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  1. Scoop: https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/notts-county-refuse-comment-rumoured-3015228
  2. .... because we haven't paid for the new training kit. This is starting to smell more and more like admin is around the corner. In fact, it stinks. I am now thinking admin is the most likely outcome of this whole sorry saga.
  3. How much control was he given over the transfers and how much was in the hands of Guy Branston and the club hierarchy?
  4. Weren't there Danish potential owners when the Trews were trying to sell the club? Seemed 'interested' back then but nothing firm, which is why they ended up selling to Hardy in the first place.
  5. The silence is deafening at this point. It's turned into the media speculating wildly, fans speculating even more, and nobody is any the wiser. The longer this goes on, the more you have to fear for the existence of the football club.
  6. If he signs for a league club then at least we know who will be joining us in non-league.
  7. Scouting is a must for a club the size of Notts that want to progress. You see that a lot of other clubs, in similar stature to Notts, that have done well have a solid scouting network and as a result sign some top players. However, these clubs also appear to be steady, there's a known direction they are heading, a philosophy if you will. With Notts, we change the philosophy every-time we sack a manager, which is 2-3 a season, and reflects in our scatter-gun approach. But yet we persist, throwing our weight behind a failed method, still surprised every time the results come back and we again have underachieved. That's where I would draw the line. A few fans who are knowledgeable in football in their local area perhaps, but all fans would be madness. We'd end up with half saying they've unearthed a new gem, some Lion Messy fella, and the other half claiming gems which are actually regens on Football Manager 2019.
  8. It's all very quiet, nothing leaking as is normal. Probably due to fat head being off twitter. Leigh Curtis hasn't a scoobies as always,
  9. Hall yes, if medically viable. Barclay - no. Wasn't good enough for L2 and won't be good enough to get out the conference.
  10. Desire, skill, flash and Kristian Dennis in the same sentence? Must've missed that one.
  11. Revisit this topic half way through the season when we've been spanked 5-0 away at Boreham Wood.
  12. This might be a bit harsh, but really it should be 'at a league club', seeing as we're non-league now.

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