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    The latest Pride of Nottingham PONcast is now live! Join @Chris and @samwatto2008 yet again as they recap the Tranmere game in episode 51! In this week's episode the PON duo talk about Notts County's recent game against Tranmere Rovers at Meadow Lane. They also discuss how the squads passion lifted after Saturday's game against Tranmere as captured by Dan Westwell. They also talk about the upcoming games and how they will impact Notts County's form. Also, sharing their thoughts on the stories about the EFL and English Leagues. What do you think about the talking points mentioned in this PONcast?
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    The Pride of Nottingham web store offers free standard UK delivery on all print orders. Fans can upgrade to first class for a small fee for orders within the UK, and orders can be grouped together so that they arrive in one package which is securely sealed before being dispatched. For those outside of the UK, PON has to cover the cost of delivery with a flat fee of £10 which covers most countries. We send deliveries out to Ireland, USA, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia & New Zealand etc. At this stage we can only offer delivery to the above nations. Over the coming weeks new designs will be released, however feel free to suggest ideas below or privately to @Chris. Get your print(s) today and help support the community. https://prideofnottingham.co.uk/store/
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    Hello, welcome to the Pride of Nottingham PONcast Extra. In this weeks show @Chris and @samwatto2008 discuss the potential relegation that is looming over Notts County. The duo also talk about where it's all gone wrong, from the start of the season to which key staff's departure has impacted the club morale. They discuss the mistakes which have happened, among how the club can start to fight against the possible relegation from League Two. All this and much, much more. Be sure to have your say on this discussion below, we are keen to talk about this sensibly and together as fans because our opinions are important.
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    Breakdown of key topics: The Danish brothers were attracted to Notts because, the clubs history, Nottingham as a city, the potential and a fantastic opportunity. 2019/2020 aim is to hopefully gain promotion - however, they feel it's not expected and Neal Ardley must establish the team. Long term goals: Create an excellent scouting infrastructure to enable the club to sign the right players from the English leagues and overseas. They want to work with the fans so that the club can attract newer and more fans. It's hoped the club can go as far as it can, creating new memories. Hardest challenge faced coming in was forming the team, due to the time limits. Neal Ardley acknowledges that the new owners came straight in, they helped him to move quickly to make the signings and some of the players didn't have a pre-season. Media has been interested in the takeover in Denmark, that we are the oldest professional club and additionally with Kasper having played here - Danish people like supporting one English club, perhaps Notts? Things had to happen very quickly, they didn't have much time to look at players nor due proper financial diligence with the takeover. Both were happy with completing, they just wished they had more time. Unsure what to expect from owning a football club, they acknowledge that the staff have plenty of experience which makes their life easier. Spending money respectfully and carefully, Neal Ardley doesn't want to mismanage this. Owners look beyond defeats, they look at the bigger picture. Two new scoreboards to be installed, with support from Lifeline and the OSA. The club wants to promote the heritage, yet there are no plans currently to open a museum. Neal Ardley instructs everyone to go up for corners as it allows for more space, those with height have a threat. i.e Ben Turner, Kyle Wootton etc. There are no plans to have our own training facilities, but the club hopes to have something more permanent in the future. Neal Ardley starts Enzio Boldewijn because of his current ability, rather than form and despite Sam Osborne being described as a having a bright future - he's not see as being better, despite being a 'hard worker'. What do you think of the evening and, the items discussed? You can watch the event below.
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    I think your mean of 5 is a bit mean, so here are my ratings with a mean of 6: Slocombe 6 - the only reason he gets an average mark is because he had very little to do, apart from a bit of catching practice! Brindley 7.5 - not only solid defensively, but a world class strike for the opener. Rawlinson 8* - really committed performance. To say he outshone Turner says all that needs saying. Turner 7.5 - what we have come to expect, wins far more challenges than he loses. Bakayogo 7.5 - best game I've seen him play. Sound at both ends on the left, fortunately his injury seems minor. Shields 7 - decent going forward and played his part defensively. Rose 6.5 - better in the challenge than when on the ball, but had a decent game. Doyle 7.5 - gave the back four great protection, always available for a pass, showed what an asset he can be. Enzio 6.5 - most of his best work was done defensively, still caused them a few problems going forward. Wootton 7 - did exactly what a target man should do, and has a fair bit of skill for a big man. Dennis 7 - missed a sitter but scored a goal from nothing. Always looked lively. Kelly-Evans 6.5 - probably more at home on the right, but a good option to bring on from the bench. Booty 6 - did his job when he came on. Thomas 6 - no real involvement but helped us see out the last few minutes. A really good, committed performance against a decent team. The fact they were only good up to the final third is more down to our defensive shape than their failings. We actually looked like a team that is hard to beat. I'm still not quite ready to join the Ardley fan club, but he can be given nothing but credit for the last few games. Keep it going Neal and please make me apologise at the end of the season.
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    It’s certainly a fact that a toxic atmosphere within a ground has a negative effect on performances, we only have to remember back to the brief tenure of Jamie Fullarton. At that time, it felt as if a reasonable number of fans were turning up wanting us to lose. Now, I’m not suggesting that was the case this season. In fact, quite the opposite as I think our supporters – in the main – have been really supportive and patient, far more than the performances have deserved. It’s an expensive hobby to follow a football team. Even if you only watch home games, it’s approaching £500 a year when you add in travel costs and maybe the occasional cuppa. For those who go away, it must be getting on for £2,000 as a season or even more, and that’s not including any overnight stays. We don’t do it for glory, this is Notts and anyone who does this for glory must have started watching at a very narrow point in our history. However, most of us have pride in the club. Or at least have had pride in the club until the recent past. Incidents such as that infamous photo accidentally published on Twitter, boardroom resignations and plenty more have made Notts fans an easy target for friends and colleagues who follow other teams. Hopefully, we’re very close to new ownership now and we can look for closure on a period of the club’s history which will make a fascinating read should Charlie Slater, Jon Stead or anyone else with inside info over that period choose to write it in the future. Regardless of what happens next season, it’ll be the lowest position the club has ever ended a season so what can the new owners do to help restore some pride and let fans hold their heads up high again? Here are some ideas, in no particular order... - Remember that you are only custodians of the club. At some point, you’ll move on. Every player who is currently at the club, will move on. I dare say some fans will also move on, but the vast majority will still be here long after you and everyone else has forgotten about us. Fans will pass the love onto their sons and daughters, they are the lifeblood of the club and they are the basis for a successful future. Treat them as that, and not as customers buying a product. We can’t decide we want our product from somewhere else, it won’t happen. - Stay away from extravagant promises. We’ve had plenty of those. Not just Hardy, but Munto, etc. Be realistic, we’re happy with that. - Be professional. Don’t turn it into a circus. Yes, some attention can be good, it can get some TV money, it can promote the club, but it can also turn very quickly and bite you. - Don’t gamble big. The lower leagues are under a huge amount of pressure at the moment, just look at Macclesfield and Bury among others. The Premier League runs football, the EFL does an appalling job at looking after its members. They certainly won’t help us out if we get into trouble, so do all you can to keep us on an even keel. - Put your ego away, it’s not about you. If we get the rewards we all hope for, you’ll get the plaudits without needing to go looking for them. It’s a bit like being a referee, you often don’t notice the really good ones. - Appoint good people and let them get on with the jobs you’ve asked them to do. - Certainly create that environment where it’s an expectation that the players put in the same effort on a Saturday afternoon as we fans do during the week at our jobs. - Finally, be proud to own this fine club. Without a doubt, we’ve been through the mill in recent years. I think I read that we’ve been in a relegation battle for 13 of the last 16 years. But we have history. We have a great fanbase for a club at this level. It’s a great opportunity and we all hope to enjoy the ride. Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Cheltenham Town - In: Cameron Pring (Bristol City) (LB) - Loan, Tyrone Barnett (Port Vale) (ST) - Free Crawley Town - In: Ricky German (Hendon) (ST) - Undisclosed Exeter City - In: Ryan Bowman (Motherwell) (ST) - Free Forest Green Rovers - In: Junior Mondial (Whitby Town) (LW) - Undisclosed, Shawn McCoulsky (Bristol City) (ST) - Undisclosed Grimsby Town - In: Sebastian Ring (Orebro SK) (LB) - Free Macclesfield Town - In: Manny Idem (Aston Villa (GK) - Free Morecambe - In: Paul McKay (Cardiff City) (CB/CM) - Loan Newport County - In: Vashan Neufville (West Ham United) (LB) - Loan Northampton Town - In: George Cox (Brighton & Hove Albion) (LB) - Loan Notts County - In: Ben Barclay (Brighton & Hove Albion) (CB) - Loan Oldham Athletic - In: Mohamad Sylla (Sannois Saint-Gratien) (CM) - Free Swindon Town - In: Ben House (Ipswich Town) (ST) - Loan, Canice Carroll (Brentford) (CB) - Loan Tranmere Rovers - In: David Perkins (Rochdale) (CM) - Undisclosed, Harvey Gilmour (Sheffield United) (CM) - Undisclosed, Ishmael Miller (Free Agent) (ST) - Free
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    wow! only 6 more people required to complete the draw. this amazing! well done to everyone for supporting pon and helping to make a difference. @Fozzy @gtownjohnno @ivansneck @Piethagoram @Truefootballfan @menzinho @Clive @Elite_pie @michael cutts @steve61 can any of you help? its just £2.50 a ticket. if only half of you helped, it would be much closer to the draw. lets do this!
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    There's room for some departures still I feel, yet the depth is good. I think more time needs to be given to the likes of Sam Osborne and Remaye Campbell (the latter if needed) as we have Nathan Tyson. I do feel the squad is looking good right now. Osborne will only grow further with suitable game time, he will be a waste if he's not given the nod and pushed by Neal Ardley. Honestly, I am not sure if there's a requirement for any activity in the transfer market now. The squad is very big for this division, suitable depth is there and for me promotion will rely on form. I don't expect it this season, I think stability is the way forward. This will take time, yet I feel the depth is there.
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    To those of you wondering where the next round of fixtures is, I've decided to keep the prediction league in line with the EFL schedule. Only the Conference is in action on Tuesday (and the Tuesday after, as the League clubs are playing in the EFL Cup), so I'd have had to post eight fixtures from the same division, which isn't ideal. As a result, the next round will be on Saturday, so the fixtures will be posted on Thursday at the latest! So, to clarify: round 2 will be the matches on 10 August, round 3 on 17 August.
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    Afternoon all, hope everyone had a good summer. I must apologize for being rather late with this, been a busy summer. Unfortunately I must inform everyone that I am going to be unable to commit to running the prediction league this season. I have run it for 6 seasons since we started it but nowadays I'm working full time, groundhopping and travelling a lot, it's difficult for me to find time and even remember to add up all the scores, update and post the league table. Granted its not a massive job but takes a good half hour each time at least. So its time to pass this over, that's if the interest in having this is still there. Thanks to all who have taken part over the years and I will gladly take part this year, and if any would be "runner" requires any help then so please feel free to chat to me! James
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    The takeover dragged on for what seemed to be forever, thankfully the day arrived and the Danish owners can now focus on restructuring the club. What I would like to see, is for them to try to get back some of the staff lost or sacked by Alan Hardy. Proper ground staff with all due respect to the people who came in under Hardy, they're not Notts County and I think it's a shame that people like Trevor Hutchinson are no longer around the club. Likewise, Mike Edwards was a foundation in the club and more than just a fitness coach. I would like to see a sense of Notts restored, that would give me a good feeling. Hardy appointed too many ex Forest people for my liking, they didn't have the connection others do to our club.
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    It seems very bizarre that potential new owners would consider Hardy staying involved. He’s brought nothing but bad publicity and his decisions have brought about the downfall of the club. Surely we need a clean slate and to rebuild the whole structure. I’m particularly concerned that it’s not going to be sorted quickly and that’s a massive disadvantage to us for next season.
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    Notts have stumbled from season to season with no real plan and no real direction. The club has no identity. There has never been any real stability. Notts have had 28 permanent managers since 1992. With Alan Hardy soon to be selling the club, here’s a list of things that needs to change at Notts if we are to make our way back up the leagues. Board level decisions This step is a crucial part of football and is key to the club’s future and whether it progresses or not. Decisions made by the board can make or break a club and can alter which direction the club goes in. Decisions on managers, recruitment, structure, policy and youth are all important. The decisions made on these areas shape a football club. Notts’ chairman has to be open and has to have a clear ambition for the club and what direction he wants to take the club in. The chairman must do his due diligence on managerial appointments and whether that is right for what state the club is in, whether we are midway through the season battling relegation or we are looking longer term and appoint a manager who will build a philosophy for seasons to come. They need to have full assurance over what they want the club to be run like. Do we need a director of football to forge a relationship between the owner and manager and to take over the football related matters that might be out of the owner or chairman’s reach? Do we need fellow board members and directors to help with the decision making at the club? All these decisions on how the club is run is crucial. Alan Hardy made a mess of how he wanted the club run. He sacked Kevin Nolan and suddenly decided afterwards he wanted a director of football and appointed Paul Hart to help Harry Kewell, only for it to fall apart after 11 games. Ray Trew also changed his ambition a dozen times. He never stuck with a manager long enough to implement a philosophy or ambition. When Notts went down the route of bringing in foreign players and bringing a passing style of play to Notts, it lasted only a few months. Along with the running of the club, the next Notts chairman or owner must have full assurances over finances and must make critical decisions on where to spend that money. The first priority for Notts would be a training ground and eventually getting a scouting network in place to help with recruitment. A big turning point in Notts’ fortunes was when Alan Hardy decided to spend the money gained on an FA Cup run, on the playing squad. Lincoln, on the other hand, spent their money on a training ground. Lincoln are now promoted to League One whilst Notts are staring non-league football in the face. That is key decision making for you. Living within your means is another problem Notts have endured during previous owners’ stints. Ray Trew and Alan Hardy both spent in the chase of success, both failed to attain this, and both times, the club ended up with financial issues. The message being for the next owner of Notts: Spend your money wisely and carefully. Decisions on managers For a long time now Notts haven’t really picked anyone that is forward thinking. Some managers that have been appointed have either been impact managers or shouldn’t have been given the job in the first place. Martin Allen, Keith Curle, Shaun Derry and to an extent Kevin Nolan are impact managers. They make an impact when they first come in, but they won’t take you forward. Managers like Jamie Fullarton and Chris Kiwomya shouldn’t have been given the job in the first place. Fullarton was an unpopular choice and it ended up being the last straw for Ray Trew. Kiwomya was appointed when fans were crying out for someone with at least a bit of managerial experience. Trew went with the cheap option and within two and a half months, Kiwomya left. The board must consider the job the last manager had as well. Neal Ardley’s Notts are currently struggling to score goals, a problem he carried over from his time at Wimbledon. The decisions on managerial appointments come from board level and for most of the last 15 years we haven’t really made a good appointment. Other clubs have taken chances on young coaches who have showed promise and it has worked because they are forward thinking and the board see the good job or jobs they have done before. Take Lincoln for example. They appointed Danny Cowley after he had steered Braintree to 3rd and a play-off semi-final with a small budget. A masterstroke of a decision from the Lincoln board. The decision making at board level is vital. Managerial appointments are only one of the things they have to get right. However, Notts have made too many bad decisions on managers over the past decade and a half and that has to stop. A manager with good tactical ability is key as well. We’ll get onto that soon. Others include Nathan Jones at Luton, Chris Wilder at Oxford, Northampton and now Sheffield United and Paul Hurst at Shrewsbury. Decision making is a massive part of football and something that has let Notts down consistently. Decisions need to be made and they need to be carefully thought out rather than rushed. Part 2 - Managerial tactics and Players, Recruitment and Scouting coming Tuesday Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    I've always suspected @Chris might be moonlighting as a prawn star
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    Based on a mean of 5 Schofield 4 Was completely lost on an early cross, needed some big saves but never delivered Rose 5 Always good for the long throws Stubbs 5 Always harder to assess when stood behind the goal, better distribution than his partner Barclay 4 Poor passing Milsom 4 Lack of pace evident Doyle 4 Dead ball delivery poor... never got going to influence the game O'Brien 3 Perhaps his worst game, nothing ran for him CMS 4 Effort yes, but there was no real game plan to get him into the game, Gave away a needless penalty Enzio 3 Is found out when you need him to graft. Didnt help Milsom defensively Stead 4 Last legs of once a good player Gomis 3 He can go back now... touch is hopeless, not going to make it despite his pace Subs Hemmings 3 Scored the penalty but touch and effort not there Vaughan 3 Short time on but didnt run back when lost possession... Based on a mean of 5 Schofield Rose Stubbs Barclay Milsom Doyle O'Brien CMS Enzio Stead Gomis
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    From the Nottingham Post: A Bulgarian multi-millionaire has been linked with a takeover of Notts County, as owner Alan Hardy continues his search to find a buyer for the club. According to reports, Kiril Domuschiev is believed to have shown an interest in the Magpies as he looks to make a foray into English football. He already owns Bulgarian side Ludogrets, having taken them from being an amateur club to the Champions League thanks to his financial power. It is reported Domuschiev is now looking to take on a similar project and has been directed to the Magpies, the world’s oldest professional Football League club.
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    Sorted until the next name change is required.
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    Schofield 6 Rarely troubled but could have he done better with Andrade's shot? Great goal but have a nagging doubt over the keeper's attempt? Rose 6 Solid but sometimes final ball not quite good enough. Defensive duties made more solid by his inclusion in the team Barclay 6 Certainly showed no fear against a Lincoln side where their aerial threat is perahaps the best in this division Stubbs 7 Cool head, mobile and can pass. Milsom 4 What is frustrating, he gets into more forward positions but doesnt have the skill or pace to beat his man. Always looking to lay the ball off. O'Brien 6 Worked well with Doyle, the pairing plug the enormous hole in our central midfield this season Doyle 7.5 MotM Outshone O'Connor, crisp and slick passing to feet as well. Suddenly we look like building attacks rather than kick and hope Alessandra 4.5 Crucially needlessly lost position that allowed Lincoln to break and score. Just occasional flashes of skill but one can say he is never truly effective. Defenders know he will always check back rather than beat them Boldewijn 6.5 Shows the trickery we have been missing but Bruno Andrade showed far more effectiveness from the Lincoln man CMS 7 First I admit to being wrong, CMS has still got pace and chased down everything Stead 6 Better service to him, won penalty...but chances for the rest of the game very few Subs Gomis 6 Has got pace, could have had an early chance but touch eluded him when passed to in penalty area with space to turn Hemmings 6 welcome back, for powerful running, just a pity his shots lack the accuracy expected https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/notts-county-lincoln-city-ratings-2500417 maybe Lee is reading @Piethagoram...an improvement in ratings analysis for once Schofield Rose Barclay Stubbs Milsom O'Brien Doyle Alessandra Boldewijn CMS Stead
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    i heard we was after a youngish striker that was 24, supposedly he signed for a league one team. cms was inquired after the move failed and i think gomis was more forest helping notts out. i dont dwell on who did not sign tho.
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    KingRelegation may indeed save us
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    Who me? Never [emoji6] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Happy new year.. 2019 can only be better than 2018.
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    I get barred off the internet by my parents, so I don't know but I try to keep out of trouble.
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    Is Neal Ardley falling into the blame game, or is he too protective of his player? Ardley has started to sound a manager who is on the ropes with regards to his managerial career, rather than accepting fault and moving on. He seems to be focusing on excuses, example blaming this mysterious side of Notts that want to see the club fail. His recent comments about the Northampton game flatters them, he admits frustrations and actually pin pointed some of the blame [without naming names] but will he start to make changes?
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    I think @Chris is spot on in most things. The behaviour of the Barrow players was appalling and unprofessional - I never want to see a Notts team carrying on like that. To be frank, I think we were made to look poor - they were in our faces from the start and stopped us playing. If you stay level for long enough you can gradually wrest control of the match, but once you're 2-0 down you've got a mountain to climb. I've made this point before - you need someone to do the dirty work, but playing Doyle and Rose together makes us over-reliant on the flanks for our attacking play. There's not a lot of point playing two holding midfielders when you're trailing - I'd have given Booty a go in the middle. To be honest though, I doubt it'd have made a difference, it was just a bad day at the office.
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    Slocombe 6 - Reassured us fans when he came and collected crosses and just making sure things didn't untangle in defence Kelly-Evans 5 - Many times in the first half his passes to Boldewijn were poor. Looked a little off the pace as he's just come back from injury Rawlinson 7 - Another solid performance. Becoming better with the ball at his feet Turner 6 - Relatively ok but sometimes would peel off his man. Thankfully, Rawlinson won everything McCrory 5 - Frustrating. Can tell he's only just come back from injury but everytime he got the ball in an advanced position, he went back Shields 8 - Superb. Constantly got down the wing. The Belper player who was marking him was shattered just after the hour mark because Sean had done him everytime. Bags of energy and pace. Getting better Doyle 6 - Lost his man for the goal but improved afterwards and took control and made tackles when needed Booty 7 - Class act. Defence splitting ball to Wootton for the goal. Some good interplay with other teammates. Will be a key player this season Boldewijn 7 - Scored a brilliant goal which he is capable of. Helped us get on the front foot. Made life difficult constantly for Belper Wootton 7 - A good goal. Hit the bar. A decent afternoon Dennis 6 - Should have had two goals. Intelligent runs but surprisingly for Denno, lacking the finish Subs Thomas 5 - Should have scored a 3rd for Notts Tyson 5 - Good to see him back from injury but then cleared the ball for Belper and then karate kicked one of their players
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    Hi everyone. I've just signed up to PON, having read a number of the interesting articles on here in recent months. On Saturday I was travelling back from Bromley to Preston by train (every match I attend is an away match for me) and struck up a conversation with a Barrow fan returning from a day out in Ebbsfleet. He organises all their away travel, which is very much self-funded. Sometimes they have enough fans to hire a minibus or even a coach and for other matches they travel by train. A group always travel by car too. I promised that I would provide him with contact details for a suitable pub that would welcome him and probably 50-60 of his fellow away fans (they expect to be bringing a coachload down) within, say, a 20-minute walk of Meadow Lane. I gather that he usually makes personal contact with the landlord or landlady some weeks prior to the match and always ensures that the fans are well behaved and respectful of their surroundings. I actually was very impressed with him. They would arrive about 12:30 and stay until 2:00 or 2:30 depending on location and enjoy, as so many of us do, a proper pub serving decent beer, rather than a pub that is part of a chain such as Wetherspoons and their like. Having not lived in Nottingham for over 40 years, could someone please recommend somewhere that I could suggest to them please? It would be great to be able to ensure they had a brilliant experience of Notts' hospitality before leaving pointless on their long journey home. Actually do spare a thought for Barrow fans. Unlike Carlisle fans, they have to travel for one hour before even reaching the M6 and so probably suffer some of the longest journeys of any supporters in the EFL or National League timewise. Many thanks, LancsPie.
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    Slocombe 6 - Not much wrong with his performance. Not much to do Kelly-Evans 8 - Got down the right very well and despite Sutton targeting him for his lack of heights, it didn't phase him and put in a fighting performance Rawlinson 6 - Solid. Dealt with Sutton's forward threats well. Turner 7 - Commanding as normal from the human fridge freezer. Good confidence on the ball when he brings it out of defence. McCrory 6 - Shaky first half but settled down afterwards. Supported the left wing in the second half as Notts grew into the game more Doyle 6 - Recycles possession as he does and put in a good shift. Controls the play Rose 6 - Poor first half in which he couldn't pass a science test never mind a football. Better in the second half like most of Notts' players Booty 6 - Shouldve scored in the first half with the goal at his mercy. Always looks for the forward ball which is good to see Boldewijn 5 - Drifts in and out of games despite showing what he's capable of on occasions Wootton 7 - Dominated their centre half and held the ball well. Won most flick ons and scored a beauty. A good days for work Kyle Dennis 6 - His usual bag of hard work but how he hasn't scored from close range is beyond me Subs Thomas 6 - Came on and worked hard. Linked the play alright and was lively Shields 5 - Had a short few moments on the ball when he came on and looked lively. Don't remember him receiving the ball afterwards Graham N/A - Came on and covered for Rawlinson late on in the game
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    Personally, I think squad sizes over 30 is quite excessive and something which most cash strapped smaller teams should avoid - regardless if some of the players are earning far less than others. You have to have depth and quality in any team, though, it's not so much about the numbers. It's important to have players who can cover other positions whilst giving a good consistent performance. At the same time, I don't like seeing players become unsettled by moving around too much - as I feel they need to settle. You can tell someone is quality, though, especially if they give the same level of performance regardless where they play. 26/27 is where I think the right balance lies.
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    1) He's only interested in protecting his assets now, this is dead obvious. 2) Nobody in their right mind would buy a club with a lot of debt and still sell out what's reported to be over £5m. 3) He's only bothered about his own lively hood now, nobody else - the trolls have won. 4) Are we actually surprised by this? I doubt Ray Trew would have sold to anyone who offered lower than Alan Hardy, in my opinion, if he knew what would happen now I highly believe he would still sell because these types of people just want their money or as much of that they can get. 5) Munto wasn't actually bad owners, it's the lies and fraud which get it. Peter Trembling actually did a very good job running the club, the people behind the scam knew he wasn't the brightest bulb, but clearly had faith he could take much of the fallout. It reminds of when Notts appointed Jamie Fullarton when things was turning ugly, hide behind someone. 6) Admin is very likely, I do believe potential owners are smart enough to realise that they could actually pick up the club much cheaper. Let's face it, if they have proper plans behind them, being docked 10 points or whatever it is, it shouldn't bother them. 7) It's in more danger, yet I do believe it will turn out to be okay. As I say, I think buyers are carefully watching how they might be able to save their own cash - I only see the sale happening without administration if Hardy accepts a much lower offer. 8.) The club will field youths, a squad will be put out.
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    Wait, I heard rumours and fans have told me names have been revealed? I haven't seen anything myself. The takeover was rumoured to be completed by this Wednesday, now this doesn't come from any sort of reliable source, but it's consistent with what I've been told (including from people unconnected to the club). Knowing the way things are at the minute, this could happen and we'd still be none the wiser to what has happened. Just like the club had been sitting on the retained this. Supposedly that was to get clarification from those seeking to invest mind.
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    Spot on Chris, although I can see it taking around 4-5 years for us to go back up. Let's face it this has been coming since Pavis left the club around 20 years ago. Scardino was like Hardy and spent money he did not have, administration and the Trust years followed and we could have gone down then. Munto comes along and we get promoted on fake money and then Trigger finger Ray takes over and we never get a settled management team. We need to strip right back to basics, grow the infrastructure and learn to live within our means. Stop paying stupid wages to players that have only come for the money and invest in a young team (with a couple of old heads) with potential that can grow into a promotion side. We've had too many promises in the past, all with so little substance and I think we're all fed up with it.
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    Speaking to a mate of mine who's a Stags fan who went through 5 years in non-league. He said ownership is the probably the key thing. You need a good owner and money to escape the National League. Need to take our chances whenever we get a crack at promotion as well. Luton and Grimsby failed in the play-offs 3 times.
  36. 2 points
    Happy birthday to you @Ellie_Pie10, enjoy the wonderful day with your family @Chris, @cheeky~k8, @super_pie, @super_ram and @GrannyPie. I hope that PON cake is fresh!
  37. 2 points
    It's pleasing to see the magical work that Neal Ardley has done, he's completely turned things around and has restored the hope. I felt proud watching Notts, it reminded me of a game we would have played in the 90's, just a solid team working hard for each other and playing together. It makes a massive difference but to win a team who's fans took the piss out of our league position. Chanted songs about relegation, well the last laugh is on them because I fail to see how they will secure an automatic position.
  38. 2 points
    Quality video, you've got to watch it with the music
  39. 2 points
    Fantastic performance Notts. Battled, scrapped, fought, got a point. We can now compete with any team in the league with the signings we've made, just need to keep them fit. A note for the ref: comically bad. Really simple calls constantly being made wrong - for both sides. Refs at this level often make incorrect 'big calls'. This one pretty much got every call wrong. He was that bad, when a foul was made and you heard the whistle go, you still weren't sure which way he would give it.
  40. 2 points
    already entered this. looking forward to seeing the draw! good luck everyone.
  41. 2 points
    Great idea to get members involved and also for fans to be able to win a print for less than the value whilst helping the site sustain its costs.
  42. 2 points
    So after the 0-0 draw with Bury Notts will be confident coming in to this game. I don’t think they will be over confident. Neal will keep their feet on the ground. I think notts will attack this game like the Bury game with confidence and a bond in the squad that I hadn’t noticed until Neal arrived. They need to be defensive, work as a team. The defence has to do there part and play as one. The midfield need to pass to the strikers with accuracy and confidence. The strikers need those balls in to area. And no hangovers from the news years eve .. only joking
  43. 2 points
    Happy Birthday @Magic magpie! Have you planned anything nice or done anything special for your birthday. Have a good one!
  44. 2 points
    Hmm, the man who backed Nolan significantly, tried again with Kewell and let him bring in new players and will now back Ardley in January is the problem... Alan Hardy is not the reason we are bottom of the league the players are. They keep talking about how they know they're not performing, yet we get the same performances from them week in, week out. If we get relegated at the end of the season what more could Hardy have done? Spent even more money? The players need to step up or they'll probably never get the chance to play in the football league again.
  45. 2 points
    happy christmas everyone! I hope everyone has a good day.
  46. 2 points
    Grimsby away, I have been told it's a sketchy place to go. I know some of their fans can be quite rough but should make a good away day and a new ground for me to visit. Main threats I can think of is Wes Thomas and Mitch Rose and their keeper I know is being watched by a few clubs in the higher divisions. I think after a win against Tranmere it is possible we can carry that through into this game. Grimsby are on a bit of a roll but do struggle to find consistency within their results. They are scoring for fun at the moment smashing 5 past Tranmere a few weeks ago. I think this match with end in a draw but we have to mindful of maybe resting a few players for the busy Christmas period. Personally I wouldn't risk Stead and play Dennis up top with Hemmings as we'll need the leadership and character of Stead in the big game against Macclesfield. Formation: 4-4-2 Lineup: Fitz / Hewitt - Turley - Ward - Jones / Thomas - Vaughan - Milsom - Hawkridge / Hemmings - Dennis Score: 2 - 2 (Hemmings, Vaughan)
  47. 2 points
    I can't help but think we still need a goalkeeper maybe on loan in January. Don't get me wrong Fitz is becoming a good keeper, good shot stopping ability and handling. Kicking and distribution does let him down from time though. Is it worth looking at bringing in a loan keeper in January for 6 months. A keeper who has plenty of ability and experience. The logical choice would be from across the river. Both Jordan Smith and Stephen Henderson recently completed emergency loan deals to Barnsley and Wycombe. They both kept clean sheets which to say they only spent a week with the team is good going. Jordan Smith's game: Accrington 0 - 2 Barnsley Stephen Henderson's game: Wycombe 1 - 0 Barnsley I personally think that we should be looking to bring in one of these guys in on loan as we need the experience and assurance that we have a fighting chance at the back. I can't help but think sometimes that Fitz struggles to deal with certain shots and is still lacking the experience. What do you think? Would you be against signing a keeper or for it? Does Fitz need some more experience to become No. 1 next year? We haven't got competition in the GK spot as Pindroch isn't good enough. We need clean sheets and Fitz is struggling to keep them. While the defence is the majority to blame for this Fitz still has a big part to play and has been the goalkeeper since the opening day of the season. So his partly to blame for our current situation.
  48. 2 points
    I think the way the sliders shows all the artwork on sale is great and being in different sections works better too. I don't mind posting the parcels and i think the post office will be used to me soon.
  49. 2 points
    Still time to get yours before Christmas by posting but can meet at a game.
  50. 2 points
    To trim the playing staff down will be difficult at this time , probably the best we could see happen , would be send the loan players back if the terms of the loan allowed it , loan some of our young players out which I think is achievable and would probably do them more good than putting them into the dog fight we are in ,and hope NA can get more out of a significant number of the remaining players to improve us enough to stay up and finally hope that AH can manage to find some money to bring in 2 or 3 of quality and steel and I think personality to make an impact in the dressing room and on the pitch , massive job on in my opinion.

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