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  1. Steady defender would be an improvement on last year's back line , @ohstanleyaborah try bbcrns its shorter pal lol .
  2. Think those players left can think themselves very privileged to be given any chance at all to put last season To bed and to try to improve on it .
  3. An absolute showman and legend of boxing and much much more brilliant entertainer, RIP boxings greatest
  4. Just glad we are now in good standing and able to move forward and sort out the playing side of the club , much work to be done , but a positive for me .
  5. Totally get how you feel @liampie so much to sort out to win people over , hope the steps needed are taken , a gut feeling I think they will .
  6. Not at all bothered by this departure, another valuable place in the squad created for the rebuilding ahead , think more will follow .
  7. Think the positivity is slowly increasing and the gloom is lifting , coyp indeed
  8. This was off the mad home page, in the topics in the red box go look see what ya think, I enjoyed it
  9. It's Joseph's goal a Wigan based charity and it's iTunes top ten its closing in on .
  10. Yeah that's it , they were going for it looked a great vibe everyone joined in , not sure if I have it correct but it's from a song not sure who sorry not giving much help here but sure I read it's closing in on top ten download chart and proceeds going to charity, anyone put more meat on that , go on @ohstanleyaborah bet you know pal , help me out lol
  11. Public transport for me , only in Clifton so makes sense , quiet a few routes pass by the ground or in reasonable walking distance for those able .
  12. Anyone watched that Wigan clip going around about Will Grigg ? Check it out it's a brilliant chant , Will Griggs on fire , its made me smile just watched it , see what you think
  13. Yeah agree with you , good moves by both clubs , reasons for optimism for sure , time will tell if well founded .
  14. Never any guarantees in football , but my money would be on JS to succeed where recent other managers have failed purely on his track record, its good enough to be more confident in him .
  15. JS wants him to stay and will play a part , that's ok with me , hopefully some good additions will bring more out of him to .
  16. Good points put well above , like the look of it going forward, but not overly confident defensively, think it's a little early for Rashford but you never know , another midfield enforcer maybe , I'm quiet looking forward to the tournament from an Home nations perspective, but have to say come on England.
  17. Looking forward to seeing the first steps in the transfer market, hope he is able to make a statement of intent with some strong signings. Coyp
  18. I like his personality would be lively with him around but alas I have to say no feel same as @Piethagoram
  19. Stead would be good to keep but to be honest wouldn't lose any sleep if he went and defo nooooo to the beast , could add personality to the dressing room but no thanks
  20. Some interesting points above well made , if the owners are to stay , if lessons have been learnt in lots of ways then ok , let the manager do his stuff give him time , not just the owner but us fans also , I'm kind of hoping that the bills ect are things we will hear about in the coming days , and that we come out of embargo asap , so the rebuilding can get going , think we'll see clearer the intent for the future then .
  21. Bang on the money pal totally agree
  22. Could be , that's a small statement but as yet it has no foundation, to be honest who knows what is going on sale wise I certainly don't , let's wait and see what if anything develops then maybe form an opinion , the manager situation needed sorting and has been , more news to follow in the days ahead , let's just wait and see cos ya know what my crystal ball is cloudy with the rest of it .
  23. Totally agree with @liampie especially on paying the bills , see sale or no sale pay the bills please , and that plenty has gone on that leaves a bad taste , I do tend to comment on them , but I make a point of giving credit that is due to , I don't like to argue for argument's sake, I feel like many do on here just maybe not so critically.
  24. It's simply called good manners, I don't apologise for displaying them , and I'm not easily won over by anything , but I am prepared to give credit where it's due , to many want to just keep harping on, your opinion matters but surely there has to be a point to it other than to just making it , I guess some are more opposed than I am .

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