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    Thought never entered my mind. I find the money each year to renew, so will do the same this time. The club is lucky the owners have been so behind the club. They deserve the break and, whilst I understand the financial need for some to claim a refund, I would hope most can leave the money in the club.
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    With no live footy to go and watch over the last few months I've ended up adding to my programme collection which has brought back memories. This week I added a few from what should be remembered as one of our great cup runs given the sides we beat, yet in truth it's hardly remembered at all. The 2006 league cup run for Notts was the first proper cup run I experienced as a fan. Its largely a forgotten run from a period of our history most people have tried to forget, but this was a small beacon of light which gave us some much needed excitement. We were lucky to be entering the competition at all having stayed in the league thanks to a last minute penalty on the final day of the previous season. Steve Thompson had took over as manager and had to be fair assembled a half decent xi with no money. Still, when we were drawn away to Crystal Palace in round 1, we didn't exactly anticipate anything other than a beating. The Eagles had suffered championship play off heartache the previous season but had started the new season with 3 straight wins. We'd surprised even ourselves with 2 wins and 2 draws from our first 4 games, but surely this was a step too far? Peter Taylor naturally made changes but still 6 of the side who'd started their last league game started, though it would be one of the changes Michael Hughes who danced through the middle of the Notts defence to put Palace 1 up after just 17 minutes. But Notts rallied and levelled on 24 minutes - Lawrie Dudfield with a wonderful strike from the edge of the box to stun the Cockneys. Notts' solid start to the league had been built on a strong defensive record, and they frustrated the hosts for the rest of the night. And then 6 minutes from time we hit them with the sicker punch - Dan Martin volleying home Needham's Cross to send the small but loud and proud pocket of pies into dreamland. We held out and caused the shock of the round, and we were rewarded with a trip to Teeside to play Middlesbrough. Boro were a well established premiership side and to be honest they were a class act. They'd lost a UEFA cup final just a few months prior, and they were coming into this cup tie off the back of a win over Chelsea and a draw at Arsenal. We were still doing well ourselves and were 6th. But surely this really was a step too far? Well we were in luck as then Boro boss Gareth Southgate made several changes, but Viduka was playing. He could beat us on his own. Well after a nervy start, Notts settled into the game, and it was out of nowhere on 26 minutes when we took the lead. A hopeful punt forward was headed clear by McMahon, but it fell at the feet of Congolese striker Tcham N'Toya who coolly slotted it home and stunned the Riverside. From then on, particularly through the second half it was very much backs to the wall for Notts, but our luck was in. A combination of woeful Boro finishing and some great saves from Saul Deeney saw us yet again pull off the shock of the round, and earn easily our best result for a number of years. We weren't rewarded with the dream tie of a United or a Chelsea etc, but we were given a home tie, and a good one against Southampton. Like Palace, Saints were starting a second season back in the championship following relegation, although unlike the Eagles they weren't looking like getting back up anytime soon. A midtable finish the previous season had been followed by a rather average start to this season, and George Burley was under pressure. We were up to 5th and enjoying a start to the season which surprised even ourselves. We fancied our chances under the lights at the Lane, although due to injuries we were the one's making changes for this one. But with a boisterous home crowd behind them Notts hit the front on 13 minutes thanks to The Phoenix, Mike Edwards - poking home a Junior Mendes cross. Right on the stroke of half time we were in dreamland again as Andy Parkinson lead the Saints defence a merry dance before setting up Jason Lee (minus the pineapple on his head) to double the lead. Saints threw the kitchen sink at us in the second half, but even a young Welsh lad named Gareth Bale couldn't save them, and we found ourselves in the 4th round of the league Cup for the first time since 1983. We dreamed of a money spinning tie at Old Trafford or the Emirates , but alas it wasn't to be. The 4th round draw was a bit of an anti climax as it put us up against fellow league 2 side Wycombe. A good chance to progress, but in typical Notts fashion, having beaten 3 higher division sides we went out to Wanderers in extra time, and they went all the way to the semi finals where they earned a first leg draw at home to Chelsea before bowing out at Stamford Bridge. As for us, it was a mixed season. We were still in the play off picture at the turn of the year, but our small squad caught up with us and we'd fall away to finish 13th. A bit disappointing but given our perilous financial state, a good effort. And what of the heroes of that cup run? Well Dan Martin would leave Notts at the end of the season and embarked on a non league tour which took in Mickleover, Tamworth and Rocester. Lawrie Duffield would end up at Cork City and Quorn before setting up a football clinic business after retiring. N'Toya ended up playing in the Israeli 3rd division before disappearing off the face of the earth. Jason Lee ended up working with the PFA after spells with Boston, Stags, Corby, and Arnold. The only one who hung around was Eddie Oofball, Mike Edwards. He stayed until 2012 before a brief spell at Carlisle only to come back here. He retired in 2018 and his own testimonial money was withheld by a certain previous owner. Not that one...
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    Double click on the twitter thread above
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    I'm reading a book on the FA Cup. Sunderland won the cup in 1973. They were lucky to get past Notts County in Round 3. Notts lead 1-0 at Meadow Lane, thanks to a Les Bradd goal in the 29th minute. Sunderland levelled it on 79 mins but even they will admit that Notts were the better team and should have won the game. Notts lost the replay 2-0 at Roker Park but were in the game right up to the last minute. Match report below. I wonder how many times Notts have been knocked out by the eventual winners? https://rokerreport.sbnation.com/2011/01/07/roker-relives-safc-v-notts-county-fa-cup-3rd-round-replay-1973
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    donated. All the best Chris.
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    Hey Chris. I found one more. Everton beat Notts in the quarter finals in 1984 and went on the beat Watford 2-0 in the final. I know there are more, it's something I'll look into when I have time.
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    This is really an excellent read: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50289343
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    At the last few home games at Meadow Lane, a discussion I often had with fans that I know was based around refunds. I know the club has now said that they will refund fans for the remaining 3 home fixtures. I have always said I wouldn't request a refund, simply because I don't believe the hit should come to the club due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As a supporter, I could use the money to put towards my next season ticket but I wouldn't want to take that support away from the club at a time when many are struggling. Will/Have you be claiming your refund?
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    i dont think people are born racist, i think its about their upbringing and not just the parents. i know of people who have borderline views who have very friendly parents, but they have fallen into the wrong crowds at school etc.
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    I'm pleased to give a very warm welcome to @SkeggyPie, I've known him for as long as I have sat in the KOP and, since the very early days of PON. I hope you enjoy being a part of our Notts County community. See you around matey.
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    Former Notts County academy ace Kion Etete has found himself in the Spurs fan spotlight for this superb effort in training.
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    Right you lot. Inspired by 11 Freunde magazine, I've thought up a few ways to improve football. Agree? Disagree? Let me know! And feel free to add some more suggestions in the comments. Spoiler: lots of things are going to be banned Ban VAR. For better or worse, let referees decide on things instead of spending half of our matchdays staring at a monitor. We spend enough of our lives looking at screens as it is. Let's have some common sense in offside decisions. No, a player isn't gaining an unfair advantage if their elbow is a centimetre past the last defender. He's not allowed to touch the ball with his elbow for heaven's sake. Merge the Premier League and Football League. For the name of the new organisation, take the “Football” from Football League and “League” from Premier League. The new organisation shall not use a logo that looks like a washing machine brand. The four divisions of the new “Football League” shall be named division 1, 2, 3 and 4. There shall be neither “championships”, nor any “super” or “premier” leagues. All TV money shall be distributed equally between every League club, whether Manchester United or Stevenage Borough. Stevenage Borough shall actually be called Stevenage Borough, not Stevenage FC. Luton Town shall decide what colours to play in. I don't care whether you play in white and black, white and blue, orange and white or orange and blue. You've existed for 135 years, so make your minds up! Alan Hardy shall be installed as the chairman of Nottingham Forest with immediate effect. Football matches shall never start earlier than 3.00 pm. All new football stadia shall have proper, towering floodlights built on acres of scaffolding. Ban music after goals. If we can't make noise after scoring a goal, we might as well just stay at home. Each stadium shall have a designated sniper, who will shoot the stadium announcer with a tranquilliser dart if the latter becomes too excitable or attempts to “animate” the crowd. If, during World Cup matches, a fan shown on the big screen immediately starts smiling and waving, this fan will also be shot with a tranquilliser dart. If the behaviour in 13 persists, big screens shall be removed from football stadia. In fact, remove the big screens anyway. Notts County shall never play in white shorts at home, and the black and white stripes shall also be visible on the back of the shirt. Only flamboyant Latin American stars and tricky wingers with their socks rolled down are allowed to wear coloured boots. Everyone else wears black. Referees must all be over 40, balding and with pot bellies that wobble as they run. They must all be schoolteachers. MK Dons shall be stripped of the “Dons” name and relegated to the lowest rung of non-league, so they can earn their League place like everyone else. Beer can be consumed in the stands, instead of having to neck it in the concourse. Football managers are allowed to be fat again. Chairmen should be local barons of industry with a comb-over. All interviews that begin “Well, at the end of the day...” shall be cut off immediately. Players whipping off their shirts and jumping into the crowd after scoring shall no longer be given a yellow card, but actively encouraged (but only in the last ten minutes of play). Players who gloat to opposition fans after going 2-0 up shall be tolerated, but only on the condition that they are still on the pitch when their side loses 3-2. No more postponements, ever. If players slip around on the ice, or are completely submerged in the mud, or are struck by lightning, that just adds to the spectacle. Any mention of the acronyms “EPL” or “EFL” shall be an offence punishable with a season ticket at Mansfield Town. The Champions League shall be for champions only. Teams that finish fourth need not apply. Rochdale play in the fourth division. Sorry Dale, but it's called the Rochdale division for a reason. “Premier League records” are not a thing. The many records from our rich football history shall not be disregarded because they happened before a bunch of greedy first division chairmen decided to keep all the TV money for themselves. All journalists who use the phrase “what Pele called the beautiful game...” shall be sent to a rough Mansfield pub in a Chesterfield shirt to learn the error of their ways. A minimum of three teams shall be promoted from the National League to the Football League every season. The lack of promotion places from the National League is a relic of the strict separation of the League and non-league up to the 1980s and needs to be corrected. The National League shall be given a new name. Don't care what. National League sounds a bit too much like an underground neo-nazi cell for my liking. Betting companies, online casinos and all the rest of them have no place cluttering up our beautiful football shirts. Bring back standing. And cheaper prices for standing. Please let us have no more soulless new stadiums next to a motorway junction and Tesco's surrounded by zillions of parking spaces and Pizza Huts but with no pubs or anything approaching character. No stadium sponsors. Or, if they HAVE to be sponsored, they should at least be accompanied by the name of the actual stadium. Too many grounds are identified solely by a changing sponsor's name. Imprisonment for the “band” that plays at England games. Preferably in a dank medieval dungeon. Last, but most definitely not least: racism shall never, ever be tolerated and shall be punished with a life ban.
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    I believe it would be expected of care homes to be hit hard, they're a very vulnerable place in our society. They're an area where the most support is needed, yet during this pandemic I would've imagined that outside help from doctors was few and far between. I'm also not sure care homes wouldn't follow the guidelines, as I have mentioned they're much stricter and generally prepared for outbreaks of viruses (such as sick bugs).
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    I'm not sure why some parts of our supporters camp were complaining about the original rejection. I can see why the club would want to play a friendly or two, as a means to get into match fitness and have some friendly competition. Yet, I have always felt that we could easily split the squad into two and, play against each other. It might not be competitive as such. but at least it would limit the chance of injuries. Besides I really don't think that playing Dorking would be a massive step up from playing ourselves in training. Notts has a good squad, our B team could probably control a game against them with all due respect.
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    Head, nail, hit. it is incredibly selfish. The scenes on Saturday make a total mockery of all the weeks we’ve spent in isolation. Totally inept handling of the whole thing. Then to turn in the news to hear Johnson blaming care homes for not following the rules and it’s their fault for all the deaths. Disgusting.
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    Who do you feel will be the most important player in the playoff push? Experience under pressure will be needed. Yes, the team needs to work together but who will lead Notts to Wembley in your opinion?
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    Two issues with it for me. 1. The mixed messages sent out by the government 2. People pretending or acting like life has returned to normal
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    the uk will regret giving into the people who moaned about wanting it to be lifted. its not the right time yet.
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    Not surprised with how much rebuilding had to be done. We had to build an entire new squad
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    I am curious as to if any more will end up being released once the playoffs are concluded. No complaints from me.
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    Good stuff. The Stasi had a massive networks of spies and informants - nearly 2% of East Germany's population! And on top of that they played at Dynamo Berlin, the Stasi's favourite club that won 10 championships in a row up to 1988, so they really were under the noses of the secret police. Other recent players who played in the GDR include Uwe Rösler (Magdeburg) and Michael Ballack (FC Karl-Marx-Stadt, now Chemnitzer FC).
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    I absolutely agree, I think if people can afford to write it off - it should be considered a donation towards keeping the club on track.
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    With the news that League One has also ended, it's time to bring this season's prediction league to a close. And the winner is.... drum roll... @ARLukomski rose to the top of the table for the first time on the very last weekend before the season was stopped, nicking it from under the noses of @Dan and @weymouthPIE. So he's the champon for the second season running - congratulations! Congratulations also go to @barnet11uk, @super_ram and @4everapie, who had a very strong season. Thank you to everyone for playing, and especially for @Chris for providing a platform! The prediction league will be back as soon as league football returns. To be continued...
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    Massive thanks to @DangerousSausage for running this seasons prediction league. This is my 2nd title @Chris
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    Saturday 13th June: Elimination Round - Match A - 5th place vs 6th place Elimination Round - Match B - 4th place vs 7th Place Saturday 20th June 2020 Semi Final - 2nd place vs winner of Match A Sunday 21st June 2020 Semi Final- 3rd place vs winner of Match B Sunday 28th June 2020 Promotion Final Allow Barrow automatic promotion
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    As I was bored, I spent some time reading the excellent Notts County FC and the Birth of Modern Football by Darrin Foss (buy it!) and discovered a bit of a gem. It was the early 1890s and Notts had recently adopted black and white kits after the Football League had appealed to several clubs to change away from blue to prevent kit clashes. The change doesn't seem to have been popular at first and many club members wanted to see a return to chocolate and blue. In an early round of the FA Cup, Notts were away to Sunderland while Forest were playing at home to Newcastle East End. Trouble is, both our beloved neighbours and Newcastle played in red. As change kits weren't yet quite "in", there was a bit of a discussion about who should wear red, and Forest were ultimately allowed to wear their home colours as they were the first team to wear red. Luckily for Newcastle many Notts members were in attendance, and thanks to one of them the visitors were able to take to the field resplendent in black and white. Fast forward a couple of years and East End had become United, with the renamed team formally adopting black and white as their colours. And maybe we had something to do with it too
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    Heart breaking in a way but his community show much they care
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    Nottingham city council dont control many schools now though, most have been forced and chosen to change to academy so its upto the academy not the council. To me it is a good decision to keep it to keyworkers children only at the moment though.
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    So, the play-offs are happening. The semi-final is to be played by 18 July, and the final by 31 July. We are two wins away from the promised land of League Two.
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    2 hours on the phone with Chris last night...watch this space
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    I agree with this. Usually, we'd have a few extra days to recuperate while our semi-final opponent runs themselves ragged. But in this case it'll be our first competitive game for three months. I wonder if it would be possible to play a friendly before this? Or even the FA Trophy semi? The system is design to give the teams in second and third an advantage, but now it seems to do the opposite. We had a similar case in the German cup this week - Saarbrücken (just promoted to the third division) played Leverkusen in the semi-final. Saarbrücken hadn't played a competitive match since early March, Leverkusen already had four or five Bundesliga matches under their belt. It was a farce and totally unfair.
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    Pity we didn't leave them playing in their underwear, while we went on to do what they've done since!
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    He would have broken the internet and took our server down.
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