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  1. Below an update after 30 league games. The ratings are firstly an average of all contributors per game, then an average of those ratings across the season. I recorded a total of 23/30 games rated, with us winning 10 of those, drawing 6 and losing 7. Removing the players that haven't played a great deal and in rating order: This I think is quite a fair reflection of our season; 5 of the top 6 most highly rated are either defenders or the goalkeeper, which in consistent with our decent performance at the back. Our midfield and strikers largely feature in the mediocre r
  2. Slocombe - 7 - Good command of his area in the first half where he was bombarded with cross, no real chance with the goals. Rawlinson - 4 - It's his man for both the goals. Ellis - 6 - Dealt with everything thrown at him. Chicksen - 5.5 - Had one dodgy moment, otherwise did OK. Enzio - 2 - Was it a tactic to let them cross it? Allowed so many crosses to come in from their full back in the first half. He's not a defender. Barnett - 0 - I feel like a broken record. He's just not good enough. Reeves - 6 - He wasn't terrible. O'Brien - 5.5 - Runs about. Griffiths - 5 - He
  3. I don't see many reasons for changing what has won us the last two games. Given the current injury/fitness status, this formation makes sense. Wootton comes straight in for Sam (obviously). Knowles starts due to Knight fitness status and hattrick last game. I'm assuming here that Cal Roberts isn't fit to start - otherwise you change everything to fit him in. Hartlepool will be a tough game. We can't play like we did against Woking otherwise we'll be beaten comprehensively. A massive step up needed and it does feel like this game is pivotal for our season; win and we can crack on and s
  4. We've barely seen Wolfe so I'm not sure you can draw that conclusion. We wouldn't have seen Knowles either if Thomas was still here and Roberts fit. They were both signed as emergency backup, Wolfe originally as 5th choice central midfielder (behind Doyle, Sloth, Reeves and O'Brien) and Knowles as 4th* choice striker (behind Wootton, Thomas, Sam, plus probably Roberts and Enzio). I don't agree with signing players on loan just as squad fillers/emergency backup. Effiong with all the ability in the world is a new one to me. I saw a striker that ran around and put himself about, but just wa
  5. Which is why I wouldn't be against signing him permanently for free; he looks to have potential and could be moulded into a very good player. However, we have Knowles on loan and if there's no path to a permanent signing, we are blooding a youngster who isn't ours and isn't good enough to be starting (yet). It's the exact same logic I applied to Wolfe; if he's not good enough now, why are we signing him to develop him for another clubs benefit (turns out we just gave him splinters mostly).
  6. I imagine he's not on much, no. Yes I would be against signing him permanently because I don't think he's worth a fee. Mansfield won't be (I imagine) wanting to let him go without a decent fee and I don't think he's ready to be starting in the NL, so he's a development option. Currently. as Ardley pointed out and can be seen in every single one of his performances, his all-round game isn't good enough, but he's a good finisher. Even today, his performance in the first half was terrible, at points he looked like he'd be outmuscled by the wind. When the chances were presented, however, he
  7. If it were to free up a space for a better loanee or wages for a permanent signing, then absolutely.
  8. Slocombe - 6 - No real chance with the goals, did everything required of him. Chicksen - 6.5 - Adds class to the backline. Played plenty of quality balls to the midfield and front-line. Ellis - 6 - Some poor moments defensively but goes up 1 point for a fantastic goal. Rawlinson - 5.5 - Dodgy moments defensively. Enzio - 5 - He was OK. Doesn't take players on anymore and when he does, often loses the ball. Barnett - 3 - It's the same every week, he just isn't a good footballer. Reeves - 4 - Slow, backwards, negative. When he does try and play it forward, it's so predicta
  9. They've gone with Knowles and Sam up front. I fear the worst.
  10. Kit man? Being more serious, you are right, we don't have anybody else. Personally I would have started with Effiong and Sam up there, but now Effiong has gone, I have no idea who to play there. You can't play either of them alone up top as neither are good enough, so they need to be in a 2 really, but then do you want to waste 2 starting places to the 2 members are the squad that are the weakest?
  11. It wasn't the most convincing win we'll ever see, but important nonetheless. We were terrified for the first 10, 15 minutes. However, once we'd settled, it was quite even. Barring those initial minutes, we were quite solid at the back. I also saw a lot of improvement in the middle; Griffiths offered us much more balance there and combined well with Reeves. Sure, he was a bit naiive at times, but after being thrown in last minute, it was really a good performance. He made runs forward and tried to begin attacks by passing forward and moving into promising positions. Even without the resul
  12. Lineup is confusing. 3 at the back, with wingbacks? No Turner even in the squad, injured again? I fear the worse if Barnett is filling in at CB. Bench looks good though! 3-0 Wrexham.

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