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  1. The First Thoughts Game

    Boxer american tattoo on face Micheal Jordan
  2. The First Thoughts Game

    Not guilty went to court famous tom Brady
  3. The First Thoughts Game

    Supermarket sweep Gay Married a women pele
  4. Kit launch date confirmed

    Guys earlier today Alan Hardy tweeted the new kit would be launched on Saturday as planned. And there would be a few teasers on Friday I’m gunner ring the club tomorrow for more info.
  5. Guess the player

    Will do buddy thankyou mate means a lot your feedback mate
  6. Promotion and relegation currently

    Promoted - County Swindon Northampton Relegated - forest green, Mansfield Macclesfield
  7. Mo Salah and Egypt are heading home early mo salah playing just over 70 mins I’ve read on forums fans saying that Ramos should be disaplined after that tackle in the cl final. What do you guy think.? And did that cost Egypt?
  8. Guess the player

    It was kasper Schemical
  9. Guess the player

    Thankyou buddy will definitely carry it on
  10. Caption the magpies

    Catch me if you can
  11. Colin slater

    So carrying on with legends theme today I thought about two more people who makes County or who gave there careers to Notts and the first name was Colin slater mbe born in Bradford in 1934 he was the voice of Notts since 1968. He joined Notts in 1959 behind the scenes writting match reports. Then 2001 he was given the mbe honour for not only services to radio but to football as a hole then in 2015 Nottingham honoured him by name of a team after him. In his time he Covered over 2000 Notts games a milestone that on 17th November 2007 against Mansfield of all teams. Breaking this milestone he had became the voice of Notts and known affectionately as uncle colin. But all good things must come to a end it was on the 24th April 2017 that Colin announced he was to step down from his commentary duties at the end of the season but would remain County’s corespondent. Colin would then be name a honoury life member of Notts County on the 15th November 2017. Uncle Colin still remains a Notts fan as is always welcomed back at Medow like the prodic son. Below is a interview with Colin Slater if you would like to have a read. Do/what are you have memories of Uncle Colin during his time with Notts.? ‭
  12. Underdogs

    The pinnacle so far of underdogs for me is Mexico a team that’s all for one and one for all they can’t help but express their emotions at a goal and just to be there as well for them is a chance to shine and rep their country not themselfs
  13. YouTube: Do you watch it?

    But the one thing I do watch on you tube and can’t wait for the return of his @ARLukomski channel
  14. The First Thoughts Game

    Plastics **** Useless Gaza
  15. Look who I spotted at the World Cup

    @Chris has returned safe from Russia it was him we won’t say say though 😂😂😂 @Chris don’t forget ur roots mate

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