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  1. i honestly thought he was abysmal, i was so pleased he did not hang around. no way a defender!
  2. welcome its friendly here, even for opposition fans and and fans from far away.
  3. welcome its a friendly community you will enjoy.
  4. i'd beware of most cities soon, alot are bringing this in.
  5. it will soon pick up again too, hopefully people have more time to contribute over this bank holiday weekend.
  6. their down now, i wish you luck with the rest of your games.
  7. i hope you can hold onto him to help with the rest of your season
  8. nice collection of cars, nice idea to collect different items with your club on
  9. welcome to the site, its very welcoming site even for opposition fans
  10. welcome to the site, its very welcoming site even for opposition fans
  11. good luck with your game tomorrow, you certainly need the points
  12. i enjoy posting on this site. i'm sure if i had more time to read everything on here i could learn more about notts county too but i unfortunately don't so i do my best to help out.
  13. thats a good offer from notts county, i'd like our club to do that before the end of the season. its a great chance to get a second shirt cheap.
  14. i did notice this awhile back but i don't really look at it myself.
  15. we have handed michael jackson a contract until the end of the season, despite the fact that the majority of us think that she shouldn't be in a position to manage. I doubt it will happen but i hope we win, atm we dont really have goal scorers. I am going to this away game.
  16. Welcome, I hope you like it around here and join in.
  17. Welcome, I hope you like this friendly site.
  18. A great improvement from when i first joined. It is getting better by the month now.
  19. My votes in, i've had to look around and see who to vote for though as i'm obviously not on here to see it alot.
  20. Well done to notts for winning their third game in a row.
  21. I don't get much time to get on here, but i do like to come and have a look at what general topics i can reply as im obviously limited with notts county topics.
  22. Welcome Its a nice friendly site and has fun discussions to join in.
  23. the match last saturday reminded me about this site, i thought i would come back on. I saw this topic and thought i would add my views. I think both teams played well last saturday but we came away with the points. Before the match i wasn't sure how it would end but i was hopeful. I know how much you needed the points. Good luck for your next match.
  24. i've been away for awhile, i thought i would have a look around and see who vote for someone as the Shrewsbury vs Notts county match reminded me of this site.

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