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  1. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    My Team for the 2018/19 Season!

    GK - Fitzsimmons LB - Dan Jones CB - Shaun Brisely CB - Richard Duffy RB - Tootle RM - Boldewjin CM - Vaughan CM - Hewitt LM - Nathan Thomas ST - Kane Hemmings ST - Kristian Dennis
  2. Super_Danny_Allsopp


    Politics is too much of a faff nowadays, far too much red tape and bollocks. Just appoint a dictator and be done with it 😂
  3. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Enzio Boldewijn

    If Kellett is a left winger, then we are short in the CM and LB departments..
  4. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    If you could change one thing at Notts?

    The new home kit
  5. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Enzio Boldewijn

    Plays RW? Thought we need a LW to be honest.
  6. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Update .. New Kit launch

    Home shirt is horrible..... won't buy that, might have to get the away shirt
  7. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    2018/2019 Line Up

    Alessandra due to no other options...... Hewitt I like.
  8. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Forgive me for I have sinned

    Just threw up in my mouth.
  9. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    England v Tunisia

    Soft penalty. Apart from that, looked good. Great movement but poor finishing.
  10. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    England v Tunisia

    ******* GET IN!
  11. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    2018/2019 Line Up

    Fitz Toots Briz/Duffs Hall Jones Alessandra Hewitt O'Connor xxxxx Dennis Hemmings Hope we can re-sign O'Connor.
  12. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    England v Tunisia

    Braced for disappointment. Nervous and just hope we turn up. C'mon England ffs!!!
  13. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Forgive me for I have sinned

    Should be banned from ML until the car is burned. Re-spraying is not an option.
  14. Super_Danny_Allsopp

    Ryan Evans

    RIP, best wishes to the family. Such a young age.

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