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  1. Super_Danny_Allsopp


    I think the things you are posting are exactly why some people did vote for Brexit.
  2. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    "An Evening With Kevin Nolan"

    What was said?
  3. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Biggest derby in League Two?

    Lincoln - Grimsby.
  4. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Renaming stadium?

  5. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Match Discussion: Game 7 - The Grecians (A)

    To be honest, it's not the worse performance I've ever seen. As said, the first is just one of those, the second is a massive mistake from Thomas. Hewitt is playing well. Ox-Chamberlain looks a bit out of his depth, and not on the same wavelength as Enzo. Also he looks a bit lacksey-daisy. Playing with Vaughan is like having one man in midfield defensively. Hemmings and Dennis not clicking.
  6. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Match Discussion: Game 7 - The Grecians (A)

    First is just one of those that goes against you when you're without luck. The second is stupid, was that Thomas trying to dribble out in a stupid position? Can't be doing that there, he had so many other options. Stupid, stupid decision.
  7. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Kewell and the gang

    DF resigned? Be interested to know the reasons for this.
  8. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Twitter worth re joining?

    Never joined it, only look now and again as others (AH) and Notts media team seem to prefer it over Facebook
  9. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Nolan gone

    Cheers. Didn't know that.
  10. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Nolan gone

    I know, and I agree, but managers and especially rookie managers, make mistakes. It's about sticking with them through this learning progress. Instead we have to pay compo for someone who could be better, or could be worse, to inherit the same squad looking to the same magic money tree?
  11. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    I am so annoyed!

    This is paraphrasing, but you get the gist: 'I don't know L2 or what their fixtures have been, they probably played the 5 best teams in the league....' Yeah... Newport
  12. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    I am so annoyed!

    Some of these so called pundits and media personalities get on my nerves. They haven't the slightest clue about L2 football but wade in on the debate. Stick to Man City and Chelsea you buffoons.
  13. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    I am so annoyed!

    Likely KN used the budget as an excuse to move them on. Liam Noble is **** and he wanted to leave anyway? Funny to see his spelling ability is on par with his footballing ability.
  14. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Do you believe in Aliens?

    I believe Aliens have, will, and probably do exist. The only thing is time. Are there intellectual beings that occupy the inexplicably brief amount of time as us? Maybe, maybe not. Then factor in the distance, doubt we'll ever know if our lifetimes.
  15. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Do you believe in Aliens?

    That is the definition of an alien. A living thing from a world that is not our own.

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