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  1. I think Sam had a lot of talents, some of them under-utilised, but he never threatened to give consistent performances and really be the top striker at the club. While he was a good option from the bench as a bit of a chaos effect, the reality is that not many would be confident going into a season with Sam as the no.1 striker. You can see that in the clamber to find an adequate replacement for Wootton as we've known he's going for a while. Ardley clearly didn't rate him; he even preferred Jimmy Knowles to him, which was quite an insult. Burchnall used him more, but primarily as backup/ impact sub. I'm estimating that Sam wasn't on peanuts, and probably on quite a wedge. Whilst I did like him as a player, if he was on what I anticipate, I think it'd be better spent elsewhere.
  2. DKE just never really suited the formation of back 3 with wing backs: He's far too small to be playing in the back 3 He isn't capable enough going forward to be a wing-back. Unfortunately for DKE, his height - no matter how high he can jump - is a major disadvantage in this league. Really surprised about Lacey. I think he's a great player and whilst he may get beaten in the air, for me he's far better in a 3 than Chicksen or Brindley.
  3. We're not fantastic away but we're getting to the point in the season where games become must-win if we're serious about play-offs.
  4. I'm not a massive fan of Sam Graham. I saw him play in the Australian league before he came to us and I wasn't impressed. Nothing I've seen from him in a Notts shirt has changed my mind.
  5. England C were abysmal. The defence and keeper (Scott Loach) were an absolute shambles. Cal Roberts looked like at least two levels above anybody else playing in white. Perhaps the Welsh leagues are something Football Radar should have an in-close look at.
  6. Me too, which is why I highlighted it in particular. Perhaps you were one of the company managers that increased the staff wages in line with the increase in cost of living after the Euro adoption, but from my experience that would have been the exception and not the rule. You can google the average wage is in Latvia, probably one of the lowest in the EU while the prices in shops are higher than in Western Europe. Go outside of Riga to other cities/towns like Daugavpils, and I bet you can half that wage, if not more.... 95% is simply false. 95% in 18-23 year old Uni students in the centre of Riga that will leave at the first opportunity, perhaps, but certainly not for the rest of the population, in my own experience. Considering the high amount of ethnic Russians in Riga particularly, it can never be 95% or even close to that. There are a number of polls that are freely available and here's one that suggest much lower than 95%, here's one at 45%: https://eng.lsm.lv/article/politics/politics/latvia-has-lowest-support-for-eu-among-baltics.a235132/, but others poll higher at 50-70%, depending on the year. Freedom of movement works well for the people leaving, but it doesn't necessarily work well for Latvia the country. I think Latvia has lost about 1/5th of its population since joining the EU. Speaking to people that were growing up around the turn of the millenium and later, they will tell you that half their classmates, or more, no longer live in Latvia. Latvia's a small place, granted, but most of these people aren't going to be returning. Let's be honest - nobody from other EU nations will move to Latvia, so it's very much not a two-way street, it's a one way exit lane and brain-drain. I'm sorry, but yes your views are the extremity. You've highlighted that by the fact you can't think of ANY benefits to Brexit - something the majority of people in the UK voted for. With any debate, no matter how contentious and strong your views may be, it is always well worth considering the opposite point of view, as there will always be positives and negatives to anything in life. Unfortunately in modern times, particularly the last few years, debates surrounding politics and other such topics are polarised. Real people and real life doesn't reflect the social muppets on twitter who create little echo chambers for themselves which results in - you guessed it - not being able to see the opposite side of the argument. As I've said before, I was (and still am) in favour of being in the EU - particularly as Brexit is costing me a lot in terms of time, paperwork and now increasingly where it really hurts - in my pocket! I like to believe I came to that viewpoint after considering the pros and cons - then analysing the weight of importance I'd give to those pros and cons. Silly me - should have just picked a side, joined twitter and claimed the other side are all morons!
  7. I expected this response, because you are on one of the far extremes of the Brexit debate. The reality is that there have been many difficulties for the Eastern nations in entering the EU. The decrease or completely ceasing of previously manufactured goods, the high cost of living since adopting the Euro, especially with respect to wages, mass migration of youth to the more prosperous West.
  8. Some of these are propaganda that Putin himself would've been proud of. I think there's a reason that Putin waited until now to invade Ukraine.... no Trump.... a weak Biden. Everything is Brexit's fault, yet no mention of Germany and Italy having being coerced into sanctions as to not threaten their reliance on Russian Gas (Germany) or their export of Gucci tack (Italy). Let's face it - Putin isn't scared of the EU's army because it's a shambles. They are grossly underfunded. The Bundeswehr is a skeleton of a force (despite just announced budget increases) and have made repeated errors recently (the current EU president contributed highly to that inadequacy). Trump even highlighted this and called them out on it - perhaps if they'd done something about it Putin wouldn't have been so bold. Besides, EU membership has hardly been fantastic for the people and economy of former Soviet states in the East, Latvia being one example. Hardly a guaranteed path to 'economic stability'. No fan of Brexit, but you have to give some kind of balance to the views presented. A child will be eaten by a Shark in South Africa and you'll somehow be able to link it to Brexit.
  9. The Dover chairman is a disgrace. The fact he was involved in board level at the NL tells you everything you need to know about how well run this league is. I genuinely hope they get relegated 5 times.
  10. A few big teams in that league; Werder Bremen, Hamburg, Schalke, Hannover, Düsseldorf.... and it's little old Darmstadt at no.1
  11. Have to thank their keeper for a couple of those goals. Stallard described him as 'poppadum wrists' and he's not wrong! Not to take away from our performance as a whole though.
  12. Wow. Removing people from your life because of a political vote. These people don't live on the same planet I'm afraid.
  13. I think you have to look at the character of the dressing room. Having nice players, tidy footballers and 'wanting to win' just simply isn't good enough to win a title. There has to be a nastiness to you. Once you cross that white line, it's got to be everything to win. The last time we won a league, Ricky Ravenhill and Neal Bishop were monsters in midfield. Not necessarily the best technically (particularly Ravenhill), but they would do and give everything to win. Combine that with sheer ruthlessness of Lee Hughes, the brutal force of Lee/Steady Eddy and the energy/tenacity of Luke Rodgers, it's not hard to see why we were so difficult to play against. Wootton is a good player, but he doesn't give defenders a hard time or a battle. If they don't let him get involved, that's it, battle over. He also isn't a prolific finisher; he scores goals, but he doesn't finish with any type of ruthlessness and often requires a few bites of the cherry. The players in and around him are flair players and blow hot and cold. A finisher - a Lee Hughes - would flourish in this side. Instead, we got Mitchell, which looked a mistake then and hasn't changed in the last 6 months. There's too many nice characters in our squad. Lacey, Brindley, Chicksen, Francis, Nemane, Wootton, Sam, Slocombe... all lovely fellas, but none that have that extra spark that is needed to win leagues. Players like Roberts, Cameron and Rawlinson are examples of players that have that little bit of an edge to them and I believe that is one of the biggest flaws in our squad; too many poodles and not enough pitbulls.
  14. I'm not sure who that is but a lot of these accounts seem to have 'Greta Thunberg syndrome'; that is, they complain, moan and squeal about everything - but offer 0 solutions on anything.

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