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    For any football fan who's seen their team get relegated, one positive once you've got over the initial shock is to think about all the new grounds you can visit. And with Notts having previously never dropped down to non-league in their 157-year history, all these non-league grounds seemed like an exotic novelty to a Notts fan who travels home and away each week. So having completed half a season in the non-league wilderness, let's take a look back on the highs and lows of a non league away day. Best away days: Without question, I would have to list my favourite away ground that I've visited this season as Aldershot. Why did I like Aldershot's ground? Because it was the right mix of being an old school terrace, as well as a ground with a good atmosphere between home and away fans, which hasn't always been the case at the majority of non league grounds. Another terrace which I thoroughly enjoyed was Halifax, a large, retro terrace for away fans and an experience helped by the fact that Notts actually won! However, in terms of both the result and away day experience, then the best away trip this season would have to be the 4-0 win at Woking. From the slightly surreal yet friendly experience of drinking in the snooker club that was the only pub anywhere near the ground, to the cracking on the field performance from Notts, it was definitely the most memorable away trip of the season. Chants about "Our Danish chairmen" rang out throughout the game, as Notts put in a performance that established their challenge for immediate promotion back to the football league. Whether Notts genuinely have a chance of that promotion is a question for another blog! Worst away days: My least favourite ground I've visited this season would have to be Sutton. The whole vibe of the place was quite weird; on the one hand the stewards and other staff at the ground were very posh and overly formal. On the other hand, I recall facilities at this ground being particularly poor and not up to standard. The fact that the game was poor didn't help, but there was no real atmosphere at this ground which made for a pretty unmemorable experience. Another away ground I didn't particularly enjoy was Eastleigh; a ground which while facilities were modern and up to standard, was just pretty bland and the result also contributed to a relatively unmemorable day. While I can't moan too much about Chesterfield away as an experience as we've been there before in the football league and the facilities are pretty good for this level, I must give a special mention to Chesterfield advertising that they were selling out of date beer at the ground. Thanks for telling all away fans that they should give that a swerve, I guess! Thankfully no matter how bad things have got at Notts, we've never stooped to that low. So are the grounds in the National League significantly worse than those in League Two? I suppose it depends what you look for in a ground. In terms of character, there are some pretty bland grounds wherever you go in the football league. Therefore, an old fashioned ground like Aldershot, Halifax, or Maidenhead is definitely more charming than a football league out of town ground like Colchester or MK Dons. However, if you're talking about facilities then the overall standard is definitely slightly lower. The facilities at most non league clubs who have never been in the football league are definitely not quite up to football league standards in the whole ground, never quite as clean or well maintained as facilities in a football league ground. But even at the worst of times at any tinpot non-league ground, it's important to remember that this roller-coaster ride will all be worth it when Notts are a football league club! Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Not really new as such. More of a revisit to an old friend! Hope all is well here on PoN and everyone is enjoying, what is now, an excellent resource for Notts fans. I hope to drop in a little more in the future to add my voice to the conversations. Site is looking good and forum seems to be ticking along nicely so praise goes to all of you. The team behind PoN at the moment and the regulars who drop in daily, and also to the not so regulars who still make valuable contributions. Best wishes one and all.
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    McDonnell 6 - One dodgy moment in the first half but overall an afternoon on the sunbed Brindley 7 - Won the ball back and was comfortable Rawlinson 7 - Solid as per usual Lacey 7 - Same as Rawlo Bagan 7 - Pressed forward well and never gave Eastleigh any time with the ball Roberts 8 - Something else this guy. A sprinkle of quality Rose 8 - Pressed and challenged well. Got forward and joined the attack too. Assist for the third. Grabbed hold of the game second half Doyle 8 - Passing was tremendous, especially finding Dennis and Wootton. Like Rose, grabbed a hold of it 2nd half Boldewijn 6 - Didn't really do much in spells of the game. Was calm Dennis 9 - A class act. Just runs and runs and scores. Wootton 9 - Gave the Eastleigh centre-back pairing a torrid time and his aerial presence and ball control were brilliant. Two goals to top off a great day Thomas 6 - Closed down the defenders and put himself about Crawford 6 - Got back to cover and showed some neat ball control Wilson - N/A
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    Ex Notts forward Justin Fashanu, is to be inducted into the footballing Hall of Fame. He played for us from 1982-85. He was a gentleman and an excellent forward. Great movement and skill. Sadly, committed suicide in 1998. He took his own life after struggling to balance the fame of being the first openly gay footballer and his life after the game. He should be remembered as the First Black Million pound player. Signed for those over the river, where he struggled with his relationship with Clough. He ended up at the Lane and even though we were relegated a couple of times, he still shone through as a good player. After he left football, he moved to America and it was there that he got tangled in an assault charge which he denied, but he couldn’t cope with the suspicion. He fled back to the UK and was unfortunately found dead after he hung himself. Even in the note he left he still denied the charges. His case was famous for a couple of reasons. Firstly the way he came out. Relevant because for the last few days people have been discussing the role of trash newspapers such as the Scum. Caroline Flack, took her own life and the paper contributed to their stress she finally gave into. When the paper paid Fash for the interview, they, as they always do, sensationalised his coming out and it ultimately left him a broken man. His brother, John Fashanu, known for his Wimbledon antics, ostracised his brother because of his sexual pretences and spoke badly of him on a regular basis. Secondly, as the first openly gay footballer. Headlines may change, but we are still at the stage where it is so difficult for a player to live his life as he chooses and coming out in football is unheard of. The world has moved in a lot in the past 40 years, but in the same breath, it has hardly moved on at all. A lovely guy who I met quite a few times as he was a friend of the family. Caring, generous and just a nice guy. But he struggled to be accepted for who he was in a closed culture of football. He should be remembered for the goals he scored and the fact he was sold for a million pounds ( which back then was an unthinkable amount! ) not the tragic end to his life. https://news.sky.com/story/justin-fashanu-britains-first-out-gay-footballer-to-be-inducted-into-hall-of-fame-11936867
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    Brilliant week this week, celebrated my 20th birthday on friday with @ARLukomski, we celebrated in Frankie and Benny's, I got a free meal which is a bonus. I did have to do 5 days at work before my birthday, but they were good shifts, nice and easy. I saw a cracking game of football last night, what a goal by Enzio! Feel sorry for my family as some of them are Chesterfield fans, but can't go to matches. Just writing this on the train to Nottingham to meet up with @Chris, which I am looking forward to and having a nice catch up. Overall, January was an alright month, not much happened really apart from a trip to Maidenhead, a birthday and a load of work shifts. Now we move onto February, lets see what happens this month. How was your week and January as a whole?
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    Breakdown of key topics: The Danish brothers were attracted to Notts because, the clubs history, Nottingham as a city, the potential and a fantastic opportunity. 2019/2020 aim is to hopefully gain promotion - however, they feel it's not expected and Neal Ardley must establish the team. Long term goals: Create an excellent scouting infrastructure to enable the club to sign the right players from the English leagues and overseas. They want to work with the fans so that the club can attract newer and more fans. It's hoped the club can go as far as it can, creating new memories. Hardest challenge faced coming in was forming the team, due to the time limits. Neal Ardley acknowledges that the new owners came straight in, they helped him to move quickly to make the signings and some of the players didn't have a pre-season. Media has been interested in the takeover in Denmark, that we are the oldest professional club and additionally with Kasper having played here - Danish people like supporting one English club, perhaps Notts? Things had to happen very quickly, they didn't have much time to look at players nor due proper financial diligence with the takeover. Both were happy with completing, they just wished they had more time. Unsure what to expect from owning a football club, they acknowledge that the staff have plenty of experience which makes their life easier. Spending money respectfully and carefully, Neal Ardley doesn't want to mismanage this. Owners look beyond defeats, they look at the bigger picture. Two new scoreboards to be installed, with support from Lifeline and the OSA. The club wants to promote the heritage, yet there are no plans currently to open a museum. Neal Ardley instructs everyone to go up for corners as it allows for more space, those with height have a threat. i.e Ben Turner, Kyle Wootton etc. There are no plans to have our own training facilities, but the club hopes to have something more permanent in the future. Neal Ardley starts Enzio Boldewijn because of his current ability, rather than form and despite Sam Osborne being described as a having a bright future - he's not see as being better, despite being a 'hard worker'. What do you think of the evening and, the items discussed? You can watch the event below.
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    The weekend is the only things become interesting in my household, at least today I am in a good mood. My wife doesn't understand why...
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    @liampie came up with a wonderful suggestion, in the weekly round up, which was to see if all of us on PON had any common interests, apart from Notts. Also if there is any new interests while we have been stuck in our houses all day. My interests have not changed much while I have been in the house for nearly 4 weeks now. I have been baking a lot more now I have not got much to do. So far, I have made scones, cakes (one of them being coffee), brownies, pizza rolls with my brother, jam tarts and some cinnamon sugar crisp things. I have done a couple of girly things like trying out new hairstyles and painting my nails. One thing I have taken a keen interest in is art. I did take it it for GCSE but sadly failed it, I really lost interest in it because it was taking over my whole GCSE experience and I did not like my teacher (I am sure @ARLukomski will understand). But now because I have the time again I have been doing it. This is cheating but I brought a Harry Potter colouring book and some crayons, as I do find it therapeutic and it relaxes me, especially if I am having a down day. Before the lock down got put into place I managed to finish my Harry Potter book collection, so I am going to try and get my way through those, as I do like reading, especially when I am struggling to fall asleep. Been streaming a lot more films and TV shows on Disney+ plus, just fancy reliving my childhood. I have been watching a lot more YouTube and catching up on videos that I missed while I was working. I've hardly been on Amazon prime or Netflix, normally this are the top two streaming sites that I am on. How have you interests changed, if at all?
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    cheers guys - yeah i'll talk with anyone about football. I'm registered on this and the other Notts forum as well as Wrexham , Bromley, Confguiide and the 1FF forum. season's going very well (so far). Nice to see Notts fans haven't come down with the usual arrogant ex-EFL attitude (Yeovil were really a non-league side who were on an extended loan to the EFL - so didn't have it either) . All the best for the rest of the season - apart from the return match of course....
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    I think your mean of 5 is a bit mean, so here are my ratings with a mean of 6: Slocombe 6 - the only reason he gets an average mark is because he had very little to do, apart from a bit of catching practice! Brindley 7.5 - not only solid defensively, but a world class strike for the opener. Rawlinson 8* - really committed performance. To say he outshone Turner says all that needs saying. Turner 7.5 - what we have come to expect, wins far more challenges than he loses. Bakayogo 7.5 - best game I've seen him play. Sound at both ends on the left, fortunately his injury seems minor. Shields 7 - decent going forward and played his part defensively. Rose 6.5 - better in the challenge than when on the ball, but had a decent game. Doyle 7.5 - gave the back four great protection, always available for a pass, showed what an asset he can be. Enzio 6.5 - most of his best work was done defensively, still caused them a few problems going forward. Wootton 7 - did exactly what a target man should do, and has a fair bit of skill for a big man. Dennis 7 - missed a sitter but scored a goal from nothing. Always looked lively. Kelly-Evans 6.5 - probably more at home on the right, but a good option to bring on from the bench. Booty 6 - did his job when he came on. Thomas 6 - no real involvement but helped us see out the last few minutes. A really good, committed performance against a decent team. The fact they were only good up to the final third is more down to our defensive shape than their failings. We actually looked like a team that is hard to beat. I'm still not quite ready to join the Ardley fan club, but he can be given nothing but credit for the last few games. Keep it going Neal and please make me apologise at the end of the season.
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    I’ve just rejoined in an attempt to put a little money into the club whilst we’re closed. I cancelled my subs when Hardy messed it up, but now is a good time to rejoin if you’re not a member. Do we have any big winners in the PoN community? I’ve been doing it for years and I think I recall £50 many years ago and that’s it. Hopefully this time around I’ll hit the jackpot!
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    For those of you with Netflix, the first series of The English Game is online now. Apparently it's based on a true story and Notts play a very minor role in it. I'm still working through my backlog of Outlander and Better Call Saul, plus The Last Kingdom is coming back this month. The English Game is definitely going on my list though. Has anyone seen it? Can you recommend?
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    The Corona virus pandemic situation is having a terrible effect on people worldwide and is currently the main news headline.I was wondering ,if PoN had been here from 1862, what news items would have aroused most posting responses here.I'm thinking both world wars,Notts winning the FA cup and the Titanic sinking.Any suggestions from members?
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    We all do it, there's some classic or cheesy song that we sing but don't actually know the full words. I remember seeing the Peter Kay sketch, it reminded me - as I have been listening to the Corrs a lot lately. Breathless.... I always heard as "So go on, go on Come on leave me Bradley." It's actually, So go on, go on Come on leave me breathless.
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    Fitzsimons 8 - For all that has gone on this week, his professionalism was absolute first class. Credit to the club today. Two good saves along with a penalty save. Ross Fitzsimons baby Brindley 6 - Sometimes chose the wrong option when passing but solid enough Rawlinson 7 - Dealt with Denton the bean pole. Brought the ball out of defence Lacey 7 - Solid again. Dealt with Denton. Didn't really have to deal with Boden as he wasn't there Kelly-Evans 8 - Superb. Made runs forward. Did well defensively and passing was good Roberts 8 - Excellent first home game. Brilliant passing and carried the ball well. Cracking assist for KW. Pure sauce O'Brien 8 - Kept it ticking. Made the passing and the football flow so nicely Rose 6 - Solid. Better overall with his distribution Boldewijn 7 - Scored a belter, won the ball back and ran at the opposition. He's good at that. When he runs at the oppositions defence they don't know what to do. Carries the ball forward so well Thomas 6 - Didn't have the best of first halves but battled away. Ended up being K-dub's show Wootton 7 - 2 goals and was much better 2nd half. Got into the game more and good positioning for the second goal Crawford 6 - Shored the midfield up to help us see the game out Bird 6 - Clearance at the back post helped us to a clean sheet. Like Crawford helped us see the game out Dennis 6 - Not much for him to do as we were already 3 up and game was over
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    The newcastle united player signed a 18 month contract for The Magpies. Cal Roberts is a winger who should do well in our squad if given the chance. Full article link below https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2020/january/roberts-signs-200120/
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    Right up until New Year's eve I felt ill, I had that flu bug which did the rounds. I wasn't able to do much during those days, it irritated the pain I feel. I did manage to go to see Granny and Super on New Year's eve. Following day I felt unwell, but not the flu. Just tired. I missed the Boxing Day game due to this, well, I felt a lot of pain too but that's normal to a degree. Last Saturday, I managed to go to see Notts. After that, I went to my in-laws New Years get together. I mostly hide in the back living room and entertained the kids, whilst feeling like a lethargic dummy. Day after, guess what? If you guessed I felt tired, you've won a prize!
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    I don't want my reply to put anyone off, I just aim to be open and, perhaps inspire others to share a bit about themselves. As far as I can remember I have loved art, it used to be my only talent (aside from football). I use to draw pictures from reference or memory, one of the things I liked doing was drawing @GrannyPie pictures of old fashioned cosy cottages. I'd draw landscapes and, often enough I would come home from school with portraits and artwork. I loved seeing my mum put them up around the house, especially the fridge. After I switched schools, I learned to love reading something I had struggled with mostly due to poor teachers not being bothered. Once I caught on, I read absolutely everything at school and if you've seen the seen from Matilda where she's in the library reading all those classical books - well I did the same when I was around 9/10. Even before this, I liked making up stories and, these tended to focus around detectives or spooky stories. When I was 14/15, I joined a poetry website as a means to let my feelings out. It was a wonderful time for me, I found the internet to be very encouraging and after publishing a prose I was contacted by a Canadian artist who asked if I would allow them to use parts in one of their upcoming songs. From there, I joined a music community called Musesmuse and, another site focused on upcoming indie artists. So, art, poetry and songwriting inspired me as a teen. I've written lyrics which has been adapted by some very cool indie bands, which always feels special when you hear them back. It's not something I have mentioned much about, but one of the bands I once assisted was called The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Ronnie Winter always had star qualities about him. On one of my mini discs I have their first album unmastered, unreleased and very early demos of the complete album. Since taking up poetry, I built a site around that and grew to enjoy community building. Anything generally artistic inspires me, it helped me escape my head and cope during a period where I felt I had to act 'normal'.
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    So we have been drawn at home Vs Aveley FC. They’ll be well up for this game and we need to treat them with respect and take the game seriously.
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    My favourite chocolate bar in the last couple of months is quite a controversial one but it's got to be a dark chocolate bounty. There isn't many chocolate bars I can have now but its definitely my go to.
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    I thought he was a good manager, especially during games. He knew how to get a side attacking, perhaps defensively it could have been improved but the brand of football always entertained. I actually don't recall why he was sacked, well the "reason" for it. I always felt Shaun Derry should have remained at Notts, but the memories of Moniz are there. The opening game against Stevenage will always be remembered fondly by me. I left thinking we were on the verge of something special, perhaps if he had more time to influence Notts he might have got us back into League One.
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    An advert from many many years ago selling tapes (yes, that old!). It was brilliant at the time and very funny. Would paste it properly, but not letting me so you will have to make do with the link!!
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    I started going to Barrow matches in March/April 1980, so the end of this season will be the 40th anniversary of me supporting them and although we've won the FA Trophy at the old and new Wembley (1990 and 2010) and won promotion to this league a few times this is by far the most exciting time i can remember as a Barrow fan. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the rest of the season will be as good... I'd like to win it easily - but that's just not the football way - i'd settle for winning on goal difference with a 95th min own goal conceded by the 2nd place team... as long as we hold on and go up - 48 years out of the league is too long...
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    Thanks for the positive feedback guys, it is appreciated!
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    Slocombe 6 - Collected crosses like General Grievous collects lightsabers Brindley 6 - Had his times getting up the line but not much of note Rawlinson 7 - Dealt with Effiong well and came forward with the ball out of defence Lacey 8 - Passing to the strikers and midfield in the first half was tremendous. Solid yet again. The guy is taking the mickey McCrory 6 - Lost the ball and was ran past on a few occasions but solid enough Osborne 5 - Still needs to work on his crossing. Should have put more power on his ball to Thomas Rose 4 - Too many ineffective passes. Was too deep and almost cost us Doyle 7 - Passing was alright and he got stuck in like he normally does. Was ready for the battle Boldewijn 6 - Was anonymous for quite a while but oh so close with that free kick Wootton 6 - Did his best to bring the ball down and into play. Sometimes his first touch was good and sometimes it wasn't Thomas 6 - Made them runs but needs to score that chance in the second half. He has half the net to aim for Tyson 6 - Really lively when he came on. Good to see Dennis 6 - Didn't really get much to be fair. Had a half chance
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    Slow, tedious and boring week at work. Felt a bit down in some stages this week. However, got to spend good time with @meg_walshx and even went out for a Wetherspoons today. Cough has virtually gone too
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    Mean of 5.5 Slocombe 6 Tipped over an awkward freekick but in all honesty, rarely troubled Brindley 5.5 Defensively sound , not much going forward Rawlinson 6.5 Given Dover's aerial threats, for the first time for a long time, partnership with Lacey gives one confidence of dealing with high balls Lacey 7.5 A ball carrying centre back, good partnership with Rawlinson McCrory 6 More confident that Brindley, just linkage down the wings missing Rose 4 Obligatory caught in possession moment... No forward momentum Doyle 6.5 always tries to be making himself available to make triangle Boldewijn 4.5 Scoring higher with his final free kick which he was desperately unlucky. Spent 90 minutes before looking for some magic but rarely got into the game to make the difference Osborne 6 Pitch didnt help but always looking to be creative Wootton 6 Target man but well controlled by the Dover central defence Thomas 5.5 What a chance squandered when one had confidence that he would convert when put through Subs Tyson 5.5 OK Dennis 5.5 difficult chance, couldnt impact the game
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    Ideally, Notts does require a winger and someone more creative in the centre. Mitch Rose isn't the answer, he's someone who might be able to take on Michael Doyle's role in the future - but for me he doesn't have the drive or overall ability to be the player who can unlock the opposition. It's quite slow minded, on his day a good footballer but he's not the player who shined last season. If the option were between a CM or winger, I'd take the winger as a priority. Simply due to the fact we could be far more effective if we used the wider areas on the pitch better, it frees space for the middle and more time would allow what we have to do more themselves. Signing a CM in my opinion would only be the short term answer, especially if we dismissed the need for some natural on the wing. Enzio drifts in far more than he takes players on out wide, Sean Shields is okay but lacks the ability to beat a player who is defensive minded. Shields has a lot of pace, he doesn't have a lot of skill with his feet and tends to be caught out a lot. Sam Osborne is the only player who can side wide and get the ball in, attacking the dangerous areas in which we tend to neglect. He can also take on the opposition both out wide and by drafting in, so that he can cut the ball back or put a ball into the box. His ability to strike from distance is useful, especially with the standard of keeping in the National League. I feel this explains as to why a winger would be more beneficial, if the options was between a CM or a winger. If money isn't a problem, signing both would help but the priority is out wide.
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    We've got Wootton Kyle Wootton Just don't think you understand He's lethal in the air He scores from anywhere We've got Kyle Wootton
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    Happy Christmas everyone!
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    There's room for some departures still I feel, yet the depth is good. I think more time needs to be given to the likes of Sam Osborne and Remaye Campbell (the latter if needed) as we have Nathan Tyson. I do feel the squad is looking good right now. Osborne will only grow further with suitable game time, he will be a waste if he's not given the nod and pushed by Neal Ardley. Honestly, I am not sure if there's a requirement for any activity in the transfer market now. The squad is very big for this division, suitable depth is there and for me promotion will rely on form. I don't expect it this season, I think stability is the way forward. This will take time, yet I feel the depth is there.
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    To those of you wondering where the next round of fixtures is, I've decided to keep the prediction league in line with the EFL schedule. Only the Conference is in action on Tuesday (and the Tuesday after, as the League clubs are playing in the EFL Cup), so I'd have had to post eight fixtures from the same division, which isn't ideal. As a result, the next round will be on Saturday, so the fixtures will be posted on Thursday at the latest! So, to clarify: round 2 will be the matches on 10 August, round 3 on 17 August.
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    Afternoon all, hope everyone had a good summer. I must apologize for being rather late with this, been a busy summer. Unfortunately I must inform everyone that I am going to be unable to commit to running the prediction league this season. I have run it for 6 seasons since we started it but nowadays I'm working full time, groundhopping and travelling a lot, it's difficult for me to find time and even remember to add up all the scores, update and post the league table. Granted its not a massive job but takes a good half hour each time at least. So its time to pass this over, that's if the interest in having this is still there. Thanks to all who have taken part over the years and I will gladly take part this year, and if any would be "runner" requires any help then so please feel free to chat to me! James
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    The takeover dragged on for what seemed to be forever, thankfully the day arrived and the Danish owners can now focus on restructuring the club. What I would like to see, is for them to try to get back some of the staff lost or sacked by Alan Hardy. Proper ground staff with all due respect to the people who came in under Hardy, they're not Notts County and I think it's a shame that people like Trevor Hutchinson are no longer around the club. Likewise, Mike Edwards was a foundation in the club and more than just a fitness coach. I would like to see a sense of Notts restored, that would give me a good feeling. Hardy appointed too many ex Forest people for my liking, they didn't have the connection others do to our club.
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    Happy birthday @Chris sorry it's late
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    This is what I've come up with so far... Do you like blue? I went for a sub-zero vibe. -Edit- Just for the sake of it, I implemented the new parts into your previous design for the fun of it. What would you like doing? Give me some ideas and I'll play around with the concept.
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    They look really good @Chris! I have one bit of feedback though - the "join in with PON" one looks good, but every Notts fan will know that the fans on the picture are away fans. Maybe a similar one with a full Kop (play-off semi maybe?) would work better. And I like the idea of the slogan "Be a PON star!" too One idea I have is a zombie magpie in a graveyard with the slogan "Notts will rise again". Possibly with the lettering "Wrexham" and "Chesterfield" on the gravestones. Since my work hours are probably going to be reduced, maybe I'll have time to actually learn to draw!
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    To be fair, it should be easier for people coming into the city including fans who travel via train. I’m hoping they extend it in Nottingham, not just for those outside in our county.
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    Thank you for the kind words and for subscribing. I agree that sometimes it is difficult to hear me, especially when it is windy so I may have to buy a microphone soon.
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    Happy Birthday to PON's favourite Derby County supporter and bigger star to us than Wayne Rooney @super_ram.
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    I need to see the highlights before I can comment about Joe McDonnell. I do feel Mitch Rose is more out of form than Enzio right now, I don't feel Tom Crawford is suitable to replace him - I'd rather see Regan Booty return but his back injury sounds like one of those phantom things which will never go away. I really hope I'm wrong, the club needs someone like Ryan Yates, no thrills but incredibly good at the basics. Jim O'Brien and Michael Doyle don't have it in them to do all the work, Jim's a great asset but we need pace in the centre too. Doyle isn't the answer, I wouldn't even have him as the captain let alone always start. His value is in his experience, think it's a shame that we don't really have anyone else who stands out in this area. We could do with another Regan Booty or Callum Roberts to fill the gap.
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    It's good to see a familiar face to PON return, welcome back @hissingdwarf.
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    I think the first half both teams could have gotten something from the match and, it made a nice change to see Notts do one better by firstly saving a penalty - then scoring themselves. Second half, Notts showed a different class and, I’m over the moon for Enzio. His performance wasn’t brilliant, but his goal meant so much to him. I’m hoping it gives him that lift, so he can grown in confidence. Cal Roberts looked a great player, quick feet and a good turn of pace. He’s very direct which makes a change. I don’t feel any player played badly today, they all worked hard and looked solid as a team. It was like watching a team in promotion form. It shows we can rely on the whole squad but more importantly this team can react well to disappointing results - if everyone is on the same page.
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    Only changes I would make right now, are to Rose and Enzio. I think the starting lineup only really needs to tweaked here and there, it's a fair point that we did better with a few changes. The fixtures really forced that, however, Ardley should try to solve some of the issues about game time. He's done right by shipping some out on loan but if we are to improve further, you can't play tired bodies, you can't persist out-of-form players are good enough to start ahead of hard workers.
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    I am genuinely exciting as when he played against Notts the other season, he looked like a bright spark in the Newcastle squad. People shouldn't judge Cal Roberts as a finished product, more a player that needs shaping and assisting to bring out the best of him. Almost like a diamond in the dirt, but he does look like a quality signing. I will be keen to see him perform for Notts.
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    The pleasure is all mine @liampie. A special thank-you goes to everyone who is below me in the league Birmingham City 0-2 Cardiff City Sheffield Wednesday 3-1 Blackburn Rovers Lincoln City 2-1 Blackpool Fleetwood Town 1-1 Shrewsbury Town Crewe Alexandra 1-1 Cheltenham Town (joker) Oldham Athletic 1-1 Carlisle United Barnet 3-0 Dagenham & Redbridge Halifax Town 1-0 Maidenhead United
  49. 2 points
    Interesting discussion to be had on the subject of exactly what means what regarding match ratings. If you make the scale 0-10 then that gives 11 possible ratings, so it could be argued that 5.5 is the mid point. To be honest, my ratings conform to the Sunday paper ratings I grew up with in the 70s, when a zero rating wasn't an option. I always try and keep it rational, so my ratings are usually between 4 and 8, which gives a bit of leeway for an exceptionally good or bad performance. I love these ratings threads for two reasons - firstly it gives me an idea if people saw the game as I saw it, and more importantly it gives those who couldn't attend a general idea of how the players performed. On that basis, the more ratings offered the clearer the picture becomes. There is no right or wrong answer on this because we all have different opinions, so have a go!
  50. 2 points
    Personally, I think squad sizes over 30 is quite excessive and something which most cash strapped smaller teams should avoid - regardless if some of the players are earning far less than others. You have to have depth and quality in any team, though, it's not so much about the numbers. It's important to have players who can cover other positions whilst giving a good consistent performance. At the same time, I don't like seeing players become unsettled by moving around too much - as I feel they need to settle. You can tell someone is quality, though, especially if they give the same level of performance regardless where they play. 26/27 is where I think the right balance lies.
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