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  1. Theres a nice bit about Sols appearance in the One Flew Over the Magpies Nest book by Paul Mace. I know this is about Sol and not necessarily Munto but whenever I think of those days I have to say I do like the Magpie badge of those days. Lol. But it's just like anything else. When we look at the wider context of life and sport and entertainment and politic and celebrity. Sol Campbell seemed a "soldier" to many. I think of many so called strongmen in the public eye and I think very few of them are truly genuine and able to really hold their own against true tough guys. League 1 and 2 dont afford the glitz and glam our of the top flight. There are genuinely hard men in the lower leagues. Men who really give it their all for the fans and squads and low wages. Up against the physicality of the lower leagues and already getting older Sol just didnt have it.
  2. It's 9:13am over here and I just woke with a pounding headache from yesterday's adventures but the headache went away immediately as though split in two by a sword when I saw this news on my news feed! I must admit, maybe others aren't, I'd like to know what the general thought and feeling is among the support but at the risk of sounding like a naive fool I was surprised by this. I understand it of course but also I worry because I wonder who could potentially clean this up quickly. Bottom of the league all right. I guess it maybe was felt to be too risky to give Nolan til the January window. Wow. Ah man... I never thought for a second after last year that this would be happening again. Ugh I need some lucozade Edit: You know what though I must admit I did not crunch the numbers so well as Mr. Hardy. Fair play to the chairman. 8 wins in 28 matches overall with a horrendous away form. It all makes perfect sense now.
  3. @Fan of Big Tone I wanted to thank you kindly for your reply though I know it is long overdue. I apologize for the tardiness as there have been familial illness but I never stopped following all the news and matches not for anything. Today was the woeful defeat to Lincoln City. But I must say the Boro battle though heart breaking really gave me a spark of hope. Then the injury time loss to Newport was like a kick while being downed. So soon after the equalizer. It did my heart good to hear Nolan talk about missing Shola but then there was a deal of talk about something Shola may have said to sky? Would someone fill me in? And what about Smudge. Kevin mentioned him as another missed presence. I'm a fan of Smudge. Every year I buy at least one new kit. At least one. Last year I bought Smudges with Paul Maces Mace Sport logo because I am also a fan of Paul's. This year I bought Kevin's #44. I really don't think he should get the sack and I really think he's a top manager. Honestly I know how horribly things have gone but it's sad to hear fans wanting him to get the sack. But I understand. I appreciate what you said about Mansfield. I guess it can go either way. The comments I read the most complain about a lack of defence. Its hard to argue with that. Nolan gave Fitzsimons the business about today's defeat though. I hope the boys can set things to right with Forest Green. Fingers crossed. Thanks to the gentleman who sent me a message welcoming me to the board I do appreciate that. Cheers
  4. Excellent analysis. Forgive me if it's rude or uncommon to say words after a ratings post up but id been looking for discussion of the yeovil match and this was the first place I was taken on the blog, forgive me if I'm in error as I'm a new member to this blog and this may be only by second or third post. Originally id been to Leigh Curtis article at the Post site but for some reason the past few articles at their site I've not seen user comments or any way to comment there. It's 3:27am here in New York City and I can't sleep and one of the things on my mind of course is the result. I felt reinvigorated by the performance against Boro while of course theirs wasn't the dream team nevertheless to play so well against a championship side was a delight. The earlier results seemed less dire and I thought well these lads just need time learning each others idiosyncrasies on the pitch in live games is all. But then this. Now please the last thing I want is to appear subversive in any way whatsoever. I mean it when I say Mr. Nolan has given all the proof of being a sound and above average at the least, manager. And I am absolutely an ardent supporter of Mr. Hardy not just because of the new culture he's brought to the side and his ambitions but even on a personal level, I don't know the man at all however homelessness is a serious issue to me personally. Extremely so. Top 5 personal matters without a doubt and his endeavors with charity and awareness towards that issue has endeared me to him greatly. So please don't misunderstand my thoughts as anti Notts or anti management / ownership etc. It's just something from a book I greatly enjoyed and reread often, One Flew Over the Magpies Nest by Mr. Paul Mace. In the book there's a bit by former owner Mr. Jack Dunnet wherefore he speaks about transfers and how he had a cap of allowing only 3 players in per season but would allow exceptions of course but he said that any more than that and essentially you're not building a team any longer. I must admit I kind of agree with This philosophy. I mean if you consider the great success of last season. Yes i do believe the officials played a larger part than they had any right to in those last matches. But fellow Magpie fans, if I may, I live in the US and this gluttonous place has such a massive amount of boring sport but one thing you see time and again every year without fail when you consider there are 4 major sports in the US and not every state but most have representation in at least two of these sports every shifting season you will be guaranteed the spectacle of at least several teams gutting their roster and entirely renovating their sides and without fail it NEVER works. Never in the first year anyway. In the second once in a rare while it has but generally it never works and after some years a new general manager is brought in and the cycle continues until a team grows together clicks with chemistry and usually contains a superb home grown athlete or two. The two most famous US examples of this were the Los Angeles Lakers whom despite winning multiple championships gutted their roster in order to sign two hall of fame players Karl Malone and Gary Peyton. They were destroyed in the finals ultimately. The next and more recent example would be the Miami Heat who signed LeBron James and Chris Bosh. That first year they too were beaten and beaten by a shining example of the sort of team I discussed as having the winning ingredients. But I digress, sorry, I don't much like American sports but US Sporting news is all too often confused with the regular news here so you are appraised of everything. The point being though that Mr. Nolan had a fabulous side and though Accrington and Luton Town seemed like runaway trains there were certainly times when the Pies seemed destined to achieve automatic promotion. In the papers and interviews too you could see that there was great chemistry in the side and some genuine friendships amongst the lads and that they all seemed to enjoy one another and this is immeasurably helpful on the pitch as opposed to walking into the dressing room feeling guarded and like a hired gun surveying other hired guns and having no trust or chemistry with anyone else. These things can come or personalities will clash and the team will suffer but it takes time to work these things out and after last year I figured things had gone well enough to where time would be spent chasing the League title, not necessarily growing a new side. I mean 10 new signings. It's just so many. And so many had left. Yes of course lads were getting on in age but I think the transition needed to be a bit slower. So many people loved Stanley Aborah and so many felt he should have always been playing but Mr. Nolan identified his cancerous behavior, spotted his unpleasant demeanor and work ethic and lack of commitment etc and cut him loose. Some were surprised. I was slightly but I found the move so sure footed and Mr. Nolan so decisive about it that it greatly impressed me. His comments after the Yeovil match about how he had identified defensive things and the side was diligently drilled in these for the week only to completely forget them at match time made me wonder for a moment though surely it's an over reaction but has a Stanley Aborah type attitude maybe infiltrated the dressing room somewhere from new signings? I don't know. I am sorry I really hope I've not offended anyone I am just worried and frustrated I hope it's understandable I truly did not mean to be out of order. As I said the Yeovil loss and the recent losses and even a sort of disappointing (to me) pre season has just got me sour I guess. I hope I've not been out of order. I apologize if so. It's now 3:58am here in New York and I just needed to vent somehow. I hope i can get a few hours sleep. Again sorry if I been out of order or anything. As to the ratings I found them entirely agreeable and to the point. Fully insightful. You certainly have a sharp eye for the ratings unlike some Premiership 8 year old giving out 9s and 10s to everyone with nothing but praise lol. Good night friends
  5. I agree with everyone. This was very well written and absolutely correct. It's not crying and making excuses to state the facts. Kevin Nolan never made excuses throughout the season when the lads lost or drew a point. He always took responsibility and attributed blame where it was due. You come to the pitch expecting the officials to do their job and in multiple cases their inability to do their job properly directly affected the outcome. Leg 2 should have begun 1 nil. It's so blatantly true how could anyone deny it that a side coming into a Game with advantage will feel and play more confidently. Furthermore after battling back to 2-2 only to have your heart ripped out by poor officials will of course have a horrendous effect on morale. The players may well have felt they had to compete against Coventry and officials alike. Lastly I read an account of the match I believe it was the Guardian. Commenters were saying Notts didn't deserve to go on because Nolan is a disciple of launching it up, throwing the ball into the box etc. That Coventry and Exeter are the true footballers and thus deserved moreso to go to Wembley. Any thoughts? Keep up the good work

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