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  1. From BBC Sport: Juventus have revealed their third-kit design for the 2018-19 season - made entirely from recycled ocean plastic. Adidas designer Francesca Venturini, who created the dark grey shirt in partnership with Parley for the Oceans, said the jersey has "eco-innovation and longevity at its very heart". The Serie A champions are the latest high-profile club to support the campaign to cut plastic pollution. Manchester United and Real Madrid have also worn Parley Ocean Plastic kits. Do you think this is a good idea? Should Notts County head down this direction in the coming years? Or would it be too expensive for clubs in the lower leagues to implement?
  2. Who's got their hands on the new Notts County home kit then?
  3. Notts County have been posting teaser images of the new kits on their Instagram story function. Here's what's been put out so far... anyone else who's on Insta feel free to add on throughout the day.
  4. Tonight England wrap up their Group G campaign at the 2018 World Cup with a clash against Belgium in Kaliningrad. There was some anxiety beforehand about if England had to get a result to qualify against one of the most star-studded teams of the tournament, but with both sides having won both their group games so far, the pressure is very much off. Indeed, there is now a very weird scenario in which the losing team will arguably benefit more, as they will end up in the easier of the two knockout routes, and with Group H being so weak, it's not like facing the winner of that group will be an especially taxing prospect. So let's get your thoughts - how/where are you following the game? Who would you like Gareth Southgate to pick for his starting XI? Should England opt for a weakened team and perhaps even seek not to win (although that's very contentious ground and would lead to the team being pilloried by the press and potentially get in trouble with the FIFA overlords), or should victory always be sought?
  5. Bleached blonde hair, Yorkshireman, adulterer Jeremy Corbyn
  6. When I was a kid, my "gateway" team was Manchester City... back in 2002 they were a plucky little outfit with several cult names on their books, like Peter Schmeichel, Nicolas Anelka and Kevin Keegan, and in true British style I wasn't fond of supporting the dominant side at the time, Man United, and also I liked the colour blue, so it made sense. Then as I grew up I lost affinity for them, and I warmed to Notts as they were a local team, plus I made friends who were into them (and also a lot of the d*cks at school were Forest so I couldn't possibly side with them).
  7. Promoted: Notts, Lincoln, Swindon, Oldham Relegated: Macclesfield, Forest Green
  8. Is it me or is Alan Hardy trying to follow the route of Alan Sugar and Donald Trump in being the "Twitter-savvy open/friendly/approachable/honest businessman"? Next the Apprentice, after that Number 10?
  9. We all love a good bit of Twitter beef don't we? Well, our very own Alan Hardy has locked horns with none other than legendary England striker, crisp-bothered and pitch-soiler Gary Lineker himself on Twitter. It all started because of a naughty word said by the BBC MOTD man. What with all the replies and follow-ons and everything, it will requite some sifting through, but it's all on here... mostly good natured luckily (or unluckily, if you fancied seeing these two having a scrap in the ML parking lot!)
  10. Steady Eddy, a nickname testament to his qualities!
  11. Here is the full fixture list! Pleased with how it's turned out.
  12. Egypt 1-1 Uruguay Morocco 1-2 Iran Portugal 1-2 Spain
  13. So it's World Cup eve today, tomorrow the biggest football tournament on the planet gets underway! Let's get all your thoughts and opinions regarding the WC... what games are you looking forward to? Who will underachieve and overachieve? What's your favourite shirt? And of course who do you think will lift the shiny trophy come the end of it all?
  14. Sad to say I haven't eaten out for a long time, back when I had a locally-based Mrs we'd go out every week or every other week, now I tend to just have the odd takeaway now and then with the family, or if I go out to eat it'll be with friends at a Spoons or similar. I do genuinely love pub grub but on the whole it's a rarity for me to go out nowadays.

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