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  1. Think he offers something different, so look forward to seeing how he gets on - plus it's an alternative to the older players up front, who's hold-up play could work with a guy like him. Happy with our business (the Yates situation seemed out of our hands). One thing I would agree with some of the fan comments is that whilst I love Hardy's honest and direct approach, feel like it would do him good to be a bit more subtle on the detail - saying we were looking for a striker rather than a '20 goals a season championship striker' got everyone way too excited, hence the disappointed reaction by many fans (which isn't fair on Mason Bennett, or Notts on their effort to sort an area we all wanted another option in). I think as fans, we need to really sort out how we act ourselves. We've had one poor month, but still so much time to go and to sort it out. Don't get on Hardy's/Nolan's/the players' back when they're the best people we have had in a while. I've sadly had to move away from Notts for a bit, but for the games I have made this year - they were a far cry from games like Morecambe or Cambridge at home last year, when there seemed just as many away fans as home and the game was over before it even started. Backing the boys to get back on track, happier for them to get this spell out their system now and get on with taking us back to League 1
  2. Don't think we played bad, Oxford City just gave it everything - it's the FA Cup. Into the next round importantly, no reply even better! Would love a prem team at Meadow Lane or an away tie at Tottenham (just to do a Wembley trip without the ballache of a cup run/ nerves of a playoff) . On a side note, the thought of ever having to let go of Jorge Grant is getting more and more difficult
  3. Never minded Exeter (or really cared about them), but after reading that - I'll happily watch them slide down the table for the rest of the season
  4. Didn't get to see the match, but only needed to watch the highlights to see what an impact Dan Jones had on the game. Two moments of defensive brilliance. I know it is only one game, but personally I am very relieved with our start to the season as it doesn't feel like it is over before it has began for the first time in a while. Not getting too carried away, but just very thankful to finally see some more positivity around the players and the fans
  5. 3-3, get in! Sounds like we were unlucky to go to 3-2 as well so good on the pies
  6. Cant watch the game, how are we playing in the second half??
  7. Blackburn 2-0 up already....
  8. Not been much mention of it so thought I'd start.... Forest have got a home game against Ipswich, a game in which they need to equal (or get better than) whatever score Blackburn get at Brentford. Haven't seen much on here about Forest, but in the stands I've definitely heard a few mentions of wanting Forest to go down. Me personally, I want them to go down and am definitely routing for Ipswich today. That is just purely because I think it might finally wake up the majority of my mates who are Forest fans and also increase our chances of reaching them in next few years. However, I understand it would be disappointing to have both Nottingham teams in the lower half of the football league. Which way are you lot hoping for it to end after the 90 mins?
  9. I think I'd be alright if we kept him for cover, but based on the season (and especially today against Pompey)- we are not getting promoted with Duffy and Hollis as a CB pairing. They aren't good for each other, both seemed nervous on the ball today although I'd argue Duffy was making Hollis's day more difficult than it needed to be. Always like to see a player come up through the ranks and especially someone who puts in their all for the club. Backup seems fair, due to his commitment and potential. However, needs to get rid of some of those errors.
  10. @Elite_pie I know mate, that's why I was asking - the highlights don't show it , but Nolan sounds pretty pissed off about it. Was it a genuine penalty?
  11. Was it genuinely a penalty? BBC live text said dive and no one else is commenting on it. Not saying I believe the BBC there, just want to know how clear it was
  12. Yeah I know, it is probably the most enjoyable spell I've had since the start of the 2014/15 season when we had a nice little run and were pushing up the League 1 table. As for the shirt, I thought I may as well try! I'm Notts through my Dad, he was the eldest of four sons and having moved to Nottingham from Scotland - he had more sense than his brothers and chose County. He was there for a lot of the games in Jimmy Sirrel's first spell. I'm in my early 20s, but have enjoyed being Notts rather than following the majority of my generation in jumping on to a top 6 Premier League club. As you've pointed out , MK Dons aren't exactly popular and I was supporting County before they even existed (were still Wimbledon at the time). Besides, it was never too bad a trip up the M1!
  13. Alright, Joined in December as I thought it would be nice to hear from other County fans rather than try talk about it with mates who all conveniently have granddads from Manchester or Chelsea! I have posted a couple of times in the match chats, but thought I should may as well put a post here. Originally from MK, but been a NCFC fan always. Best match I've been to was the 4-3 win at Wycombe in 2012 when Alan Judge hit a screamer in injury time (and should have got us playoffs, if Sheffield United hadn't been bottle jobs against Stevenage). Also if anyone happens to know where I could find a 1978 home shirt, let us know as I've been looking for about three years now. Hopefully I've joined this page at the right time; fairly new ownership, management and some form that has been lost for a while. Look forward to a strong finish to the campaign and hopefully better things next season. Cheers, Elliot
  14. Hartlepool were on a bit of a slide, but they have one their last two games; against Newport and Exeter (both were at home). Hartlepool's striker Alessandra has scored 4 goals in his last two matches, so I'm certain Nolan will try to isolate him which would reduce their threat at the back. I trust the lads to approach the game cautiously, and again we can't be too negative so early on in Nolan's managerial career. In recent seasons, Stevenage has always been one of those bogey matches so I'm hoping that is more of a blip than a sign of things to come. In terms of performance, I would hope a large home turnout would spur the lads on to repeat the effort and play that I saw at the Cheltenham match. We did not need to worry too much about the threat at the back as we were constantly on the offensive and our fullbacks were making attacking runs that allowed us to get more players in the box. Some more of that and I trust County to continue the progress we saw pre-Stevenage. 2-0 County if we see more of that.
  15. Despite our recent form before the game, I think if I'd have been told that (at the start of the week) we would get 3/6 points from two tough away matches - I'd have been pretty happy. Table position only looks a bit disappointing cause none of the results around us went our way. However, 3 points separates us and 17th and our 5 match unbeaten run before that shouldn't be forgot. It'll be good to see how the boys bounce back from this. We have two home games (Hartlepool & Barnet) that I think we can get maximum points from, whilst two difficult away games (Doncaster & Wycombe) that any result should be seen as a positive. Personally, I think back to October/November where I watched some of the most negative football I've seen at Meadow Lane for a while - just happy to see some spirit from the lads, been impressed with the addition of Bola and Grant whilst Ameobi has allowed Jon Stead to focus a bit more on being a striker rather than having to run around trying to pick up the team. I know no one is being negative, just happy to let Nolan try a few things and hopefully build on towards better things next year

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