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  1. I don’t think we have bottled it because I agree with many other comments that we had obvious issues before January. The problem is we came out of January weaker than we entered it, and we have been found out. The bottom line is we lack pace up front so too often balls are just lumped up top. There is no plan B because KN will not play Forte who has pace. The defence have improved under Nolan but Brisley/Hall apart it is the same keeper and defence who were so poor last season. We still have a decent chance of play-offs and then anything can happen. Whichever division we are in next season there must be an overhaul.
  2. I think the next 3 games are pivotal. Spireites will not be easy and a point would be decent if we can then beat Wycombe, and avoid defeat at Stanley. 5 points from 3 doesn’t seem like a great return but it’s 3 hard games out the way and would extend unbeaten run. If i’m Honest I fear we will come unstuck Sunday and my feeling is we will just miss out on play-offs.
  3. I don’t think the conditions affected the pitch or the match too much. I recall gameS in the 70’s and 80’s played in worse conditions. I don’t know if it’s because of my age, or because of not being stood amongst others on terracing, who protected you a bit from wind and cold, but I really can’t remember ever being so cold. My wife gave up after 20 mins and went in to town.
  4. I know KN is asked for his comments soon after the game, but instead of entering in to a rant then, he could say, “ I need to look at the video, but I thought it looked outside” etc. At the moment, pretty much every game he is immediately slating the ref. We know they are not very good in league 2, but they are the same for both sides and we have had some critical but dodgy decisions re red cards and penalties go our way as well.
  5. Ball met hand in the box 100% a pen. I wish KN would calm down his comments re refs because his comments start to lose credibility, especially when he is wrong, and I don’t think when other refs read his comments it will help our cause going forward.
  6. Pretty much agree with Piethagorum, save I would give Noble 7.5.
  7. I pretty much agree with ARLumonski predictions, except I think we might beat Coventry who have also lost form recently, but lose at Grimsby who I think will be fighting for survival. If I am right we will get 13 points which will probably mean we just miss out on play offs. I think FGR is massive because if we were to win that it would give us a massive boost going in to the Stags game and things could then be very different with momentum.
  8. KN has made a promising start to his managerial career but has achieved nothing yet, so I can’t see there being anything in it, anyway I think Monk is Brum bound.
  9. Being realistic, although there may be little variations in the detail our prices must at least match those of Forest. They are direct competitors for the fans of the future which is what we are talking about. We have to accept at the moment that on the footballing side they as a championship side are a more attractive option. If they offer better deals to kids and youth than us it is difficult to see how we will attract them, other than those who go with family members etc to Notts. On the basis that I assume under 12’s have to be accompanied by an adult it is equally important that our adult prices are not too high.
  10. No contest. 1 of them commands his box, comes for crosses and can catch and kick. Collin can’t.
  11. Absolutely but my point is that a good boss is open to other opinions. May still go his own way. KN has great faith in his ability and has shown that he is not afraid to make unpopular decisions. Can be great strengths but also weakness if never willing to listen to others ideas.
  12. Don’t know what to make of this. I have sometimes wondered if Nolan really believes some of the things he says and his comments behind closed doors are different to those made to the media. So on one hand it was refreshing to hear him call out his players, not blame the ref, say how proud he is etc etc. On the other hand Nolan seems very much my way or no way. Is he a manager who will just dismiss other opinions and who will persevere with a particular course whatever. He can be ruthless as evidenced by lack of opportunity given to some players. That’s the worry for me.
  13. I am not a Jon Stead fan anyway. But if he has any ability it is not as a lone striker with his back to goal. He cannot hold the ball up and invariably it flies of some part of his anatomy back to the opposition. Why oh why can Nolan not see that, even Sheridan realised that. If Nolan wants to play 4-5-1, at least make Shola who can do that job the one. As soon as I saw the team yesterday my heart sank.
  14. I think there are good signs that Husin can replace Yates. Noble and Virtue add strength in depth, but with Milsom, Walker and O’Connor on his way back not really sure it is needed. Hall is a straight swap with Hollis as back up. I think the key player re whether we are stronger will be Bennett. Our attack lacked pace and he provides another dimension. I personally would start him with Shola because I think Shola’s ability to hold the ball, awareness and distribution are far better than Stead’s. If Bennett becomes a starter and is a success then we will be stronger.
  15. Pretty much agree. Collin stays on his line for balls he should deal with and a couple of his kicks nearly put us in trouble. Duffy is accident prone and was at fault for their goal so a 5 for me. You are right and few have mentioned it Hewitt was awful for 20 mins. I thought mason Bennett showed us the future, his pace caused them problems. I hope he becomes a starter but with Shola as he holds the ball up better than Stead and has great awareness
  16. Can’t see the foul to which he refers re the 1st goal, can’t remember even a shout for handball during the match. I think they were unlucky with the disallows goal, if anything their striker was fouled as we were caught napping with the hoof over the top. Greens goal was not offside.
  17. I thought Lincoln were very impressive until the sending off at ML. I think losing Yates before this match is a real blow because it will inevitably cause some disruption. Not an easy game to blood a new signing. Take a point all day long.

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