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  1. Slocombe - 6.5 - Did what he needed to do but despite having a couple of chances, Solihull never really tested him. DKE - 7.5- Great performance from him. Excellent defensively and tried to get forward. Almost scored a screamer. Rawlinson - 7.5 - Solid as usual. Lacey - 8 - Solid, with great pass for the opener. Miller - 5.5 - I'm not convinced he's a defender. He was all at sea in the opening 10 minutes, but improved thereafter. Enzio - 7 - Was quite poor up until the opener where he pins the defender and spins him excellently. On a plate for Wootton, too. Reeves - 4 - Rea
  2. He was decent when he came on today and his run and cut back were good. However, he needs those bits of space behind to be able to run into because the other areas of his game aren't good enough, from what I've seen. Depending on who the opposition is, it would be good to see him start against a team that will attack / play a high line. FYI: I would still send him back and get in somebody better.
  3. Very, very poor. Notts playing their usual way, too slow, no creativity and no cutting edge. Miller, Enzio, Effiong and Wootton all been poor. Not as poor as Reeves however, who has been dire. Solihull the better side. Get Rodrigues on ffs.
  4. Hope the game is on as it could be our last of this season, or at least one of our last games. Chicksen is an odd one, he hasn't even been mentioned recently. Assuming Brindley is out (which is a shame because he was excellent against Torquay), I'd go with the following: Reeves' form has dropped recently and it could be a good moment to give Wolfe a start.
  5. Wes Thomas is 34. Not exactly somebody you are developing for the future. That doesn't make a lot of sense though does it? As Notts were already paying him to do exactly that. No club around our level, in the current climate, would sign a player to pay him while he self-isolates for an indefinite period. Especially not a 34 year old. I think it extremely unlikely to the point I don't know why we are even considering it. If he signs for a club, it will be to play. I'm not bothered he has left (quite happy actually as it frees up a decent wage as Wes Thomas clearly had no inte
  6. I would be flabbergasted if a club signed him and paid him not to play. Have I been transported to some alternate reality?
  7. Yep. I imagine his fear of Covid has evaporated. Funny that.
  8. If he claimed his reason for not working was Covid anxiety - or whatever you want to call it - and then he signs for somebody else and his Covid anxiety miraculously disappears, then it matters. If that happens, I hope Notts use their lawyers to claim back the wages they wrongly paid to a player for not working for no valid reason.
  9. Let's hope the protecting his family thing and Covid as the reason for not bothering to train was genuine. Call me a pessimist, but I have my doubts. Perhaps Covid-19 hasn't quite made it to Hertfordshire.
  10. We don't have any natural goal scorers in this team. So many times we are overplaying or missing big chances. I've said it before and I'll say it again: If Knowles is a goal scorer then either use him or send him back and get another one in who will actually play.
  11. Slocombe 6 - Generally OK, couple of dodgy decision making but not paid to pay. Brindley 7.5 - Very good defensively, some great last-ditch tackles. Rawlinson 7.5 - Excellent. Lacey 7.5 - Excellent. Kelly-Evans 7.5 - Very good defensively and joined attacks with effect sometimes. Doyle 7.5 - Spreading passes about and did a captain's job by being in the referee's ear to put Notts' point across, counteracting the Torquay players doing the same. Whether intentional or not, when he goes forward to stand over the player rolling around after Enzio's challenge early on, it
  12. I'm quite worried the direction the UK government is going. Now it seems to want to pursue the elimination method. Somebody needs to tell them they probably should've done that a whole year ago....
  13. For 2 weeks: https://www.thenationalleague.org.uk/national-league-statement-two-week-suspension-to-n-65013 What a complete shambles that is. Suspended? What exactly do they think will change in the next 2 weeks? Clubs like Dorking have said that it is 'not safe' to carry on. You can bet every penny you have that it'd be safe enough should the government have kept giving them money. Most of these clubs that were suspending their seasons with or without NL gratification are clubs around the relegation spots... what a surprise. I fear the National League won't be far behind.
  14. That really was quite an awful side, with the exception of Pilkington, Hunt, Butcher and maybe even Weston. The rest are absolute dross. I remember a few signing from Boston (Steve Thompson link?) and we really were scratching around for players from anywhere for very little. It's amazing that this team even stayed up.
  15. Can remember we lost to them before in the FA Cup, was it around 2007 time? Seem to remember it was Matt Somner playing, who should on talent have been playing for them rather than us.

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