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  1. Well Liverpool won and I’m sick of hearing about it that’s all I have heard and am sick of Liverpool going on about it like there the only ones to do it.
  2. I spoke to friend and he’s been told by someone reliable that the deal should be completed this week there just in the stages of finalising the deal. i know it’s no comfort but hopefully he is correct and we have the sale confirmed this week.
  3. Alan Hardy in the evening post explains why they were late in filming the accounts from last year because the sale of the club is imminent. https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/alan-hardy-explains-notts-county-2934943
  4. So I know right now with the sale not going through as fast as we would like we are getting nervous and a bit frustrated but I’ve been thinking. We’ve waited this long for the sale if we have to wait a few more days I think it’s worth it as long as this time we can get guarantees off the new owner they have money the budget and they are not like munto was. As far as we know it could be something something simple holding up the sale. Neal Ardley may have been told he’s the manager next season and has been given his budget to spend he may already have air Mark players etc. Buying a club for this value isn’t like buying a house or so I’m told so I’m just hoping that even though there’s been no announcement yet behind the scenes work is taking place.
  5. Dude I’m shocked Oreos haven’t made a appearance in your like there mate
  6. I haven’t watched this and still don’t plan to as Micheal isn’t here to defend himself and since it was broadcast there has been things said to contravene what the program said.
  7. I think right now i have to agree with you mate .. I’m starting to accept it and hopefully look forward to next season but the players definitely have to accept the responsibility.
  8. Well seems we was singing this song unfortunately
  9. So glad Liverpool didn’t win can’t be doing with them running there mouths about for the next 10 years if not more.
  10. It’s not looking likely mate spurs needs a quality second half mate
  11. Where we are now is shocking the worse place I think we have ever been in the new owners needs to steady the ship very fast.
  12. Hopefully spurs will win but it’s all set up for Liverpool to win it unfortunately the script has been written just the way they got to the final and all.
  13. It’s annoying but if takin this long means the deal is done correctly and with no issue or melt downs then I’m happy to wait.
  14. Not sure who he was but checked he was a loan player .. still the best of look to him and well done
  15. He has the experience that I think we need next season but we need next seasons goalkeeper to ready for league two if we go up. He’s also recovering from his knee injury that has to be taken in to consideration ..
  16. Next season we just need to go for it except what’s happened and just go for it but before that we need to sort out the sale. There are some interesting fixtures next season I’m looking forward to the day the fixtures are released.
  17. This is still dragging bits heels I just hope them taking there time is because the correct deal is being put together and making sure the funds will be available after the purchase.
  18. He is a class keeper and what he did for is that season was amazing and always be remembered for it. It’s great to see he keeps up still With the score and holds county in high regard.
  19. I think he would have made a great coach at Notts spent the last five years so he knows the set up and I think he would have been the perfect fit.
  20. Former Notts County midfielder Nico Yennaris makes history by receiving a National China call up. https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/ex-notts-county-midfielder-makes-2923994
  21. Kasper Schmeichel has relived his mad cap time at Notts County during the Munto season at meadow lane. Click the link below for the full interview https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/kasper-schmeichel-relives-mad-season-2923418
  22. I think so yeah but only if he can handle the day to day running of the club .. be better than hiring 3/4 to do bits of a job we need a all rounder who can run things.

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