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  1. So with the sale of Notts County still on going and still awaiting an official announcement or update to due with the sale of the club. Now that there is involvement of Alex May a convicted fraudster who has a criminal record fraud. Well it would appear that the National League are getting concerned as are we about the perspective identification of who will be buying the club. Despite the National League chiefs saying we will not relegated further but should we enter administration we will a 10 point deduction despite our unknown future and the involvement of Alex May a know fraud criminal. Since there has not been any official word from Notts or Alan you can’t really blame the National League for being concerned about the new owners they have rules to stick to if they are to be fair. https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/national-league-increasingly-concerned-over-2963031
  2. So here are some key dates for diary as we prepare for next season In the national league. The dates include the all important fixture release date and the first game of the new season among others dates.
  3. Music would you rather watch soaps or comedy
  4. Gloves would you rather eat pizza or Chinese
  5. No idea who any of the teams or players are but having a read of this will definitely help with the games and teams we face next season. Nice one @ARLukomski
  6. Dodo would you rather see a movie at home or cinema
  7. Space would you rather have a car or a bike
  8. Welcome @Ian Rust (Shots) to the pon community great to have you with us hope you enjoy your time with us.
  9. Guys and girls can you help me welcome @Ian Rust (Shots) To the pon community.
  10. Bike would you rather go for a run or a walk
  11. Train would you rather be nice or evil
  12. So using just one word describe Steve Cherry the former Notts County goalkeeper.
  13. Football with my family would you rather eat as a family or on your own
  14. Little things from a movie have there own language toy story
  15. Italian would you rather fish n chips or a curry

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