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  1. Seems that Hearts are interested in Tshimanga. Took a look at both Chesterfield's and Heart's forums, seems both sets of fans are heavily invested into the rose-tinted glasses industry: - Hearts seem to think they'll bag him for peanuts when reality is that Chessie paid 300k for him so aren't going to be letting him go for at least double that. - Chessie seem to think that despite flirting with the NLN the past couple of seasons, they are now a bigger club than Hearts and offer a better standard than the SPL. The reality is though, if Hearts stump up enough money (admittedly I have no idea about their financial situation), the SPL is a big enough pull for anyone currently playing in the conference, especially given Hearts are probably the 3rd/4th biggest club in Scotland. People will point at clubs like Ross County with the smaller attendances, but where would you rather play, there or against the King's Lynns and Dovers of the world?
  2. I was thinking Hughes v Bradford? http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/eng_div_3/8186374.stm Turns out it was a bit slower than I remember it. Probably had a few beers beforehand though mind.
  3. It looks to be like it's a combination of zonal and man-marking. The player covering near post, I think it's Sam, is flat-footed and waiting for the ball to come to him rather than attacking it. Think Slocombe doesn't see it through the mass of bodies until it's too late. Good play for our first goal; Vincent, Mitchell and Sam. All Sam for that second though.
  4. I imagine Lee Hughes would have been the quickest?
  5. Gutted to hear the news of Uncle Colin's passing. He was a great commentator and I've listened to him countless times over the years. A genuine fan that helped us out when it was at times easier to keep your head down and not stick it above the parapet. RIP and thank you.
  6. All seems very dodgy to say the least. Purely from a morale point of view - they seemed to have financially profited from the pandemic yet also took tax-payer money which helped fund lavish player signings. Wouldn't sit right with me.
  7. What a weird thing bid to make and to make it public. Then again, their manager is up there with Stephen Cleeve on the weird/potential serial killer stakes, so what can you expect. Chesterfield are supporter funded I believe and apart from a big win on some insurance claims, some 'strategic' (borderline fraud) furloughing and probably a nice windfall from their FA Cup run, we're not talking about a team with millions to splash in the long term. Seems very much that's its **** or bust this season. I've taken a look at their fans forum and whilst I thought some wrexham fans were a bit deluded on their 'analysis' of our recent game, there must be some strong herb growing game going on over there in Chesterfield.
  8. Luke Charman apparently been attracting scouts from the football league... Bradford and Hartlepool rumoured. Been playing well and scoring. Georgie Kelly rejected contract offers from the LOI. He apparently has suitors in Scotland and England (no mention of teams or specific leagues).
  9. Seems a very good player by all accounts. Not entirely sure we're that short in any of the positions he plays in though... CDM: Palmer, Francis CM: Palmer, Vincent, JOB, Roberts CAM: Rodrigues, Roberts A number of those players can also fill in numerous positions if needed. Just hope this signing isn't anticipating an outgoing....
  10. If we have to spend another season down here, at least we'll probably have another local(ish) away day at Scunny.
  11. It's rumoured to be Blackpool. I'm not sure what their finances are like nowadays?
  12. I think anybody who still backs the 'throw money at it and it'll solve the problem' method that Notts used to previously employ, take a long look at Mansfield. Spent a **** load, failed repeatedly, looking over their shoulder into the conference.
  13. Yeah, because China are well known for being transparent.
  14. Bet BT Sport hated that. Seem to have a thing or two against us, especially some of their 'presenters'. <30 s highlights when we win, 1 min + analysis when we lose.

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