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  1. Is it Dean Leacock, if I could see his Brylcreme hair I would know for certain.
  2. GEt down to Morrison’s for a bargain. They are selling big tins of sweets Quality Street, Heroes etc., £4 each or 2 for a special price of £8. I wonder how many people fall for that.
  3. I think we all know what the poppy stands for but that’s not what the original topic is about, it’s about two footballers who didn’t want to wear a poppy for whatever reason. I think they shouldn’t be subject to abuse for not wearing a poppy if that’s what they want.
  4. Yes we should remember them if we choose to I do wear a poppy because that’s my choice but I would defend others who choose not to, that’s freedom.
  5. He’s a bit young @Piethagoram but I can go for him I’ve had many a pint in there.
  6. Good morning everyone, it’s a brighter start than yesterday thankfully but a bit cooler. I’ve not had a good night my hips have been aching, keeping me awake and I’ve felt a bit under the weather for a few days now but I really want to go for a run this morning so I’m going to give it a try and see how I get on. Later we are picking up our young grandsons from school while their mum and dad go to a meeting, it’ll be good to see them, our youngest got dressed up as a knight for medieval day at school yesterday he looked brilliant our son sent us a picture, it’s amazing what you can do with an old pillow case and some cardboard. Have a great day all.
  7. Yes it was a favourite of mine back in the day. Those two were really good together.
  8. Yes we can escape the players are good enough but we need to play the right way to suit the players and their mentality needs to be right. Let’s hope both things are achieved.
  9. Thanks for sharing that @Piethagoram it was an enjoyable read.
  10. I’m struggling with it, I’m not very good at this. Let me think.
  11. Yes I’d try that, I’ll try anything new, my mouth is watering at the thought of it.
  12. A clean sheet, good performance from Fitzsimmons, Turley and Boldwijn, it wasn’t too cold. Thats about it.
  13. I think it should be up to the players whether they wear a poppy or not and they shouldn’t be abused for not wearing one, we live in a free country and that’s what the wars were fought for and the millions of brave people died for.
  14. I agree Miller was a bit of a handful at times but he didn’t score and was eventually substituted.
  15. I wish people would stop blaming older people for voting for Brexit, here’s one older person who certainly didn’t and I’ve got lots of friends in my age group who are appalled at the idea of Brexit. Personally the fact that the odious creature Nigel Farage wants us out is reason enough for me to vote remain without all the other arguments.
  16. Sorry @ChrisI disagree if it wasn’t for Fitzsimmons we’d have lost by 2 or 3 nil, Turley was better than Alessandra as well, don’t get me wrong I like him he had a fair game and tried hard but did nothing extra in the match.
  17. I don’t know how you lot afford all these expensive tv packages like Sky Sports and BT Sports, I have to make do with match of the day I don’t get live football, I can’t justify the expense I’m already paying a small fortune to virgin for the basic tv pack, phone and broadband.
  18. I guess it’s all about needing the beds these days and that’s why they are rushing but it won’t do grannypie any good if she goes home before she’s ready because if she has a fall (god forbid) she’ll be back in again.
  19. I agree fans are fickle calling for Nolan’s head but they didn’t sack him there’s only one person did that and he should be the one to blame for Nolan going. Did he pander to the fans wishes in sacking Nolan or did he make his own mind up? We’ll never know but it was too soon in my opinion.
  20. I don't know what's going wrong to be honest, I'm not sure its wise to listen to rumours because half the time they aren't true anyway. I think it was a mistake to sack Nolan but having done so Hardy took another gamble on a rookie manager, at the moment it doesn't look like its paying off, Hardy has brought in the experience of Paul Hart to help him but that doesn't seem to be working either. One problem with continually sacking managers is that the new manager has to work with the players that the previous incumbent has signed and this is the case mostly with Kewell. What do we do now? Wait and see if Kewell gets it right, will he sign some good players in January and get rid of some he doesn't want? Do we trust his judgement on signing players? If he gets it wrong and Hardy wields the axe we'll have another manager with players he doesn't want and all the time we are having to pay off their wages or let them sit around while we are paying them. What's the answer? I don't know, sacking managers every five minutes doesn't work, my gut feeling is to stick with Kewell and hope it comes good. Plus if you're religious say a little prayer that we don't end up in the National league.
  21. Vegetarian meals can be really nice, Mrs Big Tone does a lovely veggie curry, I sometimes choose a vegetarian option when at a restaurant although I'm a carnivore.
  22. Not me, I'll be on a course, mind you I wouldn't have gone anyway, I very rarely travel away these days.

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