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  1. I don't get why anyone expects Pierce Bird to be playing, he has been very substandard when he's played. Yes, he looks like someone who could become useful but until now this hasn't been the case. People just bang on about him being good because Northern Ireland are desperate enough to call him up.
  2. I failed to see any signs of a footballer in him, just another who is living off his brothers name.
  3. I disagree, the ground staff still did their job but the commercial department halted? Do we really believe that the club wasn't scouting players, looking into options for the training ground? I don't see how excuses the sponsorship can be any different. I have always felt the club should operate on 2 or 3-year-deals when it comes to sponsorship.
  4. Hello @Bromley1972, welcome.
  5. A few defeats and some will be wanting every Tom, Dick or Harry to be signed. I am not saying anyone on PON, I mean the world of Twitter and other deluded avenues.
  6. Pre-season should be written off, along with all the jobs that goes with it. Commercial whoever is in charge of that has let the club down though, the Danish brothers will fix it.
  7. Thank you for all you have done to the wonderful club that is Notts County Mr Dunnett, Rest in Peace.
  8. Smaller crowd than expected, steady performance but nothing special. Great win.
  9. Welcome to PON @Mitch Whiley
  10. By far worse could have happened to Notts, yet this is a bad injury for Graham. Best wishes to him.
  11. That's a very well taken goal, if it was scored higher up it wouldn't be off our TVs!
  12. I will be buying the training top, coat and polo shirt.
  13. It makes little difference if the right player is chosen, I don't think it should be given to the loudest mouth but the person who can inspire others to dig deep and give 100% regardless of what happens on the pitch. The right captain makes the difference between winning and losing, they can help to turn games around too.

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