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  1. Former Notts player Shola Ameobi returns to Newcastle United in a new role as new loan player coordinator. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/9246413/newcastle-cult-hero-shola-ameobi-returns-to-club-after-five-years-as-new-loan-player-coordinator/?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=sunfootballfacebook070619&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1559941277
  2. So according to the evening post the sale of Notts county will have to be halted with the group using Alex May as there advisor. Talks with the buyers who are using Alex May as a advisor will have to be halted. Alex May recently has been unmasked as a fraudster after Reports surfaced that one of the buyers interested in buying the club was using him as a advisor. Alick Kapitanya was prosecuted for fraud and obtained a criminal conviction before changing his name by depole to Alex May. for the full story click the link below https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/notts-county-must-immediately-cease-2959269
  3. So despite our uncertainty over the sale of the club and our future it’s been confirmed Notts we will not be booted out the national league next season. But despite that the chiefs of the national league have said that Notts will face a 10 points deduction should we enter administration due to our final situation. For the full story click the link https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/notts-countys-place-national-league-2958054
  4. Seems Kristian Dennis is already weighing up his future with Notts County for next season weather he will or want to play non league football or Notts are deciding weather to cash in on his value only time will tell if he will stay at notts. Do you think we need him to stay at meadow lane.? https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/kristian-dennis-attracting-interest-striker-2957970
  5. Awful news condolences to his family a man that really helped Leyton Orient I’m there come back a great manager husband father and man. R.I.P
  6. So the speculation about Kion Etete future has been settled as he has officially left for premiership side Spurs. Now we have heard rumblings that he is since about February maybe March he is leaving to sign a development contract with spurs. With the financial situation at Meadow lane what it is I’m not shocked they have cashed in on Kion and sold him but why not getting him back On a loan deal. To me it seems that the money rather than building for next season or looking to youth has taken over Kion didn’t start the first team under the current boss Neal Ardley and Harry Kewell but in reserves and youth game Kion has been scorning and playing well. I wish him all the best with his future he is a good player and with the support he will flourish.
  7. Well we know that Notts owe Basford United for training and use of there facilities but Notts have failed to pay because of the financial situation we currently find ourself in. In a article in the evening post Basford United chairman Chris Munroe has blasted the Notts hierarchy as totally classless. It’s safe to say that Alan has burned another bridge and angered the Basford United chairman this is not good. https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/basford-united-chairman-chris-munroe-2950357
  8. An Official statement from Notts concerning the recent reports that the advisor about the sale of Notts is living under a new name after he changed it due to being prosecuted.
  9. The hits just keep coming what’s next I can only imagine talk a lot short and curly’s time
  10. Well at least we have the time to complete the sale of the club or it could of been worse is all i keep thinking if I’m honest.
  11. Another two weeks I’m told then it’s going to be finalised.
  12. They just love to stir the pot it wouldn’t be the If they didn’t I trust my sauce and my sauce only
  13. Great article this puts next season in to perspective of where we have to go to get back to league football. Great read @Bainbridge NCFC
  14. @George fantastic article really hit the nail on the head mate. Notts need to adjust and adjust fast cause time is of the essence. Fantastic read well done @George
  15. Every game no matter who we face will help the team gel get and the managers tactics etc up to speed so it don’t matter who we face. Unfortunately I won’t be going cause on that day I believe i have something planned but will keep a eye on the score.
  16. It’s a total joke .. just not funny pathetic to a point. The sale needs to finalised so we can start to build for next season.
  17. It would appear one of South African consortium Have fallen ill and have gone home.
  18. I don’t have a license so I don’t drive unfortunately
  19. Anyone wanting to go to our first pre season game away at Nuneaton 6th July here’s the ticket price list for that game.
  20. Blimey what a joke what the nhs could do with that money how many more people they could help
  21. Just 33 days left till the pre season games start can’t wait I love the pre season. Hope we start to sign soon.
  22. So the women’s World Cup hosted by France is almost apon us the tournament starts on the 7th June as host France face South Korea at 8pm in the opening game. The lioness start their tournament in group D on Sunday 9th June against Scotland kick off 8pm. Then they face Argentina on Sunday 14th June finally rounding off there group again Japan on the 19th June.

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