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  1. Good article @Alexlevy0908. Aldershot had a proper good atmosphere and felt retro. Sutton's ground was half finished. It was like one of them Cowboy Builders things with Dom Littlewood. Solihull had absolutely no room and the stewards had no clue what they were doing because they didn't open up the other part of the terrace.

    I enjoyed Ebbsfleet. Standing terrace, visible scoreboard and the day overall was a good laugh, especially the pre-match game of Pointless we had in the pub. Halifax was good too. Good view of the ground but the food and drinks were expensive. I liked Eastleigh to be honest. Alright view of the pitch and good material at the back of the stand to bang to create an atmosphere


  2. I’m sorry but for me, our automatic promotion hopes are over. We’re just not good enough. No goal threat, no consistent goalscorer, Duffy falls over everytime someone sneezes near him. We’re not ruthless enough. Our away form is shocking. We’ve played 16 away games this season, we’ve won 5. 5. We’ve won only once away from home since the start of October. THAT’S NOT PROMOTION FORM. 

    Nolan knew the risk of signing Bennett in January when he had injury problems in the past. We won’t even make the play offs at this rate. Our stubbornness and unwillingness to get our business done early in the January transfer window, our failure to sign an injury free, goalscoring, pacey frontman and the change in formation have cost us hugely. 

    You can say look how far we’ve come all you want. It doesn’t matter how far we’ve come and where we were last year. This is 2017-18 not 2016-17. it matters where we are now and the fact is we’ve let a 9 point gap to the play-offs slip. 

    We had something so good in our own hands and we’ve thrown it away. Feel so deflated 



  3. If we kept it on the ground we might have actually got into the game a little instead of hoofing it to two players who prefer it on the floor. We didn't look up for it at all for the fourth time running. The one time and the one game you would want your players to be up for and we couldn't give two Yorkshire puddings. 

    It was the opposite from the Lincoln game. In that game Lincoln expected us to play long ball and we didn't. In this Mansfield expected us to play long ball and we played into their hands by playing long ball.


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