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  1. This is how I feel but if Notts plays well on their day they can beat any team in this league. Issue we haven't seen the best of the squad but the signs under Neal Ardley are so far good, a positive draw wouldn't be the worst result. I would take it.
  2. Don Masson or Jimmy Sirrel, two legends that are hard to be chosen from.
  3. Yes, you can leave Netlix at any time without any issues or additional costs. The series is enjoyable, a very good and detailed interest. I would recommend it too.
  4. In three months time things will be clearer, you have to access a manager by his signings and what he does with a team. He might be doing well now but the balance can be broken in many ways.
  5. Not enough Notts fans sing or join in with the chants, by now all the players should have their own song but the clubs got little soul in that sense.
  6. I would dread to think, I actually started counting after searching on the official page for managers but its too depressing to calculate.
  7. It would be nice to see better stats for once, either the players will respond or they will play like amateurs.
  8. I like how some fans on social media are moaning as if we could have plucked Jose Mourinho from Manchester United. Neil Ardley making a real go of AFC Wimbledon has been impressive, we have to give him the same backing in order for him to succeed and Alan Hardy must put all his focus into the club.
  9. It seemed like a blow but with Neil Ardley looking likely, it's not that bad. Fingers crossed Ardley can hit the ground running!
  10. To me he looked like he had choked with the responsibility of knowing he would be the keeper for the whole season, pressure he didn't handle well and only effected his confidence. There was a period where he also looked disinterested.
  11. Noor Husin will play, I don't think David Vaughan is back from his injury yet.
  12. I think a 1-0 win is on the cards for Notts, I don't expect the squad to put in another performance like we have seen against Crewe and Crawley.
  13. Far better performance over the Stevenage game, fitness did look a little concerning with how the players moved in the first half but some of this may be down to effort or desire. Second it was fantastic, very enjoyable and it was good to see two teams playing well. Crewe was a good team, just lacking a bit of grit but they gave Notts a game and outclassed the club at times.
  14. If the club are protecting players, then they should have done this for Ross Fitzsimons. I think they will be injured.
  15. Northampton Town wished! Nobody from Notts be complaining the otherway around.
  16. I think he does wise decisions and has made some poor calls, I just want to see him use his investment to improve the club and to put development of that first.
  17. Ball scrather, ball scratcher... Get your ball scratcher here!

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