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  1. This one is big news today. Apparently there is not much love lost between these two - and the dislike is not an affectation. On the one hand you have the charismatic overstated articulate self-admiring showman that is the Chelsea boss; on the other you have the studious, somewhat mumbling, self-effacing Arsenal tactician, whose English is as fractured now as it was when he arrived. My question is this: which of them do you prefer? Further to that, if you were to spend an evening in the company of one of them, which would it be? Would you give the same answer to both questions? I suppose I should attempt my own question before signing off. Well, I prefer Wenger because I think he's less likely to say things just for effect but I'd spend my evening with Mourinho because I think he's a riveting conversationalist. Perhaps if we get 20 or more responses to this we could do a head count.
  2. PREM 18. Palace 19. Fulham 20. Cardiff CHAMP 22. Bolton 23. Charlton 24. Yeovil LGE 1 21. Sheff U 22. Notts 23 Stevenage 24 Shrewsbury LGE 2 23. Torquay 24. Northampton
  3. I'm hopeful that even if Notts do suffer the drop they will stick with Derry & Abbott and rebuild the club for a serious attempt to 'do a Cardiff' and storm through the league but if that didn't happen if Notts suffered a drop into the Conference would you still support them? If not, where would you go to get your fix? Be honest, would it be the City Ground? Who do you regard as a club you might support if there was no Notts and travel was no object? In a way I suppose this is two questions.
  4. We all desperately hope that Notts keep their League 1 status although, as I've said, I can't rate our chances better than 50/50. Those games that others had over us unfortunately seem to be turning into more points than you would hope for. Bristol C especially seem to have rallied and I see them pulling clear. So my question is this: If Notts are to survive then name me four clubs that are likely to take the fall this season. Whatever four I come up with I can list three certain fallers, but the fourth in my reckoning is Notts. We have no consistency whereas Cotterill is now drilling that into Bristol.
  5. It's a big word is hate and I always class it as a wasted emotion. We have an inferiority complex were Forest are concerned. They have been top dogs in Nottingham for so long. I am probably one of the very few on this board who can remember a time when Notts was the team that recruited new supporters. My uncle and cousin (who I was very close to) were Forest mad and if I wanted to see a proper pro game the only way was to go with them to the shi tty ground. But when dad could get the time off work on a Saturday I had the chance to express my real love. I remember holidaying in Skeggy and kicking a ball about on the beach with Paul (my cousin). These two guys near us were doing some impressive tricks with a ball and eventually they joined us. We were stunned. One was Ron Wylie (then an inside forward at Notts) the other was his mate, Jack Burkitt (a Forest evergreen). To our amazement these two were pals and had brought their families on holiday together. Being only kids we had assumed that County and Forest players barely spoke to one another and bore feelings of enmity towards each other. I can't hate Forest. In fact, because I am a Nottingham exile in Yorkshire, I want them to have a good result. BUT if they go up it will set us back years. If they advance to the Prem as we slip back to League 2 the consequences are too horrific to contemplate. Our relationship with Forest is like two brothers in the same family. One is confident and successful and inclined to arrogance, (known as The Prodigal Son?); the other has a stutter, often screws up, now and then puts in a diamond performance, but usually disappoints his parents. No, I don't hate Forest, but I have to admit being a bit envious of their fans. I wouldn't mind a bit of that.
  6. I was boasting! Those chasers are phenomenal but Frosty Knickers is tops IMO. I believe that the role of chaser is a professional one and they spend their days soaking up the kind of knowledge that wins these quizzes. Absolutely useless pap for the most part, it wouldn't save them if we were confronted by a Biblical flood or summat...hold on a minute... I know DOND is dumb and can be reduced to competitive box opening, but a human drama of sorts is enacted before you. Anyway, putting it like that - box opening - even Shakespeare can be reduced to so much paper, pen and ink.
  7. It's a cliche to say that this is the most important game of the season, but it really is. Funnily enough, it's not the result that matters so much as the manner of the performance. Are Spencer and Mullins properly ensconced in the team or was last weekend just a freaky one off. And Molineux is where we shone even under Kiwomya earlier in the season so we can do it. Let's be honest, all these earlier posters on this fred would say Notts might sneak home if it was a cup game against Arsenal. That's because they're so dyed in the wool that good sense goes out of the window. The best we can hope for is a draw, but I think we just might manage a 1-1. Bart will be the key man on Saturday. Look for Bristol C's result. They could be on a mini-revival with Cotters' magic touch. I hope not. That bloke is a bigger traitor than Fat Sam.
  8. It's hardly a show that exercises the old cerebellum, but nevertheless I am drawn to it. Noel Edmunds has his share of haters, but he seems a nice enough chap as far as nice chaps go. Now the question is: did you see today's show? If not, watch it late night. The guy - Roop Singh - won a big amount (see, didn't want to spoil it for you) and if only his nerve had held it could have been a lot more. I know Roop from years ago. He is an absolutely top notch person. A true Sikh. You will not find a more honourable bloke and he's so appreciative of this country. I have seen him face a group of 100 kids or who were less than impressed by his 'foreign' appearance. Within 10 minutes he had them 'eating out of his hand'. Big Leeds fan, but nobody's perfect, Larry. A person of my intelligence shouldn't like this show, but I do! (Arrogant get). I do like Bradley Walsh in 'The Chase' too and that does exercise the old intellect. Could beat any of those chasers any day. Well maybe not frosty knickers.
  9. I couldn't agree more. Keef gave him short shrift. As a club we greeted his arrival with such joy. He got injured early and Keef showed poor patience in rehabilitating him. It's bad enough that we screwed up on Pearce; please let's get this one right. But will he stay if we go down?
  10. Sid

    Malky Mackay

    Not the slightest doubt in my mind that this is the way we would have gone if Munto had been the real thing. Our history - about the only wunnerful thing we have left at Notts - would have been hijacked for Munto's own purposes. My second side - 'Ull - are being subjected to the same kind of treatment. The problem is that foreign rich owners are used to the peasantry bowing before the great God Money in their own societies. IF you are rich, we must call you 'sir' and respect your every wish. Well, here in the UK we have moved on a little bit from those days and those with intelligence/education/culture but lacking wealth are entitled to a POV which is respected by others if it is sound and thoughtful. But how many Notts fans would willingly surrender the b and w stripes, the Pies nickname, etc for a bit of what Cardiff have instead of scrapping about at the foot of League 1 under a clueless chairman who has relatively no financial backing? I suspect the answer is far more than you would think.
  11. Why is the Michael Schumacher story attaining the kind of importance on the news agenda recently accorded to Nelson Mandela? People are daily murdered in Syria, the Congo, yet our focus is forced onto a former 'sports' star who is of no significance other than to his family and those who love him. In the scheme of things, a star of yesteryear really doesn't merit this kind of importance. As for the sneaky journo...a society gets the newspapers it deserves. These are the kind of stories many long to read. The end justifies the means in the eyes of big fat newspaper entrepreneurs. No one ever got poor from underestimating the public's intelligence!
  12. Thanks for the welcome. I seem to be banned indefinitely on 'that other site'. In any case, I said I would never return as long as Cream Crackers was in charge. My main reservation with this site is that it appears rather bland and everyone is a bit too nicey-nicey. Now whilst I oppose personal abuse (and MAD had far too much of this) I want to honestly express my opinions, even if they are in a minority. Right now, for example, I feel especially bitter towards Ray Trew. He is the central reason for our decline and I refuse to join the sheep who declare him a wunnerful man who saved our club. Don't believe a word of it. The man has the charisma of a toaster and makes decisions a parrot would be ashamed of.

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