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  1. What some fans don't realise is that he's still learning, he plays better with Jim O'Brien and Michael Doyle by his side, he needs that experience but he's still a very decent looking young player.
  2. @Piethagoram you mean "The importance of NOT hiring Guy Branston" don't you mean?
  3. Welcome to PON @magnot
  4. Welcome to PON @Alex
  5. PON will be fine, the quality is far better than some of the silly gimmicks out there.
  6. If Notts do right from this season and the takeover, there's no reason why the club couldn't climb the leagues and gain a couple back to back promotions.
  7. Happy birthday to you @Ellie_Pie10
  8. Welcome @Rio Doherty
  9. Happy Birthday, have a nice one! @super_ram
  10. Shoddy ***tards have only gone and trumped up free admission and travel. https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2020/february/tickets-and-travel-fylde-a-280220/
  11. I am unsure right now, the playoffs are possible but Notts seems to be bottling it whilst others are picking up their own form.
  12. If Neal Ardley plays players in their right position and stops defending his friends, things will be fine.
  13. If it wasn't for my family, I would have stopped for my own mind and health years ago. It's in the blood.
  14. 4 seasons max, no more. He's a good player but I see a lot of expectations being pinned on him. That's not good, I am sure he doesn't think about it and tries to do his best. Having him as the direct outlet will only make it harder, he can get forward but I just can't see him being effective unless the middle opens up.

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