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  1. Good luck to him, he was an icon for Notts and should do well in his new position.
  2. Sickening tackle, that is not even a challenge is thuggish behaviour.
  3. Early F.A Cup entry, this will be interesting to see if the club will be humiliated or a team who can be considered a giant killer. I hope its a giant killer, a good cup run is long due.
  4. At least if Notts goes into admin they wont dip further down, if they do things right it could all be avoided.
  5. No room to discuss with scammers, the club would be mad to engage with them.
  6. Rest in Peace Justin Edinburgh, so sad to see a manager who brought Orient back to the Football League die so unexpectedly. I know he had taken unwell but its a shock still.
  7. I would be happy with those designs if the club had picked them.
  8. I am hoping its soon, I can't see it being done by the weekend. It makes you wonder why its so slow.
  9. @samwatto2008 I hope you're right because the club won't find someone else who can score goals for fun. They need to play him and to his strengths.
  10. Sometimes to kill time or the oppositions attack I do feel Notts misses someone who can run with the ball, JCR used to get a lot of stick for taking the ball wide and just wasting time. If he had the support or someone to cross to, he would have stood out more as a good player. But I feel the club misses someone like him. Enzio is okay at running and then cutting in, yet hes a bit too greedy and his pace tends to be fast and above average depending on his application. I do feel pace is massively lacking in the squad.
  11. I always hear about the news from friends and family, I don't even watch. Where I live there are plenty of neighbours who could host their own news channels based on whats happening and the gossip. So very rarely do I watch the news.
  12. Welcome to PON @RoadSmith, good to see another new member posting.
  13. I am not sure who to nominate myself, I agree that it should be someone steeped in history with the club though.

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