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  1. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Match Ratings v Newport

    As regards to the goals, hard to see who's fault it was, I just assumed Stubbs or Barclay as they are CBs, but the crowd of bodies made it hard to distinguish, could easily have been Rose. Another point to mention is that Doyle was constantly beaten in the air, as well. I'm not saying he's too blame, because he isn't the tallest, and Newport looked like giants in comparison.
  2. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Match Ratings v Newport

    Back down to Earth with a crash. Bit of perspective for us. Schofield - 4.5 - Not commanding, too slow coming off his line and you can see his CBs don't trust him. Rose - 5 - Can't say he did a lot wrong. Stubbs - 3 - Lost the fight with Newport's big lads. Barclay - 3 - See Stubbs. Milsom - 3 - Lost the aerial duel which was where the match was won. Enzio - 5 - Largely anonymous. A few good runs. Doyle - 3 - Looked tired. Usual bite and passing not on it today. O'Brien - 6.5 - MOM - Good touches, some wayward passing. Good shots. Alessandra - 1 - Absolute rubbish. Gave the ball away constantly, left passes short. Gomis - 4 - Anonymous. Touch is dire. Hemmings - 2 - Demonstrated exactly why he's on the bench. Will stay there the way he's played. Negative attitude. Stead - 5.5 - Came on and showed how much we miss him when he's not on the pitch CMS - 5.5 - See Stead.
  3. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Match Discussion: Game 30 - The Exiles (H)

    Alessandra and Hemmings showing exactly why they were dropped at the moment.
  4. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Branislav leaves

    Makes you wonder why we signed him, a number of managers didn't consider him worthy to start, even when the keeper starting was terrible... Surely be better to have a youngster as a 3rd keeper?
  5. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    where are they now...Alan Gow #387 in a series of one

    Really good technical player, but as I remember it, made of glass..
  6. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    In case you want a laugh...

    A very balanced and well thought out review of the game from a Stags fan: http://inancienttimes.co.uk/?p=1045 Highlight comes when he criticises our attendance despite being double their average home attendance, and when they took more fans to Notts away than they get at home. Obviously the generations of inbreeding has affected his sight!
  7. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Should Notts try to sign Craig Mackail-Smith permanently?

    If CMS is off contract at the end of the season, he would be worth a look, wages depending. As for Dennis, he can go to the highest bidder.
  8. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Ratings Notts v Mansfield

    Schofield N/A Nothing to do. Someone should have given the poor lad a chair. Rose 8 Assured is the best word to use. Dangerous going forwards Stubbs 9 Didn't hear a peep out of their strikers, won everything that came their way. Barclay 9 As per Stubbs Milsom 7.5 Defensively solid, didn't venture forwards often. O'Brien 8 - So solid, with some excellent balls. Doyle 8.5 - Got under the skin of the Mansfield snowflakes, Grant in particular. Won the battle against Bish, but to be fair to Bish he had no help, whereas Doyle had plenty. Boldewijn 7.5 Not really involved in an attacking sense, but did his defensive duties well. CMS 8.5 Doesn't stop running. Fantastic goal. Stead 7 Did well. Gomis 5 His touch was so bad he set up CMS for a volley. Subs Hemmings 6.5 Close Alessandra 6 Ran Ardley - 10 - Tactics and selection were all correct. Ref - 3 - They should have had 9 men at the end. Bottled it. Mansfield - 0 - how are they 3rd in the league?! Absolutely no fight in any of them, with Bish the exception. Grant smiling and having a laugh with his old mates Stead and Gomis with 10 minutes left was a particular low-light from a Stags perspective. Obviously they've played a lot better than that throughout the season, but I would expect teams playing them will look at their last 2 games, see that they don't like a scrap, and adopt that as the game plan, not genius stuff but will probably work.
  9. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Who would you rather have in goal for Notts?

    At this level, a lot more chances are created by balls being flung in the box, rather than silky passing to create a one-on-one or prominent shooting position, so I agree.
  10. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Who would you rather have in goal for Notts?

    Schofield. Fitzsimmons is a good shot stopper, but he's glued to his line on crosses and set-pieces.
  11. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Scouting Dossier.... Forest Green Rovers away

    I would rather have Schofield than Fitzsimons, too. However, it was Schofield's mistake that led to their goal. As it goes, it doesn't matter, but it could have been 2 points dropped.
  12. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Scouting Dossier.... Forest Green Rovers away

    I think in order to evaluate a performance of a keeper, we need to drop this ridiculous 'do you want Fitzsimmons back' line. It's been pulled out every time someone remotely criticizes Schofield or an aspect of his performance. It seems Schofield has become a cult hero for some, I'm not entirely sure where it comes from, maybe intense dislike of Fitzsimmons, because it hasn't been Schofield's performances. Agree with @Piethagoram, their keeper had a great game on Saturday, I thought it was going to be another case where everything went against us, but thankfully we did enough in the end to get the win. Not even Schmeichel was saving the winner from Enzo.
  13. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    25 years ago today...

    Happy SCP Day everybody
  14. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Transfer window says a lot about the "other" players still here

    Because nobody wants them!
  15. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Ratings v FGR

    Schofield 7.5 I know he gave away the free-kick that led to their goal, but the weather conditions dictated that, he caught and saved what he needed to. Rose 11 I said last week he looked like a CM trying to play RB. This week, he looked like a RB that has played there all his life. Incredible performance. Barclay 9 Solid. Solid. Solid. Gave away a couple of needless fouls, hence docked a point. Stubbs 10 I wish he wasn't just on loan. This boy can play. Immense. Milsom 10 I can't fault anything he did today. O'Brien 9.5 It's hard to say in words what he does. He breaks up play, and plays in neatly to our front men. Can't ask for too much more. Scored. Doyle 8.5 As above. It's so nice to see that we can't be calved through in the middle. Boldewijn 7.5 Defensively weak in the first half. Didn't have the defensive know-how to track his man/know when to tackle and when not to. It seems he was told as much by our new experienced players at HT. However, improved in the second half and that goal - mais ouis. CMS 8 Chased everything. Had to do more defensive work today, but did it well. Stead 6.5 Didn't have the best of games today, but kept trying. Gomis - 6 - Great movement, but needed to finish, and didn't. Alessandra 6 Did OK. Hewitt - 6 - Stable Hemmings - 6.5 - OK

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