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  1. Match Discussion: Game 19 - The Glovers (A)

    Fitzsimmons - 6 - Didn't really have anything to do. Toots - 7 - Solid defensively and an option going forward Brisley - 6.5 - Couple of iffy moments but generally solid. Duffy - 4 - Generally OK but to give a penalty away like that is really idiotic. Dickinson - 4.5 - Still can't pass. Aimless balls. Hawk - 6 - Some good touches. Yates - 7 - Thought he was really improving with his passing in the first half but second half was back to normal. Tackled well. Milsom - 6 - Steady Grant - 4.5 - Was really bad today. Wasteful and some really terrible touches. Off-day. Stead - 6.5 - Thought he played well whilst he was on. Alessandra - 5 - Anonymous Forte - 7 - Dangerous when he got a sniff of the ball. Yeovil were a really, really poor side. We should be putting them away easily. Today showed that if Stead & Ameobi aren't involved, and Grant isn't firing, we haven't got a lot of other options.
  2. Danny Rose

    They will want mega money for him nowadays, gone are the days where good quality lower league strikers could be picked up for under 50k.
  3. do we need to strengthen in january?

    For me we need another CB and a pacey striker. Perhaps another CM who can pass on the floor, we have Walker, so perhaps Noble can fill that void.
  4. Fitzsimmons. If it wasn't for his distribution, I wouldn't have voted either.
  5. Match Discussion: Game 14 - The Alex (A)

    Based of a starting point of 5: Fitzsimmons - 7 - Didn't do anything wrong, no chance with either goal. Good distribution. Tootle - 2 - Rubbish in possession. Aimless hoofs forward. Hewitt - 1 - Couldn't deal with Porter. Headless chicken. Duffy - 1 - See Hewitt. Dickinson - 3 - Technically barely a footballer, can't pass but defended half-decently. Walker - 3 - Not in the game. Feel a bit sorry for him, clearly one of our technically better footballers but put out wide right and must have neck-ache watching the balls ping pong over his head. Yates - 2 - Poor. Can't pass forward. Bossed by Crewe's midfield. Milsom - 2 - Needs new boots, spent most of the game on the floor. Other than that, passed sideways and backwards. As with Yates, overran by Crewe's midfield. Hawkridge - 1 - Didn't win anything, crap in possession, weak physically and so predictable with the cut in from the left. Lost the ball endlessly. Alessandra - 1 - Ghost. Didn't win anything at any point in the game, no creativity. Forte - 1 - Won **** all. Looked lazy. Grant - 5 - Offered some technical ability that was lacking. Nothing came off though. Stead - 5 - Won a couple of balls. As with Grant, nothing came off. Ameobi - 4.5 - At least put himself about. Didn't really do owt though. Nolan - 2 - Not sure what tactics he was trying to play. If you're going to play two pacey strikers, put someone in the centre of midfield who can actually pass forward. Grant or Walker would have sufficed. Instead, and I'm hoping this wasn't the instruction, we had Yates, Dickinson and Tootle doing their best Haydn Hollis impression and seeing how high they could smack the ball in the general direction of the other half of the field. Ref & linesman - 3 - Strange decisions and equally bad for both sides, but at least it was somewhat balanced. Were influenced by Crewe's managers' weird touchline antics.
  6. Match Discussion: Game 14 - The Alex (A)

    Very, very poor half. Not sure what kind of tactics we are supposed to be playing to. We've hoofed almost every ball to Alessandra and Forte. In all fairness, the two of them have won **** all and Forte in particular looks lazy. They are never gonna win Dicko's hit and hope to nowhere balls, Toots seems to be mirroring his fellow full-back. Neither Milsom nor Yates are capable of picking the right through ball to unlock Crewe's defence. If we continue with these two up-front, we need a Grant, and perhaps Walker in the middle, to thread those passes through. Yates is generally hoofing it aswell. Defence doesn't look great, Hewitt seems OKish but Duffy looks vulnerable. Mention to Fitzsimmons who hasn't done anything wrong and has good distribution. Either change the front two or put someone in the centre of the park that can pass forward on the floor and let the full backs know not to mindlessly hoof it, or in Dicko's case, play a short ball to anyone else who is capable of passing with some accuracy.
  7. Ratings v Exeter (A)

    A big team performance and deserved 3 points. Collin - 7.5 - Didn't do a thing wrong really, made some important saves but nothing spectacular needed. Comfortable. Hunt - 7 - So much experience and you can see it, struggles against pace late on but his brain and calmness helps him immensely. Duffy - 7.5 - Didn't notice him a great deal, so must have played well as a CB. Dealt with strong physical presence of Reid well. Hewitt - 7.5 - See Duffy Dickinson - 5.5 - I might be being a tad harsh, but his use of the ball in possession is shocking. Easily our worst technical player, was OK defensively and made a couple of half decent runs. Walker - 6.5 - Did the nitty gritty work with a couple of decent balls in a position that is not his own. Almost caught out of position a couple of times. Yates - 7 - Usual battling performance. Couple of bad passes. Milsom - 8 - Battling performance with a bit more quality on the ball than Yates. Kept us ticking over and seemed to halve another second on the ball than anyone else on the pitch. Hawkridge - 6.5 - Some decent touches and runs, sloppy in possession at times. Worked hard as always. Stead - 7 - Excellent in the first 20 and looked very dangerous, some neat touches and some not so... Alessandra - 7.5 - Odd to see him winning so many hoof-balls up to him, not sure if that was all him or Exeter's sloppy defence played a part. Well taken goal in the 1st/2nd minute, and a constant pain for Exeter. Subs: Grant - 7.5 - Didn't do a great deal, which sounds odd as he scored two goals, but got in the right positions and finished well. A menace. Forte - 7 - Brilliant assist for the winner, pace is a menace and has an impact from the bench or when starting... options... Smith - N/A Ref - 7 - Thought he was pretty decent tonight.
  8. Hard to say, big team performance but thought Milsom had a good game.
  9. do we hate on our own players?

    I think the negativity in Notts fans is as a result of being utter dross for many many years.
  10. Mansfailed watch

    Isn't she an ex-exscort, which is another word for a prostitute? See some people actually fancy her - can't see the attraction myself. Face been done by a crap plasterer and a two year old with a crayon, horrible!
  11. Match Discussion: Game 3 - The Chairboys (A)

    Much better in the 2nd half. Still not sure why we have him on loan though, a similar type of player to Hewitt and Milsom.
  12. Match ratings Coventry City v Notts

    Don't agree, he was quite neat in possession, only made one mistake I can remember.
  13. Match Discussion: Game 1 - Sky Blues (A)

    The players did most of the momentum killing, and at times the Cov players went down too easily but smart on their part. To stop the game being killed the ref could have produced some yellow cards, but I don't think it would have helped a deal. I don't think it was a penalty. Whilst I've seen them given, it would've been a very soft penalty indeed. Think the ref was right on that one. However the assistant to Notts fans left was poor. He missed a blatant handball outside the area and made a couple of other wrong decisions, but they were right in front of him and far away from the ref, so can't blame the ref for those. I think if the ref donned a Notts' shirt and played for us we would still have lost.
  14. Match Discussion: Game 1 - Sky Blues (A)

    With IFollow using Windows and Chrome - the quality was pretty good to be fair. There were about 5 minutes where it was a bit jittery but apart from that a very decent stream. Not sure why the sound was just noise from the ground and not commentary (should be able to choose home or away commentators). When I loaded Stall and the new guy they were behind at first by 2 seconds, then in front by a second, which was annoying. I only paid a 5er to watch on the day as £130 quid seemed a lot to shell out on an unknown service. I'm going to the next couple of league games and won't watch the JPT anyway, so I think I will pay another 5er to assess a game and then pay the full £130 if it's decent. Jones was abysmal though - it wasn't just the one incident where he practically let them score, he did it on numerous occasions. If I were KN I'd honestly be trying to get rid of Dicko and bring in another LB perhaps on loan.

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