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  1. I’m a bit surprised, I’ve not seen them play but from reports I’ve heard they are pretty decent surely better than Grantham but I guess Kewell knows what he’s doing more than I do. Lets hope it helps the develop into good first team players.
  2. Here’s a question prompted by the chap who gave half his £10,000 winnings back to the club. i.e. £5,000, it’s a lot of money to give away, if you suddenly had £5,000 from nowhere what would you do with it? I’d use it to help pay for a cruise, we’d love to go transatlantic to America and Canada £5,000 would pay for one of us so I’d need to find the rest.
  3. I’m not sure I would either @liampie I think to be honest £5,000 is a drop in the ocean even to a club like Notts but for me it would be a nice fortnights cruise, for a lot of people £5,000 is an enormous amount of money.
  4. I’m going to sell my old iPhone 5s to giffgaff they’ve offered me £25 plus £5 bonus because I bought my new phone from them but I’ve read online that what they offer and what i’ll actually get is another matter so we’ll see.
  5. Good morning PoN, it’s a bright start but cold the overnight low temperature was 0.8 degrees. Brrrrrrrr! Not much happening here today, it’s another quiet day for us which means we can relax, although we are trying to sort out Mrs. Big Tones phone which refuses to start up this morning, it’s been playing up since she dropped it now it’s not working at all she’s only had it just over a year which is really disappointing, could be more expense if we can’t sort it out. Keep up the good work @GrannyPie let’s have you back on here and back home with your family where you belong. Have a great day everyone.
  6. Sounds like the physios are slowly getting Granny more mobile, won’t be long before she’s home now hopefully @super_ram I bet you’ll be glad when she is, visiting hospital every day is exhausting.
  7. Notts County fan who won £10,000 top prize on Lifeline has donated half of it back to the club. Incredibly generous, he must be well off, anyone on here? https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2018/november/lifeline-jackpot-winner-donating-back-to-club/
  8. Has anyone seen the Halloween video produced by Notts County media team, it shows Enzio Boldwijn and Elliot Hewitt going to a young supporters house dressed up as surgeons with bloody hands etc., I thought it was brilliant and what a great thing to do for the young Pie fans, it's something they will remember for a long time. It's one Facebook but I can't find a way to post it on here. Perhaps someone else knows how to @Chris?
  9. Yes that's the one @Chris thanks for reminding me...............NOT!!
  10. Oh my god, I opened this thread on my computer which has a large screen, the first picture came up and I nearly fell off my chair. I'm glad you didn't knock on my door last night. There's some pretty creative stuff there well done.
  11. Our grandsons introduced us to that Baby Shark song yesterday, now I can't get the blooming thing out of my head, anyone help? It's driving my crazy.
  12. I'm hoping for a win and would agree with @ARLukomski's team selection. We need to start climbing the table because God forbid we are in a relegation battle at the end of the season, I can't stand that.
  13. Why do you come here as opposed to other Notts County sites, what do you like about PoN? What do you think could be improved? -------------------------- I come here because there is a good community feel about the site, it is well moderated and most people respect your views whether they agree or not. I like the layout of the site with different sections to visit and chat in. I think it could be improved if more people who are lurking joined in with the discussions, so if you're reading this come and join us.
  14. We've got three, one in the lounge 32" one in the bedroom 20" and one in our campervan 9", we could do with a bigger on in the lounge as its a big room but I ain't buying another until this one conks out.
  15. Happy Birthday to my old mate Hissy, hope you have a great day.
  16. Good morning it’s been a bit warmer overnight with a minimum 8.7 degrees. No trick or treaters for us last night, in fact I can’t remember ever having any since we moved here in 2011, our house is on a bit of a spur from the Main street and in the dark it’s not easy to find the gate so perhaps that’s why. A quiet day beckons after the last few days, I’ve got some computer work to do but not much else happening here. What are you up to today?
  17. Hard luck Derby, I didn’t see the game but sounds like they made a good game of it.
  18. We had a good day with George and Freddie carving pumpkins, did you know you can save the seeds and roast them, they make a nice healthy snack. in the afternoon we watched Paddington film I’d not seen it before I thought it was very funny and although the kids had seen it they loved it. Relaxing tonight after a busy 5 days with various grandchildren, we haven’t had any trick or treaters at all but we never do.
  19. Good morning PoN it’s a bright start but very chilly the minimum overnight low temperature dropped to -0.3 you’ll need to scrape your car windscreen if you are going it early, personally I put mine in the garage but most people don’t seem to use garages for cars anymore. The two cheeky monkey grandsons went home last night but they’ll be coming here soon for another day with their granny and grandad, we’ve got some pumpkins for them to carve but we’ll probably end up doing them. I had a great bike ride with George yesterday he did really well and we went further than I did when I took his elder cousins, he really enjoyed it bless him. Right we’d better get ready for the kids coming, have a great day everyone.
  20. Jamie Turleys not so bothered about the red card but he’s just heard @Magic magpie spelt his name wrong three times in one day.
  21. Good morning PoN it’s a tad warmer this morning with no frost, we’ve got the youngest grandchildren staying over this morning, as predicted they were up at the crack of dawn full of beans but they are playing quietly while we try to wake up gradually. Freddies is being picked up at 9.30 and is having a day out with his little friend so me and George are going on a bike ride which will be fun, when we come back we’ll play some games and maybe watch a bit of football I’ve recorded but not had chance to watch. Have a great day whatever you are doing.
  22. This is tragic, he will be greatly missed by all at Leicester FC and football in general.

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