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  1. Blink1862

    Match Discussion: Game 7 - The Grecians (A)

    Kewell looks out of his depth with Notts. Hardy is in meltdown mode on Twitter and Notts looked destined to be in a relegation better this season.
  2. Blink1862

    This is what Nolan has built.

    You should point your finger at Hardy too kiddo.
  3. Blink1862

    Exciting Team ... pfft

    On par with describing Lewis Alessandra as one of the best in the league. Is this Nolan's or Hardy's squad??
  4. Blink1862

    Notts give 50 free match-worn shirts away!

    How many gave them back?
  5. Blink1862

    How many PON members can reply once to this?

    16 - Down, down, down, down
  6. Blink1862

    Can we welcome a new addition to Pon

    Welcome to the forum and PON @Julie
  7. Blink1862

    Re-Grouping Notts

    Which of the players do you feel can feature in the re-grouping of Harry Kewell's squad? Players such as Hewitt, Jones, Duffy, Thomas have all been players who have started the season out of form. Most have not worked hard enough and I think a lot of the time it's the simplest things that they fail to do. Examples.. Jones struggles to defend when he commits to going too far forward. Hewitt fails to make those easy passes to a nearby player Duffy switches off and leaves things to others to deal with Thomas looks okay ran running at players but useless otherwise Notts should expected better and more from some of the squad, its those players who let the team down.
  8. Blink1862

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year from PON!

    Happy Christmas to all of the PON members, have a good new year people!
  9. Blink1862

    David Conn article

    How do you spend so much money on a League One/Two team? Seriously that is just crazy! Remember how the Trews have banged on about having experience? Sorry but it looks like the whole saga was a clueless one based on false dawns and fake promises. Even if some of the debt was ran up by Munto, Ray has told us we was operating in the green. What utter bull$***.
  10. Blink1862

    Home form

    Meadow Lane is a great ground but why does Notts find it harder than most visiting clubs to get wins? I have seen people on Twitter suggest that we need a better atmosphere but I think much of it goes down to the way we perform going into home games. Its a poor excuse to say its because of pressure, performance leading into some games have been better but the end result just as poor. Is Meadow Lane cursed? Do the players lack ambition at home? Its not a lack of cohesion as why would the 09/10 squad do better? The lack of quality and relate able players to the NCFC community plays a part of it IMO.
  11. 8 games into the season, which player has been the most disappointing signing of 2016/17? Do you see them improving? Adam Collin or Michael O'Connor have been very disappointing. Once fit, Michael O'Connor should improve but it is hard to see where Collin can. Just very average for this division.
  12. Blink1862

    Should we replace Hollis after this season?

    McKenzie never got a chance but looked much better than Hollis, it makes me wonder about the club sometimes but I am against loaning him out. Its a waste of time.
  13. I can't see the guy improving, he stands out as one of them who will not win with the more vocal fans but he just isn't good enough. At League One there could be more of a case for retaining him, but we sunk to this division and he's gotten worse not better.
  14. Blink1862

    Izale Mcleod Staying?

    Carroll was on a fair wack from the sounds of it. McLeod will most likely be one of the biggest remaining earners. I just hope we don't pay Hollis too much!

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