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  1. Match Discussion: Game 34 - The Exiles (A)

    That was terrible. Pure hoof ball... ball hardly touched the floor.
  2. Match Discussion: Game 32 - The Bees (A)

    ******* terrible! Feel sorry for the Notts fans that traveled after a pasting on TV to be dealt that load of ****. Out-fought and out battled in the first half. Only improved in the 2nd because Barnet gave up. Won't give detailed marks but something like this out of 10: 3 - Ameobi. 2 - Collin, Milsom, Husin, Forte, Jones 1- Grant, Tootle, Brisley, Duffy -10 : Hawkridge. Waste of a ******* shirt. Nolan - 1 - ******* awful. No fight, no quality, no idea. Don't want to hear any excuses after that ****. Feel sorry for Bennett, looks like his hamstring has gone. This side ain't getting us promoted. Start of the bin-list for the end of the season: Hawkridge, Dickinson, Walker, Duffy
  3. Match Discussion: Game 32 - The Bees (A)

    3 points please. ---------------Collin-------------------- ---Toots---Duffy---Brisley--Jones--- -Alessandra--Husin--Hewitt--Grant- ----------Stead---Bennett-------------
  4. Are we stronger now that the transfer window is over?

    CM: Some seem to forget that Yates could barely pass to a fellow 'Pie in his first few games, and that his passing, whilst improving, was probably below that of even Hewitt. The strength of Yates was his ability to get about the pitch and break play up, which he did well. Husin, from what we've seen of him so far, is a better technical footballer. I think he will need to work on his closing down and rough and tumble tackling, but so far the signs are promising. Noble is very good backup and can come on and thread some lovely balls, but has the habit of going missing. For me, Virtue is not a backup for Hewitt. We have missed Hewitt when he's played out of position or injured/ill, and this is because as yet Virtue is not up to the same level, and Noble doesn't provide that type of play. I'm not really sure why we have Virtue, he doesn't seem to be an improvement of what we've already got, and of CMs, we have plenty. CB: We let go of Hollis, who was a known quantity, and we've brought in a loanee, who is somewhat an unknown, so it is hard to judge. Hopefully this lad is seen as an actual backup to CB, as Hollis was only going to be used if 2 or more of Hewitt, Duffy or Brisley were unavailable. ST: Far too early to judge Bennett, but from what we've seen so far, it looks like a positive signing. I feel a bit for Forte, because the tactics have now changed slightly which would be more adapted to his game. Our 'before January' tactics were hoof it long to Ameobi and Stead, try and get the 2nd ball, and if not, let the hounds of Yates and Hewitt track them down to try and win the ball back again. Now we have Husin and players like Noble, we are much more well equipped to string a number of good passes together and unlock the defence on the floor, something that Forte could have contributed to this. However, even though we've seen little of Bennett, he looks like he could be a better player than Forte. Other Positions: Like most L2 teams, take away a couple of our normal starting 11 and we'll be OK, any more than that, you see the lack of strength in depth. Hunt is slow and perhaps a bit past it, Dickinson is slow and perhaps never had it, combine them with slow CBs and you will get torn apart by a pacey attack (see Swansea). Also, take away a midfield battler like Hewitt, and I don't see anyone in the squad that can replace him. Also injuries to Stead and Ameobi at a similar time would cause us plenty of problems.
  5. Anyone heard any rumours about signings

    I agree. Hewitt has been ever-present in CM and we missed him on Saturday. He's OK as cover for CB, but really we should have a 3rd CB, only takes suspension/injury to Brisley and Duffy and we've got Steady Eddy back in again. Really need a CB and a pacey striker.
  6. Signing incoming?

  7. Hard to say really, no stand-out performance. I went for Toots.
  8. Match Discussion: Game 28 - Red Imps (A)

    Decent point in the end. Some last ditch defending. Green and Rhead caused us no amount of problems.
  9. Match Discussion: Game 28 - Red Imps (A)

    Switched off for their goal. KN will be fuming.
  10. Forest's new manager

    What does his last name rhyme with? Clue: It's not banker.
  11. A year on Mr Hardy match offer

    Great offer. Hope it pays off with a good performance and a big crowd.
  12. Jorge Grant to Bradfud

    Rumoured.... same reporter as the Yates fiasco. Reporting a 500k bid. Whilst we will lose Grant, I don't begrudge Grant leaving the scum permanently. Apparently he has a release clause at the above amount.
  13. Yates to Scunthope United on loan?

    This is the problem when dealing with **** clubs like f*rest. It doesn't make any sense for the player, a period of stability and a full season chasing promotion under Kevin Nolan would have improved his game immensely, even more than the last 6 months have shown. f*rest are owned by a known match-fixer and their latest manager (for 6 months) doesn't know English football well. Good luck to Ryan Yates, it's a shame for him his contract is with such a poorly ran club, but hey ho. I wouldn't wish him to flop at Scunny as he's always put 100% in for us. Maybe now Alan Hardy, after all his talks of a closer relationship with that lot over the river, will realise that they can't be trusted. Perhaps better to form a relationship with a bigger club, like Derby for example.
  14. Match Discussion: Game 24 - The Shrimps (A)

    A strange game really. We never seemed to get out of 2nd gear (not that we needed to) and just sort of plodded along in the game and the scoreline seemed like an inevitability by the end. A point to note though that Morecambe were especially poor, probably the worst I've seen this season. They can't play like that every week because they've had some decent results against some good sides, but yesterday they were abysmal. Steven Old was rubbish at the back, as he was 10 years ago when I watched him in the A-league. 50p head. His mate didn't help either, it seemed that Stead was allowed to take balls down or win headers with very little resistance, we didn't see him flailing on the floor for most of the game as we usually do. Then to mention the gigantic gap between defence and midfield that they gave us free access to. Jorge Grant and Alessandra had all the space, and their midfield didn't seem to keen is closing it down and their defence definitely weren't about to step up. After watching that, you can see 100% we made the correct decision letting Adam Campbell go. It was a typical Campbell performance we saw yesterday, and we've seen it oh so many times before, lots of running about, some neat touches, but ultimately 0 impact on the game and couldn't finish in a brothel. You have to worry for the lad as if he can't make it at a team like Morecambe, he will drop out of the league. Some pleasing things for us were the defending which was generally solid - only a wonder goal prevented a clean sheet. Hewitt, Yates and Walker all looked really clever on the ball. I don't know why we don't try and keep the ball on the ground when we're obviously the technically better side, as we were yesterday. There were some periods of nice play, but some seem scared to make a mistake. You're 3, 4 to none up, away from home and 75 mins on the clock? Get the ball on the deck and spray it about a bit.
  15. Match Discussion: Game 19 - The Glovers (A)

    Fitzsimmons - 6 - Didn't really have anything to do. Toots - 7 - Solid defensively and an option going forward Brisley - 6.5 - Couple of iffy moments but generally solid. Duffy - 4 - Generally OK but to give a penalty away like that is really idiotic. Dickinson - 4.5 - Still can't pass. Aimless balls. Hawk - 6 - Some good touches. Yates - 7 - Thought he was really improving with his passing in the first half but second half was back to normal. Tackled well. Milsom - 6 - Steady Grant - 4.5 - Was really bad today. Wasteful and some really terrible touches. Off-day. Stead - 6.5 - Thought he played well whilst he was on. Alessandra - 5 - Anonymous Forte - 7 - Dangerous when he got a sniff of the ball. Yeovil were a really, really poor side. We should be putting them away easily. Today showed that if Stead & Ameobi aren't involved, and Grant isn't firing, we haven't got a lot of other options.

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