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  1. Yes. Losing Reeves is neither here nor there, as long as it's isolated. If Slocombe has his head turned, JOB doesn't fancy it, we will have a big overhaul on our hands.
  2. Positive news. Seems a good fit for IB and still a very good option to play a part of our season if needed.
  3. Taller would be helpful too. JOB, Griffiths, Doyle, Reeves. Have to have had the smallest central midfield in the league.
  4. To give this a bit of context. When asked at the start of May, 3 out of 4 of us said we would let Reeves go. Fast forward a few weeks after we played well under IB, we were as a whole about 50/50 about keeping him or letting him go. In summary, we weren't too fussed either way.
  5. Certainly a shame to lose him, he's a decent player and covers a lot of ground. However, for me it's not an unreplaceable loss. There were people calling for Reeves to be put into Doyle's role, but he doesn't have the passing range to be able to do that. He can play as one of the other 2 midfielders with licence to go forward, but again his instinct was to pass sideways and backwards. His main strengths in my mind was that he has lots of legs and technically decent. Those aren't qualities that are that rare at this level, though. Big rebuild for the midfield this year. So far only JOB offered a contract, Doyle offered assistant manager with limited playing time.
  6. Yep, exactly like we were with Roberts. If you wait, you risk the bigger clubs becoming interesting. Notts County are an attractive club for players at this level, but not compared to a League One club like Ipswich.
  7. Good thread. Like your list @Chris and your optimism, but think most of those players are well out of our capability to sign (as in they won't drop to the NL). Some of the players that played against us this season, from the top of my head: Goalkeeper Harry Isted: GK that played for Wealdstone on loan from Luton Town. Always has a great game against us and a good shot stopper. Still quite young for a keeper (24) and could be a replacement should Slocombe leave. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Isted CB Pierce Bird - Think we're familiar with Pierce. Liked him as a player but it was clear Ardley didn't, hence him being released. He's played very well for Eastleigh this year and since coming into the side early in the season as their CB got injured, he's been a stalwart since. If we want to play out from the back, Pierce's left peg would be a fine asset to have and he can step out from defence as a left sided CB in a back 3. He's been offered a contract by Eastleigh, but could be tempted to return to Notts, I imagine. CM/CAM Sonny Carey is a great CM/CAM playing for Kings Lynn. However, I think he's going a lot further up the pyramid (https://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/the-rise-of-kings-lynn-midfielder-sonny-carey-8069304) Connor Lemonheigh-Evans - 24 year old attacking midfielder/winger/second striker at Torquay. Direct and got 9 goals for Torquay this season. Contract expires in the summer, again probably depends on the result from tomorrows game. Will have a few clubs looking at him. Wingers Isaac Olaofe - the young winger that ripped us apart for Sutton. He's on loan from Milwall and I imagine they will now loan him to L2/L1, or keep them in their own squad. Rhys Oates - Attacker and he is out of contract and if Hartlepool don't go up, we could try and nab their star man. It's a stretch, but worth exploring IMO. Will demand a fairly sizeable wage I imagine. If they do go up (and I believe they will), he'll probably stay with Hartlepool. Strikers Kabongo Tshimanga is a great striker that would offer a lot in our team. Looks to make runs in behind and is direct with a good shot on him. He's only 23 and got a goal every 2nd game for Oxford City and Boreham Wood. I imagine that he will get a move to the EFL - league one probably. However, if we could get him in, it'd be a real show of intent. Imagine having a front 5 of Wootton, Roberts, Rodrigues, Miller and Tshimanga. Sam Barratt: Striker that scored 1 in 2 for Maidenhead. He's had his injury problems before and perhaps again this season. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Barratt If I could choose one out of that list, it'd be Tshimanga. I think he's exactly what is missing from our attack. @Piethagoram had some great scouting reports after some of our games that are worth a look back over.
  8. Exactly my thoughts. Even Southgate's interview after the game was Ardley-esque.
  9. Ellis is very good in the air, but he was poor when the ball was on the floor in his vicinity. I think he's a good player, but like others say maybe not exactly what we wanted going forward.
  10. Big loss if Sam goes and he will be very hard to replace. Been a consistent performer for 2 solid seasons with us.
  11. Enzio is capable of performing at a high level - just not often enough or consistent enough for me. However, at teams that could be lower down in the tables of their relevant leagues, a winger performing well 1 in 3 games or 1 in 4, is more palatable than a team going for top spot.
  12. Pretty much as expected. Glad we haven't seen a mega overhaul which I think would be damaging. The enigma AKA Enzio being released could raise some eyebrows for a few. I'm expecting at least a couple of those released to be popping up down the road at Solihull... Ben Turner maybe, Damien McCrory.... I think keeping hold of Slocombe is key for us, quality keeper at this level. Out of those already contracted, you'd think it'd be just Sam that maybe we'd try and offload.
  13. Keepers Slocombe - 7.5 - Very dependable and rarely lets you down. Fairly comfortable with the ball at his feet and a good shot stopper. Also commands his area to some degree. You won't find a much better keeper at this level. Pilling - 5 - Takes too many risks with his feet, but looked to be a good shot stopper. Can't command his area and in the NL where we struggled with height all season, a small keeper won't help. When Slocombe was injured we instantly signed a new keeper, which tells you enough. Steele - 4 - Thought he was quite poor in the games he played. Slow to get down to shots and slow reaction saves. Brooks - N/A - On-loan / didn't play for us. Defenders DKE - 6.5 - Tenacious, hard-working and passionate. Every NL club needs players like DKE. A bit one dimensional going forward (can't really beat a man) and his lack of height can be exploited at the back. Brindley - 6 - Injured for a lot of the campaign. For me he seems to drift through games, never doing anything spectacular or terrible, a fairly solid and calm performer. Golden - N/A Richardson - N/A Rawlinson - 6.5 - Was immense at times this season, but didn't look confident as the right part of a back 3. Lacey - 6.5 - Injury cut his season short. Still a great defender at this level. Ellis - 7 - Goals and assist ratio is better than most strikers in the league. Massive in the hear, suspect on the ground. Turner - 3.5 - Disaster waiting to happen. Still have visions of him in that playoff final and his performances this season actually reinforced them. Graham - N/A - Waste of a signing. Sent back to parent club. McCrory - N/A - Injured all season. Adam Chicksen - 5.5 - Anonymous for most of the season, perhaps not fancied by Ardley. Played a key role under IB and one of our best players in the last few games. Barnett - 3 - Showed promise with athletic ability early on. Faded quickly as his lack of technical ability came to the fore. Midfielders Roberts - N/A - Injured all season. Enzio - 5.5 - Few flashes in the pan and a few games where his confidence looked shot. Just not able to produce consistently enough. JOB - 6 - Barely used at the start of the season, came into his own under IB. Was sorely missed in the playoffs. Doyle - 6.5 - Still bosses a midfield with a great passing range probably unmatched in this league. Gets caught out when players run past him due to lack of pace. Forgivable at his age though. Docked half a point for his role in the chuckle brothers act under Ardley. Reeves - 6 - It started so well. It then deteriorated into mind-numbing boring 3 foot passes sideways and backwards. Got a couple of long distance goals. Improved under IB. Sloth - N/A - Left having never played for us in a competitive game. Ruben Rodrigues - 7 - Showed lots of promise, but never flourished under Ardley. Given free reign under IB and improved noticeably. Seems to glide past players and plays some sublime passes. Also completes a lot of running and closing down, which is not something you'd assume from a player like RR. Regan Griffiths - 5 - Not much game-time and while he didn't impress greatly, he performed OK, hence the middle of the road rating. Miller - 6 - I've included him in the midfielders for a very good reason. A defender he is not. Bad start at LB but when moved to the wing back role really excelled with pace and direct running. Areas of the game he needs to improve on, such as first touch. Wolfe - N/A - Another odd loan signing. Barely played. Forwards Thomas - N/A - Didn't play then left under a cloud of rumours. Wootton - 7 - Must've played almost every minute of a long, gruelling season. Hold up play as solid as ever, and added a good goal tally despite a (very) difficult period. Sam - 3.5 - Disappointing. A few signs of promise that were soon replaced with bewilderment. Looks like there's a good player in there, just can't see anybody being so patient to get it out. Doesn't look to have a very good understanding of the game (teammates/managers always instructing him on the field). Knowles - 4 - Not up to the standard of the league but contributed a few goals anyway. Clearly has an eye for goal, but lacks so many other parts of the game. Knight - N/A - Never really got to see enough of him before he dropped out the squad. Looked quick.

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