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  1. My worry is that we haven't learnt from the pasting that Harrogate handed us in the play-off final. Not only that, every team has seen that final and will know what to do to get a result against us. When a team presses us, we have no way of working through the press and will turn the ball over. Our midfield are still getting overrun and it's ending in poor performances (half of Alfreton and Telford) and poor results (York and Harrogate v2). The supposed solution introduced by Ardley, the diamond, hasn't worked at all. Then there is the depth. As @ARLukomski said above, there's a lot
  2. Let's pretend that we can judge based on pre-season games and a FA trophy loss to Harrogate Town.... Round 1: Rose v. Reeves - Reeves started very well, but against Harrogate and York today, he was average/poor. Having said that, he could just have the edge on Rose for me at the minute, just... Verdict: Reeves Round 2: Crawford v Sloth - We've hardly seen anything of Sloth. What we did see he was largely OK. Verdict: Unknown. Round 3: Sam/Knowles v Dennis - Sam looks a very worrying signing. Absolute garbage today and hasn't been inspiring any ot
  3. That was really, really bad. Negatives: Enzo (usual floating about performance), Sam (absolute tosh, didn't even look like he'd played football before), Knowles (headless chicken). That front 3 is embarrassing. If more than one of them is starting at the same time, I fear for us. Positives: It was pre-season.
  4. It's currently HT. 0-2 York. I can't remember the last time we were so poor. As has been common in this pre-season, we are again in a diamond and again it isn't working. The build up play is sooooooo sloooooooow, I think a pub teams over 35s will manage to get 11 players back behind the ball before we even get out our own half. The quality of our passing is shocking. We have not troubled them once, have we even been inside their box? Get a ******* grip Notts!
  5. Interesting is one way to put it. What exactly are we delaying the season for? This problem isn't going to be fixed in 2 weeks, nor a month. When you accept that delaying the season won't solve anything, there's only 2 options left; proceed with difficulty or don't. The 'don't' option still means players have to be paid unless you can offload them to other clubs, which is difficult (near impossible) as nobody at this level is playing. This means the main financial burden, player's wages, are still there. All that is being avoided is the extra cost of training and match day, such as logis
  6. Not wanting to do a full rating as so many of the performances were 'meh'. However, ones that stood out: - Rawlinson and Graham had a great game. So did Slocombe. - Rodrigues is a fantastic find. Goes past players with ease and great passing ability. Roberts was useless before the injury. Consistently overplaying, predictable and lazy passes to team mates when he realised he couldn't beat his man. I'm assuming the 6 above is a sympathy thing due to the injury.
  7. At this stage, and I hope I'm not forced to eat my words, there seems to be very few 'bone idles' in the squad. Obviously there's always question marks over Enzio and given previous reputation, Casper Sloth's work-rate is also questionable. However, beyond that, I can't think of anyone else. Some players will naturally have a big tank; you want the O'Briens and Reeves to be running about all day. While others, your Cal Roberts for example, you want to be sprinting here and there; explosive running. You see that no matter what the level, the best players are the ones that combine hard wor
  8. I get this argument, but I think it is much less plausible that a couple of thousand Notts fans, coming from various parts of Nottingham and beyond, with the majority probably driving, on their way to sit outside at a massive stadium.... could be worse than a few buses jammed full with snotty nose kids, all from similar areas, on their way to sit inside a small room with at least 20 others?
  9. Due to rising Corona cases, is the current news circulating. The argument is that NL clubs can't survive without crowds. This really is beginning to frustrate me now. What have the authorities been doing since March?! A rise in cases is expected, we have to learn that we must continue with life and live with this virus. If you look at the sheer density of fixtures, a delay of even 2 weeks will cause havoc. A delay of more than a month, you can forget about finishing the season in its present format. I know that BT Sport have some arrangement with rights to broadcasting etc..., but s
  10. Capable of winning the league? Could be. However, 'comfortably' is a bit of a stretch. There's a handful of good teams in this league that will push for that top spot. It's very rare when a team runs away with it.
  11. https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2020/september/away-kit-launch-160920/ Glad to see that Jake Bugg is back on board. For me it's decent, I prefer the home kit, but that is usual. Could see it being a bit bright for some?
  12. This is terrible news. I thought something would change for them, they've been signing a load of players and announcing them, only the other day I was following who they were signing out of interest. Gutted for their fans, we've teetered on the edge so many times, looking into the abyss, it'd be soul destroying to actually fall into it.
  13. If McCrory and DKE are our wingers for more than 45 minutes, we are fucked.
  14. A backup winger is clearly missing. An injury to Enzio or Roberts and we start putting square pegs in round holes... Jim O'brien and Rodrigues on the wing would be a guess, or maybe Wes Thomas? I still worry about the backup positions for CB. Lacey and Rawlinson are solid, but will inevitably be injured / need resting, Graham and Turner don't fill me with the same confidence.

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