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  1. If rumours are to be believed, it's 10K a week! He's supposed to be the first of 3 marquee signings.
  2. He only played 9 games last season. He is a decent signing but nothing special. I wouldn't take him at Notts.
  3. This is a statement of intent. I'm happy.
  4. It's a great signing. The concern is that he only played 18 times last season. I think he got injured in February and didn't play after that.
  5. Stockport are my tip to win the league right now but Notts aren't that far away. A couple of decent signings will tip the balance. Wrexham's signings so far aren't exactly box office. They'll be fighting for the last playoff spot with their current squad IMO. Grimsby could surprise themselves and a few others. It's hard to know what Southend will do. I think they'll make the playoffs but won't be promoted.
  6. JT is what we need at this level. Very happy with this signing.
  7. They signed Liam McAlinden as well. He's one of those players who has been offered huge wages if the rumours are to be believed. Being honest about it, I don't think he'd get into our team so if that is the calibre of signing they are going for, keep it up!
  8. An awful way to lose a final but England surrendered the initiative and they paid the price. 3 awful penalties. Grealish was brought on too late. He would have done serious damage if he came on earlier. England have a great chance of winning the World Cup. They will use this as motivation.
  9. Italy deserved to win it but that counts for nothing now. England will never have a better chance of winning a tournament.
  10. Why have England stopped playing? Time for Sancho and Grealish. Oh Italy scored.....
  11. That Sterling dive was better. More convincing Edit: To be fair that was more of a penalty than the one against Denmark. Should have been given IMO.
  12. I'd give that Sterling dive a 7. Not up to his usual standard
  13. Great start for England. It's going to plan. The Italians needed to score first. This will end up 3 or 4 nil.
  14. Some England fans covering themselves in glory by breaking into Wembley without tickets. It's like the 70s all over again. All that is missing is running battles with the police on the pitch. It's still early.......
  15. The Italians are starting early. They have a guy in the Men's Final at Wimbledon. He hasn't got going yet. Djokovic is mowing him down! There is a chance of rain tonight. That will suit England I reckon. They'll ping it around.

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