose - CMS With another 2 on the bench; - Gomis - Barclay I'm not saying these players were to blame, in fact they were of the better performers if you discount CMS and Gomis, but still... You could well be right.
  8. Unfortunately you are right, which is even more worrying. You can potentially fix a lack of effort from one game to the next. However, a lack of quality can't be fixed short-term, won't be fixed this season, and is exactly why we are headed for the conference.
  9. You either laugh or cry at that. Absolutely ****.
  10. I am currently studying with the OU part-time as I work full-time. I'm 2/3rds the way through, so just about to start the final year (which being part-time will take me 2 years).

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