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  1. Been reading about the behaviour of a few of the fans at the game , they need to be identified and punished for bringing the name of our club , a family club , into a bad light , seems to be doubts if they were notts fans at all , or maybe just yobs our for a fight , identify and ban if they are , we don't need that behaviour with everything else going on as well . Thoughts
  2. @liampie agree we were outclassed , this is the story of the season , why are these players so poor , same questions asked throughout the whole term, just not a good team , so many go missing in a game don't seem to take responsibility for there own performance , where the hell is the pride ???? I couldn't perform as consistently bad at work and expect to keep my job .
  3. Again blunt honesty from MC , well said not good enough , in performance or attitude, back in for training tomorrow , don't care how much training a good manager can put them through they are maybe as good as they can be , bring in as many kids as is possible , get them some experience see what they can do .
  4. Fire in the belly , desire , ability , a mental strength , all sadly lacking , and I was thinking things were looking a little brighter on the pitch , that was awful , take a look in the mirror all you players , my goodness this insipid season can't end quick enough
  5. Sing ya hearts out for the boys , coyp , blood and thunder performance notts let's make it hard for them and take the points home
  6. Just think bills should be paid , all the technicalities of the sale are different issues , when the club is sold then the responsibilities end , so paying what's due is the correct thing to do , we can smile more now with matters football will be glad when we can with off the field things also .
  7. Just read on another board about bills outstanding and ccj's , don't know how accurate these comments are , but if true not a good reflection of our club , thoughts please
  8. SD is a developing manager still learning his trade , I personally liked him as a player and manager at notts , he will have a degree of success I'm sure and I wish him well .
  9. Let's be blunt , we know nothing , this is due to the classless way any info is getting out , I mean come on , social media , let's have some official statements , with all the nuts and bolts of how it would work and who is involved, social media like PoN is great for us to chat and banter on but for info to come out about this , no sorry that's poor
  10. Good points above , the non-identity of the very close to be new owners is disturbing , we have been down that road in the past and look what happened , for me it's time for an OFFICIAL statement and people come forward with transparency, I have said before we need to be showing trust and patience, but social media chit chat by the key player RT is not helping , make it official in what is said or say nothing , please .
  11. Roll on the conclusion of this saga. Little class being shown and things that are being said on social media I can only take with a proverbial pinch of salt , roll on completion and a proper statement of intent , can't wait for it to be done , not interested in hedgefund ownership doesn't sit good with me , but what will be will be , well done u Pies today maybe better days ahead ????
  12. Agree with all the above mentioned players lots there with potential , maybe they need some better established performers around them to bring them on , and I would add coops also to work with them longer term .
  13. Let's all hope now for a swift conclusion , it being a good deal for NCFC to move forward in a stable fashion , then we can look forward to next season with renewed optimism, coyp .
  14. Can we upset the party today , let's hope so , they may not be as driven as a few games ago as they are nearly over the line, if we can keep the improvement shown against Wycombe going ya never know , its a funny old game , a draw for me I say in hope , coyp
  15. Welcome indeed , I joined a month or so ago , my first venture into social media , so glad I joined , its a great site , a good laugh , with great debates , explore , if you enjoy it as I do I'm sure you'll be glad you joined . coyp and PoN
  16. What would we give for a johno at the back again ?
  17. Well done to the winners , the real winners are the community of PoN , thanks to all , really enjoyed my own first month here .
  18. It's more about good management , structured , from top to bottom , not vast sums of money , and the reality that success is earned and not given , even the best of organisations must work hard to reach the goals they set
  19. Way to much to conclude this season to start even considering with any clarity what may happen next season , I certainly wouldn't dream of thinking next season is a possible none event in as much as we couldn't achieve a possible good season , let's get this season over the line we aren't going down in my view , let's see what happens with the sale of the club, then we may have a clearer picture , let's hope we hear something soon on that front would help I think to settle things down , we need to sit tight and hope for news .
  20. That's priceless hahaha what a brilliant read , do more Tarkers , than was a great laugh
  21. Wow writing off next season !! No chance at this stage , it COULD be a bright new dawn , that would depend on lots of factors for sure , the ownership sorted in good time so investment can be put into the playing side , giving MC the job permanent in coops we trust , let HIM pick the players he wants , then who knows , optimistic I know , but it's a funny old game
  22. I'll be interested in MC's team selection after his honest after match comments on Friday , well done NewarkPie for your away trip and support , and I echo your thoughts for Mondays game , support is really needed now , think Edwards will be in and a few who haven't figured for some time coyp
  23. Well those 3 for sure could do better , but to be convinced that on a regular basis K D S could deliver , not sure myself think that's more than optimistic , I haven't seen enough to think that , would maybe give him a sub spot
  24. For me a little light weight , but one of those in a team doing well could be an asset , bit of a luxury now think he would go missing in games .

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