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  1. Guys would you help me welcome @KingPie to Pon great to have you on board.
  2. Magic magpie

    Guess the magpie

    Great guess
  3. Magic magpie

    It’s time to stand behind the gaffer ...!!

    Most definitely mate
  4. Magic magpie

    Guess the magpie

    @Chris @super_pie @Super_Danny_Allsopp @super_ram @GrannyPie @liampie @Mightymagpie @weymouthPIE @KingKev @B&Wstripes @CliftonMagpie @Cliftonpie @ARLukomski @magpiejue @DangerousSausage
  5. Magic magpie

    Guess the magpie

    So it’s monday and it’s guess the magpie done by myself and the gaffer @Chris Good Luck everyone and happy guessing.
  6. Magic magpie

    Is anyone currently reading a book?

    No st this minute no
  7. Magic magpie

    Would you rather?....

    Homeless would you rather run or sprint
  8. Magic magpie

    What TV do you own and how big is it?

    50”LG smart tv
  9. Magic magpie

    How do you like your steak.?

    You can’t beat it seal the steak in pan seal the fan take it out let it rest beef brandy burn it off stock worstershire and pepper corns add cream you cant beat a peppercorn sauce
  10. For me enzio so far but I’m exspecting more from him and a rapid turn around
  11. All depends on my mood really
  12. Magic magpie

    Do you own an Android TV Box, Amazon Fire stick?

    Yes I have both I love my apps all4 channel 5 itv catch up now tv ..!!
  13. Magic magpie

    Daily chat thread - Monday 20th August

    Today just posted on pon made some tea and some costings. Maybe watch a film later
  14. Magic magpie

    It’s time to stand behind the gaffer ...!!

    Love this club like you do mate
  15. Magic magpie

    It’s time to stand behind the gaffer ...!!

    I’ll hand my seaon ticket in before Kevin leaves .. he may be our next jimmy and jack .. he falls we fall with him not against him if you don’t want to .. well ..!!!

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