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  1. That dang black dog sure does get around. Sometimes the best we can do is to keep on keeping on, but sometimes that's enough to see us through the worst of it. Perseverence, as they say, is powerful magic. Chins up, fellow pies, you're not alone.
  2. I'm with @weymouthPIE on this, all we have to do is stay up now. In doing so, though, Shaun and Greg should be (and seem to be) laying the foundations for next season - we're not going to be able to go crazy in the transfer market, so mgmt need to be very clear what they expect from the players that stay with us especially in terms of commitment and attitude. I'm actually getting excited about next season already!
  3. Heh heh, that's brilliant @Joe Jones! Looks exactly like Derreh riding the beast too - Wild Shaun Derry! We have friends who have a pug who can only pee when it's doing a handstand - needless to say, the pee dribbles everywhere. Isn't that a direct comparison to Notts' Wheelbarrow?
  4. @liampie - when I saw the link was about King Cheetah's I naturally assumed it was referring to Graham Westley, but that page is much more interesting. Is your point that Notts are evolving into kings under SD? That's cool, much better than the 'genetic bottleneck' referred to at the end of the article and in a lesser known work: "Stevenage Under Westley: Knuckledragging, Art or Science?"
  5. Can i vote for Gerry Mandering? If @Canadian and I pooled our votes, then Canada would (just) win! Nottingham would have to be Proud to be a part of Nunavut or somewhere for the month!
  6. Seems I'm in the minority (a minority of 1!) on this subject! That's ok Isn't there a bigger point here though; how do we judge celebrities we've never even met? I never saw much of Ince as a player, some Man. U. games, a couple of really outstanding England games where he was a real driving force (as an iconic blood stained warrior-captain in Rome for the '98 World Cup qualifiers, for example), but he always seemed to have a passion for the game that I admired, many 'superstars' (Shearer, Lineker, Ashley Cole, Lampard, spring to mind) have lacked, imo. He hasn't been a great success as a manager. Stories of him playing golf when players turned up to train with him tend to stick like tar to his reputation. But a) as @Super_Danny_Allsopp says: I don't like to see anyone get the sack, lots of people become star "staff" and then fail to make the transition to management - but it doesn't take away from the fact they were star staff, does it? c) Ince was a first class athlete, no matter what you think of him as a manager, and he's never given in to the easy temptations of success that knobbled Gascoigne, Merson, Venables, Best et al. Would I want him back as Notts manager? Not on your life! Do I admire him as player/athlete? Yes, I really do, and for that reason I'm not happy to see him fail.
  7. You're welcome, @liampie and @notts-joe - inspired by the words of our man Derreh!
  8. Shaun Derry is being quoted by Auntie Beeb as saying "Our performances of late have been top drawer. We are different animal now." [ http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/25846045 ] I've been wondering what he meant: a) the Gorillaven b ) the Alliook or c) the zebiphant There's loads of these curios @ Google images "hybrid animals" if anyone wants to they can cut 'n' paste 'n share their own ideas. UPIES?
  9. Did you hear about the dyslexic devil worshipper? He sold his soul to Santa
  10. It will be interesting to read the match reports. Hope JCR's not too bad. It's a bummer we lost, but it was obviously a spirited performance and that attitude will keep Notts up this season and give the axis of SD/GA time to do a bit of rebuilding over the summer. UPIES!
  11. Yes, he was temperamental and often petulant, and he wasn't the most talented player of his generation (although I'm not sure who overrated him), but very few players could lift and drive a team like he could when he was on song (Merson, as much as I liked him too, couldn't), and that's what I meant by immense.
  12. I know, I know, he was a big disappointment when he was at Notts too, but I can't help remembering that Paul Ince was an IMMENSE player.
  13. Not a big fan of Trance per se, but do like some electronic music. Been following this guy Tycho for a while now: here's the whole album The Science of Patterns: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0txgXdGW5s + have a bit of old school fun! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXDtQcuA5Bo How do you post vids?!?
  14. Oo-er, not sure what I did to be in the running for this! Anyhoo, PON is a pleasure to read, so my vote's in.
  15. :Oh yeah, of course it is! Doh! He was hefty, eh? I read the article about Mackay's twice broken leg.. ugh! I did tib/fib myself playing park footie in my twenties, hurt like hell Mackay must have been ballsy as anything going back after the first time. Still surprised how well conditioned the players look in that pic, given the revelations in Steak Diana Ross an all!
  16. That's some picture. Footballers in them days were quite a different beast to some of today's show ponies weren't they? Is that Steve Perryman behind Mackay? I think it's safe to say that Jack Grealish would get far less bother with either of those dudes in our team!
  17. Grit, if grit we have, and the rub of the green, if rub we get, will see us get a point or three @posh. Oh, and a half-decent ref, if any half-decent refs there are!
  18. Thanks, joe. Super poor reffing this season, but why do we always seem to be on the wrong end of it?
  19. That's a good point about the points @weymouthPIE, he who laughs last... and all that. Very happy about the result but still, it was a nasty and cynical challenge. @liampie - was it the thug Heslop? Maybe @notts-joe saw if he got a card for that challenge (or whether it was for One of the other challenges *sigh*). You can see the ref has a good view of this one in the clip, he obviously thought it wasn't worth a red card !!!!
  20. Yeah, the ball is irrelevant, he lets it go past and smashes into our Jack. I bet it has nothing to do with JCR's tackle on Scott Laird, eh?
  21. Watching that clip really gets my gander up Sometimes I feel we need an enforcer character in the team, Bish could do it, I also remember Brian Stubbs and Rachid Harkouk could put a bit of fear in the opponents. If we're not getting protected by the authorities for tackles like that one and the Liddle one, and if we're not able to complain to the FA retrospectively, then we have to start defending our own. No?
  22. Who can resist the white sandy beaches, palm trees swaying in a warm breeze, doe-eyed maidens rolling ... er, sushi on their dusky thighs... Canada, the land of the frozen fabulist! Seriously though, no-one can do chips and gravy like a Canuck can, am I right @Canadian? Welcome to PON, @Canadian magpie
  23. Oh, we're all WINNERS HERE! Congrats @super_ram Excellent result, Notts, 3 wins on the bounce, and for once the other results have gone our way. WOO YAH! UPIES!
  24. Good news, at last! I think it will lift the whole team... at an important time. It's funny how some loanees from prem clubs really work when they're sent out to play at a lower level, and others don't. Not always a definitive sign of quality though, sometimes it's about character, or style of play, or gelling with the team, or just plain old hunger. Whatev, good to have this Jack back! Upies!

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